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playing with fire

*gif credit to owner @jungkook-gifs*

pairing: you x Jungkook 

themes: idol!jungkook, friendswithbenefits!au, older!oc, older!jungkook

warnings: swearing, slightly smutty, angst, fluff

word count: 9.8+k

summary: they say friends with benefits never works. fun turns into feelings and everyone gets hurt. you and jungkook are no different to the stereotype. jungkook is in too deep for comfort and you’re not sure if you can return what he wants. after all, he is a sought after celebrity and you know the consequences of playing with a little too much fire.


The sun is bright, almost too bright as you finally open your eyes from your deep slumber. Not only is the sun too bright, but it is also too damn hot in this room. Your vision blurs together to a couple seconds before it clears, comprehending my surroundings. A familiar sight covers your eyes and you go to stretch your body out until you are halted by a heavy entity; another body. You glance up to the left to be met with soft brown hair dangling, closed eyes, and slightly parted mouth that breathes slowly in and out. Memories flash across your mind as you remember the first time you saw the now familiar face.

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Theories (Peter Quill)- Part Two

Pairing: Peter Quil x OC

Prompt: Sequel to Theories (Peter Quill)

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut for daysss.

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I paced the tiny length of my room at least a dozen times, trying to shake off what had just happened between Quill and I. Even with weeks of grazing touches and longing looks behind us, that was the closest we’d come to…to what? What exactly had I been about to say to him before Rocket had interrupted with his imperfect timing? That I had feelings for him? That he was right?

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Anonymous said Headcanons on how the S boys sleep alone and how they sleep with their S/O? Like sleeping positions

 A: hiya! I honestly feel like this will be a bit comedic (maybe) I hope you enjoy!

 Shuu: {alone}: laying on his back, arms behind his head, kind of simple. 

 {with s/o}: he’s still laying on his back (creature of habit) but you’re laying on his chest. His arms cage you in so there’s no chance of escape. You can hear his slow breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest lulls you to sleep. 

 Reiji: {alone}: he lays on his side, one arm behind the head, the other to his side.

 {with s/o}: typically, you laying in the spooning position. He’s at your back, and there’s barely any space between you two

. Ayato: {alone}: he kinda lays there on his stomach, head to the side, drools on the pillow, snores loudly.

{with s/o}: You know how he’s super possessive when you’re awake? OOOOH BOY hes got you pulled so close that youre often pushing yourself off of him because its so swEATY, even though you get away it doesnt last for long because he reels you back in. 

Laito: {alone}: he cuddles EVERYTHING, typically whines in his sleep, not because of sexual dreams, no laito has extreme night terrors and struggles with them often. he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep. 

{with s/o}: usually it starts out with casual cuddling, but as the night goes on he holds you tighter and tighter. This is rare but often times he wakes up crying, its typically silent, but you can still manage to hear the sniffles and you take him in your arms and rub circles into his back to help him fall asleep.

Kanato: {alone}: restless, hot, sweaty, “GOD DAMN IT TEDDY FUCK OFF ITS TOO HOT I DONT WANT TO CUDDLE”, He never really sleeps, he mostly just lays there or walks around the mansion.

{with s/o}: i still dont think he would sleep much. he would pretty much be the same alone as he would with an s/o. although he would stay with you to make sure you didnt leave in the night.

Subaru: {alone}: perfectly calm, sleeps like a rock, has a lot of wet dreams, can sleep all night long 


A Weirdling Bestiary: Part 1- Beasts of City and Suburbia

Some notes to start off with-

This is all a part of my personal UPG and world-view, which is a culmination of my individual experiences, upbringing, influences, and research. Although much of this personal mythology is based off of the biology and behaviors of the creatures in question, you may have different associations and feelings about these animals, and that’s totally ok. 

There are some animals commonly found in cities and suburban areas which have been left out of this section (like foxes, bats, deer, rabbits, snakes, toads, and all insects) because I’ll be covering them later in other chapters.   



Blue Jay- Blue jays are fierce, clever and have complex social lives. They have deep ties with oak trees, which are regarded in several cultures as the Tree of Life, the king of trees, and sacred to many gods of thunder, lightning, and sky. They are excellent communicators, both vocally and physically, and can imitate the calls of other birds. Even though they’re quite common, much of their habits remain a mystery to those who study them. The beautiful blue color for which they are known is not a true pigment, but in fact an optical effect of light scattering within the cell structure of their feathers. They are birds of magic, illusion, mystery, and complex familial ties, and are emblematic of the element air and the realm of the sky. a well as bright, lively daytime energy. For offerings, give them acorns.

Canada Goose- Geese are the mortal enemies of business people and all Suits. They travel in formation and are loyal to their mates and comrades. As such, they are good animal guides for anyone who identifies strongly as part of a group or community and those who function as a team. Goose magic is great for sticking it to The Man. As they migrate in spring and fall, they also represent transitions and cycles. Admire them from afar and stay the fuck away from their babies if you don’t want to die a very painful death.

Crow- If you are outside, it is unlikely you are out of site of a crow. Fittingly, insight and observation are among their primary associations. Crows are smart, mischievous, and extremely common. Because they’re ubiquitous pretty much everywhere, they’re a reminder of the constant presence of magic in the world. 

Although each crow is very much an individual, they live in family groups and cooperate with and look out for those within their groups. At the same time, they regularly engage in bitter rivalries and battles with crows from other families. In spite of that, multiple families will come together and roost at night outside of the breeding season to socialize, network, and learn. Theirs is an entire society that exists alongside our own- both Other and familiar.

Do not take the presence of crows for granted. They are the little bits of the Other-realm that fly about by day. They are wonderful sources of magic, wisdom, and humor, and should be treated with respect. They’ll remember if you wrong them. They’ll remember those who were good to them. They are always watching. Crows are favored familiars among practitioners of the occult and any who seek to understand and manipulate reality at a higher level, as well as any interested in death magic or hedge witchery. 

Duck- Although their primary elemental association is water, ducks unite the elemental realms of water, earth, and air due to their ability to move through each. Ducks represent family (particularly parent/child relationships), adaptability, cheerfulness, emotional connections with others and at times- obliviousness. If you are having difficulty adapting to change and embracing new circumstances, or if you’re having trouble with family, ducks are helpful guides. They spend much of their time floating along on streams, totally comfortable half-submerged in that state of continuous change and renewal. They can help you learn to go with the flow.

If you wish to give offerings to ducks, choose cut up grapes, corn, peas, seeds, and oats- bread is bad for them and their environment and therefor bad for you and your workings.

House Sparrow- Although wild animals, these are birds whose natural habitat is outside of, on, and around man-made environments. They are ever-present wherever there are people, and tend to be quite tame. Their energy is significant because it’s so closely tied to our own, these birds having spread with us and our civilization as we’ve advanced across the world. If you wish to gain a connection to nature by feeding a wild bird from your hands, this species is a good place to start. Due to their intrinsic and obvious ties to the home, they can be regarded as home-guardians and fitting familiars to hearth and cottage witches. House sparrows are social, enjoy singing to one another, and will flock with other types of birds, and so embody a spirit of friendship, acceptance and joy.

Hummingbird- Hummingbirds are largely solitary and territorial little creatures. They’re highly intelligent and have exceptional memories, and the largest brain-to-body ratio of any bird. They are insanely fast and are able to hover in place and  maneuver almost instantaneously in any direction. They groom themselves meticulously, build exquisite, tiny nests of lichen and moss, and feed mostly on sugary nectar. They come in a dizzying array of beautiful and jewel-like colors and will  fearlessly defend what’s theirs. Their energy is fiery, valiant, joyous, vibrant, individualistic, and creative. As an autistic witch, I relate strongly to hummingbirds. They make great animal guides for creative people, introverts, bold individualists, a range of people on the spectrum of neurodiversity, and anyone who wants to bring some flash and vibrancy to their lives. 

Mourning Dove- Mourning doves are fairy birds. With their muted pastel and iridescent feathers, melancholy calls, and lifelong partnerships, they embody magic, romance and devotion. They have strong ties with Aphrodite and love goddess archetypes in general, and their feathers are excellent for use in love and beauty spells. You may be blessed in love if a pair nests close to your home. If you wish to bring their energies into your life, offer them seeds, soft words, and safe places to build their nests.  

Pigeon- Pigeons are place guardians, observers, and navigators. Pigeons Know The Way. Seek out locations where pigeons gather (those which are not obvious sources of food), for you can be assured there’s magic to those places. The gratitude of pigeons is a wellspring of magical power to be drawn from, so be both respectful and wary of Pigeon People. Pigeon magic is of finding things, of home, love, and attuning with the spirits of places. If you wish to bond with the spirit of your city or town, carry pigeon offerings like seeds or other morsels, and be especially kind to any one-footed pigeons, should you spot them.

Seagull- Gulls are bold, opportunistic, and equally comfortable in sky, sea, or urban sprawl.They’ll snatch food from the mouths of larger animals, grab it from the hands of humans, and are even known to steal milk from lactating seals. In spite of many unflattering nicknames, they’re graceful and adaptive creatures. They are most iconic when pictured in the liminal space of the horizon- between sea and sky. From gulls, one can learn to make the most of what they have and to take nothing for granted. They can teach us to soar above all limitations and to fly along the currents of life’s events and emotions with ease, transcending all worldly concerns. They make good animal guides for beach bums, dreamy sea witches, and cerebral literary folk.  

Starling- Starlings are gregarious, social, communicative, and can imitate human speech and a variety of other sounds. They live in huge flocks and defend their nests fiercely. They represent the power of social ties and group identities and the safety in numbers. Interestingly, starlings wouldn’t even exist in North America if it weren’t for a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts who released a flock of a hundred in New York, with the desire for America to have every species of bird ever mentioned by their beloved playwright. In a way, they can be seen as representations of the power of dreams and fantasy to reshape the real world. Their feathers have a multicolored sheen and their eggs are a vivid, beautiful blue. Starlings are fitting animal guides for outgoing, sociable, extroverted, and theatrical types.  

