twenty one pilots: Guns For Hands [ROTOSCOPE]

Here it is, friends. The Guns for Hands rotoscope. All 1,664 frames drawn entirely by me over the course of a year and a half.

It feels amazing to finally have this all come together, but honestly this is a project that I’ve been scared to let go of. Some of you may know that I’ve struggled with quite a bit this past year or so. Originally, I had no intentions of doing the entire music video. At the time, I had tried many different paths, but this project became my way of dealing with self harm. I wish I could say it helped the whole year and a half, but mistakes were made and that’s ok. Mistakes do not define you and they definitely don’t diminish your self worth. However, I can say I’m going on month 4, and I’m beyond proud of that. Seeing the progress I have made throughout this project has been incredible and although it is far from perfect, watching this video for the first time left me completely speechless.

Everyone has their unique way to deal with their struggles. This was mine and I know you can find yours. Keep fighting. It’s worth it. I promise. 

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