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Canon NaruHina moments

So… I was just scrolling through the anti sasusaku tag when I - surprisingly - found quite a few anti naruhina/pro narusaku posts there as well, all saying something like “there are no canon NaruHina moments”. That confused me … a lot. Like… seriously? Did we even read the same manga? If you ship Narusaku, that’s fine, but please don’t “bend” the content of the manga in favor of your ship… Personally, I don’t ship Narusaku and I would be incredibly disappointed if this wonderful guy ended up with her… but I am fine with anyone who ships it, at least it makes some sense as opposed to Sasusaku. Anyway, I’m just gonna post the most important and beautiful canon NaruHina moments here.

Naruto has Hinata’s blood on his hands and vows to defeat Neji. For Hinata. This moment gave me the chills…

This is really special, too. Naruto is depressed and doubts himself and who is the only one he confides in? Hinata. Not only that, she even manages to lift him up again. :)

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ALL OF THE EMOJIS! (what would your muse say about my muse doing *insert emoji*) ALL OF THE REACTIONS!!


📖 for what my muse would write about yours in their diary. 

“David’s been acting strange lately. Or maybe I’m just viewing him differently. This whole niceness thing is certainly a new experience, but there’s something else there, aside from being nice. I want to hurt him, but not in a bad way. Although I fear I may end up doing something I regret.” 

📷 for what my muse would say to the paparazzi about yours.

“Listen, David is the sweetest person on this earth, and if anything happened to him, I would kill every living person, including myself. And for any fangirls listening, if you touch him, I will-” { Lmao cut off }

💋 for what my muse would say to the person trying to woo your muse.

“Listen, if you break his heart, I will murder you. I’ve been in jail before, and I will gladly take it up again if you hurt him.” 

💌 for a letter my muse would write to yours.

Dear Dear To Danie DAVID, 

I want to apologies for my behavior before. I know I shouldn’t be writing, but I really can’t trust myself around anyone right now. It’s not your fault, or the children’s, I just… need some time alone. I hope you understand. 


📫 for a letter my muse would write about yours to a third party.

To ____ , 

It’s hard to explain. He’s ridiculously nice, even though I know he’s hiding something. Of course, I know I’m in no place to pry… He seems very clueless about a lot of things going around him, but I doubt that’s the case. Personally, I think he’s just trying to stay happy, though I can’t agree it’s going to work all the time… 

For some reason, however, I find myself wanting to protect that. To help him continue to be happy in the most dire of situations. To make sure he doesn’t give up. Is that selfish? Am I doing it for my sake, or for his? 

- Daniel 

📨 for a text my muse would send to yours.

{Text} Daniel: David. 

{Text} Daniel: …

{Text} Daniel: Which Koolaid do you prefer, grape or lemon? 

💬 for a text my muse would send to yours to a third party.

{Text} Daniel: No, I cannot just tell him through text. It’s ridiculously lazy and has no… passion, whatsoever. 

{Text} Daniel: Maybe I should speak to Preston. He’d know what to do. 

{Text} Daniel: Probably put on a play with a kissing scene in hopes it’ll last longer than expected 

{Text} Daniel: …

{Text} Daniel: That sounds exactly like something he’d do. 

💀 for what my muse would say upon hearing about your muse’s death.

He doesn’t know what to say. He’s shaking. His eyes are lowered to the ground, shrunk, and he’s whispering to himself - “no no no no no” over and over. It can’t be. It just can’t be. For all of the people in the world to… out of everyone… it had to be him. The one who deserved it the least. And with how attached he got, it shatters Daniel’s heart. His stomach churns. His eyes are wide and tears are falling, but he doesn’t blink. Not even when it begins to hurt. Once he finally breaks, no amount of talking can get him to calm down, or even leave his house/cabin. He won’t eat, he won’t sleep. And if he ends up dead? So be it. 

👪 for what my muse would say to your muse’s child about them.

“I would watch out, little one. You won’t be able to get a moment’s peace once he starts on the dad jokes. Or the singing.
“Don’t tell him I said this, but he does have a pretty nice voice.”

👊 for what my muse would say upon hearing yours has been arrested.

There’s no way to explain his reaction. Nonetheless, Daniel rushes over as fast as he can - he needs details, and he needs them now. Aside from why, what and how, there’s also the camp, David’s future… he knows this will have a huge impact on him, so no matter what David did, he’ll be there to support him. 

He just hopes it was an accident. 

{ I hope you don’t mind me skipping the last one. I don’t really know what to put there ._. }