although honestly you should be used to it by now

Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

(this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

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“Even if Suga hyung is usually like a grandpa, he’s really cool when you see him on stage or working on music. It would be nice if he was like that while dancing too but anyways- I think he’s a hyung I can learn a lot from. I need to write a lot for this but honestly, I have very little to sayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was thinking of writing a letter to armys. I think this is a good idea. I feel like I’m pretty awesome. I’m not even eating right now but I’m making this video instead, everyone. It would be nice if everybody liked this ㅜㅜ  Where and how should I start? The Wings Tour has started! Although we may be far away, you guys know that we’re always thinking about our armys right? So please wait a little bit for us- even from far away, we’ll go on the cafe and we’ll do sns often! And we’ll take care of our condition so that we can come back without having to show you any bad forms of ourselves! Ah I’ll also try to take a lot of selcasㅎ And… I’ll be travelling with my camera! So because there’s a chance of “Jungkook’s Vibe” coming out again, please anticipate that as well. When I’m there, I’m going to try to exercise a lot too. From far away, please send me a lot of encouragement so that my body can become solid/firm! And! Again! Haven’t I started to play the drums? So I’m going to practice a lot so that I can play the drums well during this tour! I would’ve definitely learned faster if there was someone next to me who could teach meㅜㅜStill, I’ll try to do it diligently. Wow I thought I wrote a lot but there’s still a lot left to this! Anyways, everyone I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll come back safely!! Don’t worry!!! Am I not Jungkook, Are we not Bulletproof Boyscouts??!!??!!??!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIn the moment, I forgot that this video was supposed to be a video for Suga hyung’s birthday. Ah, don’t I have any more words to say for Suga hyung…Maybe Suga hyung won’t read the words that are coming out right now because they’re annoying? That’s right, isn’t it? Everybody, you’re thinking this too right? If so, then should I write a little more comfortably? Oy Suga-yah, I’m using this video to tell you some things that needed to be said. You’re good at music, your thoughts are deep, you have a lot of knowledge, your team thoughts are perfect! But!…It’s all good! It’s alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll good!!! It’s good but….. It’s good… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s good and seriously, happy birthday. In the future, let’s run diligently for BTS and Armys. When I see those thin legs of hyung’s perform, tears come out. I respect you. Exercise your lower body…Make sure to take your vitamins… Wow it’s really not being filled what would be good to fill this up with? Army, I love you. Army, I like you. Army’s are mine. I heart Armys. Ah, thank you a lot for liking WDTA!!! Because everyone liked it, I feel good. It was the best. Even in the future, I’ll sing a lot of good songs. I’ll cover a lot songs with this taste, no? I’m really thankful, now there really aren’t that many lines left! Hang in there, everybody! For the last, I feel like ending with a song would be nice. Let’s shout 2!3! *inserts song lyrics* Suga hyung and Bangtan and Army, I love you! Adios”

-Jungkook in his birthday video for Yoongi (170309)

The Maze Runner: Thomas - Only Flirt With Me If You Mean It

Prompt: Thomas notices your flirtatious behaviour and gets jealous when it isn’t towards him.

Requested by anonymous.

Your eyes snap open, and darkness surrounds you. You feel the dip of your mattress and the cocoon of blankets envelope you, which used to be comforting most nights, but now all it does is make you feel nauseous. You peel back the blankets and sit up in your bed, your skin slick with sweat and your forehead almost throbbing.

You should have known not to wear too many blankets; you feel like you’ve been roasted alive almost. And the heat… didn’t exactly help with your dreams. You shake your head, as if it would shake the dream away, but it rests there in your mind begging to be thought of. You get out of bed instead, and pull back some curtains to feel the cool breeze of the night. It cools you down, but the voice lingers.

And the touch.

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“Yes” CH 2 - “Talk to You Soon. I Promise.”

GUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS I feels like it’s been 85 years since I last updated this fic. I am so SO sorry for the lack of updates or writings of any kind. life has been.. crazy to say the least. but it’s summer so who knows what’ll happen. Anyways this is just a short little installment. Hope you guys enjoy!!!  

Ch 1 

    Rae sighed and put her phone down for a moment. She focused on the board in front of her. Maybe it was a bad idea to text him, she thought to herself. She began scribbling the notes the class was taking and paused for a moment. She had to admit she hadn’t expected him to reply to her at all. A part of her really wanted to see where the conversation was headed, if it was even headed anywhere.  

    She grabbed her phone and quickly typed, Yeah. Hey, Finn. How’s it going?

    Finn had been holding on to his phone since he got the message. He hated that he was feeling nervous. Rae had been gone for over a month and hadn’t reached out to him yet. And now out of nowhere she messages him? He just couldn’t understand it.  

    He was bringing himself to put his phone back in his pocket when he felt the vibration in his palm. He looked down quickly and read her message. She seemed so at ease.  It was pissing him off, it he was being honest.

    How’s it going? He typed quickly before he lost his nerve.

     It was becoming increasingly obvious it had been a very bad idea to text Finn. What did she do it for? This was going nowhere fast. She was just going to send him one last message and back out.

    I just wanted to see how you were doing. Well, I’m in class so I should go now.  

   Finn scoffed. Oh no. She left without so much as a goodbye, and hadn’t spoken to him since. He was not going to let her get away with it so easy.

