although i think he looks more like harry

Prompt: “That’s irrational.”

When you first heard the album, sitting with Harry in your backyard, Carolina was one of your favorites. It was catchy and it had good lyrics. It didn’t cross your mind that the song was written about someone else. But when Harry went on Nicks radio show and told the story of the song and who it was about, a wave of anger couldn’t help but overcome you. Each and every time you had the album on shuffle, you skipped it faster than you could blink. When it came on the radio you turned it down. If Harry started singing it, you left the room. You came to hate the song. Hearing your love of 3 years sing about how another girl “feels so good” and is “all i think about” didn’t exactly put you in a position to fawn all over the song. This is what you were trying to explain to Harry when he confronted you about your obvious dislike for the song. 

“I know you don’t like Carolina. Why? You liked it when you first heard it, didn’t you? It was one of your favorites actually. What changed?” He asked you, when he stepped out of the shower, sitting next to you on the bed. 

“Nothing changed. I like the song, its good.” you said coldly. 

“Then why do you go out of your way to not listen to it, and when you have to, you cringe down to the last second?” His voice was angry mixed with a bit of sadness. He wasn’t yelling…yet. You knew your opinion mattered a lot to Harry. And although you didn’t like the song, you figured he deserved the truth. 

“Fine Harry. You wanna know why I don’t like the damn song?” you said and he looked at you expectantly. 

“It’s blatantly about another girl. You’re one of the most private people I know. You wouldn’t go out of your way to put the girls name in the song, put it on the album and sing it on national TV if it didn’t mean a lot to you. So excuse me if I don’t want to listen to my boyfriend sing about how another girl is all he thinks about.” you said getting more and more angry with each word that you said. Harry looked at you and didn’t say anything, so you continued. 

“Harry that song makes me look like a fucking joke. And I know its your music and you have the right to write about anything you want to. But every time I look at you, I see you and her. Every time I hear that song, I think of you and her. And if she means that much to you, then why am I here?”

“Babe…you’re over reacting. Its just a song.” Harry said tears welling up in his eyes, and it was then that you realized that you were crying as well. “I can promise you that she doesn’t mean as much to me as you do. Tell me what I can do to fix this. A song isn’t worth loosing you. I swear, she meant something to me a while ago. And she’ll always mean something to me in the way of a friend. But you…I can’t live without you.”

Now you were full on sobbing, “Then why’d you write the song? Its not a sin for me to be upset about the song. And it’s not even the fact that you wrote the song, it’s the fact that you took the time to expose the girl and make it very clear that it was about her.”

“So you don’t want me to write about other girls and life experiences? That’s irrational. I’m always going to write songs about my life experiences. If you cant handle that, when we can end this.” he said angrily. He immediately regretted saying it when you got up and stormed out of the room. 

“I don’t know what to do Gem. She won’t talk to me, she won’t look at me, she won’t let me touch her. I don’t sleep in the same bed as her anymore, she sleeps in the guest house. Not even in the guest room, the guest house. I feel like I’m losing her, and that can’t happen.” he said on the verge of tears as he spoke to his sister on the phone. 

“How long has this been going on?” she asked him carefully. 

He let out a long sigh, “about 4 days.”

“Honestly, she probably shut down because she feels like you haven’t acknowledged the fact that she’s hurt. Weather you feel like you did something wrong or not, she needs to know that you know and care that she’s hurting. If you haven’t made an effort to apologize to her, she won’t know that. Especially if you aren’t talking. And Harry, you have to admit, if the roles were reversed, you’d be pretty angry, too. I think you both need to talk because it sounds like to me, this argument is a two way street.”

He made his way down the small pathway to the guest house where you’ve been staying for the greater part of a week. You didn’t want to see him, hear his voice, speak to him or anything else. You knew you were overreacting just a little bit, but in your mind, you still had the right to be upset. He rang the doorbell and you automatically knew who it was. It was the first time he had been over since you left the main house. 

“Love, baby, princess…let me in. Please?” and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t ignore, even if you wanted to. You made your way over to the door, and before you could even get it all the way open, Harry pushed himself inside and wrapped his arms around you. You tensed up at first, but then relaxed into this chest, realizing you missed him. You stood there, in the doorway hugging for a long time, the first connection you’ve had with him in days. 

“Let’s talk, yeah?” he asked you sweetly, kissing your nose. You nodded and lead him over to the kitchen table. You sat, not saying anything to each other before he said,

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. When I wrote that song, I wasn’t thinking. I met Townes-”

“Don’t say her name.”

“I met her a few years back. It was just before I met you. We had a few mutual friends and they set us up on a blind date. And I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun that night. But she was missing something, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Plus the tour was about to start, so even just after one date, I broke it off.” He explained and you listened intently. “We remained in touch after that and I occasionally still talk to her. But I swear, she’s just a friend. She doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as you do. And when I said she was all I think about, its just a lyric. I don’t mean that literally. I deeply apologize if I made you question my love for you. That was never my intension. Its just a bloody song love. And yes it means something to me. Each and every one of my songs means something to me. But you…I could never express in words what you mean to me. I wrote countless songs about you- so, so many. But none of them bring you justice. You’re just that precious to me.” he said with a dimpled grin and a squeeze of your hand. 

“I’m sorry too H. I overreacted. I shouldn’t have been so jealous. And your music is your music, and I don’t have the right to question your creativity. I’m sure she is a nice girl. She should be flattered. But can I ask you something. Obviously you don’t have to answer.”

“What do you want to know, my lovely?” 

“Is there a song about me on your album.”

He looked at you with a devilish smirk and a gleam in his eye,

“Oh love, don’t you know you’re my only angel?”

(requested by: annon)

Tatterdemalion Dreams

This is a coda to Ragtag Heroes, not really intended to become a separate thing but my attempt to get into Sirius’s head. Excuse me while I upend my drabble bin over your heads. :D

Sirius’s little brother has always been just that—little. Regulus was a slight and slender child, and has grown into a lean and lithe man, a little too thin and rawboned from constant stress but still pretty in the way that their parents always despaired of. Sirius can admit, despite his hatred of her, that Walburga Black was an absolutely stunning woman, and Regulus takes after her very much in looks.

Not so much in personality, though, regardless of what Sirius thought as a child. Not after what he’s managed to accomplish.

Slumped in a dusty old armchair, Sirius watches his brother wander around Grimmauld Place’s library, touching covers, stroking long fingers over worn spines. This is Reggie’s element and always has been—Sirius was honestly astonished that he ended up in Slytherin rather than Ravenclaw, during the Sorting. Regulus as a child, in Sirius’s mind, was forever clutching a book, sometimes as big as himself, and wandering around with a dreamy, distant expression. He thinks of it with a bit of a pang, now, because at some point during his first year at Hogwarts that warm burst of fondness at the sight of his little brother, forever trying to please everyone, transformed into something sneering and derisive and passively loathing.

Regulus being sorted into Slytherin was the final straw, and Sirius, already immersed in being different from their parents and surrounded by Gryffindors who held the same beliefs, had turned his back on Regulus, not about to associate himself with a sniveling follower.

Never mind the fact that Regulus was eleven. Never mind that their parents had always leaned harder on Regulus, who was never nearly as willful. Never mind that Regulus adored Sirius since birth, as the only one who spent any amount of time with him outside of the house elves. Sirius had turned away, found a new brother in James who suited him so much better, and left without a backwards glance.

Their parents were never kind, even to the family favorite, and Sirius watches Regulus meander through the shelves with something like guilt roiling in his gut. Should have known, he thinks, and the vague, distant regret he’s felt since learning of his brother’s death is back in full force, because Sirius had run away from the family and left Regulus behind. It doesn’t matter that they were at odds at the time; Regulus was always a gentle soul, always tried to please their parents no matter what. Sirius could have easily taken him along to James’s, could have convinced him to abandon their parents’ ideals if only he’d remembered the sweet little boy Regulus had been, rather than looking at the distant, aloof Black prince he’d been forcibly molded into.

But he didn’t, hadn’t bothered, and something in Sirius is—

“Leo Prince,” Regulus says unexpectedly, making Sirius jump.

“What?” Sirius asks, blinking.

When he looks up, Regulus is giving him that nostalgic you’re-a-moron-Siri-and-must-I-lower-myself-to-your-level look. He’s seen it quite often—usually from the child Regulus used to be, excited about some obscure spell or ritual or potion, some little-known aspect of ancient magical theory that lost Sirius completely about twelve words into the explanation. Not that he’s an idiot, academically—Sirius has always been proud of his grades—but Regulus is something entirely different. Even their parents never quite knew what to do with him, beyond shipping him off to Voldemort in a gift-wrapped package.

“Yes, Reggie?” Sirius grins at his little brother, for the sole reason that the nickname drives him batty and nothing gets his ire up like pretending to be stupid. “What was that?”

Regulus rolls his eyes so hard Sirius wonders how he doesn’t strain something. “My name,” he explains, tone long-suffering, “for teaching at Hogwarts.”

Sirius turns it over in his head for a moment. “Leo?” he repeats dubiously, because outwardly Regulus is the perfect Slytherin, and whenever he’s not being Slytherin he gives a damned good impression of being a born Ravenclaw. Nothing leonine about him, really.

That gets him another roll of Regulus’s eyes, though it’s subtler this time. “The star Regulus is the brightest heavenly body in the constellation Leo,” he says, and his mouth quirks in a wry smile. “Also called ‘the Heart of the Lion’.”

Sirius snorts at that, wondering what twist of fate gave Regulus the one Black name that suited him exactly. ‘Heart of the Lion’ indeed. “And Prince?”

“From the literal meaning of my name.” Regulus turns back to his books again, plucking one off the shelf and adding it to the already sizeable pile he’ll be taking to Hogwarts with them. “’Little King’. It’s a name I’ve used before, in parts of the Continent. So if a particularly overprotective parent should try to trace my movements, there will be a trail. Leo Prince spent two years in Italy and then Eastern Europe, studying blood rituals from ancient times.”

