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The Long Halloween / Season 4 My Thoughts

After hearing that Gotham Season 4 will feature elements from The Long Halloween I decided to go back and have a re-read.

(I spent a lot longer writing this up then I originally intended and decided to add images from the comic to make it more then just a wall of text!)

This is one of my favorite Batman stories and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for good read. As a slight change of pace to my usual gif sets, I thought I would share my thoughts on The Long Halloween and the plot elements that may make it into season 4 of Gotham. This is just my own personal opinion and speculation so don’t take anything here seriously or get annoyed if you disagree. I will most likely be way off the mark with a lot of things but maybe some of it will line up with what we can expect from season 4. I’m happy to discuss anything people may think will be different or similar so don’t be afraid to start a conversation with me about anything raised here (so long as its constructive conversation!).

For those who are here for Nygmobblepot content specifically see the end of the write up for my thoughts on their relationship this season.

Spoilers for The Long Halloween ahead! (although I do not spoil who Holiday is)

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The Dark Curse

So…I was watching OUAT 1x05, Jiminy Cricket’ s episode, and part of 3x11, Going Home, and I’m more convinced than ever of a couple of things.

There is still a curse. One which Emma and Henry and I think to some extent, the others are aware of.

Here’s why.
A. I’ve already mentioned this but it bears repeating. Henry’s girlfriend, Violet, is actually Jefferson’s/the Mad Hatter’s daughter Grace. Henry actually calls her that in 5x21 then corrects himself.

B. 1x05 and 3x11 actually explain how the curse works.
- 1x05 tells us that the curse makes it harder to do what you actually want to do and be who you actually want to be. It makes it harder to make the choices you want to make by making it harder to hear the voice inside telling you what is right for you.

-3x11 tells us that the curse services the person or people that cast it. It makes their wishes and darkest desires come true.

Which brings me to another thing. Every Dark Curse that has ever been cast that has been successful (so not Pan’s) has been the work of two people. Yes, even the first one. There are a couple of glaring clues to this.

When people talk about the curse they talk about the Queen’s curse. And we take it to mean they are talking about the Evil Queen. But that’s not what they actually say. Because the truth is that “the Queen’s curse” could also be “the Queens’ curse”. Same pronunciation, different meaning. And the thing is that there were two Queens present at the casting of the original dark curse, two Queens whom both gave up the thing they loved most.

You know what else? I firmly believe they both gave up two things. You don’t just give up a person. You give up a thing or things that represent(s) something of value to you. Something that’s not tangible, but real nonetheless. They don’t have to be a person or people, but they can be because it’s what these people represent. Pan actually lists the acceptable prices of the curse in 3x11. They are love in the form of “romance, family, loyalty, friendship”.

With the dark curse Regina gave up her family, both her current family in the form of her father and her future family in the form of Emma and Snow. I say this because Regina came to Snow’s castle looking for Emma. And I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t her intention to kill her, but to keep her.

So did Snow. She gave up her family in the form of David and Emma.

So the first curse was a combination of Regina’s and Snow’s wishes. But The thing is the middle ground that needs to be found when the people’s wishes are conflicting.

It’s why the curse made both Regina and Snow miserable. Because that’s what they wished for each other. But at the same time why Ruby, Snow’s best friend was fine. As happy as she had ever been even. Snow’s doing. Although she dressed slutty. Regina’s doing. People’s realities become a combination of what the different people want. And when one doesn’t care about a certain individual or doesn’t mind either way, the other has more control. Regina harbored no ill will toward Ruby and so Snow was able to make her as happy as she could. She wasn’t separated from Granny. I think Snow was also able to affect who came to Storybrooke with the curse. Like the dwarfs. I don’t see any reason why Regina would have brought them. She hated them originally.

There is also the matter of there being two components to the curse. That of the memory wipe and that of the actual curse. With the original curse Regina did the memory wipe. That is the curse that was broken. If the curse had been broken in its entirety in season 1 then everyone would have returned to the Enchanted Forest. Storybrooke would have ceased to exist. Like it did in season 3. Just the fact that it exists and that everyone is in it means there is a curse in effect.

It’s also why both Snow and Regina being framed for murder, creating a rift between them and the people they care about and Emma calling Regina her friend in early season 4 after Regina’s and Snow’s curse is broken is so important. Snow and Regina being framed for murder, Emma’s parents trying to turn Emma against Regina, that is Snow and Regina throwing a wrench in each other’s happiness yet again. And anyone looking at seasons 1 to 3 would probably call Emma and Regina friends by 3x11. But the curse is in effect. A combination of Regina (and Snow) getting what she wants and it being taken away. In part because Snow wants it and in part because Regina herself doesn’t believe she deserves to be happy. Also, once Regina’s memory wipe is lifted, half of Snow’s happy ending is returned. Although even by season 3 she can’t get the other half to work, her relationship with Emma. Regina manages to do a better job of that. It’s also important to note that lying and cowardice were important parts of David’s curse identity. He had a hard time being honest when he was cursed.

I also wonder if Snow wasn’t the one who somehow wrote the book into the curse. Or at least wrote it into her own possession. It’s also interesting that it was found in a closet. It tells me that she was an important key to breaking the curse, she got Henry the book, but also that she had more control over the story from the get go than she believed or might have known. Control that she passed to Henry. It’s also interesting because it was what the author influenced Snow and Charming to do that got him trapped in the book in the first place. And it was Regina who ended up freeing him for good.

Which brings me to the current curse, evidenced by Henry calling Violet Grace.

Now, a lot of what I’ve mentioned had been already theorized by Shady. She has even theorized that there is still a curse happening now. And by whom it was cast. Snow and Hook. I agree with all of this. I just don’ t agree with when it was cast.

First of all, I think that this curse happened over time. So it’s much harder to detect. And we need to remember that there has also always been a curse in effect. Even while curses were supposedly broken. Remnants remained.

