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I was totally going to catch up with tumblr posts, which I haven’t really been keeping up with for like 10 days or so. I totally was! I sat down at the computer and was affirming myself like crazy with things like, “OK, today, you are going to catch up. You are! You are going to just do it! And you are NOT going out onto the beach until you do, you jerk!” But…but…It’s just too much. Like waaaaaaaay too much. Like, thousands of posts. Plus, although it’s cloudy and kinda cold and it’s probably going to rain again, I really want to go out on the beach. Because that’s when I prefer to be out there, on weekdays when the weather is kinda crappy so that there aren’t a billion other people out there and maybe I can be out there for a little while without burning my white-ass self to a crisp. So…Yeah. 

So, if I follow you, consider all your posts for like the last 10 days liked. Because I just can’t. And the beach is calling.

(This was sent to me off anon, awhile ago. When things were bad earlier, I asked permission to share):

“So basically __ is the head manager of the private room division (amongst other things) at The Dorchester in London. Louis and Harry regularly went on dates together near the end of the month (for their anniversary).   For them it was ideal, considering that the hotel offers this private room policy that gave them the peace & quiet they were looking for. The hotel offers private dining but doesn’t require the clients to purchase an annual club membership, so it was fairly easy for them to arrange dates without too much hassle. Although there was still loads of paper work involved.

I never really get to hear the full stories because there are a lot of contracts and legal issues involved but basically ___ has shared little details with me, that they are very affectionate, they love candles and slow music (the room is set according to their preferences), they often give each other small kisses and even share food. Those disgusting details and the fact that they are very polite and generous tippers.

It’s funny because ___ deals with the celebrity crowd on a daily basis and couldn’t care less about two members of a boyband but always says that L&H definitely stand out because they are always so polite. Even the staff love them and they usually despise celebs because of their attitude but whenever L&H came around for a meal, they greeted all the staff members that were assigned to work with them and always told them how nice the food was etc…

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I just feel Bonnie & Enzo were pulled in our minds violently and without development & then when they were starting to develop...They kill him. Like, for sure,I don't like them because they didn't let me. Prefer Bonkai, Beremy or even the Bamon stuff

I agree with you, they should have developed them much, much more. Bonnie/Damon is a great friendship. I liked Bonnie and Jeremy and although I love Bonkai, Kai has this habit of trying to kill children and well…Bonnie probably deserves better than that, ya know :) 

Don’t Say You Love Me | Park Chanyeol ft. Oh Sehun

Genre Fluff, Little Comedy

Word Count1.9k

SummaryYour singleness becomes a bother to your brother like bestfriends Baekhyun and Junmyeon. This results in them setting out to find you your so-called soul mate, without consulting you of course. But will they both decide to agree on the same guy to be your perfect match?

Part 1 Part 2 >>

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“You ask me one more time which one I prefer, I’ll pour my drink equally over each of you, walk out of this coffee house and never speak to either of you again… ” You calmly threatened, resulting in a very scared looking beagle and a much more concerned looking bunny. Although the question of ‘Movie or Picnic Date?’ seemed like a pretty simple one to answer, it had to be at least the fiftieth cosmopolitan quiz Baekhyun made you take and you were growing more than annoyed and snappy.

“Yeesh movie night it is! You need to appreciate the fact that we are going out of our way to make sure you aren’t spending your Friday nights or the rest of your life alone. Now…big hands or broad shoulders?” He read out with a sheepish grin whilst you fought the urge to accidentally murder him. Obviously it didn’t enrage you to that extent, but you complained once about not being able to find the right guy and all of a sudden you have two personal dating assistants who are on a hunt to find you a boyfriend.

“Yeah! We have lives too but no, we’re sat here trying to find out what type of guy you’d actually be happy with. What other best friend cares so much about the other’s happiness? None that I can recall” Classic Junmyeon answered his own question, causing you to instantly groan at their assumptions of you not appreciating their efforts.

“Guys the only thing that would make me the happiest girl in the world is if you guys finally go back to practice and leave me some peace and quiet” You requested sweetly and they scoffed at your apparent ungrateful attitude before slowly getting up and making their way back to their dance studio. You couldn’t help but wonder who they’d decide to set you up with based on the few years they’d known. You were also a fellow idol with your girl group under the same company, so you were also friends with their group members but not as close. You didn’t expect much from either of them, as long as they didn’t throw you into anything complicated, you were fine.

