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Got7 Reacting to You Kissing/Grinding On Them

Prompt: “Hi! Could you do BTS and GOT7 (seperately) reactions to you kissing their neck and grinding on them when you want to get it on? Thank you 😄”

Mark: Mark would close his eyes and lean back when you started to kiss his neck, biting his lips. When you ground your hips against his, he’d growl and grip them to help guide you. He’d grind up against you quickly and would kiss you roughly.

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Jaebum: Jaebum would groan loudly as you kissed his neck and ground down on his member. His hands would roughly grip your hips, bruises forming under his fingertips. “You know, it’s not nice to tease, Y/N,” he’d say, flipping you over to have more control.

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Jackson: Jackson’s breathing would become irregular as you trailed kisses along his neck. He’d have one hand on your hip and another tangled in your hair when you grinded on him. He would kiss you passionately as his hips worked in time with yours.

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Jinyoung: When you straddled him, his eyes would go wide. As soon as you began to kiss his neck and grind on his lap, he would struggle to hold back noises. His hands would be placed on the small of your back as he watched your face. He’d eventually start to strip and would have you ride him.

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Youngjae: He’d become a flustered, moaning mess. He would be unsure of what to do when you sat down on his lap and would be even more lost when you kissed his neck. His moans would echo throughout the room as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and ground down on his member. 

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Bambam: Although he acts tough, I don’t think he’d have any idea what to do at first. When he eventually was used to it, he’d still be a little taken aback, but he’d start to place his hands on your ass and try to guide your movements as he grinded against your hips. He’d be rough and quick, watching your face to make sure he was pleasing you.

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Yugyeom: As soon as your lips touched his neck, he would groan and try to give you more access by tilting his head back. His hips would move in time with yours and he would have both of his hands roughly gripping your ass. He’d want to flip you guys over, only to slowly grind his hips against yours, teasing you and smirking.

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Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 15

A/N: If the format is off I’m so sorry I typed up all of this on my iPad (I’ll edit it later!)

Previous Chapter // Next Chapter

You laughed nervously, looking at the boys. They were all staring at Jenny, wide-eyed. Thomas was frowning, a sneer on his lips. How in the world could you tell her that she was right? I mean, did it even make any logical sense?

“I can explain, Jen,” You started, not actually knowing how you were going to explain this. Jenny nodded, waiting for you to continue.

But of course, one of the boys had to interrupt the peaceful conversation.

“You know, it’s polite to apologize at this point in a conversation,” Thomas said, looking at Jenny. You sighed, sitting on the stool.

Here it comes.

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Always You- Kili (Part One)

Pairing: Kili/OC

Prompt: sango-hentaitenshi asked:
Can I request a Kili x Reader where Kili thinks she’s into Fili and it takes someone pointing it out to him that it’s KILI the reader is really crazy for? Bonus points if Fili knows this and uses it to wind Kili up and flirts hella hard with Reader. Thank you!

Warnings: None!

A/N: Okay, this turned into sort of a project lol meaning that it got really, really long. I feel bad for leaving you guys hanging, so I decided to break it into parts until I can finish it. Here’s Part One…Look for the next tomorrow!

Part Two

Nori was poking at the small campfire with a stick, trying to keep the flames alive, while Ori sloshed stew into another bowl. I felt some of my anxiety deflate, just a little. It was quiet nights, like this one, I looked forward to. Even though I knew they would be even fewer and farther between as we grew closer to the Lonely Mountain.

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Romantic Entanglement

SHERLOCK: As I think I have explained to you many times before, romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people …
JOHN: … would complete you as a human being.

This line in TLD hit me so hard. Because, it’s true! Over 4 seasons, we’ve seen Sherlock learn to let friends into his life. We’ve seen him improve his family relationships, particularly with Mycroft. 

But, he’s never really opened himself up to romance. He seemed to have some feelings for the Woman, but as he says, he hardly texts her back. His relationship with Janine was a lie to get access to Magnussen.

To complete his character development arc, to become complete as a human being, this is the last hurdle Sherlock has to cross. He has to open himself up to romance. This line resonates because of its truth. And why plant that idea and then do nothing with it in the narrative?

In my mind, this line helps set up Sherlock’s character arc–and it’s evidence that Sherlock meant it when he admitted his love for Molly Hooper. It takes that idea to a conclusion. We see Sherlock become more complete as a human being. When he finally says, “I love you,” he’s opening himself up to romantic entanglement. He’s admitting he can have those feelings, and he DOES have those feelings. Eurus’s vivisection rips him open and shows his heart… and this new side of him can fill that last gap and complete his character development arc.

Yes, he admits it under duress… but that’s part of the beauty of the scene! At times in the past, he’s taken Molly for granted (although I would argue that changed in season 2). But now he’s faced with the possibility of her death–of losing her forever. He’s absolutely frantic and panicked. I think facing her impending demise, imagining what life would be like without her, makes him realize more than ever how much he cares. You can see in his eyes that her loss would destroy him.