Of course he did, Sirius thinks with a roll of his own eyes. He’s spent several weeks already with Hermione, and even she can’t hold a candle to his little brother. But rather than say anything—although it’s tempting, because Reggie being defensive over his rituals and spells is easily one of the more amusing things Sirius has ever encountered—he just asks, “And disguises? It’s more than likely that Peter told Voldemort about my Animagus form, and I hate to say it, Reggie, but you—”

“Yes, yes,” Regulus cuts him off, clearly annoyed. He’s always been easy for Sirius to rile. “We look very similar, I’m aware. Harry thought I was you, at first glance.”

Sirius blinks and fights a frown. Regulus is pretty, and Sirius has always considered himself—not without corroboration from other sources—to be handsome. Then he glances up, catches the tail end of Regulus’s wicked grin as the younger Black turns away, and huffs. “Oh, go on, rub it in,” he growls, chucking a cushion at his smirking brother. “At least I take after Father rather than dearest Mother in looks, pretty boy.”

That earns him a rude hand gesture and a scowl. “Anyway,” Regulus says forcefully. “I won’t use charms to change my appearance—they’re too easily detected and broken, even by the simplest of wards or spells. But…” He trails off, rummaging in a cupboard for a moment, and then, with a victorious sound, emerges holding a pair of glasses with delicate silver frames. He slips them onto his face, then pulls his hair from its loose tail and twists it into a messy braid falling over his shoulder.

They’re simple changes, but they’re able to highlight the differences between them. Sirius sits up straighter, taking in the way the glasses manage to entirely change Regulus’s face, and the hairstyle gives him a bookish, distracted, professorly air. With a change of clothes—good-quality robes, he thinks, maybe a little tattered, quiet colors, slightly too large—Regulus will be all but unrecognizable. Oh, there will be similarities, but there used to be a pureblood Prince family, and they intermarried with the Blacks enough to write off the resemblance as a result of typically tangled pureblood genealogy.

Regulus is giving Sirius the same look in return, but his is faintly distracted. “You, however,” he murmurs, “will need a charm or two, if only to keep from giving any of the more superstitious students a heart attack, looking like a Grim.” He trails off, muttering under his breath, his gaze absent, and Sirius realizes that this is his contemplative look. He’s no doubt running through every glamour charm he knows, cataloguing faults and weaknesses.

Such a Ravenclaw, really, Sirius thinks, and doesn’t even bother to fight the fond smile that rises. Good old Reggie, the walking encyclopedia of spells.

Then Regulus looks up at him and smiles that singularly angelic smile that means he’s about to show how he and Sirius really are related. He taps long fingers against his lips to hide the beginnings of a smirk, and murmurs, “Well, you’re the size of a bear, so there’s no way we’ll actually be able to pass you off as a normal dog, but…white, I think. Yes, white will do nicely. Maybe with a touch of tan?”

Sirius only has a moment to feel horrified before Regulus’s wand is out and moving.

“Well?” his little brother demands, sounding unnervingly like McGonagall. “Change already, we haven’t got all day.”

It’s going to be a very long year indeed.

It’s been a near age since Regulus last set foot on Hogwarts ground. He stands just outside the gates, staring up at the vast and imposing castle—strangely comforting, a home more than Grimmauld place could ever be, and he wonders if it’s like that for everyone. Perhaps only those from broken homes, if the Black family can count as such. Sirius, at least, had the Potters, but Regulus was always a distant, aloof child with few acquaintances and fewer friends. He had no one.

Unconsciously, his fingers curl into the thick fur of the beast standing at his side, higher than his waist and as big as a bear. White fur now, rather than black, but it’s still Sirius, still his brother brought back to him. Maybe everything isn’t entirely easy between them yet, but they’ve been strangers longer than they’ve been family, and they’re readjusting. Sirius whines softly and bumps against his hip, and Regulus musters up a smile for him.

“I’m fine, Siri,” he murmurs, although his fingers stay buried in pale fur. “Just…overwhelmed, a little.”

Normally he’d never admit to such a thing, but this is Hogwarts and he’s coming back and there’s absolutely nothing in the world he’s dreamed of more than destroying the Dark Lord with his brother at his side and the Light at this back. This is a step closer, the fifth out of seven, and then there’s only the snake left to find. Regulus has thrown out his net already; there are many people who owe him favors by now, with his knowledge base and skill set and Slytherin cunning, and Nagini will be found soon enough.

Just Ravenclaw’s artefact now, and then Harry. Their goal is so close, so achingly close that Regulus can almost taste it, and after sixteen unwavering years, he’s ready. Ready for a normal life, a death not at the hands of his former master, days not spent running from even the vaguest chance that Voldemort could discover him or his plans. It’s been too long.

With a huff of very un-canine impatience, Sirius shoves at him again and then heads up the road, strides sure and confident. Regulus only hesitates for a moment longer before hurrying to catch up with him, careful of his baggy robes. He hates them, if only for Sirius’s teasing at how he looks like a waifish scholar who thinks too much to eat. Not that Sirius is one to talk, really—he’s changed from looking like a Grim to looking like something out of Norse myth that’s about to devour the sun.

But Sirius is happy to be out of that dreary and rundown house, and Regulus can’t blame him. About the only good thing remaining there is Kreacher, and the elf is getting on in years. He’d been overjoyed that Regulus returned, but as much as Regulus missed him he hadn’t been able to bring himself to stay. He’d packed everything he needed in a day and headed out to Hogwarts and his new post, Sirius in tow. They’re quite a pair, really.

McGonagall meets them at the main doors, still regal and authoritative in a way Blacks can only dream of being, but she smiles faintly at Regulus. “Professor Prince,” she says. “How good to have you back. If you’ll follow me, I will show you to your chambers.”

This is happening, Regulus thinks suddenly, as his heart stutters and leaps forward into a gallop. This is real.

Professor, she called him, and that’s what he is now. No longer a nameless, fleeing face but a person, a figure of some standing, with a name and a past even if it isn’t his own.


Guided by Starlight.

// Draco x Gryffindor!reader.

Requested: No.

Summary: Y/n is in the house of Gryffindor. She’s been acting differently recently, trying to look for someone to help her, although none of her closest friends (Hermione, Ron and Harry) seem to notice. Rating: Mid-Fluff, for language.

Warnings: Language.

A/n: It’s been a while since I’ve read the books, (I’m working on reading them now) So I’m sorry if it’s inaccurate in some places. Also, this is my first Harry Potter Imagine. Please leave feedback, I’d love to get some! I hope you guys like this, as I’m planning on it continuing into a series.

Title: Guided by Starlight | Part One. //


You walk through the halls, keeping your head down as you make your way through the halls.  It isn’t that your scared or shy, or that you didn’t want anyone to notice you either. No, in fact it was quite the opposite. You wanted someone to notice you. Walking with your body drawn into itself, your eyes constantly cast on the floor. You had hoped your sudden change in behavior would be enough to grab the attention of one of your friends, but not even Hermione seemed to notice. It was about midday; all the classes of the day had been over long ago. Classes had ended early as a Quidditch game was taking place. Currently everyone was at the match, with the exception of you.

As you make your way out the door and into the yard, your heart seems to sink even more. I wasn’t clear what had been causing this, but a cloud of melancholy had settled over you in the past week. You sit underneath a tree, laying back against its trunk and staring up at the blue sky. Yu pick up your wand and fiddle with it for a bit before plucking a daisy from the ground and placing it in front of you.

“Wingardium leviosa.” You murmur, slowly lifting the flower up. However, your concentration is broken quite quickly when a parade of Gryffindors run towards you; Harry at the front, followed by Ron and Hermione.

“Y/n! There you are, we’ve been looking everywhere for you!” You sigh and stand up, dropping your books into your bag and slinging it over your shoulder.

“Oh really?” You ask, raising your eyebrows. Hermione shoots you a puzzled look but before she can say anything Ron nods enthusiastically.

“Yep! Oh, and guess what?”


“Gryffindor won the Quidditch game. All thanks to Harry,” he pats his friends shoulder, and the other house mates cheer.  Harry scratches his head and shrugs.

I didn’t do much, actually…it was really a team effort.”

“Oh, don’t be so bloody modest!” Everyone’s cheeriness seems to die down instantly as Draco walks into view.

Potter,” he hisses, glancing at you briefly. “Talking to your girlfriend, are you?”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Malfoy. What do you want?” Harry’s voice has the same amount of venom as Draco’s, and you realize this is only going to turn into a fight.

“It’s not worth it, Harry.” You murmur, casting a stern look at Draco. You meet Harry’s gaze shortly after. Harry sighs, not looking at Draco as a laugh escapes his lips.

“She’s right, Harry.” Hermione chimes in, glancing over at you. “C’mon y/n, we were about to go to the dining hall.” At this point your classmates have started to walk off, and Draco seems to have become uninterested with Harry. Although he was still nearby, he didn’t seem to be looking for trouble anymore. You shake your head as you give a rather forced smile to your friends.

“I don’t really feel like eating,” you mutter, trying to keep our voice low so that only Hermione can hear. Out of the corner of your eyes you see Draco glance over slightly. “I don’t feel well, I think I’m going to study a bit more and then head up to the common room.” Hermione reaches out and places her hand on your arm.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, come on Hermione, let’s just go. Ron says, bouncing impatiently as he grabs Harry’s arm and begins to drag him away Hermione turns and then glances back at you.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah. I think I’m just stressing about the Herbology final.” Hermione’s face lights up slightly.

“Oh, well don’t be worried. You’ll be fine.” With that she turns away and jogs slightly to catch up with Ron and Harry. You wait until they’ve walked through the doors to rush in the opposite direction, too busy trying to keep tears from springing to your eyes to notice Draco still staring at you.


