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Jay letting Evie go first and her waiting for him to do so


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend

The Signs as Beach House

Aries: Sparks.  Aries is the youngest sign, and can be seen as a microcosm of life.  Their defining trait is their enthusiasm, and it is in this enthusiasm that they find their power, their immense capacity for good and for evil.  They hold so much fire within them, and yet, there is a certain simplicity and purity of spirit in the Aries.

Taurus: Somewhere Tonight.  Slow, steady, and stable, it may sometimes seem that Taurus has little going on in their life.  This may be true.  They are not always interested in exploring the extremities of life, but maybe they should be.  Still, there is a certain beauty in continuity, so long as it does not lead to monotony.

Gemini: Heart of Chambers.  Beneath Gemini’s many personalities lies a biting pessimism.  They tend to bury themselves with hobbies and interests and change in order to escape reality.  Gemini is much more complex than many may give them credit for, and a challenge they face is finding truth in themselves.  There is so much going on inside of them that it’s hard for them to land somewhere.

Cancer: Turtle Island.  The thing about Cancer is that they seem very dramatic, crying all of the time and making a big deal out of everything, but they’re not acting differently from the way that they truly feel.  Cancer has deep emotions, and they’re not afraid to hide it.  When their melancholy gets the best of them, they may retreat to sadness and be totally inconsolable, but I find they usually turn out okay in the end.

Leo: Lazuli.  If the Leo nature could be shrunk down to one word, inversely, that word would be “big.”  Even in the small things they do, they attract attention and exist with dignity.  They are fierce individualists, but they pay a fair amount of attention to the way others respond to them.  The goal of the Leo is to accept their magnetism without using it for manipulation.

Virgo: Take Care.  Virgo is defined by a certain ethereal quality.  Although they are Earth signs, something about them is certainly of the heavens (perhaps a trait borrowed from their sister sign?).  They are masters of service and duty, so what better song to represent them than one about taking care of others?

Libra: She’s So Lovely.  A beautiful, yet sinister song, there is hardly a better choice for the duality of Libra.  All too often, Libra is seen as ordinary or forgettable, when they are really masters of intrigue.  They carry immense power in the way they relate with others.  Whether they use this gift for good or for evil is up to them.

Scorpio: Beyond Love.  As a sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio may tend on the violent side, yet as a water sign, love is a big theme in life to them.  They seek this all-encompassing, transformative experience that is literally “beyond love.”  Scorpios can never settle for the commonplace affections that most people endure.  They’re after something spiritual.

Sagittarius: Zebra.  The carefree Sagittarian disposition may not be an act, but it can certainly be said that they have a hard time connecting with the consequences of their actions.  They value freedom yet rarely consider permanence, so they live in a state of absolute honesty and truth, which is sometimes quite admirable and other times highly chaotic.

Capricorn: Astronaut.  The sea goat’s journey is one of self-reliance, a quest to master themselves.  Thusly, they believe that they should carry the weight of the world alone.  Yet it is only when the Capricorn learns to trust in others that the are truly able to be their best selves.

Aquarius: Zebra.  The Aquarius is adamant about becoming unknowable.  They appreciate their privacy, and no matter how well one may think they know them, they always keep a bit of their character to themselves.  They are wild and free, but their inner Saturnian sense of responsibility keeps them in check of themselves.  They’re perfectly capable of existing alone, but they shouldn’t.

Pisces: Saltwater.  Devotional love comes like second nature to Pisces.  As the last sign, they are born with their hearts highest in heaven, and their love verges on angelic due to its pure, selfless essence.  Their love is boundless and perhaps not based in reality, yet it flows in endless waves forever.


may the light forever shine upon us.


Wanted to do some tests with coloring
I used @rolling-flash ’s Boulder Opal cause seriously I love his design/palette and I always wanted to draw him

Greek Mythology!au Character List

Reader, Daughter of Athena

Like your mother, you were just as headstrong and courageous. Although being the daughter of the Goddess of Wisdom which meant having her intelligence, you sure did have your moments. Along with your great strategic skills, you were also very competitive. Especially with your twin. Your twin brother, Jungkook, was your partner in crime and best friend, however, you two could get very competitive with one another and your friends would be the ones to pacify the situation.

