although your faces are just the worst


summary; shawn is forced to choose between you and his girlfriend
a/n; seven pages of angst and drama all in one – my fav ;))



“Where’s Shawn?” Matt and your friends asked you for what must’ve been the tenth time tonight. 

You finished setting the last blanket over the couch as you claimed your favorite pillows for the night ahead of you. 

“Not sure,” You answered. “I’ve tried texting him for the past 15 minutes. The boy never checks his texts,” You laugh it off as you head to the kitchen to bring the two bowls of popcorn into the living room.

Shawn, Geoff, Ian, and Matt had been in town from Shawn’s tour for the last few days, and the five of you finally found a time to hang out again. You had all missed each other and since the tour had just wrapped up, everyone found tonight as the perfect opportunity to catch up. You had met the four boys through Shawn and although you had only known them for a few years, they felt like your brothers. They looked out for you and talked to you almost every day.

Shawn on the other hand, had been your best friend since middle school. The two of you met in English class in seventh grade and quickly bonded over each other’s love for Harry Potter and music. Although neither of you were the most popular in school, you and Shawn always had each other’s back through the years. He had brought smiles on your face during your worst moments, stayed up late with you during nights you couldn’t sleep, and given you advice that has stuck with you throughout the years. In turn, you supported Shawn’s music when the other kids at school didn’t, listened to his first song that he wrote, and cheered with him when he found out that he had just gotten his first major award show nomination. Now here you guys were, one year out of high school, and still partners in crime. You couldn’t of asked for anyone better to fill in the position as your best friend.

Everyone had gathered at Ian and Geoff’s place for a traditional movie night, but your best friend had been a no-show for the past half hour. Everyone including yourself was beginning to become impatient as everyone began making a dent into the stash of snacks before the first movie even played. You didn’t want to begin the night without him, but he had showed no signs of arriving any time soon.

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— ask and you shall receive | pt 4—final (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings— angst, romance, fluff, smut

:: summary— it’s been a couple of months since you and your sugar daddy changed your arrangement and while all has been well, practically floating on cloud 9, something is about to happen that will drop kick you back into reality…

  » pt 1 :: pt 2 :: pt 3 :: pt 4  ✓

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Always Love You

Peter Parker x reader

Plot- gonna skip this today cause i feel like it would ruing the story if you knew what was going on so, it s a surprise

Warnings- language like usual, angst

A/n ok so im like super proud of this cause I’ve had this idea for a really long time and i like how it turned out. Let me know what you think!!!


You sighed, leaning forward on the counter and tapping your fingers against the wood, leisurely scrolling through tumblr to pass the time at your job. You were bored out of your mind. Every Friday, you worked the night shift at the small little coffee shop you worked at. It was easy, hardly anyone came in at night, and you were allowed to drink a few coffee’s to keep your eyes open, so it wasn’t anything too bad. Plus, there was the extra cash, so.

But, above all, there was one major plus in working the night shift, and that was your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. He came by to buy a coffee once, you ended up talking for hours, and it just kinda became a thing between you two. Eventually he would bring some snacks, as you often got hungry in the night, and you would sit together and drink coffee and eat snacks with him. Well, you ate, he refused to lift his mask that high, and you respected him as to not lose his trust. Of course you wondered who he was, when you first became friends it killed you (not to mention something about his voice was so familiar), but you accepted his secret and let it be.

To be honest, you really enjoyed his company and looked forward to these Friday nights. You didn’t know how many times you had refused to skip a week of the night shift in order to go out on a Friday with your friends. They all eventually learned to plan their nights out on Saturday. You didn’t want to ditch Spiderman, or have him worry. He had freaked out once when you were sick, thinking something had happened to you, and you thought it was really sweet. You worried about him too, a lot considering what he did. He rushed off all the time in the middle of your conversations, and most of the time you wouldn’t see him until next week. Of course you would see on the news that he was fine and had taken down the threat, and that would put you at ease until the next time it happened.

It was dumb, and you knew it was, but you couldn’t help but have a little bit of a crush on him. He was sweet and kind to you, and you loved being around him. You knew you had no chance, you didn’t even know his name for god’s sake, but it was a nice thought. Not, that you thought about it often. You definitely didn’t daydream about him romantically taking off his mask and taking you into his arms before kissing you and-…no, you definitely didn’t think about that.

A few months ago, the light almost silent sound of someone landing outside your stand would have scared the shit out of you, especially at this time of night. But you were more than used to it now, and smiled as you turned around and saw the mask of your favorite superhero.

“Hey Spidey,” you leaned on the edge of the counter to greet him before turning to make his usual espresso, “Slow night?”

“Ya, but hey I’m not complaining. In this business, you don’t want a busy night.” he said with a dorky giggle at the end.

You had to stop yourself from swooning. God, he was just so cute!

“Can’t argue with that.” you handed him the coffee, and as usual, he tried to hand over the money but you pushed it back, “How many times do I have to tell you, Superheroes drink free.” You winked.

Although you couldn’t see his face, you had a feeling he was smiling, you could tell from his voice.

“Thanks (Y/n). So how’s your week been?” he asked.

You went into the usual retelling of your week, as he listened intently, lifting his mask just enough to get the straw under and to his mouth. He then followed with his own stories from the week, which you often argued was the more interesting part of your conversation but he insisted he liked yours better.

“But by far the worst part was when this dude tried to tase me.” he chuckled, and you too couldn’t contain your own giggles. Just imagining him swinging around trying to avoid getting tased.

“Hey, it’s not funny. See, this is the kind of thanks I get for trying to protect you citizens. I was promised the pretty girls would be swooning over me, but instead all I get is laughed at.”

You only laughed harder, until his words processed in your minds, “Wait, you think I’m pretty…?” you trailed off, your amused smile turning to a hopeful one, and you prayed he didn’t pick up on it.

His whole body seemed to go rigid for a split second as he himself realized what he had said, “Uh, I um- I mean uh-” he floundered for a moment, reaching up and running the back of his neck while looking anywhere but at you as he tried to gather his thoughts. Then he froze, looking off into the distance.

You knew that look. His spidey-senses were tingling.

And the moment was gone.

“It’s ok, go save the city.” You smiled, playfully nudging his shoulder.

He looked at you, and you wished you could see the emotions on his face, but all you got was a rushed, “Bye (Y/n). See you next week.”

And it was over. Just like that, the best part of your week had gone by, and you would have to wait a whole seven days before you got it again.

During rest of your shift, and the moments up to when you fell asleep that night, all you thought about was him. Or, more specifically, what would have happened between you and him if he hadn’t had to go at that moment. That night you dreamt of him, or at least someone like him.

Slamming your locker shut, you dropped your head onto the cool metal, “I definitely bombed that test.”

“Same.” your friend mumbled, her eyes fixated on her phone.

“Seriously am I crazy or was that nothing like the study guide?”

“Both.” she winked as you began to walk towards your car.

You laughed, climbing into the driver’s seat as she got into the passengers.

Looking through the rearview mirror, you froze as you saw an oh so familiar car pulling up.

It was Tony Starks. Or, rather, his drivers, coming by like he did every Monday to pick up Peter.

You felt the air drain out of you as you saw Peter run out of the school and into the car, the tinted windows preventing you from seeing anything else.

You gripped the steering wheel and tore your eyes away, looking down. It was ridiculous really. It’s been so long. Why did it still hurt so bad just seeing him?

“Hey,” you felt a comforting hand on your arm, “Does it still hurt that much?” she asked.

She was right to be surprised, it had been almost two months since you broke up with Peter, and as bad as you wanted to, you just couldn’t move on. It was like something was keeping you hung up on him.

He was the first significant other you had really loved, but you never even got the chance to say it. After just over a year of being together, he began to grow distant. He would disappear, miss dates, ignore texts and calls. And the weirdest part was when he would show up with random bruises and cuts. No matter how much you begged, he wouldn’t explain. According to Aunt May, he was sneaking out at night and not coming home till the morning. Not to mention his sudden friendship with Tony Stark, which he claimed was an internship, but he never went into too much detail about it.

It was all just too much. The lies and excuses drove you insane, and you eventually forced yourself to end it. He had just stared at you with huge eyes when you did it, and you knew if he had simply asked you to stay, you would have. But he didn’t ask. And you didn’t stay.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” you mumbled, putting the car into drive and pulling out of the parking lot.

Standing by the window of your coffee stand, you impatiently tapped a beat into the counter. Your coworker was 30 minutes late with no explanation as to why, which meant you were stuck here until her or your boss showed up, whichever happened first. It was almost 9, and you had a crap load of homework to do, but you were stuck in the goddamn stand.

You folded your arms before resting your head on them. A few minutes passed before you heard the sound of a car pulling up.

When you looked up, and saw a van about twenty feet from the stand.

The side door slid open.

“What the hell…?” you mumbled,  standing up straight.

As soon as the words left your mouth, a man jumped out and began firing at the stand with a machine gun.

You shrieked, and dropped to the ground, covering your head.

The firing didn’t stop, and you began to crawl towards the back door, but as you reached the door knob, it was pulled open. A man stood outside, and grabbed you, pulling you to your feet and dragging you along with him.

He pushed you forward to the center of the group that had exited the van. They didn’t seem like anyone special, just a group of very scary looking people.

You tripped and just barely kept your balance, looking around at the circle that had formed around you.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Call him!” a girl spat at you.

“W-what?” you stammered, “I don’t know what your talking about please-”

“Don’t play dumb with us. You dont think no one’s noticed the Spiderman coming here every week? He obviously knows you and unless you call him here the next time he sees ya is gonna be in a body bag!”

You flinched back, tears filling your eyes, “I don’t, I don’t know who he is he just stops by to talk i really don’t-” you screamed as one of the fired into the air.

“Just kill the crying bitch. Leave her as a warning- mmh!” His mouth was suddenly covered in webs before he was kicked in the face.

“Is that really how you talk to a lady?” a familiar voice asked, standing over the guy as he webbed him up.

There was yelling and a lot of  gunshots, then for some reason you were laying on the ground.

You could hardly keep up with the red and blue blur that was Spiderman. Watching him fight was mesmerising, nothing like listening to his retellings of it. He always down played his feats.

Then all at once there was a pain in your stomach, and you couldn’t contain your scream of pain. It was like nothing you had felt before.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Open your eyes!”

When had you closed your eyes? Nevertheless, you opened them and saw the masked face you had grown to close too. He had pulled you into his lap and was gently moving your hair out of your face.

“What…what happened?” you breathed.

“You were shot oh god (Y/n) I’m so sorry this is all my fault I should’ve come faster or better yet just never let them get to you in the first place just just stay awake ok Mr Stark is bringing help he’ll fix you oh god-” you couldn’t quite hear the rest of his rambles, but instead focused on the increasing feeling of familiarity. His voice,  it made you feel comfortable, and safe, and reminded you of better times. You felt happy, closing your eyes, listening to the sound of his voice, and leaning into his touch. It was soft and loving. And for some reason, Peter was all you could think about. Peter. Why him, why now? Why was he the one?

You could hear him calling your name.


Or, was it Spiderman.

You couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes to check.

And as you slipped into unconsciousness, there was only one thing on your mind.



He felt sick.

He felt tired.

He felt like he had died.

But he wasn’t the one who had gotten hurt.

He sat in the hospital room, everything a sterile, too bright white. The only thing keeping him together was the sound of the heart monitor. Your heart monitor.

He didn’t want to look at you, he had already seen your skin, which was strikingly pale. He had already seen your face, with dry lips and a tube to help you breath. He had already seen your bandged up stomach, where the bullet wou d had been.

He just wanted to see your eyes. For you to be awake.

But until then, he didn’t want to see you because then it became too real.

He did this too you, and it was killing him.

The door opened,  and peter didn’t have to look up to know who it was.

