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Can I request an hc where RFA + V and Saeran react to MC having a boyfriend that's not in the RFA, but the guys still like her? Like, maybe she talks about him on the messenger, or sends pictures of the two, or even invites him to the RFA party and they are jealous and try to flirt with MC and things like that? Maybe they even try to make her boyfriend jealous of MC's relationship with the RFA members? I'm sorry if this makes no sense.

Hellohello~ Thank you very much for your patience!!

I didn’t include V. He doesn’t really seem to be the type to act on his jealousy, nor reveal it… He’d just try to be happy for you, and try not to get in the way of your relationship…

And I’m pretty sure you meant more of a long-term thing where her boyfriend would get jealous buuuut… if I did that, the reactions would only be the same thing for each character… I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, I was really tired while writing this but, I tried to make it work ^^


Request Killing: 14/30


  • He was actually the one who introduced you to your boyfriend… by accident, that is. Yoosung had only been showing you around his campus, and by chance, the two of you had bumped into a teaching assistant from one of his classes.
  • The said assistant, only a year older than you as it turned out, had fallen in love with you at first sight, and promptly flirted with you, eventually getting your number and persistently courting you. You’d been flattered by his dedication, and decided to give the relationship a try—he seemed really genuine after all.
  • Well, Yoosung wasn’t really happy about this, but he didn’t want to be a downer when you seemed so happy with your boyfriend
  • But it became painfully obvious that Yoosung didn’t like him
  • He’d suddenly go offline whenever you began retelling your dates to Jaehee on the chatroom
  • Did his best to avoid talking about your boyfriend, and when you asked, Yoosung would brush off your questions with a, “Hm? Oh, he’s fine” and proceed to change the subject
  • Your boyfriend also mentioned how Yoosung was very curt towards him in classes lately…
  • Despite the obvious distaste Yoosung showed towards him, though, Yoosung would never try to interfere with your relationship.
  • You brought your boyfriend as your plus one to the RFA party, but you hadn’t mentioned it to Yoosung since he always changed the subject and refused to listen, anyway
  • He looked hurt when he saw you walk into the party with your boyfriend, and even ran off to the bathroom stalls.
  • At first, you were going to chase after him, but your boyfriend took the role upon himself instead, telling you to trust him. You stood outside the bathroom, waiting, and hoping to catch some of their conversation. It wasn’t long before you heard their voices raise against each other, but you willed yourself not to cut in.
  • “I liked her long before you did! Why do you think I even brought her to the campus that day?! I wouldn’t just bring her around for the hell of it. I was planning to confess to her… But you ruined it by following us and flirting with her the whole time!”
  • “…Yoosung. Do you think MC is an amazing person?”
  • “Huh? Of course I do…?” Yoosung sounded confused by the question.
  • “In that case, shouldn’t you have been more aware that others would easily notice her good qualities as well? From the moment I saw her, I knew she was different from any other woman I’ve ever met. That’s why I made a move on her. It’s your own loss for being a coward.”
  • Yoosung fell silent.
  • “Anyway, you should get back to the party soon. You and I both know how hard she worked on it. The least you can do is try to enjoy it a bit, you know?”
  • Your boyfriend stepped out soon after his parting statement, and you followed him, asking him in a whisper, “Hey, don’t you think you were a bit harsh back there?”
  • He hung an arm around your shoulder. “I only spoke the truth. He has to grow up someday. He can’t be babied by you guys forever.”
  • Yoosung didn’t talk to you about the incident, but you knew he took your boyfriend’s words to heart because he stopped avoiding talks about your relationship, and even giving you advice whenever you needed it. It wasn’t a major change, but it made you think, maybe he really has grown up a bit.


  • He’s always been against you having a boyfriend, dead set on convincing you that, “All men are wolves.”
  • He took you to a play that demonstrated this concept, one that his friend happened to be acting in, hoping you would realize from the tragic love story in the play that men were up to no good.
  • … Yeah. Bad move, Zen.
  • That same friend of his developed an interest in you for some reason, and eventually managed to charm you enough to get you to date him.
  • Zen was reluctant, but he did trust his friend to take proper care of you, so he tried to resist complaining
  • Still… he couldn’t help the jealousy that pooled in his chest every time his friend talked about you
  • “MC’s so sweet and considerate! I’m surprised she hasn’t had much experience with dating before, seriously, she’s an amazing girlfriend!”
  • “I know…” Zen replied glumly, not in the mood—never in the mood, to listen about how you doted over your boyfriend
  • “And it’s so hard to resist touching her, she’s seriously beautiful, even though she doesn’t realize it…”
  • “…I know,” Zen repeated himself, slightly angrier this time.
  • “Do you think I should ask her to fuck next time? She does seem a bit prude about tha-“
  • Zen cast his friend an incredulous look. “Don’t say that. Just because she’s not jumping into bed with you doesn’t mean that she’s a prude. And you’re her boyfriend, don’t talk about her as if she’s some one night stand.”
  • “Zen,” his friend laughed, “What’s got you so riled up? She’s just a girl. You know that actors like us can have any girl we want. She should be happy I even looked at her or considered dating.”
  • Anger rose to the silver-haired actor’s chest, but he clenched his jaw and held back his words. Instead, he complained to you, indirectly.
  • “MC… haven’t you ever considered getting a different boyfriend? Maybe someone who’s, well, more handsome, more suitable for you,” Zen suddenly said in a call one night, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion
  • He wouldn’t tell you the reason, but he wouldn’t need to, either.
  • You found your boyfriend having sex with some random girl (that he probably picked up from the streets) when you had been visiting his apartment, hoping to surprise him. Well. Turns out you were the one surprised instead.
  • But… you didn’t want to break up with him. It sounded stupid, but he’d made you feel like he really loved you… like he really thought you were beautiful… Maybe it was because he was an actor, but it felt so real.
  • So you didn’t say anything about your boyfriend’s cheating. But you found yourself feeling more and more depressed as the days passed and you stayed in a relationship with him
  • Zen was the one who came to your apartment, bringing meals for you, movies to keep you distracted, blankets to build a fort…
  • Often fell asleep with you in his arms when the two of you were worn out from everything else
  • You found yourself enjoying these moments with Zen a lot, and you’d turn down your boyfriend’s requests for dates… But he knew you were with Zen, because your scent would linger on Zen’s clothing.
  • He got more and more jealous, and even forced himself into your apartment, demanding you to spend a night with him to prove you weren’t cheating with Zen, ignoring your protests and using his strength to deny you the ability of escaping
  • It was lucky that Zen had planned to drop by, and he quickly threw your boyfriend off of you, easily restraining him and landing continuous hits on him
  • When all was done and dealt with, you were single again, and Zen was right by your side, sighing as he said,
  • “See? I told you, all men are wolves.”
  • “…Even you, Zen-oppa?”
  • His cheeks flushed from your comment, but he quickly changed the subject to avoid your question.


  • She did her best to be subtle about her distaste for the man you called “boyfriend.”
  • See, thing is, you had already captured her interest (and heart cough cough) from the first few days you’d met
  • And you hadn’t mentioned that you had a boyfriend. Until now.
  • “You want to invite someone to the party? Is it a friend? Family member?” she asked in the chatroom, curious
  • “Huh? Oh~ No, it’s my boyfriend!” You replied with a picture of you and your boyfriend, clearly proud to show off
  • When V mentioned the photo quality was really good, you sent a few more, explaining that your boyfriend was a photographer and used a high quality camera to take pictures on dates. The chatroom filled with your lovey-dovey couple photos, and you even started to talk about your boyfriend animatedly
  • Jaehee watched this go on for a while before she interrupted, texting, “Hey. Back on topic, there isn’t enough room for an extra guest. Don’t invite him. We can not accommodate for him.”
  • …Which confused you. You knew there was more than enough room for another hundred guests, especially since you had invited most of them yourself.
  • Perhaps there was another reason that you didn’t know about, so you decided to let it go.
  • However, when one of the guests said they couldn’t make it to the party, Jaehee had no excuse to hold you back from bringing your boyfriend.
  • You couldn’t help but notice how, although Jaehee was professional to all the other guests, she was curt and tight-lipped when interacting with your boyfriend, and almost seemed like she was glaring at him.
  • Minus the “almost.”
  • When you asked her about her behaviour, she averted her eyes as she subconsciously jutted out her bottom lip. “I don’t like your boyfriend,” she mumbled, cheeks reddening.
  • It surprised you a lot—you never pegged her to be the jealous type, and actually… why was she jealous in the first place?
  • She bit her lip, deciding it was now or never to admit her feelings. “MC… I really, really like you,” she said almost in a whisper. “I really do. But I know you’re happy with your boyfriend… I can see that with how you look at him and how he smiles at you, and how happy you look in all your photos… It makes me jealous every time but I really love you and I want you to be happy, so… I’ll be okay even if you don’t like me back.”
  • You could only stare, lost for words.
  • “I know you’re probably confused… and I know this is out of character, b-but… I can’t help it. This is the first time I’ve liked someone so much. I don’t understand these emotions myself, I’m sorry,” Jaehee said, quickly removing her glasses to wipe her tears with the back of her hand. “Just pretend you never heard me. I-I’ll move on. Don’t worry about it. Really.”
  • And then she ran off, not giving you a chance to respond. But both of you knew that no matter how you answered her, it wouldn’t be a good one. Still, you would’ve liked to thank her for her feelings, at the very least…
  • But the next time she talked to you, it was as if the incident had never happened in the first place.


