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Old Souls (Part 6)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader x some Steve Rogers 

Word Count: 3,481

Warnings: FLUFF, a little angst I think

A/N: We got Cap up in this episode ya’ll. Towards the end lol. Also, this episode does not talk about the reader’s  past. Not yet. I know, I know, but you’ll forgive me once you read this part I promise. We’ll get there. It’s for the good of the story. (It’s 1 AM HERE AND I’M RUNNING ON FUMES I NEED TO WAKE UP IN 4 HOURS. SOMEONE STOP ME.)

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First Time Again (3)

This was supposed to be nesta and cassian meeting his family. But it got to be a beast so I spilt the chapters up. Guys I am in love with this story (i just wrong probs one of my favorite scenes) Can’t wait to share more!

One Two

Chapter 3

When I woke up my head was pounding. My throat was dry. I felt like I was dying, my body was hot and cold all at once. I coughed, wincing as the sunlight hit my eyes. The throbbing in my head got even worse. I pulled at my blankets and turned, a wave of nausea hit me. The room tilted, I felt like I was about to be sick. Like I had the flu or food poisoning. It all hit me at once and I could barely find the strength to move.

I pushed myself up out of bed and walked slowly towards the bathroom. I splashed my face with water. I pressed my hand full of cold water to the back of my neck thinking it would help my fever. I stood up straighter and caught my reflection. I gasped slightly, I looked pale. My hands were shaking and I realized why. On top of feeling physically sick, I was starting to panic. So much had happened yesterday.

My best friend had come home, a man I didn’t know. I haven’t seen him in fifteen years and yet the moment he flashed me that smile I felt myself fall. And then he touched me and I was suddenly someone I didn’t recognize. We were apart of a world that was a fairytale. This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t be, because I lived in reality. But it was there inside my chest, telling me that I needed Cassian. He was the other half of my soul and it was a wonder I had lived this long without him.

I felt sick again. My stomach flipped and I closed my eyes, holding onto the sink for support. The idea of needing Cassian, of being imprinted with him, suddenly attached to someone. I had always been independent, how could I become this girl who needed someone to touch me in order to be okay?

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Get A Room Pt. 2 - ChrisMD

Reader X Chris

Part 1

*2 days after you arrive*

A couple of days had passed and you had all been relaxing around the house and in the pool, recovering from the tiredness that you had accumulated from travelling. It was early morning and everyone was just waking up, you, however, had been sat by the edge of the pool with your legs falling into the water, talking with Chris. You were still wearing your nightwear, an over-sized top, he was just in his boxers. “What the hell is that,” Chris asked pointing to the side of me with a look of repulsion in his expression. I looked to my left to see a centipede-like bug next to me which was about 5 inches long. I screamed as I jumped up away from it and Chris burst into laughter from my very girly scream. “Oh my god stop laughing get rid of it” I whined at him as he continued teasing me by pretending he was going to throw it at me. After a good 5 minutes of him doing this, he gave in. “Okay, okay, I will get rid of it” He picked up the bug gently and placed it in a bush nearby and returned, he was now sitting by the pool looking up at me. “Are you gonna sit down or just stand there? Come on it’s gone now”

“You’re so annoying”

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“I want you to...”

A/N: If you know me by now, you know that I have a sick crush on Jai Courtney. So here enjoy some nice sexuale things about him and you. And for the love of god, please forgive my grammar mistakes and stuff. English is not my native language, thank you! 

Being friends with benefits with the actor and your neighbor Jai Courtney isn’t that easy. Especially if you feel more for him then just a good time here and there. But does he feel the same? Or will you only stay his fuck buddy? 

Warning: Mature / Smut (duh), Swearing, Dirty Talk 
Jai Courtney x reader  

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anonymous asked:

I'm writing a story that takes place in a different world, but with technology like the 1860s. A male and female traveler meet on a train and end up going on all sorts of adventures together. When they're traveling between places, any ideas for cute moments that could happen between them? They're both just generally nice people, although some would consider them odd. And these cute moments don't have to be romantic, just any gestures or conversations where they could show care for the other?

There’s definitely a lot you can do! Perhaps one offers to pay the other’s ticket cost, or buys them a meal. (Hot meals are some of the most comforting and delightful things when traveling often!) One could buy the other some trinket they were looking at or seemed to be interested in, or they could give the other person choose which seat they’d prefer to take. As for conversation, they could discuss dreams, philosophies, family life, childhood tales. Anything goes, really. The most important way to make a tender moment is really to make it personal and to show care and interest for the other person!

