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This is really short and choppy (and a lot less about theater than I planned for it to be), but I’m sick and haven’t had the energy to write anything else :/ The next chapter of Tangled Ribbons is in the works, but idk… I accidently deleted my tumblr account, which is a major reason why I haven’t updated. A tiny bit about this in the end notes, but I’ll talk about it in the next TR update.

@matchaball and I talk about aus all the time, and the theater au is definitely one of my favs! I accidently came up with a whole background and plot for this au while writing this, although this one shot doesn’t really fit within it. I did hint at what the actual story would be like a few times in this though! Not sure if I’ll actually write it or not…but it might happen when I’m dealing with post show depression.

I’ll get more sentimental and sappy in the next TR update, but thank you to @zoenightstars and the entirety of the @ml-network​ for everything this week. <3

I’ll have to reupload all of my fics on here at some point next week. Anyway, enjoy this…whatever this is.

Marinette drops into the seat next to Alya. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for death.”

Alya coos and pats Marinette’s head. “Poor baby, has to spend all day doing what she loves.”

Marinette sticks her tongue out at Alya. “I never want to see glitter again.”

“Manon will be disappointed.”

She huffs. “I swear to god, if I see anyone eating in costume, I’ll lose it.”

“Oo!” Alya’s eyes widen in the familiar plotting way Marinette knows all too well. “You know that thing where you mail someone glitter? That. Do that.“

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helloooooo jadekats

i think i figured something out. it’s a lot of somethings and it’s split into two parts, but it needed some explaining. enjoy, my friends! <3

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The Calzona storyline of Season 12 (Update 1)

I decided to recap the Calzona moments by epsiode this season to see if this storyline has had direction all along. I did this from memory so let me know if I missed anything or got anything wrong.

1201 - Callie and Arizona establish they are more comfortable with each other now and freely high five over Maggie’s punching of a homophobe. Also Arizona announces that she and Callie sold their home together. RIP 830.

1202 - Arizona overhears Callie gushing about meeting someone new. Someone Callie can’t stop thinking about and could stare at her face forever. This woman has asked for a third date. Arizona interrupts that conversation to change the subject.

She tells April that Callie has met someone and she feels “super” and “awesome” about it…clearly not the whole truth by her expression. She also states with a hint of resentment that she should be happy for Callie because she “sounds happy. Happier than she has EVER been. FOREVER happy.”

At the end of 1202 Callie gives her book to read to Sofia since Arizona has her that night. Arizona asks Callie about her big date. Callie seems reluctant to talk about it until Arizona assures her she can always tell her. Always. So Callie launches in about how much Arizona would like her date. She’s funny and sharp and she and Callie laugh at the same things -almost as if they share a brain. Arizona interjects for her to dial back the enthusiasm and then asks her to read the room. Callie just says “all I am saying is you would like her.”

1203 - nothing Calzona related that I remember.

1204 - this was another big one. Arizona talks about not wanting to go to Meredith’s dinner party if Callie was there because she didn’t want to intimidate her new girlfriend. She then awkwardly asks April if she knew if her girlfriend was going to be there. Callie walks up and April asks if Penny was coming. Callie said she didn’t know if Arizona would be okay with it and Arizona tries to play it cool but stumbles all over herself telling Callie to bring her new girlfriend to the party because she really wants to meet her. After Callie leaves April tells Arizona she was anything but cool.

Arizona is crying in a supply closet after her 90 yr old patient friend died. She tells April she never felt like she would find love again - not anything real or true - she had that and she screwed it up - and that was over. She goes on to say Callie might have found her love now and maybe she would find new love too.

The end of the episode finds Arizona at Meredith’s saying she can’t meet Callie’s new girlfriend without more liquor.

1205 - Arizona drinks more and more alcohol until she is drunk. Callie assures Penny that Arizona will have no problem meeting her. She meets Penny and they get along fine. Arizona is surprised that she likes Penny so much. She comments that Callie is so happy and continues to drink more. She complains to April later she needs to find herself a Penny. She makes subtle little drunken jabs at Penny all through dinner. At the hospital Callie comments to Owen how well the meeting between Penny and Arizona went. Once everything has blown up at the party a very drunk Arizona wonders if she should be there for her ex and decides against because she is her ex.

1206 - Arizona tells April she knows what it’s like to have everything fall apart and desparately try to keep it together. She criticizes April for lying to Jackson to get his attention.

1207 - Arizona is on the hunt for a wingman as she has decided to get back out there. Richard becomes her new wingman. Arizona admits she is nervous and scared and has no idea what she is doing anymore.