    I’m doing alright. But you wouldn’t know, would you, Rae?  

    Rae read that message over and over. She knew she had fucked up. She gulped

    No, she typed, I guess I wouldn’t.

    You left without saying anything and now out of nowhere you say how’s it going?

    Rae couldn’t think of any excuse. He didn’t deserve her just disappearing. She had fucked up.

    You’re right. I’m sorry, Finn.

    Finn held a tight grip on his phone for a moment before he let out a breath. He just couldn’t stay mad at her. No matter how hard he tried and no matter how badly he felt she deserved it, he just could not hold any animosity towards Rae. She had said sorry, and really, that’s all he wanted from her.

    Fine. It’s ok, Rae. Really. How are you? How’s Bristol?

     Rae couldn’t help but feel an extra twinge of sadness. She had always known Finn was nice - too nice even. But she never expected him to be this kind. He didn’t have to forgive her. If it had been him she wouldn’t have forgiven him so easily. But here he was acting like it was no big deal. Like if she had just forgotten to text him over the weekend as opposed to over a month. Somehow it made her feel even worse about what she had done, but she wasn’t about to let him know that.

    I’m really good. Bristol is great. Although I have to tell you the class I’m in now is pretty boring.  

    What class is it?

    Calculus. -_-

    Figures. I should have known you’d only text me under moments of extreme torture.

    Hey! I’ve texted you other times too! It’s just… Calculus is so boring. When the fuck am I going to use this in real life? Honestly? When does ANYONE actually use calculus?  

    Beats me. Isn’t this what you went off to college for anyway?  Now you’re reaping the rewards.  

    Nelson you’re extremely lucky my phone doesn’t have the middle finger emoji    

     Oh jeez dodged a bullet there. That would’ve been intimidating.

    God you are such a prick.  

    I guess I am. Hmmm..

   Rae giggled and was about to type up a response when she heard the familiar shuffling noises of students getting ready to leave. She glanced at the time and realized her class was ending. She didn’t even notice the time go. She knew she’d have to grab the notes she missed from someone else, but it was definitely worth it. It felt good talking to Finn again.  

    Hey. Finn, she typed, I got to get going to my next class. But I promise we’ll pick this up again when I go to lunch after, yeah?

    Yeah, of course. Have a good class Rae.  

    Thanks. Talk to you soon. I promise.  

  Finn smiled softly at his phone. He went about the rest of his morning as usual. A few costumers came in and he set to work on their cars. The only difference was this time was he left his phone on top of his tool box, so that he’d know just when he got the next notification.

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I asked a similar question somewhere else before for Hikyuu, and I would like your take on this. Anyway, Hara, Seto and Haizaki are first time parents and they just don't help taking care of a 3 month old, because "how hard can it be? Just feed the child and put him/her to bed". Their wives are fed up with this so they decide to leave the guys for a weekend or so alone with their baby(-s) and go to a spa. Honestly, I just want to see one of them cry. Have a nice day/night.

Seto Kentaro

He knew you expected him to fail at this “parenting thing” (although he didn’t understand why you would use your child as an experiment); what you hadn’t counted on was his side job during high school as a babysitter for his next door neighbour. Now an expert from those times, he easily had his son in bed and asleep- just in time for your arrival.

Haizaki Shougo

It should have worked- his foolproof plan, to get the kid tucked away and dealt with as he watched basketball matches and booed most of the players, should have worked. But it didn’t. Apparently, babies heads were heavy and, if not positioned correctly, could easily make said child roll of a downhill sofa. Now there was a dark bruise spreading across his daughter’s forehead and, despite often saying he would never be afraid of you, he didn’t know exactly how he would feel when matching red patches with the baby- expect these red patches were to be created by your fists.

Hara Kazuya

In all honesty, the only experience Hara had had with babies until this point was his younger brother’s birth but he had been three years old at the time and for some reason his parents had thought he would rip apart the baby as he did pillows and duvets- not too incorrect an assumption. So, how was he supposed to deal with this kid? You had written a long list of instructions but he had band practice soon and could he really be bothered.?

The World in Her eyes- A Kris Wolf!Au  (part 5)

 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,Part 4 , Part 6

Kris spent a couple of hours, trying to explain the details about his life, his species, and his pack to you, trying to make them sound as normal as possible, since he was too afraid to scare you away, but the more he talked, the more he realized it was like you were meant to fit in his life perfectly.

You accepted everything he said, without hesitation, as the two of you sat down at the clearing that surrounded your house, your hand on his, rubbing the back of his hand with your thumb lightly. He smiled at the small gesture, pleased to feel the softness of his skin on his own, without fur this time.

“You know, you are much cuter as a human.” You told him teasingly, as you poked his shoulder with his index finger. Kris blushed, as he laughed shyly.

“I’m not as cute as you though.” He replied, smiling at you. He had always imagined himself as being a cold, cool guy, but right now, sitting with you in the peacefulness of a clearing in the middle of the woods, staring into your sincere eyes that saw right through him, he couldn’t bring himself to keep up with his usual façade.

This was the first time Kris had ever been shy because of a girl, and he wasn’t sure if he liked it, or was absolutely appalled by it.

“So you live in a pack right? How many of you are there?” You asked him, tangling your fingers with him, as you scooted closer so that your thigh touched his. He sucked air harshly at the gesture, because the moment your skin touched his leg, he felt an electric current run right through his body, something that drew him towards you, and he had to control himself.