Part of me doesn’t believe that Snow’s curse was ever lifted. In part because she never got back part of what she gave up. Her wish as she mentions in 3x11 was to have her family, to raise her daughter. She never got that back in any form. Through any of the curses being lifted. Even though she tried to recreate it. It seems to me like a curse being broken would mean things being restored to how they were before. If you don’t get everything back that you gave up to cast the curse in some way, shape or form then it can’t have been lifted completely. This goes for season 1 and season 3′s curses. Although when I think about it Snow did get pregnant shortly after 3x11. So maybe that was her getting back what she lost, Emma’s childhood through a new baby. The other reason (when it comes to season 3) was that it was simply never broken. As Shady has said, Zelena’s memory curse was broken in season 3. And if all of these arguments fail, just looking at current events it does feel like they could be a combination of Hook and Snow’s wishes for Emma’s life.

For comparison, Regina did definitely get back what she lost. Emma…and Henry, in the form of her son.

It’s also obvious due to the fact that that is what she gives up to reverse her and Pan’s curse. I think the reason she had to do that is to affect Pan’s curse, to have any control over it, to influence it she had to give up again what she got back. It’s what having control over the curse requires. You could say that Regina essentially counters Pan’s curse by casting her own new one. Over Emma and Henry. In order to protect them. But her curse is very specific. It involves them, her family, not being a part of her life fully. Together. A choice she made to affect the curse in such a way that it ensured their happiness without her. Happiness that was an illusion, but still. And I’m not entirely sure that that curse isn’t still going as well. Actually, I believe it is. Emma is lonely just like she was in New York even though she was just engaged. Just like she was in New York. Emma is happy only she isn’t. Hook is especially horrible at being a good person. He is a pathological liar even moreso than I would expect and often gets caught in his lies. It’s like he’s having the hardest time being a good person and doing the right thing when he’s around Emma and her family. One could call it a curse. Regina’s maybe? Being conflicted between wanting your best friend to be happy but not with the person she’s trying to be happy with must be hard.

Especially when you know your friend doesn’t love the guy. Which I think she does know.

So Regina’s new curse started in 3x11, ensuring her family’s illusion of happiness without her.

Snow’s curse is the savior princess curse. I think the Wish Realm was an exaggerated representation of the Emma Snow wants her to be. Or Regina’s joke version. And interesting that since it was Emma’s wish wished by Regina, Emma ended up with a dead Neal and a drunk, old Hook. And no prospects. Aside from Regina. The whole “someday your Prince will come” theme. You gotta love this show. 

Emma is docile, the perfect princess. I don’t think this is how she would have turned out had Snow raised her originally, but taking a adult -wouldn’t be caught dead being a princess-Emma with a mind of her own, her own views and beliefs and making her fit in the mold of princess would mean that her backbone and willpower would have to be the first to go. Which I think is what Snow has actually been doing this whole time, but more subtly. (Snow’s season 3 curse that hasn’t been broken).Trying to re-raise Emma. Re-mold her into the princess that Snow had always hoped she would be. But the system is glitching. Because it goes against who Emma actually is. And kind of reminds me of Snow removing Emma’s inherent darkness as a baby. Darkness everyone has within them. The choice to be who they want to be, be it good or bad. This actual canon action of Snow’s makes me actually wonder if Emma raised by Snow wouldn’t have been a lot like Wish Realm Emma, because Snow actually removed part of Emma’s ability to stand up to her parents, to rebel. I think removing Emma’s darkness was in itself a curse. Emma had no choice but to be a hero. She literally didn’t choose it, it chose her. Or her parents chose it for her. When it came to Aladdin becoming a savior he did so for two reasons.

1. Jasmine believed he was
2. There was the urgent need for one (when something almost collapsed onto Jasmine) and Aladdin believed he was the savior himself so he could protect Jasmine.

Jasmine made Aladdin into two things he was never meant to be. A savior and a genie. Both so he could save Agrabah. In the end Jasmine saved it herself. Well, with his help. And by the end Aladdin was neither the savior or the genie. And Jasmine realized she should never have turned him into either.

With Emma, she became the savior because Snow, Regina and Henry all needed her to be one. I’d say Rumple as well but Rumple said himself that he only took advantage of what she already was. I’m guessing he saw the future.

Snow calls Emma the savior as a baby. She is the first one to believe. Henry is the second one, the first one who creates the necessity for a savior.

But it’s Regina being in danger and no one being willing to protect her along with Emma’s promise to Henry to protect her that makes Emma’s savior powers manifest.

So far we have as current curse casters Regina and Snow. Regina affects Emma’s illusion happiness and Emma being happy without her. Snow affects Emma’s behavior, making her the perfect savior princess. One that has a love of her own. Snow basically wants Emma to have what she has. Because that is what makes her happy. And she thinks that the same things in a similar package will make Emma happy.

Moving on to Hook. In order to be able to bring Emma back to Storybrooke- part of what Snow’s curse was meant to do-Hook gives up his ship. I believe this gave Hook control over the curse. His ship is the thing he loves most. His home, the thing he’s loyal to, his freedom, his shipmates were his family. Even now that he has it back he doesn’t have his shipmates. Nor does he really use his boat. He has still given it up in favor of creating a home with Emma on land. He gets to see the sea, but never sail it with his boat. Something that really stood out to me was that Emma and Henry actually went kayaking without Hook. Which makes no sense unless you consider it as part of the curse’s price. Just like in season 3 Regina got to see Henry but he didn’t have his memories. She had him, but she didn’t really have him. It wasn’t the same. 

I think Hook originally had limited control maybe in part because he didn’t realize he had it, but over time his control has increased. While I think Regina’s has decreased. Her part of the curse is still in effect, but she can’t go against it that much. Also, I think because the things she would want to make happen now go against her original curse wish. I think as caster you can make things happen within a curse, but only if they fall within the frame of your original wish. Not if they go against it completely.

I think that’s why trying to break Emma and Hook up in 3x17 didn’t work. Both her own curse of Emma’s illusion of happiness and Hook’s  and Snow’s were working against her. And it’s probably also why a break up between Emma and Hook never lasts.

Hook wants to be with Emma. And started chasing Emma in earnest after he gave up his boat. Giving up his boat is also what gave him his wish at the time. A kiss.

