LVL up!

You know that method when you learn language during sleep? Right now Altrei is eveling up this way. Elentarihikari has a part-time job in addiction to a regular full-time, so it’s up to Ciaren to take care of young guildmaster.

He’s like an addition to a guildmaster position *_* And he accompanies a fair-haired high elf of noble birth… he feels smth strange  about all this, but still does his duty. After all, Altrei is really nice)

Umbra and Sol

After all experiments with chibi style I returned back to my own, because someone’s bad at learning… and nice looking crystal eyes are mostly emotionless. As if dots and strokes I give them instead of eyes were so expressive.

Well, now I am experimenting with a comic. It’s a new style - you draw and facepalm simultaneously.  Aaargh. This is something to get a bit distracted and make my face and palm hurt less.


Relativity theory

…amazing how Ciaren looks like quite a tender flower (and as violaceous  as he was requested to be) next to Thorne, but  becomes so-o-o stern and brutal compared with Altrei) The most funny thing, he and Altrei share the preset. Or they don’t? I don’t really remember now, since elentarihikari changes the presets up to incognizance) They definitely share the hairstyle.

Their similarity and difference should be used for a comic, at least a funny one although i’d rather have something serious… but my brain is totally refrigerated (or boiled) by work. Maybe you have an idea suddenly…?