Jin, Son of Aphrodite

Jin, the heartthrob of school. Of course, with the exquisite looks from his mother, he gained all the attention from school. His charming nature sure made him woo all the girls, and by him being your friend, they became even more envious of you than ever. He was the one to talk to about self confidence issues and you couldn’t count the number of conversations about skin-care products you two shared. 

Yoongi, Son of Hades

Because he was the son of the ruler of the literal underworld, Yoongi did have a gloomy aura that surrounded him. Yet, you always managed to squeeze that shimmer of joy out of him in the form of gummy smiles and enthusiastic conversations every once in a while. He’s the one you had serious conversations with and he was definitely the one you complained to about the other boys. 

Hoseok: Son of Hermes

Like his father, Hoseok loved the idea of traveling and learning about concepts learned only elsewhere. He was the one who spoke to you so profoundly about the world outside your town and you knew he’d be the one to discover more than man could ever know. Hoseok was quite the clever one, and talked you into sneaking into libraries to ‘borrow’ books. 

Namjoon: Son of Apollo

Namjoon was a man of many talents. For one, he was the one to break up and solve any issues within your friend group. Secondly, his truthful and trustworthy nature did benefit you when you were surrounded by six other–cough mischievous cough–boys. He was always the one to turn to when you were confused or stuck in a hard decision.

Jimin: Son of Poseidon

Jimin, your very first friend in high school. Not your first friend, no. Correction: the first one you made in high school. He was sitting on the edge of the pools, kicking his feet in the water. You instantly befriended him when your binder fell into the pool and with a touch of his hand, he absorbed the water soaking it. Like his father, he was moody by nature and under certain emotions, he’d give in and went straight to violence. You were often the one to calm him by bringing him to any body of water, allowing him time to think.

Taehyung: Son of Ares

Now, with Taehyung, there couldn’t have been a better example of a demigod being opposite to his or her parent. Although sharing the same qualities such as determination and fearlessness, personality wise, Taehyung was not like his father. Firstly, right next to Hoseok’s, his smile was one of the brightest sights your eyes have ever seen. Since knowing him at a young age, for your brother and him were best friends, meant the three of you certainly knew how to make mischief together.

Jungkook, Son of Athena

Being your brother, Jungkook sure liked to tease you. All the time. You two could be best friends one minute and the next, trying to strangle each other. You shared secrets no one else knew and others claimed you had twin telepathy, which wasn’t technically wrong. You always knew when Jungkook was in a mood, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Yet, because of your sisterly nature, you saw through him and you’d be the one to cheer him up. And then you tease how as your job being the older sibling–by three minutes–you always would be the one he could turn to.

Hey! This is going to be a new series (I have so many coming up, you don’t even know) and I’m sooooo excited for it!

As for pairing, you won’t know until chapter one, which is coming very sooooon~ This is only a sneak peek at the boys’ backgrounds and personalities. Don’t worry, though! There’s plenty more of character development you’ll see within the chapters to come! 

True love, whatever you may say, will always be held in honour by mankind; for although its impulses lead us astray, although it does not bar the door of the heart to certain detestable qualities, although it even gives rise to these, yet it always presupposes certain worthy characteristics, without which we should be incapable of love.
—  Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, or On Education
My Dirty Girl - Negan Smut Fic

dedicated to @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff , surprise (you thought of this a while ago but i never told you i was writing it muhahhaha)

description : you find Negan’s secret porn collection, and he finds you finding his secret porn collection. I wonder what happened next.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Sneaking through the halls, you came across a pair of double doors that looked nicer than the rest. Negan’s room. Your curiosity peaked, you decide to proceed into the room, punishments aside. The darkness within the room swallowed you up, your nerves at an all time high. But it was too late to go back now. Commit, you pussy. If he wanted you dead, you would be dead by now. On the opposite wall of the bed sat a TV on top of a dresser. You knew there was no way the channels were still running, so why the hell did he have it? Invading his privacy further, you opened one of the drawers. 

“Holy shit.

DVDs. Tons of them. ‘April 22 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME’, ‘JULY 15 : ALL ASS’. Porn, sex tapes, you couldn’t believe it. But maybe you just could. Your fingers sliding over the cases, ridge by ridge, you came across one labeled, ‘APRIL 29 : LUCILLE’. You glanced behind, making sure the coast was clear. Taking a deep breath, you cracked open the case and fed it to the DVD player above. Within seconds the screen flickered on, exposing a shirtless Negan who appeared front and center after turning on the camera. 

