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Beastclan Guide

Updated for the Arena redux! The first new Raptorik since their introduction in Beastclans on the Rise in 2014… I’m a little emotional… 

Updated count! 

Beastclan Alliance: 

  • Centaur - 8
  • Harpy - 8
  • Longneck - 10
  • Maren - 12
  • Serthis - 12
  • Talonok - 10


  • Dryad - 6
  • Manticore - 5
  • Mith - 11
  • Other Sapient Beings - 14

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Yo TZ you ever challenge anybody to a trial by combat ?


GC: … H3H


@purespirithorses replied to your photoset “Another thing I’ve been farting around with for the longest time….”

It look awwsone. I’m curios tho.. what about under the roof? Like it’s always been that stupid grey/black color. Is there anyway to change that? (Beside underroof deco) I ask you, all-knowing person of knowledge ����

The texture for the roof is only for the top. Doesn’t affect anything else and no way to add or edit that. It does have a mesh but it’s just a box which is probably just a placeholder for the mesh obj (hash numbers). 

Did some testing with the 5:5 ratio of the image file. First numbered each box to figured out how the the uv maps the texture. I noticed some of the boxes where being flipped (why EA did this is beyond me - calling out lazy 3d artist). 

Then, put it in tsrw.

and this is what it looks like in game.

Still don’t know what some of the squares textures are for because they never show on any of the roof combos I’ve tested. And those special roofs with the pagoda roofs are so stretched with flipped back and forth textures (and that octagonal roof edge will bother me till the end of time how the wall pokes through)

*serious eye rolling at EA 3d model artist/programming partner that devised this system*

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im too afraid to sned u asks in case i set u off and u become emotional and sad and lost in thought and....i don't wanna hurt u.

Oh, no, send me as many asks as you like! All my complaining is really OTT melodrama entirely for the sake of cultivating an internet personality. I’m an extremely highly strung person but not in a way where anything I do in fandom actually upsets or hurts me in any way and I’m completely chill about it all :D 

If you ever think I’m upset unless it’s super serious context where someone would be legit upset rather than “omg this random thought about a TV show character is so distressing!!!!” I am just being a massive drama llama. 

Just picture me taking one look at some interesting meta, putting the back of my hand to my forehead, and sinking with a faint warbling noise onto a convenient sofa. Then cracking open one eye from behind my fan to see who’s rushing to get the smelling salts :D

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amy helping trans!mark choosing clothes that cover his binder and holding his hand while he takes his shot, and when he gets his period she pampers him, telling him that its okay and buying him the best tampons so he doesn't have to carry bulky pads with him and carrying them in her bag cause he's not out to the rest of the crew yet

omg these are so good! helpful partner’s and friends get me so emotional. also when mark gets his period he gets super bad cramps, so amy bought him a small heat pad so he can keep consistent heat on his tum without having to get up all the time to reheat like a heat bag or something

(also tangent from the first part, but the whole reason mark cut the sleeves off that one reptar shirt was so he could have a tank top that covers his binder, confirmed)

Personal but I feel really shitty right now. Like don’t even read this, it’s just for me to offload somewhere! 

Sorry for this being on your dash, I’ll start doing recs tomorrow 

I’ve been with this guy, let’s call him H - on and off since first year of uni. So it’s been what like 2 years now, since we’re in 3rd year. And like we’ve got our ups and downs but there’s just something so addictive about him. 

We spent the better half of second year not talking to each other as he got a girlfriend for the summer and then told me they had broken up and got with me on a night out. Turned out, they hadn’t broke up and I felt bloody awful about it, literally spend weeks not eating cos I felt sick to my stomach. Worst thing is, he is in the same friendship group as I am, so I had to see him all the time for 6 months. 

I believe it was on the night after our finals in second year, when we finally talked it out and said we should try and be friends. And it worked, cos I went home for the summer and he stayed here so it was fine. And then for the first month of uni it worked us well. 

