although not so much now with all the rookies coming in

Allure Korea July 2017 | Lee Jinki

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: This is your last night in Maldives. What are the most memorable things?
First is playing outside. The nature is very very beautiful. Thanks to the villa I’m staying in I could see the ocean just by sitting leisurely, and I also could see it just by opening the curtain. In the morning or at night, my mind got calm when I saw the ocean from my villa. Next is doing sea activities. I didn’t know I could see a turtle this close!

Q: The villa is nice, right? Although the wind sound is a bit loud sometimes due to monsoon.
I saw stingray come and go. The water level changes every hour. I get to know how deep is the water.

Q: What’s a good point of Minho as your travel buddy?
As you see, Minho is always full of energy. I don’t know what I should do so I can’t decide. But Minho organizes the things that he wants to do. Minho’s good point, but also a weak point is that he has too much energy. (laughs)

Q: What did you put inside your suitcase?
I brought four white t-shirts. I always leave some space.

Q: You’re still touring right? What concert is it?
It’s overseas concert and we want to show it in high
quality just like what we did in Korea.

Q: You’re a concert veteran now, right? Are you still nervous when coming on the stage?
No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I’m always concerned about maintaining my stamina. However, I always fail at the first show. There is a moment where I burst out my energy explosively that I become so exhausted. Different situations also occur when I do the same performance several times, but I overcome them all as I exchange gaze with the members.

Q: Do you understand each other only by looking at their eyes now?
Not everything, but I think Minho kind of knows. (laughs)

Q: Yesterday was your 9th debut anniversary right? How was the past 9 years?
It’s short if it’s short, and it’s long if it’s long… I think the strongest point of a team is that it continues to exist. Our affection grows as we undergo things together over time.

Q: How have the members grown up?
I think everyone has grown up into a good direction. As each of us are trying to find ourselves, individually, our area of capabilities have gradually become bigger. We gain synergy because of that.

Q: It seems that you care about the other members more because you’re the oldest?
I just listen to them when they tell me something. I also whine a lot. Since we’ve been together for over 10 years, there are days when they are like the hyung, and there are also days when I’m like the hyung.

Q: When is the time when you feel it’s nice to have done this career for 9 years?
Because we’re no longer rookies, it’s nice that we’re able to match each other.

Q: Is ‘A team that is always trustworthy’ a thing that comes across your mind when you think of SHINee? They’re like perfectionist at their performances and songs.
Haha! When I’m working hard on a performance there are times when I don’t think much about it when it’s near the last stage.

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1. They have zero control over pretty much anything they do. They can’t leave their apartment alone, they can’t drive, they get no say in their music or concepts. They have made all of that pretty clear. So even if they are only “2ne1 2.0″ they have NO CHOICE

2. At this point I think YG only looks at them as an afterthought. Their debut was fine… But only coming out with 1 song in 2017??? It was like he couldn’t be bothered with them. Jennie looked like she was gonna cry when fans asked her about a comeback. Even now BPTV is in limbo. The reveal date is has been deleted and some information on the official Instagram have been wiped out. 

3. YG threatened Blinks. Now it may not seem that serious when he said “BlackPink will get a fan meet IF they win a rookie award.” But to Blinks it basically means “If BlackPink don’t win some award (because of my ego) they won’t get to see their fans.” And although it really only impacts Korean Blinks the feeling sucks all around. (And then when they win an award BP get accused of having it bought for them… >.>)

4. This is the LAZIEST debut I’ve seen out of YGE (not the girls fault). When 2ne1 debuted they got a commercial song with BigBang, a couple of songs to promote, and the next year they put out a full album. When iKon, Winner, Lee Hi, and AKMU debuted they all got at least an album, and MUCH better promotion then BlackPink EVER received.  iKon, Winner, Lee Hi, and AKMU all debuted from successful tv shows behind them… BlackPink?… Some photos and a year and a half old video… When BlackPink debuted YGE promised that the Square series would be complete by the end of 2016. When that didn’t happened Blinks were at least hopeful that Square 3-4 would happen in 2017… An of course 2018 is in a couple of weeks and no song. No news of Square 3 or some kind of album. 

5. YGE IS ACTIVELY SCREWING OVER THEIR NEWEST GROUP! Ignoring fans, ignoring BlackPink, keeping them is a dungeon their first year, and more. Now I know being shitty to their groups is a common thing for YGE… But for a group that debuted 2 minutes ago… It’s… Appalling… 

So yeah these are things to think about next time you think of bashing/ dragging BlackPink… Who have remained pretty unproblematic tbh.


author’s note: i know the word civilian makes it seem like they’re background characters in the marvel universe or some shit but i don’t know else to describe it rip (ps: some of these are inspired by the dope vid, other’s are just for fun). these are all so long i’m so sorry i got carried away if i had the time and motivation to make all of these full length 6k word fics, i would buuuuut i don’t so, do what you will with these, instead~~ feedback is always appreciated, and requests are still open!
disclaimer: all gifs are credited under each boy’s name as cr., none of the gifs used here are my own; they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading

doctor • cr.

“Jin, I have the flu, not tuberculosis,” you whine for the umpteenth time today. And for the umpteenth time today, Jin simply shakes his head and shoves two pills into your hands.

“Your fever is finally going down, but it’s still over 100,” he frowns, “Take the ibuprofen and I’ll get you some more soup.”

“You can call it Advil, you don’t have to go all Dr. Kim on me,” you joke.

“Sorry. Force of habit.”

The seriousness in his tone causes you to frown. He’s been like this all day, and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why. It’s just the flu, you think, nothing drastic or life threatening. If you were single, you’d have to fend for yourself and you were far capable of doing so. But anytime you so much as hinted at a minor immune system invasion, Jin was on you faster than you could blink.

He comes back into your bedroom with soup, as promised, more pillows. He adjusts the already overflowing pillows in your bed, and places the new ones under your feet. He hands you the soup and quietly tells you to eat, whilst placing the back of his palm on your neck to check for swelling.

Kim Seokjin is a warm man; he’s your bubbly, friendly, dad-joke-telling, loud, singing-in-the-shower boyfriend who goes on nonstop about his pretty face and who begs for kisses in the comfort on your home. But Dr. Kim is a stoic man; professional, efficient, and concerned only with the safety and health of his patients and staff.

Most would think that having a doctor as a boyfriend would be convenient in times like this—and it was, for the most part—Jin usually ensured that you were happy and healthy. But right now, you weren’t dealing with Jin; you were dealing with the very stern doctor within him, and he only became that person at home when he couldn’t shake off something from work.

You place the soup on the nightstand and sit up before Jin can protest. “Jinnie, what’s wrong?”

Jin opens his mouth to speak, but once he sees the look in your eyes, he knows better than to try and lie to you.

“Even with that fever, you’re still sharp as a tack,” he smiles softly and sighs, “One of my patients died on the table yesterday. It was all a matter of timing—if we had gotten him into the ambulance earlier and I had gotten to the operating room just a bit faster, maybe we could have saved him.”

He looks up at you and takes your hand in his, “And then I came home to you being ill and I couldn’t help but think that if I had better timing when I took you out, maybe we could have avoided the rain and possible food poising and you wouldn’t be sick right now.”


He brings your hand to his lips, and kisses it gently, “I know I’m over thinking everything but, I feel like a little piece of me goes every time I lose a patient. And you—if I ever lost you,” he pauses, “I don’t know what I’d do without myself.”

You shake your head and lace your fingers with his, “I’m not going anywhere, Jin. I promise.”

“Good,” he tightens his grip, “Me neither.”

After a few moments, he gets up, “Now, don’t think I didn’t notice you didn’t take those pills before. Open up, missy.”

police captain • cr.

“Yoongi-hyung, Hoseok is here.”

“Tell me something new, Jeon,” Yoongi sighs, looking up from the paperwork. Jungkook hands Yoongi a yellow slip of paper, then bows shyly before leaving his office.

Yoongi shouldn’t be surprised at this point. Hobi practically keeps the police station open with the amount of traffic violations and underground shit he brings in here. Yoongi ought to let the rookies write him up this time.

Besides, that rascal’s case is bound to be more interesting than the phone taps he has to read over, so he leaves his desk in favor of greeting Hoseok for the umpteenth time this month—if you can call it that considering it is a police station and Hoseok most likely is here under arrest.

“Alright, Hoseok,” Yoongi’s voice is monotonous and routine, “What is it this time? Spray painting a government building? Speeding? Noise compl—”

“Actually, Captain, I brought something for you this time.”

With a raised eyebrow, Yoongi lifts his head, surprised to see you standing next to Hoseok with a lunch bag in hand.

“Y/N? What—did you come with him?” Assuming the worst, Yoongi’s hand flies to the baton strapped around his waist. Yoongi may be (begrudgingly) fond of Hoseok, but if he’d touched you, he could say hello to house arrest.

“Woah, slow down there, big boy. I saw this one on her way to bring you kiddie meal, so I thought I’d be a nice guy and give her a ride.”

Yoongi flashes between Hoseok’s sly grin and your bright smile. The contrast between the two of you is almost comical; you’re dressed cutely and comfortably, with a homemade meal in your hand while Hoseok sports overly ripped jeans, a dark shirt, a leather jacket to match, and nurses his McDonald’s fries in his left hand.

Once Yoongi rules that Hoseok is in fact telling the truth and that you have no signs of foul play or kidnapping printed on your body, he relaxes a bit.

“It’s true. Hobi saw me on the way here and offered me a ride,” you smile.

“And you willingly got in a car with this delinquent?” Yoongi questions.

“Yah! I’m a good driver, Min!”

“He calls everyone a delinquent,” you wave away his words, “I thought the two of you were friends, no?”

“Yes.” “Absolutely not.” The two answer at the same time.

