Umbra and Sol

After all experiments with chibi style I returned back to my own, because someone’s bad at learning… and nice looking crystal eyes are mostly emotionless. As if dots and strokes I give them instead of eyes were so expressive.

Well, now I am experimenting with a comic. It’s a new style - you draw and facepalm simultaneously.  Aaargh. This is something to get a bit distracted and make my face and palm hurt less.


Relativity theory

…amazing how Ciaren looks like quite a tender flower (and as violaceous  as he was requested to be) next to Thorne, but  becomes so-o-o stern and brutal compared with Altrei) The most funny thing, he and Altrei share the preset. Or they don’t? I don’t really remember now, since elentarihikari changes the presets up to incognizance) They definitely share the hairstyle.

Their similarity and difference should be used for a comic, at least a funny one although i’d rather have something serious… but my brain is totally refrigerated (or boiled) by work. Maybe you have an idea suddenly…?