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Can you tell me why exactly hacktivist Felicity/Pandora USB Felicity is a dark/bad path/thing? I mean, when she was a hacktivist, she wasn't stealing anything or harming anyone, she was literally exposing government fraud, which is a good thing. Even in the team she has done bigger things than what she did as a hacktivist, and that's not considered dark. However, it is pretty much the same; she is still hacking, but with a good purpose. So I don't understand why no

Although, Felicity has been hacking for team arrow, I do think that what she’s doing now is different. It’s more like what she was doing when she was in college. Very illegal and dangerous. She even admitted herself that back in those days she made a lot of bad decisions. 

“Dark hair, dark Felicity, taking on corporations and governments. It was a power trip that wasn’t healthy.”

She’s going down that same path again and to add on top of that, she has zero idea who she’s working with. In my opinion Helix and that girl she’s been talking to (I forgot her name) seemed really shady. Felicity put her trust in them in the same way that Oliver put his trust in Susan. It wasn’t a good idea on either of their parts. 

Back to what she’s doing, though. In 5x12 “Bratva” we saw the lengths she’s willing to go to do what she thinks is right. She hacked government files and then proceeded to put not only herself, but Curtis and Rory, in a dangerous situation. That all could have easily gone south for the three of them. 

And again about Helix (sorry I’m all over the place) we just got more information about 5x16 “Checkmate” via the episode description. 

OLIVER SEEKS THE TRUTH — Oliver (Stephen Amell) gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to continue helping Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) until she does a favor for them. 

God only knows what they are going to ask her to do, but obviously it’s going to be nothing good. They are going to take her deeper down this path that could very well lead to someone she loves getting hurt, hurting herself, or winding up in jail. There’s a good chance that she goes through with it and justifies it the way you said, she has a good purpose behind the decision. 

But to quote one of my favorite episodes of Charmed “The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing.”

i hope that all makes sense, I know I tend to ramble. 

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38 - 31 - 26 -

26. Who did you last share a bed with?

Um. My grey teddybear named TeddyBro?? Idk I don’t share beds with people I toss and turn a lot it doesn’t end well XD

31. Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?

All the time… mostly to disguise my greasy hair XD But yeah it’s cosy

38.Love really is a beautiful thing, huh?

I have gotten this question like 5 times XD Okay I’ll condense this although I’m a writer and a rambler this could become a colour my emotions thing lol so. Yes. True love, reciprocated love is actually a beautiful thing. Seeing couples stay married for like 70 years is so amazing. And the feeling too it makes everything seem dream like, you feel floaty and fuzzy and forget how to do the simplest thinfs like form simple sentences but it’s great feeling so happy and light but then there’s the darker side of love, one sided love or unhealthy love on toxic people and that’s the worst kind of love because like the nicer love it entraps you but it feels like you’re being strangled, like this is all love has to offer so I guess it depends. But generally yes. Love is wonderful and I hope you all get to experience it if you’re not already ♥♥

Yes I am 15 XDD

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