although it's not really her fault

Okay, so in honour of it being too fucking hot out today, I invite you to imagine with me: The Fake AH Crew at the beach.

  • Jack being the mom-iest mom and making sure to pack everyone’s towels and lots of snacks and plenty of water because it’s important to stay hydrated and calling Ryan to get his ass back here and put on some sunscreen, you are the palest motherfucker I have ever seen do you want skin cancer.  And take off that mask right now, this is supposed to be a relaxing day and I swear to god if it ends in a police chase I’m going to drag you into the ocean and drown you.
  • Geoff bringing two inner tubes, one for him and one for his cooler o’alcohol, tying both to the dock and being set for the day.  (Watching Geoff trying to get out of the inner tube without eating shit at the end of the day was an experience)
  • Ray disappeared as soon as they arrived and it turns out he broke into the storage room of the snack bar.  In his defence it had air conditioning and wifi, and if they had made him sit in the, ugh, sand, he would have just complained all day anyway so this was best for all parties.
  • Michael and Lindsay decided to build a sandcastle for shits and giggles, but then another couple started construction on their own a few feet away, and they had the audacity to make it taller than theirs, and this is an outrage war has been declared they are going to build the best goddamn sand castle the world has ever seen.
  • Gavin (after dipping into Geoff’s floating cocktail bar) decides that learning to surf would be an excellent idea.  It goes about as well as you’d expect.
  • Ryan is surprisingly being the most normal out of all of them, sitting (under an umbrella, I get it Jack jesus) reading a book.  Unfortunately, Ryan sans mask is a really good-looking guy, and attracts a small gaggle of giggling bikini clad onlookers.  To whom Ryan is completely oblivious.  Jack thinks its hilarious at first (if those girls only knew who they were making doe eyes at) but after a while the flirty laughs start to grate on her nerves and now they’re blocking her sun this needs to end.
  • Later Jack will admit that maybe she over reacted a little bit.  Ryan just wants confirmation that although the day did in fact end with a police chase for once the whole thing was entirely not his fault and he in no way deserves to be drowned for it.
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hotaru Tachibana is by far one of the most underappreciated characters in the Aoharu x Kikanjuu fandom. She has a very well balance of good and bad qualities, and doesn't fall into the boring tsundere, arrogant attitude that is normally associated with athletic or tomboyish female characters. She's very well rounded and has several personality traits that shine, but overall she proves that although her disguising as a male is a really groan-worthy plot device, she can still kick ass, and be proud of being a girl. She presents many leadership qualities that shine throughout the series, and her brash attitude at the very beginning is slowly faded into a logical, clear-headed girl who, although she's loyal to a fault, is able to make her own decisions and come to her own conclusions without letting manipulation get to her. Let's not forget that she also doesn't fall into the male gaze, nor is she reduced to a love interest (even if it's canon that Matsuoka is crushing on her). The fact that she is a strong female lead that is highly disregarded by feminists and is often reduced to her gender by most of the people who DO care for her is depressing to watch, because they are the same people who probably scream about there being very few strong female leads, but they don't even acknowledge Hotaru's existence.
fe february: Herons have a type

So obviously back in Serenes they probably mostly had relationships between themselves; but in the game as such, all the heron  characters we have are exogamic and we’re left with a very definite impression of which kind of people they are into.

It’s pretty funny to see the three main heron characters with their own trophy monarchs; but I wonder if there’s not more to that.

Beyond being badass Laguz kings and queens, what Tibarn, Nailah and Naesala have in common is a certain…. let’s call it roguishness. Tibarn and Naesala are pirate kings; and Nailah is also very much a barbarian queen, which gives a very similar feel.

And then we have their distant cousin (so to speak) Micaiah, whose intended mate of choice is much less about taking charge of a country (Micaiah does that herself, thank you very much) but actually is a thief by trade.

And we do know that herons are of the Tellius species the one the most inclined towards order. So what if a part of that attraction was a sort of balancing act, of being attracting by people who are inclined to chaos in turn?

Tibarn certainly spends a lot of time in the latter parts of Radiant Dawn talking about how enjoyable he finds the chaotic energies. And judging by the conversation he can have if he fights Nailah in the climax of the third part of RD, she isn’t of a very different mentality.

How does that fit with Lerhan’s mates?

