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HI! I love this blog. Thank you all for doing this for fans. The stories are all absolutely wonderful My birthday is March 18th, and I would love to have a story. I love fairy tale based stories, so anything with Peeta and Katniss in that format would be a wonderful birthday gift.

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! To help you celebrate in style, the always amazing @norbertsmom has crafted this delightful Everlark story just for you! Enjoy!

The Jabberjay and the Mockingbird

Rating: T

A/N: Happy birthday! This fairy tale is loosely based on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, with gender swaps and many other changes along the way. It’s not really a drabble, as it’s just over 6k words, oops. I hope you like it. Enjoy.

Special thanks to @mega-aulover who beta read this for me.

The Jabberjay and the Mockingbird

A long time ago in the land of Panem lived the beloved King Aurik and his beautiful Queen Emma Rae. They were fair and kind, beloved by all, but they were surrounded by sadness for they longed to have a child. And the queen’s childbearing years were coming near to an end.

Desperate to provide her husband and the kingdom with an heir, the queen crept out of bed one night after she was certain her husband was fast asleep. She looked out her bedchamber window toward the bright green star that sat low on the horizon over the Rock Mountains to the west. Legend said that the cost was high, but if you were willing to pay the price, you must wish upon the star for 7 consecutive nights for the wish to come true.  As the queen, she had great wealth, so she had the means to pay whatever the cost. She closed her eyes and whispered her plea.

The queen repeated her wish every night for seven nights straight.

When she finished reciting her wish on the seventh night the green star appeared to grow. It became so much brighter than it had been. It grew in size until the queen realized that the star was actually coming closer. The bright green light that she thought was a star flew up into the tallest tower in the castle.

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After they got married, Harry and Ginny decided to fix up the old Potter family estate and make it their home. It was a little big, and in need of quite a bit of work, but the location in the country was far from prying eyes and afforded them the privacy they wanted so badly. They added a quidditch pitch for Ginny to practice on, which became a family favorite. When Teddy came to live with them for good, they adopted a cocker spaniel, which their new son named Altheda, after a character from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. A few years down the road, they ended up with three more children, another dog, and of course, Lily’s cat. What was once a desolate old manor was transformed into a warm, lively home. In fact, when massive family gatherings became too much for Molly, they were held at the Potters’.

A photo of the manor in Winter.

Taken by fifth year Lily while she was home for Christmas break.