I think that the period between Hook giving up his boat and early season 4 is Emma’s rebel period. It marks Emma rebelling against what Hook wants. I think at that point Snow also may not want Emma with Hook. She just wants Emma with a man. So her dislike of Hook might also be a factor there. And Regina’s dislike of Hook. But I think that Emma and Regina’s fight must have affected the curse. Regina’s and Snow’s parts of the curse were both focused on Emma having their idea of happiness. But with Emma and Regina at odds with each other Emma wasn’t happy and no curse could make her. She wasn’t feeling like being the savior or being with a man. It was also the time where part of Regina’s curse was in effect. She had neither Emma nor Henry. I feel like this period is where Regina’s curse was the strongest and maybe Emma had the most control when it came to refusing the things Snow and Hook wanted for or with her.

She was chasing Regina and Hook was chasing her. Until 4x03 where her and Regina’s fight reached new heights. Regina insulting her savior quality. But there was also the acknowledgement of mutual trust. That apparently hadn’t been lost like the first time around. Emma gained some ground with Regina.

This is also when Hook and Emma started dating in earnest. But she was still chasing Regina. And her relationship with Hook was an illusion. She didn’t dress like herself. Hook got violent with a drunk who tried to pop the bubble of the happiness illusion and Emma came home standing against the door looking unhappy and puzzled instead of blissfully happy.

And I think when Emma and Regina became friends, it made Emma happy and so that again affected the curse, making Emma maybe more susceptible to Hook and Snow’s wishes. Someone who is happy is less likely to rebel.

I think Hook now has double control over the curse. When Emma forced him into his dark one status. I think loyalty was lost between them. It completely corrupted their romance. And it’s still corrupt. It’s why they can’t make their relationship work. I think this moreso than Regina is what makes their relationship fail. Because now that I think about it, Regina wasn’t able to get the desired effect when she did try to influence their relationship. Because now Hook is a vital part of the happy illusion she cursed Emma into. But Emma and Hook corrupted their own relationship when Emma shattered what they had by turning Hook dark against his will. They haven’t come back from that.

I think this entire show is one curse on top of another. Overlapping, entwining with each other.

I wonder how death affects a curse. Is Emma going to the underworld also part of the curse? Not being able to let go of the reality the curse assigns you?

Is that also why Regina couldn’t let go of her Robin but did let go of Wish Robin? The hold of the curse was in full effect with her Robin making it hard for Regina to first realize she didn’t really want to be with him and leave him and then let go of him after his death? Where there was no curse hold with Wish Realm Robin, not on her at least. The Queen is another story.

It does seem like Robin might have been a twisted part of the curse by Snow. Her version of a happy illusion for Regina. Not ill-intended maybe. But doing the same thing to Regina as she did to Emma. Wishing a similar happy ending as her own onto both Regina and Emma.

Then there is the other matter that Emma is not just part of Hook’ s curse desires for her, she is also his genie.

Just like Aladdin was for Jasmine.

I think that what Hook added to Emma through curse and wish were two things

1. For Emma to be his savior
2. For Emma to be his happy ending

So that is what she is.

In conclusion, I believe the current curse is a combination of Regina’s, Snow’s and Hook’s desires.

I also think a combination of True Love’s kiss and sacrifice are probably what will break it. Like the last was broken.

I just thought of something else. Regina broke a curse in season 3. And we all assumed that it was Snow’s. But what if it wasn’t? What if a curse can only be broken by the person who cast it or by their blood? So when Emma broke the Dark Curse in season 1 what she was actually doing was breaking her mother’s part in it? But would that then mean that the memory wipe was actually Snow’s doing somehow? That she also inadvertently desired to forget her despair so she could make it through the time the curse lasted? No, I think that being the person who cast the curse or blood-related to the person who cast the curse is not the only way to break it. But I think it may be one way. The question then does remain which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. Regina’s or Snow’s? It makes more sense that it was Regina’s part since Regina was very clear on being the one to do the memory wipe and create curse names, etc. But then Regina was the one to reverse the curse completely in 3x11.

Which also begs the question. Which curse(s) did Regina break with Henry in season 3? Zelena’s? Definitely, or the residents of Storybrooke wouldn’t have gotten their memories back. But did she and Henry also break her own?

So that would mean that the current curse is just Snow’s and Hook’ s. Adhering to the two person casting rule
1st Curse (1x01) Snow and Regina

2nd Curse(3x11) Regina and Emma or is it again Regina and Snow? I’m gonna go with Regina and Emma. Emma did say that the price would have to be paid by both of them(her and Regina). Emma gave up a significant part of her family along with Regina. She is the one who made that decision. Just as Snow originally made the decision to give Emma up. After Regina made the one to give Henry up. Whether she lost Emma this time was up to Emma herself. Wait, if it was Regina and Emma does it mean that Emma’s part of the curse of having to give Regina and her family up is still in effect? So still a three person curse? Or did it break when she came back?

3rd Curse (after 3x11), Officially Snow and Zelena. Unofficially, in my opinion, Snow and Zelena, then Hook on top of that.

 4th Curse (season 5) Emma and Hook. With possible remnants of Regina’s curse. And Snow’s and Hook’s previous curses most likely still in effect. Making the current curse one of Hook and Snow and possibly Emma and Regina. Some part of me almost feels like Regina releasing Storybrooke’s/ Emma’s magic back into Storybrooke and Regina coming into contact with it as she did so may have lead to a TLK wannabe that might have removed any remnant of Emma and Regina’s parts in the curse, although not every curse in effect since it wasn’t an actual TLK. I don’t know for sure. There was just something about that scene though.

I thought about it some more and came up with a couple of rules when it comes to curse breaking.

1. The first and I believe most important one we’re introduced to as soon as the show starts is that whomever is breaking the curse needs to be aware there is one. In the series premiere when Charming and Snow broke Snow’s sleeping curse both were aware that Snow was under one. This exchange happens.

Snow:“You found me!”
Charming: “Did you ever doubt I would?”
Snow: “The glass coffin gave me pause”.

Snow knew she was cursed and was completely aware of her surroundings while under the curse. So you can’t break a curse you’re unaware of.

2. In order to break a curse you have to be personally affected by it-as in you were the one who was cursed-, be the one who cast it or be blood related to the one who cast it. I feel like there might be more to this depending on which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. And which curse and/or part of a curse/curses Regina and Henry broke in season 3. What made it possible aside from TLK? These three things are not mutually exclusive, I don’t think. That means if you abide by one out of three you’re good. But it narrows down the list of people who can break particular curses and this list will vary from curse to curse.

