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JK - Treat You Better

Based on this video right here!

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Jungkook x Reader 

Angst (Kinda), Fluff, Idek, Im trying TT.TT

Word count : 1831 (I kept typing)

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I bite the inside of my cheek, looking away in anger.
This was the 9th time this month. This month!
Clenching my teeth, I felt like laughing at myself. This was what happened every single time.

Every single time, I would see him with someone else. Every single time we would fight, and I would break things up. Only for him to come back. The worst part was, he never bothered to apologize, never.

Complaining isn’t doing any good though, as I always let him.
I wanted an apology, but then he would start talking about the times he had insistently gone after me, every time I had left.
Or distracting me, by bringing someone or something else up.

It worked every time. Not because I didn’t know, or I was blind. No, it was because- because somewhere within me, I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t have the courage to.
I couldn’t.

Every time, I got mad, in the aftermath I would sit and think of the times he had helped me.

Thinking, ‘His behavior now, doesn’t change what he has done for me. Doesn’t change how long we’ve been together.’

And truly it didn’t, it didn’t change. But… I was lost. He knew me best, at the same he didn’t know me at all.
Sometimes it felt like he only what I had told him, not who I was.
He had never bothered to see me for myself.

It wasn’t like I was the only one getting jealous, Infact, could you call this jealousy?

He was cheating on me. I don’t even know if this is jealousy. He didn’t even let me talk to guys, he wouldn’t instantly interrupt and start a fight.

I don’t even know how he managed that.
I knew he cared for me, he would be the first one running when I fell, and whenever we fought he would tell our friends to look out for me, “She gets hurt, not me.”

At the same time… It bothered me, why was it me getting hurt? Why was it only me? Why did it never affect him?
It’s weird right? That I’m worried this time, when he has clearly cheated on me many times before?
It was because.. This time, and the last, and many times before this, it was the same girl.
Before, it had always been different girls, girls he never knew, girls he would leave and come back.

But this was different. I knew she liked him, and I knew he had liked her too.
They had been classmates in school, he had introduced me to her long ago, when she had decided to hate me. I didn’t hate, at least then. Now I certainly was starting to.

He had liked her, I knew he had, but then.. At that time, he had chosen me. It wasn’t me who had confessed, he had been my best friend. My confidant. But he wanted more, he told me that I was the one he wanted, and no matter who else attracted him, for that matter many people did, I would always be the one he returned to. That he couldn’t live without me.

Every time, before, when we fought and I had left, I’d always come back soon. But now, seeing them from outside the cafe laughing so happily - seeing how he gave her all his attention, he hasn’t done that to me for so long.
Somehow it all came crashing down harder than before.

I stepped forward to open the door of the cafe, but stop short.
I hesitated. Things had changed.. He had-he had started focusing on one girl. What he hasn’t even done for me, he was doing for her.

I turn away, and slowly walk down the street, without any destination in mind.
It was weird. Just few moments ago anger had been coursing through my head. But now, it was like I didn’t have the strength to be angry anymore.
Looking to my left, I see a park, wanting to sit down I start to walk across the road when a car honks at me. Turning me head I see a dark colored car, and a man in the drivers seat, his expression clearly very shocked.

Before I could take in anything else someone jerked me back hard. We both fell onto the road and the person who had pulled me back was panting heavily. Almost as if he had been running.

I get up, or rather, begin to get up but he pulls my hand.

“Are you crazy?! Did you not see the traffic sing?! Screw that. Did you not see the car?!”

I looked around at him annoyed, and was about to say something back when I realized- I knew him.
No more like, I recognized him from somewhere.

Jungkook? I had only seen him in videos, photos and stuff. As any other fan would have.

But no one else seemed to recognize him.

Well he could be a look alike.

“Why did you have to come be a hero anyway?”
I glared at him.
“What did you want to die or something?”
He glares back.
I felt a small smile tugging at the corners of my mouth but resisted the urge to do it. Seeing Jungkook glaring although was certainly amusing.

“Well not die.. But nothing like being injured to get attention back..”

But I knew that was nowhere near the truth. Honestly, I had just been spacing out. Literally who would die for a cheating bastard. Not me at least.

But nonetheless he seemed to buy it and thought that I was really sad. Depressed enough to think that.
And a little crazy too of course.

He took a moment to think before getting up and pulling me to the park.
We were starting to garner attention and this was the best possible timing. It wasn’t because of him though, rather any two people fallen on top of each other in the middle of the road… Well they would get attention now right?

He made me sit on a bench before promising to be right back and disappearing.

Looking around at the happy atmosphere around me, the full blast of why I had been dazed before returned.
Seeing happy couples made me think of my own boyfriend. But really, could I even call him that?
I put my head in my hands and just closed my eyes.

Few minutes later, I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder.
I looked up my eyes still adjusting to the sudden light. It was Jungkook, and he was holding ice cream.

“Uh.. I read somewhere that ice cream when girls are sad is good.”
A sudden bout of laughter started as I took the ice cream from him.
“What makes you think I’m sad?”

He looks at me and then slowly sits down next to me.

“Well happy people wouldn’t jump in front of a car right?”
But rather than questioning me, it seemed as though he was actually unsure, unsure what I could say to turn that against him he simply had made it a question.