You don’t know quite how long you’ve been laying under the tree, staring up at the sky. All you know is the stars have slowly begun to come out, littering the dark night sky like little specks of paint. Your heart thumps softly in your chest as you inhale deeply, enjoying the scent of the soft dew on the grass; mixing with the cool, crisp night air. Slowly and subtly, an unfamiliar scent wafts towards you, flooding your senses. You sit up slowly and squint, looking around in an attempt to identify where the scent is coming from. You can hear the faint but sure sounds of footsteps and your heart plummets into your stomach.

“He-hello?” You whisper, trying to identify who the footsteps belonged to. If it was a teacher, you were sure you were about to be in a lot of trouble. It was surely past lights-out. It was one thing to be caught in the school after curfew, but to be outside-

A loud crack startles you and you reach for your wand. “Lumos,” you whisper. The tip of your wand bursts with light, temporarily blinding you as your eyes adjust to the brightness. You look up from your spot on the ground.

“M-malfoy?” You curse yourself for the nerves in your voice. He looks down at you, his chest heaving heavily a she breathes loudly. He plops down on the ground next to you, laying against the tree as a look of mild disgust mates his features.

“The grass is wet, why is it wet? And please, put out that bloody light, be quieter, unless you want to get caught.” You blush fiercely and whisper under your breath:

“Nox.” The light goes out, leaving your eyes to once again adjust to the dark. You gingerly lean against the tree, highly away of his arm brushing up against yours. “What are you doing here Malfoy?”

“I know about your family, y/l/n.” He breaths, picking at the grass. “I know…” His voice trails off as he adverts his attention to the sky.

“How in the bloody hell do you know?” You hiss, drawing your arm closer to yourself.

“I heard my father talking about it,” he replies, finally glancing over at you. “My father knows your mum. They were friends back when he was a student here.” Draco pauses, as if he’s not sure he should go on.

“So?” You coax, turning your full attention to him.

“Well, he brought it up and my mum, she…” He pauses again, furrowing his eyebrows. “She said…” A sigh slips past his lips and he turns his gaze to you again. “Is it true?” He asks.

“Is what true?”

“Are they really,” he shifts, as if the conversation is making him uncomfortable. “Your father, that is. Is he really…” Draco sighs again and covers his face with his hands. “Is he leaving?”

Your eyes widen suddenly. There it was. Someone, someone had noticed. “I-well, why would you want to know?” You hiss angrily, narrowing your eyes at him. He drops his hands to his side as his eyes instantly go aflame.

“Don’t.” He growls, reaching out and grabbing your hand.

“We used to be friends- used to. When we were like, eight.” You glare at him slightly. “I’d like to remind you that you were the one who was too good to be seen around me. I didn’t get into Slytherin, you did. I wasn’t good enough to be your fri-”

“Stop saying that!” Draco shouts, his voice echoing in the night. “It’s not- I didn’t-…” He closes his eyes and returns his attention to the stars. “I was stupid,” he mumbles. “The both of us- we were Purebloods. Your family…my family…we came from Slytherins…” He swallows thickly. “We were together. You and I, we were close. Because of our families, we were close…I thought…” He shakes his head, abandoning his thought. “Is that what you want to hear?” He asks, his voice barely audible. When you don’t answer, a soft whimper sounds in the back of his throat. “I’ve known for a while something was wrong with you. You didn’t seem as happy. You weren’t you. You should know that none of what’s happening is your fault, y/l/n.”

Your mind seems to shut down at the words that you hear. You close your eyes.

“But…it is my fault. You may know what’s going on- but you don’t know why.” Draco stares at you as you clench your hand around a clump of grass, ripping most of it from the ground. He reaches out slowly and carefully, watching for your reaction as he puts his arm around you. You collapse forward, burying your face in his chest as you shake with silent sobs. “H-he’s leaving, because of me. He wanted to leave right when I got into Hogwarts- because I wasn’t a Slytherin. He wants to leave because I let him down!”

“Then why didn’t he leave earlier?” Draco asks softly, his hand moving up and down your back in a soothing manner.

“I-I don’t know…” You mumble. He sighs, pulling you closer to him and shifting so he sits leaning against the middle of the tree’s base.

“It sounds to me like your father is looking for someone to blame.” He whispers. “Otherwise he would’ve left right when you were sorted- right? Even so, it doesn’t matter. If that bloody git is going to leave because of the house you’re sorted into, he doesn’t deserve your mum and you.” You pull back slightly, wiping your eyes as you stare up at him.


“Please…call me Draco, y/l/n.”

“Only if you call me y/n.” You joke half-heartedly. He stares at you for a few seconds, his expression blank. Then, out of nowhere, his face breaks out into a smile; his eyes twinkle, and he laughs softly. You can feel his laugh vibrating through his chest as you pull away, leaning back against the tree. Although Draco’s arm is no longer around you, he stays close to you.

“The stars sure are beautiful.” You murmur, staring up at the twinkling sky. Draco smiles softly and nods, although he isn’t looking at the sky.

His gaze is fixed on you as he whispers,

“Something so bright can guide you out of the darkness.”

ksi imagine - clingy (features all sidemen)

REQUESTED:  “Can you do a JJ imagine where he’s overprotective of y/n when the guys tease him and flirt with y/n?”

Lounging around in the Sidemen living room, it was a typical Sunday afternoon. All of the boys were here today. They had been filming for the Sidemen channel where they were announcing another charity match, and so in return they had all come back to the Sidemen house for chinese food.

“You know,” Simon spoke up from where he was lying on the floor, his hand to his stomach. “I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl eat as much as Y/n can. Like how does someone so small eat so much food?”

I giggled, sending him the middle finger as I continued to dig into my noodles. The rest of the boys laughed.

“Oi that’s a fair point you know!” Ethan exclaimed as if he had come to some deep philosophical realisation. “She actually eats bare, it’s sort of impressive.”

“Oooooh,” they all cooed at Ethan’s indirect compliment, and he rolled his eyes. I noticed JJ’s head look up from his food. His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked over at Ethan.

“Oi, JJ, Ethan’s trying to steal your girl. I wouldn’t take that if I were you.” Simon stirred things in a childish manner. I threw a dumpling at him, and he caught it, shoving it into his mouth.

“Fuck off you cunts.” JJ’s tone was pissy which only encouraged the boys more. Ethan held his hands up, but Jide only rolled his eyes. I placed a reassuring hand on his thigh before returning to my food.

“I do eat loads, you’re not wrong,” I shrugged.

“Where do you put it though?” Vik seemed to genuinely be confused. “You’re so tiny.”

“Well, she’s not all over.” Harry interjected and I felt Jide tense. Uh oh.

“Woah Harry what does that mean? You calling her fat? You tryna cuss Jide’s girl?” 

“Simon, I will throw so many more dumplings at you.” I warned, and he opened his mouth in response. 

“I think what Harry’s trying to say, Y/n,” Josh took control of the situation in his Dad like manner, and I listened intently. “Is that although you are generally a very small framed human being, your size distribution is very…varied.”

Harry interrupted again, struggling to speak sensibly over Ethan’s rippling laughs. “Nah like, what I’m saying is you’re really small and shit, but your arse isn’t is it?”

“Oh shit!” The boys all looked at eachother, the sensible ones visibly shocked, and the usual childish candidates all masking laughs. I looked over at Jide.

“Nah fuck this, you guys are cunts.” JJ stood up, grabbing my hand and dragging me out behind him. I made sure to grab my noodles as I left abruptly, mouthing a quick goodbye to everyone. JJ dragged me all the way up the stairs into his room where he slammed the door behind him.

“JJ? What’s going on?” I sat down on his bed. He paced back and forth, his hands on either side of his head in frustration. 

“I don’t fucking like when they speak about you like that Y/n! It’s fucking degrading!”

“I don’t mind, Jide-”

“Yeah well I do!” He cut me off and I was taken aback. “It pisses me off! You’re mine, they’re lucky they even get to fucking look at you!”

I stood up and walked over to him, pressing a kiss to his jawline which I knew to relax him. 

“Jide,” I wrapped my arms around him. “I’m yours. Yours and Yours only.”

“Mine,” he repeated, his eyes closing. “Mine and mine only.”

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Harry's first time getting to do skin to skin contact with his baby. Maybe in the rocking chair at hospital with a blanket draped across the baby's back to keep them warm. 😍😍😍

When you’re asleep, and he’s all alone with his little bub, and he’s just talking to her. She’s looking up at him with big, curious, sleepy eyes while he talks to her, telling her all about her family.

“And then you’ve got your Nanny. That’s my mummy. Nanny Anne, although that’s a bit of a mouthful. My grandma was called nanny too, and I think you would’ve loved her. You kind of look like her in your eyes a bit, although you look more like your mum’s side. Lets see…. oh and there’s auntie Gemma! She couldn’t come today but she’s gonna come fly out to see us at home in a few days. She’s gonna spoil you rotten. But I’m gonna spoil you even more, little girl.”

And he can’t stop kissing her bald head and smiling because of her soft little baby smell. :(

amusing myself with a little hitch ft. romper tonight…

As soon as filming’s well and truly over, Harry shrugs his arms out of his… coveralls? onesie? jumpsuit? Mitch isn’t quite sure what you’d call the pinstriped thing that Harry’s wearing. He hasn’t asked; seems like it would be a stupid question.

The top half of it hangs from Harry’s waist as he makes his way through the crew with James, extending hugs and fist bumps. He’s got one last button still done up to keep the thing from falling down entirely. It stretches in its buttonhole above Harry’s hipbone, weighed down by the the sleeves dangling past his thighs. He looks like a dragon halfway through shedding its skin.

Mitch can’t look at him, and at the same time he can’t look away.

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New Cast: Part Two

Okay, guys. Part Two was really good tonight, really good. I’ll admit I still had/have some reservations about the cast after Part One but Part Two has smoothed many of those away.

