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“maybe we are taking weapons away from people by saying ‘it just gets better’ because that’s just not the truth, it doesnt just get better. Saying stuff like that, like we’ll work it out is fine or whatever,you know, thats like a weapon of that status quo, People, people for the most part fear change. Uh, little change is fine like you can dye your hair, I mean, real change is scary. The idea that, um, the idea that something may be harder before it gets easier, you know is difficult for people to kind of understand. And that change will only come with this generation of kids and maybe we should re message it and saying something like 'you are the only person in direct control of your own happiness’. And sometimes that’s going to be hard, you know? We have to talk about hard things or else people will think its okay to shoot unarmed fucking teenagers, you know? Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger”

-Pete Wentz. 9.12.14

I honestly live by these words

video taken by me

I don’t really make a habit of posting selfies, but I like what I’m wearing today so y'know, fuck you :P 

Jeans were originally light blue boot fits, then slimmed them into skinny jeans, ripped them, dyed them and painted them to look bloodstained.

Jumper was originally my school jumper. I drew the design on with chalk (high-tech I know) and then cut it up… wooooo..