“I do, there are 12 of us in total, although our alpha’s mate lives with us too now. She’s really nice, and she is human too. You should meet her, I’m sure you’d get along with her, and she’s been dying to meet you.” Kris replied honestly, not once thinking his words through before speaking them, something he wasn’t used to, so his eyes opened wide once he realized he had hinted he talked about you to his pack.

“Oh so you talk about me?” You ask him, wiggling your eyebrows at him teasingly, but your cheeks became slightly pink. Your heart fluttered at the idea of Kris talking about you.

“A little… Yeah…” Kris replied shyly, trying to laugh it off as if it was no big deal.

“Ah… it would be nice to be able to meet them.” You replied with a dreamy expression on your face, as you looked up at the sky and threw yourself back , your back hitting the grass as you laid down on the ground. Kris smiled at you with a glimmer in his eyes and expectation on his face. His heart began beating faster.

“You mean that? You want to meet my family?” He asked you eagerly, and you smiled, because once again he had referred to his pack as his family. You could tell how much they meant to him by the way he talked about them, and even though he openly claimed to be annoyed by his fellow pack members Jongdae, Chanyeol and Baekhyun, you could see the way his eyes sparkled when he mentioned the crazy things these boys had done.

It had been a very long time since you had felt anything remotely similar towards anyone, and honestly it made you smile, to think that maybe you could form part of such a crazy yet wonderful family.

“It would be amazing.” You whispered, closing your eyes and smiling peacefully. You heard him shuffle on the grass beside you, and suddenly, the light from the sky was blocked. You opened your eyes to look at him.

“Why don’t you come with me tonight? You can have dinner with the pack, and befriend Suho’s soul mate. It would be fun!” he told you, tugging on your arm. You let out a loud laugh.

“You want me to go now?” You asked him, and he nodded silently. You smiled, and looked down at your dress.

“Do I look okay though?” You asked him, wondering if your attire was good enough to introduce yourself to his family.

“You look beautiful Y/N…” He spoke, his face barely a couple of inches away from you. Your breath hitched in your throat. Your heart began thumping harshly in your chest. You looked down at his lips, and he smiled, catching onto the hint, before leaning forward, cupping your cheek in one of his huge hands, and pressing his lips against yours lovingly.

You melted into the kiss, as his body hovered over yours on the grass, and your hands snaked around his neck, keeping him close. It was an innocent kiss, simple, but you felt things you had never felt before. You felt an electric current running through your body, you felt the fireworks go off, and your heart swell with happiness. You needed him there, right there, where he was, as you never wanted to let you. If you had the power to stop the world right then and there, you would have, you wanted to spend eternity with Kris, kissing those beautiful pouty lips of his.  

You spent a while kissing, before you both got up, and patted your clothes to get rid of the dirt. He grabbed your hand, and led you through the forest, covering both of your tracks once again, until you were at a safe distance from your house. He didn’t explain why he did this to you, and you needn’t ask, since you trusted his judgment.

He smiled at you, and squeezed your hand tighter, as he led the way. You noticed the soil become more and more worn, and you assumed this must be the path he and his pack usually took to get home.

You walked out of the woods, and immediately you spotted the large house in the middle of a field. You smiled, it had such a homely feeling to it, you couldn’t help but think that it was the kind of house you saw in movies.

“It’s Suho’s family. What do you think?” He asked you with a smile, pointing to the house with a movement of his head. You looked at him with your eyes open wide in wonder.

“It’s amazing…” you replied with a grin. He smiled, and tugged on your hand, leading you towards the house.

He knocked on the door, waiting patiently for it to be opened. You heard multiple yells from the outside, people talking over each other loud enough so that you couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it made you laugh, it sounded like one of those large families you see in movies, the loud ones that argue and bicker but love each other deeply. Your heart began to ache, you longed for a family. You wanted to belong.

“GUYS IT’S Y/N!!” you heard the tall boy yell from the door, as he opened it and looked at you. Immediately, a bunch of curious boys popped their heads to get a better view of you, all of them smiling.

“Guys, let them come in, you are blocking the way.” You heard a man scold, as he walked towards the boys, and pushed them away. By the way he stood, and carried himself, and his kind smile, you safely assumed he was Suho, the leader.

“I’m Suho, pleased to meet you.” He smiled at you warmly, holding his hand out to you. You took it and shook it strongly, making him smile at you.

“I’m Suho’s fiancé SU/B/N. I’m so glad to finally meet you” She smiled at you, and you noticed how she wore a cute apron, and held a wooden spoon that the rest of the guys eyed suspiciously, and you wondered what the story behind that was. She was beautiful, and you could see the way she and Suho hovered around each other, seeming to complement each other’s movements. It was like being near each other made them happy, they glowed. She was glowing.

“I’m Y/N, pleased to meet all of you.” You said, doing a 90 degree bow. You heard loud laughter.

“Oh we know who you are.” You heard a smaller boy say, with cute cat like lips.

“Kris here won’t stop talking about you.” Said another tall boy with cute large ears. You grinned at them, before turning over to look at Kris with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay, that’s enough humiliation for the hour, can we go inside and introduce ourselves already?” Kris cut them short, rolling his eyes and pushing you inside with a soft nudge, as he closed the door behind him. You watched the two boys from before, and a couple more eye each other mischievously, and you wondered just what they could possibly have in store. You couldn’t wait.


