although if it gives him more air time this season then i'm all for it

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i'm sorry if this comes across wanky but i thought the alpha vampire was a bit under used? it's pretty unclear who the season antagonist is even this far into the season, and idk, i thought he could have been interesting. that there could have been more suspense build or something. i mean he did just wipe out all but 2 of the bmol in the US, but then he died. and that was that?

Hey, no worries, I don’t read that as wanky at all. Criticism based on factual stuff is always more than welcome, otherwise what’s the point?

It’s interesting what you say about the season’s antagonist. It’s true that we don’t have a real SuperMegaVillain this season - Lucifer wanted to do his own thing and now he’s locked up, that demon fetus is not threatening anyone (yet), Mick is sort of a good guy, Toni was featured so prominently then disappeared (and what’s up with that?), Crowley is being plain adorkable, and Mr Ketch, despite his many faults, could actually be the most interesting addition to the cast we’ve had in a while. So what’s up with that, uh?

My guess is that they finally saw that tumblr post with three million notes about Lucifer’s second cousin, Bruce, who’s got inimaginable powers and a violent thirst for destruction (you know the one) and realized they had to change something, or this show would have become a parody of itself. We’ve seen God, after all - how much bigger can you get? Also, personally, what first got me hooked to Supernatural weren’t the monsters, exactly, but the well-rounded characters and the shades of grey. I remember having intense debates (with myself, because I wasn’t in the fandom back then) about Sam choosing to work with Ruby, and I don’t feel like we’ve witnessed a lot of stuff like that since then - in fact, I kind of miss it? I mean, normally the choices Sam and Dean agonize over are about their own lives and death - they hardly ever sit around and debate over the nature of good and evil, and even destiny has taken a seat back since they basically defeated God’s whole scheme and Cas destroyed what was left.

No, the impression I have is that they’re going back to that thing, and yay! - the kind of discussion where nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong - so we’re heading towards a time of pain and betrayal and difficult decisions, but nothing on a ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ scale. Just, you know, more basic stuff like, is a racial genocide ever a good idea? Does your nature determine your actions? Is family people you’re born with or people you choose?

In this sense, the Alpha’s death worked out fine for me. His role in this episode was not that of the big baddie. He was there simply to give the vampires a way in - we’ve known for a while that the BMoL are not as strong and well-informed as they pretend to be, but Sam and Dean didn’t know that. All they’ve seen are the shiny weapons, the efficient killing, the sneers, the hacking of government satellites. And the thing is, Sam would never work with the top dog - that’s simply not who he is. So if they wanted him to switch sides, they needed him to see the BMoL are simply people trying their best - and failing. And with all those gadgets, the writers needed to come up with something powerful in order to show the BMoL’s weaknesses. Once upon a time, they would have invented a new villain out of thin air, but this season’s been all about acknowledging the show’s past - hence the return of the Alpha. The fact they needed the Colt to kill him was another elegant touch, because it highlighted Sam’s history with the gun and Mary’s choices about it.

The thing is, Supernatural is about Sam and Dean, which means every other character is used to showcase their actions and the reasons behind them. This is sometimes frustrating, because in the past twelve years they’ve created such a rich and diverse world of heroes and villains - personally, I’d happily watch a whole series of unconnected episodes just about them (Charlie’s adventures in Oz, Benny, Crowley’s childhood, how Gabriel became Loki…), because the truth is, Supernatural will never do them justice. Sure, it’ll give them interesting motivations and - if they’re lucky - a dramatic death, but there is so much more about them, right? and that’s both the beauty and the blemish of this show: a universe of people who’re colourful and vibrant and larger than life, and now you blink, and bye, they’re gone.

I guess that’s what fanfiction is for?


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Sports rivals sterek? I'm thinking basketball, inspired by Hoech at the Hollywoods Knights bball game? Please & thank-you X

“I hate him.”

“I know. I heard you the first thirty times you said that.”

