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Tylora Swefte

A highly accomplished rustblood vocal string player who was the writer of several hit songs including “Moirail Gone Redrom for their Partner Who Was Presently Switching Between Blackrom and Redrom With Their Matesprit; Includes Several Frustrated Flushcrush Confessions Inside Narrator’s Thinkpan, Longing Descriptions of Partner, and Angered Rantings About Partner’s Matesprit” which became famous beforuswide closely after released. It was written when she was a mere 7 sweeps old, showing her determination to make good use of her short lowblood life. She is currently living in the lap of luxury and is highly sought after by lowbloods and highbloods alike. It is predicted that she has a promising career in front of her, as long as she continues to produce quality sounds for her enthralled audience’s audiendauricular sponge clots and avoids being culled.