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hey! sorry to bother you, but I dont know about the whole gremlin dva thing? what is it?

Oh wow but I wish you’d asked this off-anon, racist overwatch fans are really sensitive about this subject and like to throw little tantrums whenever anyone says anything against it! I’m gonna start from the very beginning in case anyone doesn’t know the basics of the situation

Okay, so this is D.Va:

D.Va, AKA Hana Song is a nineteen-year-old professional Starcraft player from Korea. There isn’t a perfect analogy, but in Korea, Pro Gamers aren’t viewed the way western gamers are, they’re held in a closer regard to professional athletes, or even rock stars. D.Va’s name is indicative of her personality: She’s a celebrity diva. She’s confident to a fault, she’s courageous and a bit cocky, she’s charming and she knows how to work an audience. Her fame as a pro Starcraft player has led to a career as an actress, which brought her fame worldwide. 

At age 16, through a “last starfighter/pacific rim” type situation, the Korean Government decided to address the problem of “giant robot keeps attacking Korea and traditional military tactics and regular soldiers are useless against it” by recruiting pro gamers (with their fast reflexes and unconventional tactical know-how) to pilot mechs to keep the giant robot at bay. D.Va was the best Starcraft player in the world (except her dad, the one person in the world she still can’t beat), and amazingly, she was also the best at fighting this giant robot. Because her gaming ability is what makes her so good at fighting this particular giant robot, she approaches her job the same way she approaches video games: by perpetually chasing the horizon of perfection and trying to improve her skills.

In-universe, she streams her missions worldwide on Twitch, and her fan following as a Superhero is as big as her following as a Pro Gamer or a Movie Star. Because she streams her missions, she’s often heard using gamer-speak in-combat because she’s addressing her audience directly. Outside of combat, many other heroes (like Lucio and Reinhardt) are huge fans of hers and look up to her, she’s a fan of reading scientific journals and is a bit starstruck to meet her favorite scientist (Mei) and she’s deeply hurt by the destruction she saw in her home country. She’s also sensitive about being called a child, because she’s now 19 (an adult) and a decorated soldier and deserves a certain level of respect. 

This is Gremlin D.Va:

Gremlin D.Va is a fandom-created meme based on approximately nothing from the actual game or lore except the word “gamer” in her description. Gremlin D.Va is a caricature of western white male gamers (interesting given that D.Va is a Korean woman who acts approximately nothing like western white male gamers). 

Gremlin D.Va is approximately four years old (or less!! A lot of the fanart includes her wearing diapers, sitting in strollers, sucking on a pacifier, the line is between “gremlin D.Va” and “baby D.Va” is blurry enough to be practically nonexistent). Gremlin D.Va is obsessed with doritos and mountain dew (she has her own brand of chips and sponsors a cola brand in-game, but we’ve established that the people making this meme don’t really care about what is or isn’t part of the game). She is supposed to be dirty and disgusting, she speaks in broken english even though Canon D.Va is fluent (they chalk this up to be “she’s like a baby!” but infantilization isn’t much better), she is mischievous and sneaky, she is presented as a childlike, and, well, pretty much aligns with every harmful stereotype of East Asians except the hypersexualization (which they claim makes it progressive). Also, as noted in the above picture, part of the meme is that she’s been adopted by two of the white characters, Soldier: 76 and Mercy, neither of whom she’s confirmed to have ever even met. She’s usually presented in the comics as a burden to that white man, which, yikes. 

Essentially, Gremlin D.Va is a list of harmful and baseless stereotypes and tropes about Asians and Asian-Americans like “sneaky” and “childlike” and “perverse,” and defenders of the meme like to pretend it’s okay to project lots of anti-Asian racist stereotypes onto an Asian character as long as they’re not doing so because she’s Asian, but, the fact is, it honestly doesn’t matter whether or not they mean to be racist, but it’s somewhat hard to believe it has nothing to do with the character being East Asian: It would be very different if she were a white character being treated the same way, since there’s really no cultural baggage that presents white people as subhuman (you’re literally calling her a “gremlin”) and childlike (don’t try to dispute this, half those comics put her in a damn diaper), but for SOME REASON the white characters in the game are never presented that way!

The one exception to that is in the Halloween sprays where D.Va is very much presented as a child, and defenders like to claim this makes Gremlin D.Va “canon,” although this doesn’t really hold any water, since the sprays seem to show children dressed as the heroes trick-or-treating, and almost all the heroes are given a trick-or-treater spray. Here’s just a handful, for instance:

Now, I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for calling the meme racist, and 99 times out of 100 it is, but the fact remains, even if it was totally not racist: it’s just plain not funny! It’s boring and unimaginative and doesn’t make sense! People always try to act like “it’s just a video game, it’s fictional, let us have our jokes,” and I wholeheartedly agree, except that I expect jokes to be even mildly funny. 

People also come back with “but it’s Chibi! Haven’t you ever heard of Chibi!” which, of course I have!! In fact, like all the Overwatch heroes, there’s a Chibi version of her available in the game! It doesn’t look like a screaming dorito-encrusted toddler in the care of a cheap knockoff Clint Eastwood, though, it looks like a chibi version of the character:

There she is standing next to her mech! She’s got a look and pose indicative of her trademark cocksure attitude, she’s clearly an adult and not a child, she’s not sexualized in this image without being desexualized through infantilization, and it looks like her, but in that style!! 

Now, the thing is, I know it’s futile to ask racists to stop being racist, especially when they don’t agree they are being racist. They think they’re being funny, and they try to dismiss any criticisms with “it’s not that serious,” but the thing is, if it wasn’t that serious to them, why do they throw a little tantrum whenever anyone voices discomfort with it? And I mean every single time, they whine and complain and act smugly superior because they haven’t been “offended,” but the fact is that most normal fans of the game are content to roll their eyes and scroll past their unfunny meme, and they’re the ones who get all worked up whenever they find out people don’t think it’s funny. 

Which is the most important facet of Gremlin D.Va: it’s not funny! It’s boring! It feels like the kind of thing Seth Green would write in a mediocre Robot Chicken sketch that he didn’t put all that much effort into. Even if it wasn’t racist, it just doesn’t make sense that people keep pushing this unfunny joke despite the fact that the response is more groans than laughs! In fact, most people I know mock and ridicule the people who are boring enough to find it funny! 

So, that’s basically it in a nutshell. 

A Mile In His Hoodie

This mostly came from a random discussion with @xladymalice and as a personal resolution to put more of my work on tumblr.  The biggest inspo was from @ravi-0-li-nsfw and their Clotheswap comic.

Title: A Mile In His Hoodie

The Underswap Bros make a visit to the Tale universe, and Papyrus notices that his Swap self seems to make Sans happier in a way he can’t.  All he wants is to be the one to make Sans legitimately smile again.   But what’s a completely identical object of Sans’s happiness to do?

Rating: M (to be safe)

AO3 Link

‘I didn’t expect this,’ Papyrus thought as his brother managed to power a machine that connected two universes together.

'I didn’t expect this,’ he thought as he stared with awed eyelights at what appeared to be another universe’s version of HIMSELF, and of Sans.