Tufted titmouse- These cute, inquisitive little mohawked birds are known to remain in their territory in pairs and small family groups throughout the year, hoard food to prepare for the harsher seasons, and to curiously look in on human habitations through windows. They make comfortable homes for themselves in tree holes, and often line their soft nests with the hair and fur of other animals. They’re another excellent bird familiar for those focused on the keeping of their hearth. Their energy can assist in making one’s house truly feel like a home, and in making sure you never lose interest in what’s going on in the world around you. 


Coyote- Coyotes are monogamous and tend to mate for life. Originally from plains and deserts, they’ve since spread and are now thriving in many urban areas across North and Central America. They’re omnivorous and opportunistic feeders that eat everything from carrion to bugs to berries. Coyote has figured prominently in the mythologies of many cultures across North America, in a vast array of roles. From savior of humanity, to teacher and trickster, to coward, to inventor of death, it’s hard to find an archetypal role which coyote has not, at some point, embodied. As such, their element seems to be chaos- both harmonious and discordant. The prevailing essence of coyote within the collective unconscious is that of humor, intelligence, carnality, and expression. They have a broad array of vocalizations, many of which sound eery, otherworldly, and almost fae-like. They are ideal animal guides for waste witches, desert druids, and punks. 

Opossum-  Possums are the ultimate survivors. They’re omnivorous, so they can live off a broad range of foods. They have opposable thumbs and prehensile tails, and are equally at home in trees, on the ground, in burrows, and in man-made and man-altered environments. They are highly resistant to a variety of poisons and toxins as well as rabies, and manage to rid themselves of most ticks and parasites. When threatened, they play dead and exude disgusting scents, repelling threats with minimal effort. Females have bifurcated vaginas, and males have dual-pronged penises, making them interesting symbols of duality and taking different paths in life. 

As they are nocturnal and often nomadic, they make good animal guides for people who travel off the beaten path in life. Mystics, drifters, and anyone living off the grid or involved in nightlife would do well to consider possum their kin. Honor opossums by spreading knowledge of how wonderful they are, as they are often the targets of human cruelty.

Raccoon- Raccoons are portal masters, the roamers in the night whose clever hands can open gateways, pick locks and catch that which lurks out of sight. They are highly tactile, mostly nocturnal, and very smart. With their masked faces, dexterous paws, tenacity, and nocturnal tendencies, they are the ideal animal guides for thieves, foragers, craftspeople, and anyone who makes use of obscurity. Their hook-shaped penis bones make powerful magical charms, especially useful for protection, potency, and invisibility. Raccoons also have ties to liminal and magical spaces. It’s easy to imagine them disappearing into a trash can on one side of town, only to emerge from a dumpster on the other side. Follow raccoons at your own risk, you might find yourself lost somewhere just sideways of here. 

Rat- Rats are fantastic animal guides and companions for the misunderstood and the underestimated. Although they can and do act as vectors of disease in some environments, they are still themselves smart, adaptable, social, and caring creatures who watch out for their own, sometimes even at their own expense. They are wizards when it comes to getting into and out of tight and difficult situations, and in the lab and home are known for their ability to navigate mazes and learn tricks. Domesticated rats are often very clean and sweet animals that “laugh” when tickled. Wild rats are enterprising survivors. Rat energy is powerful when it comes to overcoming adversity, hatred, and poverty and making the most of limited resources. They love to nest and hoard, so they’re another good familiar for the homey witch, as well as the grungy witch and the standard witchy witch. Really, you can’t go wrong with rats- just never have only one. 

In spite of being wonderful creatures, the negative perception of rats and the darker side of their nature makes them conceptually very useful in dark magic. One could, for instance, imagine a rat carrying one’s curse to a target like it would a parasite or disease, or use the image of a rat as a servitor in hexwork. 

Skunk- Skunks are masters of alchemy and pacifist defense. They do not have to fear, nor must they take violent action to protect themselves. Look to skunks for unconventional solutions, self-assurance, calm in the face of adversity, or as animal guides if you’re a chemist or alchemist. Skunk magic is also great for use in spells meant to repel others or keep them at bay.

Squirrel- Squirrels are creatures of balance and resourcefulness. Not only do they balance themselves expertly as they run along branches and leap from tree to tree, but they balance their time between play and planning, activity and rest. Even though much of that activity is spent burying nuts they’ll never find, those same nuts will grow into trees which will one day house and feed the squirrel’s numerous decedents. Ultimately, none of their time is wasted. Squirrels are the animal guides of people who both work and play hard, and squirrel energy is useful to anyone who’s trying to adjust their work/life balance or just learn to have more fun and enjoy themselves.

My Padma and Parvati for this week’s Harry Potter Design Challenge! When I looked up their book descriptions pretty much all you get is they were called the prettiest girls in their grade, they wore their hair in braids, and apparently they wore silver “P” necklaces (I don’t particularly remember this part but Oh well). You never hear much about Padma but Parvati always came off as a giggly fun loving girl to me. Although they were identical twins I didn’t want to just essentially make them the same person as twins are often portrayed as in media. I figured since they were sorted into different houses they must have very different distinct personalities. So I decided to make Padma a bit more serious and preppy than her sister. Hope you enjoy!! :D (PS since I went with book descriptions for characters I also went with the book version of the ravenclaw colors: blue and bronze instead of blue and silver like the movies.)

wedding: impossible (pt.2)


michelle jones/peter parker - college/future fic (wip)

Against his better judgement, Peter has agreed to be MJ’s fake date to a wedding so she can usurp the bride, or something. Considering how much he’d like to be her not-fake date, he’s not really looking forward to it.

Despite all her apparent indifference to them both - and, really, most of her peers - MJ had become a close friend to Ned and himself. So much so that he freely told her his big, spider-themed secret. (She’s actually the only person he’s deliberately told, which is a milestone he’s not keen on analyzing too deeply.) 

She’d reacted pretty calmly, actually, only hitting him with a medium-sized Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche novel, rather than the special edition hardcover that was also in reaching distance.

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in twenty years time | kth

summary: sometimes, celebrities fall for non-celebrities, and maybe that should be an issue for taehyung. but when it comes to you, he’s willing to make bad decisions. (idol au)

• word count: 2.3k

• warnings: swearing

→ note: inspired by a lyric from this beautiful song. i also may make a part two to this later because i can’t ever seem to just write drabbles & be satisfied. hope you like it!!

Taehyung is doomed the second he sets eyes on you, really.

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happy d-day it’s a national holiday so i stayed up all night to write y’all a fic and had to go to a 12.5 hour work shift on no sleep so fucking. appreciate this

2000+ words, studoc because this is my house. d-day gives me lots of emotions

When Stuart walks into the living room at 4am for a glass of water, the last thing he is expecting to see is Murdoc digging through a chewed-up cardboard box of old cassettes as if his life depends on it.

“What’re you doing,” he asks bluntly, and it’s a testament to how many things he’s had to put up with over the years that this is phrased like a statement rather than an actual question, and that there’s no real surprise behind his words anymore. Stu’s been through the wringer, okay. You don’t get spirited off to a parallel space dimension and force-fed an entire fridge by an anthropomorphic slice of pizza without losing a bit of astonishment for everyday things like this.

Murdoc looks up, startled, for a second, then plunges his arms back into the box and starts rummaging around loudly again. “Found some old VHS tapes in the back of the garage,” he says, then stops for a second and yanks one out with much more vigor than is strictly needed and a loud clatter. He barks out a victorious laugh and shoves the box off to the side, kicking the tapes he’s already scattered across the floor out of his way and kneeling down in front of the television set. “C’mere, come look at this.”

“‘S 4am, Muds,” Stuart protests, but he shuffles over and plops himself down on the battered couch anyway. “What is it?”

Murdoc has somehow managed to coax the TV set into accepting the VHS tape and is fiddling with the knobs at the bottom of the screen. “Y’know how we got Noodle that video recorder that first Christmas we had her?”

Stu hums in agreement and wraps a throw blanket around himself. He can’t remember much about something back that far, but there’s a faint memory of Noodle tearing open a box and shrieking with delight as she ran around shoving a chunky, early-2000s camcorder in everyone’s faces. “Those her tapes?”

“No, they’re my amateur pornos.” The screen flickers to life and Murdoc settles back on his haunches before looking at him and grinning, illuminated by weak blue light. “Only joshing, I keep those on DVD.”

“Y’know, it says a lot about you that I can’t tell if you’re really joking or not about that.”

“Fuck off, not like I’d let you see ‘em anyway,” Murdoc says, then adds with a leer, “Least, not when you’ve got the real thing right here.” He makes his way back to the couch and settles into the other side, shoving his cold feet under Stuart’s legs and dragging more than half of the blanket over himself.

Stu makes a noise of protest. “Oi, that’s my blanket, get your own.”

“What’s yours is mine, love,” Murdoc says, and Stuart promptly shoves his heel into his crotch. “Argh, for the love of—”

They kick each other for a few seconds before Murdoc relinquishes part of the blanket back, pressing himself closer to Stu so that they can both fit underneath. “Look, you’re missing the whole fucking thing, pay attention.”

“You started it,” Stu mumbles, but leans back, satisfied. On screen, a practice session, probably from the band’s first few months, has already started. The scene isn’t centered in the slightest; half of it is obscured by an amplifier sitting in the way, and every few seconds the camera jolts as a tiny Noodle picks it up and moves it to a new position. She’s obviously sitting on the floor, trying to set it up so that the camera records them as they practice. Finally she manages to set it at an angle where it’s tilted up at the band, and runs out from behind to take her place next to a much younger Stuart, who has his hand down his trousers and is scratching himself, oblivious to the presence of the camera right at his feet.

“Nice,” Murdoc cackles from beside him, and scoots away as Stu aims another kick at him under the blanket. “Absolutely lovely. No, really, look at you, Dents. Satan, what a catch. Twenty years later, and nothing much has changed, eh?”

On the television, Murdoc steps forward into the shot, shoots a furtive glance at Noodle and Stuart, faced away from him, and sticks his hand down his jeans to scratch himself as well.

“Oh, nice,” Stuart parrots back at his own Murdoc, who is looking much more sour now. “Twenty years later and not much has changed, ‘s that what you said, yeah?”

“Will you just — shut up. Not like anybody noticed.”

