S)(ello everybody! 38D

I guess I s)(ould fintroduce myself! My name is Feferi Peixes and I am t)(e Abdicated -Empress-to-be of t)(e Alternian t)(rone! 38) I am a singlet and biologically )(uman, sadly. 38( I feel as t)(oug)( I )(ave )(onestly been Feferi all my LIF–E! ( If you’ll excuse t)(e pun, )(ee)(ee. ) I )(ave felt species dysphoria all my life and I am definitely Alterniakin.

I would pike to keep t)(is blog a secret )(aven where I can express my identity! 38) So if I follow you back, PL-EAS-E don’t s)(ell anyone it’s me. It’s nice to meet everyone!

So please, glub at me and let’s be fronds! 38D And mean anons–please )(ave SOM-E semblance of a conc)(ience. 38\