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Chris Evans Fic: Since Then

If they are still open can I request Chris and y/n and they had a friends with benefits deal that resulted in a kid and now they are raising their kid together but not together if you know what I mean. But everyone around them can see how in love they are and they play it off. Happy ending all round please. Sorry if they are closed.


The day your daughter had been born, Chris had only just made it in time. She was three weeks early and Chris had been at the end of filming stint, planning on returning to Boston four days later so that he’d be around in those final weeks of your pregnancy and ready to go when you popped. But his baby girl had had other ideas, deciding she was more than ready to see the world and wanted out, like now. So your sister had called him, screaming more than was probably necessary and told him to get his ass on the next flight out if he had any hopes of witnessing the birth of his first child.

You were determined, this baby wasn’t coming until Chris was by your side, not because you needed him there as such, but because you didn’t want him to miss this incredible, life changing moment. You didn’t care how many nurses told you that birth didn’t work that way, that baby was staying in until her father could be there to welcome her into the world.

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Okay so I was scrolling through Billie’s Instagram when I saw his green hair selfie. What I noticed the most about this post was the date and as you may know Tré Cool’s birthday is on December the 9th. It is well known that Tré has spent a lot of his life with many shades of vibrant Green hair, it has become a unique thing that a lot of people love about him. Although in 2014 Billie didn’t publicly wish Tré a happy birthday I think that… well in a way he did! He decided on that very day to change his hair colour to green in honour of one of his closest and craziest friends.

Eyes On You

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Description: Gang!AU based off the Limitless MV w/ NCT 127. Yuta X Y/N + Yuta’s unique kink.

Warning: Swearing/Smut i tried

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A/N: I know the request said to exclude the nuggets(aka Mark/Haechan) they’re briefly mentioned, but they’re good little nuggets in here, no worries.

