altho.... that blonde hair....

desastrista  asked:

head, eyes, nose

i did head already!

What’s your favorite color? purple! tho actually even as i’m saying that purple rly hasn’t been my fave for a while now…it’s probably more like teal Time of day, aesthetically? sunrise! i hate waking up early but aesthetically speaking sunrise is just so PRETTY Animal you find the prettiest? oh man i’m hard pressed to name an animal i don’t think is pretty…. probably cats are the prettiest but i just love so many What do you find attractive in a person? physically? Big, possibly able to lift me with one arm. blond hair altho i’m not rly that picky. a great smile and/or laugh, kind eyes, a sense of humor

What’s your favorite smell? oh gosh i have so many…basically every floral there is, sand, clean linen, fresh cut grass, mmmm Least favorite? LEMONS eugh i hate the smell of lemons it actually makes me physically ill if i smell it too much. same with ginger What scent do you find comforting? hmm clean laundry is probably the most comforting bc it’s just so soft and nice Is there an outdoorsy smell that appeals to you? (beaches, pine trees, sand, ect.) beaches, absolutely! i love the smell of the ocean breeze and the sand mmmm. spring winds smell so good too like even if there’s no flower smell on the wind it’s just sooo nice. AND! that crisp cold smell just before it snows, ohhh boy. that’s the best smell Boop? Y/N i’ve never been big on boops. i’ll boob you! but my nose is not boopable