Part Two opens with my favourite piece of choreography, led by Nuno Silva. Nuno didn’t come out of stage door tonight which was a shame because I wanted to tell him how glad I am that he’s stayed on. For those who don’t know, Nuno plays Bane, as well as other ensemble roles but his most important role is Movement Captain. He is basically Steven Hoggett’s (Movement Director) right hand man among the cast and he works with the rest of the cast to coordinate all the complex routines that are carried out on stage, often with very large set pieces. You could really see what Nuno does among the new cast today, how he guides them and the confidence in what he does.

Samuel continues to be the star of the new cast. He really is outstandingly confident and a total natural - you’d think he’d been doing it for years and the audience is absolutely focused on him  and him alone when he’s on stage. I think it was @mrsellacott who said that James Howard told her he loves his new son, and that shows. Samuel and James have a great chemistry on stage. As James is my favourite of Cast 2, I was really looking forward to tonight because Draco has his best scenes in Part Two. His first scene, in the Voldemort timeline did not disappoint. @bounding-heart did a post about why James is so good in this role and that is never more obvious than in this scene. But he also shows love and a sadness and a pain that flows under a Malfoy cover. He rarely shouts, which I like. He exudes menace and intimidation without doing so but he has softness hiding there. When he pinned Scorpius to the desk in this scene, he released him and then shook and twitched in his left hand, the hand he had used to pin Scorpius down. He was physically expressing regret with the movement, as though it physically pained him to be violent with his child. It very much felt as though violence had become a part of who he was in this version of the world, that it was now second nature but that deep down it wasn’t welcome there, a darkness that grips to him like a parasite. So, so good from Mr. Howard.

Elizabeth Hill is an excellent actress. She plays a firm, sporty Hooch with a cool Northen accent in Part One, and a bitchy, snotty Petunia, but in Part Two as Umbridge, she is genuinely unnerving. Her Umbridge relishes in the way she speaks. She’s posh, or at least pretends to be, and she milks it for all it’s worth, letting every word slither off her tongue in the most regal way possible in her desire to feel and to be seen as royal. Her laugh doesn’t induce laughter from the audience like Helena Lynberry did - it is really sinister. Her movements when talking to Scorpius were almost flirtatious, but in a really sickening way that made my skin crawl. Superb debut in the role.

David Annen as Snape - I was really looking forward to seeing David in this role and he didn’t disappoint. He is much more like book Snape than Paul was. He doesn’t raise his voice and he appears bitter and reserved. I never liked the dynamic between Snape and Hermione in the last cast - I get that they were working together but they were too touchy-feely for my liking. That’s gone with David. His “whatever you are” to Hermione was deliciously sarcastic and snotty The “How very pleasant for me” line dripped with sarcasm and the “I exist to serve” line was wonderfully but subtly aggrieved. When he threatened Scorpius with punishment, he deliberately and obviously moved his robe to reveal the pocket in which he kept his wand, making the threat very real. It was a cool detail. When Snape is taken by the Dementors, heave the most horrific scream once they had enveloped him in their cloaks. It really did sound like someone who was losing their life in a horrific manner.

Theo came out of his shell in this performance. Yesterday in Part One he showed signs of being good but he was visibly terrified (his first professional job is one of the biggest roles in a show that has won nine Oliviers - even John said that was terrifying for them) and as a result he was very stiff (I felt bad for Jamie G in the blanket scene in Part One because I felt Theo was giving him very little to work from). But the audience was great yesterday and I think that has put some of the cast (Theo was not the only one who was clearly nervous) at ease a bit more. I think Theo is going to be very good and I look forward to watching him evolve in the role. Also, for all you Scorbus shippers - if you shipped them with Anto and Sam, you’re going to go nuts for Theo and Samuel. They obviously already have a very close relationship as actors and the chemistry between them is fantastic.

Samuel, when he came out of the lake and saw his Dad, put his arms out for a moment as if he wanted to hug him but then lost his courage. It was sweet. James just pointed him in the direction he wanted him, with military-level authority. I really liked it. Alex often used to grab Scorpius by the scruff and march him off stage; I like this less aggressive approach from James because I think it contrasts the differences between Draco in the Voldemort timeline and in the present much more.

One of the Hogwarts kids slipped in some of the water left on the stage but luckily they didn’t go down and carried on.

Jamie finally started to show some Harry-temper in the scene where he visits Albus in the Slytherin dormitory although he only got half-way there.  I reserved judgement on Jamie in Part One yesterday. I agree with @torestoreamends that it’s very important not to compare Jamie G to Jamie P because I think we always knew that Jamie P’s Harry would always be incomparable and I’m OK with that, because I always knew that watching Jamie Parker was a privilege. In fact, it’s very important not to compare any of the new cast with the old cast - it’s not fair on them. Of course we love the old cast, but the new cast have to be given a chance to be different and make the role their own (within the context of the character, of course). But Jamie G certainly lacked something yesterday, for example, he did not sound nearly as desperate as a parent should when searching for their missing child in a forest. I think Jamie G was another cast member who was very nervous but he did much better in Part Two today. I think he needs time and I hope that with time he will push the role and feel his way further into it. This scene wasn’t as heated as it should have been and as a consequence, the argument with Ginny where she asks how heated it got, didn’t work as well.

More Samuel gushing - in the dormitory scene when Albus is sleeping and he wakes him up, he did it in the most brilliant way that beats Anthony and James. He first whispered Albus’s name. He then said “Pssst!” When this didn’t work, he tiptoed over to Albus’s bed and in a really high-pitched but soft voice said “Albus?”. Finally, he shouted it right into Theo’s ear and Theo reacted brilliantly. I always felt Sam underplayed the comedy of this moment slightly but Theo didn’t disappoint. He sat bolt upright with a yell and then turned and started whacking Scorpius with his pillow. It was fantastic.

Annabel as Delphi - finally, finally, I have seen Annabel’s Delphi and she is supremely unnerving. John said he thought she was smashing it. Her Part One Delphi is quite awkward and bumbling and Tonks-like, which I liked. Her Part Two Delphi is almost unhinged once she is revealed and it’s scary. Some stand-out moments for me were what appeared to be genuine, yet mocking pity for the shock and horror on Albus’s face after she kills Craig. It was pity, yet it was patronising. “Aw. Did you not understand?” Brilliant. Then, when explaining how the kids fitted in to the prophecy she kissed Albus. It was “Albus” *kisses his cheek* “is the unseen child who will kill his father”. It was the most possessive, horrifying action; that Albus is this most invaluable object to her that will make her dreams come true. Somehow it reminds me of the way in which Umbridge loves her kittens:  a repulsive obsession.

Emma as Ginny did much better in Part Two - she was another I was reserving judgement on yesterday. Yesterday I really felt that she lacked Ginny’s ovaries - her “So was mine” just didn’t feel strong enough. She definitely improved on that today, although I don’t feel the same warmth from her that I’d like to feel. Like Jamie G, I think she needs some time, perhaps. But I’m optimistic.

Jamie G in the Dumbledore scene was good. I’m so much more optimistic about him than I was yesterday. He can genuinely act and his break down in Albus’s bedroom was even better. He’s not Harry yet, but there is potential there. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow into the character. Harry and Ginny kissed twice when getting Albus’s message, just like in the script. (It used to be that they only kissed even though the script called for two.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m just too hard to please, because all the main cast (Albus, Scorpius, Draco, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry) got a standing ovation at the curtain call. I was slightly gutted for the rest that they didn’t but audiences do vary and I’m sure that there are shows when they will. The past two nights had a very good audience and the stage door reception was lovely. I think the cast that came out definitely felt the love and I’m glad because I think it will give them fuel.

Speaking of stage door, April Hughes, who plays Myrtle (and is outstanding - didn’t think anyone would beat Annabel but she smashed it and even Annabel said so) was absolutely adorable. I sang her praises to her and she seemed really touched and happy and asked if she could give me a hug, so we had a hug. She’s a sweetheart! As is Sarah Miele who plays a now-Scottish Polly Chapman with purple hair (we asked her about this and she said it was just something she was told they were going to go for with the character this time). James Phoon (Craig) is adorable. I can’t remember how we got onto the subject but we were talking about the Friday Forty and I said that all my CC friends had won it at least once and I never had. He said that he played the Friday Forty every week ever since the play opened and he never won it either (he’s such a FAN!!). I told him “Now you’re in it! Even better!” and then asked if that meant that I’ll be in the play next year too. He gave a dramatic gasp and said “Oh, my God! That’s it!” and then grasped my arm and said “I’ll root for you for next year.” I told him to show me the ropes when I get cast. What an absolute doll he is. Again, the cast that came out all seemed so touched by the reception and I’m really pleased they’ve been given that confidence.

On Sunday 21st, I met Sonia Friedman. I found her at the back of the stalls and approached her, told her how much I loved and related to the play and congratulated her on all her success. I asked if I could show her something and she said “Of course” so I showed her my poster and she said she loved it because she was a dog person. I thanked her and didn’t see her after that until I passed by her yesterday when she was talking to Jack Thorne at the end of Part One about the pacing of the new cast (they had been a bit slow on a couple of bits). I don’t think she saw me as they were deep in conversation. Anyway, tonight, she came out of stage door briefly to watch the reception that the new cast received. No one realised she was there as she just lingered in the doorway and watched for a few moments - she didn’t go to greet fans. She had her hair different to usual and was wearing sunglasses so I actually didn’t recognise her even though I saw her right in front of me but she recognised me (we were standing right in front of the stage door at the barrier). She went back in to speak to someone but then came out again and came and stood next to me and said quietly “So, what did you think?” I then realised it was her and apologised, telling her I didn’t recognise her with the sunglasses and she said something along the lines of “I like to go incognito sometimes”. @torestoreamends , @mrsellacott and I had a nice chat with her and she thanked us for the support of the new cast.