'I didn’t expect this,’ was his primary thought when conversing with them, finding them to be the polar opposite of himself and his own brother.  While that version of Sans was enthusiastic, energetic, and outrageously friendly, the other Papyrus was…


…he was like Sans.

That Papyrus (“Call me Paps.”) came out dressed in an oversized orange hoodie, khaki cargo shorts, and sneakers that were half-untied with no intent to retie them in the near future.  He was slouched, hands in his hoodie pockets, eye sockets half-lidded and eyelights soft and hazy, with a cigarette almost ALWAYS between his teeth.

That Sans—dubbed 'Blue’ by his own Sans—scolded Paps about the smoking, lamenting that it was rude to smoke in someone else’s home, and although Paps had conceded, Papyrus still smelled the mellow, thick aroma wherever he went.  He wasn’t a big fan of the smoking; it was quite a horrible habit, and an expensive one.  He often wondered where Paps kept getting the cigarettes anyway.

Blue confided that he wondered the same thing, figuring it was easier to impose a few restrictions rather than banning the habit outright.  Papyrus could understand; his brother DID have a gross ketchup habit and although he hated seeing bottles of it in the house, it was better than Sans spending all of his time at Grillby’s drinking it.

He enjoyed spending time with Blue and sharing their stories of grandeur in their respective homes, but while he and Blue had their time spent in the house, Sans and Paps always seemed to be out.  At first Papyrus thought it was Paps being courteous with his smoking and taking it outside, but when he went to look around, Paps and Sans were always gone.

They returned after various amounts of time, always grinning and laughing with the smell of the cigarettes heavy between them.  It made Papyrus’s nasal bone twitch, but since it wasn’t happening in the house, he didn’t comment on it.

He didn’t comment on a lot of things, though.

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Recently I have been struggling to write anything and getting this finished was a massive effort.

One of the things I love most about Shelagh and Patrick’s relationship is how it unfolded with so much respect and integrity. This story explores that idea.

This is for @snoopctm for her unfailing and diligent support and encouragement.  Thank you.

I hope you like it.

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X Marks the Spot

I’m very sorry. I was possibly more drunk than I realized.

Clothing kink (ofc) PWP, pretty much entirely foreplay but still very much M rated, set at some nebulous future date. 1.1k. On Ao3 HERE

As it turns out, it isn’t just the jacket he likes.

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Sleepless Nights Pt. 5 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Part 7 Part8


Dedication to @thesniffler (bc they’re freaking amazing and so sweet and supportive ilysm) @newt–artemis–scamander (bc they are super sweet) @internetoverdose01(you’re so supportive ily??) @i-ship-it-ironically (you’re sweet, ily) @macyl0819 (same goes for you) @rosiebeck (and you agh) @blunish101(here’s part 5 ;))



Word count: 3000+ (I’m so sorry. Oops)

Warnings: Some smut ( little explicit, not too bad and very brief), jealousy, angst, drinking (wait until you’re of age kids.)


You couldn’t help but be nervous about tonight because although you were much more comfortable with social interactions like this than Newt was, they still overwhelmed you occasionally. You were, however, a little excited about the prospect of having fun and forgetting about everything for a night.

You’d wasted the day with various little tasks, having small, slightly awkward run-ins with Newt. After this morning, your feelings of getting over him were only reinforced. You hated feeling so unworthy in comparison to the gorgeous older Goldstein sister and while you knew that wouldn’t go away, maybe they’d be severely diminished if you didn’t feel like you were always losing some competition with her.

It was almost time to go so you charmed on an iridescent dress that scooped low in the back and came just below your collarbones in the front. You smiled down at the gentle caress of satin swishing against your knees and went to the living room.

You were knocked breathless by the sight of Queenie and Tina. Queenie had her usual soft curls though, although the light was glancing off her hair in prettiest way, a halo of luscious locks framing her face. The pale pink of her dress matched the light blush of her cheeks as she smiled at some compliment Jacob gave her.


Tina looked marvelous in a knee length, black dress that hung off her shoulders in a suggestive way. The deep color complemented her skin, making the smooth creamy skin look amazing.It made you want to crawl back into bed and stay home, just sleep the night away. You couldn’t help but admire the sheer beauty between the sisters. You felt plain in comparison, despite the gorgeous dress you had on.

You heard a click and turned, watching as Newt came down the hall, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw them. He looked about the same, having not dressed up, although, he always looked fantastic in the layers upon layers of clothes he usually wore. The look on his face is what sent your mind scrambling; eyes wide with slightly parted lips, his gaze darting around the room. He finally swept his gaze to you, lingering around your face.

Tina came up beside you, black dress swishing and glittered, catching the light as she lightly touched Newt’s arm.

“Ready to go?” Her fingertips rested against the wool of his coat, featherlight touches. With glowing cheeks and an almost forced half smile, he smiled, hesitantly starting to the door.

Queenie glided out, fingers linked with Jacob’s and Newt standing by the door. He held it open, glancing around when you and Tina passed through before shutting it firmly behind him.

The walk to the bar was fairly uneventful, though the chilly air nipped and bit at the exposed skin. All you could do was wrap the jacket (you’d barely managed to grab it) tighter around your shoulders, craving chocolate liqueur and giggle water. Together, they equaled drunken, carefree laughs which is exactly what you wanted.

The smell hit you first, alcohol pouring through the room. There was a steady murmuring seeping from the room, rowdy and quiet people mixed in the crowd. Though getting jostled, you could see the Goldsteins’ sister’s eyes light up as they made their way to the bar, somehow procuring seats.

You followed them along, slipping off your jacket among the sweltering bodies around you. Almost instantly, Newt and Tina sat besides each other, conversation beginning easily as he complimented her and her dress, smiling in a way that made his eyes crinkle in the corners. Next to them, Queenie and Jacob leaned against the counter from their seats, fingers still intertwined between them as he watched with affection in his eyes as she ordered something.

You plopped down besides Newt, sighing as you leaned your head in your palm. Somehow you’d ended up a 5th wheel.

“Bottle of chocolate liqueur and a shot of firewhiskey, please,” you muttered, tossing the curious elf some coins. With a raised eyebrow, he wordlessly handed a bottle to you, an amused smirk playing upon his lips. A shot glass clinked onto the counter beside it.

You grasped the glass and tilted it down your throat, wincing slightly at the sting. A warm feeling shot through you, filling each vein. You twisted off the bottle cap and pressed the opening to your lips, chasing the bitter taste with something sweet.

Newt turned towards the bar, looking around for you and showing just how unaware he was. He caught sight of the open bottle of alcohol in your hand and a small frown creased his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked, lifting his hand as if to take the bottle. Your grip on it tightened and you took another drink, long, heavy, and deep.

“Celebrating.” You tossed the word at him, an edge to your bland, monotone voice. You peeked at him sideways and saw Tina’s hand lightly resting on his arm.

“Go celebrate with your girlfriend,” you muttered, a sneer creeping into your words. You gulped greedily at the bottle,trying desperately to drown the ridiculous jealousy.