With the original dark curse Snow’s part of the curse was broken by two of her blood relatives. Her daughter Emma and grandson Henry. Neither of which were personally cursed. Emma was affected by it as in she was sent away. But she was not cursed.

3. Belief. You have to believe that however you choose to break the curse will work. When it comes to using True Love’s Kiss both people involved have to believe their love for each other is strong enough to break the curse.

These are (some of) the rules. All of which we have seen enacted on the show.

But it also made me revisit the season 3 curses enacted by Regina(3x11) and Snow.

Using the blood relation rule Henry should have been able to break Snow’s curse when sharing TLK with Regina. He should have also been able to help Regina break both Zelena’s and her own curse. And they seemingly did break at least Zelena’s memory curse together.

But I don’t think he had any knowledge of any of the curses. Even with his memories returned. He would have gotten.his memories up to the moment he left Storybrooke. Did he even know his mother was casting a curse to counteract Pan’s? Did his mother even know that’s what she was doing? Not simply reversing her old curse? Unless like with Emma in season 1 just believing gave Henry the memories he needed to break the curse.

Emma gained memories of her time in the Enchanted Forest right after her birth. Which I don’t think she should have been able to remember.

But even so does it mean that just one person being aware of the curse is enough? It doesn’t seem likely. But that since Regina is the one related to Zelena it was her part in the kiss that broke Zelena’s curse? Or with TLK is it only the love that needs to be mutual and not the knowledge of the curse? Or did Henry maybe overhear them talking about the curse Zelena cast and did he only place that info in persepctive once he got the rest of his memories back?

So does that mean her curse, the one Regina cast on Emma and Henry in 3x11 is broken? Or is it still in effect? What about Snow’s curse?

I maintain that the current curse is probably a combination of Hook and Snow’s curses combined with possible remnants of Regina’s and Emma’s. I’m just not clear on what was actually broken with the True Love’s Kisses. And what the rules that came into play were.

Longest post ever!

There is more where that came from. I’m just too tired to write it out.

peskyshortcake  asked:

Any AU + “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

“Those things you said yesterday… did you mean them?”

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Wash’s Meandering Character Alignment

Wash has one of the most interesting character arcs out of any of the RvB characters. He’s certainly come a long way from his first chronological appearance, let alone from when we were first introduced to him in Recovery One! 

Since I’m a D&D nerd, I thought it’d be a lot of fun to examine Wash’s character development through the lens of D&D’s character alignment system. He moves around quite a bit, all things considered, at least in my opinion!

(Here’s a handy chart for reference) x 

As always, these are just my opinion. You are free to disagree with me. I hardly consider myself to be the ultimate authority on Agent Washington. This is just my own interpretation of Wash and his behaviors. 

So! Wash during Project Freelancer is lawful neutral. What? I hear many of you say. But Wash is so nice! Yes. He might be. But good ≠ nice. We hear Wash express a great deal of concerns over the course of Seasons 9-10 (flashback), yes. But… they’re almost always concern about the rules. (Continues below the cut because I don’t want to flood your dashes, and I get long-winded.) 

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I’ve seen some people wonder why Lance counts on his fingers weirdly and I have some kind of theory. 

I think each finger represents a different character. Lance’s fingers on his left hand represents the original paladins (Shiro, Keith, Hunk, Pidge and Lance) while his other finger represents Allura. Allura is the sixth, newest member so she’s on the other hand.

Now this is when it gets weird. Instead of closing his right hand to show that there are only five lions, Lance gets rid of his pinky finger. This seems uncomfortable and unnecessary. But, we already established Lance’s right hand finger represents Allura, so the reason Lance keeps that finger up is because he doesn’t think Allura is the one being left out. Instead, he puts down his left pinky finger, meaning one of the original paladins is the one that needs to go. We know from the rest of the scene that Lance thinks he’s the one who should be left out, which is why I believe Lance is his pinky finger. 

Other than that, I believe Lance chose to represent himself with his pinky finger (and not a different one) for two main reasons. The first reason is that this finger is on the edge of our hand. Lance feels like a 5th wheel, which means he can’t be any of the three middle fingers. Following this logic, it’d made more sense if Lance represented himself using his thumb, since the thumb is further away from the other fingers, but this leads me to my second reason: pinky fingers are weak. They’re our smallest and weakest fingers, and Lance thinks he is the weakest and least valuable member. This can also explain why Allura is an index finger, it’s more useful than an pinky finger.

So this is why I think Lance represented himself with his pinky finger: the first reason eliminated the three middle fingers, but the second reason clearly eliminated the thumb. The thumb might be the furthest away, but it’s the strongest and most important finger (maybe it represents Shiro. Although he’s far away, he’s still important and will always be their true leader). 

What Lance doesn’t realize is that EVERY FINGER IS IMPORTANT AND THAT LOSING ANY OF THEM WOULD MAKE THE HANDS JOB HARDER AS A WHOLE! This probably didn’t make much sense and is completely wrong, but I had to let it out. 

The Originals 4x10

Okay, this review/ episode commentary is coming all the way from Rome because you bet your ass I had to use the free wifi to watch this damn show, although I am not drunk for the first time in three seasons watching this! It was very strange… hahahaha  - Granted i did have a ‘Mermaid’ cocktail at 1pm today and it’s now 4:30pm and the effects have worn off.. it counts right? 

Anyway, lets get to the most important and probably jaw crashing moment of the entire episode, when Elijah didn’t back away from Hayley. My actual heart broke for her, Phoebe Tonkin did an incredible job showing the absolute terror and fear she felt. When she begged him to stop and the running scene, my heart and chest was on fire. Look I’m really not a Hayley/ Elijah fan and I feel like this is giving very unnecessary drama to the ship, but at the same time building depth too. We’ve seen a really interesting and important side to Hayley’s character this season, she’s become more ‘morally’ correct, especially with Hope getting older and being able to actually form an opinion, it’s very interesting that it took her opening up the ‘red’ door to be familiar with the carnage and horror that fundamentally make’s Elijah, Elijah. 