You chuckle and walk forward to hand Yoongi his lunch. His dark bangs graze over his eyelashes as he leans down to look at you and accept the bag. There’s no peck—you know better than to try that while Yoongi’s at work, although his coworkers know just how ridiculously in love he is with you anyway—but he does give you a soft smile, an even softer thank you. But because Yoongi’s feeling brave today, and Hoseok’s presence proves to be more provoking than usual, he kisses you on the cheek for good measure.

“I’ll see you later, yeah?”

Yoongi nods before you turn to walk out of the station.

“Hey, want a ride?” Hobi quips, keys already dangling. He walks towards you before he’s stopped, choking on the collar of his shirt as Yoongi pulls on it from behind.

“Over my dead body,” Yoongi grunts, dragging him into his office, “Let’s go, Hoseok, you still owe me three parking tickets and an explanation as to why you think you’re now my girlfriend’s personal chauffeur.”

street racer • cr.

“Hobi, I am not getting on that thing!”

Hobi pouts and attempts to grab you hand, which you pull away quickly. “Baby, come onnnnn. It’s completely safe!”

“Don’t you “baby” me right now, Hoseok. Don’t you need some kind of special license to drive that?”

“No, baby. Come on, it’ll be fun! I thought you wanted to try new things?”

“I meant like taking a cooking class, or learning a language, or traveling to new places—”

“This technically is traveling,” Hobi interjects, only to be silenced by your glaring.

You cross you arms and continue to shoot daggers at your boyfriend across the garage. He’s unbelievable. He’s the only man you know who’s three parking tickets deep and one write up away from points on his license who would still insist on toying with the law (and the city’s unnerving police chief). He’s the only man you know who has three different cars (“well you can’t just drift in any old Audi, sweetheart”) and would still go out and buy a motorcycle. And he’s the only man you know that would try to convince you to get on said motorcycle.

“No, Hobi.” Last time he took you on a ride he insisted would be fun, you swear you got whiplash and lost hearing in your left ear for a week.

Hobi’s a good driver, there’s no denying that. He certainly knew how to handle any car on any road (and it was quite attractive, if you were being honest, the way he would concentrate when taking a turn, or the way he would stick his tongue out and wink at you before cranking up the acceleration, and even the way he came home from time to time with grease stains from fixing up something with Namjoon); but you knew Hobi to be good at driving cars, not the two wheeled death machines people called motorcycles.

“Baby,” Hobi walks over, wrapping his hands around you from behind. He kisses the back of your neck then nestles his head into the crook, “I would never let you get hurt, you know that, right?”

“I know, Hobi.”

“And you know I’m always safe.”

“Yes, I know, Hobi.”

Hobi gently spins you around so that you’re facing him. “And you know you look really hot in my leather jacket, right?”


“What? It’s the truth,” he grins, “Come on, let’s get a helmet on you.”

mechanic/engineer • cr.

“No, baby, you have to turn it clockwise, like this,” Namjoon crouches down behind you and adjusts your grip on the wrench.

You can feel Namjoon’s short breaths on your neck as his body molds into your yours whilst he fixes your mistakes. You crane your head slightly, getting the perfect view of his side profile. God, your boyfriend is hot. And oblivious.

“You got it now, baby?” He asks, standing up to hover over you.

You nod mindlessly, more focused on the way his jumpsuit fits him in all the right places; the way the edges of his hair stick to his face with sweat; the way his scarred, blackened hands look once he slips off his gloves.

Namjoon had to be the smartest person you know. Smart enough to rewire the heating/cooling system in your house to be more efficient. Smart enough to do the most complicated of math equations in his head in seconds. Smart enough to build you an entire car if you wanted him too. But goddamn, he was dumb when he wanted to be.

Like right now, for instance. You had absolutely no reason to come over to Joon’s garage and ask him to how change a tire. You couldn’t name one time in your life where you’d actually need to change a tire, or care to know how. You just wanted your boyfriend to bend you over the hood of a car. But clearly, that would be harder than you’d imagined.

“Hey, Joon, can you show me how to check the oil?”

“Sure, baby,” he smiles. You’re going to fucking lose it if he calls you that one more time.

With ease, he pops the hood of your car and bends over to the unscrew the oil cap. He begins to explain to you how to check for low levels and how to put new oil in, but once again, everything he’s saying is going over your head, and your mind is instead filled with images of your shirtless boyfriend.

When turns around to get more engine oil from his desk, you’ve decided you’ve had enough of his lessons. You grab the sleeve of his jumpsuit and force him to face you. “Joon, you know I love you, but I couldn’t give less of a fuck about any of this car shit.”

Namjoon’s eyes become as big as saucers and his eyebrows scrunch in confusion, even as your hands find their way to the nape of his neck. “Then why’d you ask—”

“Are you dumb, or are you dumb? Namjoon, all I want is for you to take me on the hood of one these cars.”

When he finally understands your motives, his signature smirk grows on his face. He reaches into his pocket, brings out a small remote, and presses the green button on top. You hear the garage door begin to close as his hands rest on your hips.

“You should have just said so, baby.”

ceo • cr.

“Chim? Are you okay?”

Your boyfriend doesn’t even spare you a glance, simply nodding and sipping on more of his over priced champagne.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” you say, turning to Jimin as much as you can in your seat and as much as your dress will allow. You gently grab his face and force him to face you, “What’s wrong, Jimin?”

For some reason, your usually confident boyfriend is a nervous wreck. He’s a people person; people love him—and what’s not to love? Between his handsome face, celebrity-status hair, sweet soul, and charming smile, there really is no reason not to like Park Jimin.

Park Jimin, however, doesn’t seem to understand that, despite him being South Korea’s most successful CEO under twenty-five, your constant reminders, and it being one of the most basic facts of the universe.

“You know me so well,” he says with a soft smile.

“Well, I would hope so, we are dating,” you tease.

Jimin smiles and laces your hands under the table. “I’m nervous.”

“Nervous?” Jimin nods again, and licks his lips, to which you squeeze his hand for reassurance, “Hey, it’s just like any other of your presentations. You’re gonna knock these snobby motherfuckers right off their feet.”

Jimin smiles, big and real this time, and hangs his head while chuckling. “I’m not nervous about that, baby.”

“Then what?”

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing if it’s got you shaking under the table, Park Jimin.”

He blushes, having been caught. “It’s just… I’ve been thinking about asking someone to make a really big merger with the company for some time now. I was going to ask them tonight, but,—”

“You’re nervous?” you finish for him. When he nods, you grip his hand a little tighter. “Jimin, they’d be stupid to say no, okay?”

“You think so?” he searches your face desperately for an affirmative, relief washing over his face when you nod in return.

“I mean, I don’t know a lot about business, I can’t imagine someone being stupid enough to reject the opportunity to merge companies with Park Jimin. I certainly wouldn’t turn that down.”

“You really think they’d be stupid to say no?”

“Absolutely idiotic.”

He looks at you for little, with that beautiful smile and that never-ending support of yours, and thinks to himself, that yeah, he’s going to do this tonight. Because he’ll be damned if he has to spend one more day living in uncertainty.

“Okay,” Jimin says.

He gently unlaces your fingers, pushes his chair back and finally, finally does the one thing he’s been waiting to do for three months now; he gets on one knee and pulls out a little, velvety box from his back pocket.

When he looks up, he sees the shock in your expression and the tears already forming at the corners of your eyes. But it was the good kind of shock, and if he knew you as well you knew him, those were happy tears. So he doesn’t fret, doesn’t shy away, and smiles instead. He pays no attention to the crowd forming; it’s just the two of you in the room as he takes your left hand in his right, and holds the open ring box in the other.

“Hey,” he smiles quietly, “Don’t say anything stupid when I ask you, okay?”

firefighter • cr.

“Jin, I love you, but if you tell me to calm down one more time, I’m going to fucking castrate you.”

Jin sighs, backs away from you slightly, but still keeps a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “Hey, this is, Tae, we’re talking about,” he reminds you, “He’ll be fine.”

His words are pretty and comforting and extremely hard to believe given the chaos burning in front of your eyes. But this is Tae, you’re talking about; and that’s what worries you the most.

There are at least three ambulances on the scene, treating family members for smoke inhalation and minor burns; all the neighbors have come outside, pajama-clad and all to assist in (and gossip) in any way that they can; Yoongi is busy controlling the crowd of reporters on the scene; and the once adorable cream-painted two story house that you drove by every day was crumbling before you.

To your left, you see Mingyu and Seokmin being ushered towards EMS. There were part of Tae’s team, so where the fuck was Tae.

“Said he had to do one last check, had something else to find,” Seokmin explains to you.

From the looks of the house, there didn’t seem to be much left to find, you think. You watch as the left side of the house starts to completely collapse into itself. Jin tries to hold you back at the guys in the fire truck move into action.

“Jin, let me go! Where is he?!”

“(Y/N), you have to calm down, I promise you—”

“You can’t fucking promise me anything!” you cry, “It’s not your husband that’s stuck in a crumbling house, for fucks sake! Somebody has to help him, he could be buried under rubble or something, we can’t just—”

Jin suddenly spins your body around, and a plethora of emotions swarms over you, most prominently, relief; but concern is a close second.

Because there’s Taehyung, your Taehyung, covered in ash, heaving heavily, limping slightly, but smiling through it all, as he sets an equally ash-covered puppy down on the concrete to be taken care of by EMS.

You can’t stop the tears from welling as when you run to hug him and he flashes that boxy, dust-covered smile admits all the smoke and ash and chaos surrounding you—when you finally, finally know that he’s okay, that everything is going to be okay.

“I’m so fucking happy you’re okay,” you whisper, as if your words could hurt him if they were any louder.

“I told you I’d always come back to you, right?” Tae squeezes you closer, ignoring the pain that shoots through his body. When he feels the desperate nod of your head he kisses your hair gently.

