alters in the dark

Had a dream where I was sitting in a dark office and reality felt really altered and strange and there was just a fishtank illuminating the room and then this fuckin fish looked at me and grinned with human teeth and in this super deep voice said “you’ve been here awhile, better wake up before you forget how to” and I fuckin woke up in a cold sweat


Crappy lil doods

Markiplier Moodboard: The Start of Darkness

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

— Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

He was a good man… once. But no more.

The betrayal of a close friend and the deaths of those he’d cared for turned him into a cold-blooded monster, hellbent on finding and punishing whoever is responsible for their deaths. There is no mercy and no reason behind those tortured, solemn eyes… only the rage, and the voices of the dead crying out to him for justice from beyond the grave.

He was a good man. Now he is become Death, the destroyer of worlds. If you see him… run. There is no love or compassion in his heart anymore, and your endless suffering is certain.

when you writing a star wars fic and trying to make it as accurate as possible

Darkiplier: Welcome to the Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?

Antisepticeye: I killed my hosts body and took over his channel.

Darkiplier: Yeah, so?

Antisepticeye: After chugging Three cans of Monster.

Darkiplier: Do you have a death wish, why on Earth would-

Wilford: Right this way~!





Apicula's (modified) Healthy Self Potion

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NOTE: this is not a medical post.  It is simply meant to augment PROFESSIONAL MEDICINE.  Please check with your doctor to ensure that you can ingest any of the following ingredients, being mindful of allergies and possible harmful interactions.

A friend found a similar spell floating around but it was tied with so much negative energy that it felt…out of place to say the least.  I re-wrote it a bit to put it in a slightly more positive light. something that could be vital for certain people looking to take care of themselves a bit better.  I’ll cover the ingredients, their part in the potion, then how to assemble it.


💧  Infused Water–This can be infused with a fruit, vegetable or herb of your choice, adding an extra effect to your Potion.  Alternatively, you can also use crystal water, or a general-purpose water like Moon Water.  For this Potion, you’ll want to ensure it focuses on a healthy body, so water infused with immune-system-boosting fruits/herbs/vegetables are good.

☕  Coffee or Tea–Either one can be used, as both will share the same purpose.  They’ll be providing you with clarity of mind to remember to take care of yourself, as well as the energy to do so.  (Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves can both be used for divination, so that’s where I’m drawing from for that part.

🌴  Coconut Milk/Water–Pretty simple ingredient here.  If needed you could substitute this with more infused water, or maybe a creamer with a sigil drawn on the bottle or something.  The Coconut Milk will provide the Healthy Mind ingredient, as there are various rituals that involve washing the head in it to instill good spiritual forces.

🍯 Optional Ingredient: Honey–This is great if you do not have Coconut Milk/Water on hand and need to use your infused water to fill it’s gap.  Honey has many great healing properties, and is perfect for the Healthy Body ingredient.  Alternatively if you just want to sweeten the potion, this works great too.


♨️ Brew your coffee/tea in your infused water.  If the normal flavor of the water conflicts with the coffee, feel free to brew it with half infused, half water.  Meanwhile, add your coconut milk and/or sweetener (Honey if you’re using it) to your mug.  While your drink brews, feel free to contemplate on your motivation for taking care of yourself, as well as some of the things you’ll need to do to accomplish your goal.  Writing this stuff down may be helpful.

☕  Pour the drink into your mug.  Start out stirring counter-clockwise.  Focus on drawing any negative thoughts and emotions concerning yourself out, and imagine them being pulled down the whirlpool formed in your potion and purified by the ingredients within.  Alternatively, if you worship any entity, this is a good time to ask them to banish the thoughts as well.   Let it rest, then stir it clockwise, while reminding yourself that you deserve the self-care, that you are as wonderful a soul as you choose to be, and that you cannot grow into a better person without strengthening your body and mind.  The point of this is to pull out these positive thoughts and cementing them in your mind.  Feel free to offer some to an entity you worship (If you do) as thanks for their help.

💗  Some other things you can do to make this stronger:  Throw some associated sigils around the house if you can.  Sigils with intents like “I will drink more water” or “I am wanted” can work really well.  You can even put sigils on the bottom of your mug, or take a moment to trace a sigil in your drink with a spoon!  The options are endless.  If you have any questions on this spell, feel free to ping me or send me a message.  I promise I don’t bite! (Or sting.)

Cold- Iplier Egos x Reader

Since so may people liked the first fanfic I wrote I decided to write another one to get better at writing. This one pretty much has all of markiplier’s egos though. Tried to add in some humor in there as well. Thank you for being supportive!

@justwritingscibbles @twenty-third-boos (Hope you don’t mind being tagged, but I thought you’d want to read this one as well.)