But then it was my best friend’s birthday, and there was no getting with each other in the club or anything but when we called it a night, it was like an unspoken agreement he would come home with me. So he did. And stuff happened. 

And it was fine. There was no drama, no anything. 

And then he started snapchatting me and texting me. And it felt great. We’re complete opposites, like polar opposites. But he’s just hilarious, a bit immature, but just so funny. He makes me laugh and yeah he’s never going to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model but he’s attractive in my eyes. Thing is, my best friends think it’s purely physical. Keep saying how I am too good for him. And whenever I bring up the fact that I really I’m gone for him they laugh it off. 


I’ve gone back to his place a couple of nights since. 

But then a few weeks ago, I was really pissed off with him about something that I can’t even remember. And I was out with this flatmate of mine called R who absolutely hates H cos he thinks he’s been playing me. So R decides he’s gonna play matchmaker and tells one of his friends, L, that I fancy him. 

Bearing in mind it was on a night out. I had a bottle of prosecco, three shots of tequila, a shot of sambuca and a drink one of my friends offered me, which I found out later that it had a couple of strong drugs in it. So I was absolutely hammered. I was off my head. 

And I got with that guy. As in, I kissed him. And apparently that was an invitation to come home with me. Which ok. So he came home with me. And I’m not gonna play innocent, we did things. We didn’t have sex, but we did do things. And then the next morning, he was being creepy - asking ‘is it too soon to call this dating’ and ‘can i take you out on a date’. So I freaked out and more or less kicked him out. 

I got a message from him on that same day saying ‘I miss you like crazy’. Which really freaked me out. And then I was more or less bullied into going on a date with him by R. I made it completely clear to R that I was not interested, even less so when I found out that the guy had never had sex before, as he had major appearance and confidence issues and was just looking to lose it. So, heck no I was not gonna be his guinea pig. But I did go on the date. 

It was a movie and then drinks. I insisted to pay for myself but he had already booked the tickets for the theatre. So we got to the movies, was completely awkward with me, sat stiff for two whole hours. Then we went for drinks - I paid for mine - and he just would not talk. I was the one asking questions to avoid awkwardness. He kept insisting to come back to mine, and I was very firm, declining every single time. 

At this point, I want to say. I was not playing hard to get. I don’t have an issue with having sex. I know some people do, but I do not consider it as a massive deal. If I feel like it, I will have sex. If not, I won’t. But in his mind, that was me being classy and playing hard to get. 

He messaged me straight after he dropped me off at home. Saying just how much fun he had and looking forward to next time. I replied that just to be clear I am not looking for a relationship and if he wants to go we can be friends, but it’s never going to go anywhere. His reply to that was that there’s definitely ‘something’ there and he is willing to wait. I replied that nothing is going to happen. So I thought that was that. 

In the meantime, I carried on seeing H. Who, even 2 years later, he is still a fuckboy that is messing with both my head and my heart and I hate it but I love it. 

Then this past week, H was ignoring me. He was seeing my snaps, opening them but never replying. And then today, L - who I’ve not spoken to since the first week of October as I thought he would get the hint if I stopped replying  - started ringing and texting me, asking if there is a reason I’ve not been speaking to him and saying how much he misses me. So I’m completely freaking out at this point cos it’s just really creepy. 

And then H started talking to me today. And he is being flirty but a bit off as well. And I just really don’t know what to make of it. 

And my period is about 3 weeks late and I’m too bloody terrified to take a pregnancy test.

That’s all. Feels good to finally get things off my chest and not feel like I’m being judged. 

my weeb friend n I binge-read killing stalking in the last 2 days n I’m so fucking uncomfortable right now. I’m gonna preface this with saying that I’m relatively open-minded and not easily turned off by controversial, morally questionable or “hard” topics in fiction so it takes a lot to make me feel actually uncomfortable. I do like the psychological aspects of sangbum’s relationship but romantically….. this is the first time I am legitimately feeling appalled by the thought of romanticizing a certain relationship.