For me, this scene fits best into the narrative if Sherlock does love Molly. He’s cleared that last hurdle and he’s about to become more complete as a human being.

Dean’s New Nickname.

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A/N: So if you follow my main blog, you can see that I am a huge slut for Harley Quinn, both animated and movie version. I love both Harley Quinn and SPN a lot so I wanted to do a little fic where the reader dresses up as club Harley when on a case with the boys. Hope you guys enjoy and I may do something with this if I get a good response towards it! ;) 

Warnings:None, except for a daddy kink. 

Words: 1,075

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Am I allowed to go into the murky waters of speculation and headcanon for Bendy and the Ink Machine or is it too soon? Too bad, I’m going in anyway. I been thinking about Bendy’s voice and how since he originally started out as a silent cartoon (more than likely), I kinda had this idea that he learned to speak over time by mimicking Joey and the other animators. So when I hear folks doing voice acting where he has that Brooklyn accent like the guy in the recording left in the studio, I’m like YES because that’s exactly what I picture. Bendy picked up the accent too. It would have taken time for him to learn that and we don’t know how long Bendy has been “alive” like, you see evidence he’s there in the studio with you causing stuff to happen throughout the first chapter, although some think he doesn’t show up until the end because you had to summon him, idk what’s right. I assume he and Boris have been around for a good while and Bendy is now all bent out of shape over being abandoned and whatever else.

Burning Love was never one that had to much in terms of a family. That is to say that she never had one. She was taken to a foster care center when she was just a little foal, around 3-4 years old. She wasn’t picked on by the others or anything (although some were hesitant to talk to her at first when they discovered her sexuality when she and them got older) but it was the fact that she didn’t have parents that got her the idea that every pony deserves a family. So when she grew old enough she decided to immediately apply at the place she grew up at in an effort to help other fillies and colts find families. She also hopes to open her own foster care center sometime in the future.
Here’s @dailyreshiram as a pony by the name of Burning Love. 2/5 for the Ponymons.

Mommy’s Note- Week 3 update

It’s been one month since Ember’s spay. I had originally planned to start the actual bonding process by now, but with the roller coaster ride we are currently on, I’ve decided to wait a little longer. 

Both buns now have a surrogate to play, snuggle, and groom, and to generally work out their frustrations. Magnus has a dinosaur (you can see it’s head in the photo) that we’ve named “Deborah”, and Ember has a stuffed sheep we’ve named “Ramses”. Both stuffies have some of the opposite bun’s fur sewn on top of the head. Magnus just drags his around by the horn, and seems to pay more attention to it when he’s bothered by Ember, and Ember grooms the face of hers, and likes to drag it with her into the hideaway when she goes for a nap. 

Ember has recently taken to destroying her litter box overnight, throwing litter and paper all over her enclosure. A wire grid directly on top of the litter seems to have stopped it for now (I had to do the same thing with Magnus when we were litter training him), but will it last?

I have removed all of the plastic netting from between the two enclosures. The distance remains, but they are now seeing more of each other. So far, so good, although Magnus seems a little put off by the idea of Ember watching him use his box…

Both buns got yard time this morning, because it was 70 degrees outside, and 80 degrees inside. So while their area was thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with Nature’s Miracle (where has this been my whole life?!), they both enjoyed the green grass and napping in the shade. Neither wanted to go back inside when the floor was dried and apartment cooled down. I had to pick Ember up for the first time in almost a month because she absolutely refused to get back in the carrier. No growling, no struggling, just quietly terrified of being eaten. 

Another change this week: Ember is tolerating some petting. I have pet her nose to tail a few times, and so long as I don’t overdo it, she tolerates it. She is enjoying when I come to clean her cage in the morning, because she knows that she gets lunch and a treat afterwards, and likes to play around my feet and hands while I pick up the mess from overnight. I’m her own personal jungle gym…

Have a good week!


Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge. The reader gets into a car crash after a fight with Dean. Song is Paradise by Sharif

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1964

Warnings: angst, language, character death

A/N: Every semicolon I used is a shot in the dark. Also this is my first fic ever so feedback is welcome/ wanted!

A giant that you to @blacktithe7 for the amazing help!!

Flashback is in italics (also labeled)


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You start to wake up not really remembering where you were. There’s a pain in your abdomen and you have no idea where that came from. You smell gasoline and it starts to feel really hot. Is that smoke? Then you hear the screams of a few people calling for help. ‘Am I on a hunt?’  You hear a familiar song playing.

Creepin’ into my head

Your body’s breathin’ me in again.

No more mistaken me as a friend.