I was actually heart broken to see her back away from him when he said he was sorry and I think this will cause a hell of a lot of angst for them. I think that Hayley could easily handle that side of Elijah but I think it truly hurt her that she was unable to pull him out, in her mind she was going to be able to bring him straight back to himself and I wonder if it had been Klaus in that situation, would Hayley be able to man-handle him back - but answer is yes. I doubt Klaus’ mind would be the mess that is Elijah’s noble one… 

I don’t know, the whole concept was interesting in itself. 

Next I really really really want to talk about the absolutely heart breaking scene between Marcel Gerard and Rebekah Mikaelson. Look I’ve shipped them hard out since they got on the scene together, as soon as we were aware that there was a love story behind them, i was so fucking there and now I’m so fucking heart broken. My chest fell out of my fucking ass when she noticed the love in his eyes that he has for Sophia. Interestingly enough Soph and Bek have a lot in common, both super stylish and bad ass persona… although I really believe that Rebekah is rich with familiarity and family. I don’t know… I was actually a mess for that scene to be completely honest, that look that Klaus turned and gave to Bek really hurt me because he knew that was going to hurt her. That realisation on her face… Jesus that hurt, I love that he softened once he looked at Rebekah and walked away from the moment because it really, truly was a moment between past lovers. That was a hard scene to watch, particularly when there isn’t much to exactly like about Sofia… I want more back ground to her so I can form a proper opinion. 

Freya was a queen as per usual in this epiSODE. I’m not going to lie. I would have liked to see Klaus agree to use their daughters power to go inside Elijah’s mind. I believe at the same time that he trusts Hayley and Freya, but it would have been nice to see some angst there, some ‘should we’ or ‘shouldn’t we’. 

I’ve really always enjoyed Kol Mikaelson and I love when they bring him back, every episode he is in is truly special so that was a good bonus. It does not surprise me that the Hollow is using him and his love for Davina Claire and that makes it even more heart breaking when we finally realise what and how everything there is going to work out. I thought it was remarkable that he was willing to give up trying to contact Davina as well post the harvest girls turning him into Pudding too. But we can all agree that this ship, although has holes in it is a very interesting one, Kol and Davina are super interesting to me because I want to hate it but i REALLY can’t! 

Now the stand out scene like most scenes on this show was easily the scene between Klaus and Hayley in the end. I loved that he comforted her, he doesn’t take well to comforting her, especially in the beginning but he knew what the right thing was to say in that moment and his getting extremely good at reading her. I loved that his face dropped the moment she mentioned the red door, I loved that he knew exactly what that would have done to her and her mental state and heart and feelings towards Elijah. I cannot wait to see them grow and grow. The absolute growth that is their platonic relationship feels so authentic and real. I really loved the comforting shoulder touch, they are fucking good at that seriously. When Klaus explains that she knew who they are and what they were, I loved that he didn’t mention her, he didn’t turn it back on her, because the truth is - Hayley is a monster too… I don’t know, this was just a really exceptional episode. 

I would like to see some depth to Klaus explaining that he has only ever done things for their family. I really want to see that grow because I truly wonder if that’s correct or not? Is it true? He continued to pursuit Hayley and she was not a threat to him or his family, it took Hope calling out to actually get him to stop and that would have been extremely scary for her. I really really hope the writers move through that in the next episode and not sit on the fence about it. 

10/10 like all episodes with all the Mikaelsons, truly good! 

“Wherever you go, I will follow.”

“You cannot leave me!”

“I love you.”

“I hate you for leaving me!”

“I ache from your loss.”

“Don’t abandon me.”

If you simply read these quotes, all knowing they came from one person to another person, you would rightfully assume that the person saying them was in love with the person they were saying them to. If I were to tell people this was a man saying these things to a woman, there would be no question. They would believe that man was in love with the woman, but when it’s between two men all of a sudden - no, it must be friendship - or the bonds of brotherhood - yeah, that must be it. 

If Athelstan had been a female slave and Ragnar had asked her to join him and Lagertha in bed most people would say, “Ohhh, he wants his hot little slave girl.” (Although, reversely they would probably also assume Lagertha was only agreeing to it for Ragnar’s pleasure). And if he once again brought it up 2 seasons later those same people would say, “See, he still wants to sleep with his hot little slave girl.”

And if that man who wanted to sleep with the woman, said the above words to the woman, sacrificed hundreds of his own people in a battle just so they could humiliate and shame the person who took the woman away from them, and changed religions - giving up seeing their children, ex-wife, brother, loved ones in the afterlife - just so they could be reunited with Christian slave girl that had come to mean more than anything in the world to them, people would think it was an EPIC love story. 

And guess what it is an epic love story. Not a story about friendship. It goes beyond friendship. So far beyond friendship that the word is almost insulting. Taking sexuality out of it, Ragnar was in love with Athelstan. He still is. He’ll always be.

Never (Dean x reader)

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Imagine: Knowing the life well and providing information, medical assistance, and temporary housing for hunters. Although one hunter holds a special place in your heart

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Based in Season 3

A/N: Hey @nondescriptcreampuff , I am soooo sorry this is so late. I did my very best to get it out sooner but being away for the summer made it a little tough, thank you so much for being so patient with me. It isn’t the best butane least I tried
- I changed the idea a little so here goes

Word Count: 3491

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Imagine you were a secret Dean kept from Sam during the first three seasons but before his time was up, he let Sam in.

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Originally posted by yaelstiel

*Probably shouldn’t be writing and posting while I have a full blown cold but had a fever dream that wouldn’t go away until I wrote it down. Forgive me of any typos etc. I’ll edit them out when I have a clear mind. Hope you guys enjoy!*

Dean drove through the night and although Sam was confused, he didn’t say a word. He knew his brother was really scared. Dean didn’t voice his feelings often and last night in the motel he went into a full on moment that he even admitted.

Sam tried with everything in him to stay awake but as the passing lights became fewer and the asphalt stretched out before them, it was a lullaby that put him to sleep too many times before to fight.

The smooth ride became bumpy and Sam opened his eyes to morning light and wide open field. He sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes. “Where are we?” 