“Muds, get your hands out your damn pants,” Russel says from somewhere off to the side of the camera. “You touch our instruments with those, nasty-ass—”

Stuart’s snickering and Murdoc’s groan almost drowns out the faltering voice of the Stuart onscreen. The sound is a little bit tinny, but pretty decent for a tape that’s just spent two decades in a moldering cardboard box. “Hey, uh, what song’re we doin’ again, because, uh, I know we just said, but I wanna make sure I’m singing the right one—”

“It’s Re-Hash, idiot, just like it’s been for the past four times.” Although Murdoc’s voice is the same as ever, Stuart notes, the years have had an unmistakable effect on his looks. The bassist plucking at his strings on the television has a much rounder face and tanner skin than the one sitting next to him now, and the red contact that used to be omnipresent in his left eye has long since been discarded. The bags under his eyes are much less pronounced, as well, making him look soft, round and baby-faced in comparison to his current, more angular appearance, although Stuart doesn’t think he’s any less handsome.

Murdoc notices him sizing him up out of the corner of his eye (how he does it, Stuart doesn’t know, since he has no pupils to show where his gaze is lying.) “What?”

“Nothing. Y’look different, that’s all.”

“Twenty years can do that to a person. You’re no spring chicken yourself, mate.”

“No, I know, but I didn’t mean it like bad-different. Just, different-different. You look less like a baby, ‘s what I’m saying. More like a — a velociraptor, or somethin’.“

“A velociraptor.”

“Pointy, y’know.” Stuart motions helplessly. “And green.”

Murdoc’s voice is dry. “Pointy and green. What a compliment, 2D, thank you. Really, I appreciate it.”

“Look, I dunno, it’s 4am, Muds, ‘m tired.” Stuart sighs and wraps himself tighter, leaning his head against Murdoc’s shoulder. “Can’t we watch this tomorrow?”

“Hush up,” he says with no real vitriol, and threads his fingers through Stuart’s hair. “I just wanna see this part.”

The light pours off the screen in shades of cyan, casting long shadows across the living room that jump erratically with the occasional roll of static. Stuart likes to watch it, likes the blue darkness that pools in the corners of the room, settles in the folds of his blanket, collects under the fringe near Murdoc’s eyes. He thinks it’s like being swept under a wing, or sleeping in a blanket fort right up against a window, cool and safe, free but protected. Maybe it’s a little bit like what moonlight must feel like, or maybe moonshadows. Something intangible. Something that blankets your heart.

“D’you ever think about what it would have been like if it didn’t happen?”

Murdoc’s voice is low and musing, less of a question than a thought opened to the air. He’s still looking at the screen, and if Stuart hadn’t been paying attention, he might have thought he didn’t say anything at all.

“If I didn’t happen, I mean. To you.”

It’s a question that Stuart’s asked himself periodically over the past twenty years. Sometimes more often, sometimes few and far between. There have been many times that he has looked in the mirror and not recognized himself — he remembers that sometimes, when they were recording the self-titled, or even Demon Days, he would wake up and stumble into the bathroom and start screaming because he had forgotten what had happened to him and he didn’t recognize the black eyed, toothless face that stared back. There have been many times that he has looked at pictures of himself from the past and not recognized himself either — they had all gone to Crawley to visit his mother and the headless Cyborg for his last birthday, and when his mother had brought out the old photo albums Stuart had not for the life of him been able to pick himself out of a group of his school friends. At times he has thought about this question and squashed down the thoughts that roiled up deep inside of him because all the what-ifs and could-haves made him want to vomit. At times he has looked around him, looked at Murdoc, and thought that he would not have wanted it any way else.

Of course he thinks about what it would have been like. Of course. He’s only human, after all.

Onscreen, Noodle interrupts a muffled argument that had broken out between them all with rapid Japanese and launches into the beginning, jangling riffs of Re-Hash. Murdoc’s eyes have still not left the screen, but the question still drifts in the air.

“I think,” says Stuart, “that if you hadn’t happened to me, then everything would be different. But not bad-different. Just. Different-different, right? And maybe — maybe there’s other worlds out there where you didn’t happen t’me, and maybe there’s some where you happened too much. Maybe there’s infinite worlds out there, and everything and everyone that’s happened to me, or you, or anyone, did or didn’t happen, in all the different combinations possible.”

He’s singing now, on the television, and it’s strange to hear his voice coming from the Stuart that he is and the Stuart that he was simultaneously. Re-Hash rolls over them, humming in the background like static:

It’s a sweet sensation over the dub

Oh, what a situation that don’t wanna stop

It’s the drugstore soul boy over the dub

With the sweetest inspiration, we don’t wanna stop

“The point is,” he continues, and the light is stretched across Murdoc’s face now as he looks down at him, piercing and straight on, curving electric down his cheek, stark against his dark eyes, “that I do think about it. It’s something that happened, and not something anyone can ignore. And sometimes I’m happy about it, ‘n sometimes I’m sad, and mostly I don’t know. But I can’t change it, and you can’t change it, ‘cause this is our reality, right? All we can do is make peace with it, really. ‘S different-different, and for me, at least, I think that’s okay.”

It is very quiet, the barest hint of music floating out towards them from the video. Then Murdoc nods, and gently presses his lips to Stuart’s temple.

“Guess you’ve changed over the past twenty years too, Stu.” The pad of Murdoc’s thumb brushes Stuart’s cheek, and Stuart lets his head fall to press against Murdoc’s chest, feeling his heart beat as the TV plays, and thinks that, just maybe, Murdoc had to happen to him, like someone out there’s writing their lives out like a story, like no matter what, it couldn’t ever have been any other way. Maybe that makes them soulmates, he supposes. Just a little bit.

He can hear his own voice singing in tandem with Noodle’s, and Russel’s, and Murdoc’s on the television. He’s always liked Re-Hash, because it was the first song they ever wrote and performed together as a band, and because it’s the only song where they all sing together as one, his own voice pressing them forward, Russel steady underneath, Murdoc rumbling low at the bottom, and Noodle skating over the top. Stuart leans back into the couch, facing the television again, watching himself crowded around a battered microphone with Noodle and Murdoc, Russel at his drumset in the back. He reaches up to the hand cupping his cheek, twining his fingers into it, and he squeezes gently, and softly, tentatively, Murdoc squeezes back.

The darkness crouches in the corners like a lingering embrace, the light spilling bright across the two of them together in comforting blues, and in that moment, everything that has ever happened is meant to be.

love knows bounds (pt. 3) // edmund pevensie

summary: the reader and edmund have been friends for most of their time together in narnia. but, they realize their true feelings for each other at the worst moment; just when they both leave for earth. and it doesn’t help that they live practically half a world apart.
pairing: reader x edmund pevensie
word count: 1.4 k
notes: sorry this took so long! but here it finally is, hope you all enjoy :)
listen to: you were never gone - hannah ellis

Originally posted by aslansblessings

“Excuse me, I think someone’s calling you.” A handsome man, who reminded you much of Caspian, smiled at you and pointed to a young woman your age across the street.

You were back.

Back standing in the exact same spot on the sidewalk in front of the diner that brought you to Narnia for a second time. Your felt your face for the tears that fell merely moments ago as you bid Edmund farewell, but they had disappeared. You saw your reflection in the man’s  sunglasses and realized your eyes were no longer glossy and red like they were when you sobbed silently on Lucy’s shoulder.

“Hey, you alright?” The man shook you out of your trance as you nodded softly and followed his pointed arm to see your friend frantically waving her hands at you, trying to get your attention.

Saying your thanks to him, you dashed across the street, avoiding a collision with the cars, and smiled at your friend half-heartedly.

“You ready to head out to Zooey’s party tonight? I hear James is going to be there.” She swooned dramatically and then proceeded to laugh, until she noticed your eyes swelling up with tears. “Are you crying? Here, let’s go get a drink at the café and perhaps we cou-“

“No, no, I’d rather be left alone. I don’t think I’ll be coming tonight, but I hope you have fun with everyone else there.” You squeezed your eyes shut, blinking away the tears and walked back home without saying another word.

Your house was conveniently located 3 minutes away from the diner and so no one had to see you cry. Unlocking the door, you stepped in and took a moment to hear if your parents were at home. They weren’t. Kicking off your flats, you turned around and ran up to your room.

You loosened the tie off your school uniform and flung your bag on to the bed, sitting down next to it with your head in your hands, constant tears flowing down your face. You lifted your head slightly to take a look at your room.

It reminded you nothing of Narnia. You desperately wished to be back and begged and pleaded in your head for Aslan to take you back.

30 minutes had passed and you were still in your room. You couldn’t bring yourself to do anything productive, so you decided to climb in bed and sleep off the sadness.

You lay your head against your pillow and looked up at your ceiling, which was painted as Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Forcing a smile on your face, you closed your eyes and immediately fell into a dreamy abyss.

“You sure you can beat me, (y/n)?” Edmund taunted you as the two of you circled, your swords nearly touching.

You merely smirked, and quickly made a move. Instead of clashing your sword with his, you let out a loud laugh as you dropped your sword, and ran away. Edmund, who was definitely not anticipating that movement, tripped over his own feet and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

“Ed, I’m more than sure that I can beat you!” you yelled back to him as you continued running into the forest.

“Oh, you wish.” he mumbled under his breath and he quickly picked himself up and started running after you.

Your feet carried you as fast as they could, but that didn’t seem nearly as fast enough as Edmund’s feet carried him. Within a series of loud laughs, you and Edmund toppled, as the two of you rolled down a hill.

You both came to a stop, with you straddling him. You merely smiled at him, recounting the passing seconds in you head, while Edmund wore a deep blush on his face, as he was thinking about the compromising position the two of you were in.

Taking note of this, you smirked, but thought nothing romantic of it. “Why, is King Edmund the Just blushing?! I never thought I’d live to see this day!”

Edmund tried to suppress a smile from forming on his lips, but failed. was he flipped you so that you were under him. “Shut up.”

You woke up shaking. Your body was curled into fetal position, and your forehead and neck were plastered with sweat. Looking out your window, you noticed the clear night sky and the stars scattered across it. You weren’t back in Narnia; in fact, it was still the same day you came back. And then, it suddenly hit you.

Tonight was the Venus Transition.

You had waited 8 years for this, and tonight was the night. But you just didn’t feel like going. You sat on the edge of your bed for a continuous 5 minutes, thinking about whether you should go out to see the Transition or not. Knowing that you would be mad at yourself later on in life, you decided to head out.

