alto cosplay

In honor of Daves birthday i thought I would take a look back on my dave cosplay,

Ha for me dave is a special charater to my heart, he was my second homestuck cosplay and now hes become more than that to me.

I started cosplaying dave may 26 2013 At phoenix comic con.
PCC was my first big con I ever went to,hell I still consider it the best convention ive ever when to.

A few weeks before con i decided that i should start reading homestuck, that same day that i started reading homestuck I started on my karkat cosplay,
Now heres the funny part, I swore I would never cosplay dave strider because at the time I thought “He was over cosplayed” and i wanted to be “unique” ( ha adelle you idiot)
A week before the con i told my friend that i was going to cosplay dave Ironically ( shut up i was like 14 ) I ordered a red and white shirt and made a few props ( timetables,Syladex card and a bottle of apple juice)
I got a shitty party city wig and packed for con

the second day of the con i cosplayed dave

After that con I couldn’t stop cosplayig Dave, I just felt so connected to him.
After then i started to cosplay him more ( out in public and on a regular basis.
At the time he was my most worn cosplay.
I Alto at some point i decided to step up my cosplay and get a new wig.
And the first thing i did when i got that new wig was cosplay davekat ( wow im a dweeb)
Then school rolled around, and i got the bright idea to make a god tier dave cosplay and wear it to my new school,on the first day.
I actually had a really good first day of school and made friends with the nerds quite quickly.

A few days later I decided to have an actual photo shoot for my god tier dave cosplay.

About a week later i got my dave shirt in and decided to mimic a picture of dave i saw, for me this was my first semi reveling cosplay and i was terrified to do it, It took me 3 hours to get the gut s to post it, And when I finally did It spread like wildfire.

I was shocked, But confident.
At some point i found a dress at good will and got this bright idea,

( I still have that dress)
My friends asked me to go to the moutians with them because that was the only place it snowed in Arizona.
And I got the idea to go as god tier dave.

Christmas time! ( I was dave on Christmas eve and day )

And now New years, I wanted to bring in the new year as dave. To me dave was my altar ego and for the new year i wanted to embrace him more.

After then i started casually dressing as him to school and such, I almost cosplayed him weekly.

Weird, yes but from about 2 months of doing that i did try out a few makeup styles and stuff and somehow during that time i improved my dave cosplay, the day rolled around when i decided to do and actual dave strider makeup test and i was More than happy with the results.

I compared it to my first dave cosplay

Month or two later I went to Texas to visit my best friend and brought my dave cosplay along ( its only suitable to cosplay dave in Texas. I couldn’t pass that opportunity up!)

That is still one of my favorite dave pictures to this day!
I started cosplaying dave a little less and doing other cosplays
(Alto, I was still Dave for the 4th of july.)
As time went on i cosplayed dave here and there

Ive  done a few different versions of dave,

Deer Dave :
Cop dave :Winged God Tier Dave:
At some point I was maid dave too.

But in all Dave is my favorite cosplay, to me he is my other half. When I cosplay dave I can be myself as.
Im glad I made that ironic decision and decided to cosplay him. Ive had great adventures while I was him. And i cant wait to have more.
Happy birthday Dave, Happy birthday you dork.