“You know, for a place that has nine people living in it, I’d expect it to smell a little less like…mold.” You complained loudly, following the sound of chaos through the run down apartment you always found yourself in.
“Well, when you get some money for candles, I’ll gladly light ‘em,” Johnny teased from his cocoon of blankets, him and the boys all curled up on the couch. “Till then, I guess you’ll just have to deal with our stench.”
“I’m just going to get a can of strawberry shit and spray you in the face.” You snickered at the annoyed look you received and plopped down on the floor. “Where’s Yuta?” 
“Took the kids to school,” Taeyong replied, though he was buried so far under the blankets you couldn’t even see him. “He should be back soon if he isn’t out there just twiddling his dick.”
No sooner than he’d said that, Yuta was strolling through the door, “Nah, I have someone to deal with my dick. You might wanna find one, too.” 
His hair was a mess, you were pretty sure he’d been dead asleep before someone pushed the job of walking the kids to school on him. And of course, he was carrying that damn camera. You’d gotten it for him a few Christmas’ back, and Yuta was instantly obsessed with it. Although, you never did see what he recorded, you knew he filmed you and the boys around the hide out a lot, but he took that thing everywhere. “Besides, did you forget the little chat we had?”
“Do we really have to leave?” Johnny whined, letting his head hit the back of the couch. “I’m too tired to go do rounds today.”
“I vote you just keep it in your pants,” Taeil snickered, “And let us freaking sleep.”
“No negotiations,” Yuta scowled, “We already talked about it, move.”
Taeyong’s head popped out of the blankets, blinking harshly at the new light before locating Yuta, “C’mon man, it’s barely noon. How’re you going to keep me out all night on your drug runs and make me leave?”
“You can stay tonight, I’ll take Doyoung, just move your asses.” Yuta commanded, yanking the blanket fully off of Taeyong. At the idea of not having to help Yuta with the drug peddling tonight had Taeyong up light a jack in the box, “Alright boys, let’s go.”
“We’re just going to leave? What the hell are we going to do while Nakamoto has a goddamn boner all day?”
“Well…the kids need food before they get back from school…” Taeyong snatched his blanket back from Yuta to take with him. “So money is the game right now, move it.”
“Grumbling, the lot of boys followed Taeyong out the door sluggishly, leaving you alone with Yuta.
“Lots of boner talk today, huh?” You teased him, laying back on the mess of blankets they called a bed. “Got something you wanna do? Or someone?”
“For such a good girl,” Yuta smirked, “You’re certainly bad for me.”
“Hmm, only for you.” You cooed. “That’s what you wanted, huh? Kicked all the boys out just to get in my pants?”
“Well yeah, I thought that was obvious.” Yuta walked over to plop down beside you. “But, that’s not the main thing. I wanted to ask you…something…”
“And that is?” You asked.
“I…I want to film us.”
“Film us? Like fucking?” You giggled, “You act like you just spilled your biggest secret!”
“Umm I kind of did…” Yuta trailed off, looking away from you.
“What is it, your kink or some shit?” You teased, and got no response. “Oh shit it is! Hey, no judgement babe, it’s all good.”
“Really?” Yuta’s wide eyes turned back to you, suddenly way more excited than you’ve ever seen him before. “Can…can we film us?”
“As long as it’s only for your eyes, sure.” You shrugged, grinning at how happy your boyfriend looked. 
“Okay I..I never thought you’d agree, alright!” He shot off the couch like lightning to find the tripod that went with your gift, returning a moment later and almost tripping over his own feet he was so excited. “Just, sit still, lemme make sure you’re in frame.”
Disregarding him, you stretched out on the couch dramatically, making faces at the camera that he aimed towards you. “I literally said not to move.”
“And I’m telling you to make me.” You stuck your tongue out at him.
“You’re gonna get it, just watch.” Yuta muttered while he focused, letting out a small aha! when he got the camera focused and charged back to you. In an instant he’s sprawled across you, working to removed your hoodie, casting it aside and letting the drafty air hit your skin.
“It’s cold as fuck.” You complained against his lips, hands grasping his back to tug his warm body closer you yours, protecting you from the cold.
“I’ll keep you warm, babe, no worries.” Yuta chuckled against your lips, moving to kiss a trail down your neck and pausing to suck a new purple flower onto your color bone, noting that the previous one had faded too much for his liking. Satisfied with his work, he sat up to yank his top off, settling back to press his skin to yours, enjoying the feel of your lace against his chest. One kept your hip pinned, while the other warm hand covered the fabric hiding you from him, too impatient to take it off, he simply pulled the bra down far enough he could engulf a nipple with his mouth, teasing the taunt skin with his tongue and nibbling gently, pulling a soft sigh of his name from your lips. Distracting you with his mouth, his hands went to business, yanking your shoes off and working your tight pants and underwear down your legs in one go. 
“Yuta, I’m cold~” You sighed, your fingers twisting into his purple hair, he quickly pressed his hips to yours, trying to keep you as warm as possible. You could already feel his arousal beneath his jeans, as he pressed against you, trying to relieve some of the ache. In the process, his pants scrapped across your clit, you jumped slightly and grasped at Yuta’s arms harder. “Yuta don’t tease me, c’mon.” Working on another hickie, he complied, and sank two fingers into your heat, feelng your body tense, then relax at the little bit of relief as Yuta went to work, pushing the digits in and out of your core at a relentless pace, thumb rubbing your clit harshly as he drank in your means. 
“That’s it,” Yuta panted against your neck, feeling your walls tighten around his fingers, “You’re such a good girl for me, you gonna cum? Huh? Is my good girl going to cum around my fingers? On camera too, aren’t you? You’re gonna cum for my on camera. Oh nooo, I don’t think you’re a very good girl at all, are you? I think it’s all an act…” Yuta’s voice cooing in your ear, topped with his fingers curling inside your pussy, you felt the coil in your stomach snap, fingers digging into his arm as you nearly screamed his name as you came.
“Naughty girl,” Yuta teased further, pulling his fingers from you, holding eye contact as he cleaned his fingers of your release. He smirked at your flushed face and how you panted. “I always knew you were, you just hide it under your cute little smile and A+’s, don’t you? Well I know, I know now.” 
Yuta roll his hips against yours, nodding down to his belt, letting your shaky fingers pull the leather away and drop it to the floor. In the quiet room, the sound of his zipper being pulled down sounded around you. Yuta was too impatient to mess around with kicking his shoes off, just yanking his pants down to his thighs, he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer, rolling his hips again, his bare cock against your pussy. 
“Say it,” Yuta groaned, pushing against you harder. “Say it, you’re not a little good girl are you? No, no you aren’t. You’re a naughty girl, you just play dress up like a good girl, huh? Say it, say you’re a bad girl.”
Your hands have moved to grasping his lean back, head rolled back and eyes fluttering shut and the feeling of Yuta rutting against you like an animal, “I’m..I’m a bad girl, oh god Yuta! It’s all an act! I’m a naughty girl!”
“Who’s naughty girl are you?” Yuta almost growled against your throat, nipping at the skin.
Yours! I’m yours, Yuta!” You practically cried. Satisfied, Yuta reached down to grasp himself, pumping his cock twice before teasing the head against your entrace. 
“You ready?” Yuta almost teased.
“Please just fuck me already!” 
Not wanting to drag it out any longer, in one long thrust, Yuta was pressed flush against your hips, the feeling of him stretching you had you nearly speechless aside from the instant curl of your back, nails biting into Yuta’s back before a loud moan escaped you. Yuta was no better, the feeling of your warm walls finally around him had him freezing to take it in, the way you were panting for him, your grip on his back, it was almost too much. Almost…
Unbearably slowly, he drags his hips back and pushes forward. Over and over he throws his hips into you. His eyes cast down and watching how he just disappears inside your wet core, mesmerized by how well you take his cock. His hands move to hold your thighs, curling your legs around his hips to let him reach deeper. When your lips found his neck, teeth pulling at the skin beneath his ear. His hips stutter when you breath against his ear, “There, right there!
Yuta moaned at the eagerness in your voice, pounding into your pussy now, give you everything his cock can give, feeling your walls continuously tighten around him as he makes sure to keep brushing that special spot. Whimpering that you were close to him, made him move his hand back to your core, thumb drawing shapes over your clit relentlessly, he almost came on the spot when you miraculously tightened even more around him, holding on to him for dear life and called out that you were coming. The flushed look on your face, the way your eyes scrunched shut with the feeling of him thrusting you to your release, was true art to him. Feeling you barely relax against him, now whimpering for him to cum, sensitivity now taking over, Yuta’s thrusts grew sloppy as you nibbled on his neck again, hands smoothing up and down his back as his hips stuttered again, and he groaned lowly against your neck as he spilled inside you. His hips subconsciously twitched a few more times through his release, before he slowly pulled out finally collapsed against you. Panting heavily, his arms circled your waist and rolled you to lay side by side. Your hand found it’s way to play with his sweat drenched hair while his touch remained trailing shapes on your thigh.
“You know,” Yuta muttered. “I think this could win movie of the year.”
“Yuta, I swear to god I’ll kill you.”