  • Considering he wasn’t really “allowed” to have feelings for anyone, he could only show his (overwhelming) jealousy in the subtlest of ways
  • Or well, at least he thought it was subtle, you know?
  • He hacked into your phone and programmed it so that any photos you tried to send of you and your boyfriend would automatically be deleted… AND a photo of himself cosplaying would be sent to your boyfriend’s phone instead…
  • When you complained about it, he reassured you that it was merely a bug
  • You believed him at first
  • But his jealousy became blatantly obvious at the party, when you brought your boyfriend along
  • Seven was literally hanging all over you, basically trapping you in his hugs the entire time and making your boyfriend feel awkward
  • Forced you to sit on his lap during dinner through pure strength
  • Took a lot of selfies with you
  • Blew kisses to you at least a thousand times throughout the night
  • Even kissed you on the cheek every few minutes after he got drunk!
  • Well, with Seven’s unnecessary interference, your boyfriend felt really, really uncomfortable.
  • “Hey, you know, if this was a way to tell me you weren’t interested in me anymore, well, I got the message. You could’ve just told me yourself,” your boyfriend muttered, “So uhm, this is it, we’re breaking up I guess.”
  • Before you could even explain the misunderstanding, Seven had his hands clamped over your mouth and pulled you into a hug, preventing you from chasing after your now-ex.
  • “Don’t go after him,” he whispered into your ear, sounding pained. “Please… look at me instead.”


  • You never noticed that Jumin was jealous at all
  • He hid it very well, and even appeared interested in your relationship with your boyfriend, often asking questions
  • It wasn’t until the RFA party that you started to notice something seemed off about Jumin
  • He (and Driver Kim) picked you up from the apartment, even though you said your boyfriend had no problem doing so… Jumin had even bought a fancy dress that was exactly your size (even though he had never asked you) as well as matching shoes and accessories…
  • You didn’t think much of it—maybe he did this for everyone?
  • You didn’t notice the dark smirk that crossed his expression when you walked out of the apartment wearing everything he’d bought. To him, it was like he already marked you as his.
  • The ride to the party was quiet, with Jumin acting as the perfect gentleman when he led you in and out of the car.
  • “…Why are you holding my waist like this?” you asked
  • He smiles back pleasantly, “I’m only acting as a proper escort, MC. Don’t worry.”
  • Camera flashes made you turn your head, and you remembered that the man beside you was Jumin Han, a young, hot, and highly sought-after corporate director. Your relationship with him appeared much more intimate because of the way he held you, earning murmurs from the surrounding crowds. Even though he claimed it was a professional gesture, you knew better.
  • …Especially from the jealous expression on your boyfriend’s face, you could tell that the way Jumin touched you must have looked far from professional.
  • You’d hardly entered the party hall when your boyfriend stormed past you, anger flashing in his eyes. “So this is why you didn’t want me to pick you up? So you could show off to the world that you’re Jumin Han’s plaything?”
  • The fact that his first words to you were to express his anger upset you. You’d put in so much time into your appearance, couldn’t he at least have said something about that? Or maybe even greet you like a normal boyfriend would, with a hug and/or a kiss? But no, he had to yell at you instead.
  • Jumin came up behind you, placing a hand on your shoulder to ask if you were okay—god that made your boyfriend mad, because Jumin was acting as if he was the boyfriend.
  • You stared questioningly at Jumin, who watched with a satisfied smirk as your boyfriend moodily left the party. Had he intended that…?
  • But… Jumin’s usual dense character made you doubt it.
  • His stupidity played to benefit him, for once……


  • Really jealous that he wasn’t the one who could claim you as his girlfriend…
  • Often texted your boyfriend from your phone when you were busy, telling him to come back later
  • Cuddled with you often—shamelessly
  • Whenever you went on dates, he would call for you to come back, sounding helpless. The trick never failed. You’d always come back to his arms… even though you weren’t his.
  • But he wanted you to belong to him, so, so bad.
  • Saeran made it clear that he didn’t like your boyfriend
  • Sent pictures of the two of you together to your boyfriend to state that you were occupied
  • Saeran would call you over so much that you’d spend more days with him than your own boyfriend
  • But the sexual tension was hiiiiiiiiigh…
  • He’d always make sure to touch you as much as he could while still maintaining a platonic image
  • But his gaze would linger a little long on your face
  • His voice, almost always a little too close to your ear, sending shivers down your spine
  • His gentle touch, too comfortable– too comfortable because his arms made you feel so warm and secure that you could just fall asleep, but you didn’t feel that with your actual lover
  • Being with Saeran felt so right, and that was exactly why it felt wrong.
  • Your boyfriend had more bursts of anger as time passed—“I always smell his scent on you! There’s no way you’re not cheating when you’re close enough for his scent to rub off this strongly on you!”
  • To which you would always protest that you weren’t attracted to Saeran like that—but you were—and that you would never cheat—so why did you feel so guilty—and that you were faithful.
  • But your boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand how close you were to some man he hardly knew. So after enough weeks of arguing whether you were with Saeran or not, he finally broke up with you.
  • You felt conflicted—you knew it was mainly your fault, but it wasn’t like you hadn’t liked him at all, because you did.
  • The break-up did hurt, but Saeran was there with you, every step of the way, hugging you tightly—with a relieved smile on his face of course.
  • Maybe you could finally belong to him now, instead.
I don’t think Malec had sex in 02x07 after the cut and here’s why...

Okay so, I’ve stayed pretty quiet on the whole cut and sex scene or lack thereof from ep seven, we all know the one I’m talking about. But I was talking to @seaselkie (again) about this because that’s where my rants about TV shows usually goes, and she hasn’t yet seen season 2 so despite shipping Malec she’s impartial, also some of what I’m writing might have come from her in our discussion so I’m giving credit. So yeah, I showed her Jace’s sex scene, Izzy and Alec’s convo and the Malec “pre-sex” scene.

Her instant response was: “No way are they having sex right there.” 

I agree.

I want to acknowledge now, that if they did have sex after the cut, it’s fucked up in more ways than one. It’s homophobic from a viewing standpoint and unhealthy from a relationship standpoint.

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Falling for Kim SeokJin

Originally posted by megadepressedme

Part one

Author: Admin Jazzi

Word count: 2.6k

Warning: Smut!

is it okay to fall for your sugar daddy? Because Kim SeokJin was stealing your heart.

Y/N had always been the independent type. You didn’t want to be taken care of, it didn’t sound appealing at all. Until you met SeokJin.

You moved to Korea from America, a week before meeting him. You were opening a restaurant. It was in a small building; but in a great location. Bringing good soul food to Korea, you got happy every time you thought about it. But it was hard. Between buying the building, and moving you had almost drained your savings. Fixing up would take more of your savings, so you were a bit stuck. It took you 5 years to raise the money.

Luckily your Korean was good enough. You found a job at an office. It was tough but it paid your rent, and bought you food. And that’s what you were doing the day you met him.

You were in the grocery store. You were still learning about banking there, so you hadn’t opened an account yet. Not thinking you didn’t bring enough money, so you stood at the cash register deciding just what to put back; when someone came up behind you and told the cashier that he’d pay for it.

You turned around immediately to tell him you couldn’t let him do that when you were stunned. He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen.

Broad shoulders, a stunning profile, thick lips, and a great body, and wearing expensive clothes.

You stuttered trying to tell him; but your heart was pounding and your palms felt sweaty.

He gave you a beautiful smile and bowed his head, telling you it was okay.

He even helped you carry your bags out.

“Where’s your car?“ He asked. You tried to take your bags from him, informing him you didn’t have a car; but he wouldn’t let you. He showed you to his car, a nice, expensive car at that.

He placed your bags in the trunk along with his.

You stood there nervously, staring at the man.

“Are you coming?” He asked You stood there. “Thank you…for paying for my groceries…but I can’t get into a car with a stranger. I don’t even know your name…” you say. He gave you a gentle smile. “I’m SeokJin. How about we walk together than?” He said.

You were taken aback by his kindness.

He started taking your bags out again. You quickly stopped him. “I guess I can use a ride…if you insist on helping me.” You said

You face was getting hot. It was embarrassing.

He walked around and opened your door. You slowly got in. He waited and closed your door. You buckled up, and stared out of the window, watching him jog around to the driver’s side.

He got in and buckled his seatbelt. “Enter your address.” He said pointing at the gps mounted on the dash.

You did so, you could feel his gaze, it wasn’t overwhelming but felt warm.

It was a calm drive, with small talk, you even told him about your restaurant.

SeokJin pulled up to your building, jumping out to help you with your bags.

You had to stop him. You insisted you could get them inside yourself. SeokJin handed you his business card.

“I want to see your restaurant. Maybe I could be an investor.” He gave you a sly wink, and without giving you a chance to say anything, he walked off and got into his car.

You slugged inside, sat your bags down in your kitchen and sat down staring at the business card.

“Kim SeokJin CEO.” It said. You looked front and back. The company name was Bangtan…..bulletproof. You pulled out your phone to google it. It was an acting agency, one of the most successful in South Korea, who managed one of your favorite actors, Kim Taehyung.

You searched Kim SeokJin a bit further. He started his own company at the age of twenty, managing a few friends, Taehyung being their main actor; but they also managed musicians like Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon), Agust D (Min Yoongi), and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok). Not only that but he acted in successful movies himself.

You stared at your phone in awe. You had just met one of the most successful people in Korea, at the grocery store and you had no idea.

You were too embarrassed to call. You really didn’t know what to do. A man like that wanted to invest in your restaurant, was it because he felt sorry for you? Did he know you didn’t realize who he was? Did he think you were trying to use him? All of this was running through your head for two days.

You were sitting on your couch, still in your pjs since it was your day off. You had been in your night gown and bonnet, with no bra all day. You were wearing a face mask, and stuffing popcorn into your face when there was a knock at your door. You tried to think whether or not you had a delivery coming.

You quickly got up and answered, and standing in front of you was Kim SeokJin. He was wearing a pink sweater, ripped jeans, pink sneakers, and a pink snapback. Way more pink, and way more casual than what he met you in. He looked at you with an amused smile.

“You didn’t call me about investing your restaurant. I was worried I creeped you out or something.” He said, stuffing his hands in his pockets and rocking back on his heels. He looked so shy, a light blush creeping up his face, his ears turning red. You hid your smile with your hand. He looked surprised.

