alternian exile

Casting Call: Homestuck Voice Actors + Video/Audio Editors WANTED

Hello one and all! Welcome to Planet Voice, a group dedicated to voice acting some of the greatest webcomics and multimedia pieces on the internet! 

For our first project, we hope to jump the seemingly insurmountable hurdle that is Homestuck! We are currently looking to cast almost everyone, but are most anxious to cast the Beta Kids (sans Dave and Jade), the exiles, the Alternian trolls, and Dad!

This is a voice acting group; any interested voice actors will need to to have a Skype, and a way to record your voice. We will be hosting the readings on Youtube, as well as posting the videos on this blog. Planet Voice’s blog will also be updating with casting calls, new projects, and other announcements. 

We also need editors for our videos! No experience necessary. 

Audition rules and forms can be found here. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us. Happy recording!