We don’t know a lot about Altina, although we do know she met the badass (girl was dual wielding Ragnell and Alondite) and monarch qualitative (via founding her own country), but it’s hard to know if she had that brand of roguishness. One could speculate from Nasir saying “As you say, the laguz are indeed now persecuted by the beorc. But long ago, these roles were reversed.” in Path of Radiance; and whether it would have applied to the period in which she lived and framed the reason for founding Begnon, casting her as a defiant or rebellious beorc heroine. However this is mere speculation.

When it comes to Zelgius, he doesn’t really fit the pattern. A least he seems somewhat obedient to a fault, although with enough wild impulses that he focussed on duelling Greil and Ike as he did as one thing he wanted to pursue for himself regardless of his loyalty to Sephiran. But more than that, Zelgius being a Branded means that he’s of the people framed as new and unplanned, a chaotic result of the world itself and its people.

So perhaps there is something to it.

to the casual observer, it would appear

humans challenge, week 1, day 4: absentees

Harun had lost sight of his cousins almost as soon as they’d entered the club, although to be fair it was probably his own fault for standing on the edge, instead of following them into the midst of the crowd. He’d tried to tell them that night clubs weren’t really his thing, but Tasim had done her usual trick of pretending she didn’t understand what he was saying, even though he’d addressed her in their shared mother tongue, not English or his poor grasp of German. She’d dragged him along regardless, and so now he’s here, watching a large group of strangers dancing into the early hours.

He’s standing at a sensible distance from the speakers, unlike the red-haired woman nearby, who seems to be actively trying to deafen herself. Her back is pressed right up against the speaker, which is blasting at full volume (or, if it isn’t, Harun doesn’t want to hear what louder than this sounds like). He looks at her in concern, wondering if he should beckon her away with a gesture to his ears. He has no idea how to say “you’re going to burst your eardrums” in German. Not that she’d be able to hear him over this, anyway.

She’s ethereally beautiful, though, this woman, her hair falling in perfect parallels and her face that kind of easy symmetry they modelled synths on. For a moment Harun actually wonders if she is a synth, but no, she’s clearly enjoying the music on a level that’s entirely human - absorbed in it, like she wants to disappear into the rhythm. That makes her even more beautiful somehow.

He’s glad to see somebody approach her - a woman about the same age, her brown hair half down her back and half looped in a bun. From this distance, and with that hairstyle, she could almost be Mattie, and Harun remembers the last text message he sent to her, feels a twinge. She hasn’t replied yet. Which, okay, she’s probably busy. Last he heard, she was moving house. It’s no wonder she’s radio silent.

And besides, he came out to visit Tas and the rest of them partly to get away from all of those lingering maybes, so he refuses to think about it anymore. The brunette girl has persuaded the redhead to move away from the speaker slightly, by the time he glances back at them. He’s struck by how intently they’re looking at each other, as though the mayhem around them doesn’t exist anymore. If they don’t leave together it’ll be a crime, Harun decides.

An arm snakes out from the nearest bunch of people and grabs him. He recognises Tasim’s bracelet, and lets her drag him further into the crowd. Once they’re face to face, she mouths something at him that looks suspiciously like dance, you idiot. She knows English well enough when it suits her.

He obeys, not quite so reluctant now, having had the escapism element of his trip to Berlin refreshed in his mind by Mattie’s doppelgänger. A few songs later, when he drifts back out to the walls, there’s no sign of the couple he’d been watching before, and he dares to hope he was right. They’d looked kind of good together, and Harun wishes them luck.

All Of The Hell I Had To Walk Through

Okay, so I know that many of our talented writers have written their takes on how 4x11 should have gone… and now here’s mine (obviously, I stole the title from Christina Perri, for reasons).

(also on and AO3)


“I told you, Swan… I’m a survivor.”

After that breathtaking, earth-shaking, knee-weakening kiss they stood there for a while, noses almost touching, smiling at each other like idiots. But after a few moments, when the adrenaline rush started to ebb away a little, a touch of sadness and concern trickled into Emma’s expression.

“But when you said goodbye to me,” she finally said, “you thought you were going to die, didn’t you?”