My body’s achin

Hold me again and again and again

You slowly start to blink your eyes open, fighting the urge to leave them closed as you take in your surroundings. You’re hanging upside-down in your cherry red, 1972, Chevy Nova. You struggle to find a position that is less painful since the seatbelt is cutting deep into your shoulder. You can’t move your body as your seatbelt is locked and the buckle is jammed. You start to see small flames coming from your car and you become frantic, trying everything you can to escape. You try honking your horn, but it wont work. Terrified you will die in this car, you start crying for help, hoping someone can hear you over the chaos and loud traffic. You try everything you can to break free but the pain in your abdomen overtakes you as you drift off again listening to that memorable song.

 Take me away to paradise,

Feed me again with your love.

Take me back to where I was,

Fill me again with your love. 

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Til’ Death Do Us Part Ch. 1

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

Hello this is my first GOT7 fanfic. This is Chapter 1/?. Please help and support me I really want this to turn out well. Also this was inspired by Yours by @helpmefindinfinity ( @imaginethisbts please read if you ever have spare time) 

Summary: You and JB are arranged to be married. He’s a player and you’re the good girl. Will this marriage kill you or will it become paradise in the end?

1.3k words

Y/n = Your name

Your age: 20

All GOT7 members are their normal ages

Im Jaebum was someone everyone wanted to get their hands on.

Boy or girl they we’re all interested in him for one reason or another, even though he was slick and a player.

But you didn’t feel that way so when your parents and his agreed to marry you to him and vice versa your whole world came down.


“What do you mean I’m getting married?”

Your mom had sat you down in the living room and once she did you felt faint and nauseous, but your mom just waved you off.

“Oh darling, you’re an heiress you should get married to a great heir, the Im’s son is perfect for you.”

No he wasn’t you didn’t like him. In fact, you hated him.

“Mom please don’t do this to me.”

“We do everything for you and give you everything, do this one thing for us y/n!”

Your head dropped as you felt shameful. Your mom was right. Her and your father only ever wanted the best for you and maybe you didn’t have the same ideas, but her intentions were pure.

“I’m sorry mom.”

Your mom sighed and sat down next you grabbing hold of your shoulders, “I just want to make sure your taken care of by someone who can give you this all too. I don’t want anything less for my princess especially when I’m gone.”

You sat there hugging your mom thinking about it. It wasn’t too bad, marrying a handsome wealthy boy.

You both broke apart and went to get ready for bed and although you did your best to reason you couldn’t help but break down in tears in your pink marble bath tub.



JB threw the papers in the air and continued to stare at his father’s face.

“IM JAEBUM! You’re going to marry this girl whether you like it or not! It’s the only way to fix the bad reputation you’ve brought upon yourself.”

JB scoffed and leaned on the oak desk smirking, “My rep isn’t your business.”

JB’s father stood and pushed him back, “It is when it can stop you from taking over I.M. Enterprises.”

The disrespectful smirk on his face faded as he sobered in an instant.

“Yes, that’s right,” His father laughed, “You think the board will approve you?”

JB’s eyes moved down so they were glued to his Italian dress shoes.

“This is the only way to make you look like a responsible young man.”

JB knelt and began picking up the discarded papers. When he was done he put them in order and stared down at the big letters that read ‘Marriage Contract’ before saying, “Where do I sign?”


You stood in front of your long mirror smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles from your Elie Saab periwinkle short ball gown.

So much was going through your mind. You could barely keep track of your thoughts. What would happen after tonight? How you would keep up appearances? Are you expected to have kids with this man? What about Junior?

At the last thought you fell back onto your bed and pressed the back of your hand to your mouth to suppress your cries. Junior has been your best friend since kindergarten and somewhere along the way you fell in love with him. After that you were waiting for the sign that he felt the same. You hadn’t even told him about the marriage.

Before the tears could fall and ruin your makeup your 18-year-old brother, Yugyeom, walked in.

“Noona, we have to go- Are you okay?”

You sat up quickly and began fixing your face then turned to him with a smile, “Everything is okay Yuggie, I’m just overwhelmed and stressed, this is all so much at once.”

Yugyeom gave a sad smile and walked in. Tonight was your engagement party, you and JB were to be presented as an official couple.

He sat next to you and put his head on your shoulder. Neither of you looked at each other, instead you both gazed into the mirror. In his white suit and matching periwinkle tie it reminded you if when you both were little and your parents made you match all the time.

“I’m going to miss you a lot Noona.” He burrowed his head into your neck and gave a shaky sigh. You put a hand to his head and tried to soothe him by stroking his hair.

“It’s okay I’ll still be in Seoul.”

“It won’t be the same you’ll be married and you’ll be in a strange house, with strange people. That’s no way to live.”

“Aish you’re just trying to make me change my mind. Don’t worry Noona will be okay”

You laughed and mussed up his hair, but Yugyeom stayed serious. What came out his mouth next was jarring.

“I’m not stupid, I know who Im Jaebum is and I don’t for a second approve this marriage.”