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl, Lucille.” Stepping aside, he revealed a woman laying on the bed, completely naked and obviously pleased to be there. Watching on, you saw him flip her onto all fours and aggressively tease her. Although the quality of the video was sub par, you could almost feel him licking her clit with a vicious ferocity. Your eyes sucked to the screen, you adjusted your sitting position and slid a hand beneath your underwear. The way he hovered over her, his muscles twinging with every move, continued to make you wet. As the woman’s moans became faster in the movie, so did your hand motions, your body pleading to trade your hand with Negan’s tongue. Seconds away from climax, you tilted your head back as you spread your juices all over your lips. 

“Well holy hell.”

You suddenly froze mid stroke, the deep voice from behind you sending you into a state of shock. Negan. The video continued, the sound of the woman on the screen echoing throughout the room until Negan approached the TV. Stretching out his arm, he turned off the box, silencing the room and boxing her between the dresser and his body. 

“Can I help you up? Or are your hands a little full?” 

Scrambling to adjust yourself, you adjusted your panties and stood before him, hiding your hands behind your back.

“You dirty girl. You fucking like what you saw?”

“Look, I know I shouldn’t have been in here, I’ve crossed so many lines and broken so many rules. I’ll just leave it’s not a big de-” Before you could escape, he clasped onto your arm, the firm way he held you making you even wetter than you were before. 

“Is that what you want? You want me to make you my ‘Lucille’?”

You looked up into his eyes, your everything burning with desire. 

“I can’t fucking say yes for you,” he said, waiting for her consent. 

“Hit me with your best shot.”

Jerking you back, he tears open your shirt and begins kissing down your figure. Starting with the crook of your neck, down your stomach and stopping right above your slit. Throwing you onto the bed, he paused before continuing his magic. 

“Why don’t I give you a souvenir, huh? Some shit to take on the road?” Approaching the corner of the room he pulled out a tripod with a camcorder duct taped to the top, a red button visible on the front. Before you could say anything, he pounced on you once again, kissing you with a force you had never felt before. His tongue weaving in, out and around yours, speaking a language only your mouths understood. He bit your lip, releasing an uncontrollable moan that pressed your body even closer to his. You reached up to remove his shirt, but he had other plans. 

“And what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He pinned your arms above your head before slithering down to your prized possessions down below. You remained on your back, your hips squirming with anticipation. 

“Look at you, fucking squirming around like that. Can I help you with something?” He looked up, his lips inches from your pussy. “Oh shit,” he slowly approached you, performing a single lick up your slit before looking back up at you. “Is this what you want?” Unable to gather your words, you nodded your head and entangled your fingers within his hair trying to push him back down. “Well I mean,” he went down again, this time circling twice around your clit with the tip of his tongue. “if this is what you want…” holding out no further, he dove into the feast ahead of him. Spelling out the alphabet, every flick creating a heavier sensation throughout her body. To help the cause, he inserted three fingers, wasting no time during the build up. Alternating between licks and pulses, he continued to use his hand and mouth in unison as you began to drip all over his fingers. Your moans quickening along with his pulse, you could feel yourself ready to blow. 

“Come on, baby,” he urged between licks, “cum for me. You owe me, so fucking cum for me.”

Your back arching, your moans grew than halted as his few final strokes broke your chords, squirting his face with your mark, your muscles pulsing and clenching around his fingers which remained inside of you until you completely finished. 

Finally removing his hand, he wiggled his fingers, examining the cum before licking a finger. 

“I fucking take pride in my work.”

Still trying to recover, you remained on the bed, your eyes closed. He stood and walked to the camera in the corner, wiping what remained on the back of his jeans. 

“Now this,” he said removing a disk from the camera, “this shit is for you.” Removing a marker from his pocket, he jotted something down, tossed it on the bed next to you and headed for the door. 

“Now you can start your own collection. To be continued.” With a chuckle, he left the room closing the door behind you. 

With your breath finally back, you reached for the DVD. Laughing to yourself, you read his caption. 

‘March 16 : MY DIRTY GIRL’.

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