Dean continued on the dirt road until he rolled the impala to a stop in front of a farm house. He turned the car off and turned to him. “It’s time you met someone.”

Sam stared in confusion as Dean got out of the car. He scrambled out of the passenger door when Dean started towards the house. “Dean.” His voice failed him as a small, brown haired girl darted out of the front door and flew down the porch stairs.  


Sam stood stock still staring at the little girl that jumped into Dean’s arms with an ease that screamed normal. The little girl wrapped her arms around his neck. Just the look of pure bliss on Dean’s face when he saw the girl was enough to give Sam the shock of his life.

“Hey baby girl! How you treating mommy?” The light that seemed to radiate from Dean’s entire being was blinding.

“I protect her. Jus like you told me.”

“That’s my girl.”

“I have to be hallucinating.” The words tumbled from Sam’s mouth even though he didn’t remember opening it. He pinched himself, still not completely convinced that he wasn’t dreaming.

“Hey Sam. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m y/n.”

Sam turned to the voice beside him and felt as if he were underwater.

She chuckled and brushed some hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry we haven’t been able to meet before but.. as you know all too well, it’s difficult to find a time when you truly feel safe. We just couldn’t take the risk of anything finding out about Maria.”

“Maria?” The name rolled off his tongue like a mixture of sigh and prayer that also sent a sharp stab to his chest.

“She’s been waiting a long time to meet her uncle Sammy.”

The beautiful woman in front of him smiled. “Uncle Sa..” Sam stuttered.

“Unca Sammy!!” The little girl was more like a blur as she ran and launched herself at him.

He squatted and caught her just in time.

“Told you, he had good reflexes.” Dean chuckled.

The girl climbed higher then smacked her hands on Sam’s cheeks and pressed as hard as she could. She looked into his eyes. “You have long hair.”

Sam tried talking with his cheeks shoved in. “Thank you?”

She giggled. “You’re funny!” She let off his cheeks and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek against his. “I love you forever and ever, Uncle Sammy.”

“I love you too Maria.” Sam looked at Dean catching the end of what must have been a welcome home kiss with this woman who had been raising his child. His brother turned and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Forever and ever? Like daddy and mommy?” She whispered in his ear.

Those words hit him like bullets straight through his chest. “Yeah.” He choked out, “forever and ever.” His eyes locked onto Dean’s gaze and he frowned.

The question must have shown on his face because Dean’s mouth became a straight line and he subtly nodded.

“Come on, Maria. Let’s show Uncle Sammy the house.” Y/n said with a soft laugh.

“Yay!” She screamed in his ear as she pulled away to look him in the eye. She squished his face again. “My room is the best! Come on! I have a picture for you!”

The little girl wiggled until Sam put her down and then ran to her mother and grabbed her hand. They walked toward the house and the little girl looked over her shoulder. She stopped and pulled on her mother’s hand. “Aren’t you coming, Uncle Sammy?”

Dean walked over to Sam and patted his back. “We’re coming, baby. Uncle Sammy is still waking up.”

Maria giggled and started for the house again. Sam caught the worried look Y/n sent their way. Dean’s baby mama and his daughter. Dean had a family that he knew nothing about.

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Do you perhaps now if KS is as popular in South-Korea as it is for the rest of the world? I know that topics like the ones in KS are really sensitive in South-Korea and I was curious if Koreans also love KS like the english speaking community does.

I honestly have no clue, not so much because I don’t know how popular the comic is but because I don’t know how popular Lezhin, the publishing site, is. For one thing, you have to pay to read Lezhin, and Korea has a surplus of free webtoons through sites like Daum or Naver–

Ah, I googled it and apparently Lezhin is somehow winning out. Kudos to them. Looks like Lezhin has more of a focus on ‘adult’ content and because they also translate Japanese works into Korean (and that translation happens pretty seamlessly), it’s pretty popular. 

And on that popular site, Killing Stalking won the grand prize in the 2016 Lezhin Comic Awards, winning 100,000,000 won (approximately $100,000), so that definitely caught people’s attention. More info on Korea’s views on media below the cut.

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A Certain Georgian’s Sunshine

Okay, so, I don’t actually write fic, but I think I’d like to? So, a plot-bunny-turned-ridiculous-bullet-point-drabble for the Check, Please! fandom (go read it now, for absolutely zero dollars, here!). Enjoy this little bit of out-of-control Zimbits (including a slight choose-your-own-adventure component!) based on the “Lost in a random small town and you show me around AU” prompt from this post.


  • A “Jack doesn’t OD and goes first in the draft and gets the proper mental health support he needs” AU 
  • or an “Eric never went to Samwell” AU. 
  • Work with me here. 
  • Jack is in Georgia on a roadie to play the Atlanta Thrashers
  • (let’s pretend they still exist in the Check, Please! ‘verse) 
  • and he gets a few days off. 
  • He just needs to get away and, being the history nerd he is, looks for a small town within reasonable driving distance with enough historical landmarks to fill a day.
  • He picks a tiny town called Madison. Perfect.

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Musings on Madam Secretary 2.17

Oh, those McCord women. How I love them. “Higher Learning” hit me right in the feels. Secretary McCord shed her State Department cape and donned her ripped (a woman after my own heart) jeans in an attempt to become simply Mama McCord. Of course world chaos would follow the McCord women. I mean, the show is called “Madam Secretary,” after all.

Throughout the series, Elizabeth has been on a personal teeter-totter, trying to balance life in the State Department with her life as wife and mom at home. Admittedly, my heart hurt a little for her in the first scene when she had to convince Alison that she should even go on the visit to Rafferty. It sunk even more when Elizabeth saw Stevie’s packed suitcase. She just wants to be Mrs. McCord, mother of Alison. Unfortunately, that’s as realistic as me becoming the Queen of England.