I was hoping John Tiffany might come out of stage door but he didn’t (because I didn’t ask him to this time =P - I’ll tell that story in another post). My train got delayed on my way to the show this evening and I got in really late (I think @torestoreamends was panicking that I wouldn’t get in on time, she gave me big hug when she saw me and told me she’d been anxiously waiting in the aisle of the stalls to see me come in). Anyway, John was at the back of the stalls (he didn’t sit near the front like he did on May 21st - maybe he didn’t want to be inundated by fans again - more on that in another post) but anyway, I’d spoken to him on Sunday and as I walked past this evening, he looked up from his phone screen and so I gave him a big grin and he smiled back. Then in the interval, I had a brief freak-out with @torestoreamends at the Girls’ Bathroom (obviously) about how good Part Two was and then she let me go to the loo and went back to Stalls. :P On my way back, John stepped out of the Mens’ right in front of me and went back to the Stalls so I was following right behind him, seriously worrying that he was going to think I was stalking him. He noticed me and I immediately apologised and said “I’m really sorry, I swear I’m not following you, you just stepped out of the Mens’ room right in front of me.” He laughed and patted my arm and said “Don’t worry.” We got back to Stalls, right by the tech box where @torestoreamends appeared out of nowhere and we had a lovely chat with him for a few minutes. John is such a lovely, warm person, he’s so happy to talk to fans about the show. I told him that I thought it was great that the first show of the new cast had gone so smoothly and that I thought it was funny that there had been no technical hitches, given that there were so many on the 21st with a cast of fourteen months’ experience. He grinned and said “Because I kicked arse, that’s why”. So yeah. Sounds as though the tech team got a spanking for the screw-ups on the 21st.

And that’s all I’ll say about the new cast! I look forward to watching them develop and I hope everyone going to see them keeps an open mind and shows them the Potterhead love. I really think in particular that Scorbus is going to be sensational - even more so than it has been and we’ve all got lots to look forward to. I thought the ultimate test would be whether they could make me cry and they did. Happy Cast Change, peeps! x

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So hi, I just wanted to ask that do you think your personality traits or values are more important when it comes to your hogwarts house. My traits are more like ravenclaw and my values are definitely hufflepuff, so I don't know which one I am. Thanks

I’d say it’s a bit of both, but values is more important.

Hermione: on the face of it hermione’s a very stereotypical ravenclaw personally I don’t think her traits entirely line up to ravenclaw but in the stereotypical sense they fit but although hermione enjoys learning etc her values place bravery as more important than knowledge.  “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery and - oh Harry - be careful!” to hermione, being brave is more worthwhile than intelligence so she was sorted in gryffindor

Wormtail: when you look at wormtail he doesn’t seem a likely candidate for gryffindor. like at all. but wormtail always surrounded himself with people he admired, and he was always incredibly impressed with just how gryffindor his friends were. no, he may not have been brave himself but he valued that trait in others and aspired to show the same kind of courage as his friends

there are other examples as well; fred and george could easily have ended up in slytherin imo, and neville could very well have been a hufflepuff. although your traits do play a part in your sorting, it’s primarily about your values and the kind of person you aspire to be

Series: Becoming Mrs. Styles (part 4)

–Part 2 of the proposal!


By the time you and Harry had made the drive into the city, you still had an hour or so until your reservation time at the restaurant, so you decided to take a walk together on some of the smaller streets you could find close to the restaurant - being right in the center of the city, however, made it a bit difficult to find less busy streets. So naturally, the paparazzi quickly spotted the two of you and followed you with cameras in your face and asking questions. Fortunately, there were only about three of them at this point. You smiled as usual, though also slightly uncomfortable with the three men trying to join yours and Harry’s conversations. Harry had his arm snaked around your waist, holding you tightly as he always did when paparazzi were around. You both tried your best to ignore them as you walked and talked - your conversation couldn’t go much beyond the weather and how pretty the city looked this time of year as the flowers were blooming and the trees were green again. Anything said that was personal would immediately be picked up by the paparazzi, so small talk was the way it had to be.

However, after a few minutes of this, the paparazzi were getting bored and anxious for some juicy gossip, so the questions you always hated started being asked, not to anyone’s surprise, though.

“Y/N, are you pregnant?” “Yeah when’s the baby due, Mr. Styles?” You naturally looked down at your stomach as you always did when they asked this question, just to see if it actually looked like you were. Harry laughed as he saw you do this like you always did.

“Don’t worry, love, you look perfect,” Harry smiled at you before glaring at the paparazzi. 

“Okay well when’s the wedding you two?” “Yeah, gotta put a ring on it Harry!” “Can I get an invitation to the wedding, Harry?” 

Your face flushed as it always did when this question was asked. But you felt you had gotten more embarrassed each time it was asked because it was never true. Harry noticed the expression on your face and, although it tore at his heart just a little thinking that you might think he wouldn’t want to marry you, he also smiled at the thought of tonight and how the next time the paparazzi asked this question, you would actually be engaged, hopefully. 

“Alright, a pleasure as always, gentlemen,” Harry smirked as he led you into the tall building where you would be dining tonight. And also where he would propose to the love of his life. 

A man standing behind the desk smiled at the both of you when you entered and, seeing your attire, guessed you would be looking for the building’s only restaurant on the top floor. “Welcome, please take the elevator up ahead and to the left and press floor number 30 to arrive at the building’s restaurant. Enjoy.”

There was something about the way the man was looking at Harry, with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye, that made you think the two of them had met before. Maybe Harry had lied and had actually been to this restaurant before?

Once you finally arrived at the top floor and stepped off the elevator, you were stunned seeing the decor and the ambiance of this place. And the view! Glass windows from floor to ceiling on three of the four sides allowed for the perfect view of the city and, right now, of the sun setting and filling the sky with your favorite colors. 

“Good evening, Mr. Styles?” The woman waiting to seat you asked Harry to make sure she had the correct reservation name. You always were amused when people pretended like they didn’t know it was Harry Styles standing on their presence, like they weren’t preparing for a celebrity. 

After being led to your table, you sat down across from Harry, slightly disappointed. Out of all the tables, they had to seat you at one against the wall and next to a pillar so you couldn’t really see out and look at the city below.

“Oh I’m sorry, baby. They must be very full tonight,” Harry told you, a smile on his face. Something told you he wasn’t actually that sorry… 

You were a little miffed that Harry had brought you to this amazing restaurant with the best view you’d ever seen but didn’t even try to get a table by the window and not right behind a pillar. But you weren’t going to push it. Plus, once your food was served, you couldn’t help but be happy as the delicious tastes of your favorite foods filled your senses. 

For dessert, you both shared a slice of chocolate cake that looked so pretty you didn’t want to eat it at first. There was a sugar rose on top of it and chocolate shavings and frosting - it was delicious. Right when you were finishing up the last bit of cake, Harry told you he was going to use the restroom. 

He’d been gone longer than normal, you noticed, when the hostess came up to your table.

“Mrs. Y/L/N? Could you please come with me.” The way she asked, it was more like you had no choice but to follow her. But this was all starting to get too  weird for you.

“Um, do you know where my boyfriend is? Where do you want me to go?” You asked, your brows furrowed at the thought of something happening to Harry.

“Yes, he had to go take a call down in the lobby but he asked me if I’d let you know so you wouldn’t be sat here waiting for a long time. Please come with me.” You still didn’t understand where she was going to take you. You were pretty sure you knew how to get out of the restaurant? But also you hadn’t even paid yet!

“Wait, we haven’t paid yet,” you told the hostess, your eyes starting to squint in suspicion.

“That’s all been taken care of by Mr. Styles, please come this way,” she gestured for you to follow her. 

To be fair, Harry had thought this whole thing through minus the excuse for you to follow the hostess. So he’d sent you a text a few minutes before, hoping you’d see it by this point. And before getting out of your chair, you instinctively checked your phone to see a text from Harry that read: “Please follow the hostess. xoxo.” You laughed at Harry’s lack of creativity in persuading you to do as he wished, but you finally agreed to follow the woman, knowing that Harry wouldn’t put you in any bad or strange situation. 

As the two of you exited the restaurant, she motioned for you to go through a door that led to stairs only going up.

“I thought we were on the top floor?” You questioned, puzzled.

The hostess just smiled and held the door open for you to venture up to who knows where on your own.

“Harry I swear if I get freaking murdered because of you,” you mumbled under your breath as you walked the short distance to the top of the stairs. Before opening the door, you noticed rose petals at your feet, which made you feel slightly better about opening the door in front of you. 

As soon as you opened the door and stepped out into the beautiful summer night, your jaw dropped. That feeling in your stomach suddenly appeared, the one that feels like butterflies, and you walked forward, looking around at everything before you.

You found yourself on the top of this building with a view that was to die for. Not only the view of the city and all the lights and the glow of the moon above you, but the view on the rooftop itself. Twinkly lights were strung all over the sides and rose petals covered almost the entire floor. You laughed, exuberant, and it was then that you heard the music coming from the corner furthest from you. And you saw, through the dark as best you could, four figures standing together, one of them playing a guitar… and then Zayn started singing the first notes of Little Things! Zayn! You were currently being serenaded by Harry’s four best mates from afar, and you were so excited that they were there that you almost ran to them, but then you noticed the pictures.

On the floor in front of you, on top of the rose petals, were tons and tons of photographs, all facing up and all spread out all over the floor. You hadn’t realized your eyes were welling up with tears until you found yourself having trouble trying to read the caption under the first picture you picked up.

“When I knew I would love you forever” read the first caption, under a picture of you standing in the kitchen in one of Harry’s t-shirt, your back to him, clearly in the middle of dancing to a song you had playing as you often did. You laughed.

“First time you slept over” read the caption under the next picture that you picked up of Harry lying on his back in bed, clearly taking a selfie, with you curled up on top of him, fast asleep. He had the biggest grin on his face.