Mr Stark placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Here kid, you gotta eat something.” he place a box on the table next to them.

Peter stayed silent, so he spoke again, “All those times you went on and on about (Y/n) I figured the first time I would be meeting her would be at the engagement party.” he said, trying to lift the mood.

“She wasn’t even my girlfriend.” Peter simply said, keeping his gaze on the floor.

“What? I thought you said-”

“She broke up with me. Because I was keeping secrets. I didn’t tell her cause I thought she would be in danger if I did. And I took her for granted and she broke up with me.” he paused for a moment and Tony heard his sniffling, “But I love her and I couldn’t stay away so I was being selfish and talking to her as Spiderman. And I fell in love with her all over again. And I was an idiot and I almost killed her.”

The room was silent, the steady beating of your heart the only thing making noise.

“You’re right, you were an idiot. You can’t protect people by keeping them in the dark. But this isn’t your fault, kid. You did everything you could, and she isn’t dead, just injured. So my advice is to tell her the truth and pray she’ll take you back when she wakes up. This life isn’t worth losing someone you love over. Trust me.” Tony stood, sympathetically patting his shoulder again, before leaving the room.

For the second time since he had gotten to the hospital, he brought his tear filled eyes up to look at you.

He had missed you more than words could describe. When you broke up with him, he felt his heart breaking, and he hadn’t been able to make himself saying anything. He regretted that everyday. If he had just asked, would he have been able to make you stay?

He took your limp hand in his.

He wanted nothing more but to hold you again, kiss you again.

Finally tell you he loved you.

But for now, this was as close as he could get.

He would just have to wait and hope.


What do you think?? Is it good? Let me know, i love you all!!

Part Two for ya’ll


Therapist!Negan x Reader 

A/N: Ugh I’m a shitty person, I am so sorry this is late! Something unexpected came up today which delayed my editing >.< Thank you to the beautiful @noodlecupcakes for tagging me in your awesome challenge! Your prompts were freaking awesome xx I hope you guys enjoy this  ¯\(°_o)/¯ Shoutout to @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 for helping me out during my rut & listening to me vent out my struggles <333 love you! xx 

Tags: SMUT – TW: attempted sexual assault, and suicide, inappropriate doctor/patient relationship ~ 

|| Masterlist || 

(gif by @mypapawinchester


Tick, tock, tick, tock… 

You glanced over towards the large window, watching the sun set in the distance. Stepping away from the shelf, you effortlessly glided over and placed both your hands against the cold glass, soaking in the aerial view of the city below. The sky had painted your pinstriped skater dress orange, while it’s rays bounced off the delicate golden chain around your neck. 

You focused in on the coordinated movements of speedy cars driving between the intersections of the busy streets. Your lips curved into a half smile; from up here the view was beautiful but drop yourself down and you knew you would be stuck in the maddening chaos of rush hour. 

After six months of spending your evenings in this meticulously neat office, you wouldn’t have expected yourself to admit that you found this space cathartic. When you were here, you weren’t suffering from the misery of your loneliness because at least there was someone else around with you. 

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bts reaction to their S/O crying because of a bad migraine

Anonymous said :

hi, if you’re not too swamped, could i get the boys reaction to their s/o crying because they have a really bad migraine. (im real bad with pain so this is me a lot of the time.) have a fantastic day, lovely!

hi babe <3 ..thanks for requesting ,I hope you like it .  I hope you feel better till you forget you’re suffering from it ,I know how it’s bad cuz I suffer from a one too .><


Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Jin would feel a little bit terrified at first ,as soon as he heard you crying from the other room he would pout “why is she crying all of a sudden?” ..when he would go and see you holding you head and feeling the real pain he would panic ,how he would make you feel better? . So ,he would calm down after he realizes the situation ,just give you some analgesics and place your head on his lap , patting softly on your hair till you be better ,he would stay there for you till the end .


Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

like ,he is the cold Suga ,but when it comes to you ,he changes 180 degrees ,and when you cry ,he is not Suga anymore ,he is the caring little Yoongi .He would pat at your back when you were crying ,then secretly message his mom “how can I stop migraine’s pain ?” ..whatever his mom said he would do it with no objection . Maybe cuddling with you or buying some medicine ,even going to the nearest medical center and ask for consultation if this happened again ,you would never know >< .


Originally posted by chimneytaels

although he is THAT genius ,he would panic the most . When he came home and saw your tears all over your face he would think if he did something wrong ,or just expected that someone is dead ,when you told him that you are having the worst headache ever ,he would try his best to find a solution ,maybe between all those books he had read ,but ..his brain didn’t help him because of how lost he is .So ,he would just sit on the sofa next to you ,and lean your head on his chest while trying to start a conversation so maybe you would forget about it .And when he finds that it didn’t work ,he would ask if you use anything to stop it ,and he would go straight ,running to the pharmacy and buy it .,and try all over again to make you forget .


Originally posted by meanyoongis

J-hope knew before that you had migraine ,but he didn’t know you are that weak to handle the pain ,he thought it’s something happens for a minute and you would be better ,but when he saw how painful it is and how you were that sensitive towards the sounds and everything ,he would tear up ,not because he is that pure ,because he doesn’t know how to make you feel better .”I really wanna make you feel better ,I really wanna make this pain stop” he would say ,sobbing ,then he would wipe your tears away and pull you into a warm long hug till you feel better . 


Originally posted by jikookshandshake

Jimin and you would be cuddling in front of the T.V when the headache started suddenly ,so you closed your eyes trying to calm down ,when all you were that mad of was the sound of the T.V ,one minute ,two ..and you finally spoke with a keep tone “JIMIN!!…TURN THIS SHIT OFF!!” ,he would look down as you seemed not okay ,so he understood fast and went quickly closing all the windows ,turning off the T.V and lighted down everything .. back to cuddle you with a soft blanket, loving arms and caring soul ,and with gentle whispers you slept on his chest as he was just staring at you ,figuring how he would stop this pain so you won’t feel horrible again .

V :

Originally posted by bwipsul

when he first saw you crying ,he would feel horrible ,like ..extremely horrible ,he would just caress your face ,tear up then ,look deep in your eyes and say “babe !’ll be ok ..I promise” then ..he would decide to be strong ,just to stay next to you and encourage you to contain yourself ..he would be the shoulder you would lean your head on till you be better ..till that ,he would surf the internet ..searching for some way to calm you down ,when he wouldn’t find anything he could do ..he would throw his phone away and started showering you with kisses all over your face ,”you know ? ..nothing can make you feel better but love ,come here and let me give a lot “.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

When he heard you crying in the kitchen ,he just stood there ,didn’t move or make a reaction ,is it because he didn’t know why were you crying ? ,or because he didn’t know what to do ?.. whatever ,he would sit calmly next to you near the table of the kitchen ,look carefully in your eyes and ask “ did you hurt yourself ?..” you would continue crying while pointing at your head ,he would take one minute to understand what did you mean ,but he won’t know exactly the reason of your headache ,so he just pulled you closer and whispered in your ear as you were near his neck ..sobbing “ just tell me what to do ,I’ll try my best “ …you would say between your breathes “ it’s painful kookie’s really painful ..” ..he would make the hug even tighter “ I know babe ..I know’ll be better soon’ll disappear ..I promise “ .

GIFs are not mine .

requests : open .

-Admin K .

B.A.P’s reaction to you walking in on them crying

(A/N) I was just in the mood for something more sad/comforting, and had a quick idea of maybe typing something like this up. Everyone’s got days when they’re feeling low (I’ve been having those more and more recently), and I figured it sometimes might go to extents such as crying, even for our six cute strong warriors. 

P.S. Also, not using my gifs this time around because I have to write an important physics test tomorrow and have to study tons! (btw, if something goes wrong tomorrow, I’ll officially blame Zelo. “Howler” has been stuck in my head all day, distracting me from doing stuff as I just want to get up and dance, even though I don’t know how to)

You let the door to your apartment creak open, and stepped into the weirdly unlit hallway. He was home, you were certain, yet all lights seemed to be off. The silence that had taken over the place sent a wave of worry down your spine, and you had to tell yourself that everything was eventually fine - he wasn’t a five year old. He had to be somewhere here.

Knowing him, he was probably somewhere soundly asleep. His schedules had become close to unbearable in the past time, and often he’d just come home, greet you, and then fall asleep at the most random places. Literally, you once found him on the living room carpet. Just curled up there, sleeping like a kitten. And despite not having the heart to wake him up, you also didn’t want to leave him sleeping on the floor, so you gently shook him awake and asked what had happened, to which he just responded he thought the carpet looked comfortable, and, since he for some reason was already on the floor, he decided to nap for a little.

Yeah, maybe you should go and get him a sanity check, although what you really thought was necessary was an extended holiday. “Extended” meaning like a month. Or maybe two. But he couldn’t be allowed such fancy extras, and had to somehow manage without getting proper rest. You were determined to help him through this though.

When you got closer to the bedroom and peaked through the door, you in fact noticed his frame sprawled all across the bed, lying face-down on top of the covers. You were about to chuckle - about to let him be, and go heat up dinner before gently waking him and greeting him with a soft kiss, telling him he could go right back to sleep after eating. But as you were about to leave, a shaky breath escaped him, and taken back by surprise, you looked at him closely.

He wasn’t sleeping, you noticed just now. His breathing was rather hectic, and what seemed like quiet, repressed sobs escaped him every now and then. It didn’t take you long to wrap your mind around it - he was crying. And for whatever reason that had upset him to such extents, he was crying hard.

You had to do something about it.


He was someone to bottle up his emotions rather than let them slip. He’d made it clear from the very beginning, as you’d never seen him crying. So you were a little taken aback upon realizing what was going on.

“Yongguk-ah.. Is everything fine?”

He was quick to respond, letting out an “ah” as he got into sitting position, facing you immediately and showing off his slightly bloodshot eyes.

If there was one thing you’d always admired about him, it was how honest he was with his thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Yes, he indeed bottled it all up on most occasions for various reasons - for example, simply not to bother others, or not to show he had weak sides too, just like everyone else did. But once he knew you’d seen him in this state, he wasn’t going to lie about it. You were important to him, and he thought you should know. He would face the fact you knew, and would let you see him this way, trying to convince you that you had nothing to worry about, but letting you take care of him.

“It’s nothing really,” he reassured you as you sat beside him, cupping his face and brushing a few strands of hair away, “I just got a little too caught up in emotions. It will eventually be fine.”

He didn’t oppose to all your loving touches, but didn’t clinge that much either. He knew you’d give him affection to the right extents yourself, and knew not to disturb you in doing so. He simply let his tears get wiped away by your thumbs, and responded only a little to your sweet, tiny peck of his lips.

“We can talk about it if you want to,” you told him, holding his face with both hands close to yours. He broke into a smile, silently thanking whoever in this universe was responsible for gifting him with you in his life. He, despite being rather intalkative on most occasions, was almost always up for pouring his heart out to you while you simply listened, without pressuring, judging or interrupting him. And this time was no exception.

“It would be amazing if we could,” he quietly told you, “Everything would be a little more on the good side once again, just like every time we talk it out. My problems always just magically solve themselves when I’m with you anyways.”

Originally posted by daenana

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Imagine being taken captive by Negan but Dwight falling in love with you as he takes care of you

(Sorry if it’s messy :( BUT YAY DWIGHT!! I tried my best! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After surviving the longest night of your life, you had found yourself trapped in one of the cells in the Saviors’ compound.

Negan and his men had taken you as their prisoner after you had caused a commotion during the line up. Seeing your friend Abraham getting his head bashed had angered you so much, you couldn’t think of anything else but to jump up and punch Negan for it.

You had wanted to keep going but was forced to stop as his men had tackled you to the ground. By then you couldn’t have realize how much of a big mistake you had made acting so rash like that.