“Besides,” he pulls you away, while wiping your tears, “I’d have to be a monster to let a puppy die in a fire.”

police officer • cr.

“Aw, come on, why not?” Jungkook whines, following you around your shared apartment like a lost puppy as you try your best to ignore is absurd ideas.

“Because, Jungkook, those are police-issued handcuffs! Do you even have a key for them, on you?”

“Um, yes? I think so, let me go—”


If Jungkook really thought he was going to get you to agree to him handcuffing you to your bed using police-grade handcuffs, he had another thing coming. This has to be the most fucked up of all of his cop related fantasies.

“It’d be hot!”

“I don’t think having to call Yoongi to uncuff me from our bed after we’ve just had sex fits into my definition of ‘hot,’” you retort.

“What, you don’t think threesomes are hot? Because I kinda—”

“Jeon Jungkook!” you take to hitting him with the closets object within your reach, which happen to be a pillow from the couch. “This is not the time to get kinky!”

“Um, yes it is,” he hops over the couch, “This is, like, the perfect time to get kinky.”

Jungkook grabs your wrist and pulls your body on top of his so that you’re fixed in his lap with his arms around you. He’s got that same shit-eating grin on his face, and that same cute crinkle around his nose.

“So, what I’m hearing is that if I were to buy fake, plastic, baby handcuffs, you’d let me tie you to the bed?”


“It’s a yes or no question, baby.”

“Is this how you interrogate people at the station?”

“I usually don’t have them sit on my lap and I’m usually not asking them about their preferred method of handcuffing, but yeah, pretty much.”

“You call them ‘baby?’”

“Well somebody has to be the good cop, right?”

“Hm, are you saying, Yoongi isn’t the good cop?”

“Yoongi-hyung is definition of—hey, hey! You’re distracting me!” Jungkook exclaims, tightening his grip on your waist, and tickling you as punishment.

“Alright! Alright!” you beg for mercy as Jungkook continues to ruthlessly attack your sides.

“Not until you say ‘Jeon Jungkook is the sexist cop in Seoul.’”

“What are you, twelve? I’m not—” but Jungkook doesn’t give you the opportunity to finish, and continues to tickle you.

“I’m going to murder you, Jeon Jungkook,” you claim instead. Jungkook finally lets up, and just when you think he’s done imparting his idiocy on you for the day, he opens his mouth to speak again.

“Threatening a cop? You know, that’s technically, a crime, babe. I might have to use those handcuffs for real.”

Kun Theory

A lot of people are mad about the prospect of Kun not debuting with whatever unit is coming next, especially when Jungwoo and Yukhei appear to be involved. However, even though all three of us love Kun (Admin Beth especially) and want him to debut as fast as possible, we don’t think that the fact he isn’t involved is necessarily a bad thing.

We’re using this tweet as nothing more than a translation - the Naver article that was linked reports everything that is said, so we know that we are not dealing with rumours at this point.

We now know that they are definitely filming a music video and with the lineup we worked out from airport previews, that’s almost definitely a new unit. This unit will be the one which starts off the ‘new, large project which has been in preparation since last year’.

NCT has always been meant to be a global group, but different obstacles throughout 2016 and 2017 prevented that - notably, politics and international relations. However, the globalisation of NCT is a big project which has been in preparation for ages.

If Kun is not in this unit, it’s likely he is being saved for another one. Notably, a China unit.

We have called this one a LOT before, and we’ve never been right. But here, we think we might be. It’s a big project in the works since last year, whereas a Chinese unit would be a huge project that has been planned since their debut. SM themselves made a statement saying that China Unit was planned to debut much, much sooner than this but political issues put a stop to this. Therefore, it has DEFINITELY been planned since last year.

Also, note the use of the word “projects” - there’s more than one. Whilst the big project is one single concept, the projects taking place throughout 2018 are multiple, almost like multiple units.

Our theory is that this new unit, filming in Ukraine, is going to be the one to finally start the globalisation aspect of NCT. It might be a Korea unit (not 127, which is a Seoul unit - there’s a difference, apparently) which will later be followed up by a China unit, and other units after through this big project.

There are already rumours for multiple NCT promotions throughout 2018, some of which overlap. The only possible way an overlap can happen is if they are promoting in two different countries, or more.

Therefore, although people are complaining about Kun not debuting now, or even the lack of promotion for members like Yuta, or Johnny, or Taeil, we can probably assume that this is because they’ll have other promotions later in the year. If we’re right, and SM wants to be smart, this is the time that NCT grows into what it was always planned to be.

Your relationship with Taeyong from his POV


Well I’m back from my little disappearing act lol and am providing you with the rest of the hyung line’s episodes in this series! Word of warning. this is 3000 words long so -_- lmfaO anyway, enjoy :)

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

Originally posted by mvpgyu

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I’m seeing this post about how 2017 was a bad year for everyone apart from bts and yes I know that bts achieved a lot, humongous things and broke new records and had an incredible 2017. Im extremely proud of them and everything they’ve done because they deserve it. BUT I just want to make a post appreciating other idols’ achievements too because (although I do love bts) bts aren’t the only kpop group to have achieved something this year.

-Monsta x achieving their very first win. They’ve been releasing songs for years and they have so many good songs but this is the year they finally did it!

-Blackpink having the most viewed kpop video of 2017 with As If It’s Your Last. Not bts or exo or any of the older groups but a rookie girl group and hell yeah they deserve it!

-Red Velvet having a song in the top 10 of the melon chart for the longest time with Red Flavour. It is a jam and rightfully took over the charts for such a long time.

-Exo winning more daesangs and having won the most daesangs ever. Come on no one can deny they deserve it.

-Pristin winning their first mama award: best new female artist.

-Wanna One also winning their first mama award: best new male artist

-Girls Generation making an amazing comeback for the first time in two years. Holiday was such a jam, don’t deny it.

-Super Junior coming back for the first time in two years with Black Suit and they ruled it!

-Day6 treating us well and coming back every single second of the day. Okay not that much..but this is such a massive achievement to release so many songs and mvs in one year. This must have been so much hard work but they did it and we all appreciate it. I hope they get a well deserved break now.

-Twice earning their first #1 on the world album chart with Twicetagram. First they conquer South Korea and now they’re coming for international fame and they deserve it.

-Jinki, Kibum, Minho and Taemin continuing on despite the most horrible thing happening to them, losing a groupmate, a friend and a brother, losing Jonghyun. They’re doing incredible and I’m proud of them all.

And I’m sure there’s many more groups who have achieved things, big or small. All of them work hard and they should all be appreciated for what they’ve done, so let’s acknowledge everyone’s achievements.

Distractions pt 4

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: Work shouldn’t be a place littered with distractions…but how could that be when you were working with one?

Word Count: 2547

A/N: idk how the whole making music process works…so sorry if my portrayal is inaccurate 

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“Hyung, hold on. You forgot this.” Jimin handed the brown leather bound lyric notebook to Yoongi. Jimin always knew that Yoongi carried it around, “You can’t keep on misplacing things, hyung. Remember what happened to Namjoon-hyung?” He snatched the book from the younger’s hand,

“Jiminie, I’m not going to forget something as important as a passport.” Yoongi scoffed as he headed out the front door of the dorms,

“Hey, hyung? Where are you going anyway? We have a meeting later…”

“Just…uh…I’m just going out for some fresh air. I’ll meet you guys at the studio later on.” Jimin knew his hyung well and he could tell that something was up. However, Yoongi wasn’t going to just tell Jimin that he was going to meet with the younger’s favorite girl group. He felt like Jimin would continuously nag him to let him tag along…that and because he didn’t want him to see a certain somebody. 

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anonymous asked:

How about a game SonAmy plot where she feels (or Sonic gets annoyed) that he doesn't want her around. And although she doesn't avoid him, she stops looking to spend time with him and only shows up to battles and meet ups with general politeness and giving him some space. All of this starts to drive Sonic nuts on the inside realizing now that he misses and wants her hugs and affection

I… this is my guilty pleasure. Because deep inside me, I know how Sonic would react, and it would mean so much for Sonic Games to show this kind of relationship between the two. It doesn’t have to be super intense or anything, but just to show that Sonic really isn’t as annoyed with her as everyone supposes his actions to mean.

I love, love, LOVE these plots. I daydream about them CONSTANTLY. They are my go-to for anything Sonamy when I want to just space-out and smile~ (Some see that as creepy, but if they only knew the wonderful scene before me, they would leave me in peace without judgment. A.K.A My friends make fun of me for this T-T) But it truly does reveal a deeper friendship between the two, and opens up a new dimension to Amy too, showing she has awareness that Sonic gets out-winded by her over-energetic nature sometimes. It also shows how much she wants him to be comfortable and happy, more so than over her own happiness, which is only shown briefly in some games.

Okay, enough ranting about this AMAZING Anon request! I’ve been super pumped to write it for a long time now. And now, I CAN! ://DDDDDc

((x)  Preview Images were used with previous permission by artist, please support her as well!- If you have art or have friends with artistic talents that would be fine with me using their art as preview images with appropriate credit links, please let me know!)

World: Sonic Forces (as far as we know about it. lol)

Writing Style: A mixture of Modern!Sonic with Japanese!Sonic portrayals. So mostly canon writing, dipping slightly into AU standards, respectfully. (Towards the end is the AU icing on the cake. If I didn’t throw it in there, I don’t think you guys would be satisfied xP Everyone likes a happy ending.)

Couple: Sonamy (SonicxAmy)


As the Rookie cheered, Amy happily jumped in the air with her fist skyward, glad that the new recruit had learned something from her.

“That was great-!” She began to approach him before a familiar sound-effect of spinning crossed her ears and she wearily bent her own, looking out to the right, behind them.

She suddenly sunk down, backing away, and seemed uncomfortably timid.

She gave a sorrowful look of shame to the Rookie, before dipping her head and quickly sneaking off away from him.