Your mouth hung open. Yugyeom looked so hostile, but before you get a word in your father called.

“Y/n! Yugyeom! Come on kids, we’re leaving!”

You both made your way down stairs and just like that everything was normal.

The ride to the hotel was as it had always been. Your mom complaining that she looked too old and your father sweetly saying she looked far too young to him. Yugyeom and your father liked to play word games, but your father always won. He stopped letting Yugyeom win when he was twelve.

Your father pulled up to the hotel valet just as Yugyeom accepted defeat. You all filed out of the Rolls Royce and were lead to the ballroom.

As your family entered everyone turned their heads to look at you. The Im family was already seated at the front with seats for your family. The Im family consisted of Youngjae, Jaebum and their parents. Jaebum’s two friends, Mark and Jackson, were also sat next to him. They laughed and joked with each other, but stopped as you approached.

Jaebum was quick to get up and pull a chair for you. You sat and thanked him as he went back to his across from you. Yugyeom was glaring daggers at him the whole time not letting up.

“You look pretty tonight.”

The voice came from Jackson and you blushed, “Ah, thank you Jackson-ssi.”

“A beautiful woman should be told she’s beautiful.”

You looked away, a small smile on your lips as the blush spread across your entire face. Then a different set of eyes caught yours. It was Junior or Park Jinyoung.

He smiled and waved as did you. He took that as a sign to come over and soon he was by your side asking for a dance.

While stepping from side to side in slow dance, he finally asked, “Why didn’t you tell me y/n? I’m supposed to be your only best friend and only friend.”

You laughed and slapped his chest.

“So I can’t have other friends?”

He made a sad face, “Yes, especially not husbands. At least not without telling me.”

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my place to say. It’s why we’re having this party, to announce it.”

Junior nodded, “But still I want special treatment.”

Your face broke out into a smile. You suddenly wished he was the one to be taking your hand. He always took care of you and made you laugh and could somehow sense your mood in the worst of times.

The music sped up a bit so Junior spun you, but when you spun back it wasn’t Junior’s arms you were in.

It was JB.

The Gym Meeting

Chapter Five

Jackson felt his body tense from the abrupt kiss, but soon his arms wrapped around her waist, and he found himself moving his lips against hers. His hand searching for the mantle to put his soda down. Setting down the glass he cupped her butt with the same hand. She grinned into the kiss, giving him one last peck. 

“Not too eager there, tiger.” She pulled away, grabbing her soda from the coffee table. 

She was reeling herself. Their first kiss and she initiated it and man were his lips soft. He smelled so good. Not that she was a virgin, but she had sex less than a handful of times before. Reading too many romance novels, and watching Kdrama made her long for more though. 

She watched as Jackson turned from her, drinking his soda. “Don’t be jealous, that’s gonna be difficult. I can try though. Tell me more about this guy." 

She talked a little about MinSook, and gradually started to do her work as Jackson took over the conversation. He told her about Hong Kong and coming to Korea. His dream to be a rapper and living in the dorm. He talked about his friends, especially Mark. He spoke highly of JB, the pranks they played on Yugyeom and dabbing with BamBam. When she looked up at the clock, it was time to get ready. A knock at her door sounded and she stood up to get it. 

Jackson was right behind her as she opened the door to MinSook. "Sorry, I’m early, but…whoa-you’re Jackson Wang! From Got7!" 

Jackson pushed past her opening the door for MinSook letting him inside. "Yes, I am.” Turning back to her, he stuck his tongue out at her. “Someone is glad to see me. Come on in man, I’ve been hearing about you." 

"Me?” MinSook seemed flattered looking back and forth between her and Jackson. “Why is Jackson Wang here? This is so cool." 

"I’m her boyfriend.” Jackson slipped an arm around her. 

MinSook did a double take, reeling backwards. “Jackson is your boyfriend?" 

The two men began talking about music, MinSook was a big fan of rappers, and he and Jackson seemed to hit it off immediately. The two men walked further inside her home talking about who they were listening to lately. 

“Yea sure, come right in.” She said to herself as they sat in the living room discussing Jay Park and his group. 

“I like his sound.” Jackson piped in. “His guy Gray is too quick with the lyrics you know?” 

MinSook replied, and she found herself walking to the kitchen, to get MinSook a drink. As she pressed the bottle in his hand, watching Jackson and MinSook laughing and talking, she couldn’t help but wonder if this was his plan all along. She found a moment to sneak to her room and get ready to leave. What would she do about Jackson though? Or would they even be leaving? After an hour, she began to worry herself no one came to get her, she still heard loud talking from the front. Walking into the living room, hair straightened, full face of makeup on she waited for someone to notice her. 

It took an additional 10 minutes. 

“AHEM!” She said, watching the two men jerk their heads up from hovering over MinSook’s phone. 