He turned to you fully, the corners of his lips pulled down and eyebrows furrowed as he lifted a hand to the bottle.

“Y/N, are you alright? What–what’s wrong?” His gaze darted around, meeting your eyes occasionally. Already you could feel the alcohol clouding your judgement as you felt your eyes lingering on different parts of his face, especially his lips.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” you spit out, voice brusque as you reprimanded yourself. “Just get back to chatting with Tina. I’m sure she’s missing you dearly,” you said, voice mocking and dripping with sarcasm. You could hear the slight slur in your words, but shoved it aside.

He flinched slightly, not used to seeing this side of you whatsoever. He dropped his gaze, face flushing as he turned back to Tina, his hand ghosting against your leg in an accident. You saw him retract his hand up into his lap, flinching away from you, as if disgusted.

You rolled your shoulders, stress tensing the muscles, and sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at him; the fire whiskey was still running through you, the artificial courage coming out in the wrong way.

You saw him, still frowning, order two shots of Dragon Barrel Brandy and drink both. He winced at the taste, shaking his head before continuing to talk to Tina. Eyes widening, you placed the bottle onto the counter, unsure if you’d seen that right. He was never one to drink, ever.

You sat there, head in your hand while taking sips. Both the couples looked incredibly dashing together, not to mention enjoying themselves. You saw the way a loose smile played its way to Newts lips, the way Tina’s attention clung to him, the way Queenie gave Jacob a light peck.

You were never going to experience that, the way someone could be so fond of you. The sweet and loving gestures. Your breathing hitched painfully, throat tightening as soft tears gently ran down your face. You hated being unwanted. You hated being replaced.

Your thoughts were cut short by a tall lad placing a hand on your arm. You whirled around, hastily wiping away the tears and pulling your arm back as you swayed drunkenly.

“Excuse m-me,” you slurred, raising an eyebrow at the man. He grinned, a sly smile that made you uneasy.

“My, you look lovely. What are you doing all alone?”

The denial stuck in your throat, chest tightening at the realization that you were, indeed, alone. You turned away, facing the counter as you guzzled down more of the drink. You just wanted to forget for a night.

“Not sure. Friends got tired of me, I guess,” you mumbled, ignoring the way the magizoologist to your right suddenly looked up at you, bewilderment plastered all over his expression. You were about ⅔ of the way done with the liqueur bottle, the chocolatey taste lingering in your mouth, and that’s all that you allowed to matter at the moment.

“It’s a shame, pretty gal like you shouldn’t be left alone,” he flirted, eyes dark as they roamed down your body in way that made squirm.

“She’s not alone, actually,” came a firm voice as you felt fingers hovering above the small of your back. Newt’s voice seemed to waver slightly, his body swaying almost imperceptibly.

“Who are you? The boyfriend who forgot her?” The tall lad sneered, chuckling darkly. The fingers at your back pressed firmly against you, fire exploding wherever his hand touched bare skin.

“Didn’t forget ‘bout her, not that it’s your business.”

“Well, I suggest a Brit like you,” he sneered in contempt, mocking Newt, ”hold tight onto a girl like that. It’s a surprise you did this well.”

He stalked off, shoulders held high as if he’d won something. You shrugged off the hand at your back, chugging the last of the chocolate liqueur and stood up, stumbling to keep steady.

“I coulda done it m-myself,” you muttered fiercely, glaring at Newt. “I didn’t n-need you to come swo-o-o-o-oping to the rescue.” You dragged the word “swooping” out drunkenly, voice intense and bordering on yelling.

“Why are you y-yelling?” He shrunk back, eyes a little unfocused as he looked away. “I w-was– I just w-wan– I-I—”

“Nevermind,” you interrupted, voice quiet again as you looked at the confused stares of your friends. You stumbled to the door, listening to them gather their stuff and follow. You couldn’t walk home alone because assuming you could even find it, you shouldn’t be left alone to walk all that way in your state.

Queenie couldn’t, for the life of her, understand why you’d blown up. Granted, thoughts of insecurity and doubt had swept through your mind and you’d been confused as to why he had stepped up when he was talking to Tina. You didn’t want to talk to the man anyway, yet you had gotten upset when Newt had interrupted. She just couldn’t understand.

Unaware of Queenie’s thoughts, you staggered on, tripping every so often and holding tightly onto your jacket. You didn’t realize the tears streaking down your cheeks or the way Newt’s eyes lingered on you, itching to be closer. Once inside, you went directly to the room and closed the door, unzipping the dress quickly. You’d barely thrown off the dress and started pulling on pajamas when the door opened again, Newt stumbling past you with eyes glued to the ground.

You froze, eyes wide as he took off the layers and leaving him in only his slacks and shirt. He glanced around and froze, expecting you to be in his case. He stood for a moment, eyes roaming over you before his face went beet red and he turned around, facing the wall as he cleared his throat.

“I’m terribly, terribly sorry,” he whispered fervently, voice husky and tinged with something. His voice wavered and his hands twitched as he stared at the ground. Almost unconsciously, you started to him, clumsy and tripping from the alcohol still saturating your veins.

You needed to kiss him already. Your skin was still on fire from where he’d touched before and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you had enjoyed it when he spoke up at the bar.

“Its….it’s alright. You can, you can t-turn around,” you murmured, voice low and rough. Hesitantly, he spun, swallowing hard when he saw you were still topless except for a bra. You dropped the shirt unceremoniously to the floor and took a small step to him, chest heaving.

You heard him inhale sharply and felt a small shiver run down your spine. He stood still, unmoving except for the ragged breathing pouring out of him. You took another step and another and another until you were right in front of him, his eyes darting everywhere except to meet your gaze.

You could feel his eyes on you, a ghosting touch that sent sparks run through you. The sharp smell of alcohol lingered on his breath, fanning across your lips as you got ever closer.

His eyes, wide in surprise, were dark and his body was tense. Carefully, you lifted your hand, running your fingers along his jaw and edging closer.

“Please. Please just pretend you want me for one night,” you whispered, not giving him time to respond as you closed your eyes and kissed him. Your lips pressed hard onto his, hand going to tangle in the auburn hair.

Suddenly, he was everywhere. His hands gripped your back and pulled you flush against him, your chest heaving against his. His fingers danced across your skin, his own breathing staggered and erratic. You ran your free hand along his chest, fumbling with the buttons as he backed up. You lost your balance and suddenly you were on top of him, him running sloppy, intense kisses along the edge of your jaw and the tender skin of your throat.

His hands ran along the dip of your waist, feather light touches up your ribs. A soft moan slipped past your lips and you felt him shudder beneath you, fingers gripping harder. Finally, you managed to get the buttons undone and slid your hands into the shirt, feeling the dips and ridges of scars. It was electrifying, feeling his skin against your with his lips pressed against you.

He kissed a tender area where your shoulder sloped into your neck and a surprisingly loud groan forced its way past your lips. You rolled your hips against his, relishing in the way he writhed and squirmed beneath you. He rolled, hovering above you now while you slid the shirt off his shoulders. You grabbed the back of his head, bringing him back down to your lips as he slid a hand down your body to the waistband of your pants.

