Thomasian by Heart and by Flood

I didn’t get wet nor walk through the flood but I still got stranded in UST and stayed overnight.

I enjoyed the night because of my orgmates. “Tamang bonding” nga naman kami. We ate together, watched movie, and slept on the cold floor side by side. It was kind of fun being stranded even though my cold got worst and I’ve caught fever when I got home. We left UST at 6 am and got home at 7 am. 

It’s probably my most unforgettable night in UST. And now, I can say that I am a baptized certified Thomasian

Image Source: litratonijuan

My first cleats, Nike Mercurial Victory II. :)

I know it’s too early to buy fine cleats for football because I’m only on my 1st week of training and I learned the sport on the 1st day of training. Even so, I'm starting to love football as much as I love Taekwondo. I’m really  enjoying playing football and I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it.