“You look beautiful.” Jackson told her, coming to stand in front of her. “I guess maybe I should leave, you guys being buddies and all. I wouldn’t want to third wheel.” 

Was he really doing what she thought he was? 

“Third wheel?!” MinSook popped up. “Naw man, no way! You can come with us! It’s late now, and no one really goes to this theater. Besides this movie has been out for like 3 weeks now. Come on Jackson, I officially invite you.” 

Jackson gave her a devious grin before turning towards MinSook. “Are you sure man? I mean, I could go.” 

Yes, he was doing this.

“No way! How often does this happen to me? Join us, please.” MinSook pleaded.

It took no further convincing as Jackson, picked up his leather coat. “Sure, why not!”

The three set out from her home, to a smaller movie theater not far from where she lived. She was thinking they probably should have taken a taxi because; it took them longer than expected and by the time they got in the theater the previews had started. In her mind, she was sitting in the middle with Jackson on one side, and MinSook on the other but it did not play out like that. With popcorn and sodas in hand MinSook and Jackson sat down next to each other with her on the other end of Jackson. 

‘Ok.’ She thought to herself as the movie started.

After all the screaming, those two did. Popcorn flying, Jackson grabbing her hand and MinSook. MinSook asking her if she was scared one million times, she didn’t know if this was their night out and she was chaperoning or theirs, but there was an endearing quality to them both that made it bearable. The three laughing at Jackson’s girly scream as they left the theater made her night. 

“Oh my god, this was so fun. Ok,Ok. I think I should get home guys. >>> I’ll see you in class tomorrow?” MinSook wiped tears from his eyes as he spoke. 

“Yea. This was fun.” The two hugged and she could feel Jackson’s fingers gripping her jacket.

As they parted ways, Jackson called his ride to meet him at her place and they started back. It had grown colder, and he placed his arm around her, snuggling in close. They walked in silence, the frosty air nipping at her lungs, he was staring at the moon. 

“Beautiful isn’t it?” She asked him.

“Not as pretty as you.” She rolled her eyes at the cliche, as Jackson started rapping. 

“I wish 너의 집이 조금 더 멀었으면 좋겠어
너를 바래다 주던 그 길이
너무도 짧게 느껴져
조금만 더 너와 함께 걷고 싶은데 .”

She jerked her head up at him, and Jackson let her go, just holding her hand as he began to sing looking at her. He was singing her favorite song. Before the Full Moon Rises. 

“우리 헤어져야 하는 시간
너를 집에 보내야 할 시간
어김없이 매일 찾아오는 이별의 순간
뒤도 돌아보지 말고
나 변하기 전에 어서 집에 가
내 안에 늑대가 깨어나기 전에

보름달이 뜨기 전에
보름달이 뜨기 전에 .”

They stopped at her door just as he finished and she smiled. Bigger than she ever had in her life, cheeks hurting with the happiness she felt now. 

“That was nice right? Compliment me, kiss me, you know you want to.” Jackson held his cheek out for her. 

“It was.” She kissed him gently, one hand on his chest as she did so. “I had fun tonight, Jackson, although I noticed how you befriended him, and made him love you so you could go.” 

Jackson played incredulous, raising an eyebrow. “No idea what you mean.” 

The car rolled up, and the smile left his face. He didn’t want to leave and inside she felt a longing to compel him to stay. Though it wouldn’t have taken much. 

“Text me when you get home?” She asked.

“Always.” She pulled on his hand, leaning in to kiss his lips softly. 

As Jackson got into the car he rolled the window down. “What are you doing after school?” 

Shrugging her shoulders, she bit her lip, wondering why. “Homework, study for an hour or two. Why?” 

“How’d you like to meet my friends?” Got7 really? All of them? Her face lit up again and she nodded her head. Jackson gave her a thumbs up as the car pulled off, as she walked inside. The door closing just as the red lights headed down the street. 

After washing her face, and preparing for bed. She wrapped her hair up, pinning her hair down wanting to preserve it for the next day. Bonnet on, teeth brushed, she slipped into bed just as her phone lit up. 

A heart emoji on the screen, typing bubbles followed with one message. 

보름달이 뜨기 전에

Chapter Five


Kay, Here’re Skeletiano’s CGs~~~with descriptions~😋😋

CG1: You get swept away by the crowd at a masquerade/celebration/parade and Skeletiano comes to your rescue like the gentleman he is.

CG2: This is where Skeletiano and you both are imagining going off together on a pirate ship since Skeletiano’s memories contain tales of him as a member of a pirate crew. First hint of humanoid Skellie.

CG3: When Skeletiano’s real form is reflected in the mirror from the book of forbidden (forgotten?) memories and you kiss him, praying that he won’t disappear (coz that’s the price for J.J remembering)

CG4: Romantic Ending CG. Skeletiano comes back with a temporary human form and the both of you kiss. He turns back to the bone form soon after but it doesn’t matter coz you love him for who he is. This is also where he says, ‘Ah, the happiness of being able to kiss you is like no other.’