Kiss with a Fist

Crowley x Reader

Requested By: @mikumaythebeast (Sorry It took so long!!)

“You’re un-fucking believable, you know that?” There wasn’t a corner in Hell where your raging voice wasn’t heard.

“Me? Me? I’m not the one who allowed Lucifer’s bloody hound escape and go on a killing rampage!” Crowley yelled just as loudly back at you.

The fight had been carrying out for what seemed like a good twenty to thirty minutes. Demons had cleared out of either of your sights. In fear of being brought into it somehow.

“I’m a fucking human! What did you expect from me! Maintaining Hell’s bitches isn’t exactly what I was created to do.” Your feet carried you barely any closer to his throne than you already were. “If you weren’t busy shacking up with Lucifer, you could’ve handled it your damn self.”

“Kennel duty isn’t my job.” He’s voice was somewhat lower as he propped his chin up with the palm of his right hand in irritation.

“All you do is sit on your ass and play house with the Winchesters’. Every demon down here despises you, and I’m starting to see why.” You too lowered your voice only at the last part of your statement.

“Watch your tone when talking to me.” There was a slight red glare beginning to glow in his eyes. It seemed as if the temperature began to rise between the four walls of the throne room.

“You don’t scare me Boy King. Not like you’re afraid of Lucifer. Not like anything.” The words rolled out unwillingly. Your mouth had taken over before your mind had a moment to process anything happening.

There were no words exchanged for a solid minute. Until a thick accented voice broke the silence.

“Get out.” His voice was cold and showed no emotion.

“What? No.” No longer did a threatening tone resonate in your throat.

“Did I stutter? Get the hell out of Hell. I’m through with this, with you. If you despise me then leave.” His face stayed stone and emotionless, unlike yours which dropped along with your stomach.

“I don’t despise you, how could I when I love you. You’ve just- changed. A lot as changed Crowley. But not how I feel about you.” There was a slight braking in your voice. Part of you wanted to step closer to him, but your feet stood planted firmly in the ground.

“I picked you up like trash in the ground, and I can throw you out all the same.” His words cut like knives into your heart. “Now: Get. Out.” The two doors behind you flew open. Followed by your body being pushed out of the doors by his power.

Just as you reached the outside of the court the door slammed shut. But you only keep sliding on the floor. Up until you reached the cold crisp air hit your skin. Heat rose to your cheeks in attempt to stay warm as the main door shut and locked too.

“Dammit Crowley, let me in!” With balled up fists you began to violently pound on the door.

The wind hit against your skin almost as hard as your fists did on the door. You wore nothing but a black spandex material tank too tucked into the waist of your high waisted blue jeans. No matter how harsh the cold snow ready wind whipped against your skin, Crowley ignored you. Not realizing you were still there.

Of course you were too stubborn to leave. Too stubborn to call for help or go find shelter. So instead you sunk to the ground beginning to get soaked in the newly fallen rain.

The feeling of a tickling pokey sensation brushing across your forehead woke you up from your frozen state only barley. You tried to move but found yourself unable, as you were being held around your waist on somewhere near your shoulders. Your body being held comfortably against somebody’s chest.

Two eyes opened only barley to be greeted by another set of eyes. The faint sight of a black silk tux at the corner of your eye relaxed every tense bone in your body. Carefully you were set onto the bed. Your bed.

“Have I ever told you how bloody stupid you are?” He spoke in a half hushed tone. Your entire body was sensitive to just abort everything right now. Being freezing took a lot out of a person.

“Actually, just earlier today I think you did.” You sniffled with a light smile.

“About that, I think we can both agree we said some regrettable things.” He sat beside you, although he wouldn’t look at you.

“Lucifer being back just makes everything so tense around here. It was only a matter of time before we went through that fight.” With your arms you pushed your body upward into a sitting position. “I’m just glad it’s over.” You ended with a sigh while resting your wet hair onto his once dry shoulder.

“Is it?” His accent raised as slightly as his eyebrow. “There was some truth to what you said earlier. Whether I like to admit it or not.”

“Hmmm, that you’re the Winchesters bitch?” You giggled with a playful tone. But he ignored what you said and brushed it off with a deep one chuckle.

“How my demons despise me.” The look in his eyes showed how serious he was. Even though you only had a side view of them.

Turning your chin inward more until your face was looking at his in a puppy dog eye filled manner. Your hand snaked over the top of his and locked fingers.

