runawayalters  asked:

so I'm just wondering if what I'm experiencing is considered passive influence, I'm really trying to understand this concept. sometimes something will trigger some part to get upset, I know this is happening because I know that this alter dislikes certain things, and I get a very strong urge to punch something or start yelling even though that's not like me at all. is that passive influence? sorry for asking so many questions!

Yes, that sounds like passive influence. Any thought, urge or emotion that is uncharacteristic of one alter but is characteristic of another, and the trigger is known to cause that alter to feel or think certain things, could be argued to be passive influence. It can be hard to tell sometimes, but figuring out the triggers can be helpful in reducing passive influence or working with the affected alter to help them work through those urges when faced with those triggers. If you’re getting these urges frequently, it may be something to work through with your therapist to see if they can help the affected alter in finding a more appropriate response to triggers.

I hope this helps.

-J (of SN)

I agree that what you’re describing is passive influence. I just want to offer another definition of passive influence since I find J’s kind of difficult to parse. (Sorry J!)

This is how I defined it on my website.

Passive influence can be described as intrusions from alters that are not currently prominent in the mind or using the body. This may manifest as ego-alien thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, preferences, urges, or actions. These intrusions may vary in strength and influence and may result in the fronting alter taking actions or voicing opinions that they can’t explain or account for. These intrusions may also cause the fronting alter to gain skills and abilities that they do not usually have … or losing skills and abilities that they would expect to always be there … Memories that are transmitted through passive influence may not remain once the influence is over, leaving the fronting alter unable to recall what the memory contained. On the other hand, passive influence may also lead to certain memories, emotions, sensations, or views becoming inaccessible to the fronting alter until the influence ends.  

What you’re describing is you sometimes feeling ego-alien feelings and urges that you know are coming from another alter who has been triggered. That’s passive influence, yes.

I hope that this helps!

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

The effects of a dissociative disorder may include:

  • gaps in your memory
  • finding yourself in a strange place without knowing how you got there
  • out-of-body experiences
  • loss of feeling in parts of your body
  • distorted views of your body
  • forgetting important personal information
  • being unable to recognise your image in a mirror
  • a sense of detachment from your emotions
  • the impression of watching a movie of yourself
  • feelings of being unreal
  • internal voices and dialogue
  • feeling detached from the world
  • forgetting appointments
  • feeling that a customary environment is unfamiliar
  • a sense that what is happening is unreal
  • forgetting a talent or learned skill
  • a sense that people you know are strangers
  • a perception of objects changing shape, colour or size
  • feeling you don’t know who you are
  • acting like different people, including child-like behaviour
  • being unsure of the boundaries between yourself and others
  • feeling like a stranger to yourself
  • being confused about your sexuality or gender
  • feeling like there are different people inside you
  • referring to yourself as ‘we’
  • being told by others that you have behaved out of character
  • finding items in your possession that you don’t remember buying or receiving
  • writing in different handwriting
  • having knowledge of a subject you don’t recall studying.

Sometimes its hard to let these guys go. I put a lot of effort into every one of them - they travel to me from all over the world just for me to slap some paint on them and send them away. Some were once childhood gifts, some spent most of their years tucked into boxes and hidden in warehouses, some were pristine but most had deep scratches or obvious wear. They all come to me with their history and I try to do them justice. 

Pictures like this one are my favorite. This is a day or two before mailing day, where I get all the finished cards together and get them ready to ship. Its very blissful seeing all the different colours and cards and histories piled up on my desk. If cards could talk, I’d love to hear their stories.

System Ask

1. Give examples of their different writing styles/handwriting.

2. Who argues a lot?

3. Does anyone have any weird habits that they do with the body that annoy the others?

4. Who makes cofronting the worst decision ever?

5. Do you have any alters/headmates you keep away from your friends at all costs? (because they are embarrassing or weird)

6. Who will listen to you talk about something and then tell your friends your secrets as soon as they front?

7. Is anyone dating each other?

8. What does your headspace look like?

9. If they could all chose to have their own bodies, would they?

10. Do you have any non-human members?

11. Do you have any members that no one ever sees or talks to?

12. Do you have a schedule for fronting?

13. How many have blogs on here that are separate from each others?

14. Who is the dad/mom/parent of the system?

15. Who hates everyone and doesn’t want to be there?

16. Who talks all day in the headspace and then never opens their mouth while fronting?

17. Who would be most likely to blow all the money on food?

18. Who would be most likely to antagonize a fight and then leave front right when it starts?

19. Are there any familia relationships in the system? (brothers, sisters, moms, cousins, etc)

20. Do you have any fictives?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is real

We have alters.

Sometimes they’re called headmates. Sometimes they’re people and sometimes they’re animals and sometimes they’re both or something in between. Sometimes they’re the same gender or sexuality or race or ethnicity as us and sometimes they’re not.

We do not choose this. This is a way for our brain to react to something unspeakable. Do not attack us for this. We can’t change it.

Sometimes alters are based on other people. These are called factives or introjects. Oftentimes we have introjects that resemble the person or people that made us this way.

Sometimes alters are based on fictional people. These are called fictives. This is not the same as being fictionkin. This is very different. Fictives are the character that they take after. That is their name and their appearance and their personality. We usually have fictives of characters that we looked up to as children, who we wished to protect us.

Yes, we know that some people pretend to have DID. These people are usually trolls. And sometimes they’re just kids looking for a way to express themselves. We don’t want you to send them hate. Ignore them.

DID is not as rare as you think. Please read something that was published in the past five years.

Stop trying to tell us what we can and cannot say. If we’re annoying you, ignore us.

DID is real.

If you think otherwise, your opinion on anything in this world is invalid to me. Goodbye.