You placed a sloppy, needy kiss against his throat, the soft skin slick with sweat. His fingers danced along your hips, your skin sensitive to each touch. You latched your lips against his neck, sucking and kissing greedily. Your hips bucked roughly against his at the low groan that poured from him, his fingers finally dipping teasingly beneath your waistband.

He barely grazed your clit, but it sent you writhing, moaning and squirming under him. You bit against his neck, kissing softly along and around it as you gripped his shoulders. You ran your hands along the numerous scars, happy through your drunken haze that this was finally happening.

His fingers dipped low again, moisture seeping through and onto his long fingers. Staggered moans slipped through as you clawed lightly against his back, impatient with the teasing. Your back arched and you cried out, chest heaving when he slid a finger in. It was a foreign feeling, one you hadn’t felt for quite a while and you bucked against his hand, groaning as his lips peppered clumsy, rushed kisses on your chest and up your throat.

He pumped his finger, curling it deliciously as he looked at your writhing body. His eyes were dark with lust as he kissed along your jaw, a soft groan slipping out when you tugged on his hair, hips lifting towards him. Moans filled the room along with the sound of gasping and wet, greedy kisses.

You brought his lips to yours again and he could taste the chocolatey alcohol on your mouth. Almost immediately, he backed away, pulling out his fingers from your pants and standing up. You whimpered from the loss, sitting up to look at him. He was a mess; his hair was tangled and unruly, shirtless with rumpled pants, lips swollen and red, his skin slick with sweat and numerous bite marks and faint bruises littering his chest, shoulders, and neck. But Merlin’s beard he was absolutely gorgeous.  

“What’s wrong, what are you doing?” You asked him, worry coloring your slurred voice as he frantically started pulling on his shirt and grabbing his clothes. You got up, putting on your shirt and placing a hand on his arm. He flinched away.

“I c-can’t d-do this. It’s n-not okay,” he started, shaking his head and looking away. You crossed your arms over your chest, everything suddenly much more focused as you took a step back.

“What do you mean it’s not okay?” You asked, your voice dangerous.

“I c-can’t do this. We’ve b-been. W-we’ve been d-drinking and it’s n-n-not alright. You’re not y-yourself—”

“You mean I’m not her.”

“—and you’re n-not– What?”

“I’m not Tina. That’s the problem, isn’t it,” you said quietly, not listening to his excuses as your body shook. He looked bewildered, probably at the prospect of being caught.

“What? N-no, that’s a-absurd. You’ve been d-drinking and I-I-I—”

“Get out.”

“What? Y/N,” he pleaded, face scrunched as he tried to explain.

“Get. Out,” you snarled, anger simmering. “Get out and don’t come back. I’m done with this. I’m done with always being replaced and never, ever being seen. I am done with always being on the sidelines while you fall in love with different women, sitting around waiting for you to remember your BEST FRIEND. I’m done with it. With all of it. You can finish your manuscript on your own.”

“Y/N, p-please. That’s n-not wh-wha—”

“Get out. Please, please, please just get out before I humiliate myself further,” you whispered, voice thick with tears as you stared at ground, waiting for him to leave.

“Y/N… P-p-please, I… Alright,” he mumbled, hesitating for a moment before going out to the living room.

Within seconds, heavy, ugly sobs were ripping themselves out of your chest as you sank to the floor. You buried your head in your arms, quietly crying as you thought over what you’d just said. You dragged yourself to bed, the one unrumpled and neat, and laid there, tears streaming from your raw eyes.

With alcohol and sorrow dragging you down, you slowly fell into the abyss, sleep capturing you as you did.


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Charlie Hunnam Imagine: "Finally"

Charlie Hunnam Imagine: “Finally”


Words: 386


         There he was, Charlie Hunnam, your boss. Well, you were his assistant and had been for almost 4 years now, and although you’d do anything for him, you could never muster up the courage to tell him how in love you were with him. “Morning Charlie, here’s your coffee, here’s your dry cleaning and your flight leaves at 4 pm. There’s just enough time for you to fit in a work out and I’ll take out the trash.” You grumbled the ending pulling the half-naked blonde girl from the bed.

         You grabbed her club dress and pushed her out. “Get dressed, and leave. There’s a cab waiting for you outside.” You said harshly. She nodded and left; as you walked back in, Charlie was laying against the pillows. He smiled at you; “What?” you asked looking at him. “You hate those girls don’t you?” he said smirking. “What? No, I’m just doing my job and looking out for you.” He sat up a little bit. “Because you love me?” you stared at him. The color slight draining from your face; “Last Saturday I gave you the night off, you called me several times. Leaving me drunken messages, but there was one I just couldn’t seem to delete.” He grinning and played the voice mail over. There on his phone was your voice, telling him how in love you were with him. You continued to ramble on until the machine cut you off. The air in the room at that moment was thick. “Apart from the half-naked girl, who for the record only showed me a good time last night, I haven’t been with anyone since you left all those messages for me.” He said watching you. “So, what does this mean? I’m willing to forget it happened if you are, because I’d really hate to screw up a great job and make things awkward between us.” You said as you paced around his room.

         Charlie got up and threw on his sweats; walking up to you he grabbed your arms. You sighed looking up at him. “The only thing that will be awkward is explaining why I’m making out with my girlfriend, who’s also my assistant.” He said with a smirk before grabbing your face, kissing you deeply.

It’s a Percy Jackson Halloween!

  • It’s after the war with Gaia and Camp Half-Blood holds a Halloween party (costumes are mandatory)
  • Annabeth, as she does every year for Halloween, dresses up as Hermione Granger 
  • Although she did consider changing things up and going as a classic Sherlock Holmes, but decided to stick with tradition
  • Percy, being an awesome boyfriend, lets Annabeth talk him into going as Harry Potter (after all they both have dark hair and green eyes)
  • The characters might not be love interests, but they are best friends just like Percy and Annabeth
  • Piper goes as an almost grotesquely real looking zombie
  • The Aphrodite cabin is known for being extremely good make up artists, so Halloween was just another project for them
  • And by the looks Piper gets, her and her siblings did not fail
  • Jason, opposite to Piper, has a horrible Dracula costume
  • He wears fake plastic vampire teeth and a cheap black cape that looks hand sewn by a kindergartner 
  • Piper can’t stop laughing at him when he tries to look intimidating and says in an awful accent “I want to suck your blood”
  • Hazel, being a super fan of the show, goes as Opal from Steven Universe
  • Everyone tells her how she looks like a real gem tonight
  • Hazel can’t help but be proud of herself as her costume was all homemade, but looks almost perfect to Opal in the cartoon
  • When Frank was trying to figure out what he’d go as he suggested he’d just turn into an animal or something
  • The rest told him that was cheating and he needed an actual costume
  • So Frank shows up to the party as a cowboy
  • Hazel can’t help but blush because he looks so darn cute in his blue cowboy hat
  • Rachel and Grover team up together to wear one of those horse costumes
  • It ends up not working at all and they trip at least every five minutes
  • It makes a great story though
  • Reyna went, surprisingly, as a princess
  • But not a pink, poofy dress kind of princess
  • I’m talking like an actual Renaissance princess dress
  • Last, but not least is Nico
  • Nico goes to the party without a costume
  • Will, who’s dressed as a punk rock star, lectures Nico on how it’s a costume party
  • Needless to say, at the end of the party Nico’s begrudgingly wearing a set of blue and pink, sparkly fairy wings 

(Part 2)

**Read Part 1 **

~trigger warning~ 

Summary: After your panic attack, Shawn checks up on you.