Sat leaning against the cold practice room mirror, you took a sip of water before to call Baekhyun back after seeing you had ten missed calls and received at least fifteen messages from him. Mentally preparing yourself for the excited screech that was about to erupt from your phone, you waited for him to pick up.

“I FOUND THE PERFECT GUY FOR YOU!” His voice boomed across the line, causing you momentarily hold the phone away from your face. Regardless of how stupid you thought this was, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach flip at the idea of an apparently perfect guy. You began to wonder what he actually might be like… Did he have the same music taste? Was he a night or morning shower person? Did he know what he was getting himself into? You were soon snapped out of your thoughts when Baekhyun screeched your name multiple times into his receiver.

“Gosh I’m still here Baek! My ability to hear may not be though” You muttered, sighing at the consistent ramble he fell back into as soon as he got your attention.  You found that he decided to set you up with his best friend Chanyeol, who you’d run into on multiple occasions but neither of you had decided to initiate anything because… It never came up?

“Umm Baekhyun are you sure you’re okay with me dating your best friend?” You questioned; obviously hoping that he’d taken all of that into consideration because… Park Chanyeol.

“Obviously! How awesome would that be? Two of my best friends in a relationship and if it works out, you can thank me at your wedding and name your firs-”

“Woah woah woah there! Calm it, I haven’t even said yes to this” You teased, instantly hearing him gasp because you knew full well that he already told Chanyeol that you said yes. But you didn’t mind because you actually liked Chanyeol as far as you knew him.

“He’ll pick you up at twelve thirty in the afternoon tomorrow, he has a surprise date planned for you! I hope you like roller coasters!” He spilled causing you to physically face palm at his inability to keep secrets. Poor Chanyeol, you kept a note to act surprised the next day.

“Okay I’m hanging up before you drop anymore clues, because the last one was obviously so vague. Bye Baek!” You chuckled before locking your phone and making your way back to your dorm.

As you walked along the long corridors, you saw someone running almost at the speed of light towards the dance studio you had just been in.  Figuring that it was probably someone who forgot something in the room, you continued to walk but you were soon stopped by a familiar voice calling your name. You quickly turned around to find a pink tinted Junmyeon walking towards you, he seemed slightly out of breath from his bolt but he looked extremely excited.

“I found the perfect guy for you!” He exclaimed, making you smile again at the thought of Chanyeol.

“I know I know Baekhyun told me, I’m really excited to go out with him” You tried to play it cool, but you couldn’t help but let out a little squeal at the end of your sentence. He looked happy with your reaction but slightly confused as to how Baekhyun knew already.

“Wow news spreads fast… So make sure you’re ready by eight tomorrow night, he’ll drop by at your dorm” He smiled, but now it was your turn to get confused as Baekhyun had clearly told you a different time.

“Umm no isn’t he picking me up at twelve in the afternoon? I’m pretty sure that’s what Baek said” You clarified, causing Junmyeon’s eyes to widen as he almost solved what went wrong.

“Sehun must’ve told him something different I guess. Anyways, have fun on your date!” He shrugged beginning to walk towards the elevator.

“Why would Sehun tell Baekhyun what time I’m going on a date with Chanyeol?” You asked after him, resulting in him stopping dead in his tracks and slowly turning to you with those wide eyes again.

“Why are you going on a date with Chanyeol?” He asked quietly, but you began to panic at his oblivion because… Who were you supposed to go on a date with?

“Because Baekhyun set me up with Chanyeol… Why are you asking?” You questioned with a cautious tone.

“Because I set you up with Sehun!” He blurted and your heart instantly stopped. You had been set up on two different dates on the same day; by the idiots you called your best friends. Deciding not to take the confusion farther by just talking to Junmyeon, you invited both of them to the dorms because you know… you just wanted to talk.

“Let me get this straight, you dimwits decided to set me up with two different people and agreed for me to go on dates with both of them on the same freaking day?! How did you not talk to each other before talking to Chanyeol or Sehun? Actually, how did you not talk to me before agreeing? Did you think about how messed up this situation is? Can you imagine how awkward it’s going to be for me to choose between whom to actually go out with tomorrow?” You ranted as you paced back and forth in front of the couch they both sat at, looking half-guilty and half determined. The pairs of eyes that were once following your back and forth movements, were now widened at your last question.