You were sitting at the edge of your bed, your face buried in your hands while you cried your eyes out. Today you were going to marry. You should be happy about it, but it was quite the opposite. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to marry, no, it was just with the wrong guy. Your family insisted you to marry a man you didn’t have feelings for. ‘He can offer you a good life’ they said. ‘He can make you happy.’ But you didn’t want to hear all of this. You wanted to decide who you wanted to be with. After all, your heart belonged to someone else.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.
You tried to wipe away your tears as fast as you could before the person found out. “(Y/N)?” It was Rami. Your best friend and the love of your life since you were 15. “Are you in there?” You tried to get yourself together before answering. “Yeah! Come on in.” He slowly opened the door and closed it behind him. Then he came closer to you. “What are you doing here? Everyone is waiting for you downstairs. You shouldn’t let them- hey, wait a moment. Are you crying?” As soon as he spoke out this words, tears fell down your cheeks again and you began to choke out heavy sobs. Your heart contracted, it felt like someone would steal the air for your lungs. Rami wrapped his arms around you, trying to soothe you. You hold him closer to you, too much afraid to let go.

“Shh…everything will be fine.” He softly stroke your hair. Every touch would let shivers ran down your spine. “I don’t want to marry him.” You cried. “I don’t want to. Please Rami, help me.” He gently put his hands on your cheeks, forcing you to look him in the eyes. His hands were warm and his thumbs were caressing your cheeks lovingly. “I wish I could help you, but you know I can’t. Your parents already made their decission.” You cried even more now, feeling desperate and helpless. Rami was your last hope, maybe you could have ran away and start a new life togehter. Marry each other, have kids and grow older with him. But all your wonderful dreams vanished as he told you, he couldn’t help you. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” You shook your head, pulled away from him.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway. My family already planned my whole life. All the decisions I should make were made by them. I’m getting used to it.” He looked at you with pity in his eyes. Honestly, he wanted to help you. But he knew, although your parents were really stern and controlling, you loved them with all your heart. He didn’t want to destroy your relation to them by kidnapping you. But the fact, that you were marrying someone else, ripped his heart apart. He loved you too, more than he loved anyone in his life and now he let his chance to ever have you for himself, slip away from his hands. The voices were getting louder downstairs, your mother already called for you. “It’s time, I guess.” Rami whispered. “Yeah.” He pulled you for a hug, you buried your face on the crook of his neck, sniffling his beautiful scent. This was your last time, where the two of you were so close to each other.

He let go of you and kissed your forehead. “No matter what happens, I’m always there for you. Don’t forget that.” You nodded, went to your mirror to check up your appearance. “You look gorgeous, (Y/N).” He offered you a smile. “I’m heading downstairs, and try to calm down your mother before she freaks out.” Then he went out of the room. You closed your eyes, a single tear rolling down your cheek, and whispered : “I will always love you.”

My favorite aspect of Conway’s character was that, even though he was rather full of himself and very confident in his intelligence and abilties, he had a reason to be since his they tended to be very effective in battle. He still has his faults, he tends to lose it when things dont go according to plan “IT ATE THE SHADOW PUNCH” and hes not the bravest person on two legs, but his smarts still have merit and value.

I think it says a lot when Dawn, who still in her “unconfident arc” (I think that should be the name used from now on honestly instead of “depression”) was super elated by the advice Conway offered and immediately jumped at the chance to learn more from him and implement that into future contests, and mind you, this was someone SHE JUST MET, I think that says a lot.

And although he was a bit full of himself (“just leave all the thinking to me”). Him and Dawn worked wonderfully together as a tag team, a LOT better then Ash and Paul who ended up winning the entire thing (mostly due to plot reasons).

I feel like I also should stress that Conway had the battle with Ash in his hands up to the very last moment. He played right into his hands and he was able to one shot all of Ash’s Pokemon once the Trick Room strategy was implemented, and keep in mind that he wasnt prepared for the Pokemon Ash was going to use (he’d assume he use different Pokemon) but still managed to work the “variable” into his battle equation. Honestly if Ash hadnt pulled that shit with Gible, Conway wouldve won.

Of course other then his intelligence his other obvious character traits are entraining, his ability to make others uncomfortable by appearing at any place and anytime without being noticed the brave facade he puts up but turns to mush when something scares him (ike thunder), just his general off-putting nature is something you would see from a one-off COTD or Villian character, not a semi-regular rival, I think it makes him pretty unique in that regard, there’s no one else quite like him.

Mindfang Sword Tutorial (as best as I can)

Hello ladies and gents! Today I will show you how to construct a light up mindfang sword!!! yyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. I know there was this tutorial but it’s…horribly complicated….. SO. Here is an easy way to do it. It lights up, is durable, and looks GR8. as you can see in these pictures of me and my cosplay. SO. Let us beign!