“Right before I told you I loved you the first time” and a picture of you watching a movie next to Harry, smiling at whatever film was playing in front of you. How had you not noticed him taking this picture? 

You continued to wonder that as you looked at more and more of the pictures. 

After a few more minutes of smiling, laughing, and letting a few tears escape your eyes as you took a trip down memory lane, you saw a photograph furthest in front of you, close to the part of the rooftop furthest from the door you had walked out of only a few minutes ago and next to Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn who were now midway through If I Could Fly. They all smiled at you as you walked closer and you smiled back, tears welling up in your eyes at seeing the four of them together again. All that was missing was Harry…

You picked up the photograph in front of you and were surprised when it wasn’t another picture of you. You first read the caption, which said: “Right before I asked you to marry me”. The picture was of Harry, wearing exactly what he had on that night, standing in front of the door you had walked out of, minutes before, with all the rose petals and twinkly lights set up just as they were now. 

You turned around to find an exact replica of the image in your hands before your eyes, Harry and all. And somehow Harry had worked the timing out perfectly as the bridge of If I Could Fly was just beginning. You and Harry started walking toward each other as he started singing, much more slowly than the original and with Niall playing his guitar behind you. 

I can feel your heart inside of mine. 

I feel it, I feel it, the other boys sang.

I’ve been going out of my mind.

I feel it, I feel it.

Know that I’m just wasting time, and I, I hope that you don’t run from me.

Harry finished singing as he finally reached you, putting a hand to your cheek and kissing your forehead. The other boys finished the song as Harry rummaged around in his pocket for the thing he had been protecting and keeping secret for awhile now. 

Tears fell from your eyes consistently now as you watched him kneel down on one knee, on top of the rose petals and under the moonlight. The boys had started quietly humming their song 18, in harmony of course, as Niall lightly strummed his guitar.

“Y/N, I have loved you for as long as I’ve known you. And I’ve known since then that I never would be completely satisfied with my life if I didn’t live the rest of it with you by my side. My heart will be forever yours, and if you’ll let me, I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you’d make me by saying you’ll be my wife. You are so smart, love, and you are so kind and loving and supportive and caring and everything I’ve always wanted in a partner, and more. And you are so beautiful, Y/N, so so beautiful.” Harry’s eyes were welling up at this point and you watched through blurry eyes as a single tear escaped his eye. “Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” Harry asked you, his voice slightly shaky, and his eyes locked on yours.

And he was so beautiful. He was love. And he was light, and this night was beautiful, this rooftop was beautiful and the view was beautiful. But nothing was more beautiful than Harry. And you felt like you were home.

You realized after a few seconds you hadn’t answered his question yet so you laughed and crouched down to meet Harry’s eye level, tears spilling from your eyes. 

“Yes, Harry! Of course I will,” you whispered before taking his face in your hands and pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. You heard Louis yell “get a room!” after the kiss had still not ended and you and Harry both laughed, standing up, as Harry slid the ring on your finger, which you’d almost forgotten about. 

“Oh my gosh, Harry! It’s so beautiful, wow,” you sighed as a smile lit up every inch of your face. “Thank you so much.”

Harry lightly kissed your nose and laughed. “Anything for you, lovely.”

You heard one of the boys clear their throats. Harry laughed and, holding your left hand in his, yelled: “SHE SAID YES!” And all the boys came rushing towards you so you could finally hug them all as they congratulated you both, everyone laughing, most with tear-stained faces. 

After a few minutes, Harry pulled you into him and whispered, “I couldn’t deny you this view,” as he gestured to the city and all the lights around you. 

“Mmm, but the best view is you,” you smiled at how sappy you sounded but Harry loved it. And he loved this night and this place and his life. Most of all, he loved you, and now he would love you forever.


There’s the proposal, I hope you liked it! Feedback and requests always welcome :)

Ten (!) updates…wow, I should probably post more often, yeesh:

  • It’s been over a week and I’m still not over those gorgeous photos of Hugh at the BAFTAs: he looks so handsome and confident and grown up, even compared to just last year. The Young Vic photos two days later were an excellent chaser, and a reminder of how equally attractive he is with messy hair and a sweater and jeans. (While I love him in blue, I love him even more in green.) 
  • From various interviews, it now sounds like a second series of Fleabag is happening: my uneducated guess is that it’s about a 50/50 shot we get more Harry, although I’m so there even if we don’t.
  • I think it’s an even longer shot that we get more of Arsehole Guy, but we’re getting 12 episodes of Our Girl instead, which should provide many opportunities to gaze at Ben’s assets. Pineapple optional.
  • The last two episodes of Harlots were sadly underwhelming: the writers were determined to wrap it up in a way that ensured that no female characters were harmed, which felt very trite. Obviously I’m biased, as my primary interest in the show died halfway through episode 6. (Although I was amused to see that Hugh was listed in the credits of episode 7 for playing the corpse.) 
  • For the first time in a long time I actually have no idea what Hugh will be working on, other than maybe his tan – he does have four completed projects that I know of, but only Hampstead has an actual release date. Expect the usual pining and uninformed speculation in the interim.
  • Once I got past the idea of Rich Goulding playing Harry as something other than an illiterate moron, I was completely captivated by the film version of King Charles III.
  • Versailles continues to get better each week, and I don’t think that’s just the Prosecco talking: it’s especially nice to see Gblags finally getting to do something other than mope.
  • Tveit is spending his summer in my fair state, albeit two hours west of me: please let it be a launching pad for his eventual return to Broadway.
  • Fra turned 30. What?
  • And speaking of Irishmen, this week the saga of Killian in Kinky Boots comes to its conclusion – and another story, as they say, must begin.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I was wondering if you could do some research on Harry and Zayn's jewelry? Your just so good at it! I know how some bloggers don't like when people ask this and if you are one of them, please disregard this ask. Thanks and much love.

Whelp, I was planning on looking into it anyway since it got mentioned and my interest was piqued.  I think I might have been mixing up some things though. The turquoise ring had actually been spotted back in November and I was remembering that as well as some times Harry could have been mirroring with clothing.

I’ve been meaning to do a stunt shade masterpost for Harry and each of the other boys anyway, so I’ll go ahead and do Harry’s.

After the leaving tour part was announced and before Zayn quitting was announced, the boys were leaving space for Zayn on stage.  This is the Manila concert and Harry very clearly sitting with a gap between him and the others.  Niall made him scoot closer.

Then in Jakarta he wore his hair up in two ponytails like Zayn did on Graham Norton during FOUR promo.  It’s a distinctive hairstyle and there’s no way Harry wasn’t specifically referencing Zayn.

Harry still had the ponytails in when he got to the airport in South Africa after flying from Jakarta.  In my opinion, this either takes some determination because you wouldn’t be able to lean your head back comfortably, or he put the ponytails back in after the flight.

Harry was also using Zayn’s mic grip during one of the shows.  I know I researched into it and verified through video that it was yellow and it wasn’t just light glare, but I’m having trouble figuring out which concert it was now.

This is from Anne, but I’m counting it anyway.  This was a tweet she made two days after the announcement to help comfort fans.  Looks pretty familiar, right?

It’s got the exact same phrase from the message that was on Zayn’s Twitter for a long time.  It seems to me she was telling fans not to worry and to sit back and wait out the stunt.

I subscribe to the idea that the boys have been leaving space for Zayn at certain times since he left.  The first was on The Late Late Show I think.  Notice how Harry is pretty far removed from Liam, Niall, and Louis.

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The Flaws of A Perfectionist PART 2 (Harry Styles imagine)

First part you find here

Your POV

‘Harry?’ A faint voice fills your ears. You don’t recognize it and you have no idea who’s talking, until you hear the name again and feel your own lips moving. Your voice sounds so different, making you wonder how long it’s been since you talked to someone. It sounds rusty and tired, even when it feels like you have been sleeping for days.

‘Y/N. Can you open your eyes for me, please?’ A manly voice startles you. You don’t know this voice. You’ve never heard it before, and there is a small part of you that suddenly wonders if you are kidnapped. But then the voice continues, and things get more clear. ‘You’re in the Saint Mary hospital in London, Y/N. You collapsed in a store yesterday.’

It’s not so comforting to hear, but it’s still better than being kidnapped… and you’re able to hear him so you’re probably not dead either. Your chances are even better than expected.

It takes a while to get used to the light in the room when you open your eyes, but when you do and the silhouette in front of you gets clearer every second, you see an older man, in his fifties, with a warm smile, standing beside your hospital bed.

‘Y/N. Can you tell me how you feel?’ He asks you, the same warm voice filling your ears again.

‘H- Head hurts.’ You need to swallow before you go on. ‘And I need some water.’

‘Of course.’ He smiles, already pouring out a cup and hands it over to you. And water never tasted as nice as it does right now.

‘Have you been working a lot recently?’ He asks you while you empty the whole cup.

You think about his question for a few seconds before you answer. ‘It’s been busy at work, yes. But it’s always like that in this time of the year. And I take time for myself, I really do… I-’

‘You collapsed due to stress, Y/N. Your co-workers told us you fainted a couple of times in the past week.’

‘I just haven’t been eating a lot, that’s all… it’s-’

‘That’s just a part of it. Not eating or sleeping, nor taking any time to yourself.’ He tilts his head to his shoulder. ‘You are a hard worker, and there’s nothing wrong with that but you do have to take care of your body. Because otherwise things like this happen and your boyfriend needs to fly over in panic from L.A., scaring our staff with his phone calls.’

Near the end you stare at him confused. Your boyfriend? What the hell did he do now?

‘That’s the Harry you were talking about, isn’t it?’

You nod, suddenly remembering your own voice calling his name when you were waking up. And it also finally sinks in what the man in front of you just said. ‘Is he here?’ You ask him, suddenly missing you curly boyfriend with every vein in your body.