“What do you mean you have to choose who you go out with tomorrow? I can’t break Chanyeol’s heart because you decided to pick Sehun” Baekhyun exclaimed.

“So you pick Sehun?” Junmyeon jumped at the opportunity, and the urge to murder both of them brutally, was beginning to build back up.

“I was speaking hypothetically…” Baekhyun muttered though gritted teeth. “She’s obviously going to pick Chanyeol” He shrugged confidently, looking up at my glare with his hopeful eyes.

“My guy has a great date idea and an adorable personality” Junmyeon started, and you threw your hands up in the air as you realised that this was now a conversation between them only.

“My guy composes and can make her laugh” Baekhyun argued.

“My guy has broad shoulders and has a puppy”

“Well my guy… has a deep voice!”

“My guy has an amazing butt!”

“Is it just me, or do you actually want Sehun to be your guy?” Baekhyun cracked, turning to you in hopes of subsiding your annoyance. However, you were not entertained.

“Whatever you two need to decide between yourselves who I’m actually going with, and the other one has to let their friend know that I’m not available anymore” You stuck to your initial decision, but they weren’t ones to back down either.

“Okay, how about you go on both dates? They’re at completely different times of the day. By the time you get back from your date with Chanyeol, you’ll have a good few hours to get ready for your date with Sehun! And at the end of the day, you can let us know who you liked better” Baekhyun simply suggested, but an instinct inside you made it feel like this was wrong.

“Isn’t that two timing though?” You pointed in annoyance. You couldn’t deny that you wanted to go on dates with both of them. Sehun was always that slightly annoying sweet funny guy you hung out with at Junmyeon’s dorm room, and you did have many movie nights together after usually Junmyeon passed out half way through the first movie. But Chanyeol was also someone you’d adored because he was practically with Baek 24/7 and you two had shared many laughs in his studio.

“I mean technically it’s not two timing if you’re actually not in a committed relationship with either of them. We just need to make sure neither of them know that they’re going out with the same girl” Junmyeon finished, making Baekhyun agree with him for the first time that day.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this… You guys are going to take all of the blame if anything goes wrong” You made them promise. 

They began to exit your dorms before once again, breaking into argument about who the better choice would be.

“Sehun’s laugh is precious and he has God sent eyebrows with the strong features of a Greek God” Junmyeon strongly argued, causing both of you to raise an eyebrow.

“Hyung are you a hundred percent sure you don’t have a thing for Sehun?” Baekhyun asked again, earning him a smack behind his head before the two idiots decided to get back to their dorms. You had a big day ahead of you…

A/N: I know neither of them showed up in this Chapter, but this is the beginning of the series and I wanted it to have a little fun intro. The future Chapters will be mainly fluff, but the last Chapter is scheduled to have major Angst (Spoiler much? Lol) Anyways, I hope you Loves liked this Chapter and let me know whether you’re team Chanyeol or Sehun on this one, just for fun.Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx


February Book Review - A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness

I’m not going to try and explain the premise of this book. I wouldn’t do it justice, and although I usually prefer to have some information about a novel before I pick it up, in this case I think it’s better to just start reading without knowing much about the actual story. All I’ll say is that after finishing the book last night, I have a feeling it will be on my mind for a while, and I’m definitely planning to watch the movie adaptation at some point in the future.

MY RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

WHAT I LIKED MOST: The writing style. It was fairly simplistic compared to that of some books I’ve read, yet it conveyed so much emotion and detail. I could vividly picture everything that was happening, even without the wonderfully eerie illustrations.

WHAT I LIKED LEAST: I wouldn’t say there was anything I really disliked about this book. I did have a few questions that weren’t fully answered, but I think that made the story (particularly the ending) all the more effective.

FAVOURITE CHARACTER: I had mixed feelings about pretty much everyone, to be perfectly honest, and because the book is somewhat short and it takes a while for me to get attached to characters, I don’t exactly have a *favourite*. I found the monster to be the most interesting, though, and I always enjoyed reading its dialogue.

FAVOURITE LINE: “Stories are wild creatures. When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak?”

RECOMMENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone looking for a quick but emotion-filled read, a book that has a sad atmosphere without being completely depressing, and/or something a little bit creepy and intense.