You quickly changed into something more comfortable, and rode your bicycle down to the harbour. Making you way to the dock, you looked earnestly to the sky, as you saw a big red sphere.

It was Venus.

But no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t bring yourself to show the same amount of happiness or interest in the Venus Transition as you just did two days ago.

Suddenly, it felt as if the weight of the world had been released on top of your shoulders, and you broke down, collapsing to the ground, weeping, as the night sky coloured red, shone down over you.

7 months had passed since the Pevensies had left Narnia for a second time. Lucy has not changed all that much, although she took a great deal of interest in looking pretty. Edmund, however, has changed quite a bit.

You were always on his mind. Every night, for the past 7 months, he had the same recurring dream. Well, it was more of a memory, actually.

“Mind if I join you?” Edmund walked out to the balcony to see you looking up at the Narnian sky. You looked back at Edmund, somehow shocked to find him wanting to join you, but you simply nodded, a smile gracing your face.

He moved to stand next to you, and couldn’t help but stare at your face.

Your eyes were lit up, by the passion for the stars and the moon and everything else the night sky held. Your lips were curved up in a soft smile, for what Edmund thought to be quite possibly one of the most beautiful things he had ever witnessed in the world.

“You know what’s really interesting?” You began, your eyes still not looking away from the sky. “You see all those stars in the sky? Well, in fact, some of those stars, might actually have died a long time ago. Some of them might even be dying now. It’s because—“

“Light takes more than a million years to travel. We could live until we’re over 200 years old, and yet, we would still see those dead stars bright in the night sky.” Edmund interrupted you.

You tore your gaze from the sky to him, as your smile widened, and it was exactly then, that Edmund didn’t know a more peaceful moment.

Lucy’s and Eustace’s cries broke Edmund out of his faze. He turned his head sharply, and to his astonishment, saw water rapidly gushing out of the painting on the wall. The water was already ¾ of the way to his full height. In less than 5 seconds, he felt himself submerge under the water, and felt himself being raised higher and higher in the water. He then reached the surface, gasping for air, and opened his eyes to see a setting very different from Lucy’s room back in the Scrubb household.

The sky was blue, clouds scattered here and there, and land was nowhere to be seen.

They were in Narnia.

“Swim!” Lucy pulled at Edmund’s shirt as a magnificent ship with a dragon’s head made their way towards them.

Edmund kept on swimming until a certain voice was heard from above.

“Lucy?!” you yelled out from the ship as loud as you could, a yell that seemed to resonate in Edmund’s head, bringing back all of his memories of you.

He spun around and saw you leaning over the edge of the ship, and he was suddenly brought back to the night where he saw you leaning on the balcony railing, looking up into the night sky.

The same smile was worn on your face and it was at that moment Edmund realized that he didn’t think your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.

He knew that your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.

Episode 1 kind of shows how the team would work without Shiro and how Keith would lead Voltron in general. Of course we’ve had a lot of character development on all the characters but a couple notes:

They get on Keith’s flyer and while flying Keith is pretty much in charge. 

(Also, Pidge asks “why am I holding this guy?” adding to my theory that she didn’t really know Shiro before Kerberos.)

lmao, look at Pidge. 

Here Keith gives orders to Hunk to lean left or right, using his weight to help steer the flyer. Keith doesn’t explain what he’s doing, he just tells them. In this scenario it’s difficult for them to argue because he’s piloting and it’s his flyer. For the majority of this though the Garrison trio is basically screaming.

(Hunk knows Keith, although Keith doesn’t seem to know Hunk in the same way he didn’t really know Lance. Keith calls Hunk “Big man” in this entire sequence though, but it really shows some ingenuity to use Hunk as a counterbalance for the turns to help him handle the extra weight Shiro and the trio adds.)

(*pidge screaming in distance*)

Despite protest from the rest of the team Keith goes off the cliff. It works but not only does it show that Keith is willing to take crazy risks but also that he’ll drag the others with him. Look at that grin, he’s enjoying this. Now through Season 1 and 2 Keith develops a lot of maturity but we still see this ingenuity, stubbornness, and instinct driven behavior through-out. 

Keith’s mouth is open. He’s screaming too. Actually the paladins spend a lot of Season 1 Episode 1 screaming. 

I have  no doubt that Keith can pilot the black lion and lead Voltron. I think by Season 3 the Paladins all trust Keith and are willing to work together, especially with Shiro missing. However I also do think that Keith and Shiro have very different styles of leadership, not to mention that Shiro is just a natural leader. I doubt there be actual conflict with Keith being the leader, except maybe from Lance, but I think everyone would have to get used to the new balance. 

Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

I should share Rachelle’s first experience getting it outside of our marriage.

We were at a Luau party when she had so much fun that Rachelle finally lost enough inhibitions to go a little further. It was actually a Yacht Club party. It was a different club than the one we belong to now.

Being that it was a Luau theme party, she was only wearing a small flowery wrap type mini skirt and a tube type top that left the bottom of her tummy bare. Her shoes were low heeled beach sandals with a strap between her toes. They were kind of a casual to dressy flip flop if you will with small straps. I will never forget how sexy she was. Rachelle is a cute little petite thing. She likes her toes brightly painted and loves sexy feet. Her hair was up at the beginning of the night with flowers in her hair. I admit that she had an, “I’m fuckable” look to her. Or an attitude look that said “I’m sexy and I know it.” Her skirt was short enough that her panties could be seen when she bent over good.

That club had a history of wild parties, but we weren’t usually among the wild participants. I had heard of sexual escapades, but never planned to take part. There were two known swinging couples. People didn’t say too much about them and their lifestyle, but both of the husbands confirmed it by trying to invite us to the lifestyle. Actually, those two have nothing to do with what happened with my wife.

We aren’t regular heavy partiers, but I guess there are always exceptions. Rum drinks were flowing, and Rachelle was drinking Margaritas. She isn’t used to drinking much tequila. We were all having an exceptional amount of fun. People’s judgments and inhibitions were soon pretty loose.

It wasn’t long before two of our friends who were also married were flirting with Rachelle. I don’t dance much, but Rachelle loves dancing. I always dance to a few favorites which are mostly slow ones and that’s about it for me. I never minded her dancing with other people who we know, because she likes it so much. Rachelle is a bubbly bundle of high energy. Ron and Gordon continued asking her to dance. As the party got crazier, they began both dancing with her at the same time.

They were soon clearly fooling around with her while dancing. We were also making excuses for her to bend over. We were all playing with her and she seemed turned on by the attention. Time went by with only flirting and teasing, but soon they were touching her when they were dancing. They kept holding her closer and trying to feel on her. She resisted a little at first, but soon she allowed more and kind of played along.

Later in the evening when the only ones left had little sense of judgment, things continued to progress. Her short wrap skirt made things easy for the guys. Rachelle had danced with several people, but these two spent a lot of time with her. Finally they two were dancing with her at the same time. Then I noticed her panties were pulled down below the bottom of her little skirt. They took turns dancing close to her. Between the two of them, they succeeded at shielding the view, and I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. I could see that their hands were under her skirt, and they obviously were fingering her. I saw her push them away a few times, but she didn’t seem to mind that they kept doing it. I’m sure the other people who were dancing could see what they were doing to my little wife. I was so turned on that I really didn’t mind.

Before I knew it, they had her sandwiched between them and lifted up with her feet off the pool deck. One guy facing her and one guy was behind her. Anyway, Gordon, who was facing her was pumping his hips into her. At first, I just thought they were kind of dirty dancing or whatever. His pants weren’t down. But then I noticed them adjusting her like he was trying to get his dick in her. Rachelle struggled with a little resistance, but it also kind of looked like they were playing. I was a little concerned, but I really thought they would respect any real protest from her.

I was caught off guard and stunned, but I was also so hard that it hurt. Then her mouth came open and her eyes were big. She began to wriggle and squirm trying to get down. As she squirmed, Ron just held her tighter like he was trying to hold her for Gordon to fuck her. He also pulled her top down exposing her bare tits. Gordon was trying to get her panties off, but they only went to her knees. Rachelle was trying to keep them on. Although I couldn’t see that his dick was in her, It was clear that he was fucking my little wife right in front of our friends. Gordon had a hand full of her hair. The others were just now beginning to pay attention.

Gordon is over six feet, and Rachelle is only about Five two. She had been allowing so much all night. Therefore, I didn’t know if she wanted down because it was hurting her or because she was ready to be fucked.

Ron continued to hold her up and push her against Gordon. It was also appeared that Gordon had more concentration on what he was doing to her. This didn’t go on for long before he had a noticeable facial expression and seemed finished in her. Then I saw him flip the front of his waist band up, so I know he at least had his dick between her legs even if he wasn’t able to fuck her.

I couldn’t see for sure while he was in her. Her legs weren’t spread much with her panties on her thighs. I could clearly see that her panties were down and her skirt was up a little.

When Gordon had finished in her, he loosened his hold on her. Rachelle started to try to get away but not with too much effort. Although she looked very concerned in the face, she actually had a slight smile.

Next, Ron is doing the same thing from behind her while Gordon continued to help hold her up. He had her pretty tight. I think it was semi violating her with barely sufficient consent. The look on her face wasn’t anger or real disapproval. It was more surprise and maybe a little fear because of surprise. I also think she liked it because her face also included a hint of pleasure and ecstasy.

When Ron was doing it to her, he seemed even more determined. He had easier access from behind her. He had one hand on her breast and the other on her waist. I could clearly see glimpses of her butt checks from under her lifted skirt. Rachelle had managed to get her panties up some, but it was easy to see that her panties were still below her butt. I still could not see that he was in her, but the front of his elastic shorts were definitely down, and I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was bouncing her up and down and pumping his hips. Her eyes were big as saucers and her mouth wide open.

Ron obviously wanted to get further in her and was trying to adjust her so he could. Another couple came over. She took Rachelle’s hand and the guy had his left hand on Rachelle’s back and his right on her tummy. Ron was trying to bend her forward, and Rachelle’s left foot made it to the floor. Her shoes had come off. Her right foot curled up behind her as they held her. Ron’s dick was now visible nailing in and out of her. The third guy reached for her butt cheek trying to make it easier for Ron to fuck her. The girl put her face up close to Rachelle’s face and cuddled her while Ron fucked her hard.