“No but Scott, I really, really hate him. Hate isn’t even the right word. I despise him.”

Scott scoffed and stood back up straight after tying his shoelaces. “Sure you do.”

“I mean, just look at him!” Stiles flung an arm out, hand pointing toward the other end of the court. Toward the other team where player number 31 - HALE in capital and bold letters above the number - was stretching, his shirt riding up slightly. And Stiles scoffed before he crossed his arms again. “Fucking ridiculous, dude. Who even does that?”

Scott blinked, then turned a confused look at his friend. “Stretch before a game? Pretty much everyone does that.”

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Listen up “Snowbarry”, I don't usually try to spur hate or anything but

Snowbarry shippers as so delusional and crazy… I can’t fathom their logic. They swear that Westallen is being built to just fall apart so then Caitlin can come and be there for Barry…????

First of all, how much do you really love Caitlin if you want her to get with Barry as his second choice? Like really, that’s how much you support her? That’s the BEST you want for her? Okay… So you’re telling me you want Caitlin to be second best to a guy AFTER she’s lost her HUSBAND and was horrifically lied to by a PSYCHOPATH? I don’t know about you, but I feel bad for the poor girl and she deserves someone good, that will treat her right, she deserves it. (Truly, I choose Cisco).

Secondly, CAITLIN AND BARRY ARE FRIENDS. Honestly people, you guys want more “justice” for a female character in the most peculiar way. You want Caitlin to be more of a focal point yet you’re trying to downgrade her from an intelligent scientist to a girl that pines after a guy in love with someone else and a guy that has so much HISTORY with someone else that that other person will always be present in his relationship??? Why can’t Barry and Caitlin be friends? Well, they are friends, good friends actually, you guys just reach so fucking far in their scenes to make them something they are not. I can’t believe some of you freak out at Barry smiling at Caitlin for a literal millisecond… I don’t even want those scraps for Caitlin.

Brings me to my THIRD point. Barry and Iris are canon, it’s just how “life” (in the flash-verse") is. They can’t be friends, because that’s not how they were created all those years ago in the comics. Iris was created for Barry to ground him, support him, advise him, and be there for him in a way no one else can. She’s his LIGHTING ROD, which is a comic book reference/idea, where the Flash needs someone to keep him at bay, be what doesn’t let him get out of control with his powers and/or in the speed force (see 2x21 and 3x01 on the show for reference); Iris is Barry’s just like Linda is Wally’s. Aside from that support, they were written to be in love, to have a love that transcends time, a love that will make each other’s bad days a good day. There’s so much I could write about their love and the concept of them that it’s not even funny nor due I have the patience to break it down for you guys in a way you could properly comprehend.

I honestly didn’t ship Barry and Iris from the beginning of the show. It was a slow progression for me. I know there were people already obsessing with that relationship before it even aired (just like SBs shipped B&C because of a urinal sample cup???? You guys are so blatant, it’s almost comical at how indiscreet you guys are being when you think you’re being so clever). Anyways, I went into the show liking the comic book canon and not really feeling Barry and Iris. But since I actually PAY ATTENTION to the show and the symbolism that is being displayed in EVERY episode they shoot, I came to grow love for them. There’s no way you can’t if you’re actually deciphering the source material like it is being presented to you. It’s not about comic book canon, although they are, but it’s about what they’ve built on the show.

Lastly, don’t tell me for an IOTA of a second that Danielle’s acting is good. I don’t go about trashing how she acts actively, but I consider her acting extremely subpar to everyone else’s on the show… the only time her acting was acceptable and genuine was when she cried to Cisco about Ronnie in Season 1… outside from the SB’s, the general audience agrees with that too… I saw some people talking about Candice’s acting and are you kidding me? Her acting is phenomenal and it’s gotten there, not that she’s been amazing since the beginning (although to me she’s always had strong acting skills, also like Kevin Smith said now that they’re giving her more to do, she really shines). Everyone praises her acting, she got her role BECAUSE of her chemistry with Grant; and one of the most notable concepts discussed in the recent articles is that she was one of the highlights of the Season 3 premiere, this being with her chemistry with Grant and respectively as her own character.