“What? What’s so funny?!” He asked talking quickly. You giggled, “do you know who you are and you’re worried about creeping me out? It’s cute.” He blushed more. You continued, “after I searched you, I felt too embarrassed to call…”

He sighed in a bit of relief. “Tsk, I told I wanted to do it. Tbh I did it because you were pretty.” Your eyes opened wide.

He smiled at you, “Although you look very different today.”

Your face heated up, “I-Uh- I wasn’t expecting company, I’ll go change. Come in!” You said.

SeokJin walked inside. He followed you to the living room. You told him to sit and offered him a drink.

“Do you have juice?” He asked. You laughed. “Thanks to you I have two kinds.” You said. You both shared a laugh as you went into the kitchen and poured him a glass.

He took it with a bright smile, your heart raced at the sight.

You slipped off to your room after making sure he was comfortable.

You washed your face and put on a pair of jean shorts, and a big hoodie, not bothering with the bra. You took off the bonnet, and moisturized your hair, and put into a bun, slaying your edges. Your favorite perfume and lotions.

It took you ten minutes.

SeokJin was sitting on the couch flipping through the tv with his leg crossed. When you walked in he sat up straight. He stared at you, you tried not to freak out. He licked his lips, your heart stopped.

You could only breathe again when he looked away. You moved to sit beside him on the couch.

“Y/N I really want to invest in your restaurant.” He said after a moment of silence.

“But why, a soul food restaurant might not work out.” You said.

He shook his head. “If I invest it will definitely be a success. I’ll make sure of it.” He said.

You thought for a moment. “But why do you want to invest in MY restaurant?” You asked again.

“Because you looked so happy, when you were telling me about. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He said.

Your face heated up. “SeokJin that’s so sweet.” You smiled.

SeokJin was silent for a moment. Then he leaned over and kissed you.

His soft full lips pressed against yours was amazing.

You gripped the bottom of his sweater. SeokJin pulled back and bowed. He apologized over and over.

You caught your breath from that amazing kiss.

“Y/N I’m so sorry. I’ll leave.” He started getting up.

You grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. You leaned in and kissed him firmly. His hand gently cupped your cheek as you kissed him. He was gentle but firm. He pulled you on his lap. His hands running under your shirt, rubbing your back. You found yourself grinding on his laps you kissed. Fabric rubbing together as he ground back.

SeokJin pressed his lips down your jaw and to your neck. You moaned in response to his nibbles. His hands ran down and gripped your ass. You shut your eyes, indulging in his touch. Before you knew it, your hoodie was thrown across the room. SeokJin’s hands were slipped into your short gripping your bare ass. You moaned his name into his ear, gripping his shoulders,as the two of you ground against each other. “Y/N…I really want you.” SeokJin moaned. You nodded in response.

Suddenly SeokJin pushed you onto your hands and knees, bending you over the couch. He started undressing you, praising your body. He gripped your bare ass with one hand and ran the other up your back.

You shivered under his touch. SeokJin rolled on the condom. Your heart was pounding in your throat. He grabbed your arm and pulling it behind your back. You looked back at him, and he smirked down at you. He intertwined your fingers. You gripped his hand. He thruster deep inside you without any warning. You moaned out loudly. He grabbed your ass firmly thrusting deep inside you.

He moaned loudly, his head tilted back. He moved his hips quickly. You leaned over the couch, moaning loudly, as he pounded into your pussy. You felt a light smack on your ass as he pushed you down onto the couch.

“ you feel so good!” SeokJin moaned loudly. You rocked back on his thrusts, rubbing your clit roughly. You were pinned with your face in the cousin of the couch, as his thrusts became more rough.

As you felt yourself climaxing, you felt SeokJin pulling out of you. You whined, turning back to look at him with a bratty glare. SeokJin smirked, sitting back and stroking himself. You spread your legs more, slipping two fingers inside yourself. You watched as he became more interested in your actions. He’d probably planned on teasing you, he didn’t expect you to do this.

His hand moved faster, pumping his cock, and he thrusted up into his hand. He moaned and bit his lip, holding back moans as he watched you finger yourself. You moaned thrusting your fingers in and out. You threw your head back, moaning his name. He grabbed your hips pulling you onto his lap, slipping his cock deep inside you. You started bouncing on his cock, holding his hand tightly.

He thrusted up aggressive, guiding your hips roughly. You squeezed your breast, throwing your head back as you were overwhelmed by your orgasm. It fueled SeokJin. He thrusted harder as you came on his cock. His hand found your neck and squeezed tightly. Your body shuttered and you screamed his name. You bounced harder on his lap, his cock pounding against your g-spot. He squeezed your neck more firmly. You felt your walls squeezing around his cock. “Fuck seokjin I’m gonna cum again!” You moaned loudly. He growled into your ear. “Good girl, let go, let me take care of you.” He squeezed harder. You nodded quickly, feeling him pounding into you. Your body slumped over as you came in overwhelming waves. SeokJin gripped your hips, thrusting hard into you. You whimpered feeling him pounding into your sensitive core. SeokJin grunted, starting to swear but holding them back. His fingers gripped into your hips. His thrusts became slower. He gave you slow, long strokes.

You shut your eyes, moaning his name over and over.

SeokJin suddenly pulled out of you. You laid on out the couch. He pulled off the condom, stroking himself over you. He pumped his cock until he came in hot streams over your back. You laid there. SeokJin sat beside you gently rubbing your back, comforting you as you caught your breath. He smiled at your tired body. “I really mean I want to take care of you,” he started, “not just cuz your sex is amazing; but because I like you.” He said.

You looked back at him, so exhausted. You didn’t really say anything.

“Let me support you, so you can at least achieve your dream.” He said. You sat up slowly. SeokJin smiled and put his sweater on you. “All you have to do is let me spoil you, princess.” He kissed your head. It wasn’t like you were looking for someone to take care of you. A sugar daddy never crossed your brain. You never counted on people like that; but you still found yourself saying yes.

That’s how it happened.

Within a month SeokJin had moved you into a better apartment, and bought you a better building for your restaurant. But you were still not used to SeokJin though.

He’d come sweep you up, when he missed you. Within a month you had been on overseas trips four weekends in a row. That’s where you found yourself. It was 10pm on a beach in Hawaii and you were riding SeokJin. You were swimming together, in the ocean. Flirting a little, wearing the cute pink bikini he bought you to match his trunks. You splashed him with water, and swam away. He chased after you for a while. When he caught you he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. His fingers slipped into your bikini bottoms. He rubbed your pussy slowly. You moaned softly.

“S-SeokJin~” you moaned out. He glared at you. “Didn’t we just go over this.” He warned you. You knew what he meant. He thrusted his fingers deep inside you thrusting them quickly. “Do you want me to fuck you, kitten?” He asked. You shut your eyes, moaning loudly, and nodding quickly. “Say it.” He growled. “Yes Master! Please fuck me!” You moaned. He removed his fingers, and carried you onto the shore. He sat down on the beach, and pulled off your bikini.

“Be a good girl and ride me.” He said. You bit your lip, sliding your hands down his chest, grinding against him. He moaned out lowly. “Don’t make me wait, princess.” He said and you immediately obeyed.

Sex with SeokJin was always amazing. At first you agreed to take it slow, without sex anymore, until you figured out just what kind of relationship you wanted; but you couldn’t help yourself.

When you had sex it was always spontaneous, hot and heavy. You even started figuring out kinks together. When you got to Hawaii, he asked you to call him Master. You had no problem with it. SeokJin did so much for you, you wanted to please him. Even though you weren’t together romantically, you wanted him to be satisfied.

SeokJin was sweet and caring. He didn’t just buy you thinks. He supported you emotionally too. If you were having a hard day he’d comfort you. If you were sick he’d take care of you. He’d cook for you, and even let you test out new recipes on him.

The two of you didn’t define the relationship though. If anyone asked you were both single. He’d always tell you you were a good friend to him, so that’s what you thought you were his friend.

But as you were wrapped in his arms, laying on the beach and staring at the stars, you realized.

You were falling for him. You really were. How could you not?

Was that a problem?

a/n: this was a dream I had the other night. 😭 SeokJin is so fine.

-admin Jazzi🥔

Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Ruki] part 1

- Actor (favorite actor / actress, own acting ability)

Ruki: I watched the movie “Mommy” and the roles in it are very well executed. Antoine-Olivier Pilon plays the role of a guy with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),  but I was very impressed, thinking that although he is young, he already has such amazing acting skills. And I like Jake Gyllenhaal. But I haven’t acting skills. Since I’m just not that type of person (laughs). Beginning to be shy, I just can’t stand it, and therefore I cannot remember the words at all. But during the performances I feel calm. When I hold the microphone, I’m all right. However, in the video, the one who gets recognition is more a director and his mores, not actors, right? Once upon a time I played an insignificant role in one video, but it was a complete failure. I wouldn’t like to see it again a second time (laughs).

- Baby (when you behave like a child)

Ruki: By and large, I don’t behave like a child. Perhaps I have many negative personality traits. I have no sense of time… basically I’m not at all reliable (laughs). And since that time, when I was a child, it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. So, since then, I thought that I wouldn’t become an employee of any company. I think that such place is not suitable for me.

- Christmas (memories of christmas)

Ruki: I can’t tell stories about that time when I was in the middle and high school (laughs). What I very clearly remember…in those days when I was an elementary school student, there was gilded series of toys in a heat-resistant alloy “Saint Seiya” [*manga and anime]. It doesn’t even need to specify which of them I wanted, because usually everyone expects that they can get Seiya, don’t they? But I hardly got the figure of character-the villain Taurus Aldebaran. In addition, the part of his horn was rusty. So I was beside myself with anger, these are my memories (laughs). And I also with great difficulty shoved my legs into containers in the form of boots, where candies are usually placed, and decided to walk in them.

- Danger (it was dangerous!)

Ruki: That unpleasant time, when we continued to work with two managers, was creepy, isn’t it (bitter smile). I wonder what other guys answer? Is it possible that we had anything more dangerous than this?