Moments Series – “Move in with me?”

1 year

“Move in with me?”

“What?” You ask, your mind clouded as you turn the key he handed to you over and over in your hand.

“I bought an apartment outside of LA. It’s about thirty minutes from LA so I’m close enough for when I need to be there for work, and its thirty minutes from your school. Its nice, you’ll like it, I promise.”

Your heart melts. He knew that you were having trouble with your roommates and you didn’t want to live with them for another year, and you were concerned about living with other people even though some other girls told you they had space, you were hesitant. This way, even when things get crazy you will be able to actually see him, almost every night, although he’ll still have to leave sometimes for work, you’ll see him more than you would otherwise.

“Yes.” Is all you say before he takes you into his arms.

In My Time Of Dying: Bucky Barnes Edition (x Reader)

Summary: I was asked to write a Bucky Barnes version of this requested one shot, so here you go.
Warnings: Sad times, death and Bucky being a sad bundle of angst 
Admins Note: Decided to go down a COMPLETELY different route to the Tony one. Basically, when Bucky fell you carried on living like Peggy and now in the modern century, Bucky after some time decides to come see you; since you only have a few days left. I just want to say, it’s usual for a relationship in the forties to be between someone young and old. Bucky is nearly ten years older than the reader in this, him being twenty- seven and older. I am going by the age my Great-Granddad Lucas met his first wife who was eighteen whilst he was twenty-seven. If you want me to do another Avenger, something along these lines like what I had done with Tony and Bucky, please request and I will get on that as soon as I can. - Rosalee

You had met Bucky back in the Forties, you were younger than both him and Steve but you were more mature than both put together, that’s probably why Bucky liked you so much; you were years from your age and you always handled yourself pretty well. You grew up alongside them both, you were there to clean their wounds whenever they both got into fights, you were there to call them stupid whenever their ideas go a miss and you were there to see them off to war.

 The day Bucky was leaving was the day he told you, that when he returned he had something to tell you, he told you to wait for him and you did; you hoped that it would be the fact he loved you back, you’ve always loved Bucky, he was everything you loved in the world. His very existence made you the happiest, the fact you got to live alongside him was a blessing to you. 

When Bucky fell he took your heart with him, you never thought you’d find someone new and you didn’t really want to either but eventually you learned to be happy again; despite your heart still belonging to Mr. Barnes. Peggy helped you recover, considering she was going through the same heartache of losing Steve; you grieved for both but losing the love of your life… that was hard to recover from. You picked yourself up got married, had two children and lived the life Bucky would have wanted for you, it was a good life and you worked alongside SHIELD for some time. 

Especially alongside Howard and Peggy, till you eventually retired and moved into a retirement home, your husband had died long before you of a terminal illness. Now at eighty-nine you were waiting for your time to leave, you had lived the best possible life, now you just wanted to sleep and find peace. You were lucky enough not to suffer with memory loss, it’s possible that the scrap-book of photos that one of your great-grandchildren had made helped keep your memories fresh, and you looked through it everyday; you had become that old lady who talks of her time during the war. 

Your health was declining at a rapid rate, and it was only a matter of days before you passed away, various guests and visitors came to see you. Even Steve, he visited you as much as he visited Peggy, only these pass few times have been the hardest for him. You dying was morbid, so you tried to lighten the mood, talking of old times and showing the drawings your great-grandchildren done for you. 

Steve also told you about Bucky, how he survived but became HYDRA’s weapon, he also told you how he came back and is now recovering slowly. The thought of Bucky and Steve being reunited made you smile, as Steve would no longer be alone in this foreign time, he now had his best friend beside him and that made you feel relieved. You wanted to see Bucky once more but you had guessed that he was ashamed to see you, after everything that happened he probably thought he wasn’t worthy to see you again but you wanted to see him, just one last time…

 Bucky walked down the hallways of the retirement home, he only wished he returned to you, confessed his love and grew old with you but instead everything went wrong for him but he loved that you carried on. You picked yourself up, lived and now here you are, laying in a bed surrounded by flowers and he felt nervous to see you. 

He pushed the door open, closing it also and finally turned to you, where you were sat up in the bed; pillows propped up against the headboard, a big scrap-book resting on your legs, your whole body covered in blankets to keep you warm. The same smile upon your face, your bright (E/C) eyes were ageless to Bucky, they still held the same happiness as they once did many years ago. 

You didn’t look up, slowly flipping through the black card-pages, he walked forward in silence and sat down beside your bed.