Sonic’s blue, glowing ball of light bounced happily down the wavy road that resembled tall hilltops from their slanted position.

He would appear and disappear in them, before uncurling quickly to land on his feet and do one last roll till cheerily waving to the new recruit.

“Hey, Partner! Thought I’d find you-…”


His thoughts trailed off as he turned his head to see his friend retreating quickly with hurried steps, clumping along the ground until finally…

Out of sight.

He only watched her a moment, before looking to the recruit, and giving him a shrug. “Guess she didn’t have the time.” He fibbed, showing full well within his guilty slant on his eyebrows that he was hiding something.

The recruit had heard rumors about Amy’s over-exuberance when it came to her open affections for Sonic, but…

This isn’t what he expected.

“Eh-heh.” Sonic motioned his eyes to the corner of his vision, suddenly turning awkward by Amy’s clear avoidance of him. Nervously, hoping to get off the subject, Sonic leaned to one leg and tapped the other, scratching his nose to demonstrate his own avoidance on the subject. “I’ll… have to deal with that later…” he admitted, but nothing more was said as he shook himself out of his previous stance and encouraged the young recruit on.

“Come on! I heard Amy was leading you to some cool factory operation!” he raced ahead after a pat on the back, but the recruit had grown fond of Amy…

He turned to glance back at where she had run off too, and looking back to see the still soldier, Sonic slowed down his pace.

Coming to a full stop, he looked once again worried and guilty, before gazing to his shiny but scrapped up shoe a moment.

“…Hey, don’t sweat it alright?”

He suddenly jolted and turned to Sonic.

With a look of absolute surrender, Sonic closed his eyes and leaned his head up from looking down at his extended and raised foot.

It flopped with a pat to the dusty ground…

“…Even friends have their fallouts… sometimes.” he gently opened his eyes, and a profound tenderness of sorrow appeared in his eyes for a moment. “I would talk to her myself, but she’s been avoiding me lately… don’t tell anyone about this… But if you could look after her until then…” He suddenly looked away, as if asking for help like this was uncomfortably humbling for him.

“…Could you do that for me? At least… be there for her. Until I can get the time to do it myself.”

What exactly was he asking? Look out for Amy till he could talk to her personally?

Either way, the Rookie could tell this was something he couldn’t ask easily, so he nodded, smiling gently in a promise that he would do his best to figure out what he could do for Sonic.

And what was possible for Amy…

Sonic barely looked behind his shoulder, but just nodded with a smile. “Thanks…” He then looked ahead in silence for a moment… it was almost painful to watch.

The fastest man in the world… stopping to hold himself back from running after a clear conundrum that was aching at his heart.

But without another pause to wait upon, Sonic spoke up again, his head only slightly rising.

“Let’s get going… Partner.”

He then turned around with an exquisite smile, “Well, come on! Eggman’s factory isn’t going to explode itself!”


Amy giddily leaped from her computer chair, shaking in a happy dance at hearing of the victory the Rookie had achieved. “Ohh! Way to go, Rookie! Hehe!” she cheered, before blinking her eyes open to see Sonic laughing, walking into her computer’s frame of vision and slinging an arm around the Recuirt.

Her arms… slowly fell down.

The Recuirt politely smiled with the praise, but also seemed embarrassed at his hero giving him so much credit.

“Job well done, Partner!”

Amy… leaned her head down.

Before softly raising it to a smile.

He was happy… wasn’t he?

She bit her lower lip as it started to tremble.

He was smiling.

After hearing Amy’s communicator go silent, the Rookie curiously took his attention away from Sonic and glanced down at the communicator.

He could only see her face, but it was enough to realize there was something off with her smile… even her poise, graceful and cheery, had somewhat been toned down.

“I’m glad to see you’re all safe…”

Her voice made Sonic’s happy-go-lucky expression blink to one of pleasant surprise, before dipping his head down to the communicator.

“Hey.” he stated, “Did you see that? This new recruit is awesome!”

Amy nodded politely, closing her eyes to tilt her head with a bigger, more restrained smile on her face. “He’s wonderful.”

The realization of her ‘over-politeness’ made Sonic dip his head even further, blinking in confusion.

“Huh? Just great?”

He humorously startled the young recruit as he took his arm and held the camera directly up in front of him.

His face suddenly shown a slightly serious look… but his smile never wavered.

“What’s wrong with you, Amy? What happened to all that gloating praise you used to so enthusiastic give to everyone? Why so stone-cold and bland all of a sudden?”

The Rookie flinched, thinking that awfully direct, before slowly turning his glance back to his wrist’s communicator.

“…Just doing my best… Sonic.” her face sank with a now half-broken smile.

Immediately, Sonic clung to the Rookie’s arm a little tighter at seeing it.

It was just a joke,… Amy.

Don’t take it so hard, Amy! I was just playing with ya!

I was just worried about you, that’s all… you seem different lately…

                      “…You don’t have to try so hard… Amy.

Was that what he should say?

His tone nearly broke the poor Rookie’s heart, realizing how difficult it must be for Sonic to see his friend acting so out of the norm. Even the recruit, himself, noticed… she was just fine around him… but she suddenly put on a strange, overly polite act when Sonic came on the scene.

What happened between those two?

“Talk to ya later?” Sensing the change of mood, Amy tried to kindly smile brightly again, but Sonic wasn’t buying it.

He dropped his head.. and then released the Rookie’s arm.

“I want… to talk to you.

There was a pause.

“We have a meeting coming up soon! See you there~”

He tightened his fist, hearing the false shift of a lighter pitch in her voice.

The communicator turned off, and he strode passed the Rookie, who gazed off after him, concerned for both his mentors and role models.

He frantically looked to his communicator on his red furry arm, then Sonic’s retreating frame.

Sonic’s foot stopped hard on the ground.


The recruit turned sheepishly around, pivoting to him with blank blinks as a reply.

“… The meeting should be fun.”

The Rookie seemed to nod, thinking that it could be fun with everyone there to greet them.

“…She’ll be dying to see me!” He struck a confident look, turning back to lower his head down and close his eyes, smirking. “Did you know? She’s kinda got a thing for me. Hard to miss. She’s nuts about me! Guess you’ll see when we get there!”

The recruit’s face grew grave and crinkled up.

He had heard that.. but was failing to see it so far.

“Ahh.. Guess I have no choice.” Sonic placed two arms over the back of his head, sighing as if composed and grinning wildly up to the sky; almost on the verge of laughter. “We’d better hop to it. Amy’s not one to wait long!”

His whole composure and attitude suddenly… may be a slight overstatement… because what the Recruit didn’t see…

Was a desperate longing to not wait any longer… to see Amy Rose… -to Sonic- meant setting things right again.

As they should be…


Sonic arrived a hero, greeting all his friends who were happy to see the two made it back okay.

Nothing seemed off with Sonic, but the recruit happily hung back from the crowd, calmly scanning every now and then for Amy Rose.

His eyes caught a glimpse of her from a distance and he let a small gasp escape his lips.

She looked as though she was composing herself. One hand hung to her heart, the other clung to a tree as her leg lightly, like a girl’s fairytale, lifted up at trying to look over the crowd and finally seeing her Sonic within it.

The recruit smiled.

Perhaps she still did love him.

Then.. he saw her fix her hair, adjust her dress, and take a deep breath.

She held her hands elegantly in front of herself and walked towards the crowd.

He lowered his eyelids.

Oh yeah… she still was head over heels for him. The rumors must be true, maybe she was crazy for his attention.

Then… why so distant?

She approached as calmly as she could muster, but the Recruit saw her hands trembling, and knew that she must be awfully excited to see him.

Amy’s mouth curved and sank, up and down, swiveling as if to conceal wanting to launch herself through the crowd and embrace him.

When Sonic did notice her, he smiled and singled her out.

Their eyes locked… and the recruit hoped the two would silently make-up for whatever may have gone down between them.

But Amy broke her conflictions, and simply nodded to him, an overly-polite bow that would be more suitable for someone other than a life-long friend, and greeted Sonic’s return with her hands moving excitedly up to her face.

“Welcome back! I hope you’re not too worn-torn and tuckered out from all the fighting, Sonic!”

Sonic’s face, so full of hopeful joy, suddenly relaxed to a look of disappointment.

He faked his expression, and scratched the back of his head, chuckling lightly… he looked at the ground-

Then the Rookie.

With determination at helping his tragically torn-apart idols, the Recruits eyes lit up with a plan of rejoining these kindred spirits in a flame of unified friendship once more!

His fist flew up to the side of his face.

He wouldn’t let them down!

Walking into the control room, the team all shared small talk, then serious tones about how the war was going and how the resistance was holding up before Sonic singled out Amy again.

“Sounds like we’re short on men. Why not stretch your legs out, Amy? It’s been a while since we’ve been in action, right?” He cleverly called her out, punching a hand into his open palm upon the other, and waited as his pleading gaze of a challenge settled upon her face.

She froze a moment, before contemplating and looking at the ground.

“Battling again.. huh?” she placed a finger at the corner of her mouth.

She nodded, before looking to Tails. “I could help out Little Sonic with the next raid!”

The recruit swore he heard the pieces of Sonic’s countenance shatter and break the floor all at once.

He was now purely immobile.

“O-oh? But I don’t think we need any-..” Tails began, before Knuckles worriedly looked to Amy, stepping in.

“Amy… we’ve all been wondering but.. you’ve been sticking to yourself lately. Don’t you want to impress Sonic with your powerful new moves you’ve been working on?! Or win his heart through sheer epic takedown!?” Knuckles punched the air, getting pumped up and then looking to her for confirmation of his assumptions; but Tails just shook his head, looking awkwardly embarrassed on behalf of his friend.

