“There is a Moriarty in me" "I do mean that… there is a dark side to me, although I am a good person, I hope. Meryl Streep, I think, said that just because someone doesn’t look like the part, doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for the part. It’s much more about what the essence of someone is.” (x)

Beaver Chief falls, Glacier National Park (by WorldofArun)

2 frame HDR, From the helicopter ride

Beaver Chief Falls connect Lake Ellen Wilson with Lincoln Lake at bottom.

This one of the tallest waterfall in Montana’s Glacier National Park. The falls are also known as Diamond Falls (because as the water falls, it splits into two channels, then converges before it reaches the floor of the valley, forming a jagged diamond shape in the cliff,) and Lincoln Falls, obviously for the lake that it falls into. Prior to 1939, the NPS referred to the falls as Lincoln Falls. The falls require at minimum a 9 mile (one way) hike to reach. It’s a very large waterfall (1291’) surrounded by world class scenery.


Beaver Chief falls, Glacier National Park by WorldofArun on Flickr.

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July 2015 - Rocky Mountains, CO
We travel over mountains the same way we journey through the high altitudes of the mind.
The philosopher Ernst Junger discussed the similarities between physical exploration and intellectual growth.
Both expand consciousness, pulling at and working with the soul, taking us to places higher than we ever knew possible. Sometimes it’s tough to breathe at the nosebleed mountains peaks. But we have to travel there, for up above the cloud cover we come face to face with Truth. #orangeisoptimism


thank you huang lei laoshi for taking care of yixing. and to yixing, for always walking to the end without ever giving up, for daring to challenge yourself, for conquering your own mountains again and again, thank you. (x)

The highest navigable lake in the world

Well… the highest large navigable lake in the world, anyway. At 3812m above sea level, Lake Titicaca is definitely the largest lake in South America by volume of water. And, as seen from here on Bolivia’s Isla del Sol (the Island of the Sun) it’s a peaceful place of undeniable spiritual resonance.
Image: Jorin Sievers

A tip for all you aspiring bakers out there: if you don’t live at or near sea level, all of the times, temperatures and proportions in your recipes are wrong.

The boiling point of water varies with atmospheric pressure, which in turn throws every other temperature-dependent reaction out of whack - and atmospheric pressure varies with elevation.

In addition, leavened doughs will rise more quickly and collapse more easily at higher elevations because there’s less air pressure to resist their expansion.

Practically all published recipes are calibrated for sea level.

Basically, if nothing ever seems to turn out correctly, and you’re following published recipes in a high-elevation baking environment, it’s not because you’re a screw-up who can’t follow simple instructions - it’s because those instructions are leading you astray.

The specific adjustments you’ll need to make vary depending on both your particular elevation and the types of recipes you’re preparing; for example, adapting a cake recipe requires different strategies than adapting a bread dough. It’s way too much to cover in a Tumblr post - but you can find online guides for most common scenarios.

Fire up Google and give it a try!