“I think the thirties were my best years,” you mutter, voice frail and old, he smiled slightly at that, the first you thing you say; the years you had grown to love Bucky Barnes, the years he fell for you and kept you beside him.
“Every year is your best year,” he mutters back, to which you look at him and laugh, the sound hadn’t changed… it was still his favourite thing about you.
Always the charmer, James,” you smile, turning the page again, pictures of yourself and Steve, or Bucky and sometimes altogether. 

“I lived a good life, didn’t I?” you smiled as Bucky looked at photos of your family, it had grown and some had moved to other countries, it was huge and it made Bucky smile but he grew envious; that should be photos of his family also. 

Yeah, the best,” he mumbles, looking at you. “I only wish I was there to see it, beside you and here in the bed opposite you, but…” he trailed off, metal hand clenching at the thought of the life he could have, if HYDRA didn’t get in the way.

“I lived my life, it was long and good, full of hope and it was without you,” he looked at you, blue eyes shining, “letting go, means coming to the realisation that some people are part of your history, not your destiny.” You take his human hand in yours, running your fingers over his skin, smiling brightly at him. “I’m not in your future, James…” his tears rolled down his cheeks, knowing this was you saying goodbye to him, trying to ease his pain before easing your own. 

“But I just got back, you can’t leave me,” he whispered “Not now!” you let out a gentle sigh.

“I think you seeing me like this, is good for you,” he looks at you, trying to hold back his tears; “sometimes letting go of the past means facing it; you seeing that I have lived a happy life, may inspire you to do the same, I hope it does,” you tell him. “I hate that you didn’t live the life I wanted for you, now you can, I want you to be happy,” you grasp his hand tightly, well what you thought was tight. 

“I love you,” he simply tells you, you nod with a small smile, Steve had told you when Bucky fell, he figured you had the right to know. You loved him, you still do but your time was over, you both missed the chance to fall in love and grow old together. 

“I know,” you mutter, he nods slowly. “Learning to live without you was the hardest thing I have ever done. I did it, and you’ll do it too but you’ll have Steve alongside you,” you tell him with a smile he chuckled and nodded, rubbing away his tears, only being replaced with new ones on his cheeks. 

“Things we lose always have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect,” you sigh out, a line from the Harry Potter books that your great-grandchild read to you, it stuck out in this situation very much and it seemed to fit in with how you were feeling. You had lost Bucky, him coming back now was not what you expected, it was far from it. 

You could die now having lived a full and happy life, seeing Steve and Bucky be reunited, it was a good way to go knowing they weren’t alone in this world anymore; they are both okay and would continue to be so.

“I’ll always be with you, James.” you tell him, leaning back in the fluffy pillow, still holding his hand with a smile on your face. “the world is and will always be against us, I know that living beside you was one of the greatest moments of my life, just being around you; you are a great man, Barnes. Never forgot that.” You patted his hand with your other one, now clasping his hand with both of yours and he nodded, metal hand resting on both of yours. 

“I don’t think I want to live in a world that you aren’t in,” he mutters, choking up slightly on his words.

Promise me that you’ll try?” you asked, “that you’ll get yourself together again, you can’t be the James I knew and loved, that’s okay because life changes us; if there’s anything I’ve learnt in my time on this Earth is that people are constantly regenerating.” He nods slowly. 

“That you’ll break as many hearts as you did back in the ole’days?” he chuckled and nodded again, “that you’ll look out for that punk Rogers? Lord have mercy on that man because he cannot stay out of a fight even now.” He laughed, really and truly laughed, it was the most beautiful sight you had ever seen; well other than your grandchildren but it was a nice sound to leave to. His laugh, his smile and the way his eye brightened, that’s what you needed to see before you went. 

Bucky’s laughter died down as he wiped his eyes, the tears being replaced by happiness ones. “I promise, (Y/N),” he smiled, once looking at you once more his smile faded, his heart beat quickening. Although in this moment he should call for someone, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. 

You laid amongst the many blankets, some you had knitted, you were very keen to tell him and he listened intently to every word. A smile etched on your frail face, hands still tangled with his, eyes shut and it looked as though you were sleeping; having the most wonderful dream. 

He let out a shaky breath of air, his eyes brimming with tears, he sniffed them back and held your soft hands tighter in his and let out probably the most heart-wrenching sob he’d ever done. A hand clasped onto his shoulder, he knew it was Steve, he was the one who brought him here. 

“It’s okay,” Steve muttered, holding back his own for his best friend, allowing Bucky to be sad in this moment, “it’s going to be okay,” Steve soothed. 

