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Blurryface And Video Games

Title: Blurryface and Video Games 

Drabbler: skywalkerswift 

Doodler: kiroujiswonderland (v v cool) 

Beta: phandomwriter (v v cool too) 

Summary: "You live in a flat next to me and is blasting twenty one pilots at 2 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep so I came over to yell at you but you look gorgeous and I didn’t think this through and I forgot what I was about to say" 

Warnings: None! 

Word Count: ~800


The sound of Blurryface was heard throughout Dan’s room. It’s not that he didn’t like Twenty One Pilots, he did, but not when it’s 2 in the morning and he’s desperately trying to sleep. Although it’s quite unusual of Dan to not stay up until 4am endlessly scrolling through his Tumblr dashboard, he had an interview for a new job early in the morning, therefore him needing his sleep but not being able to get it due to his neighbour Phil currently listening to Tear In My Heart.

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