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Marjorie Liu, who wrote Johnny briefly during his appearance in Daken: Dark Wolverine #4, confirmed on twitter very recently that Johnny and Daken had a sexual relationship. 

Johnny’s bi/pansexuality is canon now, although, probably because of the Fantastic Four’s current lack of popularity, not one sound was made about it in the media or in the Marvel fandom.

It’s not as if there’s nothing in canon itself to back up Liu’s statement. In 2005′s Spectacular Spider-Man #21, Johnny openly admits to having slept with at least one nonbinary alien: 

In Fantastic Four #563, we even find out that there’s an alternate universe version of Johnny – in which he’s the older of the Storm siblings – where he is the one who is married to Reed Richards, not Sue:

In The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics, comics scholar Ramzi Fawaz traces Johnny’s history as a queer figure all the way back to his initial appearance Fantastic Four #1, so Johnny is not only currently queer, he has always implicitly been written that way.

Sometimes the hints were subtle, like in his Fantastic Four #309 trip to Fire Island, which was, at the time it was published, a notorious gay vacation spot.

And sometimes the hints were more overt:

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the fact that Johnny Storm, part of Marvel’s First Family and one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, the team that is responsible for making the Marvel universe what it is today and which was once Marvel’s most popular and influential property, is officially bi/pan IS A BIG DEAL. 


And that’s a wrap!

So what started as a pick-me-up for myself ended up becoming this awesome Tumblr wide kitten drawing event. Over the last three days I was just shy of re-blogging 100 different types of cat artwork. All of it in the name of spreading some positive feelings to anyone that might need it during this moment of tension. That is such an amazing thing. Thank you so very much to anyone that was kind enough to participate and patient enough to sift through the waves of cat drawings. You’re all fantastic. 

Although Kitten Day is over, please continue to create and share art. You never know when something you make might brighten someone’s day or even just your own. Thank you again everyone and good luck. 

❤  H

- If I missed your drawing don’t fret! Any drawings that might have slipped through my fingers I’d still love to share on my submissions blog here. :)

You know what the greatest tragedy is in the whole world?

It’s all the people who never find out what it is they really want to do or what it is they’re really good at. It’s all the sons who become blacksmiths because their fathers were blacksmiths. It’s all the people who could be really fantastic flute players who grow old and die without ever seeing a musical instrument, so they become bad ploughmen instead. It’s all the people with talents who never even find out. Maybe they are never even born  in a time when it’s even possible to find out.

It’s all the people who never get to know what it is they can really be. It’s all the wasted chances

—  Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures
A Concept...
  • Ritsu and Reigen bonding over their shared pain from watching Teruki try to
  • flirt with Mob. It gets to the point where they Start Narrating it like it's a sports event.
  • Reigen: And here comes Hanazawa! Again. He gets closer and closer. Could it be? Could he be really trying to make a move?! Mob is smiling, ladies and gentlemen! This could be The Night! But, OH, NO! Hanazawa backed up yet again! *Sigh* seems he's not still in full shape after all...
  • Maybe next time. Stay tunned”
  • “OH! Wait! Hanazawa is still persistent!
  • He just clearly tossed his pen!
  • A classic albeit desperate move!”
  • “Ritsu: Turn your bets on someone else.”
  • Reigen: And intercepted by by Psychic powers.
  • Although that was a fantastic catch by Kageyama.”
  • “But Hanazawa doesn't give up! He's just offered his jacket! Good call and a clear demonstration of quick thinking as no one expected the whether to get this chilly. Let's just hope Kageyama gets a hint this time!”
  • Reigen: "By the look on Kageyama’sface, Hanazawa Missed again.
  • That makes Strike three.
  • He's Out.
  • Ritsu, he had everything going for him. The study date in the park, the snacks, the chilly yet starry night...
  • What do you think happened?"
  • Ritsu: Well you see, My brother is really oblivious."
  • (Thanks to the lovely @azeher for humoring me and playing along. They pretty much did all the funny parts.)

All the fantastic Awakening news!

Although it’s Signed King Chrom that really matters ♥. But look at Tiki. And look at that combo art. That might be the first Lucina Cipher art that I like.