“Maybe you need to focus on making Hell great again. Work on whipping them into shape and showing them who runs things around here. Who’s been running things around here.” Taking a moment to let your words sink in, your free right hand reached up his back and slowly massaged his neck. “Remind them how much he despises them. They’ve got it good with you.”

It took some time for you to realize the Kings eyes were closed calmly. His mind soaking in your words in another dimension almost.

“You know for a human,” he paused, opening his eyes and moving you until the two of you were face to face. “you seem to know awfully well how to run this place.” His words hit your face like a warm sensation you couldn’t get enough of.

“Well, you know,” once again your hands wrapped around his neck while fingers played in his hair. “I have the best mentor for that.”

Recovery (Starcoweek3 day 4)

Marco watched Star sit next to his unconscious body in the hospital bed. The heart monitor beeped steadily. It was the only thing providing her with some comfort, knowing that he was still alive. She took his hand in hers and brought it to her cheek.

He tried to place a hand on her shoulders but it only passed through. No, he wasn’t dead. Just a ghost. His spirit was separated from his body. How did he end up in this situation? Ludo. The little bird monster blasted him with an unknown spell, knocking Marco’s soul out of his body. Needless to say, when Star ran to check up on him, she wasn’t too happy. She dipped down and blew up the entire underground fortress. Ludo probably escaped somewhere, but it’s doubtful he’ll show up any time soon.

And now here he is, trying to figure out how to get back into his body. Honestly, he was starting to lose a bit of hope. He already spent a week looking at the spellbook, hoping he could get himself back into his body, but nothing seemed to help.

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I lowkey ship Austria with Croatia

is that so 👀

have some medieval…something feat. @ask-republicofcroatia’s…Croatia. it was gonna be her complaining about so-and-so to Austria but it almost looks like gossiping

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Dawn jumped and let the buttercup fall even as she looked around to see who Bog was actually yelling at. 

He landed between her and the flower, pushing her back with his bulk and knocking the bright yellow blossom away with the head of his staff. He dropped the staff and spun around. Dawn yelped when he grabbed her wrists. 

"I don’t see any blisters yet.” His eyes darted frantically between her hands and her face. “We should treat them just to be safe, but maybe your gloves protected you –" 

"Bog, what is your problem?” Dawn pulled her wrists free; actually he let go when she flexed her shoulders to start pulling, but in principle she pulled herself free. 

“That was a buttercup!” Bog shouted. 

“I know that!” Dawn shouted back. 

“Then why were you touching it?" 

"I was going to eat it!" 

Bog’s greyish-brown face went greyer. 

"Dawn …” His voice was abruptly low, serious, pleading, placating. “Whatever’s the matter, I swear to you, I will do everything in my power to help make it right. Please, please believe me. Whatever it is, don’t hurt yourself over it." 

"What are you talking about?" 

"I don’t know, and if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, I’ll respect your privacy, but Dawn, I need you to promise me that you won’t try to poison yourself again." 

Dawn’s jaw dropped. 

Promise!“ Bog urged her desperately. His hands clawed the air around her shoulders, though he didn’t touch her this time. 

"I promise. But, Bog … Buttercups aren’t poisonous." 

"… What?" 

"Ask any fairy; we eat buttercups all the time. And wear them. Marianne used to have the most adorable buttercup petal dress …" 

Dawn reconsidered. 

"Actually don’t ask Marianne. She used to wear that dress a lot when she and Roland were together, because he said yellow complemented her wings, although now I think what he really liked was how it matched his hair, and then he started calling her,” Dawn tried to mimic Roland’s drawl, “his ‘little buttercup’, and I think she actually burned that dress after she left him." 

She shook her head. "But any other fairy will tell you buttercups aren’t poisonous." 

"… Oh." 

"Don’t be embarrassed!” Dawn hugged Bog. “If they’re poisonous to goblins, you couldn’t have known I wasn’t in danger. You did the right thing. It was a little scary having you grab me and yell at me like that, but now I know you were trying to help and you were being sweet and heroic. But you do owe me lunch." 

Between this and my earlier story Jewellery, I’ve discovered I really like writing short stories where a misunderstanding has the potential to expand into an ongoing agonizing melodrama, but is instead resolved quickly by characters recognizing there’s been a misunderstanding and talking with one another to resolve it. 

Mixed-Race Brazilian

I’m a 24 year-old brazilian woman born, raised and still living in Brazil. My father’s family is white, while my grandmother on my mother’s side is native-brazilian and my grandfather is mixed (white and african-brazilian). I have a younger brother who is white-passing but I took after my mother, so I am dark skinned and have really curly hair. People of mixed race are relatively common in Brazil, but I was raised in a city that was founded by Swiss and German immigrants. So most people I interacted with growing up were blonde and blue-eyed. While I can’t say I experienced overt racism, I should point out that I was seen as kind of an oddity by a lot of people.

Beauty Standards: I think my biggest issue with beauty regarding my race is my hair. When I was growing up I used to dream of having blonde, straight hair, like the girls at my school. As I grew up, I kind of made peace with my hair but I still have to hear just about everyone I know saying how much ‘prettier’ I’d be if I had straight hair.

Food: Brazilian food is made up, basically, of rice & beans (in pretty much every meal) some kind of meat and salad. There are variations according to regions, but this is the most basic Brazilian meal.

