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hey uh I know s6 just happened and I enjoyed it a whole lot but I’m still stuck in that s1 headspace, ya feel?

Friendly reminder that

Neil Josten does not have a neck fetish.

Neil Josten has a “giving Andrew Minyard pleasure” fetish.

and Neil Josten knows that Andrew Minyard likes having his neck kissed.


“Neil kissed his neck, hoping to distract him, and was rewarded with a startled jolt. That was enough reason to do it again. Andrew pushed his face away, but they were standing too close together for Neil to miss the way he shivered.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 11.

“Neil chased water down the side of Andrew’s neck. Andrew’s fingers clenched convulsively on Neil’s sides as a shudder wracked Andrew’s frame.

Andrew tried to recover with a ground-out ‘your neck fetish is not attractive.’

‘You like it,’ Neil said, unapologetic. ‘I like that you like it.’

He bit down to prove his point and Andrew turned his head into it with a sharp hiss.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 15

Neil doesn’t go after Andrew’s neck because he particularly likes his neck (although I do imagine he’s probably fond of it). He goes after Andrew’s neck because he knows it turns Andrew on. 



Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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Do you have some iwaoi fic recs? :)

Well…Since I’ve been asked this multiple times now, I do. I think most of them might be really well known and popular though. But if you want to hear them directly from me here you go. Please bear in mind that this is 99% Iwa being the dominant part of the duo:

Conquering the Great King
- explicit VERY NSFW, 10/10 would do recommend. I CANNNOT NOT put it up here. Even though you’re most likely all sick of hearing people gush over it. I love it. I read it I don’t know how many times already. It’s always a wonderful thing to read.

By Chance - Teens and up. Colorblind Soulmate AU. This was actually a really nice thing to read. With a bit of heartache and a bit of angst but I definitely enjoyed it. Chapters say 11/12 but the story itself seems to be finished and the only thing missing is en epilogue according to the author.

Everything with you - Explicit NSFW. The missing 1%. The rare bottom-Iwa in my collection o_o” .. how did that happen??? I have no Idea but I really enjoyed the story, just the right amount of heartache/angst for me.

I wanna ruin our friendship - Teens and up. WIP (been updated lately and the author states it’s nearly finished). Very beautiful to read. I’m not gonna say too much about it but I really love this one. kind of a growing-up fic?

After Hours - Explicit NSFW. The mandatory dance AU. Because Dancer!Iwa is just something i apparently need in my life.

Hands to yourself - Teens and up. Shoutout to @notallballs. This was brilliant. Very well written with a beautiful portrayal of their friendship and a nice twist. I really love it.

Learning to Walk (So That We Can Run) - Mature NSFW. There are no words for this one. Just love. So much love and support. College fic.

Acute Error - Mature NSFW. That one’s actually …I mean.. I usually like my boys to well… look like boys. without being all prettied up X) But ‘Genderfluid Oikawa’ got me curious. It was worth reading. Good writing, good sense of humor.

This is basically an excerpt of what I’ve faved of Iwaoi lately, taken from page 1 of my ao3 bookmarks (with the exception of ctgk), there is more but that’s what I’ve been up to lately fic wise. I left out some wips i would recommend but I have yet to see how they develop (including ‘that one’ fic I’m still not sure about. The last chapter will show).



this perfect specimen is courtesy of Perfect Girl Susan (her friends just call her Susan)

she may look like a boring standard hen but let me tell u she is a special girl, super sweet and curious and sociable, no fear, a little too bold for her own good sometimes

since its her first egg the color will almost certainly change, she’s still getting her pigments sorted lol, should end up with nice medium brown eggs once she’s got the hang of things

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I live in Europe. I posted a couple of fanfictions online. Should I take them down in preparation for art13? I'm a bit scared of the possible consequences if it passes (although i surely hope it doesn't)

Hi anon! Thank you for the question

First of all

Don’t panic!

According to the OTW’s legal department it’s the websites that will be held responsible for our uploading copyrighted content and not us.  We would still be held responsible for the old laws, which contain important points on fair use, which protect fanfiction users.

