Clary Tells Magnus About AltWorld

Clary: And you were not fabulous at all. No makeup, wearing this ugly cardigan. I mean, you barely even sashayed. 

Magnus: Lies! 

Clary: And everyone was there, and Simon and Izzy were totally a couple but Izzy was also crushing on my dad, which at first I thought was super cute but it gives you the really awful couple name Valzzy, which sounds like an STD.

Magnus: Ew. I’m not sure I want to hear this.

Clary: It gets better. Jace owned a mobile coffee stand. And he had a panic attack when we were attacked by a demon who looked suspiciously like a guy in rubber. 

Mangus: Hmmm tempting… .

Clary: And Alec was there and he was so out. Like, satellites orbiting Earth would use his gay for their global positioning. Wait.. Magnus… where are you going?

Magnus: To pick up a spare.