alternis dim


The Bravely Default  Characters wearing the opposite gender asterisk.
Eternian Sky Knights
Khamer and Profiteur Merchantry
Blood Rose Legion
Black Blades
Council of six


Friendly reminder that Alternis Dim, the Dark Knight:
  • Admires and respect the Grand Marshall over anybody else yet he still went against orders to avoid harming Edea for as long as he could
  • Sent an entire nation to the verge of bankruptcy due to hyperinflation because he spent so much of its taxes on getting stuff like food and pencils and books and other necessities for orphans and other people in need
  • Is a member of the Council of Six (the Duchy’s most powerful) and basically the Grand Marshall’s right hand man, yet he still insisted that Captain Barbarossa be the team leader because of his greater experience
  • Was abandoned as a child by his own mother because Florem only accepted women as citizens and lived as a streetrat for years (and would’ve probably gone down a terrible path if not for Braev)
  • Proposed to Edea. In the middle of a fight against her for the fate of the world (you can guess what her answer was)
  • Proposed to her again, two years later. IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT AGAINST HER. AGAIN (and got rejected. again)
  • Saw his friends in the First World (Edea, the person he loved above all, included) BE BRUTALLY MURDERED RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.
  • Woke up without a single memory in the Second World and all he had was the faintest memory of Edea and how much she meant to him
  • Uses his own pain to grow stronger and protect allies as a Dark Knight (read as: he just doesn’t care about what happens to him as long as he can protect others)
  • Lost Edea in the Third World and was so beside himself with grief that he probably killed himself???
  • Even when Braev had made his peace about killing his own daughter, he still insisted on looking for another option to settle things
  • Visited Mazher Lee at the Central Healing Tower frequently, even when everyone was busy hunting down Agnès and her allies, and kept her up to date on what was happening
  • Got dragged by Edea into hunting the Abominable Snowman when they were kids and when they tried to bring them back home he fought back to let Edea escape (and got his butt kicked)
  • Is a badass mofo but also a huge lovestruck nerd baby who deserves to be happy