You know when you have found the perfect Fanfiction; when you have to put down your phone or look away from your computer at one part of the story, just to stop reading it for a few seconds so you can react to it…because oh my gods did that really just happen? Then when you have done all the reacting you go back to reading it like nothing happened.

The signs as popular tumblr ships!
  • Aries:Lapidot
  • Taurus:Zutara
  • Gemini:Sterek
  • Cancer:Clexa
  • Leo:Stucky
  • Virgo:Percabeth
  • Libra:Altmal
  • Scorpio:Marichat
  • Sagittarius:Billdip
  • Capricorn:Destiel
  • Aquarius:JeanMarco
  • Pisces:Wolfstar

(audio from here)