  • 3 sheets of 2ft x 3ft 1/8th in thick plexiglass
  • one 4 ½ inches around,  PVC pipe
  • pvc pipe cap to fit the pipe
  • Air Dry Modeling clay
  • dremel tool
  • sandpaper
  • blue acrylic paint
  • blue spray paint to match blue acrylic paint or vice versa
  • scotch painting tape (to tape off sections not wanting to be painted so that you don’t get paint on parts you don’t want to.
  • LED AA Maglite
  • hard posterboard
  • C clamps
  • epoxy/silicone/superglue (not exactly recommended)
  • patience
  • time
  • $$$$


First, you’re going to want to use your posterboard and draw out the shape of the sword and cut it out. What I did was use my dad’s huge printer, blew up a pic of the sword, pasted it to the posterboard after cutting it out, and cut it out after get exact dimensions, but you can also eye it too, doesn’t really matter. You’re also going to want to add a little “tail” to it that will keep it sturdy later. It’ll be something like this:

Next, use ONE sheet of your plexiglass and trace the sword’s shape onto it with a sharpie.and trace it onto one peice of plexiglass. Clamp those together with 2-3 clamps in whatever size. 

Then, you take out your handy dandy dremel tool and attach the small saw thingie onto it and position it comfortably and start cutting along your tracing of the sword. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES, AND DO NOT BREATHE THE PLASTIC STUFF THAT FLIES EVERYWHERE. Make sure you put the clamps on the three peices. After you cut out the shape, clamp the three peices together as exact as you can, and put a small peice of cardboard  or an extra peice of glass under where the clamp touches the glass so it doesn’t scratch the glass. With the gut hook on the sword, you may not be able to cut everything perfect and there will be many chinks and duvets in the of the sword.  This is where the wonderful item of sandpaper comes in. 

So, you’re going to want to sand out those chinks and duvets and stuff until it’s smooth. You can smooth down the end of the guthook too, to make it skinnier or sharper or whatever but just be careful, since sharp object aren’t usually allowed at cons if you’re using it for these purposes. Sanding takes a lot of time and patience and some strength to do. 

After you sand all these chinks out and make them smooth and beautiful it should look a lil somefin like this: 

(If it’s hot be sure to drink plenty of water as you can see that I was doing)

Look at that baby stage of the sword. You can see it set up on the clamps after I have sanded it down. 

ARIGHT. Here, we get down to the nitty gritty :3 

So take apart these piece of plexiglass and remove the safety film from each piece. wash the pieces with soap and water VERY VERY GENTLY SO YOU DO NOT SCRATCH THE PIECES and make sure no soap is left on them, then set them on a towel to dry off. After they dry, take one piece and your blue spray paint and your paint tape stuff and go outside. 

First, tape off your sword where you DO NOT WANT THE PAINT TO BE. Here is a diagram of where the tape should be put: 

All the blue should be taped off to the BEST of your abilities. You may have to tear different peices of the tape to get that perfect curve. Then, lay it on a flat surface where its ok to get paint on. Then, spray the shit out of that thing. until it looks something like this and is COMPLETELY COVERED like this: 


After two days, you may remove the tape and it should looks somefin like this: 

Now here  is where we glue.

Take your two clear and one painted sheets of sword and sandwich them with the painted one in the middle of the two clear. Make sure they are PERFECTLY ALIGNED or else the sword will be bumpy and stuff. Now use something like epoxy or some kind of silicone and glue all the pieces together. ((honestly I used superglue although your SHOULD use epoxy. superglue held for a while, but not after a day of conning and posing))

Next, is where your PVC pipe comes in. You can cut it to whatever length you would like but I cut mine to a length of about 9 inches. Remember, it has to fit the maglite, and the “tail” of the sword. 

Now, take your PVC pipe and cut a slit into it about 3/8 of an inch wide and 2-3 inches deep (enough to take in the “tail”, which should slide right into the pipe, and a few inches of the blade itself). Then, slide it into place inside of the pipe.

Next, take your screws and screw into the side of the pvc pipe, through the plexiglass to hold it into place inside of the PVC pipe. Use as many screws as you like on either side though I used three. Make sure to keep your “tail” centered in the PVC pipe. once that’s done, you can see the sword starting to come together!

for this step you will need to bust out your paint and clay. Form the clay around the PVC pipe going over the edge of it a bit to hide the pipe. Form the hilt of it with the stinger-like appendages.

Make sure to use the picture of the sword as a reference.  take your cap and for the pincer end of the sword, form the clay on top of the cap so that it looks like the pncer. Let the clay dry for as long as needed. After it’s dried, paint both things. 

Now, take your maglite and put it into the PVC pipe. if it doesn’t stay in place, wrap some tape around it on the top and bottom (backwards so the sticky part is outside) and put it inside, lessing the bottom part just barely poke out so you can turn the light on and off as you need but are still able to fit the cap onto it. Make sure you are gentle with the cap since it IS clay and coul break. Turn the light and put the cap on and WAHLA (or whatever) you have your sword. Should look something like this:

There you go, friends! I hope this worked for you! 

If you’ve got any questions or confusions, please ask! I’m welcoming to anything!

Another bleach rant.

First rant here

Okay, now it’s obvious that when IchiHime became canon, the IchiRuki fandom took a hard hit. While some of them are accepting it, a majority aren’t taking it so well. And so, this message is for them.

Strap in, my dudes. It’s gonna get long.