“I don’t think that’s how it works…” Tails lightly spoke out, smiling oddly before Amy stepped out, seeming happy as her eyes closed to shut the windows of her clear -see through- soul out from peering eyes…

“Nope! I wouldn’t want to try and be a distraction for him. Besides! He’s really busy these days. He’d probably be happier alongside the recruit or you guys! I’ll just do my own fighting in the meantime, hehe!”

Another blow to the face.

This time, the recruit slowly creaked his head in sympathy towards his hero, his own face a sheer white cloth; a motionless entity.

He was RIGHT there…

In comradery, the Rookie slightly reached out to Sonic, to somehow lessen the blow of an obvious side-swipe.

Completely shut down,… Sonic finally moved and repositioned himself, looking away.

The pure level of self-restraint was apparent on both Amy and Sonic’s false appearances of everything being alright, and tension grew in the air…

“Why… are you lying?”

The two suddenly turned to see Silver at the base of the door, looking unamused.

“I can feel the pulse of your hearts. You two are making fools of yourselves!” He approached them, looking rather serious, but also seeming full of care in his tone.

“Amy.. you’re never this cruel.”

She looked down, “I.. I’m not being..”

“I wasn’t talking about Sonic,” he admitted, his eyes bending up in added emphasis of his true concern about this situation. “I meant to yourself. To your own heart.”

He gestured out to her, and she suddenly began to break.

She stepped back, examining the floor back and forth…. before gripping her face with her hands, hiding her apparent tears.

I was just trying to do what YOU wanted!

Sonic’s shoulders bounced, but he never looked back.

Amy swished her head, unable to say more it seemed before taking off.

Everyone stared… before Silver turned to Sonic.

“You’re only making things worse by trying to make believe this is all normal. You have to act now, Sonic. …Not only for yourself… but for all of us! This foolishness has kept everyone on pins and needles, afraid to ask and too blind to step in-between. Finish this and make it right, we already have Eggman and Infinite to worry about. Shadow’s still rampant, Zavok’s been spotted terrorizing survivors, Chaos is loose, and Metal Sonic keeps taking down our forces near the capitol! It’s up to you now, Sonic… We need you both focused on the stakes at hand..”

Sonic’s fists were tightened, but other than that, he was motionless, staring at the ground.

Tails, seeing the poor state of his friend, suddenly intervened, “Silver… We can’t place all the blame on Sonic..”

“No. He’s right.” Sonic shook his head free of whatever was clouding his mind and prohibiting his reactions from before.

“I have to own up to it, Tails… Amy’s my responsibility. Our getting along affects everyone. I need to start prioritizing better…”

The group all seemed to silently agree with him, but the recruit’s heart still lingered on wanting to help him… not leave him to do this alone.

he turned his attention to the stairs that led up to the roof, and taking one last double look back to Sonic, he dashed off after her.

Upon the roof, Amy looked over the forsaken, war-torn world around her… mimicking the dry, and ruined state of the realm of her own heart, she covered her face from it’s horrific and gloomy sight, leaning over the edge.

She repeated, “I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have… I…”

The Recruit’s eyes shifted back and forth over the heartbreaking sight.

When she heard his footsteps, she gasped and turned around.

“You scared me!” she exclaimed, before sighing in relief and touching her racing heart. “I thought for a second you were-”

She cut herself off, turning away and trying to be stronger than that.

She looked up at the blackened skies, “You know… he told me once that I try too hard. That I should step away for a minute, give him a break. I thought he meant that it was over, but he laughed and said I took things way too seriously.”

The recruit pressed his lips together, knowing it would be a mortal sin to anthro-kind to interrupt her now.

“…I.. I told myself not to cry. He wasn’t saying forever. He just wanted time. So I thought I was giving him that… but it got harder, you know? Pretending to be so normal… when everything inside me kept begging to not be ignored.”

There was a sudden rush of wind coming from the stairs, and the recruit’s eyes widened as he turned around- Don’t stop her now!

Amy’s voice suddenly broke into a sweet moment of tenderness.

“I will put my whole life on hold… my dreams… my very desire to be with him… if it meant…”

The recruit panicked, seeing Sonic race up the stairs suddenly, he quickly spread himself out and completely blocked him from advancing.

Not yet!

Let her speak!

                                      “-That Sonic could be happy.”

                                             “You think I’m happy…!?”

The recruit couldn’t hold him back now. Sonic moved by him, gesturing out towards Amy in what was apparent annoyance and frustration.

“This whole time, I’ve just been wondered where my friend has gone!” Sonic swiped out his hand across himself, as she seemed a bit fearful and stood up, afraid to approach him.

“But you… you told me too.” Amy’s face was full of confusion, innocent to the very roots of her confession.

Sonic suddenly shook his head, absolutely losing all will to stay mad at her any longer. It wasn’t really her, it was the situation.

There was an apparent misunderstanding.

“No… Amy, what I said was-… forget what I said! It doesn’t matter! If hugging and doting on me makes you happy and feel like yourself, then don’t stop doing it because of me..! Ohh… I was an idiot to say anything, and I’m an even bigger idiot for letting myself get away with it.”

The recruit put his hands daintily up to his mouth, shifting views from looking to Amy, then Sonic, as if he knew he was to remain absolutely still and unexisting for this one, crucial moment.

“Amy… I… I can’t..” He withdrew his hands to his chest, looking them over, tightening and releasing them, before dropping it all and swinging himself to the side, hopelessly gripping for words.

“Ohh… I can’t always express it so freely as you do. But I do…worry… about you. And especially how you feel.. and if you’re safe.. and happy too, Amy…” he seemed to have difficulty even admitted he cared about her, was he purposefully being choosy with his words?

Amy started to giggle.

The recruit smiled, dropping his hands a little from his face. Was this his natural charm?

“But.. you’ve looked happier without me…” Amy admitted, darting her eyes to the ground and then back up at him… but her feet played with the ground, and her body swayed…

The Rookie curiously examined her further, and suddenly noticed her playful eyes, the way her heart was being soothed by his more affectionate mannerisms, and immediately began to see what everyone was so gung-ho about with these two.

“Amy… I missed you.” he seemed to fully give in to his better nature now, and the Rookie was glad to see this side of him.

Amy seemed to have already, mid-apology, forgiven him.

She cutely twiddled her fingers in front of her, then rocked on her heels and moved them behind her.

“…Desperately?” Oh, how she teased.

Sonic suddenly rose from slouching forward. He shyly and nervously smiled in a slight panic. “Eh..heh…heh..”

“…Helplessly?” She turned her body a bit to angle herself a little away from him. “Madly? Truly? Deeply?” she continued to swish with every adjective.

“Honestly, you haven’t told me exactly what kind of ‘missing’ you were feeling, Sonic. How do I know it was sincere?”

He scratched behind his head, before gesturing a surrendering hand of friendship to her.

“Can we settle on painfully agonizing, horrible, and stressful?”

That seemed to win her instantly.

“OH SONIC!” Sonic braced for impact with a nervous but pleased grin as Amy ran and embraced him in what the Rookie could only assume was a signature Amy hug. “I felt so too!”

He held his heart at the touching scene, and was determined to support them henceforth!

After that, they would occasionally hold hands. Sonic initiated more ‘kinda’ hugs, but mostly they were opening his arms subtly in hope she would notice his silent plea for some attention.

Oddly enough, with him slowly expressing more, Amy did settle down quite a bit; and although still very energetic, her friends could tell she looked more secure and well-put-together.

Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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Word Count: 1777

Player: Morgan Rielly (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitch Marner + the Leafs

Warning/s: relationship conflict (mentioned), mild swearing

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“Do not do this! Do you hear me, Nylander? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”, you exclaimed in shock, watching the Maple Leafs Rookie climb on top of a railing. 

“But I can do it!”, he insisted.

“You are not going to do a backflip off a fucking railing in the middle of Toronto! Get down there, right now!”

The rest of the boys around you laughed at the exchange between you and their blonde friend. But they weren’t any better anyways. They were just as bad as William, who thankfully decided to take your advice and climbed back down, although he really wanted to show off in front of his friends.

“See, I said he wouldn’t do it! He’s too chicken!”, Mitchell grinned.

“You wouldn’t even try.”, William pouted.

“My turn then.”, Mitchell said, accepting the unspoken challenge.

But before he could even start climbing, you got a grip on his arm and dragged him away from the railing.
What would’ve happened if you decided not to join their late night walk? They could’ve gotten themselves killed and then you would be left to be the one saying: I told you so. Gosh, although some of them were legally adults, they were acting as if they were ten years old sometimes

“Hey!”, Mitch complained.

“Do not test me, Mitchell.”, you warned.

You gave the tiniest Rookie a light shove, causing him to almost trip over his own feet. But he caught himself and continued to walk next to Auston instead.

“You’re no fun, Y/n.”, he complained. 

“Agreed.”, William added.

“I’m the only one that’s keeping you alive when your girlfriends are out of town. So you better stop pouting.”, you disagreed, unable to hold back a chuckle.

“Okay Mom.”, the Rookies said in unison, all of them giving you a smirk. You turned to Morgan and rolled your eyes, making him laugh. 

“Why do they keep calling me Mom? I feel so old.”, you whined, leaning your head onto your boyfriend’s shoulder. 

“Because you’re their Rookie-Mom. We don’t make the rules.”, Mo smiled. 

He leaned down to place a sweet kiss on your lips, causing the boys in front of you to giggle or do fake gagging noises.

“Ew. You’re so gross.”, Auston complained. 

But a single glare from your side was enough to keep him in line, making Mo laugh again as he laced his hand up with yours and pulled you closer.

Your initial plan on how you would spend your Thursday night included a blanket, the couch, and a book. That you would share that blanket with Mitchell didn’t cross your mind until he appeared in front of your door though, looking distraught and sad, asking for your advice.