Within a few words being said, the next thing you know Negan had bashed your older brother’s, Glenn’s head as well. You knew in that moment, you had to avenge his death and make him pay for what he had done to all of you.

You couldn’t believe what you had just witnessed. Tears and screams came out of you and even more as you tried to get out of everyone’s grasps once again, only to be knocked unconscious and taken captive

Negan had his plans for you, seeing how tough you are and had tasked one of his men to handle you from the start.


After all the tears from seeing your dear brother go that way, suffering in such pain, you had shut yourself down completely from your surroundings.

You didn’t count the days since you had gotten to their camp, but every morning you woke up to the sound of a rather annoying song.

It was put on repeat until your “caretaker” would come over to fetch you your breakfast, if that’s what you could call him.

If you could remember well, his name was David and was a complete asshole to you. Requesting the strangest things from you, angering you and making you lose your mind.

If you happened to “disobey” him, you would get beaten and strangely enough, he had the audacity to muffle your mouth with his hand to keep you from screaming your pain out.

During the time you would be out of your cell, you were forced to work by the fences keeping the walkers off with the other prisoners there. Oddly enough, it was honestly your favorite part of the day, you were away from your nightmare and closer to your fantasy.

Killing walkers, imagining them as each of the Saviors, made so much fun for you to kill. Noticing how good you were at it, David had often wanted to “reward” you with his advances, making you puke at the thought and getting yourself in trouble.

Slowly, despite that you were still drained from all of it and would give up in the end but still, you weren’t ready to die. Your brother had left a widow, you needed to take care of and a future nephew or niece for you to raise alongside with your friends, you couldn’t give up in your life just yet.


And luckily, that light of opportunity came to you when, one morning, something was changing. You opened your eyes to darkness, only to finally see the light and some boots as you laid on the ground.

You looked up to see the face you had grown to hate so much and boldly, you decided to spit at the man. This time, it really ticked him off and the next moment you knew, you received a slap to the cheek for it.

“Fucking bitch!”, he said wiping his cheek.

His blow was hard enough to knock you down and as you tried to get up, he grabbed a fistful of your hair.

“Let go of me!”, you screamed, trying to fight him off. He laughed and raised his arm up, until someone else appeared.

“Let go of her, David…I don’t remember Negan ever asking you to beat her…”

The man turned to look behind and looking at him as well, you both noticed it to be, Dwight, the guy that had taken your brother captive in the first place.

Looking at him, you wanted to hurt him even more than you did David, for all of it, thinking it was as much his fault as it was yours but David’s grasp kept you from doing anything.

He scoffed at him and told him to mind his business as he turned to look back at you, only to hear a gun being charged from behind his head.

“I said…Negan doesn’t want her to beaten…So let her go…I ain’t gonna repeat myself after this…”

You groaned at the feeling of your scalp being tightened for a moment, before being relieved from the stinging pain.

David, clearly mad, left reluctantly and promised to report to Negan, only for Dwight to shrug and press him on to even hurry and do so.

It worried you to hear his threats but relieved you from his hold. You slumped onto the floor, catching your breath and realized, Dwight was actually just bringing you your breakfast for the day.

He walked closer and crouched down to hand you the plate, asking you to sit up and eat.

Although, you would’ve eagerly jumped at him to strangle him to death, you just didn’t have the strength to sit up and that he noticed.

Not being an inconsiderate man, he approached to help you. With hatred in your eyes, you protested to him, and told him to let go.

“Don’t you fucking touch me, bastard! I can handle myself…”

He backed away slightly, out of fear, but stayed close enough to get you up. He eyed you from head to toe, and realized it was worst than he had imagined.

You were bruised all over, apart from your face, most likely because David liked it or something, he thought.


He felt bad to see you that way and knowing that your brother had been killed that night, made him feel even worst. Guilt had washed him over since your arrival and hearing your screams down the hall at night and the ruckus from your rooms only accentuated that feeling.

He had come to realize his own personal mistakes he had done to your group and had reflected on Negan’s action for a while.

From the instant he had laid his eyes on you, he admitted to having a certain attraction to you. Whether it was your sweet tone he had heard, while spying on all of you, your fighting spirit or just your humor, it was comforting to see you.


But in this state, he stared at you for a while in deep thought on how he should approach you.

Not knowing better, he shoved the plate in hand forward, making you notice that it was a rather drab meal and obviously meant for a captive like you. You wanted to throw it at him but before you could, he put his hand up.


He spoke in a hush tone and looked around to check his surrounding. You listened to him and as he looked back at you, he took out a rather fresh looking sandwich instead.

“Don’t ever eat that, again…It’s dog food…and you’re not a dog…You don’t deserve that…”

You looked at him wearily, not entirely sure if you should put your trust in him already.

Carefully, you thought about it but your stomach grumble made you take it quickly and strangely made him smile.

You looked rather frail to him but the thought of what you had done the other night, came back to him and he couldn’t help but be impress by your fighting spirit as well.

He kept staring, making you self conscious and worried.

“The hell you looking at?!”, you said, with a glare and spitting out a little mouthful towards his way.

It startled him but he smiled for a moment, only to recollect himself, as he had gotten nervous. He stuttered and looked around to distract you from him.

“Nothing…Just eat…and careful not to spit at me…”

Without thinking, his words made you laugh as you realized what you had done earlier, truly throwing him off guard.

“What?! You never heard someone laugh at you before?!”

You didn’t seem to care anymore at this point and were just genuinely curious as to why he’d be so surprised from your laughter.

He shrugged and shook his head nervously, making you look at him strangely.

“Well yeah but…I don’t know…Not from someone who was just beaten a few minutes ago…”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes at him.

“Please…It’s not the first time he’s done that…At some point I have to forget the pain and laugh too…”

He nodded along with you and let you eat for a moment, thinking about how he should tell Negan to let you in his charge instead.

He didn’t understand as to why, he hadn’t been so from the start but never really questioned it, letting it go.


As he looked at you, he realized how dirty you were as well and got up to leave, telling you about how he was going to get some new clothes for you.

It was strange to you how “kind” this guy was and you couldn’t help but think it was part of Negan’s sick brainwashing methods again.

You backed away in your corner and told him what you thought of it, bluntly.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing…Y-you’re trying to get me to say the words, aren’t you? Acting like this…”

His eyes grew dark and slowly he shook his head.

“What’s the point of doing that…You’re not going to be better…”

He turned away to go get your new clothes, leaving you to think about your words and him.


From his tone and expression, you felt like you understood a part of him. Clearly, he wasn’t alright with all of this and something in him, made you think he was on the same page as you, he wanted out of this place.

With that thought in mind, you slowly let yourself be open to him at a certain extent, apologizing for earlier as he came back.

He accepted it with a nod and had to reluctantly walk you to your work. Gripping you by your shirt, he lead you out and whispered to you, “Listen closely…David is most likely going to come up to you after and try to take you…but i’m going to stay nearby…make sure that doesn’t happen…If anything does…You run straight to me…Go it?”

You felt comforted by his words and nodded at him as you stepped outside to the fence.

Without keeping his eyes off of you, Dwight stayed nearby to make sure things would go right.

Just as he predicted, David had cause some commotion to see you and for once, you ran to a man for protection.

Things hadn’t gone smooth at all at first, up until Negan had appeared and the problem had been addressed.


You and Dwight had successfully convinced him and your new “caretaker” was in charge of you until you said the words, Negan desperately wants to hear.

Carefully, enough, Dwight had made sure to seem and appear rough and tough with you while outside your cell, wanting to make the others think he was truly brainwashing you.

However, his demeanor would change the instant you were both alone and oddly enough, you didn’t mind him as much as you did. That was until you thought about your friends but you tried to keep that out of the way, since he would bring you clean and fresh clothes everyday, as well as your breakfast, only to change for a fresh sandwich he had hidden in his jacket, as others left him alone with you.

Each passing day, became tolerable to you and for him, you were the only thing keeping him from loosing his mind over everything he had witnessed.

To your surprised and his, he had managed to open you up to him and had done the same to make you trust him even more, not to mention he protected you from people trying to harm you.

He even protected you from the worst, making you fall for him, the reminder of your brother’s death.


Upon walking the halls, to give you your supper, he heard a rather unfamiliar yet familiar sound coming your way.

You were crying, sobbing, he could tell, he remembered it so much. His heart race in worried as to what might’ve happened and made him take faster step to understand what was happening.

He felt like the hall had grown longer and darker as he tried to desperately reach you in time to alleviate your pain. He dropped whatever he had in hand and finally stood by your door, opening it wide.

“Y/N?! Who the hell was hurting you?!” He didn’t knew what took him but that was the first thing he had in mind to hear you cry this much.

All curled up in your corner, you shook your head and he couldn’t resist to approach you. Without hesitating, he wrapped his arms around you, making you do the same to him.

It was the first time you both had ever been so close and comfortable, that he couldn’t help but stroke your hair, in hopes to help you even more.

You shook your head and tried to calm yourself but nothing came out apart the sound of your ragged breathing.

It was an inexplicable feeling to see what you had witnessed and been under that no words came out.

It worried him even more, making him check around you to see if you had any bruises. None, it relieved him to know that you hadn’t been hurt that way.

He looked around again and that’s when he knew what made you cry this much. It was cruel, maybe even more than a beating.

It was the polaroid of your brother’s dead body. Worst of it all, it had the words “Your fault” on it, clearly reminding you of that unfaithful night.

It angered him to see it and even more to know how much it pained you. He couldn’t stand the idea of this kind of emotional torture, the idea of being unable to protect you from any of it and the idea of you not being fine.

Quickly, he cupped your face, making you look only at him and shook his head and looking into your eyes, he said, “No…No…No, Y/N it wasn’t your fault…It wasn’t, alright…Tell me…Tell me the sick freak that made you look at this!”

Tears kept rolling down your cheeks and breathing heavily, you took a few seconds before being able to answer properly.

“I-It…It…Was Negan! He…He came over with the others…Th-threw the picture, saying how i should redeem myself for what I had done…”

You felt like a child, saying his name so loud and crying that way. Still you hugged him again to feel better and just let it all out.

You hated yourself for all of it and you couldn’t think of anything else. Hearing you say it so loudly, truly boiled Dwight’s blood and he had enough of it.

At this point, it was clear to him. You were the choice he was going to choose.

Lifting your chin up, he whispered to you, “Y/N…Listen to me…We’re getting out of here…”

You couldn’t believe your ears, and had let it out, “R-really?”.

He nodded and wiping your tears, he inched closer. “I’ll get you home…To your family…and hopefully…They’ll agree with me…”

You didn’t understand his meaning, until he pressed on.

“That Negan needs to die…”

Thoughts about how he had lost his wife and everyone dear to him, came to your mind and truly you understood he felt just as you.

As you nodded at him, he hugged you again and kissed your hair, whispering to you about how he loves you.

Your heart skipped a beat to hear him, and as you raised your gaze to look at him, you were surprised to feel his lips and scar on yours.

He backed away quickly, just as out of breath as you and whispered to you about his plan to leave this dreaded place forever and how you’ll get ready for the upcoming war.