I know, with this ending, all of you ir fans feel hurt. You feel defeated. You feel like you’ve been betrayed. You feel like you’ve been lead on. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. However, is bashing on the creator really necessary? What gave most of you the audacity to harass the author and call him a shitty writer just because your ship didn’t become canon? Just because ir was the most popular ship doesn’t mean you dominated the entire series. Even Tite Kubo himself said that Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship is indeed unique and so deep that it’s indescribable, but it was never meant to be in the romantic sense. They are NAKAMA. Yes, the they loved each other but they weren’t IN love. Most of you are saying that ih and rr had “no development”.. that it was all “one-sided.” How can you say that when ir never had any sides and was the actual ship that had no development in the romantic field? In all the years I’ve been a fan of this series, I have never come across Ichigo saying he had feelings for Rukia or even IMPLIED that he did, and for Rukia vise versa. Orihime was the only one to ever feel anything romantic towards Ichigo and this has been proven countless times. Especially in the scene WAY back in the series where Orihime came close to kissing him. That was her confessing to him. That moment will forever be engraved into the history of Bleach. “But Ichigo was unconscious for that whole thing.” Yeah, and you wanna know what happened next? He felt Orihime’s reiatsu and was willing to go head on into dangerous territory he knew full well that he’d die or get seriously injured, and he was willing to go without training. “Ichigo waited 15 years to say Orihime’s first name when Ichigo said Rukia’s from day 1.” Yes, I do have to admit, that made me confused. However, now that they are in MARRIAGE and we had to wait that long to see him finally saying her first name, that wait was oh so worth it. You want more proof that IchiHime was the obvious endgame relationship? I could put down the entire SERIES onto here but no, I’m not going to shove manga caps in your face just to make you feel bad. I’m not like you. A majority of us ih fans have done that solely to prove most of your illogical answers wrong. I do admit though, I have come across some nasty ih shippers and I really do think that something’s wrong with that picture.
Now, let me make something clear to you. I’m not trying to shove our victory in your face. I’m not trying to be petty, although I SHOULD after all the damn harassment we had to endure from most of you guys. Most of you guys are just so damn cruel. Most of you guys harassed us and insulted not only the fandom but to a beloved character well recognized in Bleach. Yeah. I’ve seen all the hate for Orihime most of you guys put up and honestly, I can never be more disgusted. Most of you guys disfigured her body, making her into a giant blob and naming her “Porkihime” or “Oriham.” Let’s put it this way. You think if Ichigo saw that, he’d like it? Do you really think he’d just sit aside and not give a damn? If you really think that, then boy, do you need to reread the manga all the way from chapter 0. Anyone who does something so atrocious in this fandom is immature and not considered a true Bleach fan, in my book. Not only that, but most of you guys poured even more salt by saying Ichigo and Orihime’s child isn’t even cute. You can insult us all you want, but you leave that child out of this. That adorable little ball of sunshine is innocent.
Now, I did say most of you guys. There are some IchiRuki fans that took the hit and DIDN’T harass us, but congratulate us. Respect to you guys, man. You’re the best.

But back to all the negative, downright cruel IchiRuki fans that unfortunately corrupted most of the shipping fandom. I’m going to repeat this. The creator of bleach, Tite Kubo himself, said that Ichigo and Rukia were never meant to be a couple. You can’t feel betrayed by something that wasn’t promised.
We have dealt with your petty bullshit for 15 goddamn years, so I’m just gonna say one thing to get even with you.
Take your salt out of our tag. You’re ruining our victory meal.


Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 11/?

Scooting back towards the wall, I winced in pain. I took a quick inventory of my pain wrapping my right arm around my stomach furiously hoping the twins were alright. Luckily, the pain was coming from my left arm rather than anywhere near my abdomen.

When I glanced over at Dimitri, all I could see was blood and fists. He was going to kill the Moroi, despite the two guardians trying to tear him away. In an attempt to stop him, I called out to him. Finally I got through, and as soon as he saw me on the ground, he jumped up and rushed toward me. With one good punch to the smaller Moroi’s face, he leaned down next to me.

“Are you okay?” his voice filled with panic.

“Yeah, it’s just my arm. It’s killing me,” I said as three nurses and two more guardians rushed toward us. They tried to get me up off of the floor, but before I could even move, Dimitri scooped me up in his arms, careful to avoid my left side.

Following the nurse, he carried me back to an exam room where she began to poke and prod and ask me a million times. After listening to the twins, she assured us that they were both fine and that my arm had taken the brunt of the fall. Murmuring something about an x-ray, she practically sprinted out of the room.

Almost as soon as she left, the two guardians were at the door. “Guardian Belikov, we need to speak with you.”

“отвяжись,” he said curtly. This was met with shocked and disapproving looks. “You heard me!” Dimitri shouted at them. “Your asshole assignments deserved exactly what they got. Honestly, they got off easy. Now get the hell out of our room.”

The look on his face gave even me the chills. I couldn’t imagine being on the other side of those eyes. Wrapping my fingers around his wrist, I pulled him towards me. “Comrade, stop.” His shoulders softened slightly, and I looked up at the guardians. “Please leave.”

Looking rather torn, they conceded. As soon as the door closed, Dimitri took me into his arms. Kissing me softly on the forehead, he whispered, “Я извиняюсь, Роза.”

“What are you sorry about?” I asked, placing my right hand on the side of his face.

“I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry that you probably hear these things on a daily basis. I’m sorry I can’t protect you from it. I’m sorry, so, so very sorry.”