Mo was still out with Jake. What kind of advice would Mitch need from you? Girlfriend advice, as he established. Mitch looked like a kicked puppy when you let him in, trotting over to the couch and plopping down against the armrest as if he was at home. You promised to be right back, making two cups of tea to help cheer him up. And when you came back, Mitch had already pulled the blanket over his legs. You handed him his cup and sat down against the opposite armrest, sliding your own legs under the blanket next to his. 

“Careful. It’s hot.”, you reminded him. For a second, Mitch’s sad look disappeared and he had a smirk on his face.

“No shit, Mom.”, he joked, but after that, he started to mope again.

“You want my advice or you just want to share your sass?”, you asked, a smirk on your lips as you arched one of your eyebrows at him. Mitch rolled his eyes, but he sighed.

“I had a fight with Steph.”

“Why? What happened?”

“We didn’t have any groceries left. Steph normally picks them up, but tonight she decided to go out with Syd. So she asked me to pick them up from the store.”

“And what exactly is the problem with that?”, you asked.

“I had plans to meet up with Mats. So I said no.”

“And you couldn’t pick them up before or after you met up with Auston?”

“But why? I mean it’s her job! She could’ve squeezed it in too.”

“Why exactly is that her job? She’s your girlfriend, not your personal assistant.”

“That’s what she said before she stormed out, like half an hour into the conversation.”, Mitch muttered. He carefully took a sip from his tea, staring into his cup instead of at you.

“There’s something you didn’t tell me.”

“Before she stormed out I said something. And I think that’s the reason she left. Normally she wouldn’t just run away from an argument. But I didn’t think it would have such an impact on her!”, he groaned in frustration.

“What did you say?”, you asked, gently nudging his knee with your foot.

“I told her that she should be the one to get the groceries because I’m the one who brings home the money.”

You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, trying really hard to suppress a facepalm.

“Mitch. Of course, she was mad enough to leave after that. Of course, it’s true that you earn the money, but if I remember correctly you were the one who offered to provide for both of you. That means you can’t use this as leverage to make her do things that you don’t want to do.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t get why this is such a huge thing.”, he muttered in confusion.

“You asked her not to search for a job so your limited time together would be more. She agreed. That means she trusts you enough to depend on you, but if you use that against her, that trust might disappear. Because what you said is basically: I pay, so you do everything I say. And that’s not what a relationship should be like.”, you explained.

Mitch’s eyes went wide while you spoke. Realization hit him like a train.

“I fucked up big time.”, he whispered faintly.

“No, don’t worry. This was the first time you said something like this?”

Mitch nodded.

“Just drink up, get groceries and wait for her to come home. And apologize. You can explain yourself, just don’t do it again.”

Mitch sighed in relief. For a second he had feared that he had screwed over his entire relationship but now he was much calmer thanks to your advice.

“Thank you, Mom.”, he said, a slight smile on his face as he took another sip out of his cup.

You gave him a smile back. Only then did you catch the eyes of Morgan who was standing next to the front door. He was smiling at the scene he had witnessed, motioning to the door of the bedroom. He didn’t want to interrupt your bonding moment with Mitch, and he feared that he might make things uncomfortable if Mitch knew that Mo was aware what was going on in his relationship.

After Mitch left to clear things up with Steph, you joined Morgan in your shared bedroom. Mo was already under the covers, wrapping his arms around you as you slid beneath them next to him. 

“You did well with the Kid.”, Mo smiled.

“Only trying to be helpful. I didn’t know being a Mom would make me so tired though.”, you yawned, a sleepy smile on your face.

“Get some rest and tomorrow I have something planned before the game.”

“Night Mo, love you.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Yeah, no. Sleep was not an option. Your body would’ve shut down immediately, but you were woken up every ten minutes because Mo was deciding to play windmill with his arms, tossing and turning the whole time. This went on for hours. He would move a lot and when you asked if everything was okay he would say yes and be very still for a couple of minutes until you were asleep. Then everything started again.

“Mo, what are you doing? It’s been hours. Why so nervous, honey?”, you asked, turning around to face him. Mo looked at you with wide eyes, a smile on his face at your sleepy appearance. 


“No, not sorry. Just tell me what’s on your mind or we won’t make it to that thing you planned.”

Mo battled himself for a moment before he sighed and relaxed.

“I had this whole romantic thing planned out, that’s why I was with Lucy and Jake tonight. But seeing you and Mitch just mixed all of that up.”, he confessed. 

“Mix what up?”

Mo sat up in bed and you followed his example, a slight frown on your face. What could possibly distract him this much? Nothing had distracted Mo this much, ever since you knew him.

Mo turned around and reached down to the floor where his pants were, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Mo.”, you gasped when you spotted the black box in his shaky hands.

“Lucy and Molly helped me plan out this whole romantic dinner. I thought of everything. We would have had dinner at your favorite restaurant, where we ate cake on our first date, that you love so much. We would have that exact cake for dessert and then take a walk in the park right across the street, with the little lake. I really thought about everything, but you. 

You always catch me off guard and you never stop surprising me. Every time I think “that’s it, it’s a problem”, it’s just not. You moved here with me without asking questions. You accepted the team as your family just because they’re my family too. Hell, I never thought you would even go out with me, and here we are.“, Mo rambled.

Tears started to prick at your eyes at his words, but they also forced out a smile that was playing on your lips.

"I love you, Morgan.”, you smiled, “My amazing ice cream cake enthusiast.”

“I love you too. So damn much. Y/n Y/l/n, will you marry me and take care of all of those Rookies with me?”

A watery giggle escaped your lips at the mention of the Rookies, but you nodded frantically.

“Yes! Of course.”, you managed to say, jumping over the bed into his arms.


Author: Mickey (Mikala)
Characters: Clint Barton x Reader, briefly featuring Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1,350+
Warnings: Probably swearing. 
Author’s Note: Em and I are slowly working our way through our fanfic NaNoWriMo, so here’s your next fic in that lineup! I let her edit this so you can blame her if there’s spelling/grammar mistakes lol

Summary: A winter storm, a cave for shelter, and Clint fluff. Enough said. 

(gif not mine)

“Nat, it’s a blizzard out here, I can’t see shit.”

Rubbing your hands together in an attempt to keep warm, you listened to Clint speak with Natasha through his earpiece. You heard her answer through your own, crackling and cutting out as if the connection was failing.

“Can you—your way b—to the jet?”

“Can we find our way back to the jet?” Clint repeated, raking a hand down his face before glancing over at you. You knew him well enough to see the worry in his eyes. “Don’t think so. Not in this storm.”

“Stay where—are. We’ll c—get you—” Natasha’s voice cut to static, loud and sudden, before falling silent.

“Nat? Nat, do you copy? Natasha?” Upon getting no answer, Clint pulled the communication device from his ear, slipping it in his pocket with a frustrated sigh. “Looks like we’re on our own for now.”

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Always Pt. 4: Begin (M)

Trailer | Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five (coming soon!)

Ignorance is bliss

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, feat. Jimin and Taehyung

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst

Word Count: 6060

Content/Warnings: Violence; Graphic depictions of death; Major character death; No smut in this chapter (sorry). Also I hope no one takes this the wrong way and thinks this has anything to do with the fandom wars, because I can assure you it doesn’t, so please don’t make this about that.

** Italics indicate a flashback within the flashback **


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between.

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

Jungkook stood in the old warehouse. The stale smell of gasoline and ocean salt filled the air.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you,” he said to the blond man kneeling before him. But these were empty threats. Jungkook had never killed someone before, only done so much as knock another man out with a punch to the jaw. But taking another’s life… That’s something he promised himself he would never do.

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Imaginary shows: “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” (version 2.0)

So let’s say, hypothetically, AOS gets one more season to finish off their remaining storylines. All of a sudden, Marvel TV announces a spin-off featuring Robbie Reyes. Here’s my fancast:


1) Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider 

Originally posted by daisyiris

2) Lorenzo James Henrie as Gabriel “Gabe” Reyes 

(AN: So I learned recently that Lorenzo is Italian. Shame on you AOS, now I feel dirty for keeping him on here)

Originally posted by fierylatino

3) Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson / Quake: Back due to popular demand from the fans, Chloe signed on for the Ghost Rider show. Daisy’s in-story reason is that SHIELD assigned her to watch over Ghost Rider since he returned, a task that she immediately accepted. I’d imagine her and Robbie’s relationship to be similar to Angel and Cordelia. 

As for the other main AOS cast, I’d imagine there’d be 1-2 episode guest roles for them but nothing too heavy. I can see Mack coming on the show in a recurring role but Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, and May, not so much. Maybe just to say hi to Daisy.  

Originally posted by agentsofshield

4) Genesis Rodriguez as Lisa Ortega: A child prodigy / law school student who befriends Robbie after he stops a group of thugs trying to rob her. She eventually becomes an integral member to Team Rider and is Robbie’s main love interest (the Iris West to his Barry Allen). 

Or is she? I’d imagine sometime around season 2 or 3, the writers would set up a love triangle between Lisa, Robbie, and Daisy. That’d be fun. 

Originally posted by teamcoco

5) Becky G as Azucena Gonzalez: A high school student and Gabe Reyes’ best friend. She is a bit of a smart-ass but is vocal in her support of Ghost Rider. 

Originally posted by bluearrow126

6) Martin Sensmeier as Detective William Talltrees / Red Wolf: A LAPD detective who is assigned to investigating the Ghost Rider killings. He eventually finds out that Robbie is the Ghost Rider but has a change of heart when he realizes that GR is fighting only the wicked.

In season 2, William quits the LAPD and becomes the vigilante known as “Red Wolf”. As Red Wolf, he joins Team Rider.  

Originally posted by hellacluttered

7) Sophie Wu as Ruby Minh Tran: A half-Scottish, half-Chinese sorceress who hails from the London Sanctum Sanctorum. She is sent to Los Angeles by Doctor Strange in order to monitor the Ghost Rider. 

