although i will cry like a baby at this scene

john and sherlock doing zapping, nothing interesting on telly, when they stumble with “the lion king”. The film has already started but they haven’t missed much, because it’s the scene where Mufasa is showing Simba their lands. John remembers having watched this film sometime but he barely holds any memory of it, meanwhile sherlock keeps sulking like a four year old and burying his head against the pillow he has in his arms, muffling sounds of disapproval and asking john to just turn the tv off and go to sleep. but john has none of it and keeps watching the film. he tells sherlock he might like it, but sherlock comes off with a retorical argument of how unoriginal and unproductive this film is. but he watches it anyway, because john has no intention to leave the couch and sherlock isn’t sleepy and although he won’t confess it out loud, he craves for john’s company right now.

they don’t speak for a while then and when Mufasa dies in the film, john’s eyes tear up a little bit. “If i was a kid i bet my kidneys i’d be crying like a baby at this. Sherlock?” John finds sherlock sobbing silently against the pillow, his swollen eyes focused on the tv screen, and when he notices john’s attention on him, he hides his face from embarrassment. “Go away John.”

“Sherlock, is okay to cry. It’s an emotional scene. It is meant to be like that.”

“I don’t cry over kids films.”

“It is not really a kids film, you know.”


“And it’s the feeling everybody has when someone we love leaves this world.”


“I felt like that when i thought i had lost you that time.”


“And i know it’s what you felt when you lost your dog.”

Sherlock’s tears increase. There’s a strangled noise coming out of his throat and then he’s clutching John’s sleeves with anxiety. John shushes him down and opens his arms to welcome him in the warm space they’re providing. “Shhh, it’s okay, Sherlock. Let it all out. It was about time you did that. Let it all out.”

John grabs the tv controller and turns it off. 221B is filled with broken sobs as John’s heart breaks a little bit.


Yasu: There’s one thing a parent has to do for the child no matter what. That’s to make sure the child doesn’t feel lonely. It’s said that loneliness accumulates slowly like falling snow, and freezes the heart solid before you know it. That’s why parents have to be the ocean. Be the ocean and keep on smiling. Because snow doesn’t accumulate on the ocean….. Although I don’t know if I was able to do it or not.

Akira: Dad, you know I… never once thought I was unfortunate. Because like everyone else, I was always warm. So… I think you were my ocean, Dad. Thank you, Otou-san.

That’s my fave scene in Tonbi. I’ve finally finished watching this series and I have to say there’s not one episode that I didn’t cry. Yeah, I’m such a cry baby, lol. Well, you really have a heart of stone if you didn’t at least shed a tear or two. 

There are lots of life lessons in here. There are some light moments but not much. I normally don’t watch dramas but I stuck with this because the storyline was good, the acting was great and also because of Takeru, lol. 

He was amazing in this drama. The range of emotions that he portrayed was flawless. I just wish that they have casted someone else for the female lead. They didn’t have much chemistry on screen. Also, Takeru looks adorable interacting with the kids. So if you want to see Takeru holding a baby, watch this, lol.

Sam has never been hugged when he cries




I mean, that’s why Sam girls always want that “someone gives him a hug”.

Of course he has been hugged, out of relief, normally, or after a physical damage, but he has never been hugged after an emotional damage. The closest thing to that was in Sacrifice, but he was also in great physical pain, and there was a great amount of relief on that hug. (And for me, it doesn’t count when the person who holds you while you’re crying is the same person that made you cry, specially when the hug does not come with a sincere apology)

This is not rare in the show. The only time we see a character being physically consoled by other character is the hug Lisa gives to Dean in Swan Song. 

With cracked voice, Sam says “I’m not ok (with Dad’s death)”. Obtains no hugs. With teary eyes, Sam says “I just want you to be my brother again”. That resulted in no hugs. Teary eyes again, “You left and I had to keep fighting without you”. Hug? He obtained a punch that time. “He (Lucifer) says the same about you”. AND NO ONE HUGS THAT FRIGHTENED LITTLE BIG BOY. Nor Dean nor Bobby. Hunters do not hug other hunters or they become women. Hunters don’t hug other hunters. Dean talks about what happened to him in hell and he also obtains zero hugs (although Jared hugged Jensen after the scene). They’re just not raised like that, I don’t know, BUT IT HURTS.

Sam hasn’t been physically consoled EVER in the show. Not even when he was a baby: we saw him crying because there was a creepy yellow eyed stranger beside his crib, but there was no time for his tears then. Not when he was a child, and he found out monsters were real and his dad lied to him. He just goes to bed in tears, and sdfghjklñlkjhgfdfg I can’t keep writing.

He has never been in an honest relationship either, where the girl knows him completely. Lies are for protection in his world. He could have told Jessica about the life he was forced to live, but he didn’t. He could have talked to Amelia about the circumstances of Dean’s death, but he didn’t. Ruby provided physical relief, not comfort.

I just want Sam to have the opportunity to cry himself out in someone else’s shoulder, that person being alive (he has cried cradling Dean’s dead body, just TOO MANY TIMES) and not an hallucination. His hallucination of Mary did exactly this on that panic room. 

All the fics that I write or request are about this. All of them. I need hugs for Sam more than as much as I need them for me.

also i would just like to say that one of my favorite parts about hulkwidow is that it helps to canonically solidify clintasha and stevenat as brotps

not that either of those ships are inherently bad or wrong (although i’m sorry but how can u still ship clintasha after seeing his wife and kids i mean COME ON) but it’s just that the whole “men and women can’t JUST be friends” thing is soooooooooooo tired like

i’m so glad that nat has not one, but TWO brotps and that they are real and lasting bonds that are valid and amazing without having to be romantic. for crying out loud steve practically wing-manned her with bruce during the party scene and clint legit NAMED HIS FUCKING BABY AFTER HER LIKE EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY OVER “AUNTIE NATASHA” AND NATHANIEL PIETRO BARTON

just ugh yes yes YES i am always ALWAYS here for men and women having strong platonic bonds and genuinely supporting each other without it turning into romance because that is something we do NOOOOOOT see enough of anywhere just YES THANK

anyway her being with either steve or clint feels like something that would be expected of her whereas her being with bruce feels like something that would be her choice