although every time i do i get emotional

I’ve always thought Kyungsoo’s personality is interesting. He may not be as bubbly as the other members but he carries this charm that doesn’t even need a show or an explanation. It’s just there. Every time I look at him, I find myself admiring him not as an idol but as a person. Not in a romantic way, I guess, but you know, he’s beautiful in his own way. Like, literally everything about him is fascinating. His voice. His smile. His laugh. His soul. He’s genuine, and I’ve learned genuine people are good at heart. He doesn’t act. You can tell he loves what he’s doing. Although he seems reserved, he has a great deal of being true to his actions. I don’t know, man. I’m getting emotional tonight and I just want to say I cannot blame Jongin for falling in love with Kyungsoo because honestly, who doesn’t fall in love with a guy like him? He’s a solid 10/10.