- Emergency (things you think you need to do now, as soon as possible)

Ruki: There is a lot of! For example, I still didn’t write the lyrics to 「taion」, which we will record the day after tomorrow, so I need to hurry with this. If we talk about things that do not concern work, it occurs to me that I didn’t receive my ID card.

- Fashion (preferences in style)

Ruki:  It seems that I have them, but it is not.  I really like European-style clothes, but those that I wear every day mostly single-color and without patterns. I have a feeling that among such things I’m looking for suitable ones. The print on clothes is ok, too, but such clothes that I would like to wear is very hard to find. Next, there is no more clothes about which I would have thought “I want this!”, so I create it (with the help of my brand). Therefore I wear it, but when some of this is worn by other members, I immediately stop wearing it (laughs). Ah, maybe I yet like it when a person, who I don’t know, wears my brand’s clothes. I don’t take up making things of too high brands, but at the same time I buy unusual things.

- Ghibli (Ghibli’s favorite works)

Ruki: Not that I really liked them, but among them there are those that I can watch, as “Spirited Away” or “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.  Although, I don’t watch them very long (laughs). But those who like Ghibli, certainly, also will choose “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind” and “Laputa - Castle in the Sky”, which I don’t like at all.  Perhaps this is my prejudice, but I don’t like something like “flying in the sky” and such things. And then something else like how they get out of huge cars (laughs). First of all, I donэt like science fiction, but its pretty realistic representation, it’s probably a good thing, isn’t it?

- Health (what do you pay special attention in the field of health)

Ruki: I always take biologically active supplements. And I realize that in order not to catch cold, you need to take vitamins. During the tour, even when I sleep, I always put a mask on my face, but, despite this, I still catch a cold. As for food, I don’t pay much attention to it. I eat everything.

- Immorality (about treasons, which became a hot topic in 2016)

Ruki: Treason… Watching this, I felt that I am very sorry for those who are deceived. Couldn’t they have discovered it so far?  This is also often said in the news. But I think: “How is it?”. Well, if we talk about treason as such, then it is considered that before marriage it is allowed. But even if it’s not a treason, when someone looking like a persone without drawbacks, does something that causes bitter feelings behind your back, I immediately think: “ahaaaa…” (laughs). “Love intrigue,” in a literal sense, an amazing thing, isn’t it?

- Junk (unnecessary things at home)

Ruki: I do not have that.  Since I almost immediately get rid of them. I’m not used to things,  and I’m not that type of people who think - I’ll leave this and this too. Clothes that I don’t wear for a year, I throw out with the thoughts “I, after all, don’t wear it”, but after that it happens that I regret it very much (laughs). Therefore, I throw out too much of everything. Also the contents of the personal computer - doing the cleaning, I brought everything in order there, but I deleted everything down to very important things that I shouldn’t delete (laughs). I often throw away all unnecessary, leaving only the necessary minimum.

- Kimi no Na Wa (the film “Your name”)

Ruki:  I didn’t watch it. Is it by Ghibli? No? It seems that at the moment I’m completely unaware of anything (laughs). I don’t watch them, if there is a manga with drawings made by the technique of soft touch. Although I often go to the cinema, I look sideways at the one where are always a lot of people. In this movie theater the main film is “Your name”, so I immediately think something like “than to go there, I’d rather go to this one” (laughs). And in the future I’m also not going to press this button (with this movie) on the ticket machine.

- Love (the importance that love occupies in your life)

Ruki:  During puberty everything else except this (love) wasn’t important for me. But as I grew older, everything changed significantly, and if to tell frankly (laughs), I guess it’s because now I’m very busy with work. In high school, the band was just a hobby for me, so I wasn’t so passionate on this to really went into it with my head. Since I just approximated to the so-called ‘culture’, I guess that at that time, love in my life was quite significant.

- Moving (сonditions for moving)

Ruki: This is the layout of the house and what is in the neighborhood. As for the layout of the house, it will suit me even if the rooms are not very spacious, just to make the size fit so that I could live there. Since I recently said that I have few things, leaving only the minimum necessary, they should always be in my field of view.  As for the environment, then, most likely, I ask questions, are there any supermarkets and pet stores, is it easy to catch a taxi,  and whether it is convenient to get from this area to the city center.

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^

Best Friends' Brother- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You are best friends with Sam and Harry Holland. The twins introduce you to Tom, who quickly falls for you.

Word Count: 1940

Warnings: One minor swear word & one minor use of slang

A/N: I am American and I did my best to remember things like mom/mum and friend/mate. If it still sounds very American, it’s because I’m not British.


It was Tom’s second day on break-finally home in England-and he was sat at his dining room table alone, eating lunch. Everyone was off doing other things. His mum was at work and Paddy was at school. Sam and Harry were somewhere-probably setting up a prank to play on their older brother. Tom didn’t mind that he was alone. Sure, he missed his family, but he was exhausted from the long plane ride yesterday. The only thing calling his name at the moment was sleep and food.

“Hey, Tom, we’re going to catch a movie. Want to come?” Harry asked, poking his head into the kitchen.

“Which movie?” He replied.

“Suicide Squad. It’s DC, but I’ve heard it’s amazing.” Sam said, appearing beside his twin.

“I could get fired for seeing it.” Tom laughed before shrugging, “But what the hell, I’ll go.”

“Great, we’re leaving in ten.” Sam informed him. The twins walked out of the room, leaving Tom alone. He wasn’t technically alone-Tessa was in there with him.

“I guess I’m leaving soon. Be good, Tess.” He reached down to pet her head. He cleaned up the remainders of his lunch before exiting the room.


“Why aren’t we sitting yet?” Tom asked, adjusting his baseball cap. He was attempting to conceal his identity with the hat, but he believed it wasn’t working-although he had yet to be asked for an autograph or picture. He was anxious to sit down in the theater, hoping to not get caught as a Marvel star watching a DC film. His twin brothers insisted that they stayed in the main lobby for a little while longer.

“Y/N’s meeting up with us. She’ll be here soon.” Sam replied, eating a few pieces of the large popcorn in his hands.

“Who is Y/N?” Tom questioned.

“SAM, STOP EATING ALL THE POPCORN!” A voice shouted, making Tom jump.

“That would be Y/N.” Harry laughed. You walked over to the three boys and took the popcorn from Sam.

“Geez, you fatty, you practically ate all of it.” You stated, taking a handful of the snack food.

“Did not!” Sam replied, tugging the container out of your hands.

“Y/N, you’ve met Tom, right?” Harry asked. You turned your focus from Sam to his older brother. The moment Tom’s eyes met yours, he swore his world stopped. He had never seen anyone like you before and he just couldn’t take his eyes off you. You were so captivating-where had his brothers found someone like you? More importantly, were they blind to leave you only as a friend? Tom suspected any man who could be with you would be the luckiest man in the world.

“Nope, I don’t believe I have. The name’s Y/N, also known as their only friend.” You said, pointing towards the twins.

“Hey!” Sam exclaimed.

“But I have heard a lot about you.” You stated. Tom opened his mouth to speak, but only silence came out as he got flustered. When he didn’t say anything, you continued, “Spiderman is watching Suicide Squad? Tsk tsk.”

As if you had switched a flip in him, Tom found his voice and quickly responded to your comment, “As long as they don’t know I’m watching it, I’m fine.” His nerves struck up again as he asked, “Are you a fan?”

“Of DC? Absolutely. Marvel? A little.” You replied.

“Why don’t you like Marvel?” He asked, a tad bit offended by the comment.

“I like the X-Men more than I like the Avengers. The characters are too complicated and they stray from the comics.” You stated, “As you can see with Civil War. Where was Thor?”

“X-Men doesn’t follow directly with the comics either.” Tom said.

“Oh, no. It’s started.” Harry mumbled to Sam. The twins knew introducing you two would cause some sort of an argument about DC vs Marvel. You were a massive DC fan while Tom was dedicated to the Marvel, more specifically Spiderman, side of things.

“Break it up. How about we go get our seats? We don’t need to start an argument here.” Sam interrupted you two.

“He’s right. It’s a petty argument.” Tom stated.

After the movie was finished, you went to hug the boys goodbye. When you hugged Tom, you made sure to whisper in his ear, “For the record, Spiderman’s my favorite superhero overall. Especially the new one, he’s sticking with the comics.” If your statement wasn’t enough to skyrocket his heart, your next comment sure was, “Plus, the actor’s really cute.”

And once again, you left Tom as awestruck as when he first laid eyes on you. You could tell he wanted to say something to you, but all he could muster was a faint goodbye. You shot him a flirty smile before leaving to your car. In Tom’s car, Harry and Sam continued to talk about Suicide Squad and how the characters were developed in it.

“How long have you two known Y/N?” Tom asked, finally finding his words.

“Almost two years by now. Why?” Harry asked.

“Just wondering. I don’t remember either of you ever bringing her up.” He shrugged, “Did you know she liked DC better than Marvel? Or was that just by chance?”

“Oh, we knew.” Sam laughed, “We just didn’t think it would get that heated that fast.” He explained and watched as his older brother’s cheeks turned red.

“What’s with all the questions, Tommy? Does someone have a crush?” Harry teased.

“No, I only met her today.” He lied.

“How are you the big-shot actor of this family? You can’t lie for sh*t.” Sam said.

“You know she’s single, right?” Harry added.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Tom asked.

“We give you permission to ask our little Y/N out.” Sam replied.

“Who said anything about asking her out?” He questioned, looking at his brother as if he was insane.

“You did when you lied about liking her.”

“You were practically drooling over her too.” Harry said.

“If I ask her out, will it get you two off my back?” Tom asked.

“Yes.” The twins replied in sync.

“I’ll need her number first.” He mumbled and Harry immediately got out his phone to share your contact with Tom.


“Go away. I’m not calling her with you lot watching me.” Tom said, looking at his brothers. Patrick was home now and instantly joined in the stare-at-Tom-until-he-calls-Y/N game.

