Escalating violence in “Game of Thrones”

HBO has been criticized in the past for relying on sex and violence to sell their shows. Given the subject matter of A Song of Ice and Fire, a gritty power struggle in a medieval realm with dragons and multiple ongoing wars, “Game of Thrones” was never going to break this mold.

As the show has progressed, though, showrunners/writers Benioff and Weiss have chosen to inject additional violence, especially sexual violence, into a series already rife with brutality. While the widely-condemned rape scene in “Breaker of Chains” has brought a lot of recent attention to this issue, it’s hardly the first example of added violence in the show, and not even the first instance of added violence for the character of Jaime Lannister.

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Game of Thrones, Season 2 Episode 1, The North Remembers

Robb Stark’s Terms

A moment of silence for Cleos Frey/Alton Lannister.

I sort of liked his character in the books, and it made me sad when he died, and I liked him even more in the show, and then Jaime decided to beat his adorable little ex-squire to death with his chains, before killing the poor Karstark boy. But I still like Jaime. I really, really like all the Lannisters; they are such interesting, ultimately tragic, characters. But come on Jaime, that kid was half in love with you, he would have died for you anyway. That was a bad way to go. I was hoping to see more of him.

Choices | Closed

Robb sat in his chair, his arms resting on the arms, one hand holding onto the edge of the arm, his other hand pointed towards the ceiling. He crunched a scrap of parchment between his fingers as he glowered at the table before him. You could practically see the crown atop his head as the wolf sat in his den. His gaze flickered up to the entrance to the tent as there was a sudden influx of men.

‘’We found ‘im yer grace.’’ One of them announced as they thrust the man in question to his knees. Robbs gaze flickered over to the man. He wasn’t quite sure what he was looking for, the man was just an ordinary man, given another time he could have been a farmer or a blacksmith. Yet they were at war and this man was a spy.

‘’Where did you find him?’’ Robb asked after a moment of silence as he narrowed his gaze at the male before looking back up to his guard.

‘’Near the food tents your grace, stealing his supper, gods knows how long he’s been here, what he’s seen.’’ His guard answered. Greywind emerged from behind Robb’s chair, prowling over to the man with his fangs bared. Robb had two, three choices. Risk letting the man go as he did with Ser Alton Lannister… although there was no saying he’d lie about what he saw, to kill the man, or to lock him up. He sank his fingers into his curls. 

‘’Put him in a cell for now. Greywind will accompany him. Until I decide what to do with him..’’

‘’Yes your grace.’’ His men bowed and hauled the man to his feet and escorted him out of the tent, Greywind followed. 

‘’Fetch me Lady Poole.’’