In the iplier mansion, there were many ways to wake up in the morning. Most of the time it was because the egos were being obnoxiously loud and annoying. Today, however, you woke up to an awful feeling in your gut. You jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom to make it to the toilet in time. You weren’t expecting to vomit what you ate from yesterday this morning. After puking out everything you had in your stomach you slowly made your way back to your room. Careful not to move too fast to upset your stomach any further.
You laid back down and pulled the covers over you. Slowly, closing your eyes you decided to try to sleep the nausea away. It would have been nice if you weren’t suddenly woken up by a loud voice.

“Oh (y/n), time to wake up!” Great, looks like Wilford came up to wake you up. It’s a shame that you were already woken up by feeling nauseous. His yelling wasn’t helping the migraine that you were slowly getting either.

“Wilford, please be quieter, I don’t feel good.” You rolled over to look at Wilford.

“DON’T FEEL WELL?” Well, that yell didn’t help either. You slowly heard more footsteps rushing towards your room.
‘Great, looks like the whole house heard him now.’
One by one the egos walked into your room to gather around your bed. It was Dark who spoke up first while trying to keep his shell from cracking too much.

“Will, care to explain to me why you yelled throughout the whole mansion?” The egos all looked towards Wilford awaiting a response to the reason why the journalist had yelled earlier.

“Cupcake here says she doesn’t feel well.” The egos then looked towards you, completely forgetting you were there. Bim spoke next.
“Is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true. I don’t feel good, so now can you all please leave so I can get some rest?”

“Let me run some tests. I am a doctor, after all, I know whats best.” Dr.iplier moved to go near you but was stopped by Blue Google.
“You may be a doctor, but we are an extension of the Google search engine. We can simply do a scan and look up tips on how to deal with a cold.” The googles all looked at Dr.iplier with a certain glint in their eyes.

“Well, I’m the doctor here so you, Cortana, can move out of my way so I can work on my patient!”
'Great, now they’re all starting to fight.’

“Well, I should take care of them, since they’re my Senpai!”

“I should be able to take care of them since I’m Bim Trimmer!”

“Oh please Trimmer, I should take care of them! I am Wilford Warfstache, famous journalist, after all!”

“The Host thinks he should be allowed to care for (y/n) since he is the most gentle and caring one in the room.”

“Like hell, you get to care for them Host! You may be technically me, but I should get to care for them!”

“We should take care of them. Two people are better than one, right Jim?”
“You got that right Jim.”

“I should take care of them. Squirrels and peanut butter make everything better.” You grimaced on that one, food didn’t sound too good at all at that point. Especially peanut butter.

“No way bruh, like skateboards and memes will make everything better. (Y/N) just needs a good laugh to get rid of the cold.”

“Actually, if it’s okay with you guys I’d just like to sleep for a while. You guys don’t need to worry about taking care of me.”
It seems your voice, however, was drowned out by their constant fighting. It looks like you weren’t going to get any sleep unless they either quieted down or left the room. Over in the corner of the room, near the door, you saw that Dark’s shell was cracking and he was slowly losing his composure. You needed them to be quiet otherwise Dark was going to have a fit. You were going to have to get their attention first though.

“HEY, BE QUIET!” Everyone in the room almost immediately quieted down and turned towards you.
“Guys, like I was trying to say before I just want to-”

You didn’t get to finish your sentence, however, for the nausea came flooding back and you were suddenly reaching for the closest trash can to vomit in. As you were vomiting you felt someone holding back your hair and another person rubbing your back. When you were done you looked behind you to find Oliver rubbing your back and Red Google holding your hair. Dr.iplier quickly moved forward to help you lay back down. When you were fully back in bed the egos crowded around your bed.

“Don’t worry (y/n), we’ll all help take care of you while your sick.” You looked toward Dark, who looked much more calmer than before and raised an eyebrow.
'Seriously, they’re all going to take care of you, even after you just witnessed them all yelling at each other.’

“Okay I guess, but NO more fighting! I have a massive headache and you guys are just making it worse by the minute.”

They all agreed that they weren’t going to fight anymore for the rest of the day and instead, work together. After some more smaller arguing they finally agreed to listen to Dr.iplier, he was, after all a doctor. Dr.iplier slowly gave each ego a certain task that would help you feel better. Bim was in charge of making soup, the Author went off to get his pen and notebook to help make you feel better by writing it down, the Googles went to get some medicine for your migraine, Wilford went to get you some more blankets and pillows so you would be more comfortable, and Dark went to get a wet piece of cloth to put on your forehead. The rest stayed in the room and helped comfort you. The things they were doing actually helped a little bit. Soon you were feeling a little better and actually stopped vomiting. Not to mention true to their word they didn’t argue once.
By the end of the day, you were close to being back to your own self but you still decided to get some rest. Bim suggested a giant cuddle pile which everyone soon agreed with. All in all, the day might have started out rough, but it soon ended just as amazing as any other day. And what better way to end it with a giant cuddle pile with all of your favorite egos in the world.