REGARDING THE AUTHOR: This is the first novel I’ve read by Patrick Ness, but I’ve heard lots of praise for his other books, especially the Chaos Walking trilogy. I do plan to read more of Ness’s work at some point, once I’ve gotten through the series that are at the top of my priority list. Feel free to check out @patricknessbooks if you want to know more about his writing, or if (like me) you appreciate cat photos with amusing captions.

I’ll announce the next novel I’m reviewing on Wednesday, March 1st. I’m really enjoying this book-of-the-month thing so far.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Seven Sins

Marichat Week, Day 3: Sin
TW: some sexual references, 
Synopsis: A look into Chat Noir and Marinette’s relationship.
A/N: So I wasn’t feeling straight up NSFW and I thought doing the sins would be interesting so here!


Although Chat Noir tends to be more of a leader as his civilian self, Adrien, he much prefers taking a backseat when it comes to life. He’s more than happy to help Ladybug and not take the lead unless he has to. And he likes just sitting back and letting things happen, only intervening if something bad will happen if he doesn’t.

But this laidback attitude doesn’t come without drawbacks. Chat is horrible when it comes to confrontations and his own feelings. Whenever he’s upset he puts on Chat Noir’s mask and flees. It’s something he’s done ever since he met Plagg and it’s something Marinette is now used to.

The two sit at her desk playing video games to pass the time. He started coming over two weeks ago, when things at home got more and more tense. She had welcomed him with open arms, but he noticed how more and more tense she seemed when he came over.

“Is something wrong?” he asks as he kicks her mecha.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” she replies too quickly. He glances over and catches her eye. Marinette sighs.

“I know your home life’s difficult, but I’m just worried that, well, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but don’t you think you might be making it worse by not talking to your parents?” She doesn’t know anything. There’s no such thing as talking to his father. Silence is normal and natural in the Agreste home and although Adrien would like to talk to his father about their strained relationship, that’s simply not possible.

“I can’t talk to my parents about this,” he replies.

“Have you tried?”

“There’s no trying.” She pauses, watching the game play out on her computer screen for a moment before speaking up.

“I think you’re avoiding this.” Well, she’s not wrong. But even if he could talk to his father, those chances are few and far in between and besides, they’d end horribly. He knows that. But she has a point. He’s avoiding conflict. He likes to believe in the best of people and right now, more than anything, he wants to believe Marinette. He wants to believe that talking will solve all of his problems with his father.

“Marinette …” He sighs. “I’m just scared of what could happen.”


This was the last straw. Adrien couldn’t take it anymore. Forget his father with his negligence, with his cold demeanor, with his stuck-up attitude. Adrien wanted nothing more to do with it. All he had done was stick up for himself and his father turned the situation on its head, making himself into the victim and Adrien into the bad guy. What a load of crap.

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This is not meant to be hostile. I am an atheist and want to learn Arabic. Do you know of any blogs without overtly religious content for learning Arabic? Some things, like sayings, are inevitably religious (like ilhandulillah or salaam alaikum) but I would prefer a lack of religion outside of that.

Not hostile at all! However, words like “Alhamdulillah” and “Salam alykum” although they do come from Islam, don’t have much of a religious basis. “all praise to God” not only refers to any God (since Allah just means God and not just the one Muslims believe in) but its just an expression that comes out of your mouth when you’re happy. Also, its difficult to learn Arabic without learning about Arab culture, which is largely (but not completely) influenced by Islam. Similarly, you wouldn’t be able to learn Hebrew without knowing at least a little about Jewish people and their religion and culture. With all that in mind, mufradaat and arabicashits are good blogs for vocabulary. I really like warag-3nb because the poetry is so amazing and its just easy enough to understand but just difficult enough for a challenge. wonderful-language-sounds is learning Russian but tends to post about Arabic quite a bit. I’m currently v tired so this is just off the top of my head. If I find anymore, ill let you guys know. One thing I find useful is just following Arabic speaking bloggers or Arabs and you get a ton of slang words and general expressions and phrases. Happy learning ❤

one of the most important assets to school, in all levels, is the school bag. of course, there are many kinds! this post is more or less a review, but still… i do think that your school bag can affect the way you work, especially in a physical perspective. 