Honestly, if you guys would open up your minds to reality and read and document yourselves, you’d see that the delusion you guys have created in your head is based upon no concrete or logical evidence. It’s really a travesty.

P.S.I’m not trying to convert anyone or bash on anyone. If you like Snowbarry that’s fine, but know that your ship is fallacious as fuck.

So, Legacy...

So…that was something. Not gonna lie, i liked it more than i thought i would. I had really low expectations for this episode, like gmny kind of low. Like, i knew it was gonna be ugly and at some extent it kinda was but i actually expected it to be uglier. I still felt like the episode was a little all over the place but that’s probably because they just have 22 minutes.

But anyway, the Lucaya was precious and the looks were so important, soooo important. That first bay window scene killed me, i was dying on the floor laughing. The part when Lucas went “The season of Loveeee” was the stupidest and funniest thing tho.

“Oh, i’ll get to it” The look Maya gave him, this Lucaya makes me very happy. Lowkey marry couple. What i love about these two is the fact that somehow they manage to remind me why i love them, every episode.

”‘You both mean the world to me and i would never do anything to hurt neither one of you”

I’ve seen quite a few people hating on Lucas and granted, he stresses me out sometimes but this guy is very good one, an amazing one even. He’s genuinely confused and cares for both girls so much. Which btw, this episode better kill the whole ‘Lucas doesn’t care about Maya/Riley’ nonsense. His feelings for both are different. Yes. But he cares for both of them, so please let this stupidity die.

One thing i will point out is Farkle’s somewhat absence. I felt like he was here and there but idk he just seemed to be so out of the picture. However, i believe that’s a good thing. Because, let’s remember “it’s not a triangle” and there’s someone who’s being taken for granted but still always there. Although that conversation he had with the science teacher (Mr. Norton i believe, can’t remember right now) is quite important. But hey, season 3 right?…..

The classroom scenes were too much, Maya laying in the desk, Lucas backwards, Riley pulling a sneak attack/Eric. And the jealously scene had me dying. I see some people being mad about it and i don’t really get why. It was hilarious and Maya’s face was both sad and adorable.

“You smelled her hair?” Bless Maya, that was precious and Lucas face tho, he was so scared, i loved it.

Props to Rowan on that “HEY”, i died laughing.

“Oh, a girl always wants to be looked at to be even up” *sarcasm*
Correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t Riley say something like “Now look at me the same way and amount” to Lucas in GMHS? Cs if she does, interesting contrast. Maya is done with the 'even’ thing.

Although, fun fact: If Lucas was trying to even out the looks….well he had a big problem there, like huge. Lucas doesn’t control his eyes when it comes to Maya, he freaking had to turn his desk around cs goner boy can’t keep his eyes off the back of Maya’s head and he knows it, he just can’t and it shows on this episode, so yeah. Just look at that first classroom scene and Lucas reaction to Maya being her adorable self, he even leans in the desk to have a better look at her and just smiling like an idiot. But oh well.

Maya: “I thought we stopped”

Riley: “I thought we were just friends”

I found interesting the choice of words for each girl. And it looks like the “I choose to stop” and the “stop” overall, parallels the “Can we just stop?. I just want everything to stop” from Texas.

“I thought we were just friends”
*looks at Maya*
“We’re not”

That was very significant, i would pay to see the script for this episode, because i really would love to see the direction that Peyton was given. I believe Lucas came to the conclusion that him and Maya weren’t just friends a while ago, but we can argue on that one all day. But at latest he figured that one out in that Campfire. But the fact that he looks at her to come to the -for the lack of a better word- conclusion that they’re not friends, is interesting. The whole thing reminded me to the “We can still be friends, not really” from Maya on the pilot.