I want to wake up from this nightmare now,” Bucky sobbed into the bed, “to wake up and be back in Brooklyn,” he cried, turning and hugging Steve so tightly that Steve felt like he could possibly break. 

Imagine #3 He gets jealous (Luke)

This was a request from an anon, I hope you like it :)

“Hey Y/N! It’s been a long time!” James, one of your best friends from school says with a smile on his face, holding out his arms for a hug.
“Too long.” You agree wrapping your arms around his torso, which was a lot larger than you remembered. He had filled out a lot in the few years you hadn’t seen him
“What do you want to drink?” James asked as he pulled away, “I’m paying.”
“Well, if you’re offering I’ll have a vodka and coke please.” You reply, scanning your eyes around the bustling bar, searching for a free table which you saw in the corner.
“Okay, are you not driving?” James questioned.
“Oh no, Luke is coming when he finishes his band rehearsal, I thought it was time you two finally met.” You explain before heading over to the table, sitting down into the chair with a smile on your face.
You had missed James. You had been so close in school, he had helped you through some of the hardest times of your life but after high school ended your lives just got in the way and you had drifted apart. You would still talk on the phone sometimes but you hadn’t seen each other for years, that was until James text you saying that he was in the area and wanted to meet up, and of course you agreed.
James returned a few minutes later, giving you your drink before sitting down next to you. You spent the next hour talking about a lot and laughing your head off.
“I’m just going to the toilet, won’t be long.” James announced, leaving you alone at the table.
You glanced at your phone, looking at the time and realising that Luke should’ve turned up about 15 minutes ago. As if on cue your boyfriend of 6 months appeared in your view, although he didn’t look too happy.
“Hey baby,” you greeted, standing up to give him a hug which he didn’t return. “Why were you late.”
“Oh, I wasn’t. I was here on time but you looked like you were having enough fun without me and I didn’t want to interrupt.” Luke stated, a clearly bitter undertone laced his voice.
“What do you mean?” You were confused, he wasn’t jealous, was he?
“Well you were all over each other, you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to interrupt, would you?” Wow. He was actual jealous of James.
“Luke,” you state, shaking your head slightly, “James is just a really good friend, one of my best friends actually,you have nothing to be jealous about, at all.”
“Well it didn’t look like that from where I was standing.” He retorted.
“Well it’s the truth, I love you and if you don’t believe me that’s your fault.” You snap, sitting down and taking a sip of your drink. What had started off as being an amazing evening had just taken a pretty bad turn. Why was Luke even jealous, he should trust you.
Luke looked like he was about to say something else when James appeared beside him.
“You must be Luke,” he said with a smile on his face, “Y/N has told me so much about you!” James held out a hand for a handshake which Luke returned, however he didn’t look like he wanted to, and James picked up on it straight away.
“Is everything okay mate?” He questioned, a concerned look on his face.
You rolled your eyes at Luke’s reply, “Not really, mate, I’d prefer it if you didn’t flirt with my girlfriend.”
You had to fight to stop yourself from laughing at the look of shock that James had on his face.
“What? You think I’m flirting with Y/N? No way mate, never. Not because she’s not pretty or anything but she’s like a sister to me, nothing like that has, or ever will happen. I swear.” James managed to say, the look of shock still plastered on to his face.
“I told you,” You decide to say, looking up at Luke with a raised eyebrow. “Absolutely nothing is going on.”
Your boyfriends face flushed a deep red, and you could tell that he had realised he was being completely ridiculous and was now just very embarrassed.
“Oh, crap. Sorry, oh god. I was being stupid wasn’t I?” Luke sighed, biting his lip slightly as you and James both nodded your heads.
“Well, sorry. You know what? I’ll go and get some drinks, yeah, I’ll be back in a minute.” Luke pretty much ran off, almost tripping over his own feet in his rush to get away from the awkward situation he had created.
You and James were silent for a moment before you made eye contact with each other and started laughing your heads off.
“Well, you’ve met Luke now.” You managed to say through your laughs.
“Yeah, I can’t say it was what I expected though.” James replied, still laughing at the idea of you and him flirting.
“I didn’t expect it either, although it’s nice to know he cares.” You had stopped laughing now but your breaths were still heavy.
Luke returned a few moments later, holding three drinks. He sat down at the table, a hint of red still apparent on his face.
“I’m sorry about earlier, I just kind do saw you together and got a bit carried away.” He said sheepishly.
“Yeah, you can say that again.” You said at the same time as James, causing you both to start laughing again.
“It’s okay baby,” you choke out, “I know you can’t help it!”