 A half an hour later, I turn off the water, dry myself off and get dressed. I towel dry my hair so its not dripping water although its still really wet. I crawl into bed, thoroughly exhausted, not even caring about my hair because I don’t have the energy for that.

When I wake up, I check my phone to see its past four in the afternoon. I slept for over two hours and Shawn had texted me almost an hour ago. I take a few minutes to wake up more before hitting facetime on his contact.

“Hey y/n!”

“Hi.” I think he’s in a car.

“Did you just wake up?” I just nod instead of answering. “You feeling better?”


“We’re on our way back to the hotel.” He tells me. “We just finished having dinner.”

I can tell there are a lot of people in the car, and he can’t exactly step away from them to talk to me. And I’m not really in the mood for people looking at me or hearing what I’m saying, I just want to talk to Shawn. And I know that Shawn’s going to want to talk about what happened earlier. He won’t bring it up now with all these people around, but I know that’s what he really wants to talk about.

“Do you want to just call me back when you get to the hotel?” I offer.
“Yeah, I’ll do that. Love you, y/n. I’ll call you back soon.”

“Love you too, bye.”

“Bye babe.”

I check the time again. I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner, but I think I’m going to cancel. I think I’m going to spend the evening just in my bed, probably talking to Shawn for most of it. I also was supposed to show up to a meeting for one of the organizations I’m a part of here on campus, but I know they won’t miss me much, and also I’m not at all in the mood for that tonight. I text my friend that I’m not feeling well, and I’m really sorry but I have to cancel our dinner plans, then I text the president of the org to let her know I won’t be attending the meeting tonight.  

Less than ten minutes later, my phone starts ringing signaling Shawn is trying to facetime me.

I accept it and his face fills the screen. “Hi babe.” I say.

“Hey, how was your nap?” He’s sitting on a couch in his hotel room now.

“It was alright, how did rehearsals go?”

“They went great! The show is really coming together. I’m happy with where it’s at and I know its going to be even better by the time we’re finished with it.” The way his eyes light up when he talks about performing is one of the things that makes me the happiest. Especially after a really good show, or a day in the studio that was productive or like today when rehearsals go well and he’s really starting to see how great it can be. It makes me so happy to see that he’s doing what he loves. He makes me happy. I guess that’s something that’s hard to understand about me. I have a hard time understanding myself sometimes. How can I be so filled with anxiety and fear so often, but yet I still experience happiness? If I don’t tell people that I have anxiety or that I’m sad, most of the time they really don’t know. I smile a lot, you would never know by just looking at me the extent to which I feel every single day. But that’s just kind of how life is. You never really know what other people are going through by just looking at them.

“I’m so glad to hear that.” I say, my smile mirroring his.

“What are your plans for tonight? You were supposed to meet Amanda for dinner right? And go to that meeting?” He actually listens to me when I talk. It’s surprising sometimes. Or he could have just looked at the calendar that we both put all our important things on so that we know what we’re doing. That’s probably more likely.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to. I texted to cancel because I think I just need some time.”

“Okay, that’s good. I’m glad you did that. Can we talk about it?”

“We’re going to anyway.”

“We don’t have to talk about it right now if you don’t want to.”

“We can talk about it.”

“Okay, why didn’t you call me? When it started?”

“Because I just didn’t want to bother you.”

“You don’t bother me. You know that. I’d much rather stop what I’m doing if I can if it means that you don’t have to go through all of that.”

“It’s just that I already called you so much and I knew that you had rehearsals so I just didn’t want to keep on bothering you.”

“You don’t bother me, y/n. I love you, the worst thing for me is knowing you’re going through that and you don’t feel like you can come to me. I’m your boyfriend. I’m always here for you, no matter what’s going on.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“And I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I’m not there now.”

“It’s okay, lets not get into this tonight.” I’m talking about the conversation where we both get really sad because we are doing this long distance thing because of his job and my college. Neither of us can just stop our lives to be with the other person even if we want to sometimes. And talking about it and being sad about it doesn’t help the situation at all.

“Yeah,” He pauses, thinking maybe. Then he says, “I don’t want to ask, because I don’t think I really want to know, but I need to know, what level was it?”

He’s talking about my panic attack and the highest number on the scale that I felt at any point during it. That’s how we measure the severity, along with how long it lasts. I don’t want to answer. I don’t want him to know. He knows it was bad, but actually having to tell him how bad it really was just doesn’t seem like something I want to do.

I don’t answer him for a while, battling with myself on whether I should tell him the truth or not.

“Y/n, I need to know. Please, don’t lie to me.”

Alright, well there goes that idea. It comes out softer than I intend, “ten.”


“Ten.” I manage to say a little louder this time.

He closes his eyes for a minute, just absorbing the information.

“I’m sorry.” He says when he opens his eyes.

“Don’t be sorry. You didn’t cause it. And I feel better now, I promise.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, I promise.” I repeat myself because I know he needs to be reassured.

The facetime gets paused so I know he’s looking at his phone. “Okay,” He says. I don’t have anything to say, so the silence falls between us for a few seconds. Then he says, “I’m going to make you an appointment to see Dr. Jacobs. The meds aren’t working and you can’t keep doing this.”

The screen is still paused. “I know, but Shawn I just don’t have time for this right now.”

He comes back onto the facetime so I can see his face again and he can see mine. “I know you’re busy. We’re both busy. But this is important. I’ll call her tomorrow. Hopefully she can fit you in this Thursday. It’s soon, and I just have to move one thing and I can fly in for the appointment.”

“Absolutely not, Shawn. You’re not flying here for that.”

“You don’t want to see me?”

“Don’t go there. You know that’s not true. But it’s ridiculous, not to mention expensive. You have so much going on right now, you are not flying over here for my doctors appointment.”

“Will you go, even if I don’t come?”

“I’ll go. I promise, okay? And I can make my own appointment.”

“Good, and I know you can. But just let me do it for you, babe. Don’t worry about it. I’ll do it tomorrow morning. I’ll look at the calendar and try to make it for a time you wont have to miss anything.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“What are your plans for tonight.”

“Hanging out with you of course.” He says, a smile spreading across his face.

“Lets watch a movie!” I say, leaning over to grab my laptop. After I grab it, I can see Shawn moving around his room to grab his as well. I also get up to get my chargers. It takes us a few minutes to get situated and another ten minutes to finally agree on a movie, but then I get to spend the rest of the evening with him, even though we’re so far apart. And even though I miss him like crazy, even though I’m still a little uneasy from everything that happened today and everything I know I still have to deal with, in this moment, with him, it feels like things might be alright after all.