Teamiplier helping you after a rough day

Summary: Reader is stressed out and emotional teamiplier help their friend (fluff)

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 You were just feeling plain awful. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of stress you were under, as you had a lot of important assignments to complete. You were an editor for Mark plus you had projects of your own. The bottom line is you were stressed it didn’t help that your mental state wasn’t the best at the moment you had been feeling completely emotionally drained and tired. Now Ethan was the first to notice something was wrong as your usual happy and energetic self, was replaced with a quiet and tired person. He worried but kept it to himself thinking that you were tired and just needed some rest. But after seeing how it continued to go on for a week he decided to express his worries to his friends. “Hey, guys have you noticed how tired (Y/N) looks?” He spoke after you had left the office to get some rest. “I’m sure they’re fine they’re probably just tired.” Spoke Mark.“Yeah, buts it’s been going on for a week”. “She would tell us if something was wrong” Tyler spoke. “I’m worried guys” Ethan persisted. “You know that you’ve mentioned it (Y/N) has been working a lot and you know how bad their mental state gets in stressful situations” Amy jumped in “ how about we all go visit them maybe lift their spirits” announced Kathryn. A chorus of agreements was spoken and the team quickly closed down the office and headed over to your apartment. you were in your apartment and let’s just say you were in bad shape the weight of everything was hitting you hard. You quietly cried as you sat in your bedroom. No matter how good things were going you were sad. It wasn’t to say you weren’t happy where you were. You loved your work and friends but the awful feeling wouldn’t go away. You were increasingly overworked and at your wits end. You did not hear when your friends pulled into the driveway or opened your apartment with the key you gave them or the loud steps made and or voices you were off in your own world. Mark was the first one at your door he heard your quiet sobs and hushed everyone, their faces went from worried to increasingly worried. You were always happy always, you were the positive one in the group that brighten up their day, hearing your sobs broke them. Mark raised his finger to his lips as a symbol to not speak he raised his hand to the door and quietly knocked. You stopped your breathing thinking immediately the worst you quietly raised your head from your bed. “Hey (Y/N) uh it’s Mark and everyone we just came to visit, you okay?” You panicked slightly you didn’t like people seeing you cry and it was obvious they heard you. You sighed and went to open the door admitting defeat and trying to wipe your tears and nose to at least look not that bad. Although your face was red and hair disheveled you opened the door and cracked a small smile all that you could muster. Although to them it looked like a thin line. Their eyes softened as they saw your state. Mark quickly went to hug you and your entire facade crumpled, you sobbed into his chest as the others just watched. All of your pent up emotions were being let out. Mark soothingly rubbed your back. “It’s okay” he whispered. This went on for a bit you had received hugs from everyone as you cried. It did help having someone to hold you, no words were spoken unless they were words of reassurance.  After the event you were sent to bed to rest while everyone stayed and made themselves comfortable on your couch they weren’t about to leave their friend alone at this weak point in their life. Amy and Ethan made some tea to help you rehydrate and Mark went to get Chica and some of your favorite food and ice cream.  While Kathryn and Tyler were setting up one of your favorite movies downstairs. Amy knocked on your door and then entered carrying a cup of tea she softly shook you awake you cracked your eyes open and gave her a weak smile. She smiled at you offering the tea. You took it and sipped at it. You two sat in silence at this point you had calm down and the feeling was at bay. Amy told you about everything happening downstairs you cracked a smile a genuine one, you and Amy went and joined the rest of the group. Everyone was happy to see you feeling better, you all relaxed and watched movies. You cracked jokes and played with Chica. You really had amazing friends who are there for you. 


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Requested: Can you do an imagine where the girl has terrible social anxiety and everyone makes fun of her (like fans, classmates, etc.) and she just has a full blown panic attack and Shawn comforts her?

~TRIGGER WARNING~ (anxiety, panic attacks)

Your name: submit What is this?


Why does y/n just ignore fans sometimes? She’s so rude.
Shawn’s always talking for y/n? Why doesn’t she just speak for herself?
He’s too good for her.
Has anyone actually heard y/n speak? She stutters, it’s disgusting.
She doesn’t deserve him.

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Never Again-Spiderman Imagine.

Request: Can you please write me a peter imagine with 41 & 8? I want it to be sad but also happy at the end. Like the reader doesn’t know he’s spiderman then at the end they get back together? But whatever is fine, you’re the writer 😸 Thanks!

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been taking so long with requests, but I’m really excited about this one!

41-“I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you again.”

 8-“Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing. You knew you were breaking my heart.”

 Warnings: Angst, depression, tears.


 4 weeks. That’s how long it’s been since you’d last seen Peter. You called, texted and even went over to his apartment to check on him. When May answered she had a pitiful look on her face, saying Peter wasn’t home although you could see through her lie. It hurt, knowing Peter was deliberately trying to avoid you. He wouldn’t even talk to you at school, he’d just throw his head down and walk away whenever he saw you. The worst part was, you didn’t even know why. Maybe he finally realized that he was too good for you. That you are nobody compared to the billions of other girls on this planet. 

 Your eyes sting from lack of sleep and you can feel yourself getting weaker. You spent most of your time locked up in your room doing nothing but sit there staring at the wall, or the ceiling, or the lamp. It didn’t matter. You just felt numb. You’re mom was concerned and even tried to convince you to move on, “Not all relationships last sweetie.” she had said to me, “You’re going to push through.” she had encouraged, although her tone held doubt. He didn’t even break up with you. And that’s what you hated. You were still dating him, and he didn’t even have the courage to properly get rid of you. You curl up in a ball on your bed, doing your best to ignore that little voice in your head that seemed to hate you so much. You stared at your window, reminded of the constant memories of Peter showing up on your fire escape. You never knew how he got up 20 stories of stairs, but he shrugged it off as his “amazing ability to do athletic stuff.” you laughed slightly at his dorkiness, which turned into a slight sob. You hid your head into your pillow as the tears came down, and you let yourself fade.into unconsciousness as the cries echo through your room. ——————————————————————– 

 You wake up to the sound of tapping on your window. You dismiss it as your imagination or maybe a bird as you try to let yourself drift back into slumber, but the tapping (more like knocking) won’t suffice. You freeze, trying to tell yourself it’s just a bird or a pebble falling from an upper floor, but you knew the truth.

Peter always did the same pattern. The same three knocks. You held back a tear from falling down your face as you tried to convince yourself you were making it up, just hearing it so you could see him in some way. But the knocking continued.

Slowly and hesitantly, you pulled your comforter off of your frail frame. It was instinct, walking to the window like you had countless nights before, ignoring the coldness of the floor causing you to shiver. 

It was only now you noticed it was night, you had slept for a long time. 

As you make it to the foggy window, you can make out your boyfriend’s frame, crouching down as he knocks on your window. You pause at the glass, staring out and making out his saddened face. he doesn’t deserve to be sad. i should be the one who’s sad. 

Without thinking, you unlatch the window, letting yourself come face to face with your brown eyed boyfriend for the first time in weeks. The two of you hadn’t been this close in proximity for a while, and it almost made you gasp. Peter said nothing. You said nothing. Silence took over as the two of you stared deep into each other’s eyes. 

You wanted to hug him, kiss him, hold him and forgive him, but you knew what he was really here for. This is it, he’s going to break up with you.

After what felt like hours, Peter finally cleared his throat, his Adams apple bobbing nervously, “C-can I come in…please?” he asked, his sweet voice invading your ears. Before you knew it, you were moving out of the way, your (E/C) eyes trained on the floor as you forced yourself not to look at him.

Seeing him here, back in your room like the countless nights you would binge watch cheesy rom-coms hurt like hell, and you didn’t want to look back up into his doe eyes and break down in front of him. He didn’t deserve your tears.

As Peter stood in front of you, his eyes trained on the far wall, refusing to face you, he spoke, “I think we should break up,” he said, his voice hoarse and breaking at the end, almost like it hurt him as much as it hurt you. You were expecting the words, but you didn’t expect it to physically pang your chest. You felt heavy, like the world was pushing your shoulders down. You wanted more than anything to sob, to fall down and scream, but you couldn’t move. 

“I-I’ve been thinking it for a while,” Peter continued, his words getting more and more stern as he went on, “I couldn’t face you for a while but Michelle convinced me to tell you, it’s only fair.” he spoke, his words cold as ice. Each thing he said was like a knife to your chest. Were you angry? Sad? Relieved? Hurt? You didn’t know, you didn’t know what you felt, just…empty. 

“Why?” You managed to squeak, your voice hardly audible, although Peter heard you. He tensed, almost like he was hoping you wouldn’t ask that question. “B-because–” he struggled, taking a deep breath. Why is this hard for him? I’m the one whose heart is being ripped out of there chest. “Because I don’t love you anymore,” he said confidently, finally turning to face you. 

You looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were hollow, empty, his face showing no sign of remorse or regret. He meant what he said, at least that’s what you told yourself.

As you said nothing, Peter made a move towards the window, but as he got closer, you blocked his path. He gave you a confused look, then averted his gaze, “No,” You barely managed to mumble. He didn’t move, almost like he was expecting this, “(Y/N)…” he began, “No Peter, tell me the real reason.” You said, looking up at him, “What did I do?” You asked painfully, a lump forming in your throat. He looked at you with shock, “Nothing!” He answered immedietly, catching you off guard, “Then why?” You asked, a tear falling down your cheek.

“I-I have to go,” He mumbled, attempting to move around you, but you blocked him once more, “No Peter, I’m not letting you leave until I understand!” You practically yelled, all of your pent up emotion finally pouring out of you. “I-I can’t (Y/N),” he said, a tear falling down his cheek. Why is he crying? you asked yourself.

As an instinct, you wiped the tear from his face as he automatically leaned into your touch, his eyes closing momentarily as he tried to savor the moment. “You can’t keep lying to me Peter,” You mumbled, tearing your hand away, “I deserve to know the truth!” You exclaimed as he turned away. He threw his hands into his curly hair, gripping his head angrily and grumbling to himself as he paced. 

Before you knew it, he kicked the lamp off of your nightstand in anger, making you jump in shock, “Can’t you see I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you!” He said, turning to face you and immedietly going silent, as if he let something slip.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, studying Peter as a silent message to continue. He sighed, “I-I can’t hurt you (Y/N)..I care about you too much.” he mumbled as he sat on your bed, his head in between his hands.

You sat next to him, keeping a distance as you still were uncomfortable and hurt by this beautiful boy, “You’re hurting me now Peter,” You laughed bitterly, “Can you not see that?” You asked in disbelief as he looked up at you momentarily, before training his eyes on the floor and thinking about your words. “I-I never meant to hurt you–” He began before you scoffed, “Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing.” you say, looking down at Peter, “You knew you were breaking my heart.” He looks up at you, his chocolate eyes filled with regret and hurt, making you want to hold him close until you saw that beautiful smile once again, but you held your ground. 

“I would rather you be safe without me, than in danger with me,” he spoke softly, convincing himself more than you. Once again, you furrowed your brows, “How could you put me in danger Peter? You’re the least dangerous person I know,” Peter laughed bitterly, “If only you knew–” 

“Knew what?”; you interrupted, gaining anger. He sighed, “Tell me Peter,” You demanded once again, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me,” You practically begged, another tear slipping from your (E/C) orbs despite your efforts. “You can’t help (Y/N)” he sighed.

You placed your dainty hand onto Peter’s. He glanced down at your touching limbs and intertwined your fingers together, a motion that was all too familiar. “Tell me,” you asked softly.

He shook his head, “I-I can’t,” he struggled as you sighed, “Why not Peter?  Just tell me!” You demanded, “You don’t understand,” he said, getting angry, “Then make me understand!” You exclaimed, “I’m Spiderman okay?!” He yelled, as you both froze.

You stared at Peter as he caught his breath, looking at the ground, “I-I’m Spiderman…and I can’t risk  hurting you.” he says, making you finally breath, only then realizing that your breath had been held. 

“I-if anything happened to you I–” he choked out before you shushed him, getting up from the bed and wrapping your arms around the damaged boy. He responded immedietly, wrapping his strong arms around your smaller frame and pulling you impossibly close. “I’m not going anywhere Peter,” You whispered as you patted soothing circles on his back. You felt him sob slightly as he whispered, “I love you.” You sighed in happiness, a smile making its way onto your face, “I love you too Peter,” you mumbled, burying your head into his chest.