“Well, if you’re too happy, maybe? More than that aren’t you worried that people will recognize you?”
He froze at that.

I gave him a sidelong glance seeing his eyes wide with surprise.

“What? Did you think I didn’t recognize you?”

Seeing him panic though, made me soften. I was an army. No matter how much of an attitude I had, I always had a soft spot for these seven. And even out of them, though I tried not to I always had an even softer spot for Jungkook.

“Yah, calm down, I’m not going to jump and start announcing it, or black mail you, or do anything for that matter. I have enough going on anyways.”

It looked like he took my words for face value and relaxed immediately.

“…I’m surprised you recognized me.”
He said after minutes of silence went by.
“What do you mean?”
I looked at him curious.

“Wouldn’t you generally recognize an idol walking on the street? Even if you are not in Korea?”
“I don’t think people would generally recognize me with the sunglasses and the mask I have on.”
Looking at him now I realized he was right. I looked away, a bit embarrassed.
He gave me a cheeky smile.

“Would you happen to be a fan…?”
I cleared my throat.

“No-Nothing of that sort! It’s because of work.”

That seemed to distract him enough. His eyes shining with curiosity, although they always seemed to shine, he asked, “Work?”
“Mhmm, I’m a director of sorts I guess. Music videos, TV serials, dramas, movies, anything with a story honestly.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“In fact, my next project is with you.”
“Ahh I see…”

“Wait what?”
I chuckle, “Yeah, my next project is with BIGHIT specifically with BTS.”
“So you’ll be working with the music videos for the next comeback?”

“That and, many things. I got contracted basically. Generally I freelance but I decided to make an exception. In simple words, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of me.”
He smiled. That smile which seemed so very cute, and a smile I had fangirled over many times. I looked away to hide my slightly blushing face.
“So… Why are you here Jungkook? Shouldn’t you be at the hotel? It’s nearly time for the meeting.”
“Yeah I know but it’s close anyway so I’ll reach- wait. How do you even know about the meeting?!”
“I’m psychic.”
His jaw dropped open.
“No way!”
I burst out laughing.
So cute.

“Who do you think they were going to introduce you to in this meeting?
It was supposed to much later and in Korea but since I was here anyway, and so were you guys, I requested to start work earlier.”

‘Well that and I need distraction from killing my boyfriend at the moment.’

The thought made me frown, turning my thoughts bitter again.
Jungkook looked at me carefully, he seemed to have observed the change in my mood.

Taking my hand he got my up and pulled me along with him.
“You don’t know the way to the hotel do you? Let’s go together.”
We talked as we walked to the hotel, and he told me about the concert experience here in Singapore till now.

On reaching the hotel I told him I wanted to go to my room to get my laptop before heading to meet the others.
His expression was fabulous.
I seriously couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were staying here?!”
Between gasps of laughter I told him that he had never asked. His priceless expressions were the best.

Still laughing I sling my arm around his annoyingly high shoulders. Or atleast that was what I was going to do but I ended up half hugging him because of him being ridiculously tall.
He blushed. I smirked, I see the blushy part of him was still alive and kicking.


Hehe xD Well, I hope this goes good! 

I’m continuing this of course, this is just part 1! I also have some FFs which I’ve written but never posted, but thats way too further in the future. 

For now I hope you like this! 

It is in first person, and rather than using ‘you’ I’ve used ‘I’. 

If there are any mistakes, please tell me! I’ll correct them asap. 

Oh em gee folks. FNAF talk. Just a little one.

Okay. Lets talk about the new FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Teaser.

Yeah. This one. So lets do the standard brightening.

So lets go from here. Lets start with whats at the bottom.

Okay, so some people are saying it says “PROPERTY OF FREDDY FAZBEAR”

So lets recreate it.

Well that looks off. How about?…

Oh.. Well that dam near fits perfect. Okay so that can near-confirm that the 4th one will take place in the original diner. Lets move on to the hat and tie.

Is it Bonnie’s? Well I don’t think so. He has always sported a burgundy-red bowtie, and It’s doubtful the hat is his, because his ears would be in the way.

Is it purple guy? Wellllllllllllll thats open to debate. I personally don’t believe it to be him, because these appear to be more costume pieces, intended for the animatronics. I would also like to point out the material of the costumes looks like a velvet, which is what the animatronics would wear.

But then I had a thought. What else have we seen that purple?…

Strange Freddy from the first game… Wait whaaaaat????

Although its nowhere near the same shade as the regular hat, it is interesting to think about.. The hat and bow-tie (both of which are part of Freddy’s accessories) are laid out much like the the freddy is in the photo, on the tile floor. Scott has always been very particular with his wording, design, and color choices, so maybe it isn’t as far fetched as you might think. He may have possibly planned this out from the beginning.

And with that I have one more thing to discuss.

This. What is that? A reflection? They look like.. Teeth. But who’s Teeth?

Well now. Maybe we ARE getting somewhere. Those teeth sure do look similar.. I don’t know about you, but this new teaser has ruffled my feathers. 

I’m excited to see more, and if you guys enjoyed my review of this, let me know! If you didn’t, let me know what kind of content you would like to see!



We now know who the purple hat belongs to. Its… {LINK}