Balloons, banners and a band welcomed the McCords to Rafferty. I only got pencils and cling-on bumper stickers when I visited colleges. Maybe a plastic souvenir cup was thrown in, too, but that was only at the private schools. Despite Alison’s best hopes and Blake’s best attempt, remaining anonymous was virtually impossible. Shocking. It kind of makes me wonder what college visits are like for the Chelsea Clintons or Malia Obamas of the world. Heck, even Téa herself will be going through that process soon with her kids. I just picture schools tripping over themselves, promising things like rainbow unicorns and dusting every dorm in the glitter of fairy tears. No, thank you. I’ll take my anonymity. I understand where Alison was coming from. Her life was turned upside down and she’s now living in the public spotlight, desperate to be your average American teenager. If a band welcomed me to a college, I’d probably look for the nearest rock to crawl under and live for eternity. However, Elizabeth is doing her best. Cut the woman some slack. And Alison did. Eventually. And it was glorious. More on that later.

“Higher Learning” made me miss college. Tray sledding. Righteous indignation over some obscure wrong. Red Solo cups. Ah, the memories. (I don’t miss the communal bathrooms and shower shoes, however.) I applaud the Rafferty college students for taking a stand on a cause, but this episode showed how much the students didn’t know what they didn’t know. “That’s what you get for giving everyone a trophy for showing up” was the mic dropped by Stevie, also a college student, but one with a unique inside look on the world due to her mother. To solve this crisis within a crisis, Secretary McCord dug into Mama McCord’s brain and went in for the kill: Brian Lindstrom’s parents. Thank Baby Jesus and the spirit of Steve Jobs that Skype and FaceTime weren’t around when I was in school. Brian Lindstrom should’ve been so lucky. Of course Elizabeth didn’t just drop the virtual smack down and leave. Ever the mother, she used the opportunity as a teaching tool and a time to encourage further action against social injustice. Honorary mention goes to DS Agent Matt for his deadpanned “Sorry if I violated your safe space, Brian.” That delivery was gold.

This episode demonstrated just how much the McCord girls are growing up to follow in their mother’s footsteps. I don’t mean they’re lining up to become the next public servant. Stevie, whose transformation has been so sudden it’s given me whiplash, is now Elizabeth 2.0. She drops truth bombs and comes in with the reality checks. Admittedly early in the season, I feared she’d be six months pregnant with Harrison’s baby by this point. (Thank you, Barbara Hall, for going against the stereotypical plot line.) Even Alison’s verbal takedown of College Bro Dude about fascism had undertones of her mother. Just don’t tell her that.

The McCord women bonding did a heart good. They needed the release and, quite frankly, we the viewers did, too. The light moments have been sorely missing this season, considering the darker plotlines. This makes us appreciate these sweet family scenes all the more. (Insert me pleading for a show of the McCords on lockdown inside their home for the 9834796th time.) I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the characters and the actors when they went barreling down the snowy hill. The laughter was so genuine. Also, Téa wiping out and still ending up on her butt? Girlfriend has done this before. That’s tray sledding talent.

The one thing missing from the episode was a joint scene between Elizabeth and Henry. They tend to ground each other and, thus, ground us the viewers. Even though they were in different cities, the McCords still managed to connect at night, like always. Of course it was on the phone, which wasn’t ideal, but they took the time to check in. That’s what makes their marriage so strong. Elizabeth even slept on what is typically Henry’s side of the bed. It could’ve been haphazard. It could’ve been camera blocking. I choose to believe it was purposeful. Because I’m a sap.

Speaking of Henry, he’s knee-deep in Jibral Disah. The Jose Battle of Passive Aggressiveness is now in Round #4586. “Murphy Station” is like a game of ping pong with Jane in the middle, looking for earplugs or another uterus of sanity. “Losing Mimi was a pretty big risk.” “Not my call.” Ouch. You could see the dagger fly across the room into Henry’s heart. The dude already internalizes everything. Let’s just add this to Dmitri, Russia, his father, his sister…..

Henry once again proved why his experience makes him perfect for this job. (No, I’m not still fully on board with this. Yes, I’m along for the ride.) Between his religious scholarly expertise and his personality, he was able to extract key information from Laila. He related to her on a personal/professional level, told her she can help change the world if she spills her guts, and promised to help get her family out of Libya and get her back in the classroom. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Dmitri and his sister would agree. I’d like to think that although Henry used the same techniques he resorted to earlier this season, he’s come to realize where the cliff is and how to draw himself away before he falls into the abyss. Get back to me after this situation causes some sort of breakdown. Yes, I’m still waiting for a breakdown.

Henry in his new job is being portrayed like Elizabeth is in hers: the reasonable sensible one, the person to use kindness instead of jumping straight to force, the one offering alternatives no one else has thought of. In certain scenarios, they’re both made to appear they’re the only competent person who swoops in to save the day in a room full of inept coworkers. As much as Elizabeth is Mrs. You-Don’t-Even-Know-There’s-A-Box, Henry is Mr. What’s-A-Box? Their kids will never be able to get away with anything. The psychological warfare game alone….

Along those lines, and this is probably an unpopular opinion, I did roll me eyes and literally say “of course” when the crisis was buttoned up so perfectly in Chile. Even the dude on the mountain survived an avalanche. Sometimes I feel like Madam Secretary is the Full House of political dramas in the sense that every crisis is solved in 42 minutes. There have only been a few failures, Dmitri being one of them… and I’m still not satisfied with how those repercussions magically disappeared by the end of one episode. Even when Elizabeth fixed the problem with Brian Lindstrom, the music swelled as she made her point and then came in to save him from his parents. Of course that was the mother in her and I applaud her for not hanging him out to be cut off from his parents. I also like that she has so many wins in her column. I just wish they weren’t all so neatly wrapped up so quickly. Feel free to take away my fan card.

Something I noticed more this episode than any before is the growing talk about elections. Daisy mentioned it. Russell mentioned it. They made decisions about what to do in Chile to keep certain members of Congress happy, eluding to elections. As much as I think Conrad has the personality of a pet rock, I don’t want Elizabeth to be president. It’s too early. She’s still getting her State Department legs. Wait until Season 5 or 6 *coughCBS *cough* before even possibly exploring that option. Even though I think she’d be exceptional in that position, I’m still not sure I want her in the Oval Office. Although it would be a gold mine in terms of storyline potential, it would mean more time at work, taking away those Team McCord scenes we crave. Get back to me in a few seasons. *Cough* CBS *cough*. Clearly there’s something in my throat.