That’s why they’re implementing the filters; worst case scenario you’re just not going to be able to upload and view fanfiction anymore, or you might simply be locked out of sites like AO3 because you’re European (is my guess).

Because of that we really do need to fight this thing with tooth and nail, we can’t entirely calm down.

So please, do share this with your readers and your followers, and everybody you know! And call and email your representatives!!

Again! Don’t panic! I know it’s easy to; I certainly panicked when I first heard! But there’s no need to delete your fanfiction just yet!

Imagine S.Coups chuckling to himself while fondly looking at a sleeping Woozi, who fell asleep in his chair after staying up all night to work on some lyrics.

Dejan Lovren in a recent interview:

“My relationship with Salah is more than just friendship, It started like any two teammates in one team, but it turned into a very strong friendship after I felt that there was a connection between me and him more than normal, and that the way is was open to a strong relationship between us which started by randomly throwing jokes.

I wanted to be in touch with each other always, some asking why? Because he’s a very good person, and his heart is great, and he’s a lot like me. Although I’m on a stronger physical level than him, and he’s definitely jealous of me right now because of this, of course I’m joking.

He has a very great personality and a wonderful mind, and I love spending my time with characters that resemble me in the same qualities and goodness.

he is always willing to help others, and despite the great success he has achieved in a short period of time, as he has become one of the best 3 players in the world,from my point of view, he is still the same person and has never changed.

I believe that anything that happens in life has reasons, so I would say that one of the reasons I know him is to work together, either now or after football, to help good people”and added “we will not stop there, but we will continue, and I hope he will not block me on Instagram.”(laughing)

it feels incredibly nice to have finally reached the point where i can look at my own art days and weeks and even months after finishing it and genuinely say that i like it and that i tried my best and did very good job at that


A project I was working on, and should probably get back to work on sometime (maybe).

WEDDING CRASHERS. — park chanyeol.



GENRE: fluff

INSPIRED BY: wedding crashers by: aminé

SUMMARY: in which you and chanyeol find yourself having fun at his older sister, yoora’s wedding.

Chanyeol was nervous, he kept looking at himself in the mirror and fixing anything slightly out of place. This wasn’t usual for him, he usually never got nervous over things like this, infact he had been invited to tons of weddings before! But, this time it was different, it was his sister’s wedding. This was a huge deal in the park family, the first of two kids to get married. As much as Chanyeol adored Yoora, he whispered curses at her under his breath. How dare she make him the wedding singer? How dare she make him give a speech at the reception? How dare she give him so many opportunities to make a fool of himself.

Luckily, you where there. Yes, you, the light of Chanyeol’s big brown eyes. Somehow you always knew how to calm him down no matter what, but this time was different. No matter how much you pet his hand, hummed nice things into his ears, and fixed his tie, he still had a slight bit of nerves in him. The two of you had been together for a long while, 3 years to be exact, so seeing Chanyeol so nervous didn’t scare you off. You thought it was cute, sweet even, that he wanted everything to go smoothly at his sister’s wedding.

It made you think of what he’d be like at your wedding. Probably ten times more nervous, for the spot light would be on him for more than a couple minutes. The thought brought a small smile to your lips as you sat on the bright white hotel bed. Standing in front of you was a slightly distressed Chanyeol, who once again needed help tying a tie. By that point you probably knew how to tie a tie better than men who have grown up wearing them.

“you look gorgeous babe.” He managed to let out beyond the nerves. “The dress looks gorgeous on you i’m glad my sister has such good taste.” Although you knew your boyfriend had just been trying to keep his mind off his nerves, you still always melted at his compliments. He was right, the bridesmaid dresses were surprisingly beautiful. A light grayish blue colored dress, with a baby pink sash in the middle, and light colored flowers all over the tight corset top, it was probably the prettiest dress you had ever worn. “you’re just saying that~” You smiles softly at your cheeky boyfriend you had finally gotten control of his emotions. “no really, you look stunning, probably more beautiful than the bride~” He added. That tall boy always knew how to make your heart flutter.

