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Mon, I just came here to say I love your blog, I love everything in it, and it has helped me as study material, cuz I'm an art student and I love all vintage and retro stuff, so yeah, thanks a lot :P also, you're a handsome woman, may I dare to tell :)

Thank you for this! And I must say, I have never been called handsome before…thank you again!



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I loooove this blog, its just hard to find Gerard's art, because everytime I look for it in Google, its like millions of good and bad Gerard fanart. I love Gerard's art, it inspired me to work on my own. By the way, how about this for the blog, or something: Gerart? Get it? Gerard + art? I'll show myself out lol anyway thanks again for the blog is amazing congrats and props on it!

You’re welcome! And thank you for liking it so much :) I love getting messages like these.

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Actually, is a Colombian novel, with all due respect to the anon.

yeah i just caught that actually i was like “hmm p sure marquez is from colombia but i’m wrong all the time so i’ll roll with this”

I call this ~Awesome Movies Forever~

I just love my entire awesome movies collection, and its still growing almost every week.

If you haven’t seen any of these, I completely and utterly recommend every single one.

(even the scary ones?) Yes, even those.

PD: The fact that there’s missing a LOT of awesome movies there is, like, painful? 


Hey guys and girls, so if there’s anyone out there listening/reading (is this thing on…? shit…) 

I’m an illustrator, to the point, and I’m interested in doing some little stuff, u know, drawing for a zine, collaborating on something, drawing for a short story, or whatever you want, I’d like to do some artistic thing, so I offer myself (for free) to do something fun and creative!

So, yeah, if you have the time, however wants, you can pass by my blog, see some drawings by me (you can ignore all the others stuff, there’s pretty kick-ass songs in there tho) and you can judge and see if you want to collaborate with me.