A fun little subplot that I came up with is that Ruby reveals to Daisy that she was Fitz’s first girlfriend. They broke up around the time he left for the SHIELD Academy and she left for “cooking school” (magic training). 

When Daisy asks for any funny memories with Fitz, Ruby says, “He tried complimenting me on our first date. I think he wanted to say I had a nice face but he ended up saying I have nice feet”. (that’s a reference to ‘The Fades’, a BBC show that featured Iain and Sophie)

Originally posted by vaticides-blog

8) Ryan Guzman as James Ramirez: A rookie sorcerer who hails from the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. He is assigned to work with Ruby Minh Tran and the two immediately clash (she’s a bit more sassy and fun, he’s a bit more stern and serious).

So Ramirez and Tran are basically the Fitz and Simmons of the Ghost Rider show. But instead of science, it’s magic. And instead of falling in love, they can’t stand each other. 

Originally posted by freakystuffinhere

9) Diego Boneta as Hector Morrow: Robbie’s cousin and Eli’s son. He despises Robbie and Gabe and has a bit of an arrogant streak. But as the series goes on, he eventually redeems himself by joining Team Rider.

So…the Draco Malfoy of the show. 

Originally posted by ungifable

10) Emily Rios as Alejandra Jones / The Punished Rider: A woman who was a victim of human trafficking. She eventually escapes her captors, who are all eventually killed by Ghost Rider. Inspired by GR, she joins Team Rider. She’s recognized as the ‘hardcore’ member of the team because of her sheer hatred of all criminals. 

In season two, she takes on a Spirit of Vengeance separate from Robbie’s. It’s this moment that Team Rider realizes there can be more than one Ghost Rider.

To distinguish herself from Robbie, she nicknames herself ‘The Punished Rider’.  

Originally posted by entediadoateamorte

11) Santiago Cabrera as Dr. Javier Ybanez: Robbie’s best friend from childhood who grew up to be an oncologist. He is a member of Team Rider, offering Robbie his medical advice.

NOTE: Santiago is only on the main cast for season one. Javier is killed by Blackheart in the season finale. 

Originally posted by pitchouneeiko


1) Steven Yeun as Hannibal King: A private investigator who was turned into a vampire. He is now a vampire hunter, seeking to prevent others from suffering the same fate. 

Hannibal King’s appearance is meant to foreshadow the appearance of Blade. 

Originally posted by sassmastersarahkv

2) Emilio Rivera as  Lt. Michael Badilino / Vengeance: An army veteran who initially joins Team Rider as an ally. He eventually leaves the team due to growing tensions with Robbie. Robbie has a strict no-killing-of-innocents rule while Michael didn’t care for collateral damage.

Michael eventually comes across a Spirit of Vengeance and becomes a rogue Ghost Rider, simply named “Vengeance”. Although not a true villain, Michael ends up becoming one of Robbie’s main enemies of the show. 

Originally posted by oreilysamcro


1) Walton Goggins as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider 1: The original Ghost Rider. Johnny returns to Robbie’s life and acts as his mentor from time-to-time. 

Originally posted by sextmen

2) Naoko Mori as Roxanne Simpson-Blaze: An investigative journalist and Johnny Blaze’s wife.

Originally posted by burntlikethesun

3) Burn Gorman as Mephisto: Arguably the main antagonist of the whole series. He’s the Devil, nuff said. 

Originally posted by missanthropicprinciple

4) Reg E. Cathey as Carter Slade / The Phantom Rider: One of the first few people to take on the Rider. He was Johnny’s mentor and ends up becoming Robbie’s mentor as well. 

Originally posted by frankunderwood


1) Dylan O’Brien as Blackheart: Main antagonist of season one. He is a powerful demon and one of Mephisto’s sons. Blackheart comes to Earth, seeking to overthrow his father. 

During his rampage, he manages to kill Javier Ybanez, which led to Robbie losing his mind and destroying Blackheart with the full power of the Ghost Rider. 

Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski

2) Emily Kinney as Zadkiel: Main antagonist of season two. She used to be an archangel before being tossed out of heaven for attempting to usurp God. Desperate for payback, Zadkiel went after the Ghost Riders on Earth, seeking to obtain their power in order to be powerful enough to return to heaven and defeat God. 

Zadkiel was eventually defeated in combat by Robbie, Michael, and Alejandra. To make sure she wouldn’t return, she was dragged to hell by Mephisto.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

3) Kate Micucci as Andrea Wallace / Jose Zuniga as Eli Morrow (visions and voice only): Main antagonist of season three. Andrea Wallace was a struggling comedian who bothered no one. One day, while walking home from a gig, she becomes an accidental victim of a gang shooting. Just minutes later, she is resurrected after accepting an offer from a strange spirit who told her he would help her get revenge. The spirit was later revealed to be Eli Morrow, who also wants revenge on Robbie.

So Andrea ends up becoming the host for Eli. She’s still there but slowly loses her mind due to Eli’s influence. Like in the comics, due to Eli’s spirit, Andrea can transform into a being similar to the Ghost Rider. Because of this, Team Rider nicknames her “Fool’s Rider” since even though she looks and acts like a Ghost Rider, she’s technically not one since her powers didn’t come from a Spirit of Vengeance. 

Andrea is eventually defeated by Robbie, who uses his Penance Stare to punish Eli’s soul. Although free from Eli, Andrea is quaked to death by Daisy in order to make sure Eli doesn’t return. This is the moment where Daisy starts becoming more of an anti-hero. 

Originally posted by secretoctopus

Originally posted by akshaykvmar

Prompt : If it were only for you, you would have passed on that high school reunion. You didn’t feel like seeing how well your old acquaintances from your teenage years are doing, while your latest and only addition to your family is the cat you bought last week. But your friend insisted that it would be fun, so you went along with it, not thinking for a single moment about the possibility of reuniting with your (almost) ex-boyfriend from high school for the first time in 7 years.

Fandom & Member : Lee Dongmin/Cha Eunwoo — Astro

Warning(s) : Poorly written Smut, also keep in mind that English is not my first language so please excuse my rookie mistakes

Disclaimer : I am aware of Aroha’s stance on smut about Astro, but I am one of those people who feels like it’s time to stop babying the adult members all the time. If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. Scroll past it, I respect your opinion on the matter. It’s bad anyway so I wouldn’t advise anyone to read it lmao

Word count : 3,404

“You have to come to this reunion,” she said. “It’ll be fun,” she said. You let out a heavy sigh. Really, it was your fault for listening to her; F/N was your best friend and you loved her, but you knew how she was. She loved to overhype things, something she shared with her boyfriend Bin whom she had met when you guys were in junior high.

High school… it was mostly a faded memory now. It wasn’t exactly an awful experience for you, but you wouldn’t describe it as great either. Nothing really ever happened in your life as a teenager, and aside from F/N and Bin, you didn’t have any close friends you kept contact with all these years. Or that you were particularly eager to meet again, at least none that really came to mind.

You decided to tag along anyway, even if you weren’t really excited about seeing how well everyone else was doing. Not that you weren’t doing great yourself, you had a job you loved and a decent apartment, but you were still single with no kids to brag about like all these other acquaintances from your high school years.

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NCT 127 reaction to you being insecure about your stretch marks


Anon: hello! is it alright if i request? i don’t know of your active right now or if you closed requests — but could I ask for all members (or just nct 127) reaction to you having stretch marks? i have some on my arms and sides and i feel kind of embarrassed having them.

Thank you for the request! And apologies for the late post :/ I hope you enjoy it regardless!…


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

This is a point I always mention when writing about Taeil but being the oldest member, he’d be very mature about it. I don’t think he’s really that bothered by it but then again, I don’t think he’d really understand what they are or where they come from. If you were insecure about them, he’d find it hard to understand why; to him, stretch marks were like anything else on your body, like moles, scars or freckles. He’d be fickle in helping you, but, as always, the intention’s there.


Originally posted by nakamotens

I feel as if Johnny would be quite aware that stretch marks are an insecurity many girls (and guys!) have these days. Although you may not vocally tell him about your worries, he’d notice the little things about your behaviour that’d suggest that you were insecure about them. Johnny would try his best to boost your self-confidence and self-love subtly, not wanting to put you into an even more uncomfortable position by saying he knew you were insecure. He’d just always compliment you and wouldn’t push you to uncomfortable limits, and over time, you’d slowly start to learn to love your stretch marks.


Originally posted by tensct

Taeyong would be one of the most visibly distraught by this revelation. Being so comfortable around him but so insecure in your own body, this insecurity of yours would slip out, you suddenly brushing it off and trying to move the conversation on again. Startled, he’d pause, replaying the shy words in his head and his eyes watering without him realising. Unexpectedly, you’d find him in tears, weeping and cursing at himself. Yeah, he might be overly dramatic and make you feel a little guilty by it (unintentionally), but he’d calm it down and would definitely, and I mean that, make you feel better in yourself.


Originally posted by 1aeyong

This would be a bit of unknown territory for Yuta. He wouldn’t realise realise the extent to which you were insecure. He’d comfort you very well at first, glancing down at them and truthfully revealing he hadn’t even noticed them and they weren’t ugly at all. But, I think he might get a little irritated and less sympathetic, sighing with annoyance, asking if you could stop ranting for once. It might end in you crying or an argument fuelling, but upon realising the seriousness of the situation, he’d loosen up a bit, be very apologetic and although he wouldn’t now be extremely comforting, it’d be an improvement.


Originally posted by dovounq

why can’t this kind of gif exist for other members lol this is the perfect shook face

Doyoung, like Johnny, would pick on this so quickly, just by the way you’d act. The way you’d drag your fingers heavily across the marks, pulling and rubbing at them slightly, pouting at the breaks in your skin; how you always refused to let your bare legs out, even in private, because you were too shy about letting him see them; and the way you gawped at girls in adverts and campaigns, eyes slightly watering when you see they don’t have any stretch marks like you.  


Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

Jaehyun would have a very different reaction to the rest of the members. I think I’ve mentioned this kind of reaction for him before, but instead of just notice the just okay? lol comforting you and boosting your self-esteem, he’d really try his best to help you out. If you wanted to cover yourself up or try some oil to heal or fade your scars some ppl like me do this ok not everyone is as okay with them, he’d help you get them and use them and he’d just really want you to embrace what you have and help you boost your self esteem whatever way that may be.


Originally posted by nctmvrk-moved

His reassurance would be considerably weak and dry but with all intentions good. It wouldn’t be something he’d absolutely love about you or anything, so on your part, it might be even harder to feel a little bit more confident about them. Sicheng would just be better reassuring you with emotional shit about anything other than something he didn’t really “get”, like physical insecurities. 


Originally posted by nakasyuta

Mark would have that shocked/confused/shook face of his on for show. He’d find it pretty hard to comprehend and take in. I imagine he’d go to other members, hoping to seek advice and guidance. It’d be a bit like Mark would help you by the members helping Mark, so technically the members would be the one helping you. It’d be a little complicated, Mark maybe making the wrong move or saying the  wrong thing - a little hiccup, but nothing a sorry and hug couldn’t solve. To be honest, I’m unsure of how he’d really react to this kind of thing? He’d just follow whatever the members suggest, so that could mean anything.


Originally posted by dovounq

Being still young and probably inexperienced, his reaction would be so innocent and sweet and genuine, so much so that you’d probably realise that your stretch marks were nothing to be insecure or fret about. I don’t think he’d really know what they are, asking so many questions about what they are, how they come about, if everyone has them, if they hurt. He’d be in a state of fascination, asking if it was okay to trace them and look at them, all done very innocently and sweetly, and he’d tell you how pretty the were too. He really wouldn’t need to do much to boost your self esteem.


omg i’m excited for this one bc it’s the loml

s e o  c h a n g b i n

enjoy :)

Chan; Woojin; Minho; Changbin; Hyunjin; Jisung; Felix; Seungmin; Jeongin

  • introducing the one and only…
  • Changbin “I love dark” Seo!!!!

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Unknown King - part II

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Here’s part two, although part 1 only got a few notes, I will continue writing this story because I really like it

Word Count: 1.5k +

Part 1


Originally posted by fvckmxk

Two weeks passed, as well as two parties. It was a routine. Friday morning, workers would be getting ready for the night ahead. Decorating, making food and cleaning up for the mayhem that would occur later on that day. Mr. Barnes has invited you to every party. At around noon each Friday, the same butler would come to deliver the creme colored invitation. You almost never went to the parties.

Today, however, is different.

Emma slammed a stack of papers on your desk. She pushed her fringe out of her eyes and smiled, “I’m gonna go to Barnes’ party later on. You coming with?”

You shook your head, “I’m much too busy ”

“With what?” Emma scoffed. “That story on the Pigeon Lady can wait. Barnes has been sending you an invitation every week and you never go to his parties! What does that say?”

You never really thought of it like that. Mr. Barnes probably think that you’re rude for never accepting him invitations. Last week you found out that he only really invites a handful of people. You’re one of those. The rest somehow end up at his place.

“Only for two hours,” You said giving in. Emma smiled and pressed her hands together gleefully. “And no more than four drinks.”

“Finally! I thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life stuck in your small shack.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her cheek. “I’ll park in front of your house so that we can walk over there together. 8:20 okay. Be ready.”

You only brought three dresses with you. One for a casual day, another for the walk of shame and the last one was your most fancy dress that cost you $300. You slipped on your fancy dress and let your hair fall loosely around your shoulders. You finished the final touches on your makeup when a knock rang throughout your house. You got up and walked towards the front door.

You pulled the door open the reveal a clad covered Emma leaning against the threshold in a teal dress. She smiled at you and her eyes widened, “Rookie! You look hot!”

You did a small spin, “You like?”

“I love!” She exclaimed. “Now, c'mon let’s go before the drinks finish!” Emma took your hand and pulled you towards the mansion.

Once you stood in front, you were gawking at the palace before your eyes. You only saw it from the sidelines, never up close. Mr. Barnes is one rich man. You gulped and followed Emma inside. Once you stepped inside, you were overwhelmed with all the beauties the house had to offer. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, bathing the room in the most divine light texture. The bass of the music was felt in your chest. Drinks were shoved into your hand and you stupidly finished it in one swallow. Women and men all danced from here and there. Hanging from the most strange places. Yelling in delight and throwing their heads back lazily.

The outside pool was swarmed with people who were all dancing around the edge. As if playing a game of Who Could Dance Closest To The Edge. Music from all different corners flooded your ears. A live band in one section. A DJ in the pool area and a Jazz band in another. It was all so beautiful. You spun in a circle various times until Emma gripped your shoulders.

“Get it together, Y/L/N,” She said and shoved another drink in your hand.

You nodded and took a sip, “Have you ever met Mr. Barnes?”

Emma shook her head, “No one has!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Isn’t that strange?”

“Very. But he throws some of the best parties!” She hollered and finished her drink before grabbing a random girl and pulling her to dance. You have been left on the sidelines once again.

Your attention was gripped on your surroundings. Everything was so mesmerizing. Suddenly someone crashed into you. Three cups of colorful liquor spilled on you and your dress. The man apologized but you waved him off. You sighed, regretting the trip over here in the first place. You climbed the steps of the house in search of the bathroom. Each door you came across was locked and you really didn’t want to interrupt.

You opened the doorway just a slight crack and poked your head inside. The room was empty and dimly lit. You stepped inside and quietly closed the door behind you. The commotion was somewhat muffled. You scanned your surroundings and froze when you saw that you weren’t alone. A man, with his back facing you, stood in front of a window. You slowly began to take a step back, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Your heel slammed against the floor, causing a loud bang! The man whirled around to face you. Your eyes widened.

“I’m so s-sorry, I shouldn’t be here,” You quickly said. “ I was looking for the bathroom.”

“No, no, please. You mean no harm,” He replied gently. “Please, stay.”

You really should have left right then and there, but there was something intriguing about this man. His hair was slicked back but a single strand of hair fell on his face. His complexion looked as if it were carved from the hand of a god. His suit was perfectly tailored. He was like an Adonis in the flesh.

“What happened to your dress?” He asked, turning to close the window he was previously looking out of.

“Oh,” You looked down to the mess that was your fancy dress. “Someone ran into me. It was my fault probably, I should’ve been paying attention.”

“I am so sorry,” he apologized as if it were his fault. “Please, allow me to have a new dress sent over to your place tomorrow.”

Your breath hitched at the words that left his mouth. A new dress? Bought by a stranger you just met? What is happening?

“Oh, no,” You quickly said. “I can’t let you do that. We barely know each other, you’re a stranger and you don’t even know where I live!”

“My apologies,” He looked confused. “I don’t understand. You live right next door, right? I’ve been wanting to introduce myself, but I’ve been much too busy.”

Realization struck hard you like a train, “You’re Mr. Barnes?”

“I am sorry,” He paused. “I thought you knew. I do believe I am not a very good host or neighbor.” He frowned, “I am James Buchanan Barnes. But you may call me James or Bucky.” He extended his hand and you shook it.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” You said.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Y/N. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to come right over and ask.” He assured you.

You were still a bit dumbfounded. You didn’t know what to say. Then suddenly, you remembered all the rumors that you heard. Did you believe them? You weren’t even sure. You didn’t have a reason to. There was no proof and you couldn’t just accuse him of doing something without even meeting the man.

“Likewise, James,” You smiled. “The party is absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you, but I have only been to a handful of my own get-togethers,” He said. Before you said anything else, James spoke up. “I still feel terrible about the dress, at least let me take you out for lunch tomorrow. Have you seen the city, yet?”

“Only on the way to The Report,” You said. “But I can’t let you do that.”

“It’s a neighborly gesture,” He added. “I’d like to get to know you better and I’m sure you have questions yourself.”

“I do,” You admitted.

“Alright, then.” He said. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at around noon.”

Before you said anything, one of the servants walked into the room. He walked towards James and whispered something in his ear. James nodded, “Thank you, Ace. Please, excuse me, Y/N but I must take a very important call.”

“Oh, okay,” You said. “No need to apologize.”

He smiled, “Ace, please escort Y/N to the bathroom and when she wishes to go home, make sure she gets there safely.” He bowed his head slightly, the strand of hair still dancing across his face. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

You nodded and watched as he left the room. Ace led you towards the bathroom. “Can I ask you a question?” You asked the butler.

“What is it, Miss Y/N?” He asked.

“Are the rumors true?” You continued.

“I’m afraid I do not know what you speak of,” Ace frowned. “If you wish for answers, I suggest you get them from Mr. Barnes himself.”

Ace waited outside of the bathroom while you played the conversation you had with James over and over. He was so intriguing, every word that rolled off his tongue left you anticipated. Not to mention, he was extremely handsome and so young as well.

The alcohol that was spilled on your dress was now dry, but you knew it was gonna leave a stain. After splashing cold water on your face, you wiped your hands and opened the door to reveal a patiently waiting Ace.

“I wish to go home now,” You said.

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word count: 2.7k

warnings: cursing, steaminess

a/n: bless your soul whoever requested this, I love lindy and this was an amazing prompt

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your fingers twisted nervously in your tre kronor jersey. you were a couple rows behind the glass, which gave you a perfect view of the ice and thusly a perfect view of your best friend and roommate.

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the second part w/ everyone’s favourite main vocal … kim woojin! hope you like it <3

Chan; Woojin; Minho; Changbin; Hyunjin; Jisung; Felix; Seungmin; Jeongin

  • now onto the most amazing main vocal !!!
  • that mnet can never seem to record can you see how salty i am

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