History: As it happened in many parts of the world, when Brazil was ‘discovered’ (by the Portuguese in 1500) there was already a big Native population living here. This population was, of course, promptly massacred, stolen from and, eventually, assimilated. There are still Native tribes in Brazil (mostly in the North), but they are constantly mistreated by both the government and the general population. For a long time during Brazil’s colonial period (and some time after) the economy was run by sugarcane farmers. The owners of the farms were the Portuguese but the workers were the slaves brought from Africa. The slavery continued even after Brazil became an independent country. When slavery was finally abolished, the farms (now mostly Coffee farms) required workers, so we brought in immigrants from other countries, like Italy and Japan (fun fact: Brazil has the biggest community of people of Japanese origin outside of Japan). This accounts for Brazil’s cultural and racial diversity. Black people are still sadly marginalized in Brazilian society, even though African-Brazilian have had a huge influence in Brazil’s culture.

Holidays: The biggest holiday celebrated in Brazil is Carnaval. It lasts four days (in theory) and it usually happens during February. Although it has religious roots, a lot of Carnaval seems to be about celebrating African-Brazilian culture, considering that samba is an African-Brazilian dance and most of the samba schools originated from African-Brazilian communities. This year alone, for example, two of the samba schools had an Africa-related theme. Carnaval is mostly a time of the year in which people forget class and race differences and just party together while honoring some of the best parts of Brazilian culture.

Microaggressions: Like I said before, I never experienced overt racism. Growing up I mostly got weird looks and questions from the other kids of the “how come you’re so dark?” variety to which I answered “I don’t know, I was born like that”, but no one has ever been cruel to me because of the color of my skin (I was lucky). One thing that did bother me was when, in school, whenever a teacher was explaining anything related to race he/she would always single me out as an example of miscegenation (that is, mix of race/culture) and make a big deal about how different I was from the rest of the class.

Things I’d like to see less of: The oversexed latina stereotype needs to die.

Things I’d like to see more of: Latinas who don’t look like the usual hollywood latina. Although I do look like the usual image Americans have of latinas (dark-ish skin, dark hair, dark eyes, thick lips), I know a lot of people who don’t. I’d like to see more Native latinas, black latinas and (yes) even white latinas. So maybe we can drive into people’s minds that Latinx is an ethnicity NOT a race. I’d also like to see more latinas in shows, books and movies that don’t discuss race every five minutes. I am aware that these kind of discussions are important but just once I’d like to see someone who looks like me being a hero/heroine without a big deal being made about how different they are and how they suffer for it.

Read more POC Profiles here.

adult ponyboy headcanons

•It’s the 70s, and punk is real and it’s rockin’! Punk is Ponyboy’s favorite genre, though he’ll still listen to The Beatles and what not every now and then
•Ponyboy isn’t really a greaser anymore, but still styles his hair the way he did when he was a teenager
•Ponyboy still watches sunrises and sunsets in memory of Johnny
•He also visits his grave A LOT
•Ponyboy’s favorite band is probably The Clash
•When Grease came out in 1978, Ponyboy HATED how silly the greasers were and just overall hated the movie.. but loved the songs. His favorite being “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.” He sometimes sings it around the house.
•Ponyboy got what he always wanted: to live out in the country. Although he misses just walking down the street just to grab a pack of cigarettes, he still enjoys the quiet the country brings him. •Ponyboy writes short stories, reads them to Sodapop, who gives “constructive” criticism. It ain’t constructive, just downright offensive. •Ponyboy has a girlfriend, but he doesn’t wanna get married. They’ve been together since college.
•PONYBOY SOMETIMES VISITS GREASER RUMBLES OR HANGOUTS WITH SODAPOP AND REMINISCES ABOUT WHEN THEY WERE GREASERS. •Ponyboy’s last day of being 29 was spent with Darry. Darry telling him that being 30 ain’t all that bad. Darry saying he got nothing to worry about. •It’s Ponyboy’s 30th birthday. Ponyboy is sad how his 20s went by fast. He just wishes Johnny could’ve been 30, too.

thevocaloidmeiko  asked:

(im on mobile but the muse lovechild thing)

NAME:  千夏  (Chinatsu), meaning “Thousand ( Chi,  ) Summers (Natsu,   )

Chinatsu has floofy chestnut hair that reaches down to her shoulders and messy bangs. Her eyes are blue, and she wears glasses. her nose is upturned and she has a slight overbite. She inherited lily’s freckles, although they seem to be much more persistent in Chinatsu.
She Likes to dress in floral patterns and pastel colors.

Chinatsu is a shy, quiet introvert, who, while polite, can be quite awkward around other people.
Having been involved with the music industry her whole life, both on stage and behind the scenes, she has the music practically flowing through her veins. Due to her shyness however, she had never really been into performing.
Instead, she picked up a variety of instruments, learning to both play and compose pieces in plenty of styles. When writing songs, she completely shuts out the world around her, even forgetting to eat, drink or sleep.