‘He will be, any moment. You chose a great time to come back to us.’ He smiles again. ‘I talked to him over the phone when he landed. I made it his mission to make sure you take your rest in the following weeks. You need it.’

You nod slowly, although you know sooner or later, Harry has to leave again. And you will be alone again. And the only thing keeping you from thinking about Harry, will be your work. That’s how it always goes.

A soft, but sure knock on the door startles you both and when your favourite curls appear in the doorframe, happy tears appear in your eyes. In the corner of your eye you see the doctor nod and walking over to where Harry stands. Harry shakes his hand, they exchange a few words and then the doctor disappears. You have to remember to thank him before you leave this place.

Your eyes follow Harry while he walks over to your foot end and he leans with his hands on the rail of the bed. ‘I am so angry with you right now, you realize that?’ His voice sounds restrained and his eyes tell you the same thing as his words. ‘You know very well I am in L.A. and I’m not able to come to you when something happens. And when the hospital calls me to say that you are not okay, I freak out. You could’ve been in an accident, or you could’ve eaten something bad, or something like that. Because I trust that you take care of the girl I love when I’m not around. And unless it is something you can’t control, I trust that you are save and okay and alive.’ He pauses for an instant, and although you already have a feeling where he is going, you are still taking in every word and every expression he gives you because you missed it all… You missed it so much, it feels like new right now.

‘But instead, you work your but off. You’re not eating. You’re barely getting any sleep…’

‘You’re exaggerating.’

‘Says the girl in the hospital bed.’ He frowns, boring his angry eyes into yours. ‘You didn’t even tell me about the fainting. You completely shut me out for days, not telling me anything about you and always asking how my shows have been and how I’m doing. And I’m too blind to even notice.’

‘It’s not your fault, Harry. You-’

That makes him burst out in a fake, short laugh. ‘Oh no , it’s yours. Of course it’s not my fault. But I still feel guilty because I’m your boyfriend. And I had to be here. I had to keep asking about it but I just thought you didn’t like talking about it because it stressed you out.’ He sighs after that, lowering his eyes. ‘Turns out I was right about something there.’


But he doesn’t let you finish and his eyes shoot right back to you before he goes on. ‘We are going to make an understanding here, missy. Because I don’t think I can do this One Direction thing anymore if I have to worry about your perfectionist behaviour all the time.’ He stands right up again, walks over to the side of your bed and sits himself next to you. ‘I’m staying for the week. We are going to make an agreement about the hours you are going to work. When I leave again to continue the tour I’m going to call you every night and you are going to tell me exactly what you ate and when. Same goes for your hours of sleep. We are going to book a vacation for this month. You can choose the destination, but it’s going to be this month. Although I know it’s your busiest time of the year. I don’t care. Your health is more important.’

‘You thought this through on the plane, didn’t you?’

‘Sure I did.’ And the proud sparkle in his eyes makes you giggle.

And it’s the first time you see the corners of his mouth go upwards and it feels so good to see his smile again.

‘I missed that.’ You point out to him.

‘You missed what?’

‘Your smile.’

And suddenly his full laugh breaks through and it’s the best thing you’ve seen in a while.

‘I have to be honest and tell you that a couple of hours ago I thought I was never going to be able to smile again.’ He says while taking your hand and intertwining his fingers with yours.

‘I’m sorry.’ You tilt your head, looking desperately at his lips.

His smirk tells you he knows exactly what you’re thinking and it doesn’t take long for him to reach for yours. ‘I bet you are.’ And the moment your lips connect in the perfect kiss, it feels like everything is right again. And it is. Because Harry is here and you are here and there’s nothing you need more. 

‘Don’t ever do this to me again though.’ He mumbles between your lips. ‘I don’t think I’ll survive another flight like this anymore.’ And with those words you make it your mission to never let it happen again. Although you can’t deny how happy you are having him here with you for now. 

Until you both get startled when you hear another soft knock on the door. For a minute it confuses you, but when you see the look on Harry’s face after your lips part, you kind of get an idea of what’s happening.

‘Turns out, they really wanted to make sure you were okay as well.’ He smiles. And soon after you see Niall’s blond quiff, Liam’s relieved expression and Louis’ happy eyes appear in the room, all of them ready to give you a very loving and warm hug.


She fit. Somehow her eyes matched the colour of the wooden floors. Somehow the pink of her lips matched the petals in the vase. Somehow her laughter blended in with the chime of the bells on the porch. In the house Harry had grown up in, the house he called home, she managed to be a perfect fit.

One inked arm was snaked around her waist while the other was covering his eyes. His red stained face was erupting in a fit of embarrassed giggles as his dimples remained on full display. His mother had insisted on bringing out the photo albums. All of them. From the womb to adulthood, all of Harry’s moments were on display for his girlfriend. As much as the pale, dimpled boy with a mop of curls was something Harry would rather not see, he couldn’t bring himself to cover his eyes for more than a few seconds. Because if he did he’d miss her. And her face wasn’t something he ever wanted to miss. The way she’d laugh at Harry as a boy and the way her heart would swell when she’d see him on stage. It had all happened before her yet she felt like she was there. Those moments, those memories had all shaped him to be the man he was today, the man she loved. The mismatched pieces of small town boy and global superstar somehow managed to fit.

Harry was staring at her profile, lips slightly parted. A lock of her hair had fallen onto her face, obscuring his view. His tongue darted out to wet the pink skin before he ever so gently tucked the strand behind her ear. His caress lingered onto her shoulder. She froze, gaze abandoning the new photo Anne was speaking excitedly about. Their eyes locked and for a second it felt like they were the only two people in the room. In the entire world.

His stepfather cleared his throat, and Harry and Y/N were thrown back into reality. She swallowed nervously, worrying that she somehow made a bad impression. Harry rubbed her back soothingly, knowing her well enough to know that the gears of her mind were turning ferociously.

“I better head off to bed,” Y/N said quietly, suppressing a yawn.

Anne closed the album and looked at her with wide eyes. “Are you sure dear? There’s still more albums, and it’s only ten o’clock.”

She was about to agree, about to stay up as long as the sweet lady wanted her to.

“Mum, she’s tired. We’ve had a long flight. Besides, you’re boring her. No one wants to see those pictures,” he grumbled.

“Oh no, they’re great, thank you,” Y/N said politely. “I’m just a little sleepy, that’s all.”

Anne stood up and wrapped an arm around her son. “I understand, dear. But my little boy here, he’s not so fun anymore, eh?”

“Oh, he’s just the worst,” she teased, poking her finger into his dimple.

She was in the middle of unfastening her bra when she heard the door open and close quickly behind her. Calloused hands replaced hers and the bra was hastily removed and strewn across his bedroom.

“Harry, what the…?” The thought was interrupted as Harry palmed her exposed breasts, rolling and kneading into a heavenly rhythm.

Harry’s low voice whispered against the outer shell of her ear. “Apparently, my girlfriend doesn’t think I’m fun anymore.”

She looked at him, her wide eyes a dead giveaway that she was turned on. “Your parents…”

“Are in the other room, and the door is locked. Now, admit me touching you like this is fun,” he purred.

She all too willingly gave in. “Okay, okay, I admit, you’re fun,” she giggled.

Satisfied, Harry leaned down and kissed each of her nipples.

“But not as much fun as when you were younger,” she teased.

Harry’s mouth turned into the most amazing smirk. He gently pushed her body onto his mattress and spread her legs with his knees. “If my parents weren’t down the hall from us, I’d show you how much fun we could really have. But my mum named me, she doesn’t need to hear you screaming my name over and over.”

Y/N’s jaw dropped and she could feel herself come undone just by his words alone. Harry pressed two fingers into her jean covered crotch. “Christ,” he muttered. She was already so wet. So ready.

He placed a chaste kiss to her lips and pulled away. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to start something I can’t finish. If you need release, I’ll help you.” His words were sweet instead of suggestive. He couldn’t stand the thought of her needing him and not delivering.

“I’m okay”, she breathed. “What about you?” Her eyes were focused on the prominent bulge.

“Yeah, I’m going to shower, I’ll be back soon,” Harry said, kissing her forehead swiftly.

Harry’s wet hair was in a bun and he was wearing nothing but his tattoos and boxers. He climbed into the bed with her, careful not to disturb her sleeping frame.

He heard a light knock on the door. He didn’t respond; he knew it was mother and he knew she’d come in anyways.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the couch,” Harry said quietly, eyes still locked on the steady rise and fall of her chest.

“I know,” Anne said softly, closing the door behind her. “I came to talk to you. About her actually.” She too was staring at the sleeping girl, so thankful that the beauty was in her son’s life.

Harry turned to look at his mother, eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“I like her, Harry. She’s special, and although I never thought I’d ever say this—ever—I think she’s good enough for you.” Her eyes were shining.

Harry simply nodded, her words meaning more to him than he could ever say.

“I can tell she makes you happy, and I like who you when you are with her,” Anne continued.

Harry softly played with a few loose strands of her hair. “I haven’t been with anyone since her. Since I first laid eyes on her, its only been her,” Harry whispered.

Anne smiled. “I’m glad. But she’s sensitive, that I can tell. Don’t you ever hurt her Harry.” She was speaking up for Y/N but that was Harry’s job.

“I won’t. I love her. Mum, I’m in love with her,” he admitted.

Anne’s smile lit up the dark room. “I know. And I’m pretty sure she loves you back.” Harry could only hope.

“Thank you, mum,” Harry said, emotion tainting his voice, as he pulled his mother into a hug. “Thank you for teaching me how to love and for raising me to be a man worthy of love.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke. “You are so welcome, son, so welcome. But I should be thanking you. For everything.”

With a last nod, Anne exited the room leaving Harry and Y/N alone. He knew he had to sleep elsewhere but for that moment he just wanted to take comfort in the fact that she was there and safe with him.

His fingers drew light patterns on her head so that her sleep would be peaceful. She stirred, and Harry immediately froze.

“I love you, too,” she whispered.

