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Sometimes, it just takes a change in scenery to make everything more focused. One of my favorite spots on campus are the stairs outside of the library. I figured if Alto went to my university, he’d enjoy composing in the same spot. 

“Mezzo is quite the avid reader already. We’ve only just started him in kindergarten, but he’s already trying to struggle his way through chapter books. Often times, he’ll get frustrated when we offer to read to him, because he wants to figure it out himself.”


Characters from James Franco’s book “Palo Alto” by homeless artist

I really liked that book, so I decided to draw some ( it mostly all ) characters from this book. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you to read this book. It isn’t lovely and cute one, but still this book is great.

my ig: homelessartist

’…appears to have a sizable nose and a large grin resembling that of Felis cheshiricus, the only known specimen of which was captured by [DATA EXPUNGED] during Operation Liddell. It has one green eye, one blue eye, and one hazel eye, both of which appear to have pupils which absorb all light falling upon it.’

quick scp-l4-clef-alto-001 for a warmup 

El juego de la elevación es simple: comparte este dibujo haciendo una lista de tus 5 libros favoritos y nomina a 5 de tus amigos.

Mis 5 libros son:
-Rayuela de Julio Cortázar
-100 años de soledad de Gabriel García Márquez
-Nada de Carmen Laforet
-La insoportable levedad del ser de Milan Kundera
-Americanah de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Books can take you to wonderful places 

WIP! Needed a little distraction, so I’m drawing Alto. It started off as a NaJ thing, but… I can’t seem to see them as high school. So, here’s my Banana man sitting in one of my favorite spots on campus. He’s a double major (Composition and Music Ed) and is going to be doing his student teaching with the orchestra at a nearby high school next semester. I dunno. What do you guys think? I’ll put more once it’s done. :3

((Guess since I mentioned it, the NaJ AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge . Could be same universe, maybe. Not sure. XD ))