May I Have This Dance? [Luke Hemmings AU Smut]

Rating: R

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,768

          Luke Hemmings and his close friend Michael Clifford were two men of lower middle class. They shared a shabby apartment, usually wore second hand clothes, and lived in Hell’s Kitchen, barely scraping by. And one could only help but wonder what they were doing at such an aristocratic party.

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Polaroid Part 2-Bucky imagine



Originally posted by sebastianstahp

The guys stop their conversation and their attention is drawn to you as you and Nat enter the kitchen area.
“Damnnn girls” Sam smirks, followed by a wolf whistle from Clint. You both roll your eyes as you join the group. It’s another one of Tony’s parties tonight and after today’s mission going well, everyone is in good spirits. As everyone gets ready to leave, you walk over and put your empty wine glass in the sink, and then feel a strong pair of arms wind round your waist. You smile when you see the metal creeping out from under the suit jacket.
“Hey Buck”
“You look incredible”, his breathe is hot on your skin as he buries his head in the crook of your neck, kissing you below the jawline. You spin around to face him, bodies flush against each other.
“As do you James.” You reach up and kiss him quickly, seeing the fire in his eyes when you call him by his first name.
“Hey love birds, you coming or what?” Nat shouts over, winking at you. Ever since Bucky walking in on you last week, the two of you had been inseparable, much to the amusement of the other avengers. You take Bucky’s hand and walk to join the rest of the group, splitting up outside to take separate cars.

You and Bucky slide in the back seat of Clint’s car, with Bruce in the passenger seat. You can’t help but stare at Bucky as he jokes with the guys, he looks so damn good in a suit. He catches you staring and you blush, making him laugh. He leans over and pulls you closer to him, draping your legs over his. His cologne is intoxicating and you almost feel like you can’t breathe. He has such an effect on you. It only gets worse when he traces his metal finger up your bare leg, placing his hand over the top of your thigh, slightly grazing underneath your dress. Your breathing gets heavy and although he’s looking out the window, you can see the fucking smirk on his face. Asshole.

When you get there, Tony is giving some kind of speech to a room full of people, already looking half pissed. Bucky wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close as you enter the crowd and you give his hand a reassuring squeeze; he still gets slightly nervous in large crowds of people. Tony comes over to you and your fellow avengers and gets you all a glass of champagne, ordering everyone to take advantage of his alcohol. Hell, you weren’t going to say no.
A few hours later, it’s just you and your team left. There’s a few randomers passed out on the sofa, Clint and Natasha are arm wrestling, Nat seems to be winning. You, Tony, Steve and Bucky are on the sofas sharing stories. This is the first time you’ve seen Steve and Bucky affected by alcohol, they weren’t drunk, more tipsy, but it’s the funniest thing ever. Tony can barely string his words together and you can’t stop laughing at the mumbling mess. He’s offered all of you to stay in the tower for the night since you can all barely walk. You jump as a cheer of victory comes from Nat, and Clint demands a round two. Your attention comes back to the guys, and more specifically Bucky, who’s howling with laughter at Tony now trying to do a headstand on the sofa. He’s taken his suit jacket off and his shirt is unbuttoned just down to the top of his pecks, his hair hangs over his face and his eyes crinkle when he laughs.

You watch as his jaw clenches and he rubs his hands on his thighs when he laughs. You bite your lip as your thoughts trail off onto sinful things. A few moments later the guys seem to go quieter, clearly having worn themselves out laughing. Steve looks like he’s drifted off and Tony’s on his way. Bucky’s rested his head on the back of the sofa, slumped down on the cushions, and you decide to crawl over to side of the sofa and place yourself on his lap. He doesn’t move or open his eyes, but greets you with a “hey”. You pout to yourself, feeling needy all of a sudden. You were tired now, and you wanted his attention. You place a kiss underneath his jaw, and trace a finger from his chin, down his throat, to his chest. He hums in appreciation and brings his head forward to look at you, those damn baby blues staring deep into your soul. He pulls you further onto his lap so you’re straddling him and wraps his arms around you, holding you close to him. You snake your arms around his neck and bring him in for a kiss, running your tongue along his bottom lip, he opens his mouth and his tongue finds yours. He lets a husky sound out when you nibble his bottom lip and his hands find their way to your ass pulling your hips closer to his, applying pressure to your groin, you squeeze your thighs around his sides.

“Let’s go to bed” He whispers, his breath hot on your neck as his places kisses from your ear to your collar bone. You nod, and he picks you up and carries you to the elevator. By the time it’s got to your floor, Bucky’s shirt is on the floor and your left in that black lace underwear he loves so much. When you get to the room he lays you down on the bed and takes a minute just to look.
“You look so beautiful” He says breathlessly. You extend your arms to him and he takes off his trousers before positioning himself in between your thighs. His mouth meets yours again and he kisses you with such longing it makes your stomach knot. You run your finger through his hair as he leaves a trail of kisses from your neck, between your breasts, all the way down to your pant line. His metal arm stays on the bed above your head the whole time, using his flesh hand on your body. He doesn’t like to touch you with it when you’re together like this in case he hurts you, but you wanted him to. So badly. Just as he’s about to remove your knickers, you stop him and he looks at you confused.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.
“I want you to use the metal one” You ache at the thought of it but he looks so unsure.
“(Y/N), you know I can’t. I don’t want to hurt yo-“ He sits back and you interrupt him.
“I trust you James. I want you to. Please.” You’re almost begging. You take his metal hand and kiss the palm, and he lets you trace his fingers down your face, your lace covered chest, your bare stomach and down onto your ever growing heat. You watch him as his breathing becomes more erratic, his toned chest heaving. He looks wary but you nod at him in re assurance. He leans down to kiss you again and brings his metal hand up to your jaw, and then down to knead your breast. The cold metal makes you gasp and you claw at the back of his neck, earning a low groan from him. He moves his hand down and slips off your pants, grazing the metal back up your thighs before running a finger up your slit. You moan as he puts pressure on your core, bucking your hips up to meet his. You leave sloppy kisses across his neck, biting down when he pushes his cool metal fingers inside you. His lips leaves your neck and find their way to your centre, his metal finger still curling inside you. You can already feel the pressure building inside of you as you breathing gets heavier and heavier.
“Bu-Bucky, please.” Your voice barely audible. He looks up at you with lustful eyes.
“I need you, inside me. Now.”