Her eyes were closed but her lips were pulled into a knowing smile. She heard.

“Come here,” Harry said softly, pressing her body against his. Their legs were a tangled mess and her head rested into the crook of his neck. A perfect fit.

what larries don’t get (amongst other things)

- closeting someone against their will is illegal and i seriously doubt modest would do that bc you know… consequences
- if louis and harry really wanted to come out so desperately they could’ve left ages ago (like zayn did)
- if louis and harry were in a relationship and didn’t come out yet, there would be a good (and probably personal) reason behind it
- therefore trying to out louis and harry against their will is not only shitty, but also very disrespectful and definitely NOT something you should do to anyone. ever.
- a lot of people in this fandom are actually in the closet for their own reasons and aren’t planning on coming out anytime soon, and knowing that there are people who are willing to out someone makes them feel anxious and extremely unsafe (although most larries claim to be a “safe space for everyone”)
- there are more sexualities than straight and gay
- you can’t tell if someone is gay by looking at their wrist or the way they walk. you just can’t. 
- projecting sterotypes onto louis (like the “gay wrist” i just mentioned) is homophobic. plus yall aren’t trans rights activists for believing harry is trans bc he wears floral pattern shirts.
- thinking louis and harry can’t even look at a woman (more specifically: a person with boobs) without feeling sick is also homophobic and transphobic
- basically 99% of what yall say is either homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or some other shit that offends and disrespects anyone who’s not a male cishet
- you being lgbtqa+ doesn’t give you the right to assume someone’s sexuality or gender identity 


Baby Boy

It’s our first night home tonight with our new baby boy. I was nervous to leave the hospital, I was nervous because I wouldn’t have a nurse there if I had any questions. I was all of my own. Except for having Harry. He’s been beautiful. I’ve been a little overwhelmed the past few days and he has taken on the roll of daddy perfectly. His reassurance throughout all of my moments of doubt have helped me pick myself back up and get on with it.

Having gone through quite a difficult and very long labour I am still in a lot of pain but my little boy needs me so I am just getting on with it and giving him all the love that I can.

He’s so tiny and so precious. He defiantly has Harry’s eyes and although he only has a little bit of hair, I think he looks like a spitting image of Harry (minus the dimples).

He sleeps regularly and we already seem to have a little routine going. He feeds well, sometimes he plays around a little and I don’t think he is actually hungry, I think he’s looking for comfort. It’s still early days so we’re just trying to work him out.

I was woken up by Archer’s little squeaky cries. I laid there for a moment, hoping that he would settle so that I could selfishly get some more sleep but he didn’t. I felt Harry’s arm realise from my waist as he rolled over, climbing out of bed and walking over to the bassinet.

“Hey little man” Harry’s sleep voice spoke. “Shhh it’s okay” he softly spoke as he picked Archer up, patting him in hopes of calming him down a little. I smiled at the sight in front of me. My miracle baby and my angel husband. Harry was so gentle and patient with Archer, always softly touching him or stroking his face to put him to sleep.

Harry walked over the the bed, sitting down on the edge, Archer’s cries now silenced as he stared up at his adoring dad. “I can’t believe his ours Harry” I spoke, sitting up. “Neither can I. I’m so proud of you baby. You took such good care of him when he was inside of you and now you’re going to be even better at taking care of him as he grows. You’ve done so well” he smiled, his eyes moving from Archer to me. “I love you” I smiled. “I love you a million times more” he spoke, leaning over to kiss me.

“I think someone’s hungry mummy” Harry spoke and Archer began crying again. I looked to to clock, seeing that it was 2:15am before speaking, “So do I” I said. I got out of bed, moving to stand in front of Harry and a crying Archer. “Come here baby” I quietly spoke, taking Archer’s wriggling body from Harry’s arm.

“Go back to sleep baby, I’ve got this” I told Harry. “Are sure?” Harry asked. “I’m sure Harry. I need to figure this one out on my own. Me and this little guy need to figure each other out a little more and I wanna try to do this on my own.” I spoke, telling Harry how I felt. “Okay sweetheart, call for me if you need anything at all. You’ll be fine though, you’re a natural at this whole mothering thing” he smiled up at me.

I leaned down, giving Harry a sweet kiss before leaving him to go back to sleep as Archer and I went into his nursery just down the hall where we successfully completed out first middle of the night feed at home on our own.

Happy Louis=Happy Me

Two posts have crossed my dash over the last day and both had similar sentiments that I really wanted to add to, but felt bad hijacking ….so I’ll make this separate and link you to their’s as well.

The first post by proudoflou

“I’ve been to lots of concerts last year and we’ve all seen him there-he didn’t look that happy, rarely interacted with the fans, he didn’t move/dance that much.  It felt like he did as little as he had to do, sang his parts but mainly interacted with Zayn, Liam and Niall and didn’t really care about much else during the shows”

The second post by larryappreciation

“look I’m just gonna say …Louis at the Otra Sydney show was withdrawn and almost unhappy looking on stage.  I was there and I mentioned it to people afterwards. You’re drawn in by his beauty and it didn’t really hit me until afterwards that he was so quiet and almost stilted on stage”

You should know that both posts move on to express how happy they are that Louis has seemed so happy during this new leg of the Otra tour and how much it has meant to them to see this transition where it feels almost as if we are starting to see the Louis from early days again.  The happy, bouncy, smiley, high energy Louis that many people (myself included) were initially drawn to.

And I just wanted to add that I have been feeling the exact same way and wanted to share a little bit from my show in Philly last summer.  I was sat row 2 B stage so they were literally directly in front of me for a large part of the show. The one part that Cass wrote about how you’re drawn in by his beauty is so accurate I can not even put it into words.  I have hundreds of pictures from the show (btw-this was the show where Harry Styles lost all the fucks he ever had to give and I will forever be grateful that I got a front row seat to watch this…moving on) and do you know how many pictures I have of Louis smiling?  I went back and looked through them just to be sure.  One.  And it’s not his big beautiful smile that I adore.  It’s more of a soft subdued smile.

I’m going to add some of my pictures to give you an idea of Louis’ demeanor during the show.  

I have so many more that I could add, but I feel like I’ve made my point.  Although to me, I didn’t necessarily think that he seemed as if he wasn’t invested, he did seem quiet and withdrawn…and a bit sad to be perfectly honest.  I was so jacked up on adrenaline after my show that I didn’t even process it…I couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked up close.  He was ethereal.  My concert report touched largely on all of the Harry and Lirry moments during the show (because there were so many) as well as the high energy from Liam, Niall and Harry.  I think most of my reviews of Louis and Zayn surrounded how beautiful they were and looking back, I can absolutely see that he was holding himself back.

That’s why I wanted to concur with the prior two posts about how very happy I am to see him smiling, engaging with the other members as well as the fans, and basically becoming himself again more freely.  It truly is overwhelming to think about.  I have a Happy Louis tag (when I remember to tag–sadly not often), but just as an example:





He’s happy.  He’s engaged.  He’s smiling and laughing and throwing water on people.  And he’s just being…..Louis.  And when I say that this is the biggest indicator to me that things are definitely changing for the better….this is exactly why.  Because he’s growing more comfortable being himself again on stage.  He’s happy.  And that means very much a lot to me.

anonymous asked:

The management seems desperate for articles to be written about Louis and frankly, I don't think any would be written if he simply got papped going to a club. We know Louis is happy and comfortable doing this, he doesn't even have to walk alongside the girls for articles to be written so... whatever reason they have for keeping Louis popular before the match (I think its pretty evident), its working. I believe they just want his name to appear in tabloids.

Anonymous said:

Hi, Irina! Do you believe this single-and-hitting-on-girls Louis narrative is being pushed by Modest or Azoff? If it’s Modest, then they still have the power? And if it’s Azoff, why would the boys sign with someone who would go on with this sickness? IF this is the narrative that’s really being pushed, I’m not even sure! I read your warnings in the askbox and this seems ok to me, if it doesn’t I apologize. xx

(Don’t worry about it, nonnie #2 xx)

Hi, lovelies! I think this is intentional (paps don’t wait around in front of clubs for random celebs, they’re called) but I don’t think they’re trying to sell a narrative, it’d get much more attention if it was a something they were trying to push from the inside. They obviously benefit from outlets talking about Louis in any way because it helps rising his profile but I don’t think they’re trying to sell the Louis + girls narrative at all. It’s interesting that it seems to be coming from The Daily Mail (quickly followed by The Mirror) so I do wonder what’s their agenda (I mean, it’s clicks obviously but why are they so adamant to talk about it? Why are they always the first ones?). I don’t think Modest has that much power anymore, I don’t think they could make Louis do this so I don’t believe it’s them. These are the first results when you search Louis Tomlinson:

We have 4 articles about the girl (started by the DM in both cases), 2 about the Coca-Cola ad, 1 about his argument with NB and 1 about Lilo songwriting. I honestly think if this was something they really want to push, it’d be handled differently (we already have experience with that, see how it used to be with Harry). This looks like the Daily Mail and other tabloids are exploiting the opportunity without an actual effort from the management (although, like I said, it’s positive for them because it puts Louis out there - which is the main strategy we’ve witnessed this break).

Anon #2, I don’t think this is what it used to be at all and it doesn’t compare with those disgusting methods. If you look at the pictures you see that: he’s not engaging with the girls in a romantic way, he leaves with a big group of people (with more than one girl, even) and, most importantly, he doesn’t have his ‘kill me now’ face on. I don’t think he’d look so happy if this was a thing that would drag him again to the “straight” path. Honestly, I don’t think this is consistent enough to say it’s being pushed as a narrative - I really think it’s just an opportunistic and easy way to be on the headlines. Stuff like Billboard (with more than 60 articles in less than a month), on the other hand, looks suspicious as hell. Let’s see how this Louis + girls evolves but I don’t believe it’s getting anywhere important.