although im not quite sure

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ewen!! i was thinking ab learning mando using the routledge mandarion course with traditional characters but it's kinda £££ u kno but ofc theres loads of mando resources but im more of a school style learner?? what do you think i should do? also do u have any mandarin youtubers that have colloquial mando and that (also i rlly like Miras garden for canto she lives in south korea btw)

hello!!! eeee $$$$ sounds scary, although im sure the routledge ones are quite good (i’ve never used them myself so i can’t say much about them). you might want to look through these resources first, compiled by @thelibraryofcontext. i’ve seen at least two different universities use the “new practical chinese reader” which can be found in that folder i linked you to. i’ve flipped through it before and it seemed quite promising. it’s also quite textbook-y since it’s meant for chinese courses, so that might be helpful for you! MAJOR DOWNSIDE: it’s in simplified. you can also look through the other pdfs in that folder, maybe you’ll find something that works for you

(also lowkey i screamed a lil when you mentioned miras garden !!! ling cheng is also a hk youtuber in south korea, you should check her out too)

i don’t watch thatttt much mandarin stuff on youtube, but the ones i do watch are usually taiwanese, i hope you don’t mind! 

if you want some canto youtubers i might be able to share some of the ones i usually watch, just shoot me a message :) 

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Just to let you know, I have severe misophonia and couldn't watch your video as the noise of you gulping your drink severley distresses me, if you could take this into account this would be great

i mean this is the first time that thats happened in my video(s) and its a ‘coffee with’ series (which suggests i will be drinking) and you could have muted the few seconds in which im drinking? I experience similar issues often when watching other videos and always mute until it looks like the sound is over + then continue watching

but im sorry to have caused you distress as that obviously wasnt my intention at all + will bear that in mind for the future. although im not quite sure what to do as a ‘coffee with’ video in which im not drinking coffee (or anything) might be odd