“I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now”
Every bit of this dialogue was Lucas looking at Maya and then her reaction to it. Very important, like highkey important.

That classroom scene in particular was very interesting and Cory’s lesson as well. Also, there was this moment where Lucas goes “I have an idea” and Maya says something like “What’s our plan?” (Not sure on the last one, it might of been 'prank’ idk) and Lucaya just shared this cute little moment, that i thought was so couple-ish. I’ll try to gif it, although i’m not the best at that so if anyone wants to step in, please do.

Worth mention tho, i need more Zay in my life, i think we all do. I wanna see more of his friendship with Lucas and i do wanna see them talking about the girls.

It was kinda obvious that Cory was gonna be their teacher in high school too but i actually loved how they did it, pulling the prank. “We stole you”, that was just adorable and Cory’s face, i think i shed a tear.

And on a side note, i cannot wait to meet Lucas parents, it’s just so unbelievable to me that they wouldn’t be on his son graduation from middle school, same with Zay’s but we know pretty much zero of Lucas life outside of Riley’s POV, so hopefully we’ll get some inside in season 3, once she lets go of the idea of him.

That last Bay Window scene tho.

“Any change?”
Riley: “I’ve felt the same way about you ever since i fell (or was it 'bump’) into your lap on the subway”

The first thing i said when she said this was “pushed”. I corrected Riley on the “fell” part so fast. Did she genuinely forgot Maya’s involvement? Also, it’s been what? 2 years maybe? Since that event took place and her feelings haven’t evolved from “I love it”?? That is very interesting.

Maya: “Well, there was this Campfire thing, ya know?. YOU AND ME. It was a far away place. There was a billion stars in the sky. What do you think?

Okay, after having a lowkey sobbing session from Maya painting a picture for us about the campfire, i was blown away by the contrast to Riley’s words. Maya did not gave a timeline, like at all. She mentioned their most passionate moment, the moment where those feelings they were trying to repress, came to life. A beautiful moment that took two seasons to built. Which can completly drag every stupid "She likes him since Texas” comment. This doesn’t say that Maya didn’t like Lucas before Texas because, people please. Maya’s feelings evolved, that’s the huge difference here.

I loved this for so many reasons, Maya being playful, pretending she’s thinking twice about it, checking Lucas lips/eyes (*Riley’s voice* LOVEEEE ITTT) And Lucas smiling at her like the goner he is, not taking her eyes off her and once she confirms it, that gulp tho, you’ll saw that gulp? Because i saw it and again LOVEEEE ITTT.

“You still like…”

I mean, the guy won’t even let her finish the sentence, precious cinnamon roll. Once again, verbal confirmation of the obvious from Lucas. He delivers that “yeah” to Maya directly, so please stop with the “He doesn’t like Maya, because he hasn’t said so” You wanted words, there you go. Good thing, his actions showed that a long time ago and keep doing so.

How long do we have to wait for season 3 again? It’s time to watch season 2 in production order, because:
- The way they aired the episodes was a freaking mess (they better aired season 3 in order or i swear i’m gonna lose it)
- The Lucaya build up. Actually i’m gonna have to rewatch both seasons because that built up in season 1, tho more subtle, is equally important.

The Lucaya angst is gonna get real, that’s for sure but i’ll be here waiting for my babies to finally be able to be together and in love. Cue to Riarkle agnst. When Riley realizes her feelings for Canada (Farkle) is going to get real angst real quick and i’m so here for it.

I have hope for this writers, i had it since season 1 and i still do, they have let me down here and there *cough* SHAWNGELA* cough* but they have seriously made me fall in love with this show and their characters, so hoping season 3 will get better. And by better i mean 'end this awful love triangle -not really- once and for all’. Oh and while you’re at it give me Lucaya and Riarkle, thanks.

So, this got long, but if you’ll wanna talk about Lucaya and Riarkle or just Legacy, please message me, I love me some otp chats. Also Zaley, I lowkey ship them, so them too.