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Canon NaruHina moments

So… I was just scrolling through the anti sasusaku tag when I - surprisingly - found quite a few anti naruhina/pro narusaku posts there as well, all saying something like “there are no canon NaruHina moments”. That confused me … a lot. Like… seriously? Did we even read the same manga? If you ship Narusaku, that’s fine, but please don’t “bend” the content of the manga in favor of your ship… Personally, I don’t ship Narusaku and I would be incredibly disappointed if this wonderful guy ended up with her… but I am fine with anyone who ships it, at least it makes some sense as opposed to Sasusaku. Anyway, I’m just gonna post the most important and beautiful canon NaruHina moments here.

Naruto has Hinata’s blood on his hands and vows to defeat Neji. For Hinata. This moment gave me the chills…

This is really special, too. Naruto is depressed and doubts himself and who is the only one he confides in? Hinata. Not only that, she even manages to lift him up again. :)

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