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It doesn’t register until after he hits solid ground, scrabbling to his knees and clutching a heaving chest as he cries out Sam’s name. And then Castiel remembers: a woman. Blood dripping from her fingers. An insidiously chirpy accent. A blinding burst of pure white.

A banishing sigil.

Slowly, he stands on his own two feet, pawing at the walls and squinting at the iridescent glare of lights along what appears to be an empty corridor, every bit as cold and sterile as the angels inhabiting this place.

He’s back in heaven.

Castiel isn’t certain how he ended up here—he expected the Mojave Desert; the inside of Mount Kilimanjaro, perhaps—or more importantly, why. But that doesn’t stop him from immediately making his next move, a flurry of trench coat behind him as he calls up the intra-celestial transit for the residential district.

He visits the D sector.

There are other plaques with the name Dean Winchester, although none display the birthdate belonging to his Dean. For a brief moment, Castiel can feel his heart begin to sink into his stomach, but he squares his shoulders and steels himself. There could be other explanations: maybe Dean hasn’t made it through processing yet. Yes, that must be it. Amara had left a massacre in her wake; even with the few reapers that stuck around after Death’s passing, there could be an entire backlog of souls waiting to cross over. Dean could still be in limbo; Dean could be—

“Not on the list,” the head of Intake Operations says pointedly, barely glancing over her monitor to look Castiel in the eye.

Were he human and in need of a functioning cardiovascular system, his heart skips so many beats that he’d be pronounced clinically dead. “What do you mean?” His knuckles whiten, insides churning. “How is that possible?”

“I mean he’s not on the list,” she repeats, slower this time, as if Castiel’s brain were made of dried dung. “A man with his track record…surely you’ve considered there’s a reason for that.”

Darkness creeps up along the edge of his sight, his fists clenching and head spinning. No. No, that—she’s wrong. She has to be wrong. Because that means…

“Dean Winchester"—he’s shaking so hard, he’s nearly spewing at her through gritted teeth, tunnel vision turning from black to red—"is a better man than you. Better than…than all of you!” He gestures wildly to the rest of the room as everyone freezes, all eyes on him, and let them stare—let them. “You were all willing to just…give up, and he—”

His hands fall to his sides, the tears bitter on his lips. He couldn’t teach fish to read poetry.

What could fish possibly know about love?

Castiel exits—less than gracefully, he’ll admit—but he thinks that if he stays one moment longer, they’ll have to drag him away after testing his right swing on any angel within a ten-foot radius. Because now he gets it; he gets the anger and the fear and why Dean was always so quick to throw himself into the fray. He gets what it feels like to be used as a punching bag and what it feels like finally want to punch back. He gets why Dean always fought tooth and nail for everything he wanted and—

Oh, Dean.

But instead of that deep, unrequited ache, suddenly, a surge of warmth blooms in the hollow of his chest, a familiar longing calling out to him.

There’s someone you’re gonna wanna meet, Mom. He’s a little dorky, but I think you’ll like him. ‘Cause you were right all along.

An angel really has been watching over me.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know of any useful apps for witches?

Hey there! I think they are a few spellbook apps, tarot apps (Golden Threat Tarot is my favorite one so far) and I know there is an app to help you identify plants and flowers as well, although the name escapes me now. Others might know more, my phone is old and has memory issues so I can only really keep essential things on there at the moment until it dies and I get a new one.


Alright! So ambassadoroftrivia and I spontaneously worked on this tonight for three hours

It was a fun experience writing with another writer, and surprisingly, this is my first collab with someone from the community! So thank you for a wonderful time, and without further ado, we really hope that you enjoy this! It’s pretty cute. 

Based on this Soulmate AU:

  • the one where you don’t know your soulmate until you hear them speak, or hear them speak a certain word; your name, for example 

(We altered it, though. They both have to have said the other’s name at least once, although not directly to each other. They can’t just say the name in general, but their names while thinking of said person.)