Also a ??? person? Looks a bit like Morgan (canon Morgan haircolor). But look at the skirt. It looks kinda Validarish. … Could it be Robin’s mother??? (Now THAT would be epic…) But it’s probably a guy, considering their chest.

phantom pains

title: phantom pains
relationships: cassandra & the de rolo family
warnings: none
words: 1.2k
summary: castle whitestone is haunted by ghosts, although not in the way that the servants think.
notes: good ol’ cassandra angst.

There are ghosts in Castle Whitestone.

They drift between the shadows of the empty corridors, their forms lingering just out of focus at the corner of one’s vision. There have been stories for a long time now - whispered accounts passed from servant to servant, the tales told by the odd bard or storyteller who passes through - of the figures that supposedly appear in the castle, although the stories range from fantastical scaremongering as a performance for a few coins to the frightened paranoia of a maid cleaning out a dusty room by herself.

Cassandra knows better than to place any stock in their words, but she also knows that, in a way, they aren’t completely false.



-yes matt damon was the lead in the movie
-yes he had more screen time than anyone else
-yes i would have liked to see a more dignified asian lead (although tian jing was fucking fantastic)

but srsly………the movie was REALLY good. it was a movie based on legend. it was from the point of view of english and spanish mercenaries, not the point of view of the chinese. it was explaining the change of character from a greedy soldier who only wanted to get the gunpowder and go back home to live in spoils to a humbled warrior who learned what it was to trust and fight for something important. THAT WAS THE STORY.

i would have loved to see a more chinese side of things rather than the ‘white hero’ but that was the way the story was written. the director was CHINESE. the cast was 99% CHINESE. matt damon didn’t do anything wrong by playing the role he was given, and he even played that role really well considering the amount of pressure he was put under. he has spoken out about the rest of the cast (tian jing, luhan, etc.) and given high regards to their talent. he wasn’t trying to diminish the impact of chinese culture on the film, nor was he trying to insert himself in chinese culture.

quit giving matt damon shit. he did really well. how about we focus on the careers that his name is effecting. so many chinese actors, directors, etc. are getting a foothold in hollywood now just because there was a popular white actor cast as a lead. this isn’t a bad thing.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE………we got some pretty damn amazing things out of this movie

-tian jing was badass
-she was the commander of a fleet of kickass chinese women
-the general chose HER to take his spot
-there were actually only a total of like 7 ppl in the cast who weren’t chinese and only 3 of them were important characters (1 WASN’T EVEN WHITE)
-luhan played such an amazing and progressive character who died bravely
-plus he looked so good
-the storyline was completely believable with the mercenaries and the hunt for gunpowder, like the writer made sure to carry it throughout the whole story
there wasn’t a single romantic plotline thrown into the movie
-i was honestly laughing throughout the entire film

Usually I’m like “Oh I don’t read much sci fi. It’s not really my thing.” AND THEN I LOOO AT THIS PILE OF GLORIOUS BOOKS AND REALISE I LIE. Because these are freakishly fantastic. (Although I forgot to put Illuminae in this photo and now I’m sad.)

1) I just read #TheDiabolic and my review will be on my blog tonight! Least to say: totally epic.
2) #RedRising: only one of my favourite books OF ALL TIME. Omg it is so bloody and stabtastic and epic and afjsklajdh.
3) #TheStarboundChronicles: Which are sassy AND spacey and the covers slay me.
4) #TheGhostsOfHeaven: okay this was a bucketful of weird…but yet beautifully done?!! 

newt scamander in fantastic beasts and where to find them: “There can be no doubt that the overwhelming majority of present-day Muggles refuse to believe in the magical beasts their ancestors so feared.”


My Castiel tribute this Halloween ❤️

First Picture: Castiel being lit by a LED light. I like the brightness and clarity, but I don’t like that his wings look more like bunny ears here.
Second Picture: Castiel being lit by a jar candle. I like the definition in the wings, but I don’t like the line that runs through them.
Third Picture: Castiel being lit by tea lights. Although it’s not a fantastic picture, this is probably my favorite. I really like the soft glow in this one.
Fourth Picture: Cas in the daylight!
Fifth Picture: Castiel’s wings on the back.

Inspired by Luigi’s Mansion Pumpkin Projection.

the reason why i don’t watch competition tv shows is because i will always be let down by the general public vote