He stroked your (H/L) (H/C) hair, humming contently. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” you scolded, “And don’t think I’m not still mad…cuz I am.” You told him, making him nod, “Yes, be mad, please do,” he encouraged, “I deserve it.” he smiled against you. You smiled as well, “Yeah you do you plant.” He laughed slightly, “Did you just call me a plant?” he asked in fake disbelief. You shrugged against him, “Maybe, got a problem with that.” he laughed slightly, “Not at all, I just missed you.” he hummed as you smiled, “I missed you too Parker.” 

The two of you stood there in silence, soaking up each other’s presence that you’d missed so much, not caring about anything else as the world disappeared, and it was just you and Peter.

“Oh, and Pete?” You asked as Peter hummed in acknowledgment, “You owe me a new lamp.” You say, laughing as Peter cringes. 


A/N: I feel like I kind of made this more like Andrew Garfield Spiderman than Tom Holland Spiderman so…sorry if it feels that way haha. I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all! <3

First Time-Jonah Marias

Summary: It’s not what you think, iT’s NOT WhAT YoU ThINK, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK

♥ ♥ ♥

“How close are you?” you whisper into the phone as you tip toe through the dark hallway and slip into your room. “Heading up the hill. I’ll be there in about five minutes.” your boyfriend of six months, Jonah, says tiredly. 

His flight had just landed less than an hour ago but he was determined to see you before settling into the hotel he and the boys would be staying at. “Okay see you soon.”

"I still can’t believe we’re doing this.” he admits, earning a small shrug from you. Sneaking out, although Jonah didn’t quite know it yet, was nothing new for you and you’d done it for far less important reasons in the past. 

“I know, but its worth it to see you tonight. Even if its just for a few minutes.” you tell him. “I just hate that you have to sneak out to see me.” he says and his innocence brings a smile to your face. 

Three weeks wasn’t a long time to be away from someone but Jonah was different… Being away from him was the worst feeling and you swore to him that the second he was back in town you’d be right by his side. 

So here you were, at one in the morning, making plans to leave the house without your parents knowing. “Everything will be okay.” you promise him before hanging up and grabbing your jacket. 

Making your way to the window, your smile grows as you see him pull up in the backyard driveway. He gets out of the car and walks across the uncut grass and you push the window open to greet him. 

“Hey (Y/N).” he beams, his voice just barely reaching you on the second floor. “Hey Jonah.” you coo before throwing your jacket down for him to catch. “Well I’ve got your jacket but how are you getting down?” he asks curiously. 

“Like this.” you call down to him, wrapping your legs around the windowsill in one quick motion before replacing them with your arms. “(Y/N), what are you doing?!” Jonah yells frantically, dropping your jacket and running to the wall. 

“Just watch.” you mutter quietly and Jonah’s jaw drops as he watches you scale the wall, your feet and hands carefully locating the secure spots in between bricks as you lower yourself down. 

Jonah’s hands make contact with your hips and guide you to the ground as you conquer your last few feet and the second your feet touch the ground, you’re in his arms. 

“You scared me (Y/N)!” he exclaims softly as he tightens the hug and kisses your forehead. You look at him with a surprised grin before speaking. “You think this is my first time sneaking out?”

The Boy Next Door

Title: The Boy Next Door

Requests: Can you please do another punk Gerard imagine!!! Anything please/
I realize that was vague, Anything with revenge gerard but in high school you feel

Characters: Gerard Way x Reader, Frank Iero, Mikey Way

Warnings: Cursing, cheating, fighting

A/N: This was written and re-written a few times before I finally got it the way I wanted it, I hope you guys like it!

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RFA + Saeran w/ an MC whose background/past image puts her in a problematic situation in the future

@juminsmcmysticmessenger asked: “maybe one with a lot of Angst! Ofc if you want! A mc who gets bullied because of her image? Via internet, people outside and at work?” 

I kind of broadened your request to give myself some more creative freedom. I felt that bullying kind of didn’t allow me to have variety from one character to the next so I hope you dont mind! You asked for angst and that’s exactly what I’m giving you :D You’ll notice that it just gets more angsty after each character ^^

Again, it’s a long headcanon (b/c personally I prefer long ones)


  • You never told Yoosung that you also once upon a time attended Sky University before him
  • You always hated to admit that you were that one perfect student in all the dramas on TV.
  • You were in your third year of your computer science major when it happened
  • A family incident occurred and you no longer had the drive to study
  • You disappeared from all your competitions that fall semester and never showed up back on campus.
  • The next thing everyone knew was that you had officially withdrawn from the University
  • Overall, there was resentment and animosity directed toward you then and now
  • That day you visited yoosung for lunch
  • Some girls who recognized you  followed you back to the parking garage and cornered you when you were going to leave
  • They didn’t get physical but they threatened you
  • “Does Yoosung know who you really are? Huh?”
  • “You know we lost everything because you never showed up to the competitions”
  • “We were almost kicked out of our majors because you!”
  • You just wanted to get in your car and leave.
  • They threatened to get Yoosung kicked out of the university in revenge against you. And they threatened to reveal who you were to the entire school
  • After all, you were the school’s greatest embarrassment
  • One of the girls had connections so the threat was not an empty one.
  • Yoosung insisted on you having lunch with him everyday and you reluctantly went
  • But the threats haunted you every time you came to campus
  • Each visit, Yoosung noticed that you were more anxious than before
  • “Jagi, what’s wrong? Is something bothering you?”
  • You shrugged it off as just something from work that was bugging you.
  • But you couldn’t hide it because the next day that you visited, those girls who threatened you approached you while you were having lunch with yoosung
  • “We told you not to come back. All I have to do is call my dad and I’ll have Yoosung kicked out too”
  • Yoosung was so confused but he was quick to defend you although he didn’t know the context behind the threats.
  • And then a broadcast appeared on all the TV screens
  • Your face was everywhere now. You were reliving your worst moments in front of Yoosung
  • Yoosung was wide eyed and he looked at you in disbelief. Somewhat hurt too that you never told him about this
  • You were drowned in shame and couldn’t face Yoosung
  • The last thing you said was “It’s not a crime to abandon my school. But I deserve this punishment…for not being there for my parents when they died while I competed.”
  • Pulling your hoodie over your head and covering up you ran away from campus all the way to the park you and Yoosung frequent.
  • Meanwhile at the University, Yoosung was dealing with things
  • He was utterly disgusted at the girls who would do that to you.
  • Disgusted that they couldn’t let go of the past.
  • If it weren’t for the fact that they were girls, Yoosung would have actually hurt them badly.
  • He basically towered over the girls and breathed down on the one girl who claimed her dad could get him kicked out
  • “Tell your dad he doesn’t need to kick me out. I’ll drop out myself. I don’t want to be a part of this kind of school”
  • Then he chased after you and comforted you once he found you by the river.
  • You let it all out. All the built up rage, guilt, and anguish.
  • And yoosung held you in his arms until you finally felt free of your burden.
  • A week later Yoosung told you he dropped out too much to your dismay
  • He didn’t want to go to a school all they didn’t care about emotions and expected everyone to be robots


  • You never imagined that your school days would catch up to you.
  • You committed some awful mistakes but you assumed your errors would stay in the past.
  • You never told Jumin that you were a bully back in high school.
  • You were the kind of bully that insisted on making every day a hell for somebody. 
  • So much so that you almost drove a girl to suicide. After that, you left behind your violent days.
  • You transferred schools and lived life quietly.
  • And 10 years later, here you were at Jumin’s side as his wife and economic advisor. You completely changed from who you were
  • It ran all too smoothly until now
  • The girl who was driven to almost suicide grew up to be a famous reporter
  • That girl hadn’t seen you since you transferred schools
  • She was in charge of covering a story about C&R which in truth, was a great report.
  • However, she took the opportunity to add on some information about you in the report
  • But then she claimed on public television that you were a fraud. That you nothing more than a gold digger and power hungry
  • You were watching it while you were in the lounge resting
  • Your heart was racing and your eyes began to water but when you heard the lounge door open you quickly wiped your eyes and acted as though nothing happened.
  • It was Jumin and he had also watched the report.
  • He embraced you so tightly assuring you that nothing will happen to you
  • He had been through so many scandals already he was sure that he would get through this one with you easily.
  • He thought wrong.
  • At home, you and Jumin were on social media like usual every night.
  • But on every single site, you and that girl were trending.
  • She even tweeted out photos of newspaper articles of the incident revolving around you and her suicide attempt
  • Your past was catching up to you and many of that girl’s followers sent awful messages
  • Jumin hadn’t seen what was trending yet as he was in the bathroom
  • Meanwhile you were in the beginnings of a breakdown.
  • Reading messages saying the Jumin should divorce you, you became anxious.
  • Your were shaking and cried out at you threw your phone
  • it ended up hitting the fish tank and cracking the glass.
  • Jumin freaked out and ran out of the bathroom at the sound of smashed glass
  • Then he noticed you crying on the bed
  • You told him to open up twitter and see what was trending
  • He was about to call his lawyer to sue the girl for defamation and well anything else he could
  • “No I’ll take care of it by myself. This is a personal matter and I’d like to get this cleared up as quietly as possible”
  • Jumin got you a new phone and everyday you kept up with the hate messages
  • They got worse every single day and you became a crying mess in the shower every night.
  • Jumin kept telling you to ignore it but he never told you to suppress your emotions
  • Jumin would accompany you even though he got soaked each time.
  • Gradually you were falling into anxiety and maybe mild depression after two weeks
  • He asked again if you were sure that you didn’t want him to file a lawsuit but you denied.
  • He gave you strength to face every day and the hate messages that filled your inbox.
  • You messaged the reporter girl and asked her to please be the better woman here.
  • The bullying didn’t stop though and you blew up
  • You cursed at her through messages. You used the most profane language that you’ve ever used in your life.
  • And that’s where things escalated out of control. It now became the company’s duty to cover up this scandal.
  • Jumin had to take over and filed a lawsuit that of course he won
  • You were unable to attend any of the court hearings because psychologically you were a mess
  • And damage had already been done to the company’s reputation
  • After the storms rage ended, Jumin took time off from work despite protests
  • A lot of workers under Jumin wanted you to be fired but one look at the Ceo-in-line and they kept their thoughts to themselves
  • Jumin knew you had gone through something way too rough and he made sure absolutely no one came to harm you


  • It all happened so out of the blue
  • Old neighbors from where you lived as a teenager created a video on youtube that ranted to everyone how you grew up to be such a snob by dating Zen.
  • It went viral
  • You never told anyone in the RFA that you were from a very very low income neighborhood
  • You thought that it wasn’t something relevant anymore
  • You really tried to progress and successfully did so
  • You proved that your background had done nothing but motivate you
  • But your old neighbors clearly didn’t know you studied abroad to move up in social status
  • They kept claiming that you were only with Zen so that you could leave poverty and the ghetto
  • You didn’t just spend 4 years in Japan to let your efforts get overshadowed by your previous social status
  • You took it fairly lightly and told Zen about the video
  • “Those assholes are gonna know what’s good for the God dammit. Tell me where they live, MC”. Zen was furious
  • Even though he didn’t know who you were in the past, he didn’t care for it at all because you made a new image for yourself
  • You’re a coordinator for the RFA
  • You’re a translator for a famous publisher
  • You tell him you’re fine
  • The days afterward were when the nasty comments started to appear.
  • The comments were directed both at you and Zen
  • The ones directed at you were harsher than Zen’s
  • You were tough and didn’t let the comments bother you
  • You’ve already learned that you don’t need to justify yourself for something you know isn’t true
  • it was the fact that Zen was receiving hate and bad news coverage that got to you
  • You felt so guilty
  • Paparazzi followed you more closely asking bizarre questions
  • They were invading your life so much that Zen had to take it upon himself to protect you from the public eye
  • When the paparazzi swarmed your home (you lived with zen), he would make sure that no one got close to you
  • But one day it was just too much for Zen and he hurt one of the paparazzi.
  • His agency had to make a public statement about Zen’s behavior
  • Basically your image turned into that of a bad influence on Zen.
  • The only places you were safe from any harassment was your home.
  • You rationally kept thinking of ways to fix all this
  • And you know that was a lie.
  • This whole situation kept chewing at you even at night.
  • In your sleep you weeped and it broke his heart. Zen wanted to take some blame but you never let him.
  • You only told him that comforting you was the best thing he could do.
  • And one day, verbal bullying from the public turned physical.
  • Cameras swarmed you and they pushed you against your car. There was so much going on that even your head got hit by a camera since they had no sense of personal space
  • You were actually hurt from what they did to you but luckily a fellow colleague defended you and made the paparazzi go away.
  • It wasn’t until you got home that blood started trickling down from your head and down your cheek. It was from an open wound when you were hit by a camera
  • That night he cleaned you up and well stayed with you when you took a bath. He wanted to be with you and comfort you every moment he could.
  • You admit, that even his company while you bathed was the best thing that happened to you that day
  • HE told you that things will get better for the both you you. He embraced you so lovingly and protectively
  • And well things led to the next and you two had a really heated make out session in the bathroom
  • The next day, Zen holds a press conference to express his disappointment in his fan base and the public
  • You were watching him from the sidelines until you took it upon yourself to speak at the microphone
  • You explained your background and how you studied abroad and moved up socially by yourself.
  • You reiterate that you’re with Zen because you love him and not for money or fame.
  • And since that day, the hate did die down. Of course there were some stragglers who still tried to instigate controversy on social media but it failed.