Word Count: 1,713 

Fandom: Septiplier

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GP WASR 10/63

Romanian AK that is often just referred to as the WASR for short, although they have many other names due to different models and importer designations. There are a couple of things to look for when buying a second hand WASR. After the original assault weapons ban sunset in 2004, some Romanian AK’s which used single stack 10 round mags were hastily modified to use standard 30 round mags to cash in on the buying frenzy. Canted front sights are also something to keep an eye out for. (GRH)


A few sampling concordance plots of character’s mentions of other characters in comparison to each other. Each vertical bar represents one occurrence of that name in the next; a thicker bar means a series of mentions in close succession. 

Each is on a slightly different scale based on their total number of spoken words, so the bars do not correspond with their placement in the Homestuck text as a whole. John and Karkat’s have nearly the same number of words to pixel, while Terezi and Jade’s are similarly less dense; Dave and Vriska are in-betwee. In the Dave graph, the differently colored line represents where a mention of Jade and Terezi occurred almost at the same time. The pink lines in Vriska’s represent the same phenomenon for John and Tavros.

It’s very obvious how Vriska and Terezi like to call out people’s names more than other characters do.

Although name mentions do not represent the kind of interaction between characters at all, positive or negative, it does suggest the strength of interpersonal bonds, friendly, romantic, or hostile.

So uh. 

I think Hidekane just won the Award for Ship Responsible for Most Fans WREKT in a chapter, congrats guys. 


“According to this, you’re slated to be the next vault…chaplain. God help us all.”

While clumsily poking around the menus, I accidentally put my suit into a locker, figured I wouldn’t need it, came to class, then realized there was a third person mode. 

I’m either really bad at this game or really good at it. Time will tell.

billdip week, day two

My entry for billdip-week, day two!

…this got long. But hey, technically it’s still Monday in California, which is fitting! :D

Hunter AU, Deer and the Wolf-verse (SFW in accordance with the rules although the second story in that series isn’t and it can definitely stand alone; he and Bill refer to each other with a series of pet names although technically they do know each others’ actual names). Dipper’s an adult in this, clearly. He also has an impressive rack. ^_^

I had to. The joke was there, and I had to. 

Notes: pedicles are the sites/antler base atop a deer’s head where the antlers grow in; when it’s time to shed them the tissue and bone at the base simply become weak enough for the deer to knock them off himself. It’s supposedly painless even though there can be bleeding; the assumption is that Dipper’s isn’t 100% like that of an actual deer due to being partially human, so it is uncomfortable for him when it’s time for them to come off. Biology! It’s fun!

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Doctor Who Gifset The Shakespeare Code-You know after performing in, and studying most of Shakespeare’s plays this episode would not surprise if all this were actually true, and who is to say it isn’t. I mean there is evidence in a few of his plays that Shakespeare was ahead of his time, and also there is a character in Macbeth known more so as the Doctor, and that character has no other title or name although in some publications he is known as the Gentleman. In Shakespeare’s sonnets especially sonnet 126 which goes something like this 

“O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power
Dost hold Time’s fickle glass, his sickle, hour;
Who hast by waning grown, and therein show'st
Thy lovers withering as thy sweet self grow'st;
If Nature, sovereign mistress over wrack,
As thou goest onwards, still will pluck thee back,
She keeps thee to this purpose, that her skill
May time disgrace and wretched minutes kill.
Yet fear her, O thou minion of her pleasure;
She may detain, but not still keep, her treasure:
  Her audit, though delay’d, answer’d must be,
  And her quietus is to render thee.”

There is mention of a boy or a man with power over time. And maybe this was Shakespeare talking about the Doctor’s Tardis. Because even though he didn’t see it in the episode above doesn’t mean that Doctor didn’t visit him at other points in his travels through time. There is just so much mystery and wonder to Shakespeare that you learn something new about him and his plays all the time.  And all of his plays are open to different interpretations, so no, it won’t surprise me if a time traveling humanoid alien that can change his face and calls himself perhaps the Doctor actually really did meet Shakespeare and actually influenced some of his works by doing what the Doctor in the episode did by given him lines from plays or a play he is soon to write.