1208 - Arizona tries to ask a patient out but crashes. Callie talks about her split from Arizona and therapy with Jackson. She also talks about break up and makeup sex - seeming to be referencing Arizona.

1209- nothing

1210 - Richard and Arizona hit the bar again.

1211 - nothing because Japril the movie. Although they did show us a flashback complete with Calzona wedding rings and heart necklaces.

1212 - Arizona talks about all the women she is dating. Tells Richard thank you for reminding her she could have fun and be a little slutty again. Callie tells April her divorce from Arizona made her feel like her insides had been ripped out.

1213 - Callie kicks ass in the OR.

1214 - Arizona kicks ass in the OR. She begs April to include Jackson as the other parent in her pregnancy.

1215 - Arizona goes to Callie about her situation with Japril. Callie listens to her and seems in tuned with her need to talk. Callie calls her “honey” (not romantically but with an air of familiarity) but speaks honestly with her that she made a huge mistake. (Important one I forgot!) Arizona asks Callie “What if it were us? What if we had been trying and I found out I was pregnant after we split? Wouldn’t you want to know?” Callie seems to be remembering back for a second and says “Of course I would. But from you. Not someone else.

1216 - Penny tells Callie she loves her and Callie says “thank you”. Sofia is brought to the hospital and does not include the name Robbin when she states her name. Callie is upset Penny met Sofia. When Penny asks if it’s because she said “I love you” Callie lies blames Arizona for her reaction to avoid talking to Penny about it. She says they are moving so fast and it’s too new. Arizona reacts with a glare when Penny says “You are Sofia’s mother” as it seemed she didn’t know where she was going with that. Penny apologizes to Arizona for not respecting her wishes regarding Sofia. Arizona doesn’t know what she is talking about and suggests Callie lied to her. (Update) Penny has a patient in which he and his wife have been at odds since he has had a girlfriend for years. The girlfriend is a red head who he dumps because he has no memory of her due to an injury. He only remembers the love he had for his wife. (End update) Meanwhile, Arizona is furious and goes to Callie and tells her to work out whatever is going on with her girlfriend. Callie watches her walk away with an almost sad expression. (Updated) Callie has a patient who breaks up with her boyfriend because he basically broke her and she doesn’t believe you can recapture the thrill of the mountain top experience of “climbing Mt. Everest” twice. Callie looks a bit somber and then asks Bailey for advice on letting your kid meet someone your dating. (End update) Bailey asks Callie who she sees cheering beside her in the future. Callie doesn’t react like you think she would if she were thinking about Penny. She looks sad once again. (Additional thought): It seems that between the patient’s words about the thrill only happening once in a lifetime and Arizona telling Callie she didn’t care about Penny meeting Sofia and also telling her to figure it out with Penny that Callie decides to jump in with Penny at that moment and settle.

1217 - Callie finds out Penny won the Preminger Grant and will be moving for at least a year. She fakes happiness as they walk away and Penny frowns at her reaction.

1218 - nothing

1219 - Callie wants to be asked to go with Penny even if she knows she can’t go. She refuses to repeat old mistakes and ask her to stay there. She tells Arizona her relationship with Penny will not last as a long distance relationship. Arizona tells her she can work it out if she puts her mind to it. Callie tells Penny she loves her (she waited weeks but seems to feel their time dwindling I guess). Penny is moved to tears and Callie is moved to have Penny ask her for real to go with her to NY. She tells Arizona the next day she was right and they did work it out and she and Sofia would be joining Penny in NY (she calls it an “adventure” I think partly to convince herself why she is allowing herself to make such a rash decision) but they can work out the Sofia details later. Arizona is shocked. She is even more shocked when she sees Penny walking out of the hospital with her family like it’s her own. She goes to a lawyer and says she wants to fight for custody of Sofia. The lawyer tells her it will be a battle and even if she wins she will feel like she has lost something.

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can you please write and angst scenarios with jimin from bts? like he's late because of practice? thanks xx

First of all, a big thank you to sugafied for providing me with awesome feedback to help me make this a hopefully fabulous request! xP I kinda went extreme on this since my ideas sort of took off on their own haha! With that being said, I hope you enjoy~! ^^

Jimin used to text you every morning with “goodmorning~”, but lately he had stopped doing so. At first you had justshrugged it off and decided to simply text him first, but he wasn’t replying to them either, and if he did it was late at night after you’d already gone to bed; leaving you no time to talk to one another.

Sorry Jagi~! We were practising all day and I didn’t see your text till now! T.T

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