“Stop.” I shook my head at him. “This isn’t your fault. I knew that this was going to happen eventually. But look, you can’t just go beating up people like that. You could’ve killed him.”

With fire in his eyes, he said, “That’s the one thing I’m not sorry for. I should’ve killed him. He deserved it.”

“Comrade, if you had, you’d never see Evanna and Adelaida,” I said simply, knowing this was the only thing that would get through to him. “They come first. Just because Lissa would side with us doesn’t mean we can get away with murder. Literally.”

“He could’ve hurt them,” he said blankly. His eyes welled up and he placed his hands on my stomach. Gently, he placed a kiss to both sides before glancing up at me. “How bad is your arm?”

“Broken,” I said flatly. No use in dancing around it. Something was definitely broken, but it wasn’t the first time and definitely wouldn’t be the last.

Seconds later the nurse burst in to lead us for the x-ray. Despite my fervent assurances that I could walk perfectly fine, Dimitri scooped me up once again.

Once the x-rays were taken, we had nothing to do but wait for the doctor. It seemed like that was all we did lately, and even though we’d had plenty of practice, neither of us had gotten any better at it. It wasn’t long before Dimitri was pacing the room.

Finally, the doctor walked in. “Five broken ribs, broken nose, broken collarbone, three broken wrist bones, fractured tibia and a slight concussion,” he read from his laptop.

“I think you have the wrong room,” I said in a small voice.

“No, this is the right room,” he said as he looked at Dimitri pointedly. “Thanks to Lord Szelsky’s actions against you,” he nodded at me, “Prince Lazar won’t be pressing charges.”

Scoffing, Dimitri threw his hands up. “Oh, that’s rich.”

“Do you think this is a joke, Mr. Belikov?”

“Are you serious? We should be the ones pressing charges,” he said squaring his shoulders up to the doctor.

Shrugging, the doctor set his laptop down. “You think that would be wise?” He put my x-rays up against the light and flipped the switch. “You two may be at the queen’s right hand, but going up against the Szelskys and the Lazars? I suggest being thankful that your little ones are unharmed, developing thick skin, and moving on, Belikov. Not everyone is going to understand your situation, and they will say hateful things. This doesn’t open up the door for you to try to kill them.”

The doctor pulled up a stool and held Dimitri’s stare. “Two centimeters,” he said calmly. “One broken rib was two centimeters away from puncturing his lungs. Two more centimeters and Prince Lazar may have died. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to deal with the Lazar family after killing one of their most respected family members.”

I sobered up and placed a hand on Dimitri’s shoulder when he opened his mouth to speak. “How bad is my arm?”

Focusing his attention on the x-rays, he said, “Luckily, it’s a clean break. It’s in the ulna just above the wrist. It should be pretty easy to set. You’ll have to wear a cast for the next six weeks, but there shouldn’t be any complications or anything.”

Pulling down the x-rays, he glanced over at me. “I do want you to monitor the twins especially closely over the next week. If anything seems off, anything at all, come in immediately. We’re sure they weren’t harmed, but we need to make sure the trauma from the fall doesn’t affect them. Sometimes the stress of a situation like this can be just as harming as the fall itself.”

I nodded. “Of course. The girls are our number one priority.”

“Now, let’s get that arm taken care of, shall we?”

Once the bone was set, he wrapped up my arm up nice and tight and sent us on our way. We set our appointment for the next week and with Dimitri fussing at my side, we finally left the office.

“Dimitri, please, I’m alright. I’ve broken a few bones in my time. You’ve broken my arm before.” He winced at that. “The twins are fine. My arm will heal. Stop fussing!”

“Okay, alright…” he yielded, backing off. “I’m just worried about you.”

I took his hand. “I know you are, but Comrade, I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” Standing on my tiptoes, I kissed his cheek. “I had a great teacher, you know.”

“Must’ve been one heck of a mentor…” he sighed.

“Ehhh…he was alright. Bit of a hard ass at times though,” I giggled.

“Mark my words, Roza. When you get out of that cast, I’ll make you pay for that little comment.” He hugged me to his chest. “Should we go share our news with Christian and Lissa?”

“They found out their gender tomorrow! I wonder what she’s having…” I trailed off.

Dimitri chuckled and led me towards the master suite. After explaining what happened to the worried guardians outside her door, I readied myself for the string of questions I was sure Lissa would have. The red cast on my arm was a bit conspicuous, and I wished I’d gone for a calmer color. For now, I tucked my arm behind Dimitri and followed him into the suite.

“Hey guys!” Lissa chimed, holding out a cupcake. “I knew you’d stop by after your appointment to share your news, sooooo we, well Christian, baked cupcakes!”

Christian came from the kitchen, licking icing off a spoon. “They’re damn good cupcakes too, if I do say so myself.” His head crooked sideways when he saw me hiding behind Dimitri. “What’s wrong with you?”

Deciding I couldn’t hide my arm forever, I readied myself and stepped forward.

“Rose! What happened?!” Lissa frantically set the cupcake down and waddled over to me. “You know you aren’t supposed to be getting into fights!”

“This wasn’t her fight actually,” Dimitri said, shame filling his voice. He detailed what had happened with Szelsky and Lazar leaving out the horrible comment that started it all.

“Why on earth would you pick a fight with such powerful people, Belikov?” Christian said, dumbfounded.