After finishing high school, Chinatsu enrolled in an art school, aiming to further study music. Unfortunately, she found herself in a rut, the free spirit inherited from Meiko hardly compatible with the school’s rigid dogmata.
She dropped out and returned back home, living as a neet and only occasionally leaving the house at all.
During this time, she began producing music digitally, eventually employing Vocaloid software as well. It didn’t take long until her skillfully made songs became popular online, and slowly, she built a career on music, like her mothers before, but in her own, unique way.

 In high school, when everyone was seeking out relationships, Chinatsu ended up pressured into dating a boy from her class. He asked her out and she, put on the spot, was too scared to refuse.
And while her boyfriend certainily wasn’t unkind to her, she soon realized that it couldn’t work out, that she didn’t feel the same way. 
After that, Chinatsu never entered another relationship, although she has never felt the need to, either.


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So I've been wanting to get a haircut for a while now so I went to the salon earlier. I just wanted a trim. So after giving the person my details, I asked her how much it was and she said it was $20... 20 frickin dollars just so I could get rid of split ends. So i stayed there for about 10 mins and then cancelled my thing pretending I need to be somewhere else urgent. When i got home I did my own hair and saved $20 (which I spent for pizza)

I commend you on your frugal choice and using it for the greater good my darling Nonny Chan. That is a lot for just a quick trim! Although I can’t talk here its a minimum $50 to cut my hair TT__TT I’m so happy that my bestie is a hairdresser luckily I don’t have to pay her!

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danaya x aquil headcanons


bunga ng pagwawala pag-uusap namin ni @girl-in-a-well sa twitter just after an episode of the reboot bc we deserve more backstory/screentime on how these two interacted back in enca while amihan and raquim stayed in the mortal world i mean there mUST be a relationship build-up???

[insert the iconic frustrated I LOVE YOU]

  • aquil vowed to love defending lireo and the whole of encantadia before anything, or anyone, else. he kept this vow for all his life, until that vow itself was changed and added anew.
  • he didn’t know it at first, didn’t notice what was already there. but he did fall in love the moment she was born. what he dismissed as admiration and loyalty at the youngest sang'gre was actually something else, something deeper.
  • baby danaya cried very much often. mine-a tried every dama there was to care for her child, but to no avail. it was only in the ynang reyna’s arms did danaya cease crying. and only when alena played with her.
  • mine-a strolled around the palace one day, carrying danaya, with alena and a few damas following close by. guards kept watch, and some carried news of sapiryans paying a visit to the queen of lireo. mine-a attended to the visit immediately, leaving danaya to one of the damas. danaya woke and cried, despite alena’s efforts to distract her.
  • aquil was there too; at ease, awaiting further orders if there happened to be. and alena, ever the kind one, asked him if he wanted to hold danaya. he declined politely, saying he did not know how to carry a child, but alena persisted. in the end he followed the sang'gre’s request and gently, like a prized glass, took danaya from the dama’s arms. he was afraid he might let her fall, or that his hold on her might be too hard, but he did well. at least, that’s what the baby thought. as he looked at the tiny face and twinkling eyes of the child, danaya stopped crying. and looked at him too.
  • mine-a returned to that part of the palace a moment later. and she knew, right then and there, that aquil was not going to be just a soldier forever.
  • danaya grew up to be the playful and adventurous girl she was. she had a chubby figure. pirena always teased her, but she never minded. once the youngest sang'gre learned how to speak more eloquently, there was no stopping her. she had a curious mind, and she wouldn’t relax until her questions had been answered. she followed damas, imaw, and soldiers everywhere at home.
  • as aquil headed for his training with muros, danaya tailed behind. he turned a few times to see who it was following him, but there was no one. danaya managed to hide behind his back, struggling not to giggle. he walked on. when he turned again, he caught her; the giggle escaping from her lips.
  • she asked him where he was going and what he’d be doing. he said he’d be getting ready for a fight. she wanted to know how to fight, but he promised he’d teach her soon enough if she promised she wouldn’t follow him secretly again. they settled on the agreement.
  • danaya still followed him around, though. see, she somewhat developed a little crush on him lately. she still asked him questions. and he still gave her the answers she needed; not complete truths, but enough to satisfy her curiosity. one instance she told him she’d marry him someday. he laughed, patted her head, and said he’d await that day. she held on to his promise.
  • getting older, danaya learned how to sneak out the palace and wander aimlessly in the nearby forest; where she felt most connected with. during one of her walks, she ran into some bandits. they attempted to hurt her. she fought back with whatever skill she had at the time. she kicked, punched, screamed for help. aquil came to the rescue. the bandits gone, he scolded her out of worry and fear. he almost lost her, and they almost lost a sang'gre. he blamed himself for the most part. but after that incident did he make another vow of protecting danaya at all costs.
  • she stopped following him around, or the others, after. she stayed put inside the palace and rarely spoke. mine-a and her sisters noticed this. when aquil tried to start small talk, oblivious that she felt cold, she simply ignored him or replied sarcastically. he did not give up, however. when he brought up the topic of training her how to fight, much earlier than her sisters, she regained her happy disposition and hugged him.
  • that one promise fulfilled, they grew closer as friends. much closer than her relationship with pirena or alena, or her dama, even. when amihan and a bigger threat from hathoria came, aquil returned to his original vow. danaya understood the obligation. and she understood she should not cater to the feelings she kept.
  • she grew into a young beautiful diwata. aquil stayed young, but his mind grew older. his heart grew softer. he watched her become independent. he observed her beauty and strength from afar. sometimes they spoke, but only for the sake of civility. danaya still held on to the promise of marrying him someday. aquil had a lot of things in his mind; another upcoming war, but he did not forget. he never did. although, danaya thought he did. and it ached her. just a bit.
Demigods React to Disney's Hercules Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Even Before Hades Heard the Prophecy, He was Having a Rotten Day

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You study conversation?