When he finished in her, they let her go but kept her close between them for a minute. Her titties were out of her top. I saw her pull her panties back up then adjust her top.

I don’t think she was expecting what happened, but she didn’t seem to be mad. Soon they came from the dance area, but she acted in a hurry and seemed really nervous for ten or fifteen minutes. When she settled down, she brought a Margarita for both of us.

I told her what she did was hot and erotic. When I said it was in front of everyone, she didn’t reply at first. She was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want her to be. I didn’t push it, but I did add, “I could see them doing it to you.”

All she said was, “Really? Really? Well, they have been trying to get my panties off all night.”

I said, “Good. It’s okay. I hope they get them the rest of the way off,” and left it at that hoping it would make her more comfortable.

She was still horny. I guess it was a wham bamb quickie for her, and she needs more than that so she could cum. She disappeared for a little while. When she did turn up, She seemed more subdued and disheveled.

I had been flirting with one of Rachelle’s girlfriends and was hoping to fuck her if I could have my wife soon. This is an excellent accurate description of exactly what happened in front of me. However, I speculate that she was had again while she was missing again for over a half hour. Gordon let it slip that she had been taken into the men’s shower room. I tried my best to get more out of him. I even told him how hot I thought it was and hoped she was good. I added that I hoped she was getting it again if she was in the shower room Gordon then said that they had grabbed her and carried her in. Then he said, “Come on let’s check on her.

The door was locked when we got there. Gordon knocked a said let us in. I heard the latch click and he opened the door.

Several guys had her in between the dressing benches. They were holding her hands up above her head. Two older gentlemen had each of her legs. Ron kissed her as he fingered her through the leg of her panties. They were all telling her what a hot little fuck doll she was going to be. Ron then had them all felling her. Rachelle squealed when Ron went down to pull her panties off. Her hand got free, and she grabbed at the waist band of her panties.

"Okay,” one of them said. “If she doesn’t want her panties off, she can get it with them on.”

They had her hands above her head again. They left her panties at her knees.

They pulled her skirt up and pointed out to her, “Everyone here is going to see your naked pussy and feel your ass. Half of the men in the club will see you naked and see you getting fucked. They will all know what you are like when you are being fucked. You might be the little fuck doll at this club. When we see you eating dinner in your pretty little black dress, We will all know what you look like with it off.”

“We are all going to fuck this hot little wife,” another added.

Then they bent her over and held her tight. “Relax baby they told her. You’re going to get it a little hard. Just let it go in you. As soon as someone cums in you the rest will be easier for you.”

Her skirt was flipped up on her back. She squealed again when the first guy violated her from behind. He wasn’t in her long before the next guy took a turn in her.

“It’s too much,” she screamed. “Please cum in me.”

“Ask for it,” the one fucking said. “Don’t hurt her another one said as he stroked her hair rubbed her back.

"Oh please!” she said again. “I can’t take it that much!”

He came in her. Before the next one went in her, they pulled her top off. She had lost her shoes in the fucking she was getting. Then they took her panties. She was now completely naked except for an anklet bracelet.

“She needs to be pregnant anyway,” they were saying as they came in her. Two made her swallow, but the rest were trying to make her pregnant. She was now on her back on one of the benches. I had to fuck her, but I came before I was ready. I fingered her clit and kissed her while the last two came in her. Rachelle came while the next to the last guy was in her.

Some had already left, but most were asking her if she was okay. “I’m okay,” she whimpered out with a little cry.

I held her naked body and asked her again. She was okay. She just didn’t want to walk. The guys gathered her clothes. An older man said, “She wants her panties and put them on her. Then he stood there with the rest of her clothes. They wrapped her in a towel and carried her to our boat with her giggling. I think she thought she was going to get some more. She was pleading, "I just can’t do it anymore. Not tonight anyway.”

They placed her on the berth in the aft cabin. She was soon asleep. They said they would check on her in the morning and kissed her on her cheek.

I hope this doesn’t make you think bad of her. Sometimes things just happen. Sexual energy was also extremely high that night.

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Theory: We’re not dealing with Undertaker as the Main villain in this arc.

So on the forum I’m on there’s been a lot of bandying about on who is the main bad guy for the Blue Sect arc. Most are convinced it’s Undertaker, but I’m not.

See for me, from the start, this never felt like an Undertaker scheme. There is no joke at the end. Undertaker, much like the Joker from Batman, the Undertaker seems to have plans that have a sort of joke at the end. Look at the Bizarre Dolls for example.

The setup is who wins in a case of an equal number of zombies go on a ship with an equal number of humans? The delivery comes in the form of the whole ending with the fact that the humans do survive, and the punch line is pretty much that the Undertaker had a laugh again at the expense of his former reapers and Ciel and Sebastian. There’s a sick joke there, although to the readers it’s really not that funny. Same can be said for the whole situation with the school, the joke on Queen Victoria with her nephew, and the delivery with the zombies showing up for tea.

You can see how both these arcs are meant to be amusing in some twisted dark way that only someone like the Undertaker could find amusing. Yet the new Blue Cult arc doesn’t show any of those jokes. In fact its humor comes from the boy band music, and they, in turn, represent really a religious aspect that’s built into the arc. This is vastly different then Undertaker who doesn’t seem to equate anything to religion and seems, quiet happy, ignoring any sort of game that doesn’t automatically benefit him.

Now would the Blue Cult benefit him? I don’t think so, and that’s because it’s not going to help the dolls.

Let’s take a moment to look at the dolls. We know how they’re set up thanks to Undertaker:

1.      Bizarre Dolls have limited senses. Although we know the upgraded versions have the ability to act like normal humans for a small part as seen with Vice Principle.

2.      They need a soul. We have been told over and over that they need a soul over needing blood. So why then would they need to take that much blood?

3.      Under normal circumstances, save for the Atlantic Arc, there are usually not that many dolls as clearly it would take a lot of reapers to do what Undertaker did for the ship. It seemed like he probably was working overtime to create them, and clearly since Derek’s was a finer product that means that he took more care and a longer period to create him.

Now let’s look at the Blue Cult group:

1.      We know that they cater to all walks of life, but also that they split people based on blood types. (This isn’t the case with the dolls as it doesn’t seem to matter for them what their blood type is.)

2.      Music and smell seem to be a way to cause hypnosis and put people into a sleep state, causing others to rest so that their blood can be taken.

3.      We know that the blood is removed in a scientific manner that is very much similar to modern blood removal techniques.

4.      According to Othello this is stuff that normally only someone like a demon could conger up this sort of mechanism.

What’s interesting to me is that people assume that it’s Undertaker that’s causing the situation, but there’s enough hints dropped that, at least in this case, I don’t think it’s him causing the issue. For one thing we know that Undertaker likes to set things up as jokes, and there’s no joke here. There’s no punch-line period. This is quite different from Undertaker’s other games, like with Weston for example. Another interesting aspect is the use of the stars and such for their playing. Undertaker, as a Reaper, really wouldn’t see the use of this. His goals come from the dead, so the living, save for those he’s interested in, don’t really concern him as much. To add to this we’ve seen how Undertaker operates. While at Weston he let everything run normally, meaning that save for his little plans, he didn’t mess with much in the way the school was run.

On top of this, why would he need a machine to take the blood? This is someone who has supernatural powers, and we’ve seen that his scythe is powerful enough to cut into various things. We’ve also known that he already knows how to inter bodies as he did so with Madam Red. So why would he need blood removal, when he probably already has other ways of doing so that don’t require him to create machines? On top of that, we’ve already seen how he feels about said contraptions as he creates a false one for Stoker.

So, why would a guy like that set this whole Blue Sect up in the first place? I would say he wouldn’t. It doesn’t fit his MO. We know that his goal seems to be to create a perfected Bizarre doll to bring someone back to life (My money on Claudia), and how would taking all this blood be useful, since we know that the body had blood of its own, as we’ve seen with other Dolls when they’ve been attacked and they bleed. Undertaker has never said that he needed blood for them. Once their hearts start pumping and they get oxygen to their system they can move on their own.

Then the question becomes who needs this blood?

I keep going back to the image that Othello had behind him.

 While Undertaker certainly does have long finger nails as we’ve seen, they’re squared off, meaning that he rounds them rather than has them pointed. This is sort of important in regard to characteristics of hands. Nails that are rounded or squared tend to be less dangerous over all. You can certainly cut someone with them, but the main point is for them to be used for appearance. The idea of the nails being cut with a flatter edge is also to indicate that someone is not “dangerous” in a violent or “evil” manner.

 On the other hand, pointed nails are a different story. Pointed nails tend to be used for villains or “evil” types of characters. These are used to show that the person is intending to harm others with their nails.  In most cases. The sharper the nail the more likely that those nails will cut you. Harm can be brought to you with sharp nails, and normally villains with supernatural powers tend to have sharp nails.

Why am I going on about this? Well if you look previously at Sebastian’s hands, they have sharp nails when he was in demon form. When we look at the hand that is holding the gears and clock pieces, the nails are very much in the same vain as Sebastian’s.  So that leaves us the question of, is it a demon? Othello seems to hint as much and we know from Sebastian’s own implications that time has no connection to a demon. So it’s pretty easy to at least infer that we’re going to be dealing with a demon here.

But what does that mean for the Blue Sect arc as a whole? There are a few things we can deduce from the events so far in the Blue Sect arc.

To start with we have to look at what’s happening from the beginning to see exactly what the Blue Sect’s Stars and Blavat gets out of all of this.

In chapter 1 we’re given a hint of a religious feel to this location. Edward notices that the Blue Sphere music hall offers up free food, help with education, and the intermingling among all patrons. This is very much in regard to certain aspects in connection to religious cults or orders getting people to join. You see this when people talk about joining cults and are invited to meet and greet parties that are of a similar vein to the Blue Cult’s events.

We know then that Blavat and the Stars are getting a large number of people coming into the events. Not all will continue to come in, but some will become part of the cult.

Secondly, we know that the Stars are getting blood, a lot of it, and when we look at the order of the Stars and the blood that they get it seems a bit telling about their conditions, in various ways.  