“Why not?” Sam asked, leaning forward on his elbows to rest his face on his hands.

“Because I’m not comfortable with it. Beat it or else it’s not happening.” He replied. The three younger boys groaned and walked off. Tom knew they’d be right outside the door so he went as far from his bedroom door as possible. He nervously pressed the call button beside your contact.

“Hello?” You answered after a few rings.

“H-hi, Y/N. This is Tom. Tom Holland? Remember me from earlier today?” He asked and then mentally face-palmed himself for rambling. He hated how even just your voice made his heart pound in his chest.

“Nope, I have no recollection of a Tom Holland.” You said in a sarcastic voice before laughing, “Of course I remember you. One does not simply forget meeting the new Spiderman. What can I do for you?” You asked, hoping you already know the answer.

“Well, I was wondering if you were free tomorrow for lunch.” Tom asked.

“Like a date?” You replied.

“It doesn’t have to be.” He said.

“What if I wanted it to be?” You asked flirtatiously.

“Then, yes. Yes, it could definitely be a date.”

“In that case, I’d love to go get lunch with you.”

“Cool. I’ll-uh-pick you up tomorrow then. How’s 11?” He asked.

“That will work. Tomorrow is completely free for me.” You smiled, “I’ll text you my address.”

“Awesome. I’ll see you then, yeah?”

“See you then.” You said and hung up the phone. Tom didn’t even remove the phone from his ear by the time his brothers barged right back into his room.

“So you have a date?” Sam asked with a bright smile.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” Tom admitted, bashfully as his brothers cheered in triumph.


*Four Months Later*

“We should have just told him no.” Sam said.

“Why did we push him?” Harry asked.

“I wish we had a time machine and we could stop this all from happening.”

“Yeah.” Both twins nodded in agreement before they were both whacked over the head with a rolled up magazine.

“Ow!” They hissed, turning around to see their mother.

“This is the happiest your brother has been in over a year. Get in the kitchen and fix the salad.” She ordered.

“Yes, mum.” Sam and Harry replied. They trailed off to the kitchen and she followed behind them. She didn’t want the twins to put such a damper on the happy mood. It was Christmas and you were spending it at the Hollands.

Michael Bublé was playing in the background and Tom was attempting to teach you how to dance in the open area of the living room. He loved how you would laugh every time you screwed up on the steps and accidentally stepped on his toes. You two had been dating for about four months and the twins had only begun to realize how close you two were. When you both first met, they definitely wanted you two to be together; but now it seemed as if they were losing their best friend to their brother. Although you were still close to the twins, they didn’t enjoy the feeling of being second behind Tom yet again.

“Forget it. I’m never going to get this.” You said with a giggle, staring down at your fuzzy sock covered feet. Your head fell into the crook of his shoulder

“You will, I promise. It’s easy, just follow my feet.” Tom replied, moving his feet slowly to the music. You lifted your head up and concentrated on keeping up with it, although it was a slow song. He held his hand up and you did a twirl.

“You’re cute when you’re focused.” He stated, making you look up at him.

“And you’re cute when trying to teach me how to dance.” You answered and he leaned down to plant a kiss on your lips. Before his lips could connect with yours, a voice called out from the kitchen.

“Tom, Y/N, dinner’s ready.” Sam interrupted.

“Geez, Sam, you just have to be a little cock block, don’t you?” You playfully sighed.

“Dinner.” He stated, disappearing back into the dining room.

“Do you think he’s upset about us?” you asked. Normally, the twin would sarcastically reply to you; instead, he just dismissed you.

“Us? Why would he be upset about us?” Tom replied in confusion.

“Because since we’ve started going out, I’ve been hanging out with them less.” You stated.

“I don’t mind.” He shrugged with a smile, leaning down to give you a soft kiss.

“I’m not saying I do, but I do feel like I’ve been neglecting them.”

“Hurry up, or we’ll eat without you.” You heard Sam call out.

“Sam!” His mother scolded. You laughed as you and Tom went to the dining room. You sat in between Sam and Tom, making sure that you included the twins (and Paddy). After all, you didn’t want to forget your favorite set of twins.

For The Real Stars


It didn’t really make much sense to him, or so he thought as he watched her exhale onto her soft blonde curls. She could show him the world, any country he wished to see with the flick of her wrist, and all he could give her was her first bite of Eve’s pudding, a traditional British dessert that surprisingly, Taylor had never tasted. He knew all about her jet setting, notable exes. He noticed every bloody magazine cover at every supermarket he went to; he was barely noticed in England let alone the world. She stirred against him, nestling her head in the crook of his shoulder while his doubts continued running around in his mind.

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2017.05.20 OEdo no Candy 2 Event and Movie Review!

I got a chance to go to another OEdo Candy event and I got to go to the showing of the new movie plus they had a butai aisatsu (stage greeting) from some of the cast after.

*PSST: if you just want to read about the stage greeting then Ctrl F and ‘Stage Greeting’. It’s at the bottom of the page/post.



Overall: This is partly what I was expecting and partly not. I was expecting it to be fantastical and romancy、 BUT I wasn’t expecting it to be so fairy-like and lots of glittery special effects and weird colour tones and such. It definitely makes it all the more magical and luckily, isn’t too distracting. Also it wasn’t as BL-y as I was under the impression of. I wish this movie had been longer. I needed and wanted more character development. The visuals were amazing, it was very funny (which I also wasn’t expecting) and the characters were great. It’s definitely an Indie-styled movie. It’s not a clean cut, it’s not professional looking, the editor purposefully leaves in real actor mistakes that happened for comic relief. BUT it’s enjoyable, fascinating and I’m glad it ended with a ‘To Be Continued’.
Rating: 7/10

Now for cast and spoiler section and everything:

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J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary for the 3D-Collector’s Edition of Star Wars The Force Awakens

So, my copy of the Collectors Edition of TFA was mailed to me on Friday. It’s not actually supposed to come out here until Monday but I had it pre-ordered and thanks to CDON.COM’s early shipment, I got it a little sooner. It’s a 3-disc set that contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray + there’s an additional third disc for the bonus material. Although most of the bonus features have already been released in some format previously. The set looks like this:

The most interesting new feature on it though is J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary, that I just finished watching and I wanted to share some things the director commented on it. It wasn’t really all that spoilery about things to come. But, there were some very intriguing things, that he said, that could possibly have some significanse to the discussion about the direction of Rey’s and Kylo’s journey. So now, I’m just going to go through the movie again and write down some things, that he had to say about it. Edit. This actually ended up being quite a long post. And by long I mean really long. So be prepared, you have been warned :)

Second Edit. Here’s a link to a subsequent masterpost with additional quotes from J.J. Abrams.

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anonymous asked:

Zayn is a fan fic writer and Liam is the celebrity who had to read part of his story about him out loud during an interview

Wow. I think this is every fanfic writers worst nightmare, tbh. I was feeling a lot of stress for Zayn writing this. I certainly hope you guys like it!


Zayn was rudely awoken by his bed shaking madly. His first thought was earthquake, until he heard Louis screaming, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!” he shouted, not even slowing down when Zayn beat him over the head with his pillow. Once Zayn exhausted himself, Louis yanked all the covers off the bed and started throwing clothes at him.

“Get moving! We have less than two hours until we leave!” Louis said, holding up two shirts, wrinkling his nose at both. “Do you not have anything better than superhero tees?”

“It’s too early for you to be so judgemental of my clothing choices,” Zayn muttered, attempting to bury himself into his pillow, groaning when Louis grabbed him by the ankles and tugged him completely off the bed.

Zayn swore in at least three different languages as his chin bounced off the floor. “My face!” he snapped, which just made Louis laugh as he finally threw an AC/DC shirt at him. “Why are you assaulting me?”

“Well, if you don’t want to get moving and risk missing your chance to meet a certain actor-” Louis said, acting like he was going to walk out of Zayn’s room.

Zayn shot to his feet, grabbing Louis and pulling him back into the room. “Actor? What actor?” Louis’ devilish smirk said it all. Zayn grabbed his shirt, best pair of ripped skinny jeans, and ran into the bathroom to get ready.

Today could possibly be the greatest day of his life.

When they arrived at the radio station where Liam Payne, star of the latest string of Marvel Superhero Movies, was being interviewed, they stood in a crowd made up entirely of girls around their age, the two of them sticking out conspicuously. After about a half hour, a car pulled up, and Zayn nearly fainted when Liam had stepped out, smiling at something his bodyguard, Paddy, said to him. Liam looked gorgeous, as always.

He had a grey beanie covering his hair, a bit of stubble, like he’d forgotten to shave that morning. In fact, he looked as if he’d just rolled out of bed and tossed on that grey sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans. As Liam walked by, Zayn thought about reaching out to touch him, but froze and missed his chance.

Zayn giggled at how low Liam’s pants were hanging despite the belt. He pointed it out to Louis, who smirked and then pointed something else out. “Just like in your story, mate,” he teased.

Zayn swallowed hard, wishing Louis hadn’t mentioned that out loud. He regretted ever telling Louis about the fanfic story he’d written about Liam Payne, casting himself as the character opposite. The story had basically been his biggest wet dream put down on paper.

“Not exactly,” Zayn hissed back, although embarrassed, he wanted to correct his friend. “In the story, his bandana was dark green.”

“A bandana’s a bandana,” Louis countered, leaving Zayn to shake his head. “Isn’t it?”

“We’ve been over this,” Zayn whispered, relieved when more of the crowd dispersed, but Louis pulled him closer to the door. “My story, he wore dark green on the left side. Daddy.” Zayn was mumbling by that point, but Louis’ eyes widened.

“And navy blue on the left side?” he asked.

Zayn swallowed hard. “Probably nothing.” There were a ton of rumours about Liam’s sexuality, and although Zayn hoped and prayed, no one was sure if the boy was straight or fell somewhere else on the Kinsey scale. Louis poked him in the ribs. “Means he likes to wear bandanas, but we knew that.” Louis’ eyes narrowed. “It means top okay!” Zayn shouted, wincing when a couple of girls turned to look at him, giggling and pointing. “Fuck.”

