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A previous post about memes got me thinking about animation. (Consider the coconut! Okay, let’s consider it!) I think the Fair Folks would LOVE animation! The coming together of storytelling, drawing, music, acting, and the optical play that allows still images to move, and all done collaboratively. I imagine a projector and screen set up on the soccer field once a month, and students, teachers, and Gentry alike would chill out on the grass and watch animated movies, always carefully chosen of course, to not depict the Otherkin too negatively. Anything with witches or fairies is generally out, for starters. You don’t want to offend the guests. Movie Nights are usually really well attended, and there’s a general truce that holds around movie time. No spiriting away students traveling to or from the event, or any other otherworldly shenanigans that tend to happen after dark. The weather is always particularly lovely on Movie Nights.


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If Nehl had survived, how would he and Dorian have gotten along?

I like to think that they would have gotten along well enough! It’d take a while for Nehl to warm up to him, both because of his Tevinter-ness and, well because he’s a man (while Nehl doesn’t mind Fael’s being gay, he still hasn’t really witnessed him being in a permanent relationship with someone. Don’t worry though. It takes him far less to wrap his head around that fact than around the Tevinter thing) 
Nehl is a really dalish dalish, so he’s not so quick to separate the Tevinter from the mage. Or the Dalish from the family duty etc.
After realizing Dorian is alright though, and he’s not going to hurt his little brother, I like to think they’d be friends :D

I’ve been getting on a healthy sleep schedule the past couple weeks and I’ve been dreaming lately, I’m so excited. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. I get to have dreams.

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I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with the headcanon that Damen is too embarrassed to "perform" in front of the council. Despite his deep reservations about the whole ordeal, this is the perfect opportunity to show the whole world--okay, it's just the council--just how much he loves Laurent. For seven plus hours. Basically, I just feel that Damen can rise to occasion. Pun intended.

alright yeah I can honestly see it go either way. I think he would be shy and uncomfortable at first but ultimately this is damen we’re talking about and if there’s anyone we can count on to dick someone down right, it’s damen

karamels act like their ship is some kind of unique, epic romance and like it was suspenseful and exciting when they got together like no sharon we all knew the quasi-attractive white guy was going to get the girl after he pestered her enough we’ve seen this same tired narrative 1938716617 times

The Cabal was never the big bad enemy for the whole show. The Cabal is one part of what happened way back when. But they only became an issue again because Red turned himself in. And they weren’t the reason he did so.

“My reasons have nothing to do with you.”

Red kept tabs on them, but I genuinely don’t think he was after them. He had secured a detente. The Cabal came after Red again because Fitch died. And then they just used Masha.

Laurel wasn’t interested in ruffling Reddington’s feathers. Peter had his own little bone to pick. Solomon’s bosses were ticked at the release of the Fulcrum. Red knew that if he turned up the heat the Cabal would turn on Peter. 

Now Red has a seat at the table. The Cabal could be a useful ally. And as someone else pointed out to me, I wonder if what happened with Laurel will have any ramifications for Red on that front. 

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Have you seen Butch Hartman's drawing for 10 years later Dani?

I did not even know it existed until you mentioned it Anon and managed to watch about three minutes of Butch drawing two different version of Dani (one resembling Vlad) and just Noped that extra hard and went back to all of the Phandom’s Awesome Dani art.

I prefer the Phandom’s smol goofy gay ghost child, thank you.

a message to my 14-15 year old teenage girl followers: being a teenage girl sucks - yes - but 14 and 15 are truthfully the most awful years. you’ll get through this though, stay strong and dear god do not compare yourself to others!!

hey please read this and spread this cause im fucking TIRED

this goes especially to italians.

every year, the 23rd of may we have a march here in palermo in honor of falcone (and borsellino too although his deaths anniversary is a couple months later)

i want you to know how hypocritical it is.

i want you to stop and realize that the government is washing its hands and mouth by organizing a ridiculous parade every year, with songs and youth invited from all over italy too.

i want you to realize that the government supports this shit BECAUSE they know well shut the fuck up.

i want you to realize that the more we “talk” about mafia the more we shift our focus away from the real responsible.

i want you to remember that giolitti used mafia to shut the protests in the south and keep taking advantage of our resources to advance the norths progress.

i want you to know that mafia never “died”, and everything they tell you about it being “reborn” in the late ‘80s or whatever is a big damn lie.

and i want you to know that during the march, today, banners students carried were literally taken down with force by the police.

this photo shows students of a liceo (high school) with their banners.

the banner says “non siete stato voi, ma siete stati voi”.

itd be hard to keep the wordplay in the translation, but basically, its a rightful accusation towards our government.

its the government whos responsible for not having protected everyone who fought against mafia (which wasnt just falcone and borsellino btw), and the existence of mafia itself.

another banner, not shown in the photo, from students of another school, says “il corteo siamo noi, la passerella siete voi” - another accusation, more ironic, highlighting the ridiculousness of this parade.

the police (digos dispatch, if youre italian you mightve heard this for its infamous role in school occupations) stopped these students and forced them to retreat and take the banners down.

the news want to make us believe this is the first time its happened in a long while, but i know smaller groups of students carrying similar banners have been stopped in the past.

because they want us to just keep saying, like a lifeless chant, “mafia is bad! mafia is wrong!” without any actual insight, and once we try to think critically we are stopped.

everytime we want to make our voices heard we are shut down because they know theyre to blame and they cant take this.

and you know why?

because mafia is still very much alive and active, and most of all harmful.

so take your “mafia aus” away from me for the love of god.

people have fucking died, people keep fucking dying, and we wont be able to stop this as long as the roots of this all still lurk in our government.