“They said I’d cheated on him,” I explained, “with you.”

When I looked up, I found fire in Lissa’s eyes. “Whatever power in government those two thought they had is now gone. I’ll make sure of it.” After seeing the blatant disapproval I’m sure was written all over my face, Lissa countered, “Rose, I won’t have people like that on any sort of council that makes decisions for my people. This is more than just a petty power move because they’re terrible people, although that would be enough of a reason for me. This is about what’s best for all of us. Those two don’t need to have any power.”

“Plus, I mean, I’m flattered, but honestly Rose, you aren’t my type,” Christian added, lightening the mood a bit. “Now how about those cupcakes?”

Suddenly, I felt ravenously hungry as I took the pastry from his hand. He jumped back. “Wow, don’t get in the pregnant ladies’ ways…,” he warned.

This earned a laugh from Dimitri. “You’re just lucky you don’t have any pickles.”

Lissa waved her hand dismissively. “We’re carrying your children. We should be able to eat whatever we want!” Then, smiling at me she asked, “So am I getting nieces or nephews? Or maybe one of each?”

“Nieces,” I said, earning a squeal of joy from Lissa.

“Evanna and Adelaida,” Dimitri announced.

“Oh, those names are gorgeous,” Lissa cooed. Smiling wide, she pulled me into an awkward belly-bumping hug. “I’m so happy for you.”

Holding my shoulders, she pulled me back to look me in the eye. “Promise me something?” I nodded. “Two things actually…”

“Whoa now Liss, let’s not get crazy,” I joked.

“First, no more fist fights.” She looked purposely at Dimitri.

Putting his hands into the air, he agreed, “No more fights.”

“Good,” she said directing her attention to me. “Second, come with me and Christian to our appointment tomorrow?”

My heart burst as I nodded extravagantly. “Of course, Liss! I’d love nothing more,” I barely managed before being pulled into another awkward yet heart-warming hug.

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what do you have to say about de fan's drama? honestly, Im willing to put up with tvd because I love bamon so much but their bs is getting off handle now. I know Im supposed to be stronger and not take seriously but damn are they so invasive and that is too much to take, why is it so hard for them to let us be happy

Enough people have already spoken on this that I’m not sure I have much of substance to add. (Although there’s no “supposed to” about how you should feel. It’s natural that this kind of drama will be stressful.)

But I do think it’s important that we acknowledge that 1. this is a pattern, and 2. this isn’t the work of an evil monolithic fandom, it’s the work of one or two toxic fans who waste a lot of their lives obsessing over a ship they hate and who have learned the unimpressive trick of taking advantage of the competitive frenzy and drama that has always surrounded these polls.

The person who posted the screencaps of our SOTY voting party chat is also the person who’s posting these screencaps now. And from what I can tell, just like they did then, they’re once again taking generally innocuous quotes out of context. Even the one where someone was desperate enough to suggest actually using a program to vote, while sad, is taken out of context: what they cut out is that it couldn’t have worked. 

Because if there really was some silver bullet that any segment of the Bamon fandom discovered, then rest assured that that cheating strategy wouldn’t be tweeted via screencap to “expose the Bomans!” That cheating strategy would be used against us as quickly and secretively and in as widespread a manner as possible, and we would be losing the poll now. 

Like the person in charge of Zimbio tweeted, there are allegations of cheating that occur every single day across various fandoms during these polls. They’ve heard them all, and they’re actively countering any such cheating that might really exist. As for the rest, it’s noise. And this is a lot of noise.

… Most of us are in agreement on that, including many of the non-Bamon shippers in the poll are perfectly aware of the track record that these particular DE fans have and aren’t getting the wool pulled over their eyes. And for the folks who are, I think it’s easy enough to get caught up in the competition and convenient to find ways to demonize your opponent to rally support and make excuses for when you aren’t doing as well as you’d like. It’s disappointing, but it’s also not about us at that point.

So then the question is less how to feel about the drama, and more… what do we do about the drama? I don’t have the answer, but I have to believe that it leans more towards redefining fandom to focus on creativity, fellowship, and celebration, and less towards continuing to focus on the actions of one vindictive, entitled young woman who hates us on principle.

This fandom is huge and creative and beautiful, and we have each weathered far worse in life than some stupid ship war. We know the strength of our own character, and no one else defines that for us, certainly not strangers on the internet. Anyone who actually pays attention to who we are and what we do is aware of that. The rest, again, is noise.

So, keep voting! Do the ABCs of Bamon (happening now on twitter!! Check @zimbio) and have fun. We made it to the Final 4, and we may very well make it to the superbowl or whatever the hell it’s called here, lol. TVD is renewed for season 8, and Bamon is more of an integral part of the show than ever. 

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I'm rather new to the walking dead fandom and I'm pretty scared to reblog or comment on anything because it seems anybody who says positive things about Carol gets pretty torn down by a lot of people. I'm sorry to bother you but I was just wondering if you had any advice? I'd love to be more involved, and I adore caryl but I'm so wary of getting into conflict! Outside of tumblr Carol is incredibly popular, I'm quite surprised about the reaction on here! I really adore your blog!

Hi! Welcome to the wild collective insanity of the TWD fandom on tumblr, and I genuinely hope you enjoy your stay. In order to make sure that others continue to enjoy theirs, behind the read more we go.

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