Room 1, Sirius: Yes we’ve said before that there are similarities to Ciel’s room, but that doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to be his room. In all likely hood the room was designed to seem affluent, and because we’ve only seen Ciel’s room fully and Lizzy’s, we only have his to compare things too. What’s interesting about the room and the silence that comes from it is that there are jars on the side. At least one jar is a mason jar used for preservatives. The likely hood is that this Lord is suffering from a vascular disease since we saw how his veins are popping out.

Room 2 Canopus: Given the bloody bandages and the limited amount of items in the room. To me it seems this person is probably dealing with Hemophilia at the very least, at the worst it’s something to do with anemia.  

Room 3 Vega: Vega is a hard one to figure since it’s clearly a girl’s room and it appears there are twins there. We have very limited info on that other than female. This could also be a case of anemia given the fact that one could bleed a lot though their menstruation.

Room 4 Polaris: Now this one is hard. It could be that the blood is being used as a means of dealing with some form of mental disorder. Although I honestly think that the bed headboard has a name scratched into it. At least one Katakana is visible on the headboard and can be read as Ha, and the one next to it seems to be I and the last one is either Ta or Ya if you read it right to left. (So the name could probably be either Heath or Hiatt –meaning from the high gate.)

What’s also interesting is the fact that Sirius has the least amount of blood meaning that the issue with his probable vascular disease needs the most blood followed by Canopus who probably has the issues of hemophilia. While the other two have lesser version s of their condition as Polaris doesn’t seem to be using as much blood. Since the best blood is given to Sirius it’s clear that those that were receiving the rest were slowly depleting the supply, although they were killed off by being drained.

Thirdly, we also know that whoever is running this group clearly has a connection to a demon. Othello pretty much made that clear when he mentions it. It’s point blank in the text on the page that a demon would have to be the one helping with this.

So who would be the great inventor? Undertaker? Again, not his style also given his dislike of Sebastian, he, like the other reapers, don’t want to have a connection to them all that much. If you go back to the Murder mystery arc, you can see that he isn’t always happy with Sebastian and will, more than often, prefer the company of Ciel. So why would a Reaper work at all with a demon? Why would he need to? I really don’t think he would.

So that leaves the group that we see and Blavat as the connector to all of it.

So with these in mind what can we make out of the whole plan that’s been laid before us?

Chapter 112 Tells us what sort of person Lord Sirius really is: he or she is a genius of a person, a prodigy no less, but also someone who is versatile (a do anything, go anywhere sort of person) who also is two faced. Why is this important? Well this paints an interesting picture. This is a person who can con people, much like…oh Blavat. So the likely hood is that Blavat learned from Lord Sirius.

So what does a person like this do when they’re faced with something that they can’t cure? Why, go the occult route, and bring a demon into existence.

Well let’s start with the whole Plan that Blavat mentions in Chapter 124. He says that the songs explain everything, and this is pretty much true to the point that each song that the S4 sings defines the fact that the blood, or “shine” is being given to the four lords. We also know that from the start the idea was to give blood to the Lords and the pale Blue star.

Funny thing about this, Sirius is a two faced star, which should be a giveaway that the person is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only that but then there’s the fact that it’s not a blue star. This is kind of important. Sirius is a normal star with a dwarf star beside it (thus the two faced aspect like a Gemini). This becomes interesting when you consider that there is a pale blue star in the dog constellation. It’s not directly inside of Canis Major, but it is south of it, and it’s a giant Blue star.

So going back to the Demon and the connections here:

We know that Blavat Sky is very interested in keeping things up for the sake of the Blue Star and to help them out.

So that would mean that Blavat has a keen interest in the Blue Star as well as the Lords that run this show.

Given that Othello believes this to be the work of a demon, and we know that outside of Grell, the Reapers have been pretty honest (even Grell herself/himself), so I’m taking Othello at his word here, we can assume that a demon is behind things.

Since that is the case we can then assume that the Lords probably set up a deal with the demon, or at least one of them did.

Or Blavat made the deal with the Demon and his helping the Lords is part of it.

In either case, we can then assume that the deal with the demon was probably made at an earlier age for these people. If it was then we can assume that they are trying to prolong their lives for the express purpose of not having to finalize the deal they made.

Keep in mind that demons are loyal only due to the contract. As such said demon is probably waiting on the chance to eat the souls of these four.

On the other hand, if Blavat is the one that made the deal, then we can assume that eating the souls of the four Lords might be a part of it. Then again, maybe Blavat is trying to keep the people alive.

Whatever the case is I think the Pale Blue Star and Lord Sirius are two different people.

However, I think that the demon is probably connected between these two without at least one of them knowing it.

My guess on this, and again I’m trying to reason things out as to why there would be a second demon is pretty simple. We know quite a bit about the Reapers. Who they are, and mostly how they function (within the context of the important aspects of the trio we’ve met, and Othello’s bringing new stuff in) as a group. Who we don’t know about is the demons. We only have Sebastian and he’s, as per Will and the others, a weirdo. He’s a picky eater who seems to be unlike the others. Or so we’ve been told via his own words.

What we don’t have is the comparisons. We don’t know at all about those that he contradicts, other then what he’s told us, and for the most part he’s a bit of an unreliable narrator. So what better way to learn about the demon world then, well, by a new demon? We may have already seen her in the form of a drawing that Yana-sensei has put out recently.

If this drawing is the demon in question, then what reason would she have to stick around? Well, again, we were told that we’d get some answers here, and what if that demon was the one that was set out to kill Ciel’s father? Remember not all Contracts have to end in a soul being eaten. On top of that, we don’t know if there’s rules in regard to taking more than one contract at a time. We’ve only seen Sebastian, and again, he’s the odd one. So there is a chance that the demon may be working with someone who is still alive.

This would rule out undertaker as he’s dead and I don’t think he can just offer up his soul since he was in the Reapers. So that means it’s someone who still has a soul to give. This opens up a lot of possibilities here and probably will have ties into the Osiris Company.

My guess also is that this female demon may have been the one that convinced Elizabeth to not go back to Sebastian. If she has no idea that this woman is a demon, and given the fact that she’s been brainwashed, then she’s probably given Lizzy a song and dance routine to make her believe that Ciel is in danger from Sebastian. Either though giving her info about him being a demon, or possibly just indicating that Sebastian may have had something to do with actions that Ciel took. We also can point to the fact that way back in the Halloween picture of Lizzy and Ciel with Undertaker, Sebastian was holding up a plate with a lid up and we saw two eyes peering from the darkness.

Please also note that she has black pointed finger tips, very much like the hand we see with the gears. My guess, this demon’s going to get away for now.

This got me thinking about the strange female shadow we see hovering around Ciel in Chapter 113. A demon’s magic could easily explain the brainwashing too. We know that Lizzy is, for the most part, someone that wants to protect Ciel.

So that’s my guess:

A female demon is pretty much controlling the show right now.

She managed to brainwash Lizzy into thinking that Sebastian is evil.

Blavat is either the one contracted or he’s working for the Contractor.

This demon may have been the one that destroyed or helped to destroy the house.

I know this is all over the place, but it’s hard to put everything in order without the pictures that I would use for proof.

Note: Added the pictures. Hope they help make sense of my ramblings. 

PS: The Blue Star that’s in Canis is  UW Canis Majoris (circle marked NGC 2362) and it has an interesting line onto Sirius. It’s also a Blue Super Giant which means it’s blue and white rather then just white like Sirius. So that’s what has me wondering if this is the Blue Star (or if not this one, then a similar Blue giant or super giant) that Blavat is referencing. 

Harry Styles Imagine

Imagine you are a songwriter and are good friends with Harry and he invites you to write with him.

You flick through all the channels on your TV for what seems like the longest time. You sigh, nothing catching your interest. On your days off your forced yourself to relax as they happened rarely but you were absolutely bored out of your mind. “I love my work way too much” you whisper to yourself, finally settling on the cooking channel. A few minutes later you felt your phone buzz beside you, you pick it up and check it to find one of your good friends Harry text you.

Hey love, just wondering if you’re free at all today? x

Reading the text he sent you, you smiled. He had picked the best day to ask you. You text back quickly.

Yeah I am, why what’s up?

I booked out a studio for 4 hours to do some writing and was wondering if you’d like to join? x

I would love to Haz! What time do you want me to be there?

Great! In about an hour? x

See you then :)

See you soon love. x

You got up from the couch and switched off the TV and happily skipped to your room. What Harry didn’t know is that for a little while now, your feelings for Harry had grown. You weren’t quite sure what these feelings were at the start, but once you knew what they were, they were hard to ignore. But nevertheless, you still pushed them to the side. You would never tell him. What if he didn’t feel the same way and it jeopardised your friendship? Another thought was that if you guys did get together but then broke up, things would never be able to go back to the way they used to be. These sad thoughts and worries were enough to scare you from telling Harry the truth. Losing Harry is a thought you could not bear, you wanted him in your life, even if it meant just as friends.

After what seemed like forever you picked a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, black jacket and your favourite black pair of boots Harry bought for you at Christmas last year. You went back into the living room and grabbed your phone and then your car/house keys off the kitchen bench. After making sure the house was locked you got into your Black Mercedes C-Class Sedan and headed off to the studio. The half an hour car ride seemed to drag on and on, but your mind constantly kept going back to Harry. “I need to stop this madness. I can’t pursue this, I just can’t. God why are you such an idiot Y/N, falling for someone you can’t have” you angrily said to yourself.

When you reached the studio gate you rolled your window down once you were beside a man in a black suit. “Hey Tom.” You smiled at him. “Oh hey Y/N, go on in.” He smiled back at you and then talked into his microphone letting them know to open the gate. Once the gate was open you gave him a small wave which he returned and you drove on in. Whilst looking for a park, your heartbeat picked up as you saw Harry’s car. “I know he’s here, what are you doing Y/N” you scolded yourself. You parked your car right next to his and turned off the ignition. You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and then got out, locking your car behind you before making your way inside. Sienna, the receptionist looked up at you as you walked in and gave you a small smile. “They’re on the second floor, studio 2B.” You gave her a nod, thanking her and made your way into the elevator and up unto the second floor. 2B was to your right, pretty much as soon you walked out the elevator. You grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to be greeted by Jeffrey Azoff, Jeff Bhasker, Mitch and of course Harry. You closed the door behind and then greeted everyone individually. You make your way to the black leather couch and sat yourself on Harry’s left as Mitch was on his right and you guys got to work.