CG5: Mystical Ending CG. J.J eats the plant that makes him forget about Adam so that Skeletiano would reappear since he says that he’d rather Skeletiano exist. He doesn’t remember ‘Adam’ but he later mentions that for some reason he gets a nostalgic feeling when he looks at Skeletiano. And dear Skellie cries because he’s so happy that the bond between them was not completely erased by the forgetting plant (forget-me plant?can’t remember). Although J.J has no idea why Skellie’s in tears.

Hope you love the CGs as much as I do!

Edit: Wow, I am somehow completely taken aback (in a good way) by the sheer explosion of Skellie love. I…feel like I have to at least let you guys know…he’s not…actually a pirate *hides behind Bones* but that pirate outfit IS the most delicious fodder for imagination *peeks head out and grins* so I would love to see associated Skeletiano art with that hehehehehehehehehe 

Steps to my painting, ‘Lay Me Down’, inspired by Sam Smith’s song of the same name! I’m going to attempt at explaining what I did to achieve this result (which I’m not entirely ecstatic with, but what else is new!). >.<

Step 1 - Black + White

So when I’m working this way, I normally start off in black and white and with reaaaallly soft, subtle values - super low contrast. The reason why I do this is because although I have an idea in my mind, it’s really quite blurry in there, so I’m not entirely certain how it’s going to look when I paint it on my Photoshop canvas, so using low contrast-y values really helps me to visualize it all better.

I start off with a SUPER rough value sketch - you can see it really just looks like messy blobs of nothing at this point. But I’m trying to work out the poses, and because it’s a pretty difficult angle (particularly for the dude), and I don’t have any particularly useful references that I can work with (I suppose I could’ve taken some pictures, but, you know, I can be a bit lazy sometimes =P ), working it in lightly really helps me to figure out the shapes. If I was to go in there with dark, highly contrasted values, the likelihood of me messing it all up would be pretty high. It’s harder to visualize things when you have definite lines and shapes, so I find keeping the values low contrast and somewhat blurry is key here.

So I’ll keep working out the image in B+W until I have a pretty clear indication of the shapes (which I’m always, always, always trying to keep in mind!), and composition. Here, I’m really trying to just lead the eye to her face (and to the dude’s sadness) so I’m trying to make sure all (or most) elements of the image leads the eye there. And also, I wanted the lighting to feel a little dramatic, so I’ve decided on a harsh diagonal gap of light that shines only on the area of the image I feel is important.

Step 2 - Colour

Once I’m relatively happy with how the B+W image is going, I’ll add in some colour on a ‘Color’ layer, and I’m using a ‘Color’ layer (as opposed to ‘Overlay’ or anything else) so it doesn’t mess up my values. But anywho, I’ve plopped on some colours and they’re really under-saturated at this point. And I’m doing this on purpose because I find that it helps me find a harmonious colour palette with hues that work well together. If I was to jump in with saturated colours (just from my personal experience), I’ve found that my colour palette becomes a bit of an eye-sore and it’s just really hard to get the colours to work together. I also end up having to de-saturate areas of the image that don’t need too much attention anyway, so may as well start off with a low-saturated palette. I am quite honestly terrible with colours (I just can’t get my head wrapped around it!), so I find this way also helps me with visualization much in the same way that starting off with low contrasted values helps.

Step 3 - Fleshing it Out

So really this step entails just going in there, adding in more saturated pretty colours, and fleshing out the image with details until the end. I’m doing this all on Normal layers now. I’ve added little cracks and other details to the stones, fluffed up the flowers, extended the canvas a touch, and reworked the fabric of her dress. I also noticed at this point that I’ve made the guy’s head way too small initially lol, and he also looks a little awkwardly hunched over so I’ve switched up the angle a bit and enlarged his head so the foreshortening feels more natural.

By the end of this I’m really just fiddling around with the lighting and contrast of the image, adding in hints of colour here and there on overlay layers in areas where I felt there needed some. They’re very subtle changes, but I feel as though they help to bring it all together.

Anywho, that is all! I hope it helped at least a little for those of you who are trying to learn! Any questions? Just shoot me a message! :)

Thanks for the view!


Imagine being a guard in Mirkwood when Thorin and co are captured. At first you and Thorin don't get along and constantly insult each other but over time you form a kind of friendship and mutual respect for one another

For writer-of-bagend :)


You’d caught the dwarves wandering through Mirkwood, they were covered in glistening silver strands from spider webs and being chased by the eight legged beasts themselves.

It hadn’t taken long for you and the rest of the guards to take the spiders out, and once that was over, all attention was on the intruders who did not looked pleased to see elves despite you just saving their lives. Well the feeling was mutual, in your eyes dwarves were greedy, dirty creatures who thought of naught but themselves.