Other things:

–Elizabeth trying to slyly grab pastries in the State Department is like a child swiping candy, hoping her parents don’t see her. Also, Elizabeth smelling food/wine is my new favorite side show.

–Stevie pulling confetti out of Elizabeth’s eye was so sweet. I have no idea why this 3-second scene struck me, but it did. Probably because it seemed so real. Not many other shows would “waste” the time with something so insignificant, but it shows how far the mother-daughter relationship has come in the last 2 seasons.

–I loved seeing the McCords in their “comfies.” Plaid pajama pants, ripped jeans, t-shirts. I swear this week’s wardrobe came straight from Téa’s own closet. I just picture her saying, “Don’t worry, guys. I got this.”

–“Jason could be in for a surprising birthday present.” Proving that she’s first and foremost a mother.

–Pissed off Russell. Everybody drink.

–Stevie and Alison had matching hats in the McCord kitchen. The family that wears accessories together….

–“Are you never not fully groomed?” “It’s before 10pm.”

Let get this straight.

Toei did not “clean house” when it comes to the Crystal Staff because of “complaints” of the western side of the world. They didn’t fire everyone while saying dishonor to their families and hire a new staff. If you really think your little bitty blog in a little corner of the internet got that much power to get someone fired, you really need to step away from the computer and go outside a live a little. You really need to live if you think you saved crystal although you bitched about it for almost two years but I digress. 

The only two people left was the director because he had other projects and Yukie since she is a freelancer and was contracted to them. Her contract was up didn’t offer her to come back which she probably got more projects. Everyone else the same and the fact the new character designer designs was in the first two seasons of crystal in the first place. Staff changes always happen in shows. It’s nothing new. 

The simple fact is Crystal probably has a bigger budget now since it’s on tv  not on the web anymore. It got a well deserved promotion from Toei thanks to the fans who supported it.(not complained on every little thing) Toei finally give them the proper resources they need and they put it to good use. Season 1&2 is still there but now with the proper tweaking it needed. I was watching the transformations and the speeches and the key animation from the first two seasons was still there. They didn’t go clean slate but just build on that they had. The true test on if it improved is honestly going to be the 3rd or 4th episode of this season since the  first episode of the season  always looks good… 

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  • big spoon/little spoon: Light is the big spoon, L is the little spoon
  • favorite non-sexual activity: Tennis, duh
  • who uses all the hot water: Probably L
  • most trivial thing they fight over: Eating so many sweets and not cleaning up after
  • who does most of the cleaning: Light
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Light, L’s tastes are just strange
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Light
  • who steals the blankets: L
  • who leaves their stuff around: L
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Light is in charge of buying groceries
  • who remembers anniversaries: Both do, although they don’t do anything
  • Who cooks normally?: Light, all L makes is dessert
  • How often do they fight?: Every few days
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Hard to say, they rarely apart
  • Nicknames for each other?: They’re not into nicknames, although L calls Light ‘Kira’ just to piss him off 
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: L
  • Who steals the covers at night?: L
  • What would they get each other for gifts?: Light would get Light the finest desserts from all over the world and L would get Light custom made pens
  • Who kissed who first?: Light kissed L
  • Who made the first move?: Light 
  • Who remembers things?: Both of them do, they never forget even the small things
  • Who started the relationship?:
  • Who cusses more?: Light 
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?: Pull all of their resources together to make sure nothing ever happened to the other again

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Kylux, ofc :)

big spoon/little spoon: Omg Hux is so smol he just tucks in right against Kylo’s front and curls in

favorite non-sexual activity: probably like intellectual-in depth conversations

who uses all the hot water: Kylo and Hux fucking hates it

most trivial thing they fight over: like literally everything???

who does most of the cleaning: Hux is a neat person.

what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Hux does, and it’s all the shows he doesn’t have time to watch

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Kylo in a rage

who steals the blankets: Kylo

who leaves their stuff around: Also Kylo

who remembers to buy the milk Hux, when Kylo texts him that they’re out

who remembers anniversaries: They both do, although Kylo probably remembered last minute

Who cooks normally? Kylo

How often do they fight? It’s pretty often but rarely is it serious

What do they do when they’re away from each other? Kylo pines. Hux probably adjusts his routine and jumps Kylo when he gets back

Nicknames for each other? “Asshole”

Who is more likely to pay for dinner? they take turns

Who steals the covers at night? Kylooooo

What would they get each other for gifts? They don’t really get each other gifts?

Who kissed who first? Kylo kissed first, but only because he really wanted it

Who made the first move? Probably Kylo, again.

Who remembers things? Hux remembers everything

Who started the relationship? They didn’t really start, they just were

Who cusses more? Kylo

What would they do if the other was hurt? Probably murder the person that did it

But imagine how Cas must have felt when Dean found him in that warehouse; when he looked up and saw the mix of worry and relief in Dean’s eyes; when he saw the blood and the bruises and yet Dean was still clutching him tightly and comforting him with soft, warm touches to his face. Because after nearly two seasons of Cas being separated from the Winchesters, he had to come to some sort of belief that he was on his own, and honestly, I can’t blame him for trying to reach out to the angels first. He probably once again figured the brothers had their hands full with something else, and Cas wouldn’t be a priority for them, although I also suspect he stayed away at first because he didn’t want to risk hurting them because of the spell. But now that even Hannah has turned on him, after being told time after time after time that he’s less of an angel and more like a human, how clear it is that the Winchesters (especially Dean) are Cas’ priority even when it may not be the same vice versa…honestly I can’t even begin to imagine how overcome Cas must have felt to realize that yes, Dean and Sam do still care about him; they still consider Cas a close friend; that yes, Cas still *matters*. And I think it’s just one step closer to the show putting that final nail in the coffin that yes, Cas’ place is ultimately with the Winchesters.

Yes Another Felicity Post...

…it’s been done before, and better, but I’m doing it anyway, ‘cause I’m a cheerleader like that. I love our girl. So here I go, in…

The next couple of (few?) episodes, we will probably see Felicity and Ray’s “relationship” develop. What does that mean? Hypothesize away. I am - but keeping it in my head. I am NOT freaking out. Regardless of where whatever this is with Ray goes, I will remember these things:

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