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Piece by Piece

Inspired by this song.

The car drive was silent. Not one word crossed the gap as Spot fiddled with his thumbs in the backseat. His stinging eyes burned as he watched his stoic parents, silent and cold as his mum focussed desperately on the road ahead of them.

Spot was twelve-years-old and his dad was leaving. He’d accepted a job in another state and they were driving him to the airport so that he could fly to Nebraska. Alone. He hadn’t ever expected his parents to split up and, even though they said that they weren’t, Spot was almost certain that this wasn’t going to work out.

When they pulled up to the airport, nobody moved. For an entire minute, all three of them sat there in silence. Eventually, Spot’s dad sighed and pushed open the door, clambering out and going to open the boot.

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Scary Stories

Eleventh installment of the Jacob Black “Home” series (“Home” - “Familiarities” - “Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”- “Grand Gestures” - “Jail Break” - “Ice” - “Head Trauma” - “Changing Tides” - “Sunshine”) requested by so, so many of you. As always, more installments will be rolling in to follow the events of the series, so keep an eye out for the next installment or two, as they’ll be wrapping the events of Twilight and sending us blazing into New Moon territory. Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…” page. Songs to accompany the series are available on the “Playlists” page.

Jacob was all but glowing beneath the sun, an image you could hardly tear your eyes from as you basked in the novelty of the uncharacteristic weather. His hair, tied with a rubber band at the nape of his neck, shone like polished obsidian, and his gangling walk made the sunlight dance along the crown of his head. He was in the middle of an anecdote, and one you were far too familiar with; he was spinning a rather exaggerated tale based loosely around the time when, at the ripe age of seven, you had pushed his older sister Rebecca into the tide pools at First Beach. He paused every few sentences to stare at you with eyes darkened by fabricated loathing, the betrayal you had dealt his beloved sister clearly weighing heavily on his broad shoulder, despite the many years that had passed since she’d gone flailing into the glorified puddle. Although this was technically your first date (Jacob had made sure to stress the technical bit, stating all boredom and lack of adventure on this such quote-end quote “date” was subject to the peculiarity of the “date”), your time with Jacob thus far seemed nothing out of the ordinary; perhaps, you thought, it was the matter of his personality and your own familiarity that made today seem so… normal. There was hardly anything you could think of him doing that would make a date of this nature seem anything more than a romantic spin with your best friend, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

“And then, wearing nothing but rain boots and a cape, I jumped out from a cloud of smoke and sunk my teeth into her neck, killing her instantly.” You snapped your head to attention, prying your eyes away from the warmth that clung to the high plane of Jacob’s cheekbone, redirecting your gaze to lock on his eyes, glittering as they were over a wide, dramatic snarl. “There she is. How was your trip?” he jested, leaning into your side as he walked, chuckling to see you roll your eyes, your face ducked to conceal the blush that raged beneath the delicate skin of your face. “What were you thinking about?” he pried, his eyes raking over your face as it lifted from hiding, his eyes warm and attentive on yours. You shrugged, stepping pointedly over a divot in the earth, your eyes scanning the salted horizon, following the swells of the waves as they roiled inward toward land.

“Just… I don’t know, daydreaming I suppose,” you confessed, calculating carefully before speaking to cover the worst of your truth with the simplicity of a partial lie. Although your thoughts were primarily occupied by, well, by Jacob (though not entirely by his words, at the very moment), there was a part of your mind that remained firmly locked in thought, turning in and over itself trying to unscramble the enigma that was the Cullen boy. How did he manage to stop that van with just his hand, and how was he able to send you flying backward with so little effort? Although the hand print had all but faded from your flesh, the injury lingered like a bruise on your brain. There was something about him… so absorbed in Bella, and yet he wouldn’t join her on the juniors’ beach excursion. To be fair, you would have avoided Mike Newton like the plague, too, if given the chance, but it seemed… out of character for Edward Cullen to want to keep his distance from Bella, especially after their little get-together at lunch and the resulting carriage ride home. Jacob waited patiently for further explanation, knowing too well your character… and though you wanted so desperately to relay to him the truths that had kept you awake nights turning over details instead of sleeping, something in you forced you to withhold the information. Instead, you opted for a similar topic to Edward Cullen, hoping somewhat blindly that you could ease the conversation in the right direction and release some of your pent-up frustration without revealing the exact capacity your brain had for insanity. “It’s just… I feel kind of guilty leaving Bells with Mike Newton. She invited someone else, but they didn’t show.” Jacob grimaced regretfully, sharing in your sympathy for Bella.

“I can’t see why anyone would turn Bella down, especially with her being so… new to town. With a population the size of Forks, it’s a wonder she hasn’t been swarmed yet.” You shot a look in his direction that implied how severe the swarming had been already, and he winced playfully. “Yikes. So, who’s the outlier?” Leave it to Jacob to flip the turn signal when you were turning the wheel. You tread carefully, both physically and mentally, as you drew nearer to the beach.

“Edward Cullen.” Jake snorted, shaking his head in understanding. “What? Am I missing something, here?” Jake raised his hand, waving it absentmindedly in the space between you, dashing your inquiry from the air. You weren’t backing down so easily; he had you hooked like a salmon on Harry Clearwater’s fishing line. “Jake, come on. What is it?” Jacob’s warm eyes fell on your face then, his pace slowing to a lazy shuffle, his hands diving deep within his pockets as he lead the way down a crumbling sand dune, his direction aimed at the group of juniors huddled around a dazzling driftwood fire.

“Well, I mean… I was gonna say the Cullens don’t come here. They’re not allowed on the reservation… well, they’re not supposed to come here. It’s stupid, really.” You opened your mouth to speak, confused by his cryptic language, when Bella spotted you approaching, all but leaping from her seat and dashing to your side. She extended her arms to encircle Jacob, eyeballing you maternally over his shoulder, her face hinting at all the teasing to be expected with sisterly love, holding him at an arm’s length before addressing the both of you.

“Hey, Y/n, could I borrow Jacob real quick? I just had… well, there’s a boy over by the fire-” she jabbed a thumb in the direction of a staggeringly tall Quileute boy, his hair far shorter than Jake’s, but tied in the same manner. Jacob interjected, supplying the name “Sam” before allowing Bella to finish. “Right, sure. He was talking about… do you know any good Quileute legends?” Jake raised his eyebrows at you as Bella began to lead him away from the fire, her brow knotted in concentration. As she passed, her lips by your ear, she spoke in a voice so low you could barely hear. “Give me five minutes?” You nodded, shuffling your way towards the bonfire, accepting the sandwich Angela passed in your direction. You settled in by her side, extending your palms toward the flames, hoping to chase every remnant of the week’s icy history from your fingertips. Angela’s conversation was an appreciated shift; her quiet, serene voice was easy to grasp, and her talk of the upcoming school events kept your mind occupied, for the most part, on something other than the Cullens… and their strange ban from La Push.

Bella, as always, was good on her word; she kept you waiting no more than five minutes before returning Jacob to your care, his laughter giving him away long before their approaching footfall could cue their entry. He slid onto the log beside you, his body close enough to touch at every perimeter, Bella’s eyes darting to the lack of space between you both before raising her brows in your direction. You rolled your eyes, shifting slightly to the side, watching Bella bite her lip to keep from laughing aloud. Jake, oblivious to her watchful eye, minimized the distance between you again, shifting to compensate for your movement, his hands snagging the unclaimed triangle half of a sandwich from where you had balanced it on your kneecap. You elbowed him playfully, sharing the briefest of smiles before averting your eyes, hyper-aware of your sister’s gaze dissecting your every move.

“Tell any good stories, there, Jake?” you prodded, watching his shoulders shrug, his head tilted in your direction as he whispered his response. “Hopefully something better than the time I pushed Rebecca into a tide pool and you murdered a woman in cold blood.” Jacob’s eyes perked up at the mention of blood, his eyes dancing dangerously as they locked on yours.

“No, nothing could top that and you know it, but now that you mention blood, your sister seemed really interested in the stories of Quileute ancestry; you know, the spirit warriors who hunted as wolves and the cold ones that drank the blood of the innocent.” He tore a chunk from his sandwich, wiggling his eyebrows as he continued, his hand lifted to conceal the majority of his mouth to keep you from spying the food he was chewing. “Apparently Sam mentioned the Cullens, and she wanted to know why they weren’t allowed here, too. I swear, you guys must be twins. Are you sure you didn’t just… hang out in your mom too long? Like, you’re sure you didn’t just sleep through the alarm, there?” You laughed, somewhat halfheartedly, your mind distracted in every degree. Either Bella was digging for dirt on the Cullen boy (and his strange rejection when he seemed so smitten), or she had not forgotten the bizarre events that aided her narrow escape from death either. You stood from your seat, standing before Jacob as you dusted the crumbs from your hands on the rough denim of your pant legs. You needed to talk about something else, anything else. You were done destroying your brain over the Cullen boy.

“You wanna go revisit those tide pools?” you offered, watching Jacob dart up from his seat, his eyes eager as he, too, rid himself of crumbs. He mumbled something about being more than willing, so long as you didn’t push him in, your eyes rolling as you stepped around Angela’s feet. He gestured for you to lead the way, his hand brushing against the small of your back as you turned to leave the fire pit, your skin tingling at the touch. It was still such a strange concept, Jacob as anything but a friend, but you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy this new side of him. He followed you away from the gathering, your sister’s eyes burning a hold in the back of your head as you climbed the dunes and receded out of sight. You turned to check for prying eyes as you stumbled forward, Jacob matching your pace easily, his shoulder rubbing against yours as you walked toward the treeline. “You know, we don’t have to go to the tide pools if you don’t want to, I just wanted to get away from the fire.” Jacob raised his eyebrows at you, tacking-on the nonverbal and your sister you didn’t want to admit. You sighed, smiling as you exhaled, nodding in confirmation. Jacob’s hand brushed against yours as you walked, twisting at the wrist and twining his fingers with yours, the warmth of his palm buzzing with electricity. You grinned, meeting his gaze in the silence of the moment before bursting into laughter, Jacob’s voice tangling with yours in the space between you, his cheeks wide with his smile. It was… strange, this sensation; the lightness in your chest, the burn beneath your skin, but with Jacob it all felt so… natural, even if it was a bit silly, given the extent of your familiarity.