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Scarf: Your character or Mine borrowing/stealing clothes from the other - For Jenny

    The shower had taken far longer than either of them had anticipated. Then again, sex hadn’t exactly been high up on the list of ideas when the primary concern had been getting clean. By the time the bed had come into the picture, Jenny was amazed the water hadn’t gone cold on them. Although, given what had been happening, it likely would have caused them to head to bed sooner than they had. 

      “You know…I’m starting to regret giving out homework whatsoever.” She mumbled, yawning a little bit as she carefully set a small pile of papers down on a nearby dresser. For the most part, she didn’t look the part of her profession, given the only article of clothing she had on was one of Giles’ shirts that was obviously much bigger than any of her own. Leaning against the doorway, she smirked over at him.

       “…study break…?”

Lucy-CD | Update/Apology

I’d like to apologise to you all for my absence from this blog, as some of you are aware I have taken a few sudden unannounced breaks from CrossDressing in the past. Although this break has not been due to personal difficulties regarding dressing, I’ve just had little interest in dressing over the recent months. I have no idea why this is so I cannot explain further, although you should all know I’m still passionate about CrossDressing and hope to start dressing again soon.

It was Lucy’s Blog’s 2nd Birthday last Thursday, I’d love to get some special pictures taken & uploaded for this. I just can’t push it, I’ve dressed once before when I didn’t ‘want’ to and I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual. I really want to start dressing regularly again the passions still there for it. It’s just the interest in physically dressing & managing my blog that seems to have faded a little.

I still have pictures from last time I dressed to sort through & post here, however I do not know when I’ll have the motivation for it, neither do I know when I’ll have the motivation to dress-up again and take more pictures. All I know is I hope to start dressing regularly again, when this will be I do not know. I’m hoping to start replying to messages etc. soon, that may give me some motivation to get started again. If that’s what I need.

Just thought you should all know this as its been a while and I’m hoping you can all have as much patience with this as I am myself, thank you <3

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I am (gladly) surprised you didn't like the ending of DA:I because I felt the same way. It was so freaking awesome the attack of Haven (the music, the pacing, the discovering of Corypheus, the long walk in the snow before meeting the survivors) that I thought the last battle would be as great as Haven's. Then it was... sort of anticlimatic. No feeling of distress. The antithesis of the Suicide Mission. In your opinion, how should it have been written in order to be more satisfying?

I did write a bit about my endgame and story arc feelings, but it was a few months ago now. Mostly I keep my negativity to myself, because it’s always really easy for it to be taken out of context, I think, and I never, ever want to be the person raining on another’s parade. I noted the same thing you did, though: everything about the Haven sequence, and about the Adamant/Fade sequence really worked for me. In fact, I liked most of the story beats, but I just don’t think there was enough, and I definitely think actual consequences were neglected.

This got long. And there is negativity under the cut.

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Drunk call On

Drunk call on

[my first anon request for a drunk call
From Derek having you come and pick him up take him home, and after fumbling with his keys you help get him in his house before he asks you to cuddle] I really hope you like I’m a littler nervous but I hope you enjoy!

*“you’re my right hannndd you’re my go too*

Derek’s ringtone starts blaring right beside my head, opening up my eyes, I turn the sleep from them before squinting and answering the call, the phone brightness temporarily blinding me.

"Y/NNNN” Derek croons through the phone.

“What the hell Derek? It’s like 4 o clock in the morning.”

“I’m at Stacey’s party come thruu.”

“Derek I can’t I have class in the morning” I whine.

“Is okay I’ll bring the party to you oh shit I think I stepped in dog shit.”

“Ew Derek that’s gross. Are the boys with you?” I ask starting to get worried.

“Nah they already left. Y/n where are you? How did you fit in my phone?”

“I’m at my house d, I’m not inside you’re phone. Now where are you I’m coming to get you.”

I sigh holding the phone between my shoulder and cheek as I throw on some leggings and pull my hair up into a messy bun, before grabbing my keys and slipping into my Birkenstocks.


I find the house that Derek must be partying in, which looks like it could belong on the set of neighbors. The strobe lights are blinding and I can hear the music, while I’m still inside of my car. Feeling a minor headache coming on I march into the house of sweaty body’s, and high hormones, almost tripping over a couple that’s doing who knows that on the floor. Finally after fighting my way through the crowd do I find Derek having a body shot taken off him by some hussy looking girl. Down to the fake tan and dropping make up. When she goes in for the lime I see her lick Derek’s lips. Gagging I quickly move towards them and pull her away and grab at Derek’s hand.

“Y/N you’re here! I’m so fucking happy baby girl!” He laughs coming towards me and giving me a hug.

I smile patting him on the back while trying to locate his shirt. Once I find it I start to tug him towards the front. Although hussy seems to have other ideas as she starts to pull him in the opposite direction.

