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Mon, I just came here to say I love your blog, I love everything in it, and it has helped me as study material, cuz I'm an art student and I love all vintage and retro stuff, so yeah, thanks a lot :P also, you're a handsome woman, may I dare to tell :)

Thank you for this! And I must say, I have never been called handsome before…thank you again!



altsam  asked:

I loooove this blog, its just hard to find Gerard's art, because everytime I look for it in Google, its like millions of good and bad Gerard fanart. I love Gerard's art, it inspired me to work on my own. By the way, how about this for the blog, or something: Gerart? Get it? Gerard + art? I'll show myself out lol anyway thanks again for the blog is amazing congrats and props on it!

You’re welcome! And thank you for liking it so much :) I love getting messages like these.

sorry if i forgot anyone im super tired ! thanks for a fab year !!!! *seinfeld bassline*

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happy festivus!!!!!!