“Hey, this isn’t so bad, is it? Not as weird as we thought it’d be,” he chuckled, swinging your hands between your bodies, your shoulder leaning against his as you walked, stopping just a few feet into the forest, your back against the trunk of a pine tree. Jacob held your hand, suspended between your bodies, the toes of his shoes touching yours, his teeth biting his lower lip to keep his smile in check. You beamed, your skin humming where it touched his, the sun that sifted through the emerald canopy above painting his cheeks with patches of golden light, crowning him before your very eyes.

“Not at all. It feels…” you trailed off, your voice failing you as Jacob drew nearer by a fraction of an inch, his hand on yours shifting just slightly to the side to allow for his advance. You tried again, clearing your throat nervously before parting your lips to speak. “It feels…” Jacob stepped close to you, then, his eyes flickering once between your eyes and your lips. He inhaled slowly, his voice soft with a gentle conviction.

“Right.” He ducked his face to yours, his lips a breath away from yours when Mike Newton’s voice rang out through the trees, startling you from your close proximity, your hands abandoning each other with the swiftness of criminals caught huddled over the body of their victim, blood staining their clothes. Mike’s face appeared by the path into the forest, a few feet from where you stood with Jacob, now at a comical distance, his hood pulled up over his carefully gelled hair.

“Hey, Y/n, we’re headed back to the store. Sky’s gonna open up any minute now, so Bella wanted me to come get you,” he explained, his eyes flickering between your face and Jacob’s, watching as your best friend toed at a stone, his eyes averted, one hand tucked away in the pocket of his jeans, the other absentmindedly scratching at the back of his head; the picture of a guilty party feigning lack of involvement.

“Great, Mike. I’ll be there in a second,” you sighed, your ears picking up on the splattering of raindrops as they struck the leaves overhead. Mike ducked out of sight, Jacob’s eyes lifting as soon as he had gone. You winced at the boy, his hand leaving his pocket to offer a shrug of powerlessness and faux-sympathy. “Guess that’s my cue. I’ll… I’ll see you around, Jake. I’m sure there’s a game on this weekend, so if you want to come over then, I’m sure we could steal some time away from the old men.” Jacob grinned, a little halfheartedly, his eyes burning on yours. You walked forward, your arms outstretched for an embrace, Jacob shuffling forward to fill the space between your bodies, his hands planting securely on the small of your back as yours wound around the back of his neck. “I’ll see you soon, Jake,” you whispered, pressing your lips to the curve of his cheekbone before detangling yourself from his arms, his smile halfway between bewilderment and contentment, his teeth biting down once more on his lips to keep his smile from overpowering his features.

“Sure, sure,” he whispered, grinning in your direction, returning your wave as you walked off towards the parking lot, leaving Jacob beneath the cover of the trees, catching a glimpse of his beaming smile, full to bursting with joy, just seconds before losing him to the forest. The rain beat down on the roof of Mike’s car as he shuttled the group out of La Push, Bella’s arm crushed against your side as you traveled homeward, your silence persisting even after you had bid farewell to the rest of the students. Despite all you had heard during your stay in La Push, not a single word was spoken in regard to the Cullens. Not a single word was spoken, period. You drove home in silence, listening to the steady fall of rain on the windshield of Bella’s truck, the wipers smearing water uselessly as the skies continued to bleed onto the earth below. Whatever Bella had learned on the beach was clearly distracting her, occupying her thoughts enough to bar her from making conversation, or even from asking you about Jacob Black’s so obvious interest. You couldn’t help but wonder if she knew more than she was letting on… or if, perhaps, she was just as lost as you were.

You had one job

Group: BTS

Member: Suga / Min Yoongi

Word count: 801

I feel like it is really bad but I wanted to put it up anyway!

Gif is not mine

Originally posted by notjustaphase

You had gone home early from work today, your head hurt and it seemed as if the world was spinning slightly. This morning was even worse, your boyfriend had begged you to stay home today but you are stubborn and went to work anyway. It was your boss who had sent you home.

Once home you pressed the door closed with you back and dropped your bag on the floor. Taking off your shoes and not bothering to put them away, you waddled to the living room to look for your boyfriend who was currently on a little break from his job. When he was nowhere to be seen you decided that he would eventually find you.

The couch looked too comfortable for you to go all the way up the stairs and go to bed. You laid down carefully so you wouldn’t hid your head too hard on the pillows. Pulling the blanket of the back of the couch you bundled yourself up and fell asleep within the minute.

Yoongi walked in the apartment only to find your shoes and bag dropped on the floor. He placed your shoes in the shoe rack and picked up your bag. He first walked in the kitchen, there he placed your bag on a stool and went on to the bedroom. While passing the living room he was surprised he saw you curled up on the couch.

You always picked your bed over anything else that you could sleep on, so when he saw you laying there and the fact that you were home before him, he knew it was bad. He walked to the front of the couch and kneeled beside your head.

Wiping the hairs out of your face lightly he placed a loving kiss on your forehead. Your eyes flickered open “Hello sleepyhead.” You groaned and buried your face deeper in the pillow. “I did tell you to stay home today.” He voice sounded mockingly from where he was still next to your face. You only nodded your head yes as an answer acknowledging the fact that he had said it. “Has it gotten any worse?” He put his hand up to your forehead which didn’t feel absurdly hot.

“No, it has actually gotten better.” You mumbled and turned to look at your boyfriends handsome face. “What is it?” he asked you when he saw a little smile make its way onto your face. “Nothing, you’re just handsome.” He busted out a surprised laugh. You usually weren’t the one to say stuff like that and defiantly not so blunt.

“Why don’t go back to sleep and I’ll wake you up with some soup later?” he asked you, although it didn’t really sound like a question but more like an order. You nodded your head and closed your eyes again, your headache was really getting the worst of you.

After an hour of sleeping you were woken up by the pans and plates falling on the ground followed by a string of curse words. Which didn’t  bother you too much, it was more the plates that had you worried. What is glass got in his leg or what if he steps on it? You got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen. 

There, to your surprise, was your boyfriend, his legs all covered in red tomato soup and some broken pieced of a soup bowl on the other end of the kitchen. He looked over at you and smiled awkwardly. “Was that the soup, babe?” you questioned while trying to hold in your laughter. “It was yeah.”

He walked over to you and stood right in front of you, his hands on your hips. You placed yours around his neck. “You had one job, Min Yoongi” you giggled. He smiled back at you and placed his head against yours. “I know, but so did you.” He picked you up and started walking. You squealed and then finally relaxed as you got used to the idea of him carrying you. “Where are you taking me? You’ll get red stains on our floor.”

“I’m getting you to bed so you can rest some more and feel better tomorrow. That is your job from this moment on.” You gave his cheek a peck and placed your head on his shoulder. When he placed you in your shared room he walked over to your closet and picked out some pyjamas. You changed and found a comfortable spot on the bed.

When Yoongi had given you a kiss he went to leave and clean up to kitchen. Before he could move to far away you grabbed his hand. ‘I love you, Min Ýoongi.” He smiled at you and squeezed your hand. “I love you too. Don’t forget about your job of the day.” 

❧ h.js | sick model pt.2

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; fluff, model!au, humor

synopsis; after sending you home, joshua stays by your side and takes care of you as you sleep. when you wake up, you question him about the ‘president’ badge that you had saw pinned on his suit.

word count; 1247 words

parts; pt.1 , pt. 2

✧ a/n; the part 1 of this unplanned mini series didn’t get as much attention as i expected it to be, but a pt. 2 was requested so here you go! i’ll probably do a pt. 3? but if this isn’t very well-received then i’ll probably just end this here,, idk. do drop me a msg in my inbox if you’d want a pt.3 !! hope you guys like this <3

You lay still in bed, not moving a muscle at all as you slept. Only your chest was steadily rising and falling as you took slow, heavy breaths in, your neck and face continuously forming beads of sweat. 

Joshua’s phone abruptly vibrates in his pocket and he fishes it out quickly, briskly walking out of your room as he picked up the call which came from his wing man. 

“What is it?” Joshua asked.

“President, are you making your way back? The show is still —”

“No, I’m not going back today. Deal with the show as you see fit, I’m sure you can do that,” Joshua said in a firm but assuring manner. His wing man bites in his lips, but could not refuse.

“Yes, sir.”

With that, Joshua ends the call.

He sighs deeply as he makes his way back into your room, sitting back down and patting the damp cloth on your forehead, which felt cold to your skin. Your body instinctively shivered every now and then, even though you were unaware of it.

Joshua laid the cloth on your forehead and went into your bathroom, getting a mini bowl of water and placing it on your nightstand, beside where he was sitting. He repeatedly dipped the cloth into the water, wringing it a little before getting back to wiping your sweat. 

When you wake up, the clock on your nightstand read 7:03pm. Your vision was blurry at first, but it soon cleared up after you blinked a couple of times, and you became aware of how your bed was dipped at the side. 

You turn and see Joshua, his hands crossed and his head buried in his arms as he rested at the side of your bed. 

It looked like a hospital scene, really. 

You took your time and stared at his side profile — his hair and a side of his face were the only thing in view. 

You chuckled quietly to yourself when you recalled how he was your childhood crush. You did everything to look good in front of him, and you did your best to be friends with him. But it didn’t work out very well until you two got into the same class, and became really close best friends. You weren’t sure if Joshua knew your romantic feelings for him or not, but you never told him yourself. 

The two of you parted ways after graduation since both your families were the ‘very-strict-on-work’ kind, and your parents wanted you to focus on getting a good job, and they had even mentioned for you to start your own company. 

Which, was utter bullshit because you had no interest in doing that — but you just played along and managed to get a decent job at a modelling company after trying out loads of random jobs.

It paid fairly well for the fact that all you needed to do was pack on a shit ton of makeup and don expensive clothes and look pretty. You were happy enough; you found modelling surprisingly fun, too.

Your feelings for Joshua had faded after the two of you separated, and honestly you thought you had gotten rid of your feelings for him completely. It was a stupid logic of yours — “I’m too busy to love”. 

But seeing Joshua again, the feelings all rushed back, as if you were back in school. He was just such an angel.

You gaze at his prominent features. His brownish hair was neatly styled up and his pretty piercings were just — pretty.

Your hand subconsciously reached out from under the covers and stroked his hair gently, careful to not touch his head so as to not wake him up. You silently questioned why he had stayed here for so long, but honestly you missed him like anything and everything.

You pulled your hand back and tried to sit up, but Joshua had apparently been lying on top of the covers so when you got up, the covers pulled and he easily woke up.

Your eyes widen and you internally chided yourself. 


Joshua quickly gets up and blinks a couple of times, his eyes darting around. He didn’t even look dazed from waking up.

“You’re awake.”

You smile. “Yeah.”

Joshua immediately reaches forward, pressing the back of his hand onto your forehead, then your neck. 

He nods his head, smiling slightly. “Your fever went down.”

You loosely wrapped your own hands around your neck to feel your temperature, but felt nothing since you logically can’t feel your own body heat. 

“You sound like you’re a doctor,” you tease, and he shakes his head. At that, you suddenly remember seeing the golden badge that was pinned on his suit.

“Hold on,” you said, and he looks at you in surprise on confusion. 


Your eyes darted to his suit that was draped over the back of his chair, and you narrow your eyes. Joshua looked even more confused. 

“The badge,” you told him. “You told me you’d explain when I got up.”

A look of realization flashes across Joshua’s face. “Oh.”


Joshua chuckled awkwardly. “Um… I meant I’ll explain when you get better…?”

You cocked your head to a side, raising an eyebrow. “I already am.”

Joshua lets out a breath. “Fine.”