“Come on Derek let’s do anther body shot!” She squeals while glaring daggers at me.

Derek looks a little confused but shakes his head moving with me, as I wrap my arms around his waist taking him to my car.

“ y/n I freaking love you” he whispers as I start helping him into my car as well as grabbing a barf bag and placing it into his hands before starting the car and heading to his.

“I love you too D”.



“Let’s go home and party.”

“Okay der”

“It’s going to be better than stacy’s”

“Of course it is” I nod while rolling my eyes.

He starts to play with the window sticking his head out of the door and opening up his mouth, sticking his tongue out.

“What are you doing?” I ask glad that we’re five minutes away from his apartment.

“I just want to know how dogs feel” he says placing his head back out the window.

I can’t help but laugh a little before pulling into his driveway. I get out of the car helping him to his door before backing away and heading towards me car.

“Goodnight d!” I say.

“Goodnight y/n” he giggle before trying to open his door.

I hear the clang of his keys hit the steps, but he must not as he’s still trying to open the door. Groaning I move, picking up the keys and opening the door, I place his arm around my waist and lead him to his bedroom. When we get there I may him done on his back before taking off his shoes and beanie. I place a glass of water on his nighter as before starting to head out when he calls for me.

“Yes Derek?” I ask starting to feel tired again.

“Please cuddle with me”

With his big puppy dog eyes how could I say no? So I slip out of my leggings and bra before pulling on one of his shirts and slipping into bed with him. He smiles at me pulling me into his chest, while I snuggle into his neck, enjoying his warms safe arms.

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui: Max Martin Helping with 'More Soulful' Second Album

Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui has a message for the girl group’s fans who panicked earlier this week when a quote from a Latina cover story signaled the quintet’s eventual breakup. “Don’t worry!” exclaims Jauregui during a phone call with Billboard. “5H2 is coming! You’ll have music to soothe your soul soon, everything will be fine, we love you to death and we’re not going anywhere. I promise.”
 Of course, “5H2” refers to Fifth Harmony’s sophomore album, which follows their debut LP Reflection released in January. Earlier this week, the ladies posted some shots from a recording studio on Instagram, and Jauregui checked in on Friday to confirm that sessions for the Reflection sequel have kicked off — with pop super-producer Max Martin, no less — and are going swimmingly.
 Jauregui says that the girls are in Los Angeles working with Martin’s camp, as well as producers and songwriters like Mitch Allan and Jason Evigan, at Martin’s studio/compound. “It’s a really good vibe for recording — [Max] is in a great spirit the whole time,” she notes. “We’ve been wanting to work with Max for a while, and his camp as well. They’ve produced some of the best records of all time, year after year, consistently. They’re so talented and creative, and there’s real camaraderie and positivity.”
The singer also adds that she, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Ally Brooke Hernandez and Dinah Jane Hansen already have an idea of the sound and lyrical focus of the follow-up to Reflection, which produced the recent Top 20 hit “Worth It” (featuring Kid Ink). “For starters, we definitely want to mature in terms of our lyrics and content,” says Jauregui. “Although [on the first album] we touched upon a bunch of subjects that we definitely agreed with and our very relevant to us, like girl power and self-love, hopefully this time around we can have some more vulnerability, some more ballads and mid-tempo type [songs], to balance out this album. We want you to sit through it and feel a roller coaster of emotions.”
 Jauregui continues, “We’re also trying to make it a bit more soulful. The whole R&B, urban, Destiny’s Child vibe? We’re definitely going to try and hone in on that this time around. We’ve recorded some dope songs already, some really sick tracks with crazy horns all over the place.”
The Latina cover story — in which Cabello was quoted saying “Honestly, I think we all do” when asked if she expects the girl group to eventually break up — was quickly responded to by Fifth Harmony’s label, who wrote that they were “not going anywhere.” Jauregui concurs that the quote was taken “completely out of context,” although the group has never been shy about being composed of five solo singers.
“When we auditioned for The X Factor, we were five individuals going into the show,” Jauregui points out. “That obviously means we are five solo artists in our beings, so we have our own creative ideas, of what sounds the best music-wise, because we are all artists. One day, we all have the idea of being a solo artist, but that’s not our focus right now. We all allow each other to explore our individual things that make us happy, and so we’re just being supportive of each other, and making sure we focus on Fifth Harmony and what’s important to the group is important to all five of us.”
With Fifth Harmony’s summer tour of North America wrapped, Jauregui is looking forward to performing a few overseas shows beginning on Oct. 26 in Madrid, and playing more international shows in 2016. “I just hoping that we get to start touring the world soon — that’s what I’m excited about,” she says. “I can’t wait until we can get to do that with the new music. I also hope that we have some songs on this album that can get us nominated for some shit. That’d be dope! That’s what we’re working on.”[x]