Absolutely! I study a lot of odd things for sugaring. Conversation, negotiation, staying in control of interactions, hair, makeup, health, body language, seduction, marketing as well as skills to make myself seem well rounded and interesting like languages, computer coding, sports, cooking, etc. Basically anything that gives me an edge socially or makes me interesting to people. Although to be totally honest, I did all of that prior to sugaring, I just became more focused on the purpose of it all once I became a SB.

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This might be a weird question but do you know what to call that layered hair style you put on alot of your characters? I believe your persona and Tsuki have it? It's a really intriguing style!

I guess kinda like a mullet? It’s just a thing that kinda stuck with me when I had my all mighty scene phase when I was a teenager and a lot of my character had mullets at one point. Although Tsuki’s is more of just weird hair layers since she still had long hair in the front, I mostly needed a reason for her short piggy tails to work which is why her hair turned out the way it did:

Elgang: How do you style your hair?

So, do you guys have any hair styling tips? How do you create their hairstyle that you have and maintain it?

Elsword: I just go to bed, and when I wake up, my hair always ends up like this! It’s neat, isn’t it? It’s like magic!

(I’m pretty sure that’s just bed hair…)

Aisha: I use magic! And no, I don’t mean Elsword’s “magic”. I mean real magic. I cast a spell on my hair, and it changes into whatever style I want!

(That’s pretty convenient. Maybe you can teach it to me?)

Nah, only powerful magicians like me can use it properly!

(Aw man…)

Rena: All I need is the power of nature! A fresh lake or river to wash my hair in, the gentle breeze to dry it off, and the smell of flowers to give it a lovely scent… It’s very refreshing!

(Sounds awesome! So what about your youthful look? Any tips on how to look eternally young?)

Sorry, that’s elven genetics! We were just born that way!

Raven: I use my Nasod arm as a comb. The metallic fingers, when angled correctly, are very good for styling my hair.

(Umm… okay then… you keep doing that…)

Eve: My body, including my hair, does not “grow” like those of normal beings. It is all constructed and maintained by Nasod technology, allowing my appearance to stay as beautiful and perfect as it always is.

(So what you’re saying is…)

That’s right. Bitch, I’m fabulous.

(Huh. Never thought I’d hear a Nasod say that line.)

Chung: I’ve got tons of hair care equipment! Shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, hair ties, mirrors, curling irons, you name it! With these, it’s very easy for me to get the look that I want!

(Where do you keep all that stuff?)

In my Destroyer, of course! I also use it to store other items.

(So your Destroyer functions as a weapon, a luggage bag, and a hair salon…?)

That’s right!

Ara: I ask Eun! Since she’s been inside that hairpin for a while, she knows a lot about hair styles. She gives me tips and advice on how to style my hair, and of course, how to incorporate the hairpin into the mix! 

(Cool! But do you know any hairstyles that don’t require a hairpin?)

No… Eun would be really sad if I didn’t include her in my fashion choices…

Elesis: Most of my hairstyles are the traditional styles worn by female Red Knights. The braids I get as GM symbolize honor and prestige, while the hair ties and “spikier” hairstyle as BH represent persistence and relentlessness. Although, I did modify them a little bit to fit my own style.

(And what about Crimson Avenger?)

Eh, I said “screw the traditional hairstyles, I’m going wild!”

(That explains a lot…)

Add: I use my Dynamos! You see these things?:

Those are kinda like combs. However, they also discharge energy to clean, shape, and restore my hair! Awesome, huh?

(But all of your second job classes use Dynamos that don’t have those things on them…)

Well I didn’t really need them as LP. I decided to go for a “wild” look there. As for MM, you know all those holographic displays that appear around me? In addition to displaying battle data (and pictures of Eve), it also shows my hair status. With those screens, I can select a hairstyle I want, and my Dynamos will use energy to shape it that way. For DE, those two really large things that hover behind me are actually hair maintenance modules. They can warp time and space around my hair so that I can easily restore it or change it to whatever I want!


Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

I woke up with a terrible headache. I literally felt that my head was spinning in circles. I grabbed it with both my hands so it wouldn’t fall out. I slowly sat on the bed and opened my eyes. But I closed them quickly after the light coming from the window in front of me burned my eyes. But wait. My room didn’t have a window in front of the bed. And I wasn’t in a bed; I was sitting in a mattress lying on the floor. I looked around and that’s when I realized I wasn’t in my bedroom and not exactly in my house for that matter. What the hell happened last night? The party. That’s what happened. I tried my best to remember anything but my brain cells where practically dead and I found it so difficult to think. I was able to recall some moments but I couldn’t link them together. However, my main priority now was to find out where I was.

