altmer mage

what ur fav tes race says abt u
  • argonian: ur biggest ambition is to own as many lizards as possible
  • altmer: you love mages
  • breton: you love mages but ur french
  • bosmer: lotr was and still is ur fave film
  • dunmer: u cry when u listen to nerevar rising
  • orismer: u love muscles so much
  • khajiit: you have a fursona
  • nord: you are a barbarian secretly and own at least two swords
  • redguard: u used to play pirates at school
  • imperial: every night you cry over martin septim

I’m super happy with how this turned out. Though Red-Gill looks less like an argorian and more like just a generic fantasy lizard man.

Okay for those who don’t know (which is probably most of you) These are mine and @retrosyk​‘s Skyrim characters. Baldurr(Nord/Dragonborn), Juniper(Berton/Werewolf), Red-Gill(Argonian/Bounty Hunter), Dura Las-Gor(Orsimer/Weapons Expert), Volanaro(Altmer/Mage).

We’re hoping to make a comic with them, but we’d like to make a lot of comics so who know if it’ll happen.

anonymous asked:

It's been forever since I last played Skyrim but I think that RV would only go on quests when they're low on funds or need something, not for glory ya know? These girls are just tryna live, like one of them is in college and isn't here for bloodlust ok. What are your hcs? And do you think they'd have a place together or just hang at some tavern or something?

Irene (Altmer High Elf Mage)

A healing mage. Irene doesn’t really like to fight and instead spends her time healing her friends after a long battle. She’ll stay in the backline, and gets startled very easily. But she can hold her own. Works with the Companions and wields a Staff of Mending.

Seulgi (Imperial Warrior)

A warrior who wields a sword and shield. The member who has the most physical strength and endurance. She’s fearless and has slain many Sabre cats over her life. Wields an Ebony Sword and Shield.

Wendy (Bosmer Wood Elf Archer)

Wendy, the Bosmer archer actually takes refuge in the Bards College. She goes out to do odd-jobs for money to pay for her tuition. But most of her money comes from customers in the pubs, who tip her for her voice and lute playing ability. Wields a Dwarven Bow.

Joy (Nord Thief)

Joy loves to sneak around and is a member of the Thieves Guild. Headquartered in the ratway of Riften, she goes around pickpocketing citizens in cities all across Skyrim, and is notorious for being able to take artifacts the rich and giving to the poor. Wields two steel daggers.

Yeri (Breton Mage Apprentice)

Yeri is a mage apprentice in the College of Winterhold. Her skill is not overly high, but she has been awarded for her excellent skills and compelling research in the Ice Trolls.


I actually think that Irene vists Yeri very often. Especially when her work with the Companions allows her to visit Winterhold. As someone who enjoys a lot of domestic chores, she’ll totally organise Yeri’s room while she’s there, and bring her some homecooked food. 

Joy would probably run into Wendy when she’s pickpocketing people tbh. Solitude is one of the richer cities, so Joy would easily be able to steal some valuable items. Wendy noticed Joy’s behaviour and confronted her afterwards. After a long talk, she soon realised that Joy needed the money, and was only stealing to survive. So she let it go, and soon became friends after Joy started to visit more often.

Seulgi is renown throughout Skyrim, with her sharp wit and impeccable combat skills, she soon found herself being called ‘The Next Dragonborn” Even though she wasn’t one. Many people admired her and her humble personaity, so the Companions had tried to recruit her into their ranks but she had declined over the fact that she wanted to be able to do anything she wished, and did not want to be tied down by rules. She met Irene through this process, as Seulgi had been injured trying to fend off a Giant. Chastising her because of her carelessness.

I was reminded of how hard it was to play as an Altmer when pitted against mages.  Even the weakest spells makes my new character fucking explode.  Worst part is that he’s using neither Restoration nor Alchemy so he’s fucked as far as healing goes since MOO makes potions expensive (like 50 for a weak healing potion.  He’s broke, okay?).

So I’m having fun.  Working on making him more buff and probably getting him a tan.  Turns out the texture bug is inherent to Oblivion so his torso is peach even with OCO installed.