kanken classic. probably one of the most popular bags on tumblr, this is the current bag i am using (in the colour sand). the one i own has the laptop sleeve, and although the regular one has a sleeve on the inside, i prefer the added pocket because i feel that it supports my laptop much better than the regular one. i carry A LOT of textbooks to and from the college, so it helps my back a little. i highly recommend this bag! it feels like it never fills up, seeing that i can fit three textbooks, my notebook, pencil case, my laptop, a lunch and a water bottle in it without the bag looking horrendously full. plus its cute and waterproof (which i am VERY thankful for). 

tote bag. i see a lot of my colleagues use this, and last semester i used one too before switching to my current bag. they’re really spacious, and very cute. i recommend this bag if your textbooks aren’t heavy (or you don’t need to bring them to school very often). i used to transport my laptop in the tote as well, but i found that as my load was getting heavier, it was beginning to hurt my shoulder. the tote bag i used was the longchamp pliage, since i could fit my lunch in there as well as my laptop and books. i always go back to it whenever i have an easy week of classes, and when i don’t need my laptop.

messenger bag. again, this is another bag i see my friends use. the length of the strap does make a difference, since the weight is shifted, but its still like the tote, your shoulder does pay a price. i like these for its laptop sleeves, and to be honest, the leather ones are absolutely gorgeous. you look sharp all the time, and depending on the bag, the amount of things you can put in it varies. not very good if you pack a lunch everyday, since it is meant to be slim. my brother has a very nice leather one, and brings his laptop in it all the time. if you’re the type that brings only what they need (and buy your food) then this is the perfect choice. 

duffle bag. these bags are golden, especially if you’re like me and play on a team sport. they fit EVERYTHING. i’m on the rugby team, so i have to bring my clothes for that, plus cleats, plus everything i need for the school day, since i live too far to go back and forth from my house to practice. honestly, the size depends, and your locker determines whether or not this is a good choice. but if you bring a lot of things, this is very very good. highly recommend if you are on a sport team. 

herschel. the classic school bag. it never fails you and you can buy so many kinds. really, this is also for any other brand of bag that exists. the classic school bag is always a great choice because it supports your back, and you can choose the size that you think will suit best. 

in all honesty, i believe that your well being should come first before the look of the bag. i know that not everyone can afford a kanken or some fancy leather messenger bag. as long as your bag is comfortable, fits, and effectively brings your things to and from school, then its always the perfect bag. what is most important is that you don’t hurt your shoulder or back because of the load. if its too heavy because of your textbooks, then hold one of them because it makes a huge difference. having a sore back or shoulder at the end of the day affects your study time. so having a bag you’re comfortable with is always important. 

stay humble, study hard. 

Writer friends, what is your preferred tense to write in and why?

Myself, I prefer past tense, I struggled with reading a lot of present tense fanfiction, although I have enjoyed a lot of it too, and writing in present tense feels kind of nightmarish for me and I still can’t quite figure out why (possibly part of it is the constant switch back to past without realising I’m doing it, I don’t do that nearly as much when I write in past tense.)

Beforus is accepting artist applications for last minute visual art allocations

Hello! I’m pleased to be able to tell people that, if you are a visual artist who is interested in taking part in creating visual album art for Beforus Album project, we are now once more considering applications for the project. These are last minute applications, so you may apply with the provision in mind that we need  people who will be able to produce a piece of track art fairly fast (without sacrificing on quality). The hard deadline for the receipt of allocations sent to new applicants (people who apply after my posting this post) will be the 20th March, although I would much prefer them sooner than that if possible.

Nonetheless, this is still a great opportunity to put some of your art on this fantastic Homestuck fan album! With the musical content of this album practically complete, it is just the art that we need to fully get in order before the release.

In order to apply, send me an ask or a submission with a link to some of your previous artwork, or else email us at The ask must also contain an email address that I can contact you at! If you are accepted I will send you the details of your allocation immediately, otherwise I will send you an email if your application is declined. However, Beforus has a history of accepting a very large number of our applications!

All the best, and please get in touch soon! I would also appreciate if people could boost this to best help in getting everything put together.

shoutout to all the fanfic/imagine/preference writers in the fandom. although i sometimes hate you bc you just love playing with my emotions i honestly don’t know what i would do without you. keep up the amazing work and just know that there are people in the sidefam who appreciate all the time and effort you put into your writings.

much love xx