Just then, Jenn entered the room with a tray containing lunch. I looked at my watch: 2pm. She was wearing her pajamas and carrying a bright wide smile on her face. “Good morning sweetie” she exclaimed. “Shut up” I said placing my hands on my ears, “You are too loud”. She laughed and sat by my side. “Do you remember anything?” Jenn asked giving me a headache pill. I swallowed it while I shook my head, “Do you?” “Nope” she said, “well, only one thing” “What?” I asked curiously. “I kissed Scott” she giggled and looked away.

“What? Jenn! Oh my God!! That’s awesome” I almost shouted hugging her.

“Yeah, yeah” she said, “I wonder if he remembers though”

I remembered a bit then. Scott was pretty bad; he had drunk a lot. And Jenn was feeling terrible because she had seen him talking with a random girl. That’s it.

“Was it your first time drinking?” Jenn asked me giving a bite to one of the sandwiches in the tray.

“No, I’ve drank before but this was my first time drunk, yes” I said, “What about you?”

“There are a lot of partied here in LA, you know?” she said embarrassed. I laughed slightly.

“My parents are going to kill me” I whispered getting up but I regretted my action when an incredible dizziness attacked my body. “I’m going to be grounded for so long”

“No you are not” she exclaimed in a singing voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we sent your mother a text from your phone as if it were you asking if you could stay in my house and she agreed completely” she exclaimed. I took out my phone and effectively; there was a small conversation between my mom and “me”. I sighed in relief. I wondered who had written the texts, they looked as if I had typed them myself.

“Anyway, I was so intrigued to know what had happened that I asked Jack J and Sam to tell me a bit. And yeah, some weird stuff happened.”

“Sam wasn’t drunk?”

“Nope” she said, “Do you want to know or not?”


“Well, Jack was designed driver so he didn’t drink and although he took care of Gilinsky and Scott all night, Jack escaped to talk to some girls and end up puking in somebody’s shoes. He was a black eye now” I giggled. “Sam told me that I was crying, which I can’t believe by the way, because Scott was talking to a girl. And that you two, love birds made the bitch go away and told to Scott to come where I was. That’s what I remember; him coming and then we kissing”

“Well, I don’t remember making a bitch go away” I exclaimed laughing.

“I thought you were goodie, but gosh, you’ve got attitude gurl” she said and I laughed.

“What else?”

“Calm down, I’m reaching yours and Sam’s part” she said and I blushed, “He didn’t say much, only that you kept telling him he was cute”

“What?!” I screamed touching my forehead, “Oh my God, I’m so stupid, shit please don’t let me drink again, I can’t believe I did that. How am I supposed to see him now?”

By that time, Jenn was rolling in the floor, tears in her eyes and laughing uncontrollably loud. When she calmed down she said trying to catch her breath, “That’s another thing I remember too, you were like ‘did you know how cute you are Sam?´” she exclaimed. I hid my face in my hands.

“And he was like ´You are cuter´” she added, smiling and raising her eyebrows repeatedly. I rolled my eyes but in the inside I was literally jumping and screaming in joy.

“Something else?” I asked, “This is horrible, I don’t remember a thing”

“Welcome to my world” Jenn smirked, “Anyway, Sam felt so guilty about letting you drink. He literally took care of you all night. Well at least that’s what Jack told me”

“He did?” “Yeah” I smiled to myself, he was so… so perfect.

I got up, and although my legs ached a lot, I walked to Jenn’s bathroom. I almost screamed when I saw my horrid reflection in the mirror. I had bags under my eyes, which were red and showed tiredness. My hair was messy and tangled. My make up was everywhere but in the place it was supposed to be. I cleaned it up and it looked slightly better, but still, I looked trashed.

“Get dressed” Jenn said arranging her hair.


“We are meeting the boys in the Mall, it’s a tradition. We do that the day after every party”

I swallowed hard. That meant I had to see Sam. I had to face him after being drooling over him and telling him he was cute all night last night. “Earth please swallow me” I whispered to myself once we were in Jenn’s car on the way to Hill Mall.


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Hairloss- one of The effects of not eating right

2013 versus 2014

Almost a year ago I noticed my hair thinning at my temple. Suffice to say I HAD A FREAK OUT. What caused this?

Not eating right for the exercise I was doing. Was I anorexic? Bulimic? Was I starving hungry? No, no, no.

I was bashing out big workouts, eating around 1600 cals a day but I wasn’t noting my macros; protein, fat and carb levels. Looking back I was eating virtually no fat and not a great deal of protein. I was eating a lot of fruit and veg and working out gaining muscle and dropping dress sizes.

But this is when I noticed something wasn’t right. Later in the year I broke my foot, it broke really easy and my body was so low on protein within my diet it was probably leeching it out of my bones for quite some time.

I had no idea this was happening as I felt great, had lots of energy but look at what I did to myself.


So before you jump headlong into a crazy diet and exercise routine please please make sure you are eating the right things for your body not just a goal number of calories.

My hair, after a year, is getting back to normal and not as noticeable, although it’s still short and sticks up a bit sprouty!

Successful weight and health goals means the RIGHT nutrition. Please stay healthy xxx