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Is there a possibility that you're gonna draw all of you FT ships? 😄 I just saw your ships and I totally agree with all of your FT ships!I also love your drawing/coloring styles~ 💕


ok i lied i only draw my two fav ft ships

Thank you so much dear! ;u;

It’s finally done! The RoLu ship is just heavenly! I might do something with this for the future Rolu week :)

I saw the edit of this so I couldn’t help but line and color this and also add a minor pleasure. Hahaha. And yes, I’m also surprised I colored something like this. Hahahaha

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Hello...I'm just kind of a newbie here in tumblr (OwO) and my OTP in FT is RoLu...I know it's crack but I love it. So here's my question, what's our opinion on this crack pairing? (OwO)

I ship ALL the things Fairy Tail!!!

I do respect all ships - even the rare ones I don’t like ^_^  RoLu is pretty new, so I don’t really have a formed opinion on it - but with recent developments in the manga, I think it might make my list of favorite crack pairings with Lucy soon (along with Sting x Lucy and Bixlow x Lucy) XD

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OMG! I just want to say that I immediately became a fan of Prinack just by looking at your arts(I have to say it only took me 2 minutes to fell in love with this awesome ship)! I can't wait to see more of your work! Actually I might dedicate some fan arts of Prinack to you! <3 Again, love you so much for this awesome ship!!! (OwO)

Oh wow! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them together! And if you do draw some Prinack art that would be awesome!

Future plans

Gonna draw want I want for a while but of course, I’ll be doing some of the art trades and point commissions that I promised….but I still wanna make a to-do list here in tumblr…hahaha

Some OTPs I’m gonna do:

RoLu(Rogue x Lucy)

FreMi(Freed x Mira)

Lyvia(Lyon x Juvia)

Prinack(Princess x Jack)

Butchubbles(Butch x Bubbles)

HakuMor(Hakuryuu x Morgiana)