You wiggled to a more comfortable position, putting your pillow up against your headrest for you to lean against it, and crossed your legs as you hugged another pillow. Joshua just laughs as you do all those, as if preparing for a bedtime story.


“…I see,” you said after Joshua completes his tale. “But how is it possible I had never known? I’m your employee!”

Joshua shrugs. “I must say, my staff are good at carrying out my orders and keeping my secrets.”

I roll my eyes jokingly and Joshua laughs. “You should be glad, though. Like, hey, we’re working together.”

“No, we’re not working together, you’re my boss,” you corrected. 

“All the same,” Joshua said easily. “Forget that title. We’re friends. Really close ones, at that.”

You laughed. “Yeah, whatever.”

You paused. “And also… thanks. For getting my unconscious ass out of there… and staying here. I nearly made a scene there.”

Joshua shakes his head. “You’re welcome, I guess. It’s normal, anyway. Like, what, do I just sit there and watch you lie on the catwalk? In heels and a dress?”

You groaned and hid your face in your palms, feelings your face heat up even more, although you were already slightly feverish. 

“Nothing was exposed though, don’t worry,” he chuckled, seeing your reaction. 

The worst that would happen would be new articles and rumors, he thought inside, worrying already. But it hasn’t happened yet, so he’ll deal with it when it does. 

“Don’t you need to go back, though?” you asked. “To the office or whatever.”

He shakes his head. “I told them I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”

Your mouth formed an ‘o’ and you nodded. 

“Just call in sick if you’re unwell, Y/N,” Joshua says, frowning slightly in disapproval. “I don’t want you to injure yourself.”

You smiled sheepishly. “I didn’t know it was this bad. But yeah. I’ll do that next time.”

Joshua smiles, suddenly recalling when you guys were younger. “Remember in 9th grade? When we were both best best best friends?”

“Yeah,” you giggle.

“Did you know I really liked you back then?” he admits, laughing a bit.

You widen your eyes. “For real?”

Joshua nods. “I never knew if you knew.”

“I liked you too, though?”

“Really? I heard rumors about it but you never said so yourself so I didn’t know what to believe.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“What about now?”

You gulp. “Um…”

There was this short silence, before Joshua breaks it.

“Because I still do.”


Summery: It’s a lazy day for you and Harry; he knows how much you like your music so he found a song you may like and decides to sing it to you

A/N: This is a country song called “Yours” and it’s by Russel Dickerson if you wanna check it out. It’s one of my favorites.

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It was a cold Auradon morning, and you wanted nothing more than to just lay in bed all day and read. But that didn’t seem like the plan when you heard a soft knock on your door. You knew it was your boyfriend, Harry Hook, here to take you to class. So when you didn’t answer, he let himself in.

“Honey, what if I was naked?” you chuckled as he began to take off his boots and over coat already.

“Well, then this would be weird.” he deadpanned, Giggling, you lifted the covers and moved over just enough to let Harry have enough room for himself.

He slid an arm over you and nestled his face into the crook of your neck; from there you could tell that he smelled like the sea, although he’s been coming to Auradon now for 3 months.

It was quiet between the two of you now; no words were said as you had rolled over and buried your face into Harry’s chest, inhaling the scent of the sea. That’s when he began to sing.

I came to life when I first kissed you
The best me has his arms around you
You make me better than I was before
Thank God I’m yours

He sang quietly as he ran his fingers through your messy hair. He had a beautiful voice; so you nudged him to continue.

The worst me is just a long gone memory
You put a new heartbeat inside of me
You make me better than I was before
Thank God I’m yours

He sang. With each passing lyric, your eyes soon began to become to heavy to keep open.

“I love you, Y/N. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend.” Harry whispered, just as he too began to fall asleep.

:”I love you more, Hook.”

Likewise (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Hey everyone, alright so I apologize I haven’t posted any stories in a while! I’ve been having major writers block and yes, I have had this one in my archive for a while but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Long story short, I finally finished it! Please enjoy!

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Words: 1851

You were heading home, languishing in stress and overwhelment. Today had been extraordinarily rough for you. The unfortunate events that took place had precisely begun at 7:30 a.m. You awoke with your face flat on your desk, your nose buried in your textbook. With a paper stuck to your cheek due to your slumber drooling, you twisted around, expecting to see the time on your clock. Instead, you saw that no illuminating numbers appeared on it. Turns out, your alarm clock miraculously broke in the middle night, so you had no wake up call. You saw the time when you unplugged your phone from the charger, and your stomach dropped down 5 floors of your apartment building. You skipped your morning coffee and bolted out the front door, still trying to put on your left shoe, and praying to God up above that you wouldn’t miss the next subway train.

You lived off campus, which resulted in you taking the subway to and from Columbia college every single day. This little frenzy you had did nothing but dig a deeper grave for you. Of course, many other New Yorkers had to work so the station was flooded with people. You groaned in distress and meekly attempted to weave through busy passengers. You honestly thought you weren’t gonna make the train. You beat the odds though, which was your first saving grace of the day, and you were able to ride off to college.

Your alarm clock dilemma caused you to be late to your first class (as you had predicted), which was history, and saying your godforsaken teacher, Ms. Hanley, chewed you out was an understatement. You later found out she also had a pretty bad morning so she was on edge and your tardiness did anything but help this matter. Above all, she was already a lonely woman with no wedding band on her finger and her unruly hatred towards you was just the cherry on top.

After a life-scarring first period, you had a pop quiz in english and a huge test in your business management class, the one you had spent all night studying for (hence your desk being your bed last night). Not having your daily dose of caffeine led you to be more tired than usual so, you ended up falling asleep in your financing class, which made you miss all the important notes and having a ruler slapped on your table. To top it all off, you couldn’t even find your best friend, Lin, all day.

Lin was someone you had always considered being your “knight in shining armor”. Whenever you had days, such as this one, filled with havoc, he was always there to grant you peace of mind. Whether it be a shoulder massage or a blissful walk in the park, Lin-Manuel always figured out how to soothe you, no matter how inordinate your everyday-tasks were.

Lin was also someone you had labeled as a musical prodigy. He was majoring in theatre and he was damn good at it. He had recently allowed you to listen to one of his latest creations. Although it was still a work in progress, that was filled with drafts, they still flew above your expectations and completely astounded you.

But Lin wasn’t here, so you had to take care of yourself.  

Once your stressful school day had finally come to a close, you needed to go to the library and finish a project for political science, but not before you got a black coffee from the cafeteria. For the rest of the day, you absorbed yourself in your laptop, educational books, and stuffed your brain with information. By the time you had checked the time, it was already 2 in the morning. You muttered a quiet “Shit” and put back the books from where you had found them and headed back to the subway.

In your haze of a rush, you didn’t notice someone calling your name among the eerie silence. You boarded the car and to your surprise, another person entered. Although, you weren’t that shocked. After all, New York is the city that never sleeps.

“Lin!” You exclaimed, your voice a little hoarse. You saw the man whom you’d spent most of your life with. He smiled at you, chocolate eyes shining and all. Even all the oddest hours, he was still lively.

“Tristyn, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?” You laughed dishearteningly and ran your hands over your face.

“Just had the worst day of my life.” He gave you a look of pity and a moment of silence was shared between the two of you. The faint music of the subway filled the subtle void. You took this as an opportunity to admire Lin. You had always found him attractive and you knew you had bubbling feelings for him, but for the sake of your guys’ friendship, you forced them down. Although it was a silent crush, you always stared at him, studying his every single feature. From disheveled hair to chapped lips and his constant coffee-stained breath. You loved everything about him. Lin whipped around and met your eyes, much to your dismay and embarrassment, and struck you a small toothy grin. Your cheeks lightly burned and you looked down at the dusty floor of the subway.

You both intently listened to it and as the song ended, a new melody came about. Lin recognized it instantly.

“Ah, Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, a classic.” The brunette scanned your slumping form, realizing you had no reaction to his words. He cracked a grin, an idea popping in his head.

“An empty subway car, only the most perfect place to sing.” Your head jumped up at his statement and you saw him swagger over to one of the poles.

“Fly me to the moon,” He began to sing, “Let me play among the stars.” You always loved Lin’s voice, yet another trait of him you grew fond of. You found it very soothing. He had a talent and you always told him that. Early on in your friendship, you told him to harness his gifts and after months of pestering, he did. Lin started his theatre ambitions due to you.

He steadied his grip on the long piece of metal, tipping his weight to the side. As his body slung to the side, he sang out the next lyric.

“Let me see what spring is like,” Lin held an imaginary microphone to his lips, “On a - Jupiter and Mars.” He then slickly gravitated his body around the pole, allowing him to spin around it. You laughed a little at his childish antics. You could tell your dull spirits rising and it seemed so did the jazz-junkie.

“In other words,” He stalked back over to you, “Hold my hand.” He then took your hand as he bent down, balancing on one knee. You rolled your eyes, attempting to suppress a chuckle. “In other words,” All of a sudden, he popped up and was eye level to you, “Baby, kiss me.” As he caroled out that line, he inched closer to your face, your noses touching. A very prominent blush crept onto your face.

“Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more.” He pulled away from your, increasing the space in-between each other, to your disappointment. He sauntered off and gripped the pole again, first stretching his arm out, then pulling back in which caused him to pivot around it. Lin then ended up on the opposite side and dipped down, the whole time not breaking eye contact with you.

“You are all,” He walked back to you, lifting your chin softly with his pointer finger, ”I long for.” He then tapped the tip of your nose at the last syllable and you jerked back in surprise. Once more, Lin took your wrist, this time pulling you up with him. When you were away from the seats, he slammed into you, pressing his chest against yours. His left hand rested upon your waist as his other hand was intertwined with yours.

“All I worship and adore.”

He lead you into a dance, his feet bouncing left and right to the beat. Joining in on the fun, you followed suit.

“In other words,” You couldn’t help but laugh as he twirled you in a small circle, “Please be true.” Lin then brought you close once more, your bodies brushing together. He dramatically swayed your interlaced hands up and down, proceeding with the motion in an excessive and big manner.

“In other words,” Lin stopped singing for a moment, letting a phrase you didn’t catch pass by. You internally pouted, wondering why he didn’t say it. You brushed it off, perceiving it as him forgetting the words. Then a piano solo kicked in, managing to put Lin into a whole dance. You knew he was good at freestyle rapping but you didn’t know he could freestyle dance…or at least he tried too. The instrumental part of the song continued to play, you saw Lin pirouette around poles and can-can. At the more mellow part, he took you into another round of ballroom dancing. This time, you two danced around the whole subway, prancing to the rhythm. You both were laughing your heads off.

“I had no idea you knew this song.” You blurted out.

He smiled as he dropped you into a dip, “What can I say, I have a taste for music.” You nodded and he pulled you up, spinning you out then bringing you back in, causing his two arms to wrap around you. Your heartbeat picked up a little, flustered by how close he was. He moved your bodies back and forth while humming along to the melody.

The lyrics from before came back and Lin once again went into a routine, forcing you to sit back down on a nearby chair.

“In other words, please be true.” The Miranda boy held the last word, absolutely killing it. You clapped as you were awestruck by his amazing vocal range.

“In other words,” He came closer to you, “In other words.” All of a sudden, Lin twisted around and diligently plopped in the seat next to you, your knees touching.

“I love,” Three piano notes played and in each one, Lin did something different with his body. The first key, he slung his arm around your shoulders. The second, he crossed his legs and the third, he snapped his head towards you.

“—You.” And at that very moment, Lin, hesitantly, closed the distance between your faces. Unexpectedly, pressing his lips upon yours. You were surprised to say the least but you instantly returned the favor, melting into the kiss. It’s as if the world was anew and you finally found a sense of comfort in your day full of stress. He pulled away, one hand caressing your cheek.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He simply replied and you gently put your forehead up against his.

“Likewise, Lin-Manuel.”