After a couple touch ups, Chanyeol and you headed into the main room where the ceremony would be held. The space was gorgeous, a beautiful alter decorated perfectly with flowers and rustic wooden accents. You got into your place and ran a very quick rehearsal before the doors opened to allow chanyeol’s family and yoora’s friends inside the gorgeous venue. That’s when you started to get nervous, although the bride was the center of attention, i had never met Chanyeol’s extended family. The one you saw the most was Yongmi, Chanyeol’s mother and she adored you, but what if his other relatives weren’t as loving?

Chanyeol noticed your usually very calm attitude change, each time he would greet someone happily he glanced over to you. “You okay?” He asked softly, putting his large hand on the small of your back. You gave him a quick nod and a slight smile to try and get him to back off a bit, although sweet in the moment, you knew he would tease you the next day about it. “I’ve never met this much of your family before.” You admitted, glancing at the somewhat familiar faces. Your tall boyfriend shook his head, “looks like i gave you my nervousness.” He chuckles lightly and brought you slightly closer. “just stand here with me and look pretty~” He hummed, going back to greeting his family members and close friends, this time introducing you to each and everyone.

It was sweet, very sweet of him to so proudly introduce you as his long term girlfriend. It warmed your heart. Luckily, his family were all just as sweet as he, giving you compliments and telling Chanyeol how lucky he was to be with someone so beautiful. He had known all about it, hell he saw it all himself. You always glowed in his eyes, just today… you were truly shining.

After some mingle time, the two of you got in your places, you being a bridesmaid and Yeol getting a spot as a groomsmen. You hummed happily along with a soft music playing as each couple walked down the isle. First the parents, and then the wedding party. You had obviously been paired up with your boyfriend causing the atmosphere to be light and fun, you wouldn’t have known what to do if you had been paired up with someone else. You walked out, your arm linked with his, his figure now very obviously much taller than than you. You smiled holding the bundle of flowers in your free hand, focused on getting to the alter. Chanyeol on the other hand, he was distracted. from the corner of his eye he watched as you walked along side him, leaning into him ever so lightly, stepping carefully slow. he noticed each time you batted your eyes, each time you took in a deep breath, and how your finger tips tapped the fabric of his black tux. He was so madly in love with you.

Finally, the both of you made it to the alter, splitting ways, you stood to the side. That’s when Yoora came out, her smile bright, and tears already running down her cheeks. She was stunning, her dress was gorgeous, and her hair was done perfectly. You would have been lying if you had said you weren’t a little jealous, you had always dreamed of getting married, and now you were so close yet so far of doing so. Chanyeol hummed happily, he knew how much this day meant to his older sister, an he was happy to see it all going well. But it wasn’t Yoora he was looking at, it was you. Your big bright smile, the tears running down your naturally rosy cheeks, the way the dress hugged your petite figure so well. He wanted to be the one at the alter, he wanted it to be you in the bride’s spot. Then it hit him.

He wanted to marry you.

You looked at him with a toothy smile, your vision blurry from the tears running down your face. It was as if time slowed down, as if you two were the only ones in the room, speaking to each other through looks and unnoticeable gestures. He blew you a sweet kiss, causing you to chuckle lightly from the other side of the alter. You knew he’d tease you for sobbing, another thing to add to the pending list of things Chanyeol was going to make fun of you for. But you didn’t care. As his sister got up onto the alter he smiled big, the dimple you loved so much popping out, and with that the ceremony started.

Your black locked boyfriend stood there handsome as ever, humming along with what the minister was saying. After a few short moments and heart felt vows, it was time for the kiss, sealing the deal, as Yeol explained it. You clapped and cheered along with everyone else as the happy newlyweds shared their short kiss. Chanyeol looked at you fondly, smiling and tilting his head slightly, mouthing a quick ‘i love you’ before focusing his attention on his sister who had ran off his with husband. Something about that 'i love you’ felt different. He always blurred out those three words when ever comfortable, and he always meant it of course, but that 'i love you’ was somehow head with everything in him. It hit your heart hard as you walked out of the wedding venue with the rest of the bridesmaids.