He crawls back up the bed on top of you, spreading your legs wider, he positions himself in front of you and pushes himself deep inside of you, making both of you call out. He finds a steady pace and you wrap your legs around him, pulling him closer and giving him all access. Your lips meet again and your tongues dance. He bites and suckles your lip as you rake your fingernails down his back and shoulders. His pace quickens and you can feel your climax coming as you run your tongue up his neck, across his adams apple, feeling him hum under your touch.
“James..” You moan into his kisses. He slows down but hits you deeper with each thrust, bringing you both to your climax at the same time, clutching onto each other lie it was the last time you’d ever be able to feel one another’s touch. He flops down next to you, legs still entwined, his head on your heaving chest. You lay there for a minute catching your breathes before he turns to you, hair stuck to his sweat covered forehead. You brush it out the way and smile at him.
“You’re gorgeous you know that” You whisper, tracing his jawline with your finger. He grins at you, eyes glowing, before kissing you sweetly.
“I’m so glad I have you.” He says, draping an arm over your stomach, holding you to him. You smile to yourself and run your fingers through his hair until your eyes become heavy and you drift into a deep sleep…

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Seed Of Envy (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Word count: 1110

Rating: R

Pairing: Luke/Reader

Smut: you know it

Requested? I’m a loser so no

i thought I’d make a dom!luke and master!luke cause jesus I love those kinks and i wanted to test it out. Here ya go


You sat in the car after Luke’s concert, waiting for him to get in so you two could go home. You saw Luke reading out of the arena, only to see his gaze travel to a half dressed girl walking by. You immediately got angry. You were the only person Luke could check out like that.

When he got into the car, you almost immediately got angry all over again.

“What the hell was that?” You asked, trying to sound upset. Although, nobody can really stay upset at Luke ever.

“What was what?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I saw the way you looked at that girl. You wanted to be all over her right?” He looked appalled at what just came put of your mouth.

“Y-Y/N listen, no I didn’t want to be all over her.” He said, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Then why were you staring?” You asked, rolling your eyes.

“I was thinking about how hot you’d look wearing that.” He said, causing a slight pink blush to creep up to your cheeks.

“Really?” You asked. He nodded, a smirk playing on his face.

“You know kitten,” he started, “I think I should punish you for yelling at me for no reason.” You bit your lip, trying to stifle back a moan. You loved more than anything when Luke called you kitten. It was a little kink you two had. You nodded, taking in a breath.

“Yes Master, I should be punished.” He chuckled at how easy you’d become helpless for him. He thought it was the hottest thing on the planet.

“Not yet kitten, we have to get home first.” He stated, causing you to rub your legs together for relief.

The ride home was torture, but when you got there, Luke wasted more time starting in you guys’ “activities”.

“Go upstairs and strip and get on all fours. If you’re not in position when I make it upstairs, I won’t show any mercy on you.” You nodded, biting your lip hard before running up the stairs.

You made your way to you and Luke’s shared bedroom before taking off all of your clothes, leaving you exposed to the cool sorry of your house. You got onto the bed on all fours like the good girl you were, but then something clicked.

Maybe you shouldn’t be a good girl for Luke. You’ve never been bad before, and you wanted to test your limit with him.

You got onto the bed, laying on your back and taking a finger to your throbbing heat. You needed Luke so bad, so you decided to rub yourself. You were in complete bliss, moaning a bit until you heard someone clear their throat at the door. You looked up to see an aggravated Luke at the door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His eyes turned to a dark shade of blue, signaling he was full of lust.

“M-master,” you were cut off by a swift slap to your throbbing core. You yelped, only making Luke smirk.

“Did you really think you could be a bad kitten and not get a spanking?” He asked, causing you to shake your head as he slapped your heat again. This time harsher than the last.

M-master please! I’ll be a good kitten I promise.” He chuckled, rubbing your clit slow. You moaned but he pulled his fingers away.

“Don’t make a sound. I got something for my precious little kitten.” He reached onto the side of the bed, getting a black collar with “Master” engraved onto it. He put it around my neck before proceeding to rub his fingers on my core.

“Do you like that kitten? You should because that spanking from earlier is nothing compared to later.” You moaned in response, which also gave him satisfaction considering he dipped one of his long fingers inside of you. He slammed his finger into you at a quick pace before adding two more, curving them at different times to hit your g-spot.

Your breath hitched, you were getting close to your high and Luke knew it. He pulled away his fingers, causing you to whimper.

“Ah ah ah kitten, you were bad, and master isn’t gonna let a bad girl come before her punishment.” You knew what was coming next; dirty talk.

Luke loved to call you his little whore, and you loved the title. The thought it just brought your high closer.

Luke flipped you over so you could be on all fours before slapping your ass hard.

“Master.. G-God Master,” You moaned, jumping with each smack.

“Who’s a little dirty whore?” He asked, causing you to moan.

“I am.” You squeaked, unable to make any louder noises.

“Louder, tell me who’s a slut kitten,” He said as he smacked your ass again, harder so you’d speak louder.

“I’m a slut Master,” you said louder than before. He was obviously pleased because he smirked and laid on his back.

“Blow me princess,” He whispers, you quickly obliging. You could easily cum from blowing Luke and he knew that, which was all the more reason to do it.

You got on your knees in front of him, taking his hard member into your hands. You slightly pumped him before wrapping your tongue around the tip, earning a low moan from Luke.

“Fuck, kitten. Master probably isn’t gonna last long.” He murmured, you only hummed against him in response.

“That’s good Master, you taste so good,” you said muffled against his member, causing him to get a chill.

You took all of him into your mouth, feeling him pull your hair into a makeshift ponytail and thrusting into you. He was right, he didn’t last long as after five or six thrusts his back arched.

He shot his semen down your throat, leaving you no choice but to swallow as he slowly pulled out of your mouth. You felt your body tense, you were about to come too. Luke picked your hips up, bringing your heat to his face and sucking on your clit.

“Come for Master,” was all he had to say because no sooner, you felt yourself unravel on top of him, soaking his face with your juices.

You rolled to Luke’s side, getting up and getting a towel to clean himself and then yourself off.

You cuddled close to him, your bodies touching.

“Luke,” you called and he looked down at you.


“You should get angry at me more often.”

I know it was terrible I’m sorry

I’ll probably write another tomorrow

freckyell  asked:

solangelo 6

Here it is! :) Sorry it’s late, guys.


It was a hard day in the infirmary for Will. There were campers, returning from quests that were injured and needed help, others were wounded during the last night’s game of Capture the Flag. It was one of the rare moments when Will wished that he wasn’t working there. But he loved helping people. He felt as this was his mission, calling.

However, he was still happy when the time for the Campfire came. His shift was finally over and he was able to take the so needed rest he was waiting for during the whole day.

Thankfully, he wasn’t going to lead the sing-along with his siblings this evening so after taking a quick shower and changing his clothes after work, he went to find a place somewhere around the fire. Most places were already taken so he didn’t have much of a choice. However, soon enough he spotted a tiny figure, all dressed in black, in the end of the Campfire. There were almost no people around him. Will sighed to himself. Although Nico di Angelo was in Camp Half-Blood for over an year now, there were still campers that didn’t accept him, feared him.

“Is the seat free?” Will asked as he silently approached the other boy.

“Do you see someone sitting around?” asked Nico. There was bitterness in his tone but it was not as bad as it could have been a year ago.

Will sat down next to Nico. For a while both of them didn’t talk, watching the dinging campers and the flames that were now all different colors. But then suddenly Nico spoke. 

“It’s strange how you tell other people how they need to rest and all but you don’t do it yourself.” he noted. 