At that moment, Liam’s bodyguard came back outside, looking around the crowd. In his hand were red bracelets. He started randomly pointing at people and motioning them closer. Several girls squealed, running over to him, taking a bracelet, then disappearing into the studio. Zayn was just turning to Louis to ask what was going on when Paddy pointed at them. “You two, c’mon.”

Louis dragged Zayn over, grabbing the last two bracelets from the bodyguard. They slipped them on and went into the studio. Following the crowd, they were surprised when they found themselves standing on one side of a glass window. On the other, Liam Payne was laughing with the DJ.

When the interview started, the sound was piped into the room where Zayn and the others were standing. Zayn stood back, allowing the girls to throw themselves at the window, impressed when Liam gave them all a finger wave before turning his attention back to the DJ.

“So, Liam, you’ve been tweeting a lot about the fan art that gets drawn of you,” the DJ said, and Zayn’s heart expanded at the squishy eyed smile that Liam gave.

“Yeah, mate. My fans are so bloody talented. Some of it’s really sick, ya know? I’ve had a few done up on canvases, and they hang in my media room. Love seeing someone put so much effort into something.” The pride in Liam’s voice was amazing. Zayn had draw a few pictures of Liam, but he’d never shared them, mostly because they weren’t family friendly and they included himself.

“So, you like people creating stuff inspired by you, yeah?” the DJ asked. Liam nodded, humming out a sound of approval, but Zayn thought he looked a bit suspicious. “Have you seen some of the things your fans have written about you?”

Liam’s face went slack for a moment, a hint of pink touching his cheeks. “You mean fanfiction,” Liam responded when he recovered. “I have seen some of it.”

“Well, since we can’t show any fan art on the air, we thought it might be cool if you read a bit of a fic, maybe let the writer know what you thought of it.” The DJ was holding out a couple sheets of paper.

“Are you sure it’s safe for air?” Liam teased, but Zayn watched his adam’s apple bounce under a nervous swallow as his eyes skimmed the page.

“We’ve highlighted a bit you can read, which is more or less safe for radio,” the DJ said. “C’mon, you’re not afraid are you?” he teased when Liam hesitated.

“No.” He cleared his throat.

“Let’s get right into it, then.” The DJ looked smug and Zayn wondered if he would still have his job by the end of the day, or if he’d even care.

“What do you think the odds are that fic is yours?” Louis asked Zayn.

“Don’t even think about it,” Zayn hissed, waving at a girl who looked at him curiously.

Liam cleared his throat again and began to read. “‘How much have you had to drink?’ Liam asked, his voice low, concern laced through it. ‘Two pints,’ Zach answered. ‘Well, just over two.’”

In less than ten seconds, the day had become the worst of Zayn’s life. He was frozen to his seat. He could hear Louis muffling his laughter next to him as Zayn stared straight ahead. The day he’d thought was going to be the best day of his life was now the day he was wishing for death, planning for it, actually.

Liam continued reading, unaware of the torture he was inflicting on one boy standing less than ten feet away from him. The boy who had written the words he was reading.

“Liam’s lips turned down in a frown, and Zach felt a terrible blow to his gut that he’d disappointed him somehow. ‘Not enough to be drunk, though.’ Liam closed his eyes, breathing deeply. When he opened them, his brown eyes were warm again. ‘Are you sure?’ Zach nodded, and Liam reached around to his back pocket to remove the bandana, holding it in front of Zach’s face. ‘You know what this means, yeah?’ Zach nodded, relieved that it meant what he thought, hoped, it meant. ‘Words, Zach.’ He reached around Zach to tuck the bandana into Zach’s right pocket, patting his bum briefly. Zach swallowed hard, his mouth struggling to form the word that former lovers had scoffed at him for using. “D-daddy,” he whispered, his chest bursting when Liam’s smile grew.”

The DJ was fanning himself as Liam finished up, face fully flushed now. “Pretty hot, wouldn’t you say? Does it bother you that so many of your fans write you in homosexual relationships?”

“Why would it?” Liam asked. “To paraphrase a fellow actor, Johnny Galecki, why should I be offended by something that isn’t offensive?” Zayn’s jaw dropped. “Who I choose to sleep with is my business.” He looked at the DJ and down at the papers in his hand, folding them carefully. “This interview is over.”

Zayn watched as Liam strode from the studio. When the door opened, the handful of girls swarmed him. He smiled at them all, took selfies, signed autographs, but Zayn could tell he was feeling a bit off.

Zayn and Louis hung back until it was just them, Liam, and Paddy in the lobby. “Did you two want pictures?” Liam asked, his voice tired.

Zayn was surprised when Louis squeaked and hid behind him. He also shocked himself when he opened his mouth to speak. “That was shit, man, I’m sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for? You weren’t the asshole DJ, yeah?” Liam joked, smile not reaching his eyes.

Zayn hung his head, dreading the words he knew were going to come out of his mouth. “No, but I’m the asshole that wrote it.” He grabbed Louis and started pulling him towards the door. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait!” Liam called, grabbing Zayn’s arm and pulling him away from Louis. Liam leaned in close. “You seriously wrote this?” Zayn nodded, his face warm. “It’s one of my favourites.”

“W-what?” Zayn choked out.

Liam took a step closer. “Seriously, I really loved it. Read it on the regular.” Zayn knew he was gaping now, especially when Liam reached up to shut his mouth gently, cupping his chin. A moment later, he felt movement behind him, Liam was tucking his bandana into his right pocket. “You know what that means, yeah?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.

Zayn swallowed hard and nodded. “It means Louis is going home alone.”

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2016 review

2016 has been an awful year for mostly everyone due to known public events that affected people in one way or another. In my case, this year wasn’t good either and I can rescue some moments that involve family, friends and achieve some interviews. But I made this blog for talk about animated series and other stuff, so here is my balance of this year.

I began this blog with Regular Show, Adventure Time, BoJack Horseman and Ash vs Evil Dead, which I’ve been following when I made the blog, but I found many surprises like Disney’s hits Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil. After watching both shows I came up that they were another proof that this fifth generation of animation (since 1990: 1990-1998;1998-2002;2002-2007;2007-2010;2010-2016) going into the sixth is really great. Despite that, we also knew RS and AT are going to finish: the first in January 2017, meanwhile the latter on 2018.

About the shows I’ve been already watching, every one of them had a tremendous year. Ash keeped that gore, peculiar humor Evil Dead handled through movies and the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead. The arcs, relationships with the main and new characters were well handled and also we saw that classic Evil Dead moments like Ashy Slashy handpuppet (I FUCKING WANT ONE!), or the return to the cabin in the woods. Also, Steve Austin as Ash’s father was excellent, sorry he had to die so early.

(NOTE: this one is the exception because I love Evil Dead and I follow the series like a deadite).

Adventure Time had begun their seventh season and they were doing good, but after Stakes things became better and they brought their best season since Season 4 (2011/12). Meanwhile, Regular Show left us in a mid-season where everything happened, but they had surprises for us: the closure of important arcs, the opening of the following season theme and incredible adventures on space. Both seasons 7 and 8 are the best since, also and in my opinion, its fouth one. Sadly, Mordecai, Rigby and the rest of the Park Rangers adventures are going to end in two weeks from now. January 16th 2017 is going to be a super sad day.

BoJack Horseman broadened its universe and, although we see the main character facing his demons everytime as always, we could see his sweet side in the underwater episode. But also we saw the crashing death of Sarah Lynn. If your heart didn’t broke when BoJack realized she was dead, go to the doctor and check yourself!

About the surprises

Tumblr forced (?) me (yeah @owlwright you’re responsible too) to watch Star vs the Forces of Evil due to its fan art and some caps of the long awaited Season 2. In two weeks I found a wonderful western magical girl series that, despite being too cringy the first half of its first season, had good stories which became stronger in its second season, besides bad guys point of view could be seen (something many series don’t apply). The characters have their own charm and go in crescendo up to the midseason finale, the heavy feeling puncher Bon Bon The Birthday Clown.

Gravity Falls was something I’ve been pushing for a year more or less. This year it ended with a bang with the resolution of the story, and also because the amazing Alex Hirsch didn’t want to continue the story, a respectable decision that opened him Hollywood doors by writing a script for a future movie I don’t remember which. About GF, the mysteries are the key of the series, but to me the characters make it incredible. Stanley and Mabel Pines steal the show basically, meanwhile Dipper makes a good Fox Mulder. It’s quite enjoyable and no surprise it’s one of this decade best animated series, casually alongside AT, RS, Over The Garden Wall, all shows created by Hirsch’s former partners on Flapjack (yeah, Steven Universe too, I just wanted to point the coincidence).

(I’m not done with it since I have to watch Weidmageddon, but I’ll do the proper review for this soon)

Rick and Morty is the most insane, kickass, awesome animated series this guy watched in years. Yeah, it parodies Back to the Future, but has its own style. The craziness Rick and Morty’s universe handles is very enjoyable, and it gets dark as BoJack, even darker. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created a successful and lovable freak circus monster. And talking about Justin, his voice acting is great, he is as insane as the characters he voices, no matter if it’s Lemongrab, Morty, Rick or Ants In The Eyes Johnson. In fact, I dare to say Rick and Morty is the crazy cousin of Gravity Falls since both share not only a despicable character (Rick/Stanley), mystery, voice actors (both Roiland and Hirsch voiced characters in both shows), they share amazing fake TV shows and TV ads! Try to watch them, it’s worthy.

This year we knew Nickelodeon confirmed the comeback of Hey Arnold. Craig Bartlett wanted to finish the story with The Jungle Movie, the story where Arnold and his friends go to find his lost parents. This TV movie animation and voice recordings are finished, it’s all matter of time to watch that ending. Speaking of comebacks, this time I felt surprised when Nick announced a Rocko movie. I’m so glad they bring my favorite wallaby, but I’m afraid they would ruin the show’s vibe. Luckily, I trust Joe Murray could give that show a modern vibe using that cool mirror named Regular Show. Sadly, we also knew Harvey Beaks wasn’t going to be renewed because the network didn’t want to, and also they mismanage HB not re-runing it or promoting properly as it’s been said. It’s a shame because, despite watching few episodes, HB is a nice series about friendship.