—- About 27 minutes later —-

“Harry mate, what’s up? You seem kind of down all of a sudden.” You hear Jeffrey say and you look up from your phone to Harry. His eyes, slightly sad as he was looking up at Jeffrey. “Yeah I’m, uh fine. I just need a breather if that’s okay.” Jeffrey nodded and Harry got up leaving his notebook behind. But about 15 minutes had passed and Harry still hadn’t returned. You were getting a little worried about him, so you put your phone in your pocket and stood up, “I’m going to go check on him, be back soon.” you said to everyone and everyone either gave you a nod or hummed in response. You knew exactly where he’d be as that’s where you always go if you need a minute to yourself also. You went down the elevator to the first floor and made your way out the back door. The cold air hit you first, making you shiver slightly as you walked out. The sky was overcast today, nothing new for London, because it pretty much was everyday. You looked to your right to see Harry sitting on a park bench with his head down in his hands and his elbows resting on his thighs. You walk over to him and sit down next to him, sitting slightly sideways to look at him. He didn’t budge at all. He stayed in the same exact position. “Penny for your thoughts?” you said after 30 seconds of silence. He sighed and got up from his position and looked at you and then in front of him. Although he looked at you ever so briefly, it was enough to catch a glimpse of those emerald eyes which were slightly glossy.

“I’ve just been feeling a bit down recently so I thought coming to the studio and writing would be therapeutic but I was mistaken. I came out here to gather my thoughts and they’ve become a bit…overwhelming I guess. ” he said, still staring ahead. “What’s got you down in the dumps?” You asked. “Just a lot of things, been thinking about about Robin and how much I miss him. I’ve also been thinking about my future and who I want to spend it with.” your heart fluttered slightly at that. “I feel like I’m getting towards the age where I wanna start thinking about marriage and about having kids but…” he shrugged. “Well is there anyone you fancy?” You asked him. “There is this one girl. She is sweet, funny and caring. She always puts her needs before others because that’s how compassionate she is. She always knows how to cheer you up when you’re down because she hates it when others are sad. I find myself falling for her more and more every single day. Even if I don’t see her, if I get one text from her or see an instagram post of hers, a tweet, anything. Even just thinking about her, you know. I-I find myself so consumed in my own thoughts of her and I find it so heavenly. But what if she doesn’t feel the same, I don’t want to lose our friendship.” He sighs sadly.

You smile sadly. That’s exactly how you feel about him. “You should really tell her how you feel. She sounds like such a lucky girl. I’d give anything to have someone think about me like that…I’ll tell you what, how about you organise to meet up with her the next time you both are free. That is definitely something that should be said in person.” Harry looked at you, smiling slightly and nodding. “You’re absolutely right, I’ll call her right now.” He stood up and took his phone out. “Well I’ll leave you to it. Come back in when you’re done.” You got up and walked back inside.

You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket as soon as got inside. You fetched it out of your pocket to see the name “Hazza” appear on your phone screen. You laughed and decided to walk back out to him. He’d obviously heard your footsteps and turned around grinning at you. Harry hung up the phone and put it away. You continued to walk over to him, grinning at him also. “I feel the same way.” Was all you said before you felt him grab you gently and put his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. He held you close against his chest for a minute, giving the both of time to recover from that kiss. You both then pulled away and looked at each other adoringly. “Are you free tomorrow at about 11:30?” You nodded, “I sure am.”

“Well we best be going back inside. We have just under 3 hours left in the studio. Come on.” He gestured towards the building. You followed him back inside and back into the studio you guys were in previously. You and Harry were grinning from ear to ear and giggling like little kids when you guys walked in. Jeffrey, Mitch and Jeff all looked at you guys and smirked, suspecting what had happened back outside. Both you and Harry blushed and sat back down on the couch. “I can’t believe that actually happened”, you thought and looked up at Harry. He met your gaze and then his hand reached out for the side of your face, then he proceeded to bring your head to his lips and kissed your forehead. And that was how it all started…

Every Me And Every You - Nineteen

You had a half hour reprieve between showering and Spencer’s next attack on your senses.

After your shower he’d handed you a silk kimono, the tags still on showing that it was also new. He dressed himself in a pair of loose pajama pants, not bothering with boxers and pulled another dressing gown around himself.

“You kinda remind me of Hugh Hefner dressed like that you know,“ you told him, lying propped up on the pillows on his bed.
He had a flat screen TV on his wall which he’d switched on to some late night celebrity talk show, and he glanced over at you, rolling his eyes.

“I seriously would have no clue what to do if I was Hugh Hefner. I kinda admire the guy, he’s made millions for himself. But all those girls around him constantly? No. One is plenty, thank you very much.”

“Personal question then, you don’t have to answer. Do you actually want to settle down, get married and have baby geniuses? I’ve seen you with Jack and Henry and you’re great, but I’ve never seen you express a wanting for them.”

“I do, someday. But when I find the right person for me. And that hasn’t happened yet.”

“But you’ve had girlfriends, you’ve told me. Did you not think that any of them were ‘the one.‘”

“Truthfully, no. The partners I’ve had that have been in the BDSM scene have simply been someone I shared an interest with. Sure, I cared for them but aside from the first girl, they were all people I’d met through this scene. We were sexually compatible and I’ve been able to find things to talk to them about, but…. they were never someone I could see myself with longterm. But neither was I for them.”

“And the partners you’ve had outside the scene?”

“There was only one that came close to being ‘the one.’ And I didn’t explore this at all with her, didn’t even tell her I was into it. We were only together for six months, and she could have been “the one” I guess. I was in love with her. But she couldn’t handle my job. And I was only twenty seven and wasn’t prepared to give up the BAU for her.“

He was thirty two now, to your twenty seven.

“Would you now? If someone asked. Would you leave the BAU?”

He thought carefully, pushing a loose lock of hair back.

“Possibly. Very probably actually. I do want kids. And I want a stable, happy relationship. I’ve earnt and saved a lot of money through profiling and gambling on the side, I could afford to take a desk job. But she’d have to be someone special. Someone who I could see myself growing old with and having a family with. If it were the choice between leaving the BAU and becoming a father, I’d take being a Dad. I’ve reached that point now I think.”

You could imagine Spencer being a dad and you knew he’d be the best father ever, but you didn’t say anything, just smiling at him instead.

“So what about you? You’ve never really mentioned any burning desire to settle down?” Spencer turned the question around to you.

“Erm…. One day I will. But again, it’s finding someone that makes settling down worthwhile. And finding someone who understands the job and knows that I’d be away a lot. Although again, if it came down to it, the job would come second. Not many guys have piqued my interest enough though for me to even consider leaving the BAU. Maybe one day though. If he was right for me.”

Spencer shifted on the bed, turning to face you, his robe falling open and exposing a strip of toned tummy.

“So what exactly is right for you then, Snow?”

You considered his question carefully.

“Well, just someone that makes me happy. That I can be myself around and not have to worry about putting on a facade for. Someone that makes me laugh but who I can have serious, deep conversations with. I want someone that I don’t HAVE to dress up for, but who I want to dress up for, who I want to look my best for, but who thinks I’m pretty when I’m slobbing about in my sweats. I want someone who would walk through fire for me, who will be there no matter what. So… not a lot really.” You laughed, thinking how strange this conversation was now.

“Do you have a physical preference?”

“Not really no. Although my last two boyfriends have been blonde haired, blue eyed babies. But I don’t find a particular type attractive. If it’s there, it’s there. What about you?”

“Pretty much the same, on both accounts. I don’t want someone that I have to hide my quirks from or pretend to be something I’m not. In terms of physical attraction, like you say. If it’s there, it’s there.”


“Are you attracted to me?” Woah Y/N. Brain to mouth filter on the fritz again.

“I’m quite certain I’ve already told you numerous times that I think you’re beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to have sex with you if I didn’t think you were attractive Y/N.”

He had. But you’d just thought it was pillow talk of sorts.

“Oh… Alright. So when you said you didn’t want someone you had to hide your quirks from, do you mean this? What we’ve been doing?”

“Kind of. But… If it wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t into this as long as the sex was good. This is just an added bonus.”

“Spencer, how.. Ugh I can’t think of my words here. Erm…. How bad does this get? Like, how bad do YOU get? Because so far, you’ve just seemed a lot more confident and assertive. And I like it. A lot. But….. ”

“But you were expecting me to be telling you you’ve been a bad girl and need to punished.” He smirked, knowing exactly what was going through your mind.

You nodded. It wasn’t that you wanted that specifically, but… well you kinda had expected it. So far, Spencer had been different to his usual self, but you could still see clear glimpses of the Spencer you knew so well.

“Alright, so you want to do an actual scene then, a role play?”

“I guess so.”

“Okay. Tomorrow. We’ll have breakfast and then we can utilise the skirt and shirt you’ve bought. You’ve seen that film, you know how it goes. You can be a secretary that makes mistakes. In fact, I’ll deduct the paddling from tonight and use it tomorrow. You might be too sore otherwise, two days in a row.”

“So we’re playing at being Maggie Gyllenhal and James Spader?”

“That or college student and professor. And no… I don’t have a school girl kink. College students are of all ages.”

You laughed at how quickly he’d tried to defend himself. “Spencer, when I was seventeen, I had a really REALLY hot teacher that I would have happily done things for to earn extra credit. So if you wanna play school girl and teacher, I am down with that shit. But no, we’ll play at Maggie and James tomorrow. I’m curious to see how much you’d change if you’re playing a character.”

“I’m curious about you too. So tomorrow. We’ll play a scene. But for now, ready to try some clamping?”


Not a sexy word.

But you were ready.


Pregnancy Scenario’s Part 4 - Garrett and Alec

Woo hoo! The final pregnancy scenario’s. Inspiration just suddenly struck so here they are! 


Garrett strolled in with an ease it seemed only he would ever master in a particularly cheerful mood as he always was when he returned from hunting. You tried not to think about the awkward conversation sure to come and focused on cooking your dinner which was slowly descending into a chaotic mess. Really after the day you’d had you should have known to go for the microwave meal.

“Y/N?” Garrett leaned against the door frame arms crossed over his chest, looking particularly vexed at the situation you had gotten yourself into. “Is everything alright?”

