although a train is probably not a real place

Adventures with mod neji

Wow okay so y'all are probably wondering where we went. Well um I fell off the side of a cliff? Yea this is mod neji btw. I was backpacking in Utah and a boulder shifted underneath me and my friend while we were walking by the edge of the canyon. So first of all, I was out there for almost a month, and I finally got back. We don’t get cell service out there. The accident happened yesterday, so luckily it wasn’t like we were stuck. But basically this girl ended up snapping her tibia in half and dislocating her ankle. I was pretty much fine, since I managed to grab onto the canyon wall. She only fell about 10 feet, but clearly it was enough to break her tibia. This is some 127 hours shit I swear to god. I mean, I WAS fine, until I realized I’d need to carry her down the canyon to get back to the main camp. For a bit of perspective, I’m small. Not tiny, but I’m only about 5'6, although I can bench about 180 and my push up PR is 82. Now, my friend here, let’s just call her, Jen. She’s about 160 pounds and 5'10. I was honestly really tempted to leave her and come back with help, but it was already late and it was 30 degrees at this point. We didn’t have all our gear because we just wanted to go look for more water sources, and we told my mentor that we’d be gone for maybe 2 or 3 hours. I thank my lucky stars that at 4 am that morning, my mentor woke me up for morning training. He’s been an emt for almost 20 years, and he does search and rescue now. He started training me a few months ago when I said I was interested in some sort of physically grueling job, but I didn’t want to join the military or the police. So that morning, he simulated a scenario where a child was lost inside a canyon, and all we know is that their leg is severely injured and they’re somewhere south of the creek. So basically I had to search for a fake child that morning and carry a 100 pound backpack to simulate giving someone a piggy back ride. Somehow, during the real life situation, I managed to stay calm. Also I puked so many times to the point where there was nothing to puke up anymore. So I ended up carrying Jen on my back for about 5 miles, and luckily it was down the canyon, and I found a route that wasn’t steep. So about 4 miles in, I hear a snap. Yea, I look down and my knee does not look right. It’s swollen and bruised, and the kneecap looks like it’s too far to the left. I really wasn’t sure what to do, but I decided to try setting the kneecap back in place since it looked like my kneecap popped out. It was super painful when I set it back in, but it felt better. Now thank the lord, my boyfriend just started to come looking for us. It had been almost 4 hours and I’m never late. I hadn’t even noticed that I had a giant slash on my thigh until he pointed it out. He found me with Jen on my back, and I was panting and having dry heaves. I was having about 32 breaths a minute, which for some perspective, 18 is the average I believe. Once help arrived, I guess I started clinging onto my boyfriend for like 30 minutes and I wasn’t crying or anything. I was just clutching onto his shirt and staring at the ground. Tbh if I hadn’t been training for search and rescue in the first place I probably would’ve panicked immediately. But honestly, I don’t think simulations truly prepare u for when ur in that situation. They help u a lot, but not knowing what kind of injuries you’re dealing with and not knowing the area is scary. Both of us are fine, although Jen will be in a cast for awhile. Also, I’m not even old enough to be part of a real search and rescue team. I’m just training for it. Also a few of my toenails fell off again and I’m salty about it bc they keep falling off it’s so gross 😒

Quiet (Final Rose)

Winter breathed a sigh of relief as she and Team RWBY finally reached the hotel they would be staying in following their mission. After two days of almost non-stop fighting, she was looking forward to a hot shower, a soft bed, and some much-needed rest.

Unfortunately, the hotel was busier than they’d expected. A transport had broken down earlier in the day, stranding hundreds of passengers. Instead of having at least two rooms, the best they could get was one room with two large beds in it. Winter would normally have argued, but she was too tired to care.

“Fine,” Winter growled at the unfortunate man behind the counter. “We’ll take it.”

Winter’s mood improved somewhat after Team RWBY agreed to let her have the first shower. She did her best to keep her shower to a reasonable length and then flopped onto one of the beds. Her missions as a specialist were often extremely difficult and remarkably intense, but they tended to be shorter, taking place over a few critical hours, as opposed to two days. However, General Ironwood wanted her to take at least a few of these longer missions a year. Endurance was a critical part of performance, and although training exercises helped, nothing could replace taking real missions.

Her eyes drifted shut, and she decided to take a quick nap. She was sure the others would wake her once they’d all finished showering, so they could decide where everyone would be sleeping. It would probably take at least an hour, maybe more.

She was wrong.

When she woke up it was the middle of the night. She took a moment to get her bearings. There were two people in the bed with her, one on either side. The first was easy enough to identify. Only one member of Team RWBY had cat ears. Blake was pressed against her front, one hand resting lightly on Winter’s hip. The identity of the person behind her was more a mystery, but the feel of full, firm breasts pressing into her back gave it away. 

Ruby had certainly changed since graduating from Beacon. She was taller than everyone except for Yang now, and her chest had filled out too. However, Ruby was still more slender than buxom, and the person behind her was most definitely buxom. It had to be Yang. It certainly couldn’t be Weiss. Her younger sister was many things - graceful, elegant, poised - but she was also quite petite.

Winter was about to close her eyes and drift back off to sleep when the hand on her hip tightened. Amber eyes gleamed in the darkness.

“You’re awake,” Blake murmured.

“Not for much longer,” Winter replied. “I was going to go back to sleep.”

“Is that so?” Winter shivered. There was something decidedly predatory about the way Blake was looking at her now. The hand on her hip traced circles on her skin, and Winter was suddenly reminded of the fact that she hadn’t bothered to slip into anything more than a loose night shirt and some underwear after taking a shower. “I was thinking of staying awake for a bit longer.”

“Oh.” Winter gulped. Blake was an intensely passionate woman although she rarely showed that side of herself in public. But in private, Blake had no qualms about pursuing and getting what she wanted. From the way Blake was shifting against her and pressing one leg between hers, it was pretty clear that what Blake wanted at the moment was her. “Now?”

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