“What do you mean?” asked Will confused. 

“Look at yourself, Will.” told him the other boy. “Now you’re the one that looks like a zombie.” Will thought he could see a ghost of a smile on the other boy’s face. 

“I just had long and tiring day.” defended himself the blonde. 

“This goes around for days now.” said Nico. He was starring at the fire all the time. 

“No, it doesn’t.” argued Will. 

“Everytime I look at you, you look exhausted. Maybe you should find someone special so they would distract you at least for a while.” 

“So you often look at me?” asked Will, smirking. “And what do you mean I should find someone?” 

“You look lonely.” 

“Who says it.” said the bigger boy matter-of-factly. 

Nico finally looked at him. 

“I told you that you’d better watch yourself first.” 

“I do look at myself.” said Will. “Maybe I want to be alone.” 

“Or maybe you’re too bosy and no one wants to date you.” Now there was deffinitely a smile on his lips. 

“Those are bullshits!” said Will louder this time. “I can find a boyfriend if I want to.” 

“Okay then, you have one week.” said Nico, looking at the other with a challenging glint in his eyes. 


“To find a boyfriend. One week.” he repeated. 

“Deal.” said Will. 

The next morning Nico has just eaten breakfast and was now making his way toward the training fields when he heard someone’s steps behind him. A few seconds later, a hand came to rest on his shoulder. He quickly turned around, ready to shot a dead glare at the person. He still didn’t like people touching him. However, he was met by a pair of bright blue eyes. 

“Hey, Nico.” greeted him Will. 

“What do you want, Solace?” asked the shorter boy. He didn’t meant to sound too cold but Will didn’t seem to notice anyway. 

“I need to ask you something important.” said Will. There was a nerous smile on his face. 

“Go on.” said Nico softer. “What bothers you?” 

The other boy took a deep breath and then spoke. 

“Nico di Angelo, would you like to be my boyfriend?” 

Nico rolled his eyes but there was a smile forming on his lips. 

“What in the name of Hades, Will?” he asked. 

“Yesterday you told me I have one week to find a boyfriend.” answered Will. 

“I meant, a real one. Not to just ask anyone.” 

“But you’re not anyone.” said Will quietly. Nico’s eyes shot up, starring at his, confused. 

“What do you mean?” he asked. 

“Oh, I thought- I thought you… yestarday you..” Will started struggling to find the right words now. Nico found that quite amusing. “I thought you like me.” he finally admitted. “Never mind.” he let go of Nico’s shouder that he was still holding and turned around, quickly walking away from the son of Hades. 

“Will!” Nico shouted after him but the other boy wouldn’t turn around. Nico let go a furious sigh. If the other boy wasn’t going to turn around, he had to do something else to get his attention. Closing his eyes, he felt the shadows closing around him. 

Will felt so embarassed. Yesterday, after the bet, he had thought that maybe Nico was making some kind of hints. He thought that maybe he liked him back but Nico’s reaction, after Will asked him, showed different thing. 

Trying to run away as fast as possible, Will didn’t had the time to react as suddenly a figure materialzed itself right in front of him. He bumped hard into the smaller boy. However, before he could do or say anything, there were lips, pressing his own. 

“Of course I do like you, dork.” said Nico as he pulled away. His whole face was dark red. Thinking about it later,  Will found it extremely adorable. But there was something else on his mind at the moment. 

“I told you no more Underworldy stuff, Nico!” he said as soon as he found his voice again. 

The other boy rolled his eyes. 

“I just told you I like you and kissed you in front of half of the camp but sure, it’s the right time to make me a problem about the Shadow-travelling.” 

Will suddenly realised it too and was now also blushing.

“Oh.” he said quetly. “So… you agree?” He asked. “To be my boyfriend, I mean.” 

“Of course I do.” said Nico, smiling at him. “But on one condition - I promise I won’t risk my life with too much ‘underworldy stuff’ as you like to put it, if you promise not to do the same by overworking.” 

“I’ll think about it.” said Will, smiling. “Maybe another kiss would convince me about it?” there was a smirk, forming on his lips. 

The other boy also smiled. 

“Deal.” he said as he brought their lips once again. 

“I knew it!” said Jason from where he and Piper were sitting not too far away from where the two boys were. 

“Jason!” said Piper, a little annoyed. “You’re sometimes worse than my siblings.” she shook her head. 

“But… I knew they were perfect for one another!” he said again. “Just wait ‘till I tell Percy about it…” 

Piper rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. 

“Tell me again, why am I dating you?” 

Okay, this one came a little too OOC but I hope it’s alright. Also, the last bit came out of nowhere but I’ve seen too many “Jason-is-a-solangelo-trash” posts so I couldn’t resist :D 

Steve/Tony Fic: Plans for the Evening

For squeeful because she isn’t feeling well. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon!!


“You know, this isn’t fair,” Tony sniffled. “I can command the world’s greatest artificial intelligence to control forty flying suits of armor at one time, but I can’t command my own stupid nose to stop producing snot and just let me breathe." 

Steve bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. "I’m sorry,” he said sincerely. “Winter colds are the worst." 

Tony glared at him through red-rimmed eyes. He was huddled on the couch beneath a thick red blanket emblazoned with Iron Man’s faceplate and glowing blue eyes. Only his head poked out, and his feet, which were covered in rather ugly black socks. "Says the guy who can’t get sick anymore." 

Completely unfazed, Steve just picked up another wadded-up tissue from the floor where Tony had tossed it, and put it in the small garbage can he had placed by the sofa for just this purpose. "Can I get you anything?" 

"A new nose?” Tony said hopefully. “The ability to breathe without coughing? I’m open to suggestions." 

"How about a snuggle,” Steve offered. 

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It’s a new soundtrack/I could dance to this beat ("Welcome to New York" - Taylor Swift) - Luke

“Having fun?” A low rumbled whispered in your ear. Turning around to meet the face of the voice with a smile already splaying across your lips, you giggled and nodded fervently.

“I can’t believe you do this stuff all the time. It’s kind of…” Your voice trailed off as your eyes flitted over the scene around you. “… Wonderful.”

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Hello can I request the “Can I wear black to a wedding?” with minkey under the wedding theme thing? Oh and I love your blog ^^

thank you! <3 (i’m sorry this took so long ;;)


“Seriously, Minho, do we need to so this the traditional way?” Gwiboon sighs into the phone, as she stands in front of a rack of a dozen wedding gowns, none of which seem tempting to her. “I don’t care if you see me before we’re at the altar, really. I just don’t want to go through another few hours of futile searching alone!”

At the other end of the line, Minho sighs. “Why don’t you call Junghee if Eunsook can’t make it? Or Taemin? I know he’s practically useless when it comes to clothes, you tell me often enough, but he’s better than nothing?”

“Junghee isn’t even in town, she got some emergency meeting halfway across the country,” Gwiboon sighs again, more dramatically. She tucks the phone between her shoulder and her ear, to be able to pick one of the dresses from the row. “And Taemin isn’t better than nothing. He’d just pick the most horrifying gowns to make fun of me.”

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