although my colouring COULD be better.


Somereallygreathair’s List of People With Some Really Great Hair:
↪ David Tennant

I saw my first fox today.

I was on my way to check out a potential university, when I came across a fox, scavenging a nearby field. vibrant in colour against the dead landscape, it wandered majestically. my first fox sighting. our car slowed, fearing the fox could dart out in front, as it was quite close to the road, but it merely looked up, staring, as we drove by.

this event stood out to me today, considering what this coming week means to me, so I take this as a positive sign. it makes me feel a little better about things. this week will be interesting, although I can’t wait for it to be over.

Image sequencing

Rinko Kawauchi

Whilst looking through Rinko’s book ILLUMINANCE I noticed how the images have been carefully put together as they are often placed side by side with images which compliment one another either through light, colour, shape or subject. The first two pages are clearly linked through colour, the second is a link of subject as there is a repetition of hands. The third seem to have a link of scattered subject and texture, the fourth a repetition of circular shapes and light, There may also be a time where an image would fit better alone, like this last one. 

I thought about how I might use this technique when sequencing my images in my portfolio. So I had a look through some possible portfolio pieces of mine and put a few next to one another to get an idea of how I could go about it.

These first two have a clear link through the vibrant blue and also the exposure in the centre of the images.

Although these two contrast in light there is a repetition of the blue-ish colour and the light pink.

These two images have similar tones throughout and the texture of the oats almost resembles the netting in the second.

These two have a link between their composition as well as tone and shape of the subject.