Hook swallowed and licked his lips a little nervously. “Swan, I…”

But she put her hand to his cheek in true remorse. “I’m sorry I didn’t come for you sooner,” she cut off his explanation, “I knew something was wrong with you, I knew it. But…”

“Emma, no… don’t be,” he interrupted hastily, and she could hear the tension he felt in the way his accent shone through a little more; he pronounced “be” almost like “bay”. “I’m the one who has to apologize. It’s all my fault. I need to tell you…” Suddenly, he stumbled a little, the physical and emotional torture of the past days finally taking its toll on him.

And, like a ton of bricks, it hit her again – It hit her hard – that she’d almost lost him, that he’d almost died in front of her eyes, although he’d promised her she didn’t have to worry about him because he’d always survive. Oh yes, he had survived, but this time it had been a really close call, and not even she – the goddamn Savior – had been able to do anything for him, she’d have been condemned to helplessly watch. If it hadn’t been for Belle, she’d have had to bury another man… not just someone she’d been with, but the fucking love of her life, she knew that now, and she also knew she’d never have been able to recover from that. And suddenly, a burning fury gripped her insides, tearing viciously, a fury at that damn pirate who almost had broken his promise, the only one who had never broken a promise he’d given her! Emma knew that her fury was irrational and he didn’t deserve it, no matter what sick twist of events had led to that situation… but she also knew one more thing: she wasn’t able to deal with that just now. She just couldn’t. For the moment, she was simply grateful for the fact that he was alive, and she’d figure out how to deal with the rest of it. But not now.

And so she did what she’d always done best: she avoided, at least for the moment.

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anonymous asked:

my only friend who i had left has stoped replying to me and i cant help feeling that its my fault. it has to be my fault right ? because every friend ive made has left. and by now im too afraid to let people in anymore but i really dont want to loose her although i probably have already and its too late anyways because im back in hospital for going too far again. i dont know what to do anymore.

That’s good if you’re in a hospital already. Let them help you. They are trained.

You can get out of this hole, okay? You will rock it. And I don’t think that it’s your fault. It’s only the voice of your disorder telling you it’s your fault.
Hang in there, you deserve all the help.

Lots of love to you 💕

for grimpotato

and Alex made it better:

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I’d do anything


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Song: Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Quote: “You were my almost.” <and I wish you could have been my always>

A/N - This is in Dan’s POV…not really…kinda….I think….IDK DUDE OK?? I had to scroll sososo much to figure out what was the last one shot I did so this could be accurate OTL although its kind my fault for not numbering the last two

One-shot 49

She’s beautiful.

Absolutely breathtaking.

And you’re positive she was still fretting over her hair before she walked out through the double doors to walk down the aisle, even though every strand is perfect.

Today is a gorgeous day, an amazing, straight-out-of-fairytales day for a wedding. Exactly what you wanted. And every flower and flower petal were arranged exactly how she wanted. Exactly what you hoped. And it felt like everyone took a collective breath as she appeared. 

But you didn’t care at all. 

She was the only thing you were looking at and the only thing that mattered at that moment.

Her smile was so warm and so immensely happy you couldn’t break away. You loved the way her eyes would squint up when she smiled, even though she’s told you countless times she hated it.

Or the way she loved rain, and smelling the wet soil after a particularly rough storm.

And blasting the A/C just so she could cocoon herself in all the blankets.

You loved every single thing about her, and you know people say that all the time but once you feel so strongly about a person, you can’t let them go. 

It felt like eternity but she finally made it to the end of the aisle and you saw her be handed off…to her fiance, who looked just as bright and radiant as Y/N.

You would do anything for her. Even now. Even though she belongs to someone else you would go to the ends of the earth to make her happy. 

“Are you alright?” You heard Phil whisper worriedly next to you.

“Yeah,” you answered, shutting your eyes tightly before turning to give him a smirk, “why wouldn’t I be? Look at how happy she is with him.”


“If I’m not married by…60…I’m marrying you.” She laughed, peering up at you from your lap.

“60? Seriously?”



“You made us walk like a hundred miles to look at the sky?”

“You’re the one you said you wanted to go stargazing.”

“That was when it was six in the evening, not three in the fucking morning, Dan. I’m pretty sure we passed like two drug deals.”

“It looks nicer this way!”


“It’s raining! Look! Damnit Dan, look!”

“Ow! Don’t hit me!”


“Yes, Y/N, it’s raining. You’ve been yelling that for the past five minutes.”


You would have made her so happy.