CN also had this mismanage thing in favour of crappy shows (yeah, I’m looking at you TTG and PPG2K16), promoting and marathoning them all the time meanwhile better shows had small time on air. That decisions made Steven Universe and Regular Show rush their seasons in no time, the first in a month and a half, the other aired half a season in five weeks. Also, Adventure Time had a super long hiatus right before the awaited finnale, whose first episode, Preboot, was shown in conventions (SDCC, NYCC and so). Fans had to wait four months to see what happened to Finn, Jake and Susan Strong.

On the brightside, Steven Universe once again amazed fans with a good season that I’m watching little by little as CN Latinamerica airs (comfort reasons mostly). Mr Greg is one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen, where Dee Dee Mango Hall showed all her singing skills as Pearl. We Bare Bears had its cuteness as ever, but to me the baby bears episodes are everything. And the future is promising if the network greenlights the amazing pilots Infinity Train and Víctor and Valentino, both episodes with lots of mystery vibe and quite entertaining that could continue the fresh wave that is on CN since 2007 more or less. Also, IT hit the superb mark of a million views on Youtube! Kudos to Owen Dennis!

And last but not least, you guys. The road was tough while I began in a new social media with this topic, but finally I met good people I enjoy sharing thing with and I enjoy the things they share. I wish you a much better 2017.

“Chris Pratt. AMA. I’m an open book. Come get some!!”  - Reddit

What is your favorite song to absolutely rock-out too? Favorite song to cry to?

To rock out to…. Pantera Vulger Display of Power To cry to… Pantera Vulger Display of Power

5 years ago you were living in your van on a beach in Hawaii, jobless, listening to Dre’s 2001 everyday. Do you ever miss anything about those days? Simpler times, being able to go anywhere you want without fear of paparazzi, etc.

That was such an amazing time in my life. There are elements I miss. Perhaps most of all, uncertainty.

Are there any roles you regret taking/ not taking?

No regrets. Ever. They all led me to here.

Could Johnny Karate beat Starlord in a fight?

Not alone. But with his band of child ninjas, it would be close.

Since you and Jennifer Lawrence have a pretty similar sense of humour, there must’ve been some pretty hilarious moments on set of Passengers. What is one of the funniest (or embarrassing) moments when filming the movie?

We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby and she screamed. high pitched. very feminine. then she immediately looked over at me and said, “Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?” and for the rest of the shoot i couldn’t convince anyone it wasn’t me. I just had to own it.

Does your son still think you’re a firefighter?

No. He knows i’m an actor. But he thinks it’s kind of stupid. haha! I suppose he’s right!!!

Hi Chris. Would you be willing to play my wife in a biopic I’m shooting for myself? You would have to wear a wig and have sex with me.


Will you and your wife ever do a movie together where you’re both leading? I think you’re both talented and would make an exceptional screen-team!

Yes we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved parks and rec, actually know Aubrey Plaza from summer camp(she was good friends with one of my sister’s) Do you have a favorite moment of working with Aubrey?

I had the best time working with Aubrey. My favorite moments with her were when she would let her guard down, (it didn’t happen that often) and I got to see what a sweet and caring person she is. It’s not dissimilar to the April character.

Was it difficult to control the raptors on the set of JURASSIC WORLD? Did you have any prior training in order to not get hurt by them? It must have been pretty scary. Was it scary? I bet it was.

haha! Yes. It’s amazing i made it out alive. The sequel shoots in a fewmonths. I already have nervous diahrea, diarreah, diarreeah, how the fuck do you spell that? anyways. Yeah. I"m probably gonna die on the sequel.

How has your past as an overweight, comedic character played influenced your growth as an actor, especially now that you’re considered one of the sexiest Hollywood stars?

No. Vanity in comedy understanding the element of my job in where I am a prop. I was confident and in good shape when i first came to LA but nobody would cast me in any well written roles. People assumed based on my looks I was an asshole and a one trick pony. I only auditioned to play the douchebag characters. my audition material would be like “Bradley, 24, you hate him immediately”, int. locker room. Bradley looks to our hero, squints his eyes, runs his hands through his thick gelled and frosted tipped hair and says, “Fuck you pussy.” That would be my audition. “Fuck you pussy.” welcome to the OC bitch. They never let me improv or do comedy. It wasn’t until I built a shlubby exterior, which stood in stark contrast to my inner confidence that people gave me room to play. ,

You’re awesome man. Got any guilt or just general thoughts for taking this sweet lead role in Passengers considering Keanu Reeves had been trying to get the script made for like 6-7 years?

Keanu Reeves is awesome. John Wick is the shit. He’s been killing it for so long. And hes a great humanitarian.

To what extent would you consider Andy Dwyer to be based off yourself?

Andy Dwyer is the personification of my comedic schtick. I have been making people laugh with that clown for years and years. Way before I ever did Parks and Rec. He not all of me. But I AM all of him, if that makes any sense.

Good morning from another PNW native (Tigard, OR)! What was the most challenging aspect of working on Passengers? Also, what’s your favorite thing about the PNW? Have a good one! -Alyssa

Hello! Favorite thing about the PNW is the hard earned summers. Going to the river and floating down with some beers. I love when Mt. Rainier is out. I love the way everything and everyone slows down to feel the sun on their face when it first breaks in summer. Usually you’ve been through 100 days or more in a row of rain and mistiness.

Would you and Eminem ever do a song together?

He’s been after me for years to do a song. wait, no? he doesn’t know I exist? Oh. well…. probably not. simply because he wouldn’t do it. haha! But I’d buy his cologne if he had one.

What is the most useless skill you have?

Rubiks cube, although it’s not useless because i use it to help me run lines.

What would you be probably doing had you not become an actor?

If I hadn’t become an actor in the way I did. (being discovered by a director, plucked from obscurity, etc) I would have continued to pursue stand up comedy. probably would have tried to become an actor that way.

Hey Chris, big fan here! What do you miss most about working on Parks and Rec? What was the hardest part about working on Passengers?

I miss the cast and crew. I miss my friends. I miss the commute. I miss the fact it was a steady gig, all comedy, and took me 7 minutes to get to work. The hardest part of working on Passengers would be the schedule. There were only two of us primarily through the whole shoot and we worked incredibly long hours. I was homesick a lot of the time. It was a grind.

Anna Faris from Scary Movie(s) or Anna Faris from The House Bunny?

Wow. that’s a good question. like a kiss marry kill thing? Trick question. I’d marry and kiss them all. And I did!!!

Hey Chris, you’ve inspired me to lose weight because funny guys can be sexy shirtless too. So my question is: how has getting into shape changed your life? Also is having maintain your physique harder than losing the weight?

Funny guys can be sexy shirtless. But realness is more important. Exercising for health, overall physical and spiritual well being I highly recommend. Doing it to look good naked is cool, but hardly worth the sacrifice. Work on being funny before sexy. lots of women think funny is sexy anyway.

What can we expect in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

Bigger and better in every way.

Why were you wearing this BYU shirt?

Haha! That was during Everwood which we shot in Utah. I don’t remember that shirt. I’m not BYU Alumni. I think that picture was taken at a fan signing event or something. That shirt must have been a gift or something. I honestly don’t remember.

What Marvel superhero would Jennifer Lawrence absolutely destroy in?


Hey Chris! I’ve been a big fan of yours since Parks and Rec! Just a quick question, who did you have more fun acting as: Andy Dwyer or Peter Quill? Thanks for taking the time out to do this!

More fun? Andy Dwyer. We got to do whole scenes, over and over. It was more stage play. Lots of improv. Guardians of the Galaxy is so fun to watch, don’t get me wrong, but making it can be excruciatingly slow and painstaking. When you have so many elements working at once, you might spend all day shooting a piece of the movie that will last 10 seconds.

How is Jennifer Lawrence? What’s your best memory of working with your mates in your movies and tv shows? Top 5 movies and shows? You’re a very lovable actor and you’ve lost alot of weight! I’m trying to shave weight off too because of your change in GotG! Thank you!

Jen is awesome. She’s funny and cool. She’s refreshingly tough. She’s an amazing actor. It feels good to be around her. Best memory? So hard to say. I’ve been at this for 17 years. It’s a dream job. No question. There have been so many unforgettable moments. I love what I do for a living. Top 5? Also very difficult. Friday NIght Lights, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones and Dual Survival.

Hey Chris! Have you ever considered doing any old school slapstick? It would be fun to see you do a prat fall.

I think Andy Dwyer had a lot of that.

If you could have played any character from a film ever, who would you pick?

Jim Preston Passengers Opens December 21st!!

Thanks guys thats my time.

PaleyFest 2014 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

For more than 30 years, PaleyFest has held panel sessions and screenings that connect the worldwide community of television fans with the casts and creators of their favorite TV shows.  One of the panels was to celebrate the ABC television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with its cast and creative team.  Collider was there to attend the panel, and we’ve compiled some of the highlights.

During the presentation, executive producers Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey BellJed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, along with actors Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, talked about how this show originally evolved, how they conceived the characters that make up this team, already knowing how Season 2 and Season 3 will end, how Agent Coulson on the TV show is different from Agent Coulson in the movies, the show’s jaw-dropping surprises, that there are seven episodes left, that the events in Captain America: The Winter Solider will affect things in the April 8th episode, that Rocket Racoon and Scarlett Witch are welcome on the plane, that Bill Paxton’s Agent Garrett will return this season, whether some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast could appear in the upcoming Netflix series, and how there’s still no official pick-up yet for Season 2.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Jeph, how did you originally get the idea to bring Agent Coulson from the big screen to the small screen?