You got to the reception in a car right behind the newlywed’s. Only riding with the females included in the wedding party, you looked around to see if you could possibly find your boyfriend somewhere in the mess of people waiting to be let into the party space. “Chanyeol?” You called out for him, not being able to see anyone even remotely like him. Not being able to find him you sighed slightly as the doors to the reception area opened, it was a gorgeous grand space with a large dance floor and matching rustic decorations. You found your table and sat, smiling and bowing slightly from your sitting position at the people saying hello as they fill in the empty chairs. Something caught your eye in the chair next to you, Chanyeol’s seat. The chair had a large black blazer draped over it and the place card with his name on it had been toyed with. This calmed you slightly, at least you knew he was somewhere in the venue.

Yoora and her husband walked out, everyone got up, including you. You hummed hoping your dopey boyfriend would be with them, but nothing. You hummed watching the happy couple dance with a small smile, you really hoped chanyeol was watching where ever he was. Luckily, he was. Standing on the second floor, looking down the balcony with some of his family he watched as his sister had her first dance with her husband. He had a cheeky smile on his face as he watched them, knowing Yoora, just like him, wasn’t the best dancer. Enjoying the atmosphere, his eyes wondered around, landing on you and humming softly. He felt slightly bad for disappearing randomly right after the ceremony but Yoora thought it would add the extra flare to what Chanyeol had planned.

The night had gone by slowly, music blasting, people dancing and enjoying themselves. You had gotten up to do a couple dances happily, hoping Chanyeol would turn up at some point in the night. But, half way into the reception and he still hadn’t made his presence known. Yoora was just about to throw the bouquet, something important and vital to wedding traditions. Sighing you decide not to go up, what was the point? You couldn’t fight for it and tease Chanyeol about having to get married to you. Sitting, you watches as the girls gathered up, Yoora with her back turned to the crowd forming and holding the flower arrangement over her head, ready to throw it.

Just as she was about to throw it, she turned around with a smile. Her eyes found yours as she walked over to your table where you had been sitting, handing you the bundle of flowers. You looked at her in shock, your eyes big, not knowing what to say, not really understanding what was going on. “Congratulations.” She smiled and kissed your cheek, moving away to reveal Chanyeol on one knee with a simple engagement ring in it’s velvet box. You couldn’t believe it, before you could do anything you felt yourself start crying. “Let’s get married (Y/N).” He said with a smile. Now his nerves, all the compliments, the fond smiles, and the thoughtful 'i love you’, made sense. You got up and hugged him tightly mumbling “yes” over and over again, into his ears.


16. Who cooks at 2 in the morning? Edge. Although Rus suffers from pretty bad insomnia, he doesn’t cook. Edge will stay up with him, power though it and normally spend the long twilight hours cooking under the stipulation that maybe if he can get warm good food in Rus, it will help him fall asleep. 

17. Who gets extremely competitive playing Mario Kart? Rus. He’s competitive in the ways only an elder child can be. XD

from this OTP ask meme. 

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GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS. I just want to know how Bucky feels about animals other than dogs (which I think he likes, now I'm second-guessing myself). Which ones would he adopt as pets and which ones would he prefer to be nowhere near him or in a proper zoo/in the wild?

there are pretty few animals that i dont think are great. if it holds still,  im gonna pet it. if it bites me, well, i already got one metal hand, i could probably make do with two metal hands. although it would probably sound like banging pots and pans together when i clapped. 

having had several long conversations with various animal-powered superpeople, i can say that as much as i would like to have a pet tiger, most wild animals are better off staying that way, or left in the care of professionals who know what the heck theyre doing. i barely know what the heck im doing with my own life, let alone the life of some animal. 

thor and i have been watching this show called crocodile hunter. if steve irwin was still around he probably would have shown up in new york a few years ago to wrassle some chitauri. but thor assures me hes quite happy meeting various dinosaurs up in valhalla.