“Alright? Yes.” You replied, not paying too much attention to the conversation, mostly focusing on trying to keep your kitchen from bursting into flames.

Garrett’s frown deepened as he realised just how out of it you were. “Are you sure? Because everything is looking a little…strained, right now.”

“Yes, fine. Everything is fine. I mean, I crashed the car but everything is fine.”

“What?! Are you okay?!” It was really amazing the ability soldiers had to snap to attention so fast.

You quickly turned down the potatoes which were beginning to boil over.

“Yes. Crashed probably isn’t the best word, more like…” You pondered for a second as you flipped the bacon. “More like dinged. I dinged the car on a wall because I was a little preoccupied. I should have known better than to drive really, then again, with a vampire boyfriend you don’t particularly foresee the day when you go to the doctor for stomach cramps only to find out you’ll actually be having a baby, but then, I didn’t exactly foresee the vampire boyfriend part either, so why should I really be so surprised? Oh shit, the eggs.”

You quickly swung the frying pan off the gas, wildly swinging round to put it on the side, only to hit Garrett in the midsection with it. His deep red eyes were wildly searching your own.

“You’re lucky you’re not human. That could have been disastrous, then again, wouldn’t move so damn fast human would you?”

You went to sidestep round him to put the pan down only for him to hold you in place with one hand and take the pan in the other to put it down himself. He also systematically turned off everything that was still cooking with one hand without so much as looking away from you. It was really quite impressive.

“What did you say?” He asked eyes wide and intently focused.

“You couldn’t move so fast as a human?”

“Before that?”

“I crashed the car?”

“No!” He snapped, making you jump slightly and let out slight squeak, before he got a hold of his emotions by closing his eyes tightly for a fraction of a second. “After that.”

“I went to the doctors.”

“And?” He pressed.

You shifted nervously, running a hand up his chest to tug on the side of his jacket. “We’re having a baby.”



“Yes. Oh.”

You frowned somewhat nervous. “Bad oh?”

A cheeky grin slid onto his face. “Good oh.”


“Good oh?” He asked with a cheeky wink.

You grinned, nodding. “Good oh.”


Alec was a vampire of very few words and his nature, although sometimes vindictive and cruel, was mostly very reserved. Basically Alec was good at keeping calm, had to be really working for the Volturi. However you had the horrible feeling that what you were about to tell him had the ability to make even Alec freak the fuck out.

“Alec.” You called, walking into the rooms you shared.

You half hoped he wasn’t in but that hope was dashed as soon as he responded. “Bedroom, darling.”

Yes Alec did call you darling, why people always thought he couldn’t do the niceties like pet names you never could work out. Marcus had noticed first, bloody Marcus of course he had, noticed that you and Alec were mates, noticed that there was something or rather someone, in your womb who had begun referring to you as mother. It was all very fucked up in your opinion.

“Alec, we need to talk.” You announced, sounding much more in control and confident than you felt as you pretty much stormed into the bedroom a whirlwind of confusing emotions.

Alec cocked one eyebrow pausing half-way through buttoning up his shirt. The look he wore clearly displaying the words ‘so talk’ although he remained silent.

“Marcus discovered something about me today which may be a small cause for concern as we’re not really sure what’s going to happen to me assuming this works the same way with us as it does in human relationships.” You tugged at the frayed edges of your favourite knitted jumper as Alec continued to watch you, his blood red eyes carefully guarded.

The only indication he’d heard you at all was their slight narrowing.

“I um, there is a being…er…”

“You’re not making much sense. Are you ill?” That was Alec. One hundred percent cut the crap and get to the point Alec. Damn you loved him.

“No. Yes. Maybe.”

“Well which one is it?”

“Alec!” It took all your willpower not to scream in frustration as you threw your hands up in the air.


“I swear Alec-“

“Well what am I supposed to be saying you’ve yet to fully explain a damn thing!”

Huffing and crossing your arms as Alec snapped at you, fully realising he was right you tried again. Quick and painless like ripping off a plaster.

“I’m pregnant. So yes, possibly I might be ill.”

Alec was in front of you in seconds, finally dropping his hands from his still half-open shirt to put them on your arms. He glared at your stomach with a look somewhat akin to disgust and loathing.

“Can we get rid of it?”

“What?” Well that threw you through a loop for sure. “No Alec I don’t want to get rid of the baby!”

His eyes snapped up to meet yours, his mouth dropping into a somewhat comical ‘o’. “But that thing could kill you.”

“Perhaps and it’s a baby Alec. You can say the word. Baby.”

“The thing is a monster.”

“Alec this is everything I’ve ever wanted you have to understand.”

“I will not lose you to that creature!” He snapped.

You were quite astounded, Alec had wanted to be a father one day as a human and you couldn’t believe he was reacting like this. It really spoke volumes for his feelings…somewhat less for his morals however.

“Then we figure something out.” You replied gently and quietly, placing a hand against his face. “But I won’t kill the baby Alec.”

You won’t have too.” He muttered going back to glaring at your stomach.

“ALEC IF YOU HURT THAT BABY I SWEAR!” Jane’s angry shout came from the door as she barged her way in.

Really she had fabulous timing.

“I can’t lose her Jane.” At the appearance of his sister, who was somehow in the know, Alec dropped all of his anger and stared over at her as if she could fix the world, the worry finally seeping into his tone and expression. “I won’t.”

“No Alec you won’t, but neither will you murder your child. This is all you’ve ever wanted brother. We’ll figure something out.” Jane’s voice was soft and kind a tone she reserved only for yourself and Alec. Taking one of Alec’s hands and one of yours she emphasised. “Together.”

Alec looked from his sister to your stomach to you his eyes tearing up with venom. “Yes.” He affirmed, putting his other hand in yours and squeezing lightly. “Together.”

Hope you liked these two as much as the others! 

- Admin Tuch

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I Hate You! Or Do I?

Anonymous asked: Hi Meg! I was hoping you could write a Dean College AU based on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You?? (fem!reader please)

Here you go, lovely! I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. 

Warnings: Slight Angst, Fluff. It’s super long too! College AU

Pairings: Dean Winchester x fem!reader, Sam Winchester x Jess, Castiel, Meg

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“What’s in it for me?” Dean asked his brother and best friend, not looking up from the book. Sam and Castiel had been trying for days to convince Dean to ask you out. “The joy of knowing you helped your best friend?” Dean looked up at Sam with an arched brow. “Come on, Dean. One date so that Cas can ask out her sister. He really likes Meg but she won’t date anyone as long as her sister’s single.”

               "What’s wrong with her? The sister I mean.“ Dean had no interest in dating you. He’d seen you around, but you’d always seemed so aloof. So…cold. “She’s, well, she’s got a bit of a temper and she hates guys that sleep around.” Dean let out a laugh, “So you come to the school’s playboy?” Dean knew his reputation very well, although it was only about half true. He had gotten around when he was a freshman, but his party days were pretty much over.

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I was going to post this earlier but it ran longer than I expected.

Summary: The day after. What you need to know about this AU:

Orion stays the night, and waking up curled against Hadrian’s chest with the time/dimension-traveller’s arm slung around his waist is probably one of the happiest moments in his life.  He basks in it for a long moment, listening to Hadrian breathe and watching the early morning sunlight creep in through the window.

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haloshornsglitter  asked:

Parents meme with George Weasley?

Bare with me because this might get painful.

who’s the one to wake up the kids: George. He does it because he likes to do it in really creative ways. Whether it’s in the form of a song he made up on the spot, or surprising them with a prank or a joke, or just making them laugh.
who makes the breakfast: You. George can only make things that explode or poison, so it’s not very safe for him to make breakfast. You had to learn how to make pretty much everything because he can only make a very few.
who’s the one to cry for everything: Both. Going through the war made you both more precious about everything. Sometimes your kids would do stuff that would remind you both of people you lost or horrible moments, and tears would just come. Although it got better, George would often look at his kids and see Fred and break down.
who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: It’s split. George tends to be more lenient, because of who he is. However, he’s seen and gone through too much to let them do foolish things. It’s pretty much the same with you. George fell in love with someone like him who jokes around a lot, but you tend to be more disciplined because George loves to be the fun one, and you love to see him be the fun one.
who helps with the science fair: George. He likes to make things explode, which is sometimes a good or bad things. George was always pretty smart in school, so he knows exactly what his kids need to know to make the best projects and everything.
who does baby talk: Both. George just does small things, non-existent words, while you can’t break out of it for a long time, and will even do baby talk with George.
who wakes up for midnight feedings: You. George is a pretty heavy sleeper, and sometimes has bad PTSD, so you try to wake up as soon as possible so he’s not awoken by crying. It upsets him that this has to happen, but you don’t mind doing it.
who’s the one who always worries: I don’t think either of you would worry always. I think you both have worries, even big ones, but they wouldn’t bog you down. They would always be in the back of your mind, but you’d know that you needed to live in the moment.
who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Really? George, obviously. You both would, but he does it enough that you have to tell him to stop or else the kids will get in lots of trouble. The kids always come up with great ideas for the joke shop, so if he’s ever having trouble coming up with new stuff, he pulls them out of school and just listens to their ideas. 
who’s the competitive parent: I don’t see George being it. He’d get heated if anyone makes his kids feel bad, but he wouldn’t be competitive about simple stuff. Maybe you would, but only with good reason, and then it would be pretty bad.
who kisses the ouches: Both. What kind of parents don’t kiss the ouches? They’d come to you both. George would kiss them and make them laugh wile taking care of them. You would kiss them and hold them and tell them stories.
who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Both. Your kids are scheming and know how to get around you, which includes flashing their puppy eyes to get their way.
who makes the “dad jokes”: George. He and Fred made a million of them, so he definitely never runs out of them. You repeat only really good ones, but he tells every single one of them.
who embarrassed their kid for fun: George, but not in a bad way. He would just do things that would make them blush, and then tell them that he did the same thing when he was their age. He would mostly be really interested in their lives, and would joke around with them to get in.
who’s the over protective one: Both. You’ve both been through a lot, so you want to keep your kids from seeing all of that. You’re practical but safe.
who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: You. George always carries around like four sweaters, and is wearing two at all times, so he has some to share when you tell the kids to grab one as they’re on the way out the door.