JEPH LOEB:  Luck had a great deal to do with it.  All of this started largely because of [Clark Gregg].  Clark Gregg so embodied, and continues to embody, what makes the Marvel Universe special.  It is a place grounded in reality.  We don’t come from another planet, although some of us do.  And what Clark brought to Agent Coulson was a humanity that these gigantic feature films not only needed, but were elevated by.  His performance was something that everybody fell in love with.  So, when the opportunity arose for us to talk about how we were going to do Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., my first conversation was with Joss Whedon and we talked about one thing, which was, “How do we get Clark?”  And it was really hard.  We asked him.

CLARK GREGG:  I found myself suddenly free.

Jed and Maurissa, how did you conceive of the characters that make up this team?

JED WHEDON:  In our first sit-down with Joss, it was only about an hour and a half before we had a general map of who the characters would be.

MAURISSA TANCHAROEN:  We had the general map of the six characters, or at least the five that surround Coulson.  Just as far as how things have changed, originally Agent May was Agent Rice, and then we cast Ming-Na Wen, and I was like, “Maybe not so much with the Agent Rice anymore.”  Or we could have just leaned in to all of that and made it the running joke.  That would have been great.  As far as Fitz-Simmons go, they were based on Casey Affleck and Scott Caan in Ocean’s Eleven.  We wanted the pair of friends who grew up together and bicker all the time, but there’s a pure bro-love there.  And then, before we knew it, Ms. Henstridge came in and stole it away. 

WHEDON:  They both took their parts.  They both came in and said, “I’ll have this, thank you very much.”  And there wasn’t much discussion amongst all of us, once we saw them both play it.  That’s actually true of everybody.  There was no arguing amongst us, in terms of casting. 

TANCHAROEN:  And we scoured the globe.  We looked everywhere, and looked at everyone.

Jeff, how far in advance do you see where this story is going?

JEFFREY BELL:  The characters were there, the bus was there, and everything was there.  Anytime you arc out a show, whether it’s super-serialized or just a little bit, we all sit around for as long as they will pay us to do so, and we bring in other smart writers to help us, and we build tentpoles.  We knew where we wanted to go with this season.  We know where we’d like Season 2 to end.  And we know where we’d like Season 3 to end.  But, that’s ambitious.  And we know which character will still be alive.  This is, in fact, a Joss Whedon Joint.  And we know who will be kissing, too. 

Clark, is playing Agent Coulson on the show different from playing him in the films?

GREGG:  He’s a little different.  When he was in the movies, he was alive, and then he was dead.  And then, suddenly, he was alive again.  When I was dying, I was like, “Hey, this sucks!  I really liked being this guy.  He gets fun stuff to do.”  And then, I was dead, and I was really dead.  It was very clear.  There was a lot of blood.  And I was like, “But you can bring me back.  It’s the comics!”  So, Joss and Jeff called and said, “Look, you might not be so dead.”  Joss’ pitch was simply the pilot, which was, “Coulson went to Tahiti.  It was a close call.  He had a massage therapist and some Mai Tais and he got better, but it has to be a secret.  And then, he walks away and they say, ‘He can never know the truth.’”  And I was in.  Being a fan of Joss, I was like, “Wow, that’s amazing!”  And that really fantastic set-up has been evolved by this amazing collection of writers, all season.  The real dilemma has been Coulson starting to feel both physically, the way that a lot of trauma survivors do, and experientially in the world around him, that he doesn’t feel that same.  It raises a lot of questions.  I only know so much about Agent Coulson from his life before this.  There were tidbits revealed when each new writer/director team got him for a different movie.  And then, Joss came in and I was like, “I knew I was a fanboy.”  So, there’s definitely been a deeper exploration of that kind of existential crisis for this guy.  I love it.  How can you work for an organization that traffics in secrets and not have secrets kept from you?  The experience of doing the show has been the strangest, most intense and really beautiful life imitating art experience.  Suddenly, I was alive again, surrounded by a new team of people that I didn’t have a lot of experience with, and that was true of both Coulson and Clark.  This season has been this incredible journey of that, and of getting to know these incredible actors, and watching them step up at different moments and shine.  Our life has become this wild adventure where everything is up for grabs.  We went to see a certain movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) together recently and went, “Woah!” 

Ming-Na, are you surprised about where Melinda May is going?

MING-NA WEN:  This whole season has been one of jaw-dropping surprises.  The writers don’t tell us anything.  Marvel is S.H.I.E.L.D.  We’re living this life in our fantasy pretend world, and in the real world.  They know stuff that we try to get out of them, and they won’t tell us until we get the next script.  I want Skye to be the love child of May and Thor, and then they have to flashback to those scenes.  But the secrets are constantly a major surprise for me, and I’m sure all of us.  We call each other and text each other and go, “Did you just read that?!”  It’s nice because we’re all such geeks at heart that, if we’re reacting this way to the script, we just feel our audience is going to react that way, as well.  That excites us because that is the world these characters live in.  If you don’t have these twists and turns, I don’t think it makes for the same type of show that we’re trying to evolve and become.  I just love how it all ties in with the bigger Marvel universe.

How many episodes are left in the season?

LOEB:  There are seven.  We start on April 1st.  Then on April 4th, in theaters near you, is a movie called Captain America: The Winter Solider.  And then, we’re back again on April 8th, for an episode we wouldn’t want you to miss.  And then, it’s a bullet shot, all the way to the season finale.  There will be seven episodes in a row, where the seventh is the season finale.

So, are there going to be any tie-ins from Captain America that will directly affect the show?

LOEB:  It’s the Marvel universe.  We started out in the Marvel universe.  We would not have a show unless Agent Coulson was the gift that was given to us through Marvel’s The Avengers.  We had Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif on the show.  We had an episode after Thor: The Dark World, where they were cleaning up in London, after what happened in that movie.  So, it would certainly not surprise anyone, if things that happened in that movie were to suddenly happen in the show that we’re talking about.

BELL:  The truth is that there are hundreds of people who make this show.  We have a tremendous production crew, and a tremendous post team and visual effects team.  Whenever you see planes flying and landing, that’s all magic that they do.  We’re a team, and that’s the only way we can make the show. 

GREGG:  One of the funnest things about working for Marvel, in the films, on the TV show, and in the new thing that’s in the middle somewhere, is the fans.  Marvel has this really unique relationship with the fans, and it’s a great part of it. 

What other Marvel universe stories would you like to see woven into the series?

GREGG:  As a fan, I wouldn’t mind opening the door to the plane and seeing Rocket Raccoon on there, or Scarlett Witch.  I’m not picky. 

WHEDON:  Whatever they let us play with, we’ll play with.

We know that the movies affect the universe of the show, but could we ever see Melinda May kicking ass with Tony Stark?

WEN:  I’ll take that! 

TANCHAROEN:  We like the way you think. 

Will we see Bill Paxton as Agent Garrett again this season?

LOEB:  You will be seeing him more, this season. 

And you have Patton Oswalt coming on, too.

LOEB:  There are still a few more surprises that we have yet to shake out of our sleeves.  Stay tuned.

In terms of mutants, is there any chance that you’ll introduce the idea of mutants in the show?

LOEB:  There’s no proof, at the moment, that in the Marvel cinematic universe there are mutants.  That’s all I can say. 

What is the official word on the pick-up for Season 2, and beyond?

TANCHAROEN:  There is no word yet.

How long does it take to do each episode of the show?

BELL:  We have a few weeks to write it.  Then, we shoot it in eight day.  And then, we edit it and finish it anywhere between 20 and 30 days.  It’s fast.  Every eight days, there’s doing a new one.

How long do the fighting scenes take?

WEN:  A long time.  They have to show us the choreography.  Our stunt team is amazing.  They’re very, very meticulous about teaching us the choreography, and then making sure that we can do a lot of the stuff.  It takes awhile.  But then, once we get into it, it’s so much fun. 

GREGG: The fight choreographers are really amazing, in that they really work with you and figure out what your strengths are and your athletic background is, if any, and they gradually push you.  There are a lot more fights coming, and a lot of people get pushed out into that territory.  We have an amazing team, in that way, because everything we do is about a tenth the time that the same thing would happen in a film.  They rehearse it, they give you a video and you’re learning it at home at night, so that you can go in and shoot it in a couple of hours, whereas it would be two days on a movie.       

Will we see some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast in some of the shows you’re going to have on Netflix?  Will that all intertwine?

LOEB:  I think we have to get all of that done, and then we’ll see.  But it’s all one universe, so we’ll see what happens. 

Would you like to see that happen

LOEB:  Anything that makes the fans happy, I’m in favor of.

GREGG:  I’m not in the same hot seat that Jeph is in, answering that.  As someone who’s been around, in the building of this, if they were assembling a universe, it’s been amazing, having grown up reading some of those comics, to see the way that Marvel doesn’t leave a lot on the table.  If there’s some way to really make the most out of what the fans want and expect, in my experience, there’s a lot of listening to that. 

The Normal Heart

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine watch The Normal Heart (and yeah it has some spoilers if you haven’t seen it)

            It was eight by the time they had finished dinner, cleaned up, and cuddled up on the couch in their pajamas, with a laptop in Kurt’s lap. With all of their friends out of the apartment, gone to live their dreams elsewhere, Kurt and Blaine had gotten to spend a lot of time together, just the two of them. It had become a tradition that every Friday night, after a long week at NYADA, band practice for Kurt, and events with June for Blaine, that they would take a break from the chaos of work and school, and just spend time together, cuddling, and watching movies on the couch. They decided on switching who gets to pick the movie every week, and since Blaine picked Star Trek last week, it was Kurt’s turn to pick.

            “I can’t wait to watch this movie.” Kurt said, smiling at Blaine. “It’s called The Normal Heart, and it’s set in 1980’s, and it’s about the spread of HIV and aids in the gay community.”

            “Oh…” Blaine looked at him hesitantly, making Kurt wonder if he should have picked something else. “Am I going to need a box of tissues?”

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