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Ho Tips

By me.

1. Keep a package of unscented, sensitive skin baby wipes with you. It’s great for when you need to freshen up your coochie and its for babies so it’s much more gentle than Summer’s Eve. Also great when you need a shower in your car or a makeup remover.

2. If you’re in a public bathroom and you notice your face is greasy, one of the toilet seat covers can soak up the oil just as well as an oil blotting sheet.

3. Always tip regular delivery guys extra, they’ll be a little less upset if you don’t have the money to tip well or at all.

4. Altoid tins can hold just about anything. I keep a package of aspirin, bandaids, alcohol pads, and a cough drop in mine.

5. Bandaids can easily fit in your wallet. If you don’t have room for the altoid tin, you probably have room for a bandaid or two. You’ll thank yourself later.

6. If you take medication for any reason, invest in a pill case and carry around a little extra with you. It’ll help if you have an unplanned sleep over.

7. Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink at the bar. You’ll spend less money and you’ll be less likely to get hungover.

8. If you’re running late grab an apple for breakfast. It’s cheap, healthy and the smell of apples wakes you up better than caffeine.

9. Carry mints on you. Spearmint and peppermint can help keep you awake.

10. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Submitted by Mikey Bautista

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Efficiently storing small items for everyday carry and use has always been a challenge, and an Altoids tin can’t always get the job done. Cielo is a brand dedicated to solving this problem, and their Peacock Collection bridges the gap between storage form and function. Their pill holder is a stainless steel container that comes either with or without a split ring attachment, making it easy to wear around your neck or stow on a keychain. Its multifaceted exterior and rectangular cap also provide better retrieval and grip for opening and closing. At a total height of 2.2 inches and weighing only 1